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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. r372

Johannes de Sancto Georgio

d. c. 1378


Alternative Names

Johannes Georgius; Giovanni da San Giorgio; Giovanni da Sangiorgio; Joannes de Sancto Geogrio; Iohannes de Sancto Gerogio; Ioannes de Sancto Georgio



Johannes received the doctorate in canon at Bologna in 1320. Left Bologna for Padua in 1348 on account of the plague. He remained in Padova where he is named as a doctor in 1352 and 1361. Sometime after 1361 he returned to Bologna where he died sometime after 1378.



No. 1

Reportationes super Clementinis.

No. 2

Additiones ad apparatum Johanni Andreae in Sextum.

No. 3




J. von Schulte, QL 2.253.