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Report No. r079

Astesanus de Asti



Alternative Names

Astesano (LC); Antonius Astesanus; Astesanus de Ast; Astesanus von Asti; Antonio d’Asti; Astesanus Astensis; Astesanus ex Asta; Antonio Astesano



A Franciscan, completed an important confessional work, Summa de casibus, in 1317. It consists of eight books and three indices, two of which list the rubriques of the canon and civil lawbooks. In this way, it served as a comprehensive manual of the laws for priests.



No. 1

Summa de casibus conscientie. Also known as the Summa Astesana.


Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 1

Summa de casibus conscientie.

Early Printed Editions

Strassburg, 1469 (Hain 1888).


Strassburg, 1472 (Hain 1889).


Venezia, 1478 (Hain 1893).


Köln, 1479 (Hain 1894).


Köln, 1479 (Hain 1895).


Venezia, 1480 (Hain 1896).


Nurenberg, 1482 (Hain 1897).


Strassburg, s.a. (Hain 1890).


s.l., s.a. (Hain 1891).


Basel, s.a. (Hain 1892).


Lyon, 1519.


Roma, 1728-30.



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