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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. c027

Jacobus Balduini



Alternative Names

Baldovini; Jacopo Baldovini; Jacopo di Balduino; Iacopo Balduini; Iacopo de’Balduinis



Jurist from Bologna who took his oath to teach only in Bologna in 1213. Most likely from a noble family or one of some means. Studied under Azo. Did not always get along well with his colleagues, with whom he frequently disagreed, but achieved high status and respect, serving Bologna in many capacities, including at the side of the podestà in several important negotiations. In 1229, elected as the podestà of Genoa, making him one of the few glossators to achieve such high office. He held the post for a year, during which he was released from his teaching obligations in Bologna. He earned a mixed reputation: on the one hand, diligent and engaged; on the other, ambitious and pushy. Returned to Bologna in 1230. Taught many important pupils, including Odofredus, Hostiensis (Henricus de Segusio), Martinus de Fano, Benedictus de Iservia, Johannes de Blanosco, Accursius, and Sinibaldus Fliscus (Innocent IV). Several of his students moved to and taught civil law at Orléans: Joannes de Monciaco, Guido de Cumis (Guido Lombardus), and Simon Parisiensis, all of whom are known to have taught Jacobus de Ravanis. Died 10 April 1235.

A jurist of top quality of high reputation among his contemporaries and students, but his main work did not seem to have circulated widely, probably because of the success of Accursius’ Glossa ordinaria only a short time later. His siglum is ‘Ia b’, ‘ia ba’, or ‘Ia bal’.



No. 01

Glossae ad Corpus iuris ciuilis. On the Codex and Digest.

No. 02

De instructione aduocatorum. One of the first treatises written to give guidance to advocates or proctors through the legal process. Such a work was needed since not all legal counsel consisted of trained jurists. Left incomplete.

No. 03

De primo et secundo decreto. Treatise having to do with two decrees pertaining to a judge’s assigning of property to somebody. A treatise printed under this title (though wrongly attributed to Jacobus de Belvisio or Guido de Suzaria) in the 16th c. and reprinted in 1970 might, in some earlier form, be the work mentioned by Johannes Andreae as belonging to J. Balduini, but it might simply belong to one of his students and not Balduini himself (Sarti).

No. 04

Summula de fratribus insimul habitantibus. On issues, especially of inheritance, when more than one brother lived in the house of their deceased father.

No. 05

De remediis contra sententiam.

No. 06

De confessionibus. Possibly not to be ascribed to J. Balduini but rather Johannes Bassianus.

No. 07

De effectu hominiciarum.

No. 08

Summa de successione ab intestato.

No. 09

Summa de quartis. On the Falcidian fourth in Roman inheritance law.

No. 10

Summa de negligentia.

No. 11

De reprobatione testium. Also known as Summa de testibus; on objections to witnesses. Sometimes misattributed to Bagarottus, as in the Lyon edition of 1549.

No. 12

Summa de interesse. On Cod. 7.47.1.

No. 13


No. 14


No. 15

Sententiae super Authenticum ‘Sacramenta puberum’. Not a work composed by Jac. Balduini himself. Instead, a work that records various opinions of glossators, including Jac. Balduini, on a particular Authenticum.


Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 11

De reprobatione testium.

Early Printed Editions

Tractatus ex variis iuris interpretibus. Lyon, 1549.


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 02

De instructione aduocatorum.

Modern Editions

Un giurista tra Azzone e Accursio: Iacopo di Balduino (. . . 1210–1235) e il suo ‘libellus instructionis advocatorum’, ed. N. Sarti (Milano 1990) 153–92.

No. 03

De primo et secundo decreto.

Modern Editions

De primo et secundo decreto (Corpus glossatorum iuris civilis 5.4; Torino 1970) (reprint of ed. Lyon, 1549, and ed. Venezia, 1584; probably by a member of Balduini’s school, not the original work of Balduini himself).

No. 04

Summula de fratribus insimul habitantibus.

Modern Editions

Ed. A. Romano in ‘La “summula de fratribus insimul habitantibus” di Jacopo Baldovini: Studi sul ms Uppsala, Univ. bibl. C 560’, RSDI, 48 (1975) 166–70.

No. 09

Summa de quartis.

Modern Editions

Iuris Interpretes saec. XIII, ed. E. Meijers (Napoli 1924) 61–63 (wrongly attributed here to a student of Jacobus Balduini, Benedictus de Isernia).

No. 11

De reprobatione testium.

Modern Editions

Corpus glossatorum iuris civilis, 5.7 (Torino 1970) (reprint of ed. Lyon 1549).



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