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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a595

Quoniam natura

?mid-13th century


Alternative Names

Summa Galfredi; Compendium exceptionum



Emily Corran discovered this text in a BL Add. 24979, fol. 2r–10v. It is the only known copy of the work. Corran does not attempt to date it but reports that the manuscript is an Italian collection of quires of different sizes and hands, the latest item in which is the Extravagants of John XXII. The quire that contains this text also contains a Summa de exceptionibus that it attributes to Innocent IV and the Breviarium of Petrus Ilerdensis. That is probably enough to suggest a mid-thirteenth date. The contents table of the manuscript calls this text Summa Galfredi. There are very few canonists known by that name, the notable exception being Goffredus de Trano. That the work is not the usual compilation of procedural exceptions but rather a survey of the titles of the Liber extra searching for substantive defenses that can be derived from various decretals is not inconsistent with an attribution to Goffredus.



No. 1

Quoniam natura, ?mid-13th century. Described above.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Quoniam natura, ?mid-13th century.


London, BL Add. 24979, fol. 2r–10v



E. Corran, ‘An Approach to Canonical Procedure: The Compilation of ‘exceptiones’ in British Library Add. 24979’, BMCL, 30 (2013) 71–87.