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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a551

Summa ‘Utilitati sociorum meorum’



Alternative Names



Perhaps from the Anglo-Norman school, a Summa on the titles of Compilationes I–III, composed c.1211–15. Its main source was Bernardus Papiensis’s Summa, but the author (‘H.’?) also used the apparatus of Alanus to Compilatio prima. Additionally, he drew from decretist literature.



No. 1

Summa ‘Utilitati sociorum meorum’.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Summa ‘Utilitati sociorum meorum’.


Gniezno, Arch. Kap. 50, fol. 75–108v


Trier, Stadtbibl. 922, fol. 61r–90vb


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1

Summa ‘Utilitati sociorum meorum’.

Modern Editions

Most of the prologue has been printed by A. Vetulani in SG, 1 (1953) 281–82.



R. Weigand, Die bedingte Eheschliessung im kanonischen Recht (Münchener Theologische Studien 3, Kan. Abt. 16; München 1963) 1.313–20.

R. Weigand, ‘Mitteilungen aus Handschriften’, Traditio, 16 (1960) 561–62.

A. Vetulani, ‘Les manuscrits du Décret de Gratien et des oeuvres des décrétistes dans les bibiothèques polonaises’, SG, 1 (1953) 281–82.