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Report No. a371

Petrus Beneuentanus

d. 1220


Alternative Names

Petrus, Collivaccinus (LC); Petrus Beneventanus; Pietro Collevaccino; Pietro da Benevento; Peter of Benevento; Pierre Collevacino; Petrus Collivaccinus von Benevent



A subdeacon and notary at the Roman curia who in 1210 was commissioned by Pope Innocent III to compile a new collection of papal decretals. This collection received Innocent’s authorization and was sent out to the schools, where it circulated under the name of Compilatio tertia. Later on, Innocent III raised Petrus to the cardinalate and made him deacon of S. Maria in Aquiro (1212–16), then priest of S. Laurentius in Damaso (1216), and finally bishop of Sabina (1217). He died in September of 1219 or 1220. The popes entrusted Petrus with important diplomatic missions, including one as a papal legate to the Albigensian territories (1214–15). His early career as a teacher of canon law at Bologna is less well documented. Alfons Stickler has argued that he might have been the author of the decretist Summa Reginensis (ca. 1187/92).



No. 1

Compilatio tertia. See under Compilatio tertia.

No. 2

Summa Reginensis. See under Summa Reginensis.



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