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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t282

Horatius Mandosius

d. 1594


Alternative Names

Oratio Mandosio



We take the details about H. from Italian edit16. We have not, for the most part, confirmed them, but we have no reason to doubt them. Son of a better-known father, Quintiliano (DGI, s.n.), H., like his father, was a lawyer who practiced in the Roman courts and held various positions in the papal bureaucracy, including being an auditor of the Rota. Like his father, he is said to have been interested in philosophy and theology, as well as in law, but that is less apparent from his published works. H. seems to have predeceased his father who lived to be almost 80, which probably means that H. died in what today would be regarded as middle age. His first published work seems to be additiones to the Consilia of the juristic prodigy Ludovico Pontano (1409ā€“1439) (Venezia 1568 [online], reprint Frankfurt 1577, Venezia 1581, Torino 1582). A commentary on the rules of the Apostolic Chancery followed (Roma 1572). The first edition of the De privilegiis (TUI 1584 t. 18) was published in Firenze in 1575 (online). The title of the first edition mentions that the work is particularly concerned with the privileges of the Jesuits. There is a manuscript consilium of his in Berkeley, CA, Robbins MS 38, fol. 12vā€“14r.

Source: CERL Thesaurus. Mentioned in DBI, s.n. Mandosi, Prospero.

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