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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t274

Alfonsus Hoieda de Mendoca

fl. 1579


Alternative Names

Alfonso Hojeda de Mendoza



A. should not be confused, as some library cataloguers do, with his contemporary Alfonso de Mendoza, who was an Augustinian theologian. The title of what seems to be the first edition of A’s only published work, Tractatus de beneficiorum incompatibilitate atque compatibilitate (Venezia 1579), describes H. as ‘Carmonensis’ and ‘Collegii Sanctae Mariae de Jesu et Vniuersitatis Hispalensis collegae, Cathedrae primariae dictae Vniuersitatis Iuris Pontificii Regentis’. His dedicatory epistle to Gregory XIII says that he studied both laws at Salamanca. That he was teaching canon law in Sevilla at the time of the publication seems reasonably clear. We have been unable to discover anything more about him.

Source: Not in DBE. CERL Thesaurus.

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