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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t266

Petrus Lenauderius

?1444 – ?1527


Alternative Names

Pierre de L’Esnauderie



CERL Thesaurus. The Latin name assigned to the author of De privilegiis doctorum (TUI 1584 t. 18) in Tractatus 1549 and TUI 1584, ‘Petrus Lenauderius’, is confusing. Only the dedicatory epistle in Tractatus 1549 allows one to guess that the ‘L’ is a prefix. Most library cataloguers leave the name in Latin. We have reproduced the dates given in authority file of the Bibliothèque nationale without much confidence in them, a lack of confidence that the BN cataloguers seem to share. We would be inclined to date his birth almost twenty years later on the basis of what seems to be student works from the 1490s. That P. was alive and teaching at the university of Caen in 1516 seems clear. The first edition of the De privilegiis doctorum, which gives his surname in French, was published there in that year. It is dedicated to Gabriel Huvot in his capacity as conservator of the privileges of the university, a position that Huvot held in that year, and is dated at Caen 15 Aug. 1516. Full catalogue description in L. Delisle Catalogue des livres imprimés ou publiés à Caen avant le milieu du XVIe siècle 1 (Caen 1903) no. 238 p. 211; details about Huvot and a transcription of dedicatory epistle in id. 2 (Caen 1904) p. cix-cx, 25. P. describes himself as a doctor of both laws, something that we have no particular reason to doubt, but his other works range more into the realm of philosophy and morals: La louenge de mariage et recueil des hystoires des bonnes, vertueuses et illustres femmes (Paris 1523 and 1532); Epistola incitativa ad vitam contemplativam activamque fugiendam (s.l., s.d.), and a couple of occasional works that seem to date from his student-days at Caen in the 1490s. More about his work for the university of Caen may be found in A. de Bourmont, ‘La fondation de l’université de Caen’, Bulletin de la Société des antiquaires de Normandie, 12 (1884) 297–301.

Source: CERL Thesaurus.

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