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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t263

Petrus (?) Coterus

fl. 1525


Alternative Names

P[?ierre] Cotereau



French cataloguers attribute the Schedulare magistratuum civilium (TUI 1584 t. 16), which first appeared in an edition in Paris in 1525, to an otherwise unknown ‘P. Cotereau’. That edition does not seem to be available online. Catalogue Collectif de France. Burkhard Gotthelf Struve’s Bibliotheca historica 9.1 (Leipzig 1797) 303, says that the dedicatory epistle in the 1525 edition is signed by Claude Cotereau (q.v.), but J. Le Long, Bibliothèque historique de la France 3 (Paris 1771) 127 says that it is signed by P. Cotereau. Le Long also notes that the epistle is addressed to Cardinal Louis de Bourbon and that P. Cotereau’s family came from Tours, as did Claude’s, and bore arms. The authority file of the Bibliothèque nationale follows suit, creating a ‘Pierre Cotereau’, with a floruit of 1525. The subtitle De tribuno celerum, et principe Palatii Franciae (TUI 1584 t. 16) seems to be the title of the first section of the work. The subtitle on the edition of Paris 1525 would seem to be sive Liber magistatuum gallicorum ad magistratus romananorum collatitius. This is certainly the kind of thing that Claude Cotereau could have done. Is it possible that we should read the ‘P.’ as ‘Père’? We do not know whether Claude was a priest at this time, but he certainly became one.


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