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Report No. t237

Albertus de Ferrariis

fl. 1428 X 1453


Alternative Names

Albertus de Ferrarii; Albertus Trottus



A. operated in Piacenza. He may have been born there, although his surname may suggest possible origins in Ferrara. An Albertus Trottus of Ferrara wrote a treatise called De vero et perfecto clerico, which, like A’s De horis canonicis (TUI 1584 t. 15.2), appears in incunabula of the 1470s (almost certainly those dates in the case of Trottus, probably in the case of A.). Hain (nos. 588–602) thought that they were the same person, an attribution that is repeated, but then apparently corrected in the handwritten notes, in GW M47641 through M47674. They almost certainly are not the same person. A. is described in most, if not all, of the incunabula as ‘utriusque iuris doctor de Placentia’ (e.g., ed. s.l., s.a. [online = Hain 597]); and see the handwritten notes in GW). De horis canonicis had a greater printing success than did Trottus’ three treatises. A’s De horis appears in twelve incunabulum edtions in Hain (GW has added more), Trottus’ in only one for each. Italian edit16 says that A. was ‘cerimoniere’, i.e., precentor, and archpriest of the cathedral of Piacenza, and that he served as vicar general for a number of bishops. The floruit dates are taken from the LC authority file. In neither case have we confirmed the information, but what the librarians say is plausible.

Source: CERL Thesaurus.

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