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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t213

Bernardus Comensis

c. 1450 – 1511 X 1515


Alternative Names

Bernardo da Como; Bernardo Rategno



B. probably had a formation as a jurist, but he lectured on the Sentences at Roma in 1474. He was prior of a number of Dominican houses. In 1505, he became prior of the Dominican house in Como and the inquisitor for the region. The region was known for its persecution of witches, but we lack evidence as to how much B. was involved in the executions that took place during his time and shortly afterwards. His manual for inquistiors with the accompanying tract De strigiis (TUI 1584, t. 11.2) was not published until 1566.

Source: Not in DGI. V. Lavenia, in DBI, s.n. Rategno, Bernardo (vol. 86, 2016).

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