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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t206

Octavianus Velpellus

?16th c.


Alternative Names

None known



The authority file of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek does not venture a vernacular name for O., nor do we. He is known only from his work De treuga et pace, and so far as we have yet been able to discover, its printing in TUI 1584 is the only one. M. Souchon, Papstwahlen, 1.42 n. 3, suggests, without any confidence, that an Octavianus Velpelli from Lucca was made a cardinal by Boniface IX in 1402. That cannot be our O., because our O. cites Alciatus. The work itself is divided into 106 Quaestiones. It deals with both canonic and civilian sources, with emphasis on the latter, and despite the citations of Alciatus is very much in the style of the mos italicus. Probably in the late 14th century, a Catalan jurist, Jaume Callis (Jacobus de Callico), wrote a treatise De pace et treuga, and the well-known 15th-century canonist Felinus Sandeus wrote a treatise De treuga et pace. Both of these works are too early for what is being cited here, but it is possible that this work is a reworking of one or both of them. The phrase De treuga et pace is a title in the Liber extra (X 1.34).

Source: CERL Thesaurus.

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