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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t122

Nicolaus de Lescut

d. 1580


Alternative Names

Nicolas de l’Escut; Nicolle de l’Escut



N. is best known for having been one of the negotiators of the treaty of Nuremberg (1542) on behalf of the duke of Lorraine. The duke rewarded him, but so did the emperor. His legal works all seem to date from the 1540s. He became auditor of the of the chambre des comptes of the duke in 1552, and was apparently succeeded by his brother, Nicolas, in 1563.

Source: P. Arabeyre, in DHJF 654–655 (s.n. Lescut (L’Escut), Nicolas de).

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No. 01

De testium examinatione.


Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 01

De testium examinatione.

Early Printed Editions

Tractatus universi iuris. Venezia: F. Ziletti, 1584, 4.231vb.