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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. s001

Ludovicus Gomesius

d. 1553


Alternative Names

Gomez Luis (LC); Luis Gómez



Born in Oriola in Valencia, Ludovicus studied in Bologna at the Spanish College. He furthered his studies in law at Padua where in 1522 he was a student of Marcus Mantua Bonavidius. Clement VII made him an auditor of the Roman Rota; he also directed the Secretariat of the Penitentiary. In 1534, he became bishop of Sarno, but continued at the Rota, because his successor was Antonio Augustín in 1544. He died at Sarno in 1553.



No. 1

Commentari in regulas Cancellariae apostolicae.


Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 1

Commentari in regulas Cancellariae apostolicae.

Early Printed Editions

Paris, 1545.


Lyon, 1557.


Venezia, 1575.



J. von Schulte, QL 2.354–355.