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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. r536

Stephanus Bonaccursius



Alternative Names

Stefano Buonaccorsi



A Florentine born in 1350, Stephanus appears in the college of judges of his native city since c. 1384. The local officials elected him to hold lectures on the Liber Sextus and the Clementines in 1388, but he may have taught already earlier. He never became a canonist of first rank, as is attested by his rather low and stagnant income and the lack of academic writings, despite the fact that he taught for more than forty years. On the other hand, there is considerable evidence of his participation in practical matters, in diplomatic missions and as an author of consilia. He died in 1432/33.



No. 1

Lectura in decretalibus, (X 2) Tractatus comissariorum. Stafanus edited the text by Lapus de Castiglionibus.

No. 2



Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Lectura in decretalibus, (X 2) Tractatus comissariorum.


Venezia, BN L.III


Venezia, BN L.IV

No. 2



Città del Vaticano, BAV Vat. lat. 8067


Città del Vaticano, BAV Vat. lat. 8069


Firenze, BN Magliab. XXIX.117, fol. 248v–251v, 280r–281r, 282v–283v


Firenze, BN Magliab. XXIX.161, fol. 125v–126v


Firenze, BN Magliab. XXIX.174, fol. 199r–200v


Firenze, BN Magliab. XXIX.187, fol. 78v–80v, 149v–153v


Firenze, BN Cod. II.III.370, fol. 1r–2r, 75v–76r


Firenze, BN Cod. II.IV.434, fol. 236r–39v


Ravenna, Bibl. Classense 485


Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 2


Early Printed Editions

Consilia criminalia. Venezia, 1566, 1.8v-9r.


Consilia criminalia. Venezia, 1582, 2.34v-35r.



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