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Report No. r415

Marchesinus de Regio

fl. late 13th–early 14th c.


Alternative Names

Marchesinus; Johannes (LC); Marchesino de Reggio; Johannes Marchesinus; Giovanni Marchesini; Marchesinus de Reggio; Murachisinus; Joannes Marchesinus; Marchesinus de Regio Lepidi



A Franciscan, Marchesinus composed a confessional guide (before 1315) which for a long time was believed to be a work of St. Bonaventure. For that reason, it appears in many of the early editions of Bonaventure’s works, of which the earliest known to us is given below.



No. 1



Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 1


Early Printed Editions

Opera. Roma, 1596, 7.48-70.



M. Germann, ‘Mittelalterliche Hilfsmittel zum Bibelstudium Wie benutzt man eine karolingische Glossenhandschrift und den Mammotrectus (super Bibliam), Beromünster 1470?’, Librarium: Zeitschrift der Schweizerischen Bibliophilen–Gesellschaft, 47.3 (2004) 134–148.

P. Michaud-Quantin, Sommes de casuistique et manuals de confession au moyen âge (XII–XVI siècles) (Leuven 1962) 55–56.