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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. r410

Leodrisius Cribellus



Alternative Names

Crivelli; Leodrisio (LC) Leodrisio Crivelli; Lodrisio Crivelli; Leodrisio Cribello; Leodrisio Cribelli



A Milanese born c. 1412, Leodrisius studied civil law and entered the service of the archbishop of Milan around 1432. In 1441, he became member of the legal faculty at Milan and was made doctor of canon law two years later. From there he moved on to a professorship forst at Pavia, lecturing on the Gregorian decretals (1444–46, 1447–48), then to Milan and to Ferrara (1449–52) to teach the canon law. His primary interest, however, seems to have been in rhetoric, since most of his writings are speeches and verses occasioned by political events of the day. In 1463, he fell in disgrace with the Sforza and fled to Rome to seek protection from Pope Pius II. He died some time after 1464.



No. 1

Explanationes in libros Decretalium. On X 1–2 The work seems to be lost.



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