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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. r342

Johannes Berberius

d. c. 1498


Alternative Names

Barbier; Jean (LC); Jean Barbier; Johannes de Barberiis; Johannes Berberii; Iannes Berberius; Ioannes Berberius,



Johannes was from the Languedoc and taught law during the reign of Louis XI of France. He wrote a manual for practising lawyers, c. 1478.



No. 1

Viatorum utriusque iuris, c. 1478.


Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 1

Viatorum utriusque iuris, c. 1478.

Early Printed Editions

Köln, 1516.


Lyon, 1595.



J. von Schulte, QL 2.38.