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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. r143

Bonsignore de Bonsignori

d. ca. 1354


Alternative Names

Buonsignore de Bonsignori; Bonsignore Bonsignori



Bonsignore taught canon law at the University of Prague, newly established by Charles IV in 1348. Although Charles sought many native Bohemians to staff the faculty, the Bologna–trained Bonsignore was an exception. A manuscript current held at the ÖNB (cvp 687) contains marignal autographic notations discovered by Giovanni Pozzi that provide evidence for Bonsignore’s teaching activity. According to these notations, he gave ordinary lectures on the decretals in 1350 and 1351. Bonsignore seems to have died by 1354, when the Historia Miscella of Bartolomeo della Pugliola reported that his widow accompanied the empress Anna on a voyage in Italy.


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