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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. r015

Alexander de Ariostis

d. c. 1485


Alternative Names

Ariosto; Alessandro (LC); Alessandro Ariosti; Alexander Ariosti; Alexander de Ariosti; Alexander Ariostus; Alessandro Ariosto



A Ferrarese Franciscan, Alexander was well-educated in theology and law, and possibly taught these subjects within his order. He traveled as a missionary in Palestine beginning in 1463 and was sent by Sixtus IV to the Maronites in 1476. By 1480, he had returned to Italy, and was preaching crusade against the Turks at the behest of Sixtus IV. His last known correspondance dates from 16 July 1485 in Bologna. Among other, more theological works, Alexander is the author of a treatise on usury and an enchiridion on the interrogation of those seeking confession.



No. 1

Libellus de usuris, 1465–1468.

No. 2

Enchiridion seu interrogatorium confessorum, c. 1475.


Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 1

Libellus de usuris, 1465–1468.

Early Printed Editions

Bologna, 1486 (Hain 1653).

No. 2

Enchiridion seu interrogatorium confessorum, c. 1475.

Early Printed Editions

Pavia, 1513.


Paris, 1514.


Venezia, 1517.


Lyon, 1518 (online).


Paris, 1520.


Venezia, 1522.


Lyon, 1523.


Lyon, 1528.


Lyon, 1540.


Bologna, 1576.


Brescia, 1579.



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