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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. c014

Henricus de Baila

fl. 1160s


Alternative Names

Enrico di Baila; Henri de Baila



Civilian lawyer and doctor of laws stemming from Bolognese nobility. Active in Bologna, possibly also elsewhere for a time. Appears in records in the years 1169 and 1170. Not a significant jurist of his age; he left several glosses and distinctiones but no self-standing work. He is best known for his opposition to Placentinus, which led to Placentinus leaving the city and moving to Montpellier, an episode with reference to which Odofredus speaks of H. disparagingly. Natalini has argued that the episode has been overblown and that H. bore no resentment toward Placentinus. His siglum is ‘Yr’, which has led many to identify his glosses wrongly with Irnerius.



No. 01

Glossae ad Corpus iuris ciuilis.

No. 02

Distinctiones. 11 total.

No. 03

Disputationes. H.’s views are cited several times in the Collectio Gratianopolitana.

No. 04

De actionibus. Mentioned by Johannes Bassianus, but it is not extant and leaves no trace in other works; it is also possible that this work was by Anselmo dall’Orto.


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 02


Modern Editions

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