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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a581

Collectiones Bambergenses



Alternative Names

Bamberg group; Bambergensisgruppe



Deeters postulated that all members of the Bambergensis-group sprang from an archetype, ‘Urbambergensis’, consisting of 418 items in 56 titles. This putative collection would have been produced c.1180. The twelve manuscripts or fragments containing members of the B.-group were then produced over more than two decades and were influenced by other collections. Their geographical spread attests to the influence of the group. Duggan has argued that the ‘Urbambergensis’ was compiled at Tours.



No. 1

Collectiones Bambergenses, c.1180–1200. Each collection is slightly different; cf. also Collectio Bambergensis B, Erlangensis, and Lipsiensis.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Collectiones Bambergenses, c.1180–1200.


Bamberg, Staatsbibl. Can. 17 (P.i.ii), fols. 1–47 (Bamberg B)


Amiens, BM 377, fols. 83–132 (Bamberg A)


Paris, BN lat. 17971 (Bamberg C)


Tortosa, Bibl. Cap. 40, fols. 1–91 (Bamberg D)


Tortosa, Bibl. Cap. 160, 1–41 (Bamberg T)


Oxford, Oriel Coll. 53, fols. 340–349 (Bamberg O)


Paris, BN lat. Baluse 77, fols. 324r–328v (Bamberg M)


Erlangen, Universitätsbibl. 342, fols. 291–306 (Collectio Erlangensis)


Leipzig, Universitätsbibl. 975, fols. 116–153 (Collectio Lipsiensis)


Firenze, Bibl. Laurenz. Plut. 3 (olim S. Croce III) sin.6 (F; fragment. The library currently identifies this manuscript with the Plutei designation, but the literature often refers to it with the S. Croce one.)


Kassel, Universitäts- u. Landesbibl. Jur. 15, fols. 1–26 (Kassel C)


Bamberg, Staatsbibl. Can. 18, fols. 25r–43v (Kassel B)


Kraków, Bibl. Jagiellońska 106 (fragment)



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