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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a563

Wernerus Sorotensis

fl. 1206–1207


Alternative Names

Werner von Schussenried; Werner von Speyer; Werner de Schussenried



Was the author of an abbreviation of the Decretum, in which every excerpt is preceded by a versified rubrique. The author somewhat departed from the usual order of the Decretum in that he placed De penitentia (or, in his own words, De penis) after the end of part II (C.36) (although some twelfth-century manuscripts of the Decretum had done the same thing). Another explanation would be that these two final portions did not stem from Werner himself, as is suggested by the Kynzwart manuscript, which offers them only after the text of the Summa ad iniungendam penitentiam. At any rate, Werner never completed the work, since it ends at De cons. D.2 c.40. According to his own words, he composed it at Vicenza in 1206–7.


Entry by: KP rev AL 2015



No. 1

Decretum versificatum.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Decretum versificatum.


a563Txt1Kynžvart, Zámecka Knihovna 20–H–27, fol. 101va–134rb, 140rb–142vb (Parts I–II appear on fol. 101va–134rb (omits C.11 q.3 c.87–C.13 q.2 c.10 and C.26 q.4–C.35 q.3 c.8), De penis appears on 140rb–142ra, and part III (De cons.) appears on 142ra–vb.)


Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibl. 683, p. 1–185


a563Txt1Toledo, Bibl. Catedral 22–31, fol. 302vb–304rb (fragment, containing D.1–5)


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1

Decretum versificatum.

Modern Editions

Prologue printed by A. Stickler in Traditio, 14 (1958) 475 n.53 (from MS St. Gall).



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