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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a534

Summa ‘Prima primi uxor Ade’

post 1203


Alternative Names



Of Anglo-Norman origin, depends heavily on Huguccio. The text omits C.1, De pen., and De cons., and cites recent papal decretals after Compilatio prima (1191). It certainly precedes Compilatio tertia (1210). There is a close dependency on two other Anglo-Norman commentaries on the Decretum, the Summa ‘Induent sancti’ (Duacensis) and, indirectly, the Summa ‘Quamuis leges seculares’.



No. 1

Summa ‘Prima primi uxor Ade’.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Summa ‘Prima primi uxor Ade’.


London, BL Royal 11 D.II, fol. 321ra–332ra


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1

Summa ‘Prima primi uxor Ade’.

Modern Editions

In preparation by R. Fraher in (as MIC A–4).



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