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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a487

Robertus Flamesburiensis

d. c.1224


Alternative Names

Robert, of Flamborough (LC); Robert of Flamborough; Robert of Flamesbury



A canon of Saint Victor in Paris and died c.1224. In his function as penitentiary of the Bishop of Paris, he authored an important confessional handbook, Poenitentiale, which makes constant reference to canonistic matters. Robert’s acquaintance with legal doctrine, however, seems to have derived from the commentaries he consulted, above all from Huguccio. The work was finished sometime between 1207–1213. He used to be thought to be from Flamesbury but now is accepted as being from Flamborough in Yorkshire.



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Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1


Modern Editions

Liber Poenitentialis: A critical edition with introduction and notes, ed. F. Firth (Toronto 1971).



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