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Report No. a428

Quaestiones decretales Bambergenses II

post 1191


Alternative Names



Consist of rather briefly formulated quaestiones which were compiled some time after Compilatio prima (1191). They are transmitted, with due variations, in at least seven manuscripts, of which the Klosterneuburg and Bamberg (also Leon) manuscripts on the one hand, and the Vienna and the Zwettl texts on the other, seem to be related particularly closely.



No. 1

Quaestiones decretales Bambergenses II.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Quaestiones decretales Bambergenses II.


Bamberg, Staatsbibl. Can. 45, fol. 41–56v


Fulda, Landesbibl. D.7, fol. 25r–92r, 145v–155v


Fulda, Landesbibl. D.10, fol. 59ra–68rb (Kuttner identified the 32 quaestiones on roughly the same folios (fols. 59ra–67ra) as the Questiones Fuldenses in Repertorium, 430.)


Klosterneuberg, Stiftsbibl. 656, fol. 19–33v


León, Col. S. Isidoro 16, fol. 40r–74r (exactly match Bamberg, Can. 45, quaestiones 1–82)


Wien, ÖNB 2163, fol. 75–100


Zwettl, Stiftsbibl. 162, fol. 123–144v


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1

Quaestiones decretales Bambergenses II.

Modern Editions

An analysis of the 76 quaestiones in the Zwettl and Vienna manuscripts has been published by G. Fransen in Traditio, 19 (1963) 520–30 (along with a concordance for the other copies, 530–31).


Those texts to be found in Klosterneuburg, Bamberg, and Fulda D.7, and not extant in Zwettl and Vienna have been analyzed by G. Fransen in Traditio, 20 (1964) 496–502 (again with a concordance at the end).



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