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Report No. a295

Johannes Galensis

fl. 1210–1215


Alternative Names

Johannes, Galensis (LC); John of Wales; Jean de Galles; Joannes Walesius; John Wallensis



Little is known about Johannes’s life except for the years arund 1210, when he suddenly appeared among the Bolognese decretalists. In 1210–12, he privately assembled a collection of papal decretals soon to be accepted as Compilatio II. Drawn from the collectiones of Alanus and Gilbertus, it was mainly concerned with supplying the chronological gap (1191–97) left by the preceding Compilationes I (1191) and III (1210), the latter of which had only included decretals from the first twelve years of Innocent III’s pontificate (1198–1209). Johannes also wrote single glosses on it and produced the first apparatus on Compilatio III.


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No. 1

Compilatio secunda. See under Compilatio secunda.

No. 2

Apparatus on Compilatio III (ca.1210–15).

No. 3

Glosses on Compilatio II.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 2

Apparatus on Compilatio III (ca.1210–15).


a295Txt2Erlangen, Universitätsbibl. 349, fol. 114r–202v (second set of glosses)


a295Txt2München, BSB Clm 3879 (not the full apparatus)


Zwettl, Stiftsbibl. 30, fol. 102r–200r


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 2

Apparatus on Compilatio III (ca.1210–15).

Modern Editions

None. A large number of excerpts has been printed (1) by F. Gillmann in AKKR, 105 (1925) 510–62.


(2) by AKKR, 118 (1938) 174–222.



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