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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a289

Johannes de Ancona

2nd half of 13th c.


Alternative Names

Johannes Guidonis



Wrote a Summa on the Decretales Gregorii IX (c. 1265–68). He was most likely a layman and a Roman lawyer and worked at the curia of the patriarch of Jerusalem when he composed the work. Johannes also served as a procurator for the Knights Templar. Johannes’s Summa was an elaboration on the Summa of Goffredus Tranensis. In two places in his Summa, Johannes de Ancona refers to his own commentary on the Libri feudorum, but this work has never been found. Johannes’s Summa was not influential.



No. 1

Summa decretalium.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Summa decretalium.


Brugge, Stedelijke Bibl. 377


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1

Summa decretalium.

Modern Editions

Prologue and epilogue only edited by M. Bertram in BMCL, 7 (1977) 59–62.



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