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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a203

Eilbertus Bremensis

fl. 1190s


Alternative Names

Eilbert of Bremen; Eilbert von Bremen



A canonist and author of a versified procedural treatise which he published while serving at the court of Bishop Wolfger of Passau, c.1192–1195.



No. 1

Ordo iudiciarius.


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1

Ordo iudiciarius.

Modern Editions

Quellen zur Geschichte des römisch-kanonischen Processes im Mittelalter, ed. L. Wahrmund, I.5 (Innsbruck 1906).



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W. Stelzer, ‘Eilbert von Bremen: Ein sächsischer Kanonist im Umkreis Bischof Wolfgers von Passau’, ÖAKR, 27 (1976) 60–69.