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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a077

Casus ad Compilationem secundam ‘Quesivit Anconitanus’


Alternative Names



Brief treatment of Compilatio secunda dating from the early 13th century.



No. 1

Casus ad Compilationem secundam ‘Quesivit Anconitanus’.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Casus ad Compilationem secundam ‘Quesivit Anconitanus’.


Avranches, BM 156, fol. 41ff


Bamberg, Staatsbibl. Can. 91, fol. 87–94v


Fulda, Landesbibl. D.10, fol. 96–102v


Leipzig, Universitätsbibl. 928, fol. 126v–141


Leipzig, Universitätsbibl. 975, fol. 159v–164v


Oxford, Bodleian Libr. Laud Misc. 646, fol. 22–29r


Paris, BN lat. 17530, fol. 11v–19


Paris, Bibl. Arsenal 394, fol. 63bis–76v


Worcester, Cath. Libr. F.159, fol. 10–16v



J. Brundage, Medieval Canon Law and the Crusader (Madison WI 1969) 75 n.29, 180 n.100.

S. Kuttner, Repertorium 402–403.