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Report No. a050

Bartholomeus Brixiensis

fl. 1234–1258


Alternative Names

Bartolomeo, da Brescia (LC); Bartholomew of Brescia; Bartolomaeus Brixiensis



A student of Tancred and the civilian Hugolinus and later professor of canon law at Bologna. He devoted most of his time to re-editing the canonistic works of his older colleagues which had been rendered obsolete by the appearance of the Decretales Gregorii IX in 1234. Besides revising Brocarda, the Historiae of Damasus, the ordo iudiciarius of Tancred, and the Casus of Benencasa Senensis, he also updated Johannes Teutonicus’ Gloss to the Decretum (after 1234), adding his own comments. This text became the Glossa Ordinaria. Bartholomeus’ Quaestiones have likewise been shown to be updates of an older collection.


Entry by: KP rev AL 2015



No. 1

Quaestiones dominicales et veneriales.

No. 2

Revised Glossa ordinaria Johannis Teutonici in Decretum. This version of the Ordinary Gloss appears regularly in the early printed editions of Gratian’s Decretum.

No. 3


No. 4

Casus decretorum. Revision of the Casus of Benecasa Senensis.

No. 5

Historie super libro decretorum.

No. 6

Ordo iudiciarius.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Quaestiones dominicales et veneriales.


First Recension (c.1227–34)


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Second Recension (c.1234–41)


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No. 3



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No. 4

Casus decretorum.



No. 6

Ordo iudiciarius.


Erlangen, Universitätsbibl. 515, fol. 7–30


Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 1

Quaestiones dominicales et veneriales.

Early Printed Editions

Rouen, 1511.

No. 3


Early Printed Editions

Lyon, 1519.


Tractatus ex variis iuris interpretibus. Lyon, 1549, 17.25 ff..


Tractatus universi iuris. Venezia, 1584, 18.506 ff..

No. 4

Casus decretorum.

Early Printed Editions

Basel: Nikolaus Kessler, 1489 (Hain 2472) (GW 3426) (online).


Strasbourg, 1493 (Hain 2473).


Lyon: Claude Gibolet, 1497 (GW 1497).


s.l. [Leipzig], s.a. [c. 1495/1500] (online).

No. 5

Historie super libro decretorum.

Early Printed Editions

Paris, 1505. With the Decretum Gratiani.



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