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An ‘Ocean of Law’. The Harvard Law School’s copy of TUI1584 is bound in 29 physical volumes, 17 inches high, 18 ‘tomes’ in 25 physical volumes and 4 physical volumes of indices.


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The following table lists the items in tome 7 in the order in which they appear. The notes give linked references to general information about the author that appears on a separate page and any particular information that we have about the item in question. The final column gives a linked reference the sequence number in the PDS where the item first appears.


item no. 1Cipolla, Bartolomeo, d. ca. 1477Bartholomeus Caepolla, VeronDe contractibus simulatis4295271t. 7, f. 2ra8  
noteCipolla, Bartolomeo, b. Verona ca. 1420, d. Padova 1475.    
item no. 2Laurentius de Rodulfis, civis FlorentinusDe usuris t. 7, f. 15ra34  
noteRidolfi, Lorenzo, b. Firenze 1362, d. Firenze 1444.    
item no. 3Vignate, Ambrosius deAmbrosius de VignateDe usuris4371831t. 7, f. 50rb104  
noteAmbrogio da Vignate, fl. sec. 15.    
item no. 4Roselli, Antonio deAntonius de RosellisDe usuris4358097t. 7, f. 66va137  
noteRoselli, Antonio (de Rosellis, Rorçcellis, Roxellus) b. Arezzo 1381, d. Padova 1466.    
item no. 5Auctor incertusDe diversis contractibus usurarum t. 7, f. 70rb144  
noteAuctor Incertus. Not in TUI list of authors.    
item no. 6Guido PapaDe contractibus illicitis, qui usurarii dici possunt vel n4323749t. 7, f. 71va147  
notePape, Gui, b. Lyons ?1404, d. Grenoble 1477.    
item no. 7Gulielmus BontDe usuris t. 7, f. 74va153  
noteCoster (al. Custodis, al. de Bont), Willem de, b. Leuven sec. 15/ineunte, d. Leuven 1454.    
item no. 8Antoninus, Saint, Archbishop of Florence, 1389-1459Antoninus archiepiscopus FlorentinusDe ururis per modum predicationis4189142t. 7, f. 78va161  
noteAntonino (Pierozzi), saint, archbishop of Florence, b. Firenze 1389, d. Firenze 1459. Need to check whether this is an extract from his Summa theologiae.    
item no. 9Lupi, Giovanni BattistaJoannes Baptista Lupi, GeminianusDe usuris et commerciis illicitis4345415t. 7, f. 113rb230  
noteLupi Geminiani, Giovanni Battista, b. S. Gimignano sec. 16, d. Firenze p. 1612.    
item no. 10Pozzo, Paride del, ca. 1413-1493Paris de PuteoDe ludo4355338t. 7, f. 151rb306  
notePozzo, Paride dal, b. ?Castellammare di Stabia ca. 1413, d. Napoli ca. 1493.    
item no. 11Caccialupi, Giovanni Battista, d. 1496Joannes Baptista CaccialupusDe ludo4288182t. 7, f. 155rb314  
noteCaccialupi, Giovanni Battista, b. San Severino Marche ca. 1425, d. Roma 1496.    
item no. 12Costa, Stefano, 15th centStephanus CostaDe ludo4305752t. 7, f. 161va327  
noteCosta, Stefano, b. Gambolò . . . , d. Gambolò 1486.    
item no. 13Thomas Actius, ForosemproniensisDe ludo scacchorum, sive latrunculorum t. 7, f. 168vb341  
noteAzzi, Tommaso, b. Fossombrone 1561, d. . . . p. 1603.    
item no. 14Medici, Sebastiano, d. 1595Sebastianus MedicesDe fortuitis casibus 4342620t. 7, f. 195va395  
noteMedici, Sebastiano, b. ?Firenze ca. 1545, d. Roma 1595.    
item no. 15Ubaldi, Baldo degli, 1327?-1400Baldus de PerusioDe sindicatu officialium4195531t. 7, f. 224vb453  
noteBaldo degli Ubaldi (Baldus de Ubaldis, Baldus Perusinus), b. Perugia 1327, d. Pavia 1400. The HOLLIS title, ‘Solennis tractatus de sindicatu’, etc., comes from Tractatus1549, vol. 2.    
item no. 16Angelus de PerusioDe sindicatu t. 7, f. 226va457  
noteAngelo degli Ubaldi (Angelus de Perusio), sr., b. ?Perugia 1327/8, d. Perugia 1407.    
item no. 17Pozzo, Paride del, ca. 1413-1493Paridis de Puteo, de NeapoliDe sindicatu omnium officialium4355325t. 7, f. 227ra458  
notePozzo, Paride dal, b. ?Castellammare di Stabia ca. 1413, d. Napoli ca. 1493.    
item no. 18Justinus de Castello, AmedeusAmedeus Justinus de CastelloDe sindicatu cum expositione inquisitionis generalis, et querelarum porrectarum contra officiales et eorum defensiones4330176t. 7, f. 332rb668  
noteGiustini, Amedeo, b. Citta di Castello . . . , d. . . . ca. ?1477.    
item no. 19Boncompagnis, Cataldinus deCataldinus de Boncompagnis, de VissoDe sindicatu4291338t. 7, f. 349vb703  
noteBoncompagni, Cataldino, b. ?Visso ?1370, d. Visso p. 1450.    
item no. 20Dulcetus, AugustinusAugustinus Dulcetus, VeronensisDe sindicatu4303030t. 7, f. 360vb725  
noteDolcetti, Agostino, fl. sec. 16.    
item no. 21Joannes a CapistranoB. Ioannes a CapistranoDe usuris, seu de cupiditate4321099t. 7, f. 91vb187  
noteGiovanni da Capestrano, b. Capestrano 1386, d. Ilok [Croatia] 1456. Not in TUI list of authors.    



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