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An ‘Ocean of Law’. The Harvard Law School’s copy of TUI1584 is bound in 29 physical volumes, 17 inches high, 18 ‘tomes’ in 25 physical volumes and 4 physical volumes of indices.

CONTENTS Tome 10.2

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The following table lists the items in tome 10.2 in the order in which they appear. The notes give linked references to general information about the author that appears on a separate page and any particular information that we have about the item in question. The final column gives a linked reference the sequence number in the PDS where the item first appears.


item no. 1Belleperche, Pierre de, d. 1308Petrus de Bella PetricaTractatus de feudis 4288150t. 10.2, f. 2ra8  
noteBelleperche, Pierre de, b. ca. ?1247, d. Lucenay-sur-Allier [now Villeneuve-sur-Allier, dép. Allier] 1308.    
item no. 2Petrus, Ravennas, ca 1448–1508 or 9Petrus Ravennas In consuetudines feudorum compendium utilissimum, praeludia quaedam in consuetudines, seu usus feudorum4345826t. 10.2, f. 10ra24  
notePetrus Ravennas (Pietro Francesco Tomai or Tomasi, de Thoma[s]is, de Toma[gl]is, de Thomasiis, also P. a Memoria, Pietro da la Memoria), b. Ravenna ca. 1448, d. probably Worms 1509/10. The HOLLIS title is ‘In consuetudines feudorum compendium utilissimum; .&nbpsp;. . adjecto ad finem ejusdem auctoris opuscolo, quo allegationes & conclussiones in materia consuetudinum complexus est’, from another printing of the work.    
item no. 3Giovanni d’Andrea, ca. 1270–1348Speculator [i.e., Gulielmus Durantis] et Joannes AndreaeQuaestiones in materia feudorum, secundum Specu[latorem] et Joan[nem] And[reae] in titu de feudis breviloquio collectae4184993t. 10.2, f. 42vb89  
noteDurand (Durant, Durandi), Guillaume, l’ancien, b. Puymisson (dép. Hérault) ca. 1230, d. Roma 1296. This work seems to be more than just a compendium of what can found on the topic in Durantis’ Speculum with the notes of Johannes Andreae to that work.    
item no. 4Corte, Franceschino, d. 1533Francischinus Curtius JuniorTractatus de feudorum4303065t. 10.2, f. 43rb90  
noteCorti, Francesco jr. (Franceschino), b. Pavia 1470, d. Padova 1533.    
item no. 5Ferrarius, Johannes, 1485 or 6–1558Joannes Ferrarius MontanusCollectanea in usus feudorum4313555t. 10.2, f. 93rb190  
noteFerrarius Montanus (né Eisermann), Joannes, b. Amöneburg (Hessen) 1485/6, d. Marburg 1558.    
item no. 6Sonsbecius, FranciscusFranciscus SonsbeciusTractatus seu commentarius ad usus feudorum, in suas partes optima serie distributus4368135t. 10.2, f. 123ra250  
noteSonsbeck, Franz, b. Zwolle . . . , fl. 1555, d. . . ..    
item no. 7Garzoni, Girolamo, 16th cent.Hieronymus Garzonius AuximatisTractatus de foeminis ad feuda recipiendis vel non4317173t. 10.2, f. 165va335  
noteGarzoni, Girolamo, sec. 16.    
item no. 8San Giorgio, Giacomino da, d. 1494Jacobus de S. GeorgioTractatus aureus et practica perutilis totus et singularis de homagiis4362053t. 10.2, f. 172va349  
noteSan Giorgio (Sangiorgi), Giacomino (Iacopino) da, b. San Giorgio Canavese [prov. Torino] . . . , d. Torino 1494.    
item no. 9Ponte, Amaedeos, fl. 1576–1589Amaedeos a Ponte LombriascusQuaestiones laudimiales ex suo tractatu feudali desumptae, una cum tractatu quis fit index in causa feudi, cum additionibus eiusdem authoris, ac emendatione errorum prime impressionis4355411t. 10.2, f. 180ra364  
notePonte, Amedeo, b. . . . 1526, d. . . . 1593.    
item no. 10Solsona, FranciscusFranciscus Solsona AngulariensisLucerna laudemiorum4362153t. 10.2, f. 199va403  
noteSolsona, Francisco, fl. sec. 16.    



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