21 MARCH 1374 – 28 FEBRUARY 1382


The Ames Foundation will shortly publish an edition of the Act Book of the Official and of the Consistory Court of Ely, Cambridge, Cambridge University Library, Ely Diocesan Records, EDR D2/1. A preliminary edition of the revised final proofs in PDF form appears on this site. A paper edition will follow. In the meantime, with the kind permission of the Keeper of the Ely Diocesan Records, we are able to present on this site images of the pages that are transcribed in the edition.

A general introduction to the layout and organisation of the register and of the edition may be found at the beginning of the Introduction to the book. We add here some notes on the links that are available only in the online edition in PDF.

There is a very large amount of information on these pages, and much that goes together is quite widely scattered. The search engine in the PDF gives access to some of the connections, but the search engine is not totally reliable. The internal links in the PDF, however, work quite well, and we have provided an extensive set of them. In principle, all the cases names are linked to the case, all the references to the number of specific entries in the register are linked to the entry, and all the references to specific pages in the book are linked to that page. We say ‘in principle’ because the linking was done with coding, and the results were not perfect. For example, where a case name was hyphenated, the linking program did not catch it. We checked for these by hand; we corrected many of them; we probably missed some. Please let us know ( if you find a broken link.

Where the links occur in running text, e.g., in the Introduction and in the text and footnotes in the edition, they appear in slightly greyer type. The tables and the indices are also fully linked, but the there is no difference there in the typeface. If you put your cursor on any linked item, a pointed finger appears showing that you can click on the link. The summaries of the case acta that appear at the beginning of the edition and the entries themselves in the cases in the edition are linked in a slightly different way: Clicking on the number of the case that appears in round brackets in the summary of the acta brings you to the beginning of the case; clicking on the number of the acta in the cases themselves brings you to the session of the acta in which the summary appears.

A final note of a different sort: Although both of the editors are from the United States, the principal editor was for many years employed in a governmental position in Canada. We have, at her request, used Canadian spelling throughout.

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