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The Ames Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of the seventh volume (the second in chronological order) in its series of year books, which is under the literary directorship of Professor Charles Donahue, Jr., of the Harvard Law School:


edited by the late Samuel E. Thorne,
Charles Stebbins Fairchild Professor of Legal History Emeritus
in Harvard University,

in collaboration with Michael E. Hager,
of the Massachusetts Bar,
and Margaret MacVeigh Thorne,
of the American School of Classical Studies (Athens),
with a Commentary upon the Cases by Charles Donahue, Jr.,
Paul A. Freund Professor of Law in Harvard University

      The sixth year is represented in only one manuscript arranged by terms. It is a large year, however, containing almost half again as many cases as are in all the manuscripts for the eighth year (the second largest year that has been edited). The sixth year thus joins those already published; the second, seventh, eighth and tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth. Editing of the twenty-first and twenty-second years has begun. Unless more manuscripts are found, that should complete first-ever printing of the year books of this reign.

      This volume is in the usual Year Book style, with a full text and translation of the French report of each case and, where it has been found, of the Latin record. Professor Donahue has provided an introduction that offers a commentary on each case of the cases in the volume. Particularly notable are a number of the ecclesiastical cases, the first known case to discuss at length the distinction between trespass vi et armis and the action on the case, and a well-known case holding (semble) that the successful plaintiff in ejectment may recover only damages. A calendar, a concordance, tables and indices complete the volume.

      Overall the volume contains 812 pages; 215 pages of introduction, 504 pages of text and translation, and 193 pages of "back matter." It is bound in maroon cloth uniform with recent volumes in the series. The frontispiece is a photographic portrait of the late Professor Thorne.

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