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HLS MS No. 60

Registrum brevium; Novae narrationes

ca. 1325



<Preliminary introduction>

The HOLLIS cataloguing may be found here. The following items are worth repeating:

“Description: [230] leaves : vellum ; 10 cm.

“Summary: Written by an English scribe, long lines, 28 to a full page. The register is imperfect at the beginning. C-type text of Novae Narrationes, imperfect at end.

“Notes: Several ornamental pen letters in blue and red, and many small illuminated initials.

“Leaves are numbered 23-254 in a later hand; evidently many folios missing throughout since then.”

The cataloguing in Baker’s English Legal Manuscripts, 1, no. 83 reads as follows:


“MS. 60.

“C.xiv, 229 ff., illum, initials. The register is imperfect at the beginning. C-type text of Novae narrationes.

“Acquired by George Dunn in Nov. 1896; his sale, S. 12 Feb. 1913, no. 232; bought privately by HLS.

Census, I, 1034, no. 60; Novae Narrationes, 80 SS ccxviii, no. 37; Early Registers, xxvi.”

The manuscript is approximately 100 X 70 mm.

The manuscript was rebound recently, probably at the Northeast Documents Conservation Center, though it lacks that binder’s report that usually accompanies such rebindings. It is in pigskin and board, and is in excellent condition. In the process of rebinding, however, the original endpapers seem to have been lost. Baker’s notes of provenance antedate the rebinding. We seem, however, to lack George Dunn’s notes, which are sometimes quite helpful.

The decoration is handsome and consistent throughout. We counted 132 decorated capitals, in blue and what looks on the images like a shade of brown and another of pink. Blue and brown paragraph marks appear throughout. Many of the paragraph marks have penned scrollwork in red or blue. There are no illustrations, though some of the scrollwork moves in the direction of a human profile.

There is no significant damage to the manuscript, as we now have it, though, as we will see below, there is quite a bit missing.

The script is consistent throughout, and eminently legible. It is a typically English semi-cursive legal script that seems to date to the first half of the 14th century. While it may not be all in the same hand, it may be. If it is not, the scribes who worked on it made every effort to make it look the same.

There is an early modern foliation in the upper right-hand corner of the rectos. It runs from 23 to 254, corresponding to our digital foliation of 1 to 230. That suggests that we have lost 22 folios at the beginning and 2 more in the middle. The situation is, however, more complicated than that. There is a medieval foliation in the lower left-hand corner of some of the versos. The first visible number is xxvij on our fol. 3v, fol. 25 of the early modern foliation. That would give us 24 folios that are now missing at the beginning of the manuscript, probably three quaternions.

Although the early modern foliation suggests that two folios are missing between our fol. 1 and 230, the early modern foliation is not a good guide to what is missing. As will be seen in our reproduction of it in the detailed contents, it skips fol. 43, 154, and 155, and then duplicates fol. 160, leaving the total 2 short of where it ought to be.

There are, however, missing folios in the middle of the text, although the early modern foliation does not indicate them. The carryover on our fol. 96v does not carry over. At least one folio is missing, perhaps more. They may not, however, be missing from our quire 13, which follows fol. 96, because that quire begins with two blanks. In order to make the quiring fit, however, we need to imagine that one more blank was cut out. That would mean that the missing folio(s) were inserted between our quire 12 and quire 13, perhaps a single folio that was tipped in and that got lost when the original binding deteriorated.

The early modern foliation is given in the detailed contents below. Since we did not have room to include the medieval foliation, which is quite irregular and incomplete, we list it here: our fol. 3v–15v = medieval fol. 27–39; 16v (the quire breaks here) – 24v (the quire also breaks here) = 41–49; 25v–29v = 40–44; 30v–40v = all 44; 41v–42v = 45–46, 47v–49v = all 52; 50v–54v = 53–57; 58v–63v = 59–64. This may have made some kind of sense to the person who put it in; we confess that we have been unable to make any sense out of it.

Signature markings appear on the first four folios of some quires; the markings are, however, faint and difficult to read. Some have markings that suggest that others of the first four were so marked. There seems to be a sequence that begins with signature ‘a’ on our fol. 17r, two quires into what we now have. Beginning with fol. 33r, the signature seems to change to the Hindu-arabic number ‘36’, although later in the quire, it is marked ‘c’. ‘d’, skipping ‘e’, and ‘f’ follow where we would expect them. Fol. 57r seems to be marked ‘37’, but ‘g’ is found later in the quire. Fol. 65r has ‘38’ at the beginning and ‘h’ following. Fol. 81r has what may be ‘29’ or ‘39’, with ‘k’ following. After this, lettered signature marks cease, but ‘43’ is found on fol. 106r, and numbered signatures, sometimes with indications of the second, third, and/or fourth folio in the signature continue throughout the rest of the manuscript, ending with ‘58’ on fol. 230r.

The signature markings and the quite consistent use of carryovers to indicate quire breaks makes the following collation relatively secure:

Quiring/collation (does not include modern end pages):

1–128 (f. 1–96, ?three quires missing before the first), 1310 (f. 97–105, ?one missing after 96), 14–178 (f. 106–137), 1812 (f. 138–149), 19–298 (f. 150–230, ?seven missing after 230).

That the manuscript was the product of a professional scriptorium seems quite clear. While we know of no evidence that London scriptoria producing legal manuscripts worked with pecie as did Italian scriptoria in the same period, it is possible that they did. The high numbers in the later signature marks in the manuscript would certainly seem to suggest that the later parts of it were made up of already existing quires designed for a much larger manuscript than this one. They all, however, have the same style of decoration and script. The blank folios that begin quire 13 may be further evidence that multiple duplicate quires of this material once existed. There are, unfortunately, no visible signature marks on this quire.

How much is missing at the end of the manuscript is difficult to determine. The text that we have ends with waste, which appears close to the end of the modern printed edition of Novae Narrationes. Assuming (as it may be risky to assume), that our text followed the order of the modern printed edition, the remainder of the last quire and perhaps one more quaternion is missing.

Both the register of writs and Novae Narrationes have chapter numbers on their headings, which almost certainly refer to capitularia that we no longer have. The register begins with waste, with just of hint that what preceded it was the end of the section ‘de recto’. If that is right, then this register lacked the extensive section on ‘ecclesiastical’ writs that is normally found in between the writ of right and waste. Three quires would probably have been enough to include all of the writ of right and a capitularium of the register. The capitularium of Novae Narrationes would have to have appeared at the end.

We have yet to discover anything that would give us a more precise date than the ca. 1325 that has been given to it. Its contents seem to be contemporary with Hall’s register ‘R’ and the ‘C’ version of Novae Narrationes, both of can be dated around 1325. The script and the decoration are consistent with this date.

What we have is lacunose, but we have enough to suggest what the original purpose of the manuscript may have been. Even taking into account what is missing, the register is quite skimpy for this period. It had the basics, less, as we have argued, the ecclesiastical writs. Novae Narrationes occupies almost half of what we have and probably would have contained almost half of what there originally was. This is a portable manuscript, but one that was quite well made. It may have been originally made for someone who had access to a more complete register. It was certainly not made for someone who lacked for funds. That would suggest that it was made for a rich student, but perhaps more likely for an attorney or even a serjeant who was already established in practice. That practice would not have included many, if any, ecclesiastical clients. Even if the ecclesiastical writs were not totally missing from the missing quires, there was not enough room to have included many of them, assuming, as seems most likely, that the basics about the writ of right were also included.


Summary Contents

Clicking on the item in question will open the first sequence for the item in the PDS in a new tab or window.


  Seq. Fol. No. Item  
10–11f. 1r–1v1Writs of right 
11–25f. 1v–8v2Waste, including de estreppamento 
26–55f. 9r–23v3Replevin 
55–65f. 23v–28v4De homine replegiando 
65–94f. 28v–43r5Trespass 
94–103f. 43r–47v6Criminal 
103–112f. 47v–52r7Ad quod dampnum 
112–121f. 52r–56v8Account 
121–126f. 56v–59r9Debt 
126–128f. 59r–60r10Annuity 
128–131f. 60r–61v11Covenant 
131–132f. 61v–62r12Fines 
133–135f. 62v–63v13Mesne 
135–140f. 63v–66r14Dower 
140–154f. 66r–73r15Rights in land 
154–163f. 73r–77v16Wardship 
163–170f. 77v–81r17Brevia de statutis 
170–184f. 81r–88r18Novel disseisin 
184–191f. 88r–91v19Redisseisin 
191–197f. 91v–94v20Mort d’ancestor 
197–200f. 94v–96r21De avo et consanguinitate 
200–201f. 96r–96v22Quare eiecit 
201–206f. 96v–99r23De escaeta 
206–230f. 99r–111r24Criminal 
230–238f. 111r–115r25Entry 
238–249f. 115r–120v26Entry: Cui in vita 
250–254f. 121r–123r27Entry: De intrusione 
254–256f. 123r–124r28Cessavit 
256–257f. 124r–124v29Elemosina 
257–268f. 124v–130r30Formedon 


Detailed Contents

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  Seq. Fol. Label Header MsFol. Cap. Sig.  
  1no fol. no sig.Spine 
  2no fol. no sig.Front cover 
  3no fol. no sig.Inside front cover 
  4no fol. no sig.Modern endpaper with library markings 
  5no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  6no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  7no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  8no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  9no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  101rWrits of rightDe recordo etc’23 
Note: As indicated in the Introduction probably three quires are missing at the beginning. They would have contained the writ of right, perhaps a collection of ecclesiastical writs, and perhaps a capitularium.
  111vWaste, including de estreppamentoBreviax 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  122rDe vasto24 
  143rde vasto25xij 
  164rDe vasto26xiij 
  185rDe vasto27xv 
  216vDe vastoxix 
  227rDe cognicionibus in patria29 
  237vQuod mulieres non distringantur etc’xxj 
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  269rReplevinDe averijs replegiandis31xxiij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  279vDe averijs 
  2910vDe averijsxxv 
  3111vDe averijs 
  3312vDe averijs 
  3513vDe averijsxxx 
  3614rReplegiandis36xxxj; xxxij 
  3714vDe averijs Pone 
  3815rCum canis37 
Note: (1) Carryover indicating quire break. (2) (note2) Decorated initial ‘R’.
  4217rDe recapcione averiorum; Capitula h’br’ tercij39a i 
  4317vde recapcione averiorum 
  4418rDe recapcione averiorum40 
  4518vDe averijs fugatisiij [sic]; iiij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  4619rDe parco fracto41a iii 
  4719vDe parco fracto 
  4820rDe parco fracto42vj 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  4920vDe parco fracto 
  5021rDe distr’44 [sic]vij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  5322vDe districcione 
  5423rDe districcione46xi 
  5523vDe homine replegiandoDe hominexlj 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  5724vDe replegiando homine 
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  5825rDe homine replegiando48xiijb 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  5925vDe modata ?m’ia 
  6026rDe nativis habendis49xiiij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  6126vPone de nativisxv 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  6227rDe libertate probanda50xvib 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  6327vDe scutagio habendoxvii 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  6428rDe minis51xviij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  6528vTrespassDe transgressionibusxix 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  6629rDe transgressionibus52 
  6729vDe transgressionibusxx 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  6830rDe transgressionibus53 
  6930vDe transgressionibus 
  7031rDe transgressionibus54 
  7131vDe transgressionibus 
  7232rDe transgressionibus55 
  7332vDe transgressionibus 
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  7433rDe transgressionibus5636 
  7533vDe transgressionibus 
  7634rDe transgressionibus57 
  7734vDe transgressionibus 
  7835rDe transgressionibus58c 
  7935vDe transgressionibus 
  8036rDe transgressionibus59 
  8136vDe transgressionibus 
  8237rDe transgressionibus60xxi; xxiic 
Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
  8337vDe transgressionibusxxiii 
  8438rDe transgressionibus61c iiii 
  8538vDe transgressionibus 
  8639rDe transgressionibus62 
  8739vDe transgressionibus 
  8840rDe transgressionibus63xxiiii 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  8940vDe transgressionibusxxv 
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  9041rDe transgressionibus64xxvj 
  9141vDe transgressionibusxxvij 
  9242rDe transgressionibus65?d 
  9342vDe transgressionibusxxix 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  9443rCriminalDe transgressionibus66xxixd 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  9543vDe corona 
  9644rDe corona67xxxj 
  9744vDe coronaxxxij; xxxiij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  9945vDiem clausit exercitumxxxiiij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  10146vDe etate probandaxxxvj 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  10247rDe etate probanda70xxxvij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  10347vAd quod dampnumSi sit ad dampnumxxxviij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  10448rSi sit ad dampnum71 
  10548vSi sit ad dampnum 
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  10649rSi sit ad dampnum72fj 
  10749vSicut ad dampnum 
  10850rSi sit ad dampnum73f ii 
  10950vSi sit ad dampnum[Capitula libri iiijti]; j [sic] 
  11051rSi sit dampnum74f iij 
  11151vSi sit ad dampnumij 
  11252rAccountDe compoto75f iiij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  11352vDe compoto 
  11453rDe compoto76iiij 
  11553vDe compoto 
  11654rDe compoto77v; ?vj 
  11754vDe compoto 
  11855rDe compoto78 
  11955vDe compoto 
  12056rDe compoto79 
  12156vDebtDe debitovj 
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  12257rDe debito80vij; viij?37 
  12357vDe debitoix 
  12458rDe debito81 
  12558vDe debito 
  12659rAnnuityDe recognicione82xjg iii 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  12759vDe annuo reddituxij 
  12860rCovenantDe carta reddenda83xiij; xiiijg iiii 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  12960vDe convencione 
  13061rDe convencione84xv 
  13161vFinesDe convencionexvj 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  13262rDe fine85 
  13362vMesneDe medio 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  13463rDe medio86xviij 
  13563vDowerDe medio visu franciplegiixix 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  13664rDe dote87 
  13764vDe dote 
Note: Carryover indicating quite break.
  13865rDe dote8838 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  13965vDe dote 
  14066rRights in landDe ponte reparando89xxih ij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  14166vDe via reparandaxxii 
  14267rDe curia claudenda90xxiij; xxv; xxvj 
Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
  14367vDe communa pasturexxvij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
  14468rDe communa pasture91xxviij; xxix 
  14568vDe superoneracione pasturexxx 
  14669rDe racionabilibus divisis92xxxj; xxxij 
Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
  14769vDe secta faciendaxxxiij; xxxv 
Note: Decorated initials ‘P’ and ‘R’.
  14870rDe sectis93xxxvj 
Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
  14970vDe sectisxxxviij 
  15071rDe sectis94xxxv 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  15171vDe sectis 
  15272rDe sectis95 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  15372v[Capitula ?l libri quinti] De visu franciplegii 
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  15473rWardshipDe turno vicecomiti et ingressu96 
Note: Decorated initials ‘P’ and ‘R’.
  15573vDe custodijs 
  15674rDe custodiis97 
  15774vDe custodiis 
  15875rDe custodiis98iii 
  15975vDe custodiis 
  16076rDe custodiis99 
  16176vDe custodiis 
  16277rDe custodiis100 
  16377vBrevia de statutisDe statutisiiii 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  16478rDe statutis101 
Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
  16578vDe statutis 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  16679rDe statutis102 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  16779vDe statutis 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  16880rDe statutis103vj; vij 
Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
  16980vDe domibus iniuste levatis 
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  17081rNovel disseisinDe via obstructa104viij?29 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  17181vDe nova dissiesina 
  17282rDe nova disseisina105k 
  17382vDe nova disseisina 
  17483rDe nova disseisina106k 
  17583vDe nova disseisina 
  17684rDe fossato levato107 
Note: Decorated initial ‘Q’.
  17784vDe via obstructa 
  17885rDe associacione108 
  17985vDe associacione 
  18086rDe associacione109 
  18186vDe certificacioneix 
  18287rDe certificacione110x 
  18387vDe attincta 
  18488rRedisseisinDe attincta111xi 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  18588vDe redisseisina 
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  18689rDe redisseisina112 
  18789vDe via artata 
  18890rDe redisseisina113 
  19091rDe recordo114 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  19191vMort d’ancestorDe Mordaunt’xiiij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  19694rQuod permittat117xv 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  19794vDe avo et consanguinitateDe avo vel aviaxvj 
Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
  19895rNuper obiit118xvij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  19995vNuper obiit 
  20096rQuare eiecitInfra terminum119xviij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  20196vDe escaetaDe escaetaxix 
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  20297rBlank except for foliation120 
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  238115rEntry: Cui in vita138xxxviij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
  250121rEntry: De intrusione144xliiij 
Note: Decorated initial ‘I’.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
Note: The text tucked into the lower right-hand corner is not a carryover indicating a quire break, but simply text that the scribe could not fit on the line above.
Note: Decorated initial ‘Q’.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Note: The text of the register ends here and the remainder of the quire that separates the register from Novae Narrationes contains no text. The basically blank folios were probably included for additional writs that never got entered.
  270131rBlank except for foliation156 [sic] 
  271131vSketchwork for illumination and border 
  272132rBlank except for foliation157 
  274133rBlank except for foliation158 
  276134rBlank except for foliation159 
  278135rBlank except for foliation160 
  279135vBlank except for foliation160 [sic] 
  280136rBlank except for foliation161 
  284138rNovae Narrationes16247 
Marginalia: Narracio de recto.
Marginalia: De recto pro participibus ubi vitus particeps non sequitur.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Defensio de recto ubi iungitur duellum; Replicacio.
Marginalia: Bataille gage; Profre de bataille; Essonio.
Marginalia: Sacrum defendentis.
Marginalia: Sacrum petentis; Sacrum camp’; Aliter defens’.
Marginalia: Aliter pro Rege.
Marginalia: De recto pro participibus ubi quid non sequitur; Recto pro homagio receptis.
Marginalia: De recto versus warrantum; Defensio; De recto pro archiepiscopo versus warrantum.
Marginalia: Misa de eodem.
Marginalia: Misa per facta.
Marginalia: Iuratis loco magne assise.
Marginalia: Essonio; De recto de avocacione; De eodem.
Marginalia: Pro persona ecclesiastica; Aliter de eodem pro magisterio hospitalis.
Marginalia: Aliter pro capitulo; De advocacione tercie partis.
Marginalia: De advocacione tercie partis declar’; Vel ?? ?propres ?ceps.
Marginalia: De recto de advocacione ecclesiarum pro Rege; Defensio.
Marginalia: Sacrum magne assise; Iudicium; Sacrum pro ?? militi electi.
Marginalia: Sacrum magne assise.
Marginalia: Iudicium; De consuetudinibus et serviciis en le debet.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter pur ?? mariage esteint’.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Marginalia: Aliter pro persona ecclesiastica; Causa.
Marginalia: Misa en non ?sente de perten’ et def’ ?clm etc’.
Marginalia: De consuetudinibus et serviciis ut marrer’ redditur.
Marginalia: Ne vexes.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Defensio.
Marginalia: Ne vexes pro persona ecclesiastica; Defensio.
Marginalia: Misa.
Marginalia: Contra formam feoffamenti.
Marginalia: De recto pro desclam’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
Marginalia: De eodem pro ?percenario.
Marginalia: Aliter.
Marginalia: Defensio; Defensio.
Marginalia: De racionabile devises.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Defensio.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Marginalia: De participibus.
Marginalia: Aliter de eodem.
Marginalia: Defensio; Replicacio; Aliter ?quando prius.
Marginalia: Replicacio; ?Quot non ?iur’.
Note: Elaborately decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Defensio.
Marginalia: Misa.
Marginalia: Nota.
Marginalia: Misa.
Marginalia: Nota; Quod permittat ?deio pastur’.
Note: Elaborately decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter ad certum ?terminum; Aliter tempore apto.
Marginalia: Misa.
Marginalia: Aliter super disseisinam.
Marginalia: Aliter pro persona ecclesiastica.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Marginalia: De admensuracione pasture.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter versus warrantum.
Marginalia: Aliter versus plures.
Marginalia: Aliter de communa piscarie; Misa; Aliter ?ea debe et dolet.
Marginalia: Aliter de communa turbarie; Causa.
Marginalia: De ?dr’ de racionabili estoverio.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Misa.
  348170rNarracione libri secundi194 
Marginalia: De secta ad molendium; Misa.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter en le solet ?oue ?de’naunce de ?percen’.
Marginalia: De ?mondr’ ?quites de multura.
Marginalia: Misa.
Marginalia: De eodem pro ?aperale factum.
Marginalia: Aliter ?it’ poss’; Quod ?permittant villanos facere sectam ad molendinum.
Marginalia: Misa simplex.
Marginalia: Misa condicionalis.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Marginalia: De eodem in possessione; De ?molyn ?atort ?leve.
Note: Decorated initial ‘A’.
Marginalia: Aliter del ?trina.
Marginalia: Aliter de domo; Nota.
Marginalia: De gurgite levato.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Quod permittat de cursu aque diverso; De chimino obstructo.
Note: Decorated initials ‘C’ and ‘A’.
Marginalia: De ponte prosternenda.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De mercato levato.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Quare impedit.
Note: Decorated initial ‘Q’.
Marginalia: Aliter pro redditu ?manoir ?co’ append’.
Marginalia: Aliter per allowaunce.
Marginalia: Aliter per ?fiebus ?dun’ ?quos; Aliter pro ?fies per r’ ?dum manerr’.
Marginalia: Aliter ?parto’ pro antenata.
Marginalia: Aliter per composicionem eschete garde et feff’.
Marginalia: Aliter per assignement de dowair; Aliter per assignement ?ren’.
Marginalia: Breve et mortissement.
Marginalia: Aliter racione custodie; Aliter pur ?pare de eglise a vicar’.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Marginalia: Aliter per alienacion ?sitis ?coinige le Roi.
Marginalia: Aliter per appropriacionem.
Marginalia: Quare imcumbrant.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter pendente placito.
Marginalia: Aliter; Aliter; Quare non admisit.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Des ten’s perdus per defaute en fee talle.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter; Defensio.
Marginalia: Aliter; Aliter; Misa per formam statuti per tenentem per legem Anglie et per heredem petitum in auxilio.
Marginalia: Aliter per warentum; Causa pur celui gest e’ a defendre su dr’.
Marginalia: De recto de dote; defensio.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: inde non habet; De dote assignata.
Marginalia: De dote assignata de assensu ?pris’.
Marginalia: De dotem denarijs; Amensur’ de dowaire.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter.
Marginalia: De racionabili parte.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Marginalia: Aliter de eodem; De racionibili parte quando partem habet; In ?parol’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De particione faciendi.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter; De avo.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De consanguinitate; defens in omnibus brevibus de possessione; De eschaeta.
Note: Decorated initials ‘A’ and ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter per utlagarie; Aliter per ?defec’ ?Thed’.
Marginalia: Forma donacionis en le ?Reverti; Aliter de eodem.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Forma donacionis en le descendere.
Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
Marginalia: De forma donacionis en le Remanere.
Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
Marginalia: Aliter de eodem.
Marginalia: ?Iota; Cessavit.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter.
Marginalia: De cantaria subtracta.
Marginalia: Aliter ad feodam firmam.
Marginalia: Aliter pur ?seine ?tenaunte et dowair.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Marginalia: Pro tenentibus ad terminum vite.
Marginalia: Aliter pro tenente per legem Anglie; De tenentis in ?libam elemosinam alicui ?domis tollatis et alienatis.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: ?? de novo comp’; De ingressu ad terminum qui ?perteriit; Aliter.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De ingressu dum non fuit compos mentis.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Cui in vita.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De ingressum per volageriam.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De ingressu super disseisinam.
Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
Marginalia: De ingressu pro uxore tenente in dotem; vel sic.
Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
Marginalia: Vel sic; De ingressu quando feoffatus assignat mulieri dotem etc’.
Marginalia: De ingressu de tenementis alienatis in feoda per tenentem ad terminum vite.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De ingressu per tenentem ad teminum vite exassignacione secundo statuto Glouc’.
Marginalia: Aliter per uxorem tenentem in dotem ex assignacione; xxx De intrusione tenentis per legem Anglie.
Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
  417204vNarracio libri quintu [different hand]xxxj 
Marginalia: De ingressu sine assensu capituli; j De nativo habendo.
Note: Decorated initials ‘C’.
Marginalia: Defensio; De weyfs.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Marginalia: De custodia terre et heredis; De custodia hered’ ??.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De custodia terre ?’tium; Aliter pro tenente in dotem.
Marginalia: De custodia racione custodie.
Marginalia: De custodia in sokagio.
Marginalia: De eieccione custodie.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Defensio; Aliter de eodem; De raptu heredis.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter causa vendicionis.
Marginalia: Forisfactura maritagii; Aliter quando heres se intrusit in hereditatem.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Defens; Aliter quando heres disparagatur.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Defensio; Aliter quando vidua se maritaverit.
Marginalia: Defensio; De medio.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter.
Marginalia: De non acquietant’ pleg’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De homagio capiendo.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter; Aliter.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Marginalia: De warranto carte.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Nota.
Marginalia: De annuo redditu.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter pro abbate contra Decanum at Capellanum.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.
Marginalia: Aliter.
Marginalia: Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.
Marginalia: Pro executoribus de arrer’ annui redditus.
Marginalia: Pro uxore de tercia parti bonorum; De detencione catall’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De catallis datis causa maritagij post divorcium ?repetenda.
Marginalia: De detencione carcarum; Aliter de tradicione attincta.
Note: Decorated initial ‘A’.
Marginalia: De prixide.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De compoto de tempore quo fuit ballivis; Aliter.
Marginalia: Receptor denariorum; Aliter.
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
Marginalia: De tempore quo fuit ?ballivuus in ?navi; De blado empto in communum.
Marginalia: De compoto in sokagio.
Marginalia: De finefacto.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De fine si milit’ ??.
Marginalia: De convencione; Aliter.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De victu et vestitu; Aliter.
Marginalia: De assignatis.
Marginalia: Aliter de ?novanar’ racione.
Marginalia: Aliter.
Marginalia: De convencione ?post ?vastis.
Marginalia: Quare eiecit infra ?terminat’.
Note: Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: Aliter per assignacionem terminar’; Aliter quando heres dimittentis vendic’ et ?? capellitur.
Marginalia: Aliter; Aliter pro executoribus ?quare via armis.
Marginalia: Aliter; De vasto in dotem.
Note: (1) Carryover indicating quire break. (2) Decorated initial ‘C’.
Marginalia: De vasto in custodie; Aliter racione stat’.
Note: As indicated in the Introduction, the text of Novae Narrationes ends here and is deficient. If we can rely on the order of the material in the modern edition, there is probably not much that is missing, perhaps just the rest the quire. There may also, however, have been a capitularium.
  470no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  471no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  472no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  473no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  474no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  475no fol. no sig.Blank modern endpaper 
  476no fol. no sig.Inside back cover 
  477no fol. no sig.Back cover 


Preliminary Analysis of the Register of Writs



No heading found

We lack an initial writ of right patent. Nothing that we have found so far in the register would lead us to alter the date that previous cataloguers have given it, ca. 1325.

Two counts of the writs are given in the right-hand columns of the following table. The first counts all the writs for which there are marginal notes, excluding, however, the notes that are labelled ‘Regula’ or ‘Nota’. The second excludes from the total all the writs where the marginal note includes the words ‘eodem’ or ‘aliter’.



101rDe recordo etc’De recordo e racionabili iudicio habendo.11
111vBreviaxDe vasto in dotem; Aliter versus virum; Regula; Aliter quando mulier recuperavit dotem.31
122rDe vastoAliter per magisterium hospitalis; Aliter pro Abbate; Aliter assignacio heredis.30
132vBreviaxjDe vasto in custodia; Aliter; Aliter de tenentibus fatuorum; Regula.31
143rde vastoxijde vasto ad terminum vite; Aliter pro assignacio heredis quando fit exili’.21
153vBreviaRegula; Aliter pro assignato assignaci; Aliter pro Abbate.20
164rDe vastoxiijAliter pro persona; Aliter ad terminum vite quando plures heredes sunt; Aliter quando particio fit; De vasto per legem Anglie; Aliter; Aliter.61
174vBreviaxiiijNota; De vasto ad terminum annorum; Aliter versus executores; Regula; Aliter.31
185rDe vastoxvAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter quando boscus tenetur pro indiviso.50
195vBreviaxviDe eodem racione estoverij; Ne fiat quo unius etc’ in comitatu; De eodem coram Iusticia; Aliter de eodem.41
206rxvijAliter quando turbarius vel boscus tenetur pro indiviso; Aliter de pastura.20
216vDe vastoxixDe vasto ad vitam heredis ?dimit’ terras; De admissione custodie ad ?defendendum loquelam; Ad recipiendes cognaciones in patria.33
237vQuod mulieres non distringantur etc’xxjQuod mulieres non distringantur in terris vel tenentibus suis pro debito virorum suorum; Prohibicio super scriptum obligatorium non tang’ ?testis ?matrimonium.22
248rProhibicioxxijAliter de recognicione factum in Curia Xpianitatis.10
269rDe averijs replegiandisxxiijDe averijs replegiandis; Regula.11
279vDe averijsDe eodem sicut alias; De eodem cum pluries.20
2810rReplegiandisxxiiijDe averijs replegiandis non obstante libertate ?super statutum de Marl’.11
2910vDe averijsxxvAttachiamentum post le cum pluries.11
3011rReplegiandisDe averijs captis in Wythernamium; Vel sic.22
3111vDe averijsAliter de eodem.10
3212rReplegiandisxxvijDum pars defendens clamat proprietatem manerijs vel catallis.11
3312vDe averijsDe averijs.11
3413rReplegiandisxxixReplegio quando vicecomitus returnat breve pro eo quod tangite personam suam propriam; Attachiamentum vicecomiti quando recusat retornare breve.22
3513vDe averijsxxxRecordo de averijs pro petente; De eodem in curia alicuius.21
3614rReplegiandisxxxj; xxxijNota; Regula; Pone de averijs; Pone pro defendente.22
3714vDe averijs PoneCausa; Regula; Causa; Causa.33
3815rCum canisCausa; Causa; Causa; Causa.44
3915vCauseCausa; Causa; Causa; Causa.44
4016rCauseCausa; Causa; Causa.33
4116vCausexxxiijDe recapcione averiorum post le Recordari.11
4217rDe recapcione averiorum; Capitula h’br’ tercijDe recapcione averiorum ante le Recordari.11
4317vde recapcione averiorumNota; De eodem post le Pone.10
4418rDe recapcione averiorumAliter.10
4518vDe averijs fugatisiij [sic]; iiijAliter; De averijs fugatis de uno comitato in aliud; De parco fracto; Aliter de parco fracto.42
4619rDe parco fractoAliter; Aliter in dampno; De quodam bono in dampno.31
4719vDe parco fractoAliter; De averijs rescussis; De quadam defalta; De quodam ?reche.43
4820rDe parco fractovjAliter pro execucione iudicij; De averijs rescussis; De transgressionis et rescuccis.32
4920vDe parco fractoDe annuo redditu; Aliter.21
5021rDe distr’vijDe averijs captis extra foedum Marleberg’ capitulo xijo.11
5121vvijAliter; De iniusta districcione; Aliter.31
5222rixAliter; De distringuntibus per ballivam transeuntes W jo capitulo xxxiiijo.21
5322vDe districcioneAliter; Attachiamentum.21
5423rDe districcionexiDe districcione per averia carucarum; De districcione per ones.22
5523vDe hominexljNota; De homine replegiando; Westm’ jo capitulo xvijo; Aliter.32
5624rReplegiandoDe eodem cum pluries.10
5724vDe replegiando homineAttachiamentum inde.11
5825rDe homine replegiandoxiijAliter de manucapcione; De modata m’ia capienda.21
5925vDe modata ?m’iaAttachiamentum inde; Attachiamentum super ballivam.22
6026rDe nativis habendisxiiijDe nativis habendis; Regula; Aliter.21
6126vPone de nativisxvRegula; Pone; De libertate probanda.22
6227rDe libertate probandaxviRegula; Pro muliere; De auxilio habendo ad primogenitum filium faciendo; Attachiamentum inde.33
6327vDe scutagio habendoxviiDe scutagio habendo.11
6428rDe minisxviijDe minis; Aliter.21
6528vDe transgressionibusxixDe transgressionibus; Aliter; Aliter.31
6629rDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
6729vDe transgressionibusxxAliter; Aliter; De transgressionibus ad bancum.31
6830rDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter.20
6930vDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
7031rDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter.20
7131vDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.50
7232rDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.50
7332vDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.40
7433rDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter.20
7533vDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.40
7634rDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter.20
7734vDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.40
7835rDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter.20
7935vDe transgressionibusAliter.10
8036rDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter.20
8136vDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
8237rDe transgressionibusxxi; xxiiInquisicio de bonis asportatis; Audita querela de transgressionibus.22
8337vDe transgressionibusxxiiiInquisicione de transgressionibus; Aliter.21
8438rDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter.20
8538vDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter.20
8639rDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter.20
8739vDe transgressionibusAliter; Aliter.20
8840rDe transgressionibusxxiiiiAd audiendum et terminandum de parco fracto.11
8940vDe transgressionibusxxvAliter vicecomiti; Aliter de bonis asportatis.20
9041rDe transgressionibusxxvjDe bonis et catallis mercatorum.11
9141vDe transgressionibusxxvijAd audiendum et terminandum pro executoribus.11
9342vDe transgressionibusxxixPatens inde; Quando vicecomitus recusat dare villam petenti.22
9443rDe transgressionibusxxixDe odio et athia.11
9543vDe coronaRegula; Ad ponendum pro Ballivo.11
9644rDe coronaxxxjDe recordo et processu etc’.11
9744vDe coronaxxxij; xxxiijDe ponendo pro ballivo post recordo; Inquisicio de escaeta.22
9845rInquisicio de anno et dio.11
9945vDiem clausit exercitumxxxiiijDiem clausit extremum.11
10046rxxxvDeseissina habenda post inquisicione; De inquirendo die quo tenuit.22
10146vDe etate probandaxxxvjPatens de etate probanda.11
10247rDe etate probandaxxxvijClausum inde; De ydemptitate nominis.22
10347vSi sit ad dampnumxxxviijSi sit ad dampnum; Aliter.21
10548vSi sit ad dampnumAliter; Aliter.20
10649rSi sit ad dampnumAliter.10
10749vSicut ad dampnumAliter; Aliter.20
10850rSi sit ad dampnumAliter.10
10950vSi sit ad dampnum[Capitula libri iiijti]; j [sic]Carta post inquisicione.11
11051rSi sit dampnumAliter.10
11151vSi sit ad dampnumijDe inquisicione post statuto.11
11252rDe compotoDe compoto.11
11352vDe compotoRegula; Pro executoribus; Aliter; Aliter.31
11453rDe compotoiiijDe Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; Aliter ad bancum; Aliter.50
11553vDe compotoDe eodem pro executoribus; Aliter in socagio; Quod vicecomitus.31
11654rDe compotov; ?vjrecipiat arrestat’ pro arrestato compoti; De capto per falsam suggestionem deliberando.22
11754vDe compotoPrefato.11
11855rDe compotoAliter de forinsecis.10
12156vDe debitovjDe debito in comitatu; Aliter; Aliter; Regula.31
12257rDe debitovij; viijPone de debito; Prohibicio.22
12357vDe debitoixRegula; Quod nullus distringatur pro debito de quo non est plegiandum; De debito in banco; Aliter.32
12458rDe debitoAliter; Aliter.20
12558vDe debitoAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
12659rDe recognicionexjDe plegio; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; De annuo redditu.52
12759vDe annuo reddituxijPone; Regula; De carta reddenda; Aliter; Regula.32
12860rDe carta reddendaxiij; xiiijpone de eodem; De warantia carte; De convencione in commune.32
12960vDe convencioneAliter; Aliter; Aliter; De victu et vestitu; De apprenticijs.52
13061rDe convencionexvAliter; Aliter in comitatu; Aliter; Aliter in banco.40
13161vDe convencionexvjAliter; Aliter; Aliter; De scriptando pedem finis in thesauro.41
13262rDe fineAliter de convencione.10
13362vDe medioDe medio; Aliter; Ad bancum.32
13463rDe medioxviijAliter; Pone de eodem; Regula; De visu franciplegij.31
13563vDe medio visu franciplegiixixDe dote; Regula; Aliter quando tenetur de Rege in capite.21
13664rDe doteAliter; Regula; Aliter.20
13764vDe doteAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
13865rDe doteDe admensuracione dotis; De eodem quando hab’z virum.21
13965vDe dotePone de eodem; Attincta de eodem.20
14066rDe ponte reparandoxxiDe pontibus stagnis reparandis; De ponte reparando.22
14166vDe via reparandaxxiiAliter; De calceto reparando.21
14267rDe curia claudendaxxiij; xxv; xxvjDe curia claudenda; De aqua haurienda; De estoverijs; De chimino habendo.44
14367vDe communa pasturexxvijDe communa pasture; De eodem in Banco; Nota.21
14468rDe communa pasturexxviij; xxixAliter; ?Duo iure; De admensuracione pasture.32
14568vDe superoneracione pasturexxxDe secundam superoneracione; Per ?preceptum ?? in regno ?? ?admensuraveris indem B ??pastura’.22
14669rDe racionabilibus divisisxxxj; xxxijDe racionabilibus divisis; Regula; De pambulacione facienda.22
14769vDe secta faciendaxxxiij; xxxvNe fiat secta que fieri non debet; Ne quis in placitetur de libero tenemento si sine precepto Regis; Aliter de secta.32
14870rDe sectisxxxvjAttachiamentum inde; Ne fiat secta ad molendinum; Regula.22
14970vDe sectisxxxviijAliter; Aliter; De molendo sine multura; De eodem ad Bancum.41
15071rDe sectisxxxvDe secta unica facienda Marl’ capitulo viijo; De contribucione facienda.22
15171vDe sectisDe sectis.11
15272rDe sectisAttachiamentum inde; De visu franciplegii.22
15372v[Capitula ?l libri quinti] De visu franciplegiiAttachiamentum inde; Aliter ballivis honoris; Regula; Quod ?pare.32
15573vDe custodijsPone de eodem; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.40
15674rDe custodiisAliter; Aliter; Regula.20
15774vDe custodiisAliter; Aliter.20
15875rDe custodiisiiiAliter; De eieccione custodie.21
15975vDe custodiisAliter; Aliter.20
16076rDe custodiisAliter; Regula; Aliter.20
16176vDe custodiisAliter; Nota; Aliter.20
16277rDe custodiisAliter.10
16377vDe statutisiiiiAliter; Quod barones non ponantur in assisis.21
16478rDe statutisQuod perpetuo languidi non ponantur in assisis; Quod clerici non ponantur in assisis; Quod homines etatem ?ux’ annorum excedentes non ponantur in assisis.33
16578vDe statutisAttachiamentum inde; Quod homines tempore sum’ vic’ in patria non commorantes non ponantur in assisis.22
16679rDe statutisQuod homines xl solidatas terre non habentes ponantur in assisis; Attachiamentum inde.22
16779vDe statutisItem quod non ponantur ?? com’ proprium.11
16880rDe statutisvj; vijDe coronatore eligendo; De domibus et aliis que placitantur in comitatu.22
16980vDe domibus iniuste levatisRegula; Vicecomitibus; Banco.22
17081rDe via obstructaviijAliter de stagno; De via obstructa; Pone de eodem; De nova disseisina.42
17181vDe nova dissiesinaAd primam assisam; De communa pasture.22
17282rDe nova disseisinaRegula; Coram Iusticiis assignatis.11
17382vDe nova disseisinaAliter; Regula; Aliter; Regula; Patens.31
17483rDe nova disseisina?Regula; Patens de confinio.11
17583vDe nova disseisinaRegula; Aliter; Patens inde.21
17684rDe fossato levatoRegula; Patens de fossato levato; De cursu aque diviso.22
17784vDe via obstructaDe via obstructa; Patens de associacione.22
17885rDe associacioneClausum inde; Quod duo associantur duobus.22
17985vDe associacioneQuod procedant; Quod procedant non obstante statuto.22
18086rDe associacioneQuod procedant ?? obstante ?confirmite primo nominati in patente.11
18186vDe certificacioneixDe certificacione facienda post iudicium.11
18287rDe certificacionexPatens inde; Attincta.22
18387vDe attinctaAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.40
18488rDe attinctaxiPatens inde; De redisseisina.22
18689rDe redisseisinaDe communa pasture; De cursu aque diverso.22
18789vDe via artataDe via artata.11
18890rDe redisseisinaRegula; De victu et vestitu.11
18990vxijPost disseisinam in brevi de recto.11
19091rDe recordoDe recordo de assisa nova disseisina; De eodem post certificacionem.21
19191vDe Mordaunt’xiiijAssisa mortis antecessoris.11
19292rMortdaunt’Regula; Patens inde.11
19392vMortdaunt’Regula; Aliter coram Rege; Aliter pro puero infra etatem existento; Regula.20
19493rMortdaunt’Quando peregre opficiscitur; Aliter; Regula.21
19593vMortdaunc’Attincta de morte antecessoris; Patens inde.22
19694rQuod permittatxvRegula; Quod permittat.11
19794vDe avo vel aviaxvjRegula; De avo vel avia; De consanguinitate; Regula.22
19895rNuper obiitxvijNuper obiit; Regula; Aliter de eodem.21
19995vNuper obiitAliter; Aliter; Regula.20
20096rInfra terminumxviijQuare eiecit in fractum; Aliter.21
20196vDe escaetaxixAliter; De escaeta; Aliter; Aliter; aliter.52
20498rxxDe ten’ leg’ in London’.11
20699rxxjDe turno vicecomiti; De appello demorte hominis.22
208100rxxiijDe gaola deliberanda; Patens inde.22
209100vDe gaola deliberanda pro uno homine.11
210101rxxiiijSi non omnes; De bono et malo.22
211101vDe eodem pro utlagaria; Aliter.20
212102rDe terris et tenentis replegiandis; Aliter.21
213102vxxvQuod catalla dampnatoris ?remanere in custodia villarum usque adventum Iusticie.11
215103vxxvjAliter; De inquirendo qui interfecerunt.21
216104rxxvijDe recordo et processu utlagarie; De exigendo; Quando aliquis ?? interfecit.33
217104vAliter; De terris et tenentis alicuius fur’.21
218105rNe stat vastum de bonis imprison’; De fugatis arestandis.22
219105vxxviijDe replegiando.11
220106rxxDe indictato arestando; De catallis clerico restituendis post purgacionem.22
221106vAliter; Aliter.20
222107rxxxQuod nemo capiatur vel imprisonetur propter appellum femine de morte alterius quam viri sui.11
223107vxxxjDe appellato deliberato.11
224108rxxxijNe quis capiatur pro receptamento ante quando principalus sit commitus; Ad inquirendo de ydiota.22
225108vAliter de eodem.10
226109rxxxiijAliter; Carta de perdonacione de transgressionibus tenemento alieno sine licencia Regis.21
227109vAliter de tenemento alieno ad manum mortuam.10
229110vRegula; Regula.00
230111rxxxiiijIn le ingressu ad terminum qui preteriit; Regula; Quando secundo gradu; Aliter in le post.32
231111vQuando illa cui dimittitur desponsata; Regula; De eodem cum titulo; In secundo gradu; Post dimissionem; Aliter.53
232112rxxxvNota; Dum non fuit compos mentis; In secundo gradu; Post dimissionem; Cum titulo in primo gradu.44
233112vxxxvjIn secundo gradu; En le post; Dum fuit infra cartem; In secundo gradu; En le post; Regula.55
234113rxxxvijDe eodem cum titulo in post gradu; In secundo gradu; En le post; De ingressu per disseisinam cum titulo; In secundo gradu.54
235113vIn tercio gradu; Post disseisinam; In post gradu sine titulo; In secundo gradu; Post; Quando Abbas ingredit ten’ de quo predecessorus suus diss’ aliq’.66
236114rNota; Aliter quando disseisina est desponsata; Regula; Aliter.20
237114vRegula; Aliter; De ingressu super disseisinam de pastura; Aliter.31
238115rxxxviijAliter; Regula; Cui in vita in primo gradu; Per et cui; Post.43
239115v?lxiAliter de dote primi viri; Nota; Aliter de tenemento talliato per finem; Aliter ante divorcium; Aliter quando vir et uxor portant breve de tenemento alieno viro et uxori.40
240116rNota; De tenementis adquisitis ad vitam utriusque; Aliter de corrodio; Regula.21
241116vxxxixAliter pro herede; In secundo gradu; Post dimissionem; Causa matrimonij prelocuti; In secundo gradu; Post; Quando uxor absente viro qui mortuus dicebatur cum non sit recuperat aliquod tenementes.76
242117rxlDe ingressu per predecessorem in primo gradu; Per et cui; Post.33
243117vxljNota; De ingressu versus ?? ?utlagarie adnullate; In secundo gradu; Per cui.33
244118rxlijPost; De ingressu dimittentis; Per cui; Post; Regula; Aliter per legem Anglie.54
245118vPer cui; Post; Pro tenent ad vitam de aliquo ex assignacione alterius per finem; Quam vir et uxor perqui’ sibi et her’.44
246119rxliijDe tenemento alieno in feodo per tenentem in dotem.11
247119vAliter in le post; Aliter; Aliter pro tenente per legem Anglie; Aliter.40
248120rAliter; Aliter; Aliter in le post; Aliter de dimissione patris.40
249120vAliter; Aliter; Regula.20
250121rxliiijIntrusione post mortem tenente ad vitam; Aliter ex dimissis antecessoris in primo gradu; Per cui; Post; Aliter per finem.53
251121vAliter; Aliter; De eodem psot mortem tenentis in dotem; Aliter; Per cui; Post; Aliter pro assignato.72
252122rAliter pro assignato assignati; Nota; Aliter quando recuperavit dotem per defaltam; Aliter per consideracionem curie.30
253122vAliter quando heres viri fecit feloniam pro assignato capitalis domini; Post mortem tenentem per legem Anglie; Nota; De ingressu per villanum qui ten’s de tenente in dotem.32
254123rxlvNota; Cessavit; Per cui; Post; Aliter.43
255123vRegula; Aliter.10
256124rxlvjRegula; Aliter; Nota; De ten’ in liberam elemosinam.21
257124vxlvijQuando religosus ingreditur feodum alicuius; Aliter; Forma donacionis in le descendere.32
258125rNota; Aliter; Regula.10
259125vAliter; Regula; Regula.10
260126rAliter; In liberum maritagium; Aliter.31
261126vNota; De eodem pro consanguineo et filiabus heredibus; Aliter de eodem; Aliter.30
262127rAliter; De eodem pro consanguineo et filiabus coheredibus.20
263127vxlvijAliter pro consanguineo de properte ?amite; Forma de nacionis le Reverti.21
264128rAliter de tenentis datis viro et uxori etc’; Aliter; Quando coniunctim feoffati feoffant aliquis in feodo talliato; Aliter.41
265128vAliter; Aliter.20
266129rForma donacionis in le Remanere; Aliter; Aliter.31
267129vAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.40




We argue in the introduction that the register is missing 3 quires at the beginning, one of which may have been a capitularium. Even assuming that it was all writs, and extrapolating from the number of writs per quire that we have (33.65[16.82] over 17 quires), the total number of writs in the complete register would have been approximately 673(336). The second of the two numbers is closer to the way in which Hall counted the writs in register ‘R’, a register that seems to be close in date to this one. Hall’s register ‘R’ contains 886 writs; this one, even when full, would have contained less than half of that number.