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HLS MS No. 53

Registrum brevium

ca. 1371



<Preliminary introduction>

The HOLLIS cataloguing may be found here. The following items are worth repeating:

“Description: 336 leaves : vellum ; 16 cm.

“Notes: Written in law-Latin by an English scribe, long lines, 38 to a full page.

“Illuminated initials and ornamental pen letters.”

The cataloguing in Baker’s English Legal Manuscripts, 1, no. 76 reads as follows:


“MS. 53.

“Late C.xiv, 336 ff. The first writ, concerning land in Lincolnshire, is tested 12 March 45 Edward III [1371].

“Stamp on cover with the letters H L and a coronet (C.xvii); acquired by George Dunn in Feb. 1897; his sale, S. 11 Feb. 1913, no. 38; bought privately by HLS.

Census, I, 1033, no. 53; Early Registers, xxvi.”

The HOLLIS catalogue at one point described the manuscript as ‘Registrum brevium (Natura brevium)’. ‘Natura brevium’ should have been, as it is now, omitted. Both HOLLIS and Baker give the number of folios as 336, relying, as we will see below, on the medieval foliation. Our digital count, excluding the modern endpapers, is 353.

The manuscript is approximately 160 X 115 mm.

The primary script of the manuscript is unusually legible. It is less cursive than that of many legal manuscript without quite being a ‘book hand’. The script appears to be of approximately the same date as the attestation of the writ of right patent, i.e. 1371. Another, less regular, hand appears on fol. 209v, where what seems to be the ending of a writ that does not begin on the previous page is recorded. A third (even less regular hand) appears on fol. 351v, where another writ has been added to the collection. The second hand is probably a later than the main hand. The third hand, as we will see below, dates from the beginning of the 16th century. The pen trials on the final folios seem to date from the 15th century.

Paragraph marks in the main text are red and blue, as are initial capitals of various sizes and levels of elaborateness. There are no illustrations or grotesques.

The manuscript was rebound in 1988 (after Baker wrote). The new pigskin-and-birch-board binding is in excellent condition. The binder’s report (seq. 716) gives the technical details. Unfortunately, it does not include a quire map. The old boards have been retained in the library but are not photographed.

Several folios of the manuscript are missing. It is unclear whether any text is missing. The folios that remain have been trimmed but are in good condition.

Medieval foliation can be found in the upper left corner of most of the folios; some of the foliation has been cut off. It does not match our digital foliation, ending up, for example, at 334, where we have 345. Signatures were probably marked on the first four pages of each quire, but for the most part only those on the first pages (written near the center of the lower margin) remain. Those on subsequent pages included both letters and numbers and are very close to the edge of the page.

The medieval foliation is, unfortunately, cut off on our folios 178 and 179. We cannot therefore tell whether the folios that the quiring suggests are missing had reached the point where they had medieval foliation on them, much less text. The end of fol. 178v could be the end of that writ, and fol. 179r begins a new writ.

Quire 46 has text only on the first folio; the rest are blank, though one of them has pencilled layout on it. It looks as if there is stub between fol. 346 and 347. The quiring, however, makes more sense if we do not assume that anything is missing. There is almost certainly no medieval text missing here.

Fol. 353 is beyond the end of the medieval text, containing only pen trials. There is a visible stub following it, but the quire itself may only have been a bifolium, which would have been the medieval endpapers.


12 (unfoliated), 2–238 (f. 1–176), 24–256 (f. 177–184, four missing after 178), 26–468 (f. 185–352), 47? (f. 353–unfoliated, ? missing after 353).

There is nothing that we have found so far that would suggest a date later than the one on the initial writ of right patent, 12 March 1371. Putting it less precisely, there is nothing that we have found so far that would bring this register into the reign of Richard II. Some confirmation of the date on the initial writ of right patent can be found on the writ that follows, addressed to the bailiffs of a lord when the lord is out of the kingdom. The bailiffs are those of an honor of the earl of Derby, who at this date would be John of Gaunt. He was, indeed, out of the kingdom on the date of the writ. (Compare MS 166, where the lord in question is Henry of Grosmont.)

This is a large register, not quite so large as HLS MS 165, 155, 168, and 34, all of which date from the reign of Richard II, and to which we compare it in the Analysis of Writs. It is considerably larger than MS 166, which we dated to the middle of the reign of Edward III.

There is one piece of evidence that may be relevant to the provenance. Fol. 351v contains, in a much later hand, what seems to be a writ to the men and tenants of Lillingstone Dayrell, Bucks., making Thomas Palmer and John Whittington their attorneys to defend their rights in the forest of Whittlewood. The writ mentions Sir Thomas Lovell as the justice of the forest, a position that Lovell does not seem to have obtained until 1510. (S. J. Gunn, in ODNB s.n.) It would make sense, though it cannot be certain, that Palmer or Whittington owned the manuscript at this point. The former may be Thomas Palmer II in Baker’s Men of Court 2.1191; the latter John Whittington I, in id. 2.1667. The former seems more plausible on geographical grounds; he had definite Buckinghamshire connections. The latter, however, is known to have had a library; he is a former owner the statute-book, HLS MS 160. We lack any evidence of earlier medieval provenance, but there can be little doubt that this register was made for a professional. We have yet to discover any evidence of what kind of professional he might have been.


Summary Contents

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  Seq. Fol. No. Item  
8–32f. 1r–13r1Writs of right, including recordari 
33–46f. 13v–20r2Writs of right: De recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
46–56f. 20r–25r3Writs of right: De falso iudicio 
56–72f. 25r–33r4Writs of attorney, including writs of protection 
72–82f. 33r–38r5Ecclesiastical writs: Basic 
83–95f. 38v–44v6De presentacione et ratificacione 
96–126f. 45r–60r7Ecclesiastical writs: Prohibition 
127–158f. 60v–76r8Ecclesiastical writs: Consultation 
159–167f. 76v–80v9Ecclesiastical writs: In favor of royal clerks 
167–178f. 80v–86r10Ecclesiastical writs: Royal rights 
178–196f. 86r–95r11Ecclesiastical writs: De excommunicato capiendo 
197–207f. 95v–100v12Waste, including de estreppamento 
207–228f. 100v–111r13Replevin 
228–305f. 111r–149v14Trespass 
313–317f. 153v–155v15Criminal 
317–329f. 155v–161v16Account 
330–367f. 162r–180v17Debt 
368–383f. 181r–188v18Miscellaneous rights in land 
383–392f. 188v–193r19Annuity, including mesne 
392–405f. 193r–199v20Wardship 
405–425f. 199v–209v21Covenant 
426–432f. 210r–213r22Dower 
432–481f. 213r–237v23Brevia de statuto 
481–489f. 237v–241v24Statute of labourers 
496–546f. 245r–270r25Novel disseisin: Basic 
547–567f. 270v–280v26Novel disseisin: Redisseisin 
568–584f. 281r–289r27Mort d’ancestor 
585–593f. 289v–293v28Entry: Basic 
594–597f. 294r–295v29Entry: Cui in vita 
598–610f. 296r–302r30De intrusione 
610–620f. 302r–307r31Cessavit per biennium 
620–629f. 307r–311v32Formedon 
629–636f. 311v–315r33Ad quod dampnum 
636–647f. 315r–320v34Rights of those of lower status 
647–653f. 320v–323v35De libertatibus allocandis 
654–660f. 324r–327r36Corodies and pensions 
660–663f. 327r–328v37De ydiota 
664–680f. 329r–337r38Miscellaneous ecclesiastical by the king 
680–691f. 337r–342v39De manucapcionibus 
691–697f. 342v–345v40Miscellaneous, including weights and measures 


Detailed Contents

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Seq. Fol. Label Header Sig.  
2Front cover 
3Inside front cover 
4Blank except for library markings 
  Note: Pencilled note ‘MS 53 Baker ELM USA 76’.
6Blank except for library markings 
  Note: Pencilled note AUJ 5902.
81rWrits of right, including recordariDe rectoj 
  Note: (1) Elaborately decorated initial ‘E’. (2) Pencilled note ‘MS 53’.
91vbreve de 
112vbreve de 
133vDe recto in Londonia 
144rde recto de dote 
154vde recto de dote 
165rDe recto de racionabili parte 
175vNe iniuste vexes 
186rDe recto 
196vDe recto 
207rDe recto 
217vDe recto recordari 
228rDe recto recordari 
238vPone in brevi de recto 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
249rPone in brevi de rectoij 
259vRecordari de Recto 
2610rRecordari de Recto 
2710vProhibicio in brevi 
2811rde Recto 
2911vDe magna assisa 
3012rDe essonio de malo lecti 
3112vDe essonio de malo lecti 
3213rDe essonio de malo lecti 
3313vWrits of right: De recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiDe recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
  Note: Elaborately decorated initial ‘R’.
3414rDe recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
3514vDe recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
3615rDe recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
3715vDe Recto secundum 
3816rConsuetudinem manerii 
3916vDe recto secundum 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
4017rConsuetudinem maneriiiij 
4117vde recto secundum 
4218rConsuetudinem manerii 
4318vDe recto secundum 
4519vMonstraverit pro hominibus de 
4620rWrits of right: De falso iudicioAntiquo dominico 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
4720vDe falso 
4921vDe falso iudicio 
5022rDe falso iudicio 
5122vDe errore in assisa frisce forcie 
5223rDe execucione iudicii 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
5323vDe execucione iudicii 
5424rDe warant’ diei 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
5524vDe warantia diei 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
5625rWrits of attorney, including writs of protectionDe generali attornatoiiij 
5725vDe generali attornato 
5826rDe generali attornato 
5926vDe generali attornato 
6127vDe generali attornato 
6228rd iiij 
6328vDe protecionibus 
6429rDe proteccionibus 
6529vBrevia de attornato 
6630rBrevia de attornato 
6730vbrevia de 
6931vbrevia de 
7132vbrevia de statuto 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
7233rEcclesiastical writs: BasicDe recto de avocacionev 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘O’.
7333vDe recto de advocacione 
7434rAssisa ultime presentacionis 
7534vQuare impedit 
7635rne admittate iii 
7735vNe admittat 
7936vquare incumbravit 
8037rBreve de utrum 
8137vBreve de utrum 
8238rBreve utrum 
8338vDe presentacione et ratificacioneDe presentacionibus 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
8439rDe presentacionibus 
8539vDe presentacionibus 
8640rDe presentacionibus 
8740vDe presentacionibus 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
8841rDe presentacione et ratificacionevj 
9645rEcclesiastical writs: Prohibitionprohibicio de advocacione 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
9745vprohibicio de advocacione 
9846rProhibicio de catallis 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
12660rBlank except for header, foliation, and layoutProhibicio 
12760vEcclesiastical writs: Consultationde 
  Marginalia: Yes.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Marginalia: Yes.
  Marginalia: Yes.
  Marginalia: Yes.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Marginalia: Yes.
  Marginalia: Yes.
15775vBlank except for header and layoutConsultacione 
15876rBlank except for header, foliation, and layoutConsultacione 
15976vEcclesiastical writs: In favor of royal clerksDe non residencia 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
16077rDe non residencia 
16177vDe non residencia 
16278rNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnum 
16378vNe quis trahatur in causam 
16479rextra regnum etc’ 
16579vDe vi laica 
16780vEcclesiastical writs: Royal rightsAd iura regia 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
16881rAd iura regiaxj 
16981vAd iura regia 
17082rAd iura regia 
  Marginalia: Yes.
17182vAd iura regia 
17283rAd iura regia 
17383vAd iura regia 
17484rAd iura regia 
17584vAd iura regia 
17685rAd iura regia 
17785vAd iura regia 
17886rEcclesiastical writs: De excommunicato capiendode exommunicato capiendo 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
17986vDe excommunicato 
  Marginalia: Yes.
18187vDe excommunicato 
18388vDe excommunicato 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
18589vDe excommunicato 
  Marginalia: Yes.
18790vDe terris clerico purgato restituendis 
18891rDe extracto ecclesie restituendo 
18991vDe extracto ecclesie restituendo 
19092rDe excommunicato deliberando 
19192vDe excommunicato 
19393vsupersedeas capcioni 
19494rcorporis excommunicati 
19594vDe apostata 
19695rBlank except for header, foliation, and layoutcapiendo 
19795vWaste, including de estreppamentoDe vasto 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
19896rDe vasto 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
20097rDe vastoxiij 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
20197vDe vasto 
20298rDe vasto 
20398vDe vasto 
20499rDe vasto 
20599vDe vasto et particione facienda 
206100rDe estrippamento 
207100vReplevinde homine replegiando 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
208101rde homine replegiando 
209101vDe homine 
211102vde homine replegiando 
212103rRepleg’ de averiis 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
213103vRepleg’ de 
215104vWythernamium; Replegiare 
216105rde averiisxiiij 
217105vpone de averiis 
218106rpone de averiis 
219106vpone de averiis 
220107rRecordari de averiis 
221107vRec’ de averiis 
222108rDe recapcione averiorum 
223108vDe recapcione 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
226110rde libertate probanda 
228111rTrespassDe moderata misericordia capienda 
229111vde minis 
230112rde minis 
231112vDe trans’ 
  Note: (1) Decorated initial ‘R’. (2) Carryover indicating quire break.
232113rin comitatuxv 
233113vDe trans’ 
234114rDe trans’ 
235114vDe trans’ 
236115rDe trans’ 
237115vDe trans’ 
238116rde trans’ 
239116vDe trans’ 
240117rDe trans’ 
241117vDe trans’ 
242118rDe trans’ 
243118vDe trans’ 
244119rde trans’ 
245119vDe trans’ 
246120rDe trans’ 
247120vDe trans’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
248121rde trans’xvj 
249121vde trans’ 
250122rde trans’ 
251122vde trans’ 
252123rde trans’ 
253123vde trans’ 
254124rDe trans’ 
255124vde trans’ 
256125rde trans’ 
257125vde trans’ 
258126rde trans’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
273133vde rescussu Regis 
275134vBlank except for pencilled layout 
276135rBlank except for foliation and pencilled layout 
277135vRecordare de trans’ 
278136rde trans’ contra proteccionem 
279136vde trans’ 
284139rtrans’ audiend’ 
285139vde audiendo 
287140vBlank except for pencilled layout 
288141rBlank except for pencilled layout 
289141vde audiendo 
290142ret terminando 
291142vde audiendo 
292143ret terminando 
293143vde audiendo 
295144vde audiendo 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
297145vde audiendo 
298146ret terminando 
299146vde audiendo 
300147ret terminando 
301147vBlank except for pencilled layout 
302148rBlank except for foliation and pencilled layout 
303148vde audiendo 
304149ret terminando 
306150rde errore corrigendo et Supersedeas inde 
308151rDe Errore 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
312153rDe errore et Supersedeas indexx 
314154rDe conspiracione 
317155vAccountde compoto 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
319156vde compoto 
320157rde compoto 
323158vde compoto 
324159rEx parte talis 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
329161vBlank except for pencilled layout 
330162rDebtDe debito 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
336165rde racionabili parte bonorum 
338166raliter de eodem 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
348171rDe statuto stapule 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’ (unfinished).
350172rDe recognicione debitor’ de statuto mercatorio 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
359176vAudita querela 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Note: ?Four folios missing after this one.
364179rSi recognoscatxiiij 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
368181rMiscellaneous rights in landDe secta ad molendinum 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
372183rCuria claudenda 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: (1) Carryover indicating quire break. (2) Decorated initial ‘R’.
376185rDe communa pasturexxiiij 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
377185vDe communa pasture 
  Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
378186rDe communa pasture 
  Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
380187rDe admensuracione pasture 
  Note: Decorated initials ‘R’ and ‘L’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
383188vAnnuity, including mesneDe annuo redditu 
  Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
385189vDe consuetudinibus et serviciis 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
386190rDe cartis reddendis 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
388191rDe Warantia carte 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
389191vDe medio 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
392193rWardshipDe custodia terre et heredisxxv 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
393193vDe custodia in socagio 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
397195vDe intrusione in hereditate 
398196rDe herede rapto 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
401197vDe valore maritagii 
402198rDe escaeta 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
404199rDe escaeta 
405199vCovenantDe convencione 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
408201rDe convencionexxvj 
411202vBlank except for pencilled layout 
412203rRecordari de convencione 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
413203vDedimus potestatem 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
414204rIn brevi de convenc’ 
415204vpotestatem in quid Iuris clamat 
416205rdedimus potestatem per que servicia 
420207rDe fine facto 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
421207vDe tenore pedis finis mittendis 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Note: Text limited to two lines in a new hand.
426210rDowerDe dote de tenementis que tenentur de Rege in capite 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
427210vDe dote unde nichil habet 
428211rAttincta de dote 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
429211vDe dote 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
430212rDe dote admensuranda 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
431212vQuod ei deforciat; admissa per defaltam 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
432213rBrevia de statuto 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
433213vDe attornato ad sectam 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
434214rDe attornato ad sectam 
436215rhundred ?urum [faded] 
437215vQuod feoffati per Regem fuit quieti a’ Rector’ 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
442218rDe turno vicecomitis 
  Note: Decorated initials ‘R’.
445219vQuod mulieres habeant quarantenam suam 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
446220rQuod nullus distr’ contra formam feoffamenti 
447220vNe fiant plures secte pro unica hereditate 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
451222vDe coronatore eligendo 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
455224vQuod ponantur in inquisicionibus magis propinqui 
  Note: (1) Carryover indicating quire break. (2) Decorated initial ‘R’.
456225rQuod barones non ponantur in assisisxxix 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
461227vBreve de champertia 
462228rDe adnullando recognicionem per vim et duriciam factam 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
477235vDe falsis conspiratoribus 
479236vDecies tantum 
481237vStatute of labourers 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
490242rBlank except for foliation and pencilled layout 
491242vBlank except for pencilled layout 
492243rBlank except for foliation and pencilled layout 
493243vBlank except for pencilled layout 
494244rBlank except for pencilled layout 
495244vBlank except for pencilled layout 
496245rNovel disseisin: BasicAssisa nove disseisine 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Note: Decotated initials ‘D’ and ‘Q’.
505249vDe domo iniuste levata vel prostrata 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
506250rQuod permittat 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
509251vCertificacio assise nove disseisine 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
515254vAssociacio ad assisas et Si non omnes 
  Note: (1) Carryover indicating quire break. (2) Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
536265rQuod Iustic’ viso scripto scire facere partixxxiiij 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
547270vNovel disseisin: Redisseisinde Redisseisina 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
554274rAttincta in assisa nove disseisine et nocumenti et mortis antecessoris 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
568281rMort d’ancestorAssisa mortis antecessorisxxxvj 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
581287vcut off] 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
582288rcut off] 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
584289rAnno xjo R E tercijxxxvij 
585289vEntry: BasicDe ingressu ad terminum qui preteriit 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
588291rCum infra etatem fuit 
589291vDe ingressu super disseisinam 
590292rDe ingressu super disseisinam en le post 
594294rEntry: Cui in vitaCui in vita 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
597295vBlank except for pencilled layout 
598296rDe intrusioneDe intrusione 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
600297rDe intrusionexxxviij 
601297vDe intrusione 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
610302rCessavit per bienniumCessavit 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
620307rFormedonForma donacionis en le reverti 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
621307vForma donacionis en le remanere 
623308vEx quam querela 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
629311vAd quod dampnum 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
630312rAd quod dampnum 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
632313rAd quod dampnumxl 
636315rRights of those of lower statusQuod quietus sit de tollonio 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
647320vDe libertatibus allocandis 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
654324rCorodies and pensionsDe corrodio habendo 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
660327rDe ydiota 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
664329rMiscellaneous ecclesiastical by the kingDe nominacionexlij 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
666330rEx parte 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
680337rDe manucapcionibussupersedeas; de dimittendo per manucapcionemxliij 
682338rsupersedeas; De dimittendo manucapt’ 
683338vsupersedeas exigend’ 
684339rsupersedeas exigend’ 
691342vMiscellaneous, including weights and measures 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
698346rBlank except for pencilled foliation 
699346vBlank except for pencilled layout (initial marks) 
  Note: ?Folio missing before this one.
  Note: Text in a different hand.
710352rBlank except for pen trials 
711352vBlank except for pen trials 
712353rBlank except for pen trials 
  Note: Folio missing after this one.
  Note: Two folios missing after this one.
  Note: Includes library reference marks and other notes.
719Blank except for library markings 
720Inside back cover 
721Back cover 


Preliminary Analysis of the Register of Writs



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81rDe rectoDe recto patens; Regula; Aliter ballivus honoris; Quando dominus est extra regnum.32
91vbreve dede recto ipsi domino feodi etc’; de attornato; De ordine particularum.33
102rRectoRecto; Aliter quando tenetur per servicium unius feodi militis; Regula.21
112vbreve deAliter per servicium feodi etc’; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Versus; Regula.41
123rRectoDe recto custodi terre et heredis; Regula; Regula; De recto de servicio feodi unius militis; Regula; Regula.22
133vDe recto in LondoniaAliter in Londonia; Regula; de attornato in brevi de recto in Londonia; Regula; de attornato inde cum loquela fuerit adiornata coram Iusticiariis de Banco.32
144rde recto de dotede attornato removendo in huius loquela et alium attornando loco sui; Regula; De recto de dote; Nota; Quando partem habet et partem non.33
154vde recto de doteRegula; Aliter quod clamat pertinere; Aliter quando clamat pertinere ad liberum tenementum; Nota; De recto de dote de medietate.31
165rDe recto de racionabili parteRegula; Breve de recto de racionabili parte; Regula; Aliter; Regula; Aliter quando partem habet et partem non; Regula; Aliter; Aliter.51
175vNe iniuste vexesde attornato inde; De recto Episcopis; Aliter abbati; Regula; Aliter sede vacante; Aliter ballivis electi; Ne iniuste vexes; Regula; de attornato inde.74
186rDe rectoDe recto quando dominus Curie remisit Curiam suam domino Regi; Regula; Littera per quam dominus remittit Rege Curiam; Precipe in capite magna carta Capitulo xxiio; Aliter.43
196vDe rectode attornato inde; Breve Iusticiariis de Banco quod non teneant placitum nisi tenementa teneatur de Rege in capite; Supersedeas in brevi de recto quando tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warantum.33
207rDe rectoquod vicecomes accedat ad Curiam ad inhibendum ballivis ne procedant; Regula; Recordari in brevi de recto.22
217vDe recto recordariCausa in brevi patenti de recto; Causa; Causa; Supersedeas vicecomiti de execucione brevis de recordari quia causa cessat.44
228rDe recto recordariCausa in brevi patenti in le recordari.11
238vPone in brevi de rectoCausa in brevi patenti in le recordari; Regula E tercii; Regula; Pone in brevi de recto in comitatu pro petente; Regula.22
249rPone in brevi de rectoAliter pro def cum causa; De attachiamento domini Curie quia non vult tenere Curiam; Regula; Recordari in comitatu cestrie quando tenens vocat ad Warantum.32
259vRecordari de RectoDedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum pro vocatis ad warantum quando loquela est coram Iusticiariis; De errore in comitatu cestrie.22
2610rRecordari de RectoRecordari in Episcopatu Dunolm’ quia tenens vocat forinsecum ad Warantum.11
2710vProhibicio in breviRegula; Prohibicio in brevi de recto usque primam assisam; Aliter Ballivis Curie; Aliter Ballivis Episcopi.31
2811rde RectoAliter domino; Aliter in Iurata in gavelkynd; Regula; De iurata loco magne assise in Curia Baronis anno viio R’ E’ tercii; Aliter quando uxor que admittitur per defendendum viri iuxta statutum etc’ ponit se in Iurata etc’.41
2911vDe magna assisaAliter; Nota; Regula; De magna assisa eligenda.21
3012rDe essonio de malo lectiRegula R’ istam regulam plenius declar’ in prox’ fol’ sequent’; de attachiamento Ballivum quia ten’ placitum in Curia contra prohibicionem; Regula; De essonio de malo lecti.22
3112vDe essonio de malo lectiRegula; de attornato languidi recipiendi; Regula; De licencia sequendi de malo lecti.22
3213rDe essonio de malo lectiRegula.00
3313vDe recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiDe recto secundum consuetudinem manerii; Aliter; Regula; Regula; Aliter de communa pasture; Aliter de via obstructa; Attachiamentum super dominum quando recusat tenere Curiam suam.52
3414rDe recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiAliter super Ballivos; Regula; Aliter de Recto; Regula; ad videndum quod plena iusticia exhibeatur; Sicut alias.42
3514vDe recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiDe recto et racionabili iudicio habendo; Regula; Aliter Ballivis; Regula; Cum pluries inde; Breve ad procedendum.43
3615rDe recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiRegula; Recordari secundum consuetudinem manerii pro ten’ per causam; Causa; Attachiamentum super ballivos quia processerunt post loquelam recordatam per vicecomitem.33
3715vDe Recto secundumRegula; Causa per finem in Curia Regis; Causa [per cartam]; Aliter per cartam comitis et confirmacionem Regis.32
3816rConsuetudinem maneriiCausa per prescripcionem temporis; Anno viio; Causa aliter [in eodem casu]; Causa per cartam domini manerii; Causa quia tenetur ad communem legem ut de honore; anno ixo; Causa quia clamant tenere partem per finem et residiunt per cartam domini manerii.76
3916vDe recto secundumRecordari secundum consuetudinem manerii cum brevi; Causa quia tenementa sunt in manu domini manerii per feloniam tenentis apud Ebor’ anno xio; Causa quia compertum fuit per assisam quod ten’ sunt liberum feodum ad communem legem; Nota; Causa.44
4017rConsuetudinem maneriiCausa; Causa; Causa; Causa in recordari ad sectam petentis et fuit consideratum anno xviio per preceptum Roberti Parvyng canc’ set est contra regulam registri; Supersedeas quia tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warantum.55
4117vde recto secundumAliter quando uxor admittitur ad ius suum defendendum; Attachiamentum super ballivos quia processerunt pendente placito etc’.21
4218rConsuetudinem maneriide certificando [si loquela Warantie sit discontinuata in parvo brevi de recto].11
4318vDe recto secundumAliter de eodem secundum W de ayremyn; breve coram rege ad adnullandum finem levatum de tenementis que sunt de antiquo dominico corone Anglie; Nota q’ anno xviio ?fencanig’ ?? la ?percelq’ est ?danuc’ den’ la fynfenst reverse et anyntye etc’.21
4419rmaneriiMonstravit pro hominibus de antiquo dominico; Regula; De eodem vicecomiti.21
4519vMonstraverit pro hominibus deRegula; Attachiamentum inde; Regula; de attornato in brevi de attachiamento; Aliter pro hominibus de hameletto; De attornato dominum quia cepit bona hominum suorum pentente attachiamento.43
4620rAntiquo dominicoDe certificacione virum manerium sit de antiquo dominico necne; Regula; De falso iudicio in comitatu.22
4720vDe falsoRegula; Regula; Aliter in Curia; de attornato inde; Aliter in Curia sine brevi; Aliter in hundredo.41
4821riudicioAliter abbati; Regula; Aliter in Curia quando uxor admittitur ad ius suum defendendum; Aliter de falso iudicio pro eo qui petiit se admittit ad ius suum defendendum.30
4921vDe falso iudicioAliter quando loquela fuerit in Curia per returnum brevis et est contra regulam registri; Regula; De falso iudicio in Curia heredis de loquela que fuit in Curia matris tenentis in dotem etc’ quando petiit se admitti.21
5022rDe falso iudicioAliter de falso iudicio in Curia que habet returnum; Aliter de falso iudicio sine brevi secundum consuetudinem civitatis; De falso iudicio in assisa frisce forcie; Regula.31
5122vDe errore in assisa frisce forcieBreve de errore in assisa frisce forcie; Regula; Cum pluries inde.22
5223rDe execucione iudiciiRegula; De execucione iudicii; Sicut alias; Cum pluries inde.33
5323vDe execucione iudiciiAttachiamentum; Aliter; de Warant’ de servicio R’ sine brevi [pro defendente].32
5424rDe warant’ dieiAliter; Nota pro petente anno xiiiio R’ Edwardi secundi eodem anno pro quer’; De warant’ de servicio Regis; Aliter; Regula; De waranto per testimonium senescalli Regis.41
5524vDe warantia dieiRegula; Breve ad procedendum quia non fuit in servicio Regis et prius se essoniaverit; De clameo admittendo in itinere per attornatum primo die itineris; De libertate exig’ in itinere.33
5625rDe generali attornatode attornato in omnibus placitis in Itinere et ad libertatem calumpniand’ etc’; Aliter iuxta formam statutorum; dedimus potestatem inde; De generali attornato.43
5725vDe generali attornatoAliter; Aliter in hibernia; Aliter in hibernia; Dedimus potestatem de generali attornato; Aliter in omnibus placitis et ad libertates calumpniandas.51
5826rDe generali attornatoDedimus potestatem quia languidis est; De generali attornato pro Priori Sancti Johannis Jerusalem in omnibus placitis et ad libertates prosequendas etc’; quod abbas ad totam vitam suam facere possit generales attornatos.33
5926vDe generali attornatoDe attornato inde.11
6027rattornatoDe custode generali pro eo qui est infra etatem; littera patens ad faciendum generali attornato quia infirmus.22
6127vDe generali attornatoDe attornato generali inde.11
6228rProteccio cum clausula volumus.11
6328vDe protecionibusAliter cum magnat’ vel in comitiva magnat’; Aliter pro eo qui moratur in March’; Aliter in municione castri etc’; Aliter quia incarceratus.40
6429rDe proteccionibusProteccio cum clausula nolumus; Aliter pro seculari; aliter vicecomiti.32
6529vBrevia de attornatode attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevi etc’; Regula; Dedimus potestatem in brevi de attornato removendo et alium loco suorum; Quando duo substituuntur de removendo alterium et loco suo alium attornando; De duobus amovendis et al’ attornand’; De attornato amovendo et nullum substituendo.55
6630rBrevia de attornatoDedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatos ad libertates calumpniandas; de attornato quando loquela que fuit coram Iusticiariis retornatur placitanda in Curia iuxta libertates; de attornato quando quis petitur in auxilium; de attornato pro vocatis ad warantum in duabus loquelis; Dedimus potestatem quando quis est admissus ad defendendum ius etc’ et vocat ad warantum; De attornato quando petit admitti et non est admissa.66
6730vbrevia deDedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum viri uxoris et admittendi custodem fit eorumdem in scire facias; De custode et attornato in eodem et nota.21
6831rattornatoDe attornato pro eo qui premunitur in brevi quale ius; De attornato quando factum comittitur in equali manu custodiendum et breve de detencione portatur.22
6931vbrevia deNota bene quia quidam dicunt quod non potest facere attornatum; de attornato ad petendum se admitti ad defendendum ius suum per defaltam tenentis ad terminum vite si faciat defaltam; Anno xviiio.22
7032rattornatoDedimus potestatem de attornato recipiendo pro uxore ad defendendum ius suum per defaltam viri sui si cotingat ipsum facere defaltam.11
7132vbrevia de statutoDe eodem de attornato admittendo.10
7233rDe recto de avocacioneRegula; Regula; De recto de advocacione de medietate tercia vel quarta parte; de attornato inde.22
7333vDe recto de advocacioneRegula; Nota; De recto de advocacione; Regula; Regula; Assisa ultime presentacionis.22
7434rAssisa ultime presentacionisAliter pro Rege; De attornato; De attincta inde; Aliter etc’; Aliter quando advocacio alienatur; Quare impedit pro Rege racione Archiepiscopatus vacantis; Aliter sine titulo ut de iure corone.73
7534vQuare impeditAliter racione Episcopatus; Aliter racione custodie; Aliter occasione custodie racione alterius custodie anno viiio; Aliter pro Rege et alia persona; Aliter anno xviiio; De attornato in quare impedit; Quare impedit pro alio.72
7635rne admittatAliter; Regula; Aliter; De attornato; De cantaria; Regula; vacat ista regula; Ne admittat; Aliter; Alter; De certiorando utrum plenum pendeat per breve quare impedit in Banco.96
7735vNe admittatBreve inde Episcopo; Regula; Ne admittat quando Episcopus est pars; Regula.22
7836rQuare non admisit super assisa ultime presentacionis; Regula; de attornato inde; Aliter per Regem super quare impedit.32
7936vquare incumbravitRegula; Regula adhuc est de gra’ Cur’ speciali etc’; Quare incumbravit super assisa ultime presentacionis; Aliter; Aliter; De attornato inde.42
8037rBreve de utrumRegula; Westm’ primum capitulo xxiiiito; Breve de utrum; de attornato inde; Aliter; Aliter.53
8137vBreve de utrumAliter pro custode cantarie; Regula; pro custode hospitalis; Breve quod Episcopus admittat clericum quia partes sunt concordate extra Curiam non obstante prohibicione.32
8338vDe presentacionibusPresentacio per Regem; Aliter racione custodie; Aliter; Presentacio causa permutacionis; Aliter ad prebendam; De assignando stallum in choro Episcopo; Aliter decano et capitulo; Aliter sede vacante.83
8439rDe presentacionibusDe collacione heremitagii; De ducendo in corporalem possesionem; Aliter ad Cantariam; Ista littera patens facta fuit de eadem Cantaria; Ad preposituram in ecclesia cathedrali; Aliter preposito Beverlaci.64
8539vDe presentacionibusPresentacio per Abbatissam etc’; Aliter per laicum patronum; Collacio hospitalis per Regem; De inducendo in corporalem possessionem; De intendendo Custodi.54
8640rDe presentacionibusRevocacio quia persona superstes; De revocacione ratificacionis quia prius presentavit; Ratificacio prebende et ecclesie.33
8740vDe presentacionibusvel aliter sic; Aliter inde.21
8841rDe presentacione et ratificacioneAliter inde.10
8941vRatificacio ecclesie non obstante iudicio pro Rege reddito; Aliter inde; Revocacio presentacionis quia aliis presentavit; Aliter quia ecclesia plena et consulta.42
9042rLittera patens ad innotescendum recuperacionem Regis de ecclesia; De revocacione facta super record’ quando recuperavit.22
9142vpresentacio per Regem quando aliquis nominat ei; breve Canonici ad exercendum iurisdiccionem ordinariam loco suo; littera patens ad conferendum beneficia domino in remotis agente.33
9243rlittera procuratoria.11
9343vlittera procuratoria ad resignandum.11
9444rformare signacionis.11
9544vpresentacio redeundi.11
9645rprohibicio de advocacioneprohibicio de advocacione ecclesie Iudici; Inde parti ne sequatur; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Prohibicio pro Rege de ecclesia; Regula; pro Rege de hospitali etc’.66
9745vprohibicio de advocacionePro Rege de prebenda; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de catallis et debitis; Inde parti.44
9846rProhibicio de catallisAttachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Aliter pro Rege Iudici vel parti; Non conceditur nisi in sacris ordinibus constitutis etc’; Attachiamentum inde pro Rege.54
9946vProhibicioProhibicio de laico feodo; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Aliter pro Rege; Regula; Attachiamentum super iudicem quando recusat admittere prohibicionem.54
10047rProhibicioProhibicio de collacione scolarum; Inde parti; prohibicio de trans’; Inde parti; Attachiamentum inde.55
10147vProhibicioPro Rege; Attachiamentum pro Rege; Aliter; de attornato in attachiamento prohibicionis de trans’; Regula; Regula.43
10248rIndicavitindicavit; Aliter; Aliter parti; Aliter; Regula; de attornato inde; indicavit pro Rege.63
10348vProhibicioAliter pro clericis; Nota; prohibicio de decimis separatis per Regem; Prohibicio de decimis separatis.32
10449rProhibicioProhibicio et Nota valde; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de recognicione debitor in Curia Xtianitatis.22
10549vProhibicioAttachiamentum inde; Aliter prohibicio de recognicione debitorum.21
10650rProhibicioAttachiamentum inde; Aliter prohibicio pro Rege de recognicione debit’; Aliter; prohibicio quando debitum quod non est de testamento vel matrimonio recuperatur in Curia Xtianitatis.42
10750vProhibicioAliter in recognicione debitorum etc’.10
10851rProhibicioProhibicio de redditibus feodalibus; prohibicio de feodalibus et libertatibus feodorum.22
10951vProhibicioProhibicio de convencione quod patronus sit quietus de decimis.11
11052rProhibicioRegula; prohibicio quando iudex implicitat in Curia Xtianitatis deferentem sibi regiam prohibicionem.11
11152vProhibicioAttachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de laico feodo formata.22
11253rProhibicioProhibicio ne quis trahatur in placitum in Curia Xtianitatis pro eo quod sequitur ius suum in Curia Regis etc’.11
11353vProhibicioAttachiamentum inde; prohibicio de quadam convencione eligendi priorem.22
11554vProhibicioProhibicio ne quis visitet hospitalem de fundacione Regis vel progenitoris etc’; Ne quis intermittat de libera capella Regis etc’.22
11655rProhibicioSedis amplice; prohibicio ne ordinarius intermittat de hospitali eo quod consistit totum in temporalibus.22
11755vProhibicioProhibicio pro firmarii quando provisor placitat clericum suum super advocacionem ecclesie.11
11956vProhibicioProhibicio formata de advocacione ecclesie; prohibicio quando quis trahitur etc’ eo quod asservit se contrafecisse sigillum.22
12057rProhibicioProhibicio eo quod asservit se diffamari pro eo quod testimonium prohibuit veritati etc’; Aliter quando iudex facit excommunicare partem que impetravit prohibicionem nomine proprio etc’.21
12157vProhibicioprohibicio ne Episcopus conferat ecclesiam ante lapsum temporis sex mensium etc’.11
12258rProhibicioQuod clerici de cancellaria non respondeant nisi coram cancellaria; Nota; Aliter quando mulier petit habere post mortem viri qui alienavit et implicitatur de lesione fidei sine etc’ eo quod prestitit sacrum.21
12358vProhibicioProhibicio pro hospitali Regis ne visitetur per ordinarium.11
12459rProhibicioprohibicio ne quis appellat de non admissionem post recuperacionem in Curia Regis et prosequitur apellacionem in Curia Xtianitatis.11
12559vProhibicioAliter de laico feodo.10
12760vdeconsultacio ad procedendum contra personam super emendacionem defectuum corporis ecclesie etc’.11
12861rConsultacioneAliter ad procedendum in causa testamentaria; Aliter contra capellani ad correccionem anime sue eo quod tenuit concubinam etc’.20
12961vDeConsultacio in casu correccionis anime ex officio etc’.11
13062rConsultacioneDe manus inieccione in clericum et de expensis adiudicatis etc’.11
13162vDeDe expensis adiudicatis in causa diffamacionis.11
13263rConsultacioneConsultacio de diffamacione; Consultacio de decimis.22
13363vDeconsultacio de mortuariis.11
13464rConsultacioneconsultacio de legatis; Aliter de legatis.21
13564vDeAliter inde parti; Consultacio de trans’.21
13665rConsultacioneAliter post apellum.10
13765vDeConsultacio in causa matrimonii; Aliter inde; consultacio de usura.32
13866rConsultacioneDe spoliacione decimarum.11
13966vDeAliter de eodem etc’.10
14067rConsultacionede decimis et mortuariis.11
14167vDeAliter de eodem; Quando rrector implicitat parochianum impedientem ipsum cariare decimas.21
14268rConsultacioneDe spoliacione decimarum.11
14368vDeconsultacio de decimis lanarum.11
14469rConsultacioneQuando pecunia petitur defectuum in recto repertorum etc’; Aliter de eodem.21
14569vDeDe decimis vitulorum lanarum et lactciniorum occisorum moriencium et mellis et cere apium; De patinagio de pullanis de buturo casio lacticinio.22
14670rConsultacioneconsultacio de decimis super indicavit.11
14770vDeconsultacio de decima lane bidentibus in parochia per medietatem unius anni depastentibus; consultacio de oblacionibus in causa correccionis animarum parochianorum.22
14871rConsultacioneDe subtraccione duarum caparum legatarum etc’.11
14971vDeConsultacio in causa decimarum tempore vacacionis ecclesie substractarum; De procedendo ad penam interdicti etc’.22
15172vDeConsultacio super Indicavit ita quod non agatur de advocacione ecclesie.11
15373vDeConsultacio contra impedientes privilegia fratrum; consultacio contra raptores uxoris pro viro etc’.22
15474rConsultacioneconsultacio de misis et expensis in quadam causa adiudicatis.11
15574vDeconsultacio de repeticione pecunie prelato vel leso promisse etc’; consultacio ad procedendum in causa inhibilitate persone.22
15675rConsultacioneconsultacio ad procedendum in causa legati pro fratribus etc’.11
15976vDe non residenciaQuod clerici Regis non compellantur ad residenciam personalem faciendum; Sicut alias; Attachiamentum inde.33
16077rDe non residenciaDe non residencia et compellatur ad assum’ quod exigit residenciam; Aliter et nota quod consultacio fuit per litteras de proteccione ostensas Curie; Quod clerici Regis non solvant pecuniam ad quam multantur pro non residencia.32
16177vDe non residenciavi laica seu arma amovenda anno iiio Regis E secundi.11
16278rNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnumNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnum etc’; Attachiamentum inde; Ne quis se transferat extra etc’.33
16378vNe quis trahatur in causamNe quis se transferat extra regnum ad respondendum super hiis quorum cognitis spectat ad Regem; Anno primo Regis E patris Regis nunc; Ne quis citet clericum Regis respondendum parti coram summo pontifice super hiis quorum cognitis spectat ad Regem etc’.33
16479rextra regnum etc’Aliter parti etc’.10
16579vDe vi laicaDe vi laica seu armata amovenda etc’; De vi laica amovenda; Aliter de eodem.32
16680ramovendaNe vicecomes colore mandati quemquam amoveat a possesione ecclesie etc’.11
16780vAd iura regiaAd iura regia; Aliter ne iudices de legati teneant placitum de advocacione prebende quam Rex contulit etc’.21
16881rAd iura regiaAd iura regia.11
16981vAd iura regiaVacantem et ad ?? donacionem spectantem racione Archiepiscopatus Ebor’; Aliter de capiendo impugnatores.21
17082rAd iura regiaQuando Rex presentavit clericum et nondum recusavit presentacionem suum.11
17182vAd iura regiaAliter quando recuperavit presentacionem etc’; Aliter prohibicio parti quando clericus adeptus est possessionem.20
17283rAd iura regiaAttachiamentum super iura regia quando Rex presentavit; Attachiamentum Aliter.21
17383vAd iura regiaAd iura regia ad revocandum inhibicionis post appellacionem factam contra clericum Regis.11
17484rAd iura regiaAttachiamentum per corpus quando Rex recuperavit presentacionem etc’.11
17584vAd iura regiaAd iura Comissio ad capiendo impugnatores.11
17685rAd iura regiaAttachiamentum pro alio quam Rex ad modum prohibicionis Regis quando primo habuit prohibicionem etc’; Nota valde; prohibicio ne quis citet clericum Regis ad respondendum extra regnum de beneficio per Regem collato et in Curia Regis discusso.22
17785vAd iura regiaAttachiamentum post recuperacionem in Curia Regis de presentacione.11
17886rde exommunicato capiendoDe excommunicato capiendo etc’; Aliter; Aliter; Sicut alias.42
17986vDe excommunicatoCum pluries; Regula de attachiamento; de excommunicato deliberando quia exposuit caucionem [final two writs could be one].22
18087rcapiendoAttachiamentum inde; Regula; De excommunicato deliberando etc’.22
18187vDe excommunicatoRegula; De caucione admittenda Episcopo; Inde vicecomiti.22
18288rcapiendoRegula; De caucione pignorata admittenda antiquam deliberetur etc’; de parendo mandatis ecclesie in forma iur’ ut per hoc beneficium abso’ consequi posset; idem episcopus caucionem.33
18388vDe excommunicatoDe delib’ W’ absque caucione pignoraticia prestita cum caucione idonea; De excommunicato recapiendo etc’.22
18489rcapiendoSupersedeas de capiendo corpus pendente placito attachiamentum; Regula.11
18589vDe excommunicatoAliter pro clericis; Aliter ad significacionem Cancellari Exon’.20
18690rcapiendoSupersedeas pendente appellacione etc’.11
18790vDe terris clerico purgato restituendisAliter supersedeas quia pars exhibuit litteras papales; Nota; Nota; De terris tenementis bonis et catallis clerici purgati restituendis.21
18891rDe extracto ecclesie restituendoAliter de eodem; De clerico coniuncto Episcopo vel eius commissario liberando etc’.21
18991vDe extracto ecclesie restituendoDe extracto ab ecclesia restituendo etc’; scire facias quare non debet supersedere capcioni pendente appellacione et excommunicato capto deliberando per manu capcionem etc’.22
19092rDe excommunicato deliberandoSupersedeas super le scire facias quia pars non venit; scire facias ad denunciacionem vicarii generalis et ad excommunicatum in cancellaria ducendum sub salva custodia.22
19192vDe excommunicatoIsta clausula fuit addita eo quod non potuit invenire manucaptores; Significavit inde Iusticiariis quod procedant in placitis pendentibus non obstante excommunicacione si qua allegatur coram eis etc’.22
19293rDe excommunicato capto per manucapcionem dimisso iterum iusticiando quod non venit in cancellaria.11
19393vsupersedeas capcionisupersedeas capcioni corporis excommunicati usque certum diem.11
19494rcorporis excommunicatiscire facias quare consultacio non debeat concedi post prohibicionem.11
19594vDe apostataDe apostata capiendo; Aliter de eodem; [memorare de ?sivissis].32
19795vDe vastoDe vasto in dotem versus mulierem; De attornato inde; De iure ecclesie; Aliter versus mulierem et virum; Nota; Aliter versus mulierem quando recuperat dotem versus extraneum et postea facit vastum apud B anno ixo; Cum vir et uxor tenuerunt in dotem etc’ de Rege et postea concessit reversionem breve de vasto pro assignato.64
19896rDe vastoAliter versus tenentem in dotem ex assignacione heredis etc’; Aliter versus tenentem in dotem de dono viri sui etc’ sui patris; Nota de molendino vivariis; Regula; De vasto versus custodem; Aliter versus executores post mortem custodis; breve de inquirendo de vasto in custodia per Regem dimissa etc’.52
19996vde attornato inde; De vasto facto tenentem per legem etc’; Aliter inde; Quando reversio tenementorum per legem Anglie conceditur homini etc’ hic ille qui prius tenuit per legem Anglie efficitur tenentes ad terminum vite eo quod non potest tenere per legem Anglie de alio quam de herede.43
20097rDe vastoDe vasto ad terminum vite vel annorum; Regula; [Regis E tercii]; de attornato inde.33
20197vDe vastoAliter pro abbate; Aliter versus executoribus; Quando vir et uxor faciunt vastum de tenementis dimissis in brevi; quando uxor facit vastum de ten’ dimiss’ sibi et viro suo et her’ viri; quando vir facit vastum de ten’ dimissis sibi et uxori et her’ de corpore uxoris; De vasto de tenementis que tenentur de proparte alicuius per particionem; Aliter de eodem.74
20298rDe vastoQuando tenens ad terminum vite dimittit alicui statum suum etc’; Quando tenens ad terminum vite dimittit alicui statum suum et ille alii de vasto versus tercium tenentem; Nota breve et casum [ex dimissione et assignacione]; Aliter; Aliter; in assignacione quando heres concedit ten’ que dabantur patri matri et heredibus patris etc’; De vasto.64
20398vDe vastoin assignacione quando P dimittit ad terminum et postea concedit reversionem; in assignacione quando pater dimittit ad terminum et filius concedit reversionem; Breve de vasto in feodo talliato; De vasto contra tenentem par le elegit pro dampnis adiudicatis etc’.44
20499rDe vastoAliter de eodem pro ce li recognitis etc’; Aliter versus executores; in assignacione post mortem tenent’ ad vitam in le remanere; Aliter quando ille in le remanere concedit reversionem; Aliter; [Casus istius brevis ?p’ ?hic].62
20599vDe vasto et particione faciendaDe vasto et pro indiviso Westm’ secundum capitulo xxiii; Regula; De particione facienda; Aliter; Nota; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter in Londonia etc’.53
206100rDe estrippamentoDe estrippamento; De estrippamento quod debet fieri in Banco nisi tempore vacacionis.22
207100vde homine replegiandoDe homine replegiando; Regula; Cum pluries inde; Attachiamentum inde.33
208101rde homine replegiandoAttachiamentum conclusione; De replegiando hominem quem ille qui cepit clamat nativum et fugitivum suum.22
209101vDe homineAliter de eodem; Aliter quando ille qui cepit clamat habere custodiam capti; Regula.20
210102rRepleg’Nota; De homine replegiando infra libertatem quinque portuum; Replegiare de homine capto pro trans’ in foresta etc’; Regula; Statutum E tercii anno post Capitulo ixo.33
211102vde homine replegiandoNota; Nota; Regula; Regula; Replegio de parco.11
212103rRepleg’ de averiisDe averiis replegiandis; Sicut alias; Attachiamentum; Nota; Aliter pro executoribus; de attornato inde; Cum pluries.65
213103vRepleg’ deAttachiamentum; Regula; Non omittas propter libertatem etc’.22
214104raveriisAliter; Sicut alia inde; Regula; De averiis capiendis Wythernamium.32
215104vWythernamium; ReplegiareAliter; Aliter; Aliter de catallis in Wyth’ capiendis; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.60
216105rde averiisNon omittas Withernamio; De execucione facienda in Wyth’.22
217105vpone de averiispone de averiis pro petente; Regula; pone pro defendente; Regula; Causa pro defendente.33
218106rpone de averiisCausa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Regula; pone pro petente in Curia per returnum brevis cum causa; Causa pro defendente in Curia per returnum.66
219106vpone de averiisCapitulo pro defendente; causa pro petente; causa pro petente; causa pro petente vel defendente secundum diversas conclusiones; Conclusio pro petente; de attornato quando ballivus dicit quod non potest respondere sine domino suo etc’; Causa pro defendente.77
220107rRecordari de averiisRecordari de averiis in comitatu; Regula; Causa pro defendente; Aliter; Recordari in Curia quod fit cum causa sive fuerit pro petente sive pro defendente.43
221107vRec’ de averiisCausa; Aliter ad Wapentachium; Causa; Causa; inquirendo de proprietate averiorum vel catallorum.54
222108rDe recapcione averiorumbreve coronatoribus quando vicecomes non returnat le pone ?? le vic’ ne retournii le ?al prendra ?? per lestatum seconde ??; De recapt’ at’ ante le p’.22
223108vDe recapcioneDe recapcione averiorum post le pone; ?? per returnum ?? et quando loquela ?? retornata ?’tand’ iuxta ?tates etc’.22
224109rAveriorumDe recapcione averiorum post le pone; Aliter; Regula; De nativis habendis etc’; Regula.32
226110rde libertate probandaDe auxilio habendo ad distringendum villanum; De villanis Regis subtractis reducendis; de auxilio habendo ad primogenitum filium militem faciendum W j capitulo xxxvo; De scutagio habendo quia fuit in servicio per certificacionem constabularii.44
227110vAliter quia fecit per certificacionem Thesaure et Baronum; Comissio ad levandum scutagium etc’.21
228111rDe moderata misericordia capiendaDe moderata misericordia capienda.11
229111vde minisRegula; Attachiamentum inde; De minis; De incendio domorum etc’; Regula; Attachiamentum.44
230112rde minisAliter infra libertatem quinque portuum; de minis de nova forma.21
231112vDe trans’De trans’ in comitatu; de ovibus ad terminum pascendis traditis fugatis etc’.22
232113rin comitatude fossato fracto; Quando creditor recusat liberare pignora; de tauro ad terminum tradito fugato; de bonis asportatis pro executoribus; de vaccis imparcatis quod fetus abortivos fecerunt; de wallia fracta; de equis abductis ad loco ignota.77
233113vDe trans’De carta fracta; De ovibus imparcatis quod interierunt; De trans’ in Banco; De imprisonamento; Aliter quousque finem fecit; de attornato de trans’; Aliter coram Rege; De custode admisse pro puero infra etatem etc’.86
234114rDe trans’de clauso fracto arboribus succisis vivariis piscatis et servientibus verberatis; De pullis esparvariorum captis; de Warenna fugata; de clauso et tot cuniculos precii etc’; Aliter de parco; Aliter de parco et chacea; de herba et blad’ dep’; de solo fosso et carbonibus maritimis asportatis.86
235114vDe trans’De equo et catallis arestatis quousque finem fecit etc’; De domo fracta et maeremio asportato; Pro executoribus de bonis testatoris asportatis; De scripto per quod Abbas tenetur mulieri in victu fracto; De piscaria piscata herba falcata solo fosso et herba depasta etc’; de bladis messis herba falcata arboribus succisis bladis et herbis depastis etc’.66
236115rDe trans’de bladis inundatis et arboribus radicitus evulsis; de vino a dolio extracto aqua marinia impleto; de palis extranverso positis per quod navis fut’ submersa; de piscaria piscata herba depasta et terra fossa; de domo fracta arboribus succisis catallis asportatis et averiis caruce imparcatis; de clauso fracto blad’ in garb’ et feno depastis.66
237115vDe trans’De feno depasto; De arundine messa et asportata; De lapide molari fracto; De stagno molendini fracto; Nota; De domibus et catallis combustis; De ovibus tonsis et lana asportata; De imprisonato ab uno loco ad alium ducto et imprisonato; De ovibus uno loco captis usque alium locum fugatis et imparcatis; De exclusis fractis et maeremium in minutas partes secto et terra inundata etc’; de exclusis stagni molendini fractis etc’.1010
238116rde trans’de transgressione facta uxori ante matrimonium etc’; de navi abducta et catallis asportatis; de bladis et germinibus vinearum depastis; de bladis herba et germinibus bosci cedui; de stagno fracto quod aqua inundanto vivarium; de equis et catallis et pecunia munerata asportatis et abductis; de manso obsesso quod terra remansit inculta et de averiis imparcatis.77
239116vDe trans’de domo fracta et prisone abducto non satisfacta redempcione; de brevi Regis in luto proiecto; de imprisonamento quousque prestiterit iuramentum ?ve quousque emisit accionem etc’; de nativo incippis posito abducto etc’.44
240117rDe trans’Quando dimissor ingreditur tenementum post mortem etc’ infra termini in retardacionem execucionis testamenti; De uxore abducta cum bonis viri; [caveat clericus de can’ scribere hoc breve]; De veneno in cibos posito; De matrimoniis arestatis quousque amisit proficuum nundinarum; De averiis fugatis ad loca ignota.66
241117vDe trans’de averiis fugatis de uno comitatu in alium; Ne districciones fiant in regia strata aut communi via vel extra feodum; Marlebergh’ caputilo xiiiio; Aliter de eodem; Ne quis distringatur per averia carucarum vel per oves etc’.54
242118rDe trans’de cippis fractis et nativo abducto; de equo percusso quod equitans fregit duas costas; de oculo eruto pro custode hospitalis de bonis predecssoris asportatis; de eodem pro Abbate; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem tempore vacacionis; de Warenna fugata bosco ingresso esparvariis captis catallis asportatis.74
243118vDe trans’de ovibus fugatis per canes; de porcis fugatis quod interierunt; de tibia cum cane mola unde veneno fuit infecta; de fossato terra impleto per quod amisit terram per inundacionem; Aliter de eodem.54
244119rde trans’Nota; Quod nullus attachietur ad respondendum super contractibus etc’ extra ballivam seu potestatem factis; Attachiamentum inde; De carectis equis etc’ contra statutum W I captis ad cariagium faciendum; De trans’ pro executoribus de bonis testatoris in vita asportatis.44
245119vDe trans’de averiis in regia via captis; de massa ferrea super talum proiecta etc’; de herede maritata; de canonico capto et abducto etc’; Breve de trans’ contra vicecomitem pro homine capto pro statutum mercatorum deliberato non satisfacto pro debito parti etc’; contra vicecomitem quando returnat quod non est inventus ubi moram facit continuam etc’.66
246120rDe trans’contra vicecomitem pro eo quod imprisonatum abiere permisit antequam satisfecit Regi et per’; de clauso fracto et commonacho abducto; de trans’ pro Rege; de fossatis et sepibus fractis; de lino et canabo in ?fossat ?potc’ quod aqua corrupta est etc’.55
247120vDe trans’De feno prostrato et depasto; De clauso ostiis et fenestris fractis; De homine insecuto in domum inibi obsesso quousque; Breve de trans’ pro herede rapto maritato in vita antecessoris cuius heres est; De imprisonamento et nota breve.55
248121rde trans’De trans’ de averiis captis etc’ per quod terra remandit inculta pro defectu averiorum; Summonicio ad respondendum etc’ et nota breve diligent’ etc’.22
249121vde trans’de imprisonamento quousque concesserit reversionem; de trans’ quousque fecisset quand’ recognic’ iuxta formam statuti mercatorum.22
250122rde trans’De bladis inundatis pro defectu reparacionis et inundacionis riparum sewerarum et fossatorum in holand’; Nota breve.11
251122vde trans’Trans’ de stray et wayf; De trans’ quando prelatus distringitur per equitaturam; De trans’ pro persona ecclesie quia vicecomes distrinxit eum in feodo ecclesie contra formam articulorum.33
252123rde trans’De nativo rescusso et serviente verberato; Nota pro abbate breve; Aliter de theolonio.21
253123vde trans’De trans’ versus medicum; De trans’ contra libertatem.22
255124vde trans’de wrecco; de theolonio; de theolonio in feria; de falda etc’.44
256125rde trans’Aliter de feria; De visu franciplegii.21
257125vde trans’De gurgite; De trans’ pro illo qui habet execucionem suum brevium infra honorem etc’.22
259126vdeDe decepcione; Aliter inde.21
260127rdecepcioneAliter inde; Aliter.20
261127vdeAliter; Aliter.20
262128rdecepcioneAliter; Aliter de decepcione.20
264129rdecepcioneBreve iusticiarie de audita querela de collusione decepcione etc’.11
265129vdede attachiamento notorium pro introfaccione sigilli; Aliter audita querela de decepcione etc’.21
266130rdecepcioneapud W anno ?xviio; Aliter audita querela de decepcione; ?que de defec’ istius brevis.32
267130vdeAnno xviio; Aliter de decepcione.21
268131rdecepcioneAliter de decepcione.10
269131vdeDe parco fracto et averiis abductis; Aliter per servientem.21
270132rrescussuAliter per custodem celle; Aliter pro defalta; Aliter pro amerciamentis; Aliter de averiis pro debito per summonicionem scaccarii ad opus Regine virtute returni de omnibus brevibus; apud E anno viii; De rescussio de averiis.62
271132vdeper servientem; per consuetudinibus et serviciis; Aliter de averiis et catallis quare de catallis pro p’t advoc’; de catallis nomine districcionis captis; De rescussu facto taxatori de catallis captis pro decima; de rescussu facto ballivo libertatis de hominibus per ipsum captis etc’.65
272133rRescussuDe rescussu facto ballivo Regis de homine capto per breve Regis; De attachiamento facto per ballivum Regis fracto; De rescussu facto illi qui habet returnum omnium brevium de averiis captis pro amerciamento pretextu returni sibi inde facti etc’.33
273133vde rescussu Regisde rescussu facto ballivo Regis distringenti pro quodam redditu Regis debito; De rescussu facto illi qui clamat habere catalla felonum et fugitivorum de averiis captis pro catallis felonum etc’; De rescussu facto ballivo libertatis de homine capto per statutum mercatorum.33
274134rRescussuDe rescussu facto ballivo libertatis qui habuit returnum ad levandum expensas militum de parliamento etc’.11
277135vRecordare de trans’Recordare de trans’; Causa; Causa apud North’ anno undecimo; Causa apud Ebor’ anno nono; Regula; Regula; Nota contra precedentes.44
278136rde trans’ contra proteccionemDe trans’ contra proteccionem Regis; Inquisicio de trans’ contra proteccionem.22
279136vde trans’Aliter de inquirendo; Attincta de trans’ coram rege ad certum diem.21
280137rapud Ebor’ anno viii; Regula; Attincta de trans’ capta per nisi prius apud E anno viii; Attincta de loquela que fuit coram Rege infra libertatem retornata placitanda.33
281137vdeAliter; De attincta sine brevi coram Iusticiariis etc’ Westm’ viii capitulo sexto; De attincta coram senescallo et marescallis anno ixo apud Ebor’; Manucapcio ad prosequendum attinctam in brevi de trans’.43
282138rTrans’de audiendo et terminando.11
283138vdeRegula; Inde vicecomiti; de attornato inde; dedimus potestatem.33
284139rtrans’ audiend’Associacio in audiendo et terminando; Patens inde associacio.22
285139vde audiendoSi non omnes; Associacio in brevi de audiendo et terminando et ad continuandum processum post mortem Iusticiarii.22
286140rterminandoNota; De mittendo recordum et processum audiendo et terminando de trans’ quia attincta arramiatur coram Rege.11
289141vde audiendoaudiendo et terminando in confinio; Regula; De rescussu facto Ballivo Regis; audio et terminando contra episcopum Wynton’ et ballivos et constabularios suos.33
291142vde audiendoDe audiendo et terminando de navi fracta per tempestatem si bona debeant dici wreccum.11
292143ret terminandoDe audiendo et terminando de oppressionibus rerum extorsionibus etc’; Nota quatuor tres vel duo eorum quorum etc’.11
293143vde audiendoIstud breve fuit directum maiori et Ballivis ad amovendum eos ab officio quousque inquisitum foret de eorum gestu etc’.11
294144rter’de audiendo et terminando pro priore de Daventre.11
295144vde audiendoDe audiendo et terminando pro Archiepiscopo Ebor’ de trans’ ?’as tempore vacacionis Marlebergii capitulo xxviiio.11
296145rterminandoDe superindendo Walleas et fossata in partibus holandis.11
297145vde audiendoAliter de seweris in aqua Ankholm’.10
298146ret terminandoet continudando processum inchoatum post mortem capitalis in brevi de audiendo et terminando nota formam commissis.11
300147ret terminandoDe recipiendo commissiones proc’ etc’ de executoribus defuncti ad continuando etc’ et ad audiendo et terminando.11
303148vde audiendoLittera missa comiti Flandr’ pro mercatore Anglie de iusticia habenda de dampnis sibi factis per Flandrenses; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem.31
304149ret terminandoDe aresto faciendo super bonis mercatorum alienigenis pro facta mercatoribus Anglie.11
305149v?’menti fuerint necnon bona catalla ad valenciam sexaginta libr’ quamcuius ibidem.11
306150rde errore corrigendo et Supersedeas indede supersedendo execucioni prioris iudicii faciendi pendente loquela de errore in hustengo.11
307150vDe errore corrigendo in Londonia; Supersedeas in eodem brevi de dampnis; Supersedeas de dampnis et de deliberando corpus a prisona.32
308151rDe ErroreNota quod ista clausula est de maxima gra’; patens iusticiariorum ad errorem corrigendum in Londonia.11
309151vBreve inde maiori et vicecomiti de venire faciendo recordum et processum coram iusticiariis assignatis etc’; De procedendo ad iudicium; Aliter coram iusticiariis assignatis ad errorem corrigendum.32
310152rPatens inde.11
311152vDe ordinando quod bona et catalla alicuius qui sequitur breve de errore London’ non amoveantur quod execucio prioris iudicii si affirmitur possit fieri de eisdem.11
312153rDe errore et Supersedeas indeQuando querens non est prosecutus breve suum de errore quia maior et vicecomes ex officio examinent recordum et processum et faciat execucionem si contigit primum iudicium affirmari.11
314154rDe conspiracioneAliter de morte hominis; In lieu de cest brief est vu br’ iudiciel done come piert per la reule ?avan’; Aliter de abbetto; Aliter; Aliter.51
315154vAliter; Regula; Nota; Regula.10
316155rRegula de conspiracione; Aliter; Aliter.20
317155vde compotoContebatur pro fine; De compoto in comitatu; pro executoribus; pro mercatore; Regula.44
318156rAliter; Aliter pro viro et uxore eius; De attornato inde; De compoto pro magistro domus; Aliter pro Priores tempore predecessoris ?sui; Aliter pro Priorissa de tempore predecessoris; Aliter pro custode domus tempore predecessoris.72
319156vde compotoDedimus potestatem in brevi de compoto; Regula; De compoto in socagio.22
320157rde compotode attornato inde; Pone pro petente in brevi de compoto; Regula; Causa pro defendente in brevi de compoto; De compoto pro comitate ville; Monstravit pro Priore.55
321157vRegula; monstravit vicecomitibus Londonie; De liberando captum per le monstravit per falsam suggestionem.22
322158rRegula; De [admittendo] arestando Ballivum pro arreragiis compoti [arestatum].11
323158vde compotoRegula; De dimittendo arestatum pro arreragiis compoti per manucapcionem ad recitandum compotum coram Baronibus de scaccario.11
324159rEx parte talisAliter.10
325159vAliter; Quando ballivus evasit de carcere.21
326160rCommissio ad audiendum compotum collectorum denariorum pro clausura ville.11
328161rAliter de villa pavianda; De capiendo utlagatum.21
330162rDe debitoAliter; Aliter pro executoribus; Aliter contra executores; Regula.30
331162vDe debito ad Bancum; Aliter; Aliter pro excutoribus; Aliter contra executoribus; Aliter pro executoribus contra executores; Aliter contra abbatem.61
332163rIstud breve fuit concessum apud Ebor’ anno viio; Aliter; Regula; Alia regula; De attornato in brevi de debito; Aliter; Regula.53
333163vde debito versus Ordinarium Westm’ ii Capitulo xixo; Aliter versus executores Ordinarii; Nota; de debito pro Ordinario sec quere; Pone pro petente in brevi de debito.43
334164rCausa pro defendente; Alia causa pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente racione chammpartie anno xviio apud Londoniam; ecordari de debito placitato infra libertatem.43
335164vCausa pro defendente; De attachiando ballivos quia tenuerunt placitum post le pone in brevi de debito; Causa pro defendente et breve portabatur versus defendente.33
336165rde racionabili parte bonorumAnno xixo; De debito pro administratrice; Quod mulieres habeant racionabiles partes de bonis virorum suorum; Aliter pro pueris.43
337165vQuod mulieres non distringantur pro debitis virorum suorum.11
338166raliter de eodemAliter quod non distringantur post morte viri in ten’ que coniunctim adquisierunt.10
339166vAliter quod mulier non distringatur in ten’ que tenet in dotem pro debitis viri sui.10
340167rQuod mulieres non distringantur pro debitis virorum in ten’ que tenent post matrimonium contractum vel comiunctim perquisitis.11
341167vProhibicio de debito xl s’ placitato in comitatu sine brevi.11
342168rAliter Ballivis; Attachiamentum inde; Regula.21
343168vSupersedeas in diversis querelis.11
344169rAttachiamentum inde; Supersedeas in diversis querelis in convencione.22
346170rBreve Ballivis de supersedendo execucioni iudicii redditi coram eis de debito xl s’ attingente sine brevi.11
348171rDe statuto stapuleBreve de statuto stapule.11
350172rDe recognicione debitor’ de statuto mercatorioDe recognicione debitorum de statuto mercatoris; Regula; Aliter ad duos terminos.21
351172vAliter pro primo termino non soluto; De attornato inde coram Iusticiariis; Aliter coram Rege; Quod clericus captus virtute statuti mercatorii de liberetur.42
352173rAliter quod clericus non capiatur; De liberando vicarium occasione cuiusdam recognicionis captum.21
353173vDe statuto mercatorio contra personam ecclesiasticam; Aliter contra abbatem.21
354174rDe certiorando in cancellaria de statuto mercatorio; Aliter de certificando.21
355174vRegula; cum pluries inde.11
356175rAliter non obstante quod alias fuit certific’ quia execucio facta non fuit; Aliter de certificando.20
357175vRegula; De supersedendo execucioni iudicii.11
358176rAliter; Aliter.20
359176vAudita querelaAudita querela.11
364179rSi recognoscatSi recognoscat; Aliter; Regula; sicut alias inde.32
365179vDe execucione facienda de recognicione facta; Aliter; breve Iusticiariis pro priore infra etatem existenti audita querela de recognicione facta dum infra etatem.32
366180rNota; de debito ponendo in respectu; Nota; Aliter de respectu.21
367180vDe eodem vicecomiti; Breve thesaurario er baronibus de certiorando de debito; De attornato in brevi de debito ad scaccarium.32
368181rDe secta ad molendinumDe secta ad molendinum in Comitatu; Aliter ad bancum; Regula; Quod permittat villanos facere sectam in Comitatu [ad ius]; De eodem ad Bancum; Regula; Quod permittat molere quietum de multura.53
369181vAliter in Comitatu; De molendino tento pro indiviso reparando; Aliter de molendino reparando; De domo reparanda; De guttera reparanda.53
370182rDe ponte et stagno reparandis; De walliis et fossatis reparandis; De ponte reparando; Aliter de ponte reparando.43
371182vAliter; Aliter de pontibus reparandis in diversis comitatibus; Aliter in confinio de pontibus reparandis; Aliter de ponte reparando.40
372183rCuria claudendaDe via reparanda; De calceto reparando; De pavimento reparando; De curia claudenda in comitatu.44
373183vDe eodem in Banco; De ostio claudendo; Pone de eodem; Quod permittat haurire aquam; Quod permittat adaquare gregem; Quod permittat habere liberum taurum; Regula; Quod permittat habere racionabile estoverium.75
374184rAliter; De attornato inde; Quod permittat de chimino; Quod permittat de libera falda; Quod permittat de libera piscaria; Quod permittat de libero passagio; Regula de communa pasture.65
375184vQuod permittat habere communa pasture; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; Aliter pro persona; Aliter pro abbate W secundum capitulo xxiiii.51
376185rDe communa pastureAliter; Aliter; Aliter pro Abbate; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; De turbaria; Regula; Regula.71
377185vDe communa pastureDe communa pasture ad certum numerum averiorum; Aliter in Comitu; Regula; Aliter; Nota; Aliter; Regula; Quod permittat erigere scalas; Aliter de corrodio.62
378186rDe communa pastureQuo iure; Regula; Nota contra dicentes quod dominus ville vel manerii habebit istud breve et non tenens; De admensuracione pasture; de attornato inde.33
379186vDe superoneracione pasture Westm’ secundum capitulo viiio; quod vicecomes procedat ad pasturam admensurandam per defaltam.22
380187rDe admensuracione pasturePone de admensuracione pasture; Pone pro defendente; de attornato in secunda superoneracione.33
381187vNota; De racionabilibus divisis; Pone pro petente de eodem; De perambulacione facienda; Regula.32
382188rde plegio acquitando in comitatu; Aliter coram Iusticiariis de Banco; Aliter pro executoribus; Aliter; Aliter pro executoribus versus executores; de attornato inde.62
383188vDe annuo reddituDe acquietando de compoto reddendo; De pleg’ non distrigend’ donec principalis debitor est sufficiens magna carta capitulo viiio; De annuo redditu in Comitatu.33
384189rRegula; Nota; Aliter ad Bancum; Regula; de attornato inde; Aliter; Aliter.41
385189vDe consuetudinibus et serviciisRegula; De consuetudinibus et serviciis; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter; Aliter infra burgum; Aliter in comitatu; Regula; Nota.52
386190rDe cartis reddendisAliter in Londonia; De cartis reddendis in Comitatu; Regula; Aliter ad Bancum; Aliter de pixide cum cartis etc’.41
387190vDe attornato inde in comitatu; Aliter coram Iusticiariis; Pone inde ad peticionem petentis; Prohibicio ne teneatur placitum de cartis reddendis sine brevi.43
388191rDe Warantia carteNota; Aliter de scripto; Aliter; Regula; De warantia carte; de attornato inde; Supersedeas inde vacat istud breve hic quia idem breve invenietur inter brevia de recto tam patencia quia patua.53
389191vDe medioRegula; De medio W secundum capitulo ixo; De medio in Comitatu; Aliter; Aliter coram Iusticiariis; De attornato inde.53
390192rPone de eodem; De recordo et processu mittendis; Regula.21
391192vNota; Nota; Quod tenens in dominico non distringatur quia medius paratus est ad acquietandum; Recordari de acquietando de omnibus demandis racione homagii et servicii certorum tenentium.22
392193rDe custodia terre et heredisDe custodia terre et heredis W iim capitulo xxxvto; Aliter coram Iusticiariis; De herede tantum; De terra tantum; Aliter racione dimissionis; De custodia racione heredis.64
393193vDe custodia in socagioRegula; Regula; De custodia in socagio; Aliter de terra tantum; Nota.21
394194rDe eieccione custodie; Aliter racione dimissionis in socagio; De attorn inde; Pone de eodem ad pe’ petent’; De custodia in socagio racione custodie; Aliter pro domino qui habet custodia unius heredis et pro altera que est plene etatis; Nota breve; De eieccione custodie.74
395194vde attornato inde; Aliter racione dimissionis; Aliter racione secunde dimissionis; Aliter; Regula; Pro eo qui tenet per commissionem Regis.52
396195rDe eieccione custodie Prioratus; Aliter de Prioratus anno viio; Nota; De eieccione custodie in socagio; De intrusione in hereditate.43
397195vDe intrusione in hereditateDe execucione dimissionis; pro executoribus inde.22
398196rDe herede raptoDe herede rapto W secundum capitulo xxxviio; Aliter quando heres ducatur de uno comitatu in alium; De attorn inde; De herede rapto in socagio quando non maritatur.43
399196vAliter quando maritatur; Aliter racione vendicionis; Regula; De forisfactura maritagii Merton’ capitulo vio de herede cum sit xiiii annorum.31
400197rAliter de forisfectura maritagii quando non intrusit; De valore maritagii habendo Merton’ capitulo vio; Aliter [quando non ?m’t’s]; Aliter de valore maritagii pro executoribus.41
401197vDe valore maritagiiDedimus potestatem de custode admittendo; Quod Rex non tenetur facere servicium seu debita solvere pro terris que sunt in custodia sua nec illi quibus ipse huius custodiam commisserit.22
402198rDe escaetaDe escaeta quia bastardus magna carta capitulo xixo; Regula; Aliter quando obiit sine herede; Aliter pro felonia quando suspensus fuit; Aliter quando utlagatur vel regnum abiuravit; Aliter pro executoribus pro heredibus.51
403198vRegula; Aliter in Londonia pro Rege; De inquirendo de terris felon’; De inquirendo de anno die et vasto.32
404199rDe escaetaDe seisina habenda; Aliter pro Abbate.21
405199vDe convencioneDe convencione in comitatu; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter ad Bancum; Regula; De convencione ad dampna recuperanda; Aliter pro herede contra heredem.72
406200rDe manerio et advocacione ecclesie; Nota; Aliter de manerio; Aliter pro ?u’re; Aliter de redditu; Nota; Nota; Aliter.51
407200vAliter pro executoribus; Regula; Aliter; De decimis garbarum cum aisiamento; Aliter de munera; Versus executores; Istud breve fuit concessum apud Ebor’ anno viio R E tercii.63
408201rDe convencioneDe molendino reparando; de domo reparanda; De muro reparando granario construendo vel secta ad Curiam facienda; Aliter de fructibus ecclesie; De retrahendo se de secta facta per breve; Aliter de liberac’ s’ com’ [faded].64
409201vAliter de conservando indempnem versus Ordinarium loci; De estoverio; De acquietando versus quemcumque; Aliter de feodo militis; Aliter; De victu et vestitu; De terris excolendis.74
410202rDe bobus in pastura habendis; De terris in dotem; De victu et vestitu dum vivet; De terra seisonanda et metenda.44
412203rRecordari de convencioneRecordari de convencione; Aliter; Aliter in hundredo anno viiio.31
413203vDedimus potestatemDedimus potestatem in brevi de convencione.11
414204rIn brevi de convenc’De eodem capitale Iusticiario; Aliter in pluribus brevibus; Aliter quando quis intendit obsequis R’ et uxor gravida est et tercius impotens et languidus.30
415204vpotestatem in quid Iuris clamatquod iusticiarii permittant finem levari; Aliter; Dedimus potestatem in quid iuris clamat.32
416205rdedimus potestatem per que serviciaDedimus potestatem per que servicia.11
417205vAliter quando tenentes dicunt quod non tenent de recognitore.10
418206rQuod Iusticiarius mittat Iusticiariis de Banco cognicionem quam cepit.11
419206vBreve inde Iusticiariis de Banco quod cognicionem et brevia recipiant; Aliter de cognicione quid iuris tenens in dotem clamat.21
420207rDe fine factoAliter; Aliter; Nota; Westm’ secundum capitulo xliiio; Regula; De fine facto.42
421207vDe tenore pedis finis mittendisAliter; Aliter; De tenore pedis finis mittendis.31
422208rMittimus inde; Aliter; Aliter de tenore mittendo; Aliter; Aliter de tenore note habendo.51
423208vDe tenore iudicamenti mittendo; Aliter de tenore utlagarie; Aliter super tenore recordi et processus.31
424209rDe dote de tenementis que tenentur de Rege in Capite quando mulier invenit securitatem quod se non maritabit sine licencia Regis.11
426210rDe dote de tenementis que tenentur de Rege in capiteDe dote de tenementis que tenentur de Rege in capite quando mulier invenit securitatem quod se non maritand’ sine licensia; De dote unde nichil habet; Regula; de attornato inde; De dote quando habet virum; Aliter versus custodem; Nota.54
427210vDe dote unde nichil habetDe dote assignata ad ostium ecclesie; De dote de denaris assignatis; Aliter de assensu patris; Aliter in Londonia; Aliter in Curia.52
428211rAttincta de doteRegula; Attincta de dote; Aliter de attincta.21
429211vDe doteDe attornato pro Custode quando heres vocatur ad Warantum in brevi de dote; Aliter; Aliter de vocatis ad warantum et ille vocat ulterius; Aliter; Aliter coram maiore et Ballivis quando loquela retornata est placitanda iuxta libertates; Dedimus potestatem et attornato inde.62
430212rDe dote admensurandaAliter; De custode ?ad’ etc’; De dote admensuranda; Part’ habend’; Ne ?a’ pro ?defactu iusticie; Aliter pro viro et uxore.64
431212vQuod ei deforciat; admissa per defaltamPone de eodem; aliter de admensuracione dotis; De dote amissa per defaltam W secundum capitulo iiii; De maritagio amissio per defaltam; De ten’ in feodo talliat’ amiss’; Ad terminum vite; Aliter per legem Angle.75
432213rRegula; Nota quot modis fe’i’a part’ perdere dot’; Quod nullus imp’tetur sine brevi ne’iuret contra voluntatem suam; Attachiamentum super Ballivos [text partly cut off].22
433213vDe attornato ad sectamDe attornato inde; Breve de eodem ad communem legem; Quod nullus distringatur ad faciendum consuetudines et servicia que facere non debet; De attornato pro secta facienda Merton’ Capitulo ixo; Aliter Ballivis hundredi.53
434214rDe attornato ad sectamAliter Ballivis; Aliter; Aliter Ballivis Curie; littera ad faciendum attornatum; Breve ad sectam faciendam per litteras patentes.52
435214vDe attornato ad sectam pro custode set non tenz’ in visu franciplegii; Aliter Ballivis honoris; Regula; Aliter; Quod breve de attornato non capit terminum durantibus personis.42
436215rhundred ?urum [faded]Aliter de eodem; De attachiando Ballivum quando recusat recipere attornatum.21
437215vQuod feoffati per Regem fuit quieti a’ Rector’Quod tenens ten’ ex concessione Regis illus teneat quietum ab omni secta; Quod mulieres tenentes in dotem de huius custodus teneant quiet’ ab omni secta.22
438216rQuod tenentes de herede infra etate et in custodia regis non distringatur ad sectam faciendam ad Wapentachium; Aliter Ballivis.21
439216vAliter Ballivis quod heredes in custodia Regis existent’ non faciant servicia aliqua; Quod tenens in dotem non distringatur pro relevio.21
440217rQuod tenens ten’ ex dimissione R’ ea tenear exonerata ab omni servicio durante custode in manu Regis; Quod mulieres non faciant sectam pro dote; Quod tenens ex commissione Regis non faciat sectam.33
441217vQuod non fiat nisi unica secta pro parcella terre ubi unica secta tantum fieri ?consuent’ quando alia parcella est in manu Regis durante custodia.11
442218rDe turno vicecomitisDe turno vicecomitis Marleb’ capitulo ixo; Attachiamentum inde; De visu franciplegii ad Curiam honoris Marl’ capitulo ixo magna carta capitulo xxiiii.33
443218vAliter; Attachiamentum inde; Ballivis episcopus; Regula; Pro viris religiosis quod non veniant ad terminum vite.43
444219rAliter Ballivis honoris; Aliter pro personis ecclesiasticis; Aliter pro personis ecclesiasticis Marleb’ capitulo ixo; pro mulieribus.41
445219vQuod mulieres habeant quarantenam suamRegula; Aliter de antiquo dominico corone Anglie pro tenentibus; Quod mulieres habeant quarentinam suam et racionabile estoverium suum magna carta capitulo vii.21
446220rQuod nullus distr’ contra formam feoffamentiQuod nullus distringantur contra formam feoffamenti Marleb’ capitulo viii; Regula.11
447220vNe fiant plures secte pro unica hereditateAttachiamentum inde; De attornato inde; Regula; Regula; Ne fiant plures secte pro unica hereditate inter coheredes Marleb’ capitulo viiio.33
448221rAliter quando pluries sunt feoffati in una hereditate; Aliter quando tenet per legem Anglie; Aliter quando hereditas est devoluta ad plures sorores.30
449221vAliter ad comitatu inter cohereredes et similiter tenentes per vendicionem; Attachiamentum inde; Regula; Aliter inter coheredes de contribucione facienda Marl’ capitulo viiio.31
450222rAliter inter Feoffatos de contribucione facienda et fuit rodinatum anno xviio R’ E’ tercii; Aliter et nota.20
451222vDe coronatore eligendoDe coronatore eligendo; Aliter quia non potest vacare; Aliter quia languidus est.31
452223rAliter quia minus idoneus vel minus sufficiens; Aliter quia non habet terras; Aliter quia morbo paralitico percussus; Aliter quia morat in extremis finibus comitatus; Aliter quia electus est in vic’ vel in viridarium; Quod coronator si’ sit electus miles Westm’ primum capitulo xii.61
453223vSupersedeas execucioni brevis quando viredarius amovetur per falsam suggestionem.11
454224rDe viridario eligendo; De ballivo amovendo quia non habet terras in eodem comitatu et statutum lincoln’ E tercii iiii capitulo viii; De homine eligendo ad custodem pecie sigilli pro mercatoribus editi.32
455224vQuod ponantur in inquisicionibus magis propinquiQuod ponantur in inquisicionibus magis propinqui etc’ articuli super cartam capitulo ixo.11
456225rQuod barones non ponantur in assisisAttachiamentum inde; Quod Barones non ponantur in assisis.22
457225vQuod homines perpetuo languidi non ponantur in assisis Westm’ secundum capitulo xxxviiio; Quod clerici non ponantur in assisis; Quod homines in patria non morantes non ponantur in assisis W secundum capitulo xxxviiio; Quod homines etatem lxx anno excedentes non ponantur in assisis.44
458226rAttachiamentum inde; Quod homines xl s’ redditus per annum non habentes non ponantur in assisis.22
459226vQuod homines centum s’ terre per annum non habentes non ponantur in assisis extra comitatu; Attachiamentum inde; Quod homines de antiquo dominico non ponantur in assisis.33
460227rAliter de eodem; Quod coronatores non po in assisis.21
461227vBreve de champertiaQuod viridarii non ponantur in assisis ad communem legem; Aliter istud breve datur per statutum quod dicitur adducio de foresta; Breve de champertia.32
462228rDe adnullando recognicionem per vim et duriciam factamRegula; De adnullando recognicionem per vim et duriciam factam.11
463228vstat’ cum Hughe; Supersedeas pendente placito ad adnullandum recognicionem per vim etc’ factam; Quod districcio non fiat in via regia nec in feodis de quibus ecclesie olim sunt dotate etc’.33
464229rRegula; Quod districciones relaxentur usque ad certum diem per securitatem.11
465229vQuod ministri Regis non exerceant regratariam quam sunt in officio; regrataria supra ?? retallia; Attachiamentum inde.33
466230rQuod panis et aqua inveniatur imprisonato per statutum mercatorum; Quod nichil levetur pro escapio latronum W prim’ capitulo iiio; Ne quis occasionetur pro ten’ adquisitis que tenentur de Rege ut de honore.33
467230vQuod nulla ecclesiastica persona amercietur secundum beneficium ecclesiasticum; Magna carta capitulo xiiio; Ne quis occasionetur pro re aliqua facta in prosecucionem H. le Despenser.33
468231rQuod senescallus et marescalli non teneant de libero tenemento se debito vel con’.11
469231vArticuli super cartam capitulo iiio; Aliter de eodem.21
470232rQuod constabularius castri Dovorr’ non teneat placitum forinsecum.11
471232vDe supersedendo distr’ usque certum diem sufficientem securitatem; Quod Iusticiarii procedant ad assisam non obstante aliquo mandato.22
472233rAliter in conclusione; Quod inquisiciones que magne sunt et magnas requirunt examinacione non capiantur et patria et super’ inde.21
473233vAliter de eodem.10
474234rDe non veniendo ad turnum nisi semel in anno magna carta capitulo xxxv.11
475234vQuod communa placita non teneantur in scaccario; Quod clerici infra sacros constituti non eligantur ad officia.22
476235rDe non distringendo Prebendarium.11
477235vDe falsis conspiratoribusDe falsis conspiratoribus.11
478236rQuod Iuratores non capiant de una parte et de alia anno vto Regis E ?? capitulo xo.11
479236vDecies tantumDecies tantum.11
480237rManutenenciaVel sit; Breve de manutenencia.22
481237vAttachiamentum super servientem; Aliter de eodem; Attachiamentum super servientem; Aliter versus dominum et servientem.42
482238rAliter versus dominum; De attachiando servientem maiora salaria solito capiente.21
484239rQuod servientes serviant per ?terminos usuales et non dietas.11
485239vQuod servientes non habentes unde vivant illi defeniant qui illos primo dixit requirend’.11
486240rQuod servientes non recedant a villa ubi morantur in yeme ad deserviendum alibi in estate; De servente conducto per aliquem et arestato per aliud ad deserviendum si’ qui eum primo condixit deliberand’ eidem deservitur.22
487240vQuod dominum preferantur aliis terram suam tenentibus; Comissio ad validos in corpore potentes in scio vagant’ deservire re’uentes capiend’.22
488241rad capiendum conductos ad proficiscendum in obsequum Regis qui captis v’dus in dicto obsequ’ proficisci non cir’.11
489241vDe operatoribus et aliis servientibus vagabundis habere faciend’.11
496245rAssisa nove disseisineAssisa non disseisine ad primam assisam; Regula; Coram Rege.22
497245vRegula; Regula; Quando securitas invenitur in cancellaria.11
498246rAliter; Aliter contra Abbatem et commonachium; Aliter coram iusticiariis assignatis; Patens inde.41
499246vAliter patens de diversis brevibus; De communo pasture; Regula.21
500247rPatens inde; Regula; Alia regula; Aliter in confinio duorum comitatuum; Aliter in confinio; Aliter in confino; Patens inde.63
501247vAliter in confinio de stagno exaltato; Patens inde; Aliter in confinio de quadam via artata.31
502248rAliter de via; Patens inde; De custode admittendo ad assisas pro puero infra etatem; De custode ammovendo.43
503248vRegula; de attornato in assisa; Aliter quando assisa arramiatur coram certis Iusticiariis et postmodum restat capienda coram aliis racione nove commissionis; de attornato in assisa arramiata coram iusticiariis assignatis et postmodum coram Rege capiendo eo quod Rex est in eodem Comitatu; Dedimus potestatem de attornato.42
504249rDe attornato inde; Regula; Assisa de fossato.22
505249vDe domo iniuste levata vel prostrataPatens inde; Versus; Regula; De domo iniuste levata vel prostrate; Regula.33
506250rQuod permittatDe attornato inde; Regula; Pone de domo; Versus; Regula; Quod permittat.44
507250vDe stagno; De cursu aque; De via obstructa; Aliter de via; Regula; De attornato inde; Regula; Regula.54
508251rRegula; Nota; De mercato et feria ad Bancum; Aliter de eodem.21
509251vCertificacio assise nove disseisineRegula; Nota; Certificacio nove disseisine; Aliter coram iusticiariis ad primam assisam.21
510252rAliter coram Rege; Patens inde; De attornato inde; Istud breve datur loco certificacionis quando assisa capitur in absencia defendentis.43
511252vde venire faciendo quoddam scriptum de quo iuratores assise non fuerunt examinati eo quod assisa capta fuit in absencia defendentis et nulla inde fiebat mencio.11
513253vAssociacio in assisa; non expectata absencia etc’; Patens inde.33
514254rAssociacio ad omnes assisas formata super le si non omnes; Patens inde.22
515254vAssociacio ad assisas et Si non omnesSi non omnes inde factam super associacio predictam; Associacio in attincta.22
516255rRegula; Aliter associacio; Si non omnes in assisa; Aliter.31
517255vAliter si non omnes in attincta; Quando unus Iusticiarius vacare non potest ad omnes assisas; Patens inde.32
518256rQuando Iusticiarius diem clausit extra; Inde vicecomiti; Patens inde; aliter de sepo; Aliter in certificacione.54
519256vQuando neuter Iusticiarius vacare potest ad omnes assisas; De non procedendo ad assisam de ten’ in manibus Regis exist’ ipso Rege inconsulto.22
520257rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine mittendis; Aliter de via artata; Mittimus recordum et processum.32
521257vAliter de certificando; Regula; de attornato in recordo et processu; Aliter in certificacione attincte.31
522258rAliter de eodem; Aliter thesaurario et camerario.20
523258vAliter; Aliter post attinctam arramiatam; Aliter pro dampnis levandis.30
524259rAliter de redessesina; Aliter thesaurario et camerario de recordo et processu mittendis quia illa assisa arramiata est de eodem ten’.2-1
525259vMittimus; de recordo et processu assise frisce forcie mittendis; de recordo et processu as mittendis in cancellaria.33
526260rMittimus recordum et processum; Aliter de eodem; de recordo et processu execucionis iudicii faciendi mittendis.32
527260vde recordo et processu admittendis quando assisa iterum arram’.11
528261rad servicium Canc’ de satisfaccione dampnorum.11
529261vde recordo et processu inquisicionis mittendis causa erroris corrigenda; de recordo et processu inchoatis mittendis ab iusticiariis assignatis.22
530262rde recordo et processu inquisicionis coram Iusticiariis ad audiendo et terminando assign’ mittendis quia attincta arramiatur; de attornato coram Rege in recordo et processu assise etc’; quando capitalis Iusticiarius ammovetur et al’ loco suis constit’ de mittendo recordum et processum assise etc’ coram primo Iusticiario placitarum alii qui constituitur.33
531262vde mittendo recordum et processum coram Rege ad levandum dampna in assisa frisce forcie.11
532263rAliter; quando capitalis Iusticiarius in iurata mortuus eat et alius loco suo constituitur ad iura cap’; Regula de presentacione facta in trans’ vic’ mitt’ coram Rege.21
533263vde recordo et processu assise admitt’ coram rege ad capiendum disseis’ post disseisinam vi et armis factam; Aliter quia allegatur in assisa quod breve de altiori nativa pend’ inter partes.21
534264rMittimus inde; de decepcione super attinctam de servic’ domini Regis.22
536265rQuod Iustic’ viso scripto scire facere partiquod Iustic’ viso script’ scire facias parti que prius recuperavit contra factum suum proprium Westm’ secundum capitulo xxvto; Mittimus pro dampnis levandis etc’.22
537265vde rec’ et cart’ mitt’; de carta liberanda.22
538266rde recordo et processu causa erroris mittendis.11
539266vde tenentis in assisa nove disseisine quod ipsi non servientur quamdiu disseisit’ habeant un’ dampna possunt levari.11
540267rquod nullus solvat dampna in disseisina nisi pro tempore quo fuit tenens; Stat’ Glouc’.22
541267vmanucapcio ad prosequendum errorem.11
542268rde scripto de dicto quod remanet in custodia unius Iusticiarii mittendo coram Rege etc’.11
543268vcum pluries de recordo et processu assise mittendis causa erroris corrigenda.11
544269rquod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise non obstante allegacione; Aliter de recordo et processu assise mittendo causa erroris.21
545269vAliter causa erroris.10
547270vde RedisseisinaMerton’ capitulo iiio Marl’ capitulo viio Wm’ et capitulo xxvo.11
548271rRegula; Regula assoc’ in redisseisina; Regula; dedimus potestatem; de stagno.22
549271vAliter de tenemento recuperato coram ballivis libertatum; Aliter de communa pasture coram specialibus Iusticiariis recuperate; Aliter de cursu aque.30
550272rAliter de quadam via artata; regula; Aliter de custodia dominicarum terrarum etc’.31
551272vAliter; Aliter.20
552273rAliter; Regula; Aliter; cum pluries de redisseisina etc’.31
554274rAttincta in assisa nove disseisine et nocumenti et mortis antecessorisattincta in assisa nove disseisine; Patens inde.22
555274vde attornato inde; Attincta in inquisicionibus capta coram Iusticiariis apud W’; Aliter de via.32
556275rRegula; Attincta in novo casu; Aliter quando vir’ capt’ fuit inter pet’ et Warant’.21
557275vAliter; Aliter inter War’; Aliter in brevi de racionabili parte; Attincta de redisseisina; Attincta coram Iusticiariis de Banco super breve de ingressu capt’ parte nisi prius apud Ebor’ Anno viiio.52
558276rAttincta mortis antecessoris; Patens inde; Aliter.32
559276vNota quod as capiatur per propinquores; Aliter; Aliter.20
560277rAliter in confinio; Aliter in attincta; Inde vicecomiti.31
561277vquod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise; Aliter; Aliter in attincta; quod iusticiarii itinerantes procedant ad capcionem assise adiornate coram eis de uno comitatu in alium.42
562278rquod iusticiarii procedant ad iudicium; Aliter; Aliter de ultima presentacione.31
563278vAliter; quod Iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise termino non expectato statut’ de iusticiariis assignatis; Breve de constituendo Iustic’ ad omnes assisas etc’; Inde vicecomiti.43
564279rSi non omnes; quod omnibus aliis pretermissis capiant assisas; de execucione iudicii in assisa nove dissisine; de execucione iudicii in redissseisina.44
565279vde fine pro redisseisina; aliter vicecomiti; aliter vicecomiti; de hominibus attinctis deliberandis.44
566280rquod iuratores inquirant de fraude vel aliquis tulerit breve de trans’ ut possit calumpniare iurat’ as’ etc’; Aliter; de supersedendo levacioni dampnorum et deliberacione capta per trans’ ad prosequendam attinctam.32
568281rAssisa mortis antecessorisAliter Glouc’ capitulo viio; Patens inde; Regula.21
570282rpro illis qui sunt prime etatis et infra etatem; quando antecessor moriebatur in peregrinacione; quando habitum religionis assumpsit; de attornato; associacio ad dubitaciones audiendas.55
571282vnota; Attincta mortis antecessoris; Patens inde; de recordo et processu assise mortis antecessoris mittendis.44
573283vRegula; Regula; Aliter.10
574284rNuper obiit; Nota; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; de attornato inde; Aliter.52
575284vRegula; Nota.00
576285rde ventre inspiciendo; diem clausit extremum.22
577285v[?in iurmanum mam]; Aliter; Super modo et capcionis; Aliter si superstites fuerit; de seisina habenda.53
578286rAliter; de terra extendenda.21
579286vde etate probanda; Regula; Aliter.21
580287rPatens inde; Aliter; Regula.21
581287vcut off]quare eiecit infra terminum; Aliter; Aliter; de attornato de eieccione firme etc’.42
582288rcut off]Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Super causa capcionis; de inquirendo super certificacione.52
583288vde Ammovendo manum etc’.11
585289vDe ingressu ad terminum qui preteriitRegula; Nota; Al’ Regula; Al’ Regula; Aliter in eodem gradu; post dimissionem sine titulo.20
586290rIn post gradu cum titulo; In eodem gradu cum titulo; post dimissionem cum titulo; Regula; Regula.32
587290vRegula; Dum non fuit compos mentis sue; Per et cui; Post dimissionem; Cum titulo.44
588291rCum infra etatem fuitPer et cui; illud dimisit; Post dimissionem; de attornato; dum infra etatem fuit sine titulo; Per et cui; post dimissionem; Regula; Cum titulo per; per et cui; post dimissionem.1010
589291vDe ingressu super disseisinamRegula; Regula; Regula; de ingressu super disseisinam cum titulo; Cum titulo in per sine titulo in eodem; Cum titulo in per et cui et sine titulo; Cum titulo in post.43
590292rDe ingressu super disseisinam en le postsine titulo in eodem pro religiosis in le post; Regula; de ingressu sine licensia et voluntate capitula; Regula.21
591292vSine assensu et voluntate fratrum et sororum; Regula; Regula; breve quando tenens ad vitam disseisitur et moritur in eodem statu; Regula de ingressu de Cantaria; Nota.21
592293rRegula [defor’]; Regula; Regula; Alia reg’.11
593293vRegula; Pro prebendario de ingressu sine assensu et voluntate decani et Capituli; Aliter de manerio pertinente ad prebendarium anno xo apud Ei.21
594294rCui in vitaAliter de eodem; Aliter quando clamat tenere ad vitam; Cui post.31
595294vAliter in le post; de ingressu per divorcium; Post; Regula causa matrimonii prelocuti; Per et cui; Post; Causa matrimonii pro herede; Regula; Cui in vita pro herede.76
596295rCui; Post.22
598296rDe intrusioneDe intrusione post mortem tenentis in dotem; Per; Cui; Post; Aliter quando uxor recuperavit dotem; Regula; Aliter per assignacionem.64
599296vAliter de eodem; De assignacione capitalis domini feodi in etc’; De intrusione post mortem tenentis per legem Anglie.32
600297rDe intrusionePer; Cui; Post; De intrusione post mortem tenentis ad vitam; Per; Cui; Post.77
601297vDe intrusioneAliter per finem; Per assignacionem; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter in le remanere.51
602298rDe ingressu per tenentem in dotem; Per et cui; Post; De dote recuperata; De ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie; De ingressu per tenentem in dotem.66
603298vRegula; Aliter per tenentem ad terminum vite; Regula; Alia; Aliter; Regula; De dote recuperata vinente viro quando dicebatur mortuus fuisse.42
604299rDe ingressu per tenentem in dotem super statutum Glouc’ capitulo viii; Aliter; Post; Aliter quando mulier recuperavit dotem et alienat.42
605299vRegula; In assignacione per; In duplici assignacione cui; In le post per assignacionem.33
606300rNota; De ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie; Cui; Post.33
607300vDe ingressu per tenentem ad terminum ante in consimili casu; Aliter; Aliter; Cum titulo; Aliter; Pro Priore.63
608301rPer assignacionem; Aliter ad communem legem; Regula; Aliter in le remanere; Per assignacionem in le post; Regula; Aliter ad terminum alterius vite; Regula.52
609301vAliter in le post; Aliter per assignacionem; Woll’; in le remanere Kyngi; de ingressu ad terminum vite in con casu in le post.53
610302rCessavitPer; Post; Cui; Pro herede; cessavit de feodi firmam Glouc’ capitulo vio; Per Cui.66
611302vPost; Cessavit de obitu celebrando; cessavit per biennium de cantaria; Aliter contra personam; Regula.43
612303rRegula; de tenementis alienatis contra formam collacionis Westm’ secundum capitulo xljo; Forma donacionis in descendere; in liberum maritagium; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula forma donacionis in descendere.63
613303vAliter quando omnes precedentes petentes statum habent; Aliter; Aliter quando habitum religionis assumpsit; quando iter peregrinacionis assumpsit; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.81
614304rAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Aliter.40
615304vAliter; Aliter; [?? tenuit]; de proparte; de proparte.53
616305r[vide ?? breve ?? R’ ?? xv]; Aliter in ?post’; Aliter.31
617305vAliter; Aliter.20
618306rAliter; [per formam donacionis et ex remanere]; Aliter; [Revert’ dz’ et formam docacionis et ??]; Aliter; [Per formam donacionis et ?finis predict’]; Regula.63
619306vAliter; Corodio [?? tenuit]; Aliter.31
620307rForma donacionis en le revertiForma donacionis en le reverti; Aliter; Aliter quando habitum religionis assumpsit.31
621307vForma donacionis en le remanereAliter; Aliter.20
622308rAliter; Regula.10
623308vEx quam querelaAliter; Regula.10
624309rAliter in Burge; Aliter.20
625309vAliter; Aliter.20
626310rAudita que vela; de testo probando.22
627310vAliter in Londonia.10
628311rde tenementis legatis sub condicione; Aliter de tenementis legatis.21
629311vDe quod dampnum.11
630312rAd quod dampnumAliter; Regula.10
631312vAliter in excambium.10
632313rAd quod dampnumAliter de ten’ dand’ custodi capelle in subvencionem sustentacionis sue et duorum capellanorum; Aliter de redditu dando abbati et ius ad inveniendum duos capellanorum.20
633313vRegula; Aliter de redditu remittendo relaxando et quiet’ clamand’; Aliter quando tenetur de Rege in capite.20
634314rAliter quod apossit feoffare E ita quod idem E dare possit et concedere prefat’ ten’ eidem A et M uxor suis et her’ de corpo’ ipsius A ?exemit’ ?na ?? sine her’ etc’ rem’ h et si idem obiit etc’ r’ E et si idem E etc’ veni’ rect’ her’ predicta.10
635314vde feoffando aliquem de ten’ et de concedendo revers’ dot et ad terminum vite eidem ita quod habita inde etc’ dare possit et concedere eadem ten’ feoffatorii ad terminum vite recepto attornamento etc’ conc’ possit etc’ Ita quod post mortem venire alii et her’ suis.11
636315rQuod quietus sit de tollonioPer prescriptionem; Regula; cum pluries inde; Attachiamentum inde.33
637315vRegula; de essendo quietum de theolonio per cartam etc’ cum clausula licet.11
638316rcum pluries inde; cum pluries alterius forme.22
639316vquod mercatores extranei et alienigene non prestent theolonium; de essendo quietum de theolonio per cartam progenitoris.22
640317rRegula; aliter per cartam Henrici progenitoris quam E anno ?iur’ confirmavit.11
642318rquod persone ecclesiastice sunt quieti de theolonio; Aliter; Aliter.31
643318vde essendo quieto de theolonia de antiquo dominico; Patens inde; Attachiamentum super ballivos.33
644319rquod homines de antiquo dominico non contribuant expensis militi.11
645319vquod nativi non contribuant expensis militi.11
646320rquod clerici de cancellaria non contribuant expensis procuratorum.11
647320vDe libertatibus allocandis; Aliter per cartam progenitoris etc’.21
648321rAiliter per cartam c’ H quondam R’ Anglie; Aliter per cartam confirmacionis cum clausa licet.21
649321vAliter per cartam progenitoris et confirmacionem Regis cum clausula licet; Aliter.20
651322vAliter; Aliter de eodem; de inquirendo de libertate allocanda.31
652323rAliter pro Baronibus quinque portubus; Aliter.20
653323vAliter cum clausa de licet.10
654324rDe corrodio habendoAliter; Aliter.20
655324vAliter; Sicut alias.21
656325rcum pluries set non formatur super le sicut alias quod precedit.11
657325vAttachiamentum inde.11
658326rAliter non obstante excusacione; de corrodio transferendo de uno ad alium.21
659326vde annua pensione priori etc’; littera de annua pensione; de primo beneficio ecclesiastico habendo.33
660327rde pensione concessa ad scaccarium per Regem; de inquirendo de idiota.22
662328rAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
663328vde ydiota coram consilio ducendo.11
664329rDe nominacioneDe nominacione revocanda; de admittendo presentacionem per abbatem ad nominacionem Regis.22
665329vAliter de nominacione; Aliter de nominacione causa permutacionem; [Breve de forma donacionis inf’ defend’ ?prop’ tenuit].31
667330vAliter et ballivis libertatis; Aliter pro levi suspicacione.20
668331rAliter de parvo latroncinio; Nota.10
669331vManucapcio pro appello vinente appellatore.11
670332rAliter post mortem probatoris qui non est notorius latro; Aliter de assensu mortis; de vi et auxilio precepto missione et abetto.31
672333rManucapcio pro iudicamento coram custodibus pacis; Aliter de eodem.21
673333vde mittendo iudicamentum inde coram rege ad deliberandum iudicamentum coram Custodibus pacis.11
674334rbreve inde admittendo corpus iudicati; Aliter pro notorie suspecto de feloniis et maleficiis manucapto.21
675334vAliter forstallariis.10
676335rAliter ad prosequendum appellum et brevia de falso iudicio.10
677335vAliter pro Abbate eo quod maliciose fuit appellatus omittendo nomen dignitatis.10
678336rAudita querela inde E lestrop’; Aliter pro statuto mercatorio pro eo quod solvit parte.21
680337rsupersedeas; de dimittendo per manucapcionemAliter de transgressionibus feloniam non tangentibus; Aliter ad prosequendum decepcionem per maliciam per statutum mercatorum.20
682338rsupersedeas; De dimittendo manucapt’pro illo qui est captus pro notificacione bulle in cancellaria essendi coram ?cons’ Regis ad proximum parliamentum.11
683338vsupersedeas exigend’Supersedeas exigend’ in brevi de ordinacione versus magistros.11
684339rsupersedeas exigend’Aliter pro serviente; Supersedeas capcioni in brevi de serviente.21
685339vDe supersedeas exigend’ in placito debiti.11
686340rAliter de placito trans’ compoti vel debiti.10
687340vSupersedeas exigend’ pro illo qui manucepit pro quodam arenato coram Rege in Banco; Aliter supersedeas exig’ per directum coram custodibus pacis.21
688341rAliter supersedeas in duobus brevibus de diversis placitis.10
689341vDe capto per le capias per manucapcionem etc’ deliberando; Aliter supersedeas capcioni corporis.21
691342vde attornato vic’ pro profro faciendo admittendo etc’; Regula; De respectu compoti vic’ habendo; De lanis decrescentia Wall’ traducend’ absque custuma iterato solvend’ quia semel’ solut’ erat.33
693343vDe belanciis deferendis; Aliter.21
694344rDe mensuris et ponderibus ne quis bis primatur pro uno delicto.11
696345rNota; Aliter.10
709351vForesta de ??.11




Something seems to have happened to registers of writs in the last years of the reign of Edward III, something that continued in the reign of Richard II. All five of our manuscripts from this period, this one and HLS MS 165, 155, 168, and 34, are very large: 1755 writs in the large count in this register, 1160 in shorter count; MS 165: 1906, 1219; MS 155: 2412, 1638 (the largest short number that we have); MS 168: 2060, 1373; MS 34: 2417, 1591 (the largest long number that we have). These numbers are quite a bit larger (using the longer count) than the register that seems to date from mid-century, MS 166 (1271), which was, in turn, quite a bit larger than those dating from the beginning of the reign of Edward III or the end of that of Edward II, e.g. MS 45 (819), MS 28 (941) and Hall’s Register ‘R’ (886). These registers also have a structural feature that they share with MS 166 but with none of the earlier ones, the inclusion a substantial number of writs after formedon, as opposed to a small miscellaneous collection of afterthoughts.

Let us examine the major categories and their rough proportions in this manuscript: Right (9%), Ecclesiastical (18%), Waste (2%), Replevin (3%), Trespass (11%), Criminal (2%), Account (2%), Debt (6%), Rights in land (2%), Annuity, Mesne (1%), Wardship (2%), Covenant (3%), Dower (1%), Writs on statutes (7%), Statute of labourers (1%), Novel disseisin (11%), Mort d’ancestor (2%), Entry (4%), Cessavit (1%), Formedon (1%), Ad quod dampnum (1%), Rights of those of lower status (2%), De libertatibus allocandis (1%), Corodies and pensions (1%), De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis (0%), Ecclesiastical additional (2%), Mainprize (2%), Miscellaneous, including weights and measures (1%). (Proportions that equal zero are less than half a percent.)

The comparison with MS 166 is informative: Right (10%), Ecclesiastical (13%), Waste (3%), Replevin (4%), Criminal (0%), Trespass (10%), Account (2%), Rights in land (3%), Debt (4%), Warranty of charter (1%), Annuity, Mesne (1%), Covenant (3%), Dower (1%), Wardship (2%), Escheat (1%), Local courts (2%), Writs on statutes (5%), Novel disseisin (12%), Mort d’ancestor (3%), Ejectment (0%), Entry (4%), Formedon (1%), Ad quod dampnum (4%), Protections (5%), Pardons (1%), Miscellaneous (2%). (Once more proportions that equal zero are less than half a percent.)

The proportions are roughly the same; the categories differ quite a bit. In both cases, approximately 10% of the register is in categories after formedon, but what is contained there is quite different. Ad quod dampnum is proportionally quite a bit smaller (1% vs. 4%). Protections are not there; they are 5% in MS 166. (There are writs of protection in MS 53; most of them with writs of attorney in the section on writ of right [fol. 28r–29r].) There are no writs of pardon in MS 53. In place of protections and pardons after formedon in MS 53, we get a category that we have called ‘Rights of those of lower status’ and for which the headers have no category, although there is one header: ‘Quod quietus sit de tollonio’. It includes such items as ‘Quod homines de antiquo dominico non contribuant expensis militi’ and ‘Quod clerici de cancellaria non contribuant expensis procuratorum [in parliamento]’. The next section, which we have called ‘De libertatibus allocandis’ on the basis of the name of the first writ in the section, principally concerns liberties granted to burgesses by royal charter. The following sections, Corodies and pensions (1%), De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis (0%), Ecclesiastical additional (2%), Mainprize (2%), are also all new, at least as separate sections. The section ‘Ecclesiastical additional’ differs from the main ecclesiastical section in that it deals principally with the exercise of royal rights in churches (advowsons, etc.) and is not directly connected with litigation. Similarly, and not surprisingly, the section on the statute of Labourers next to ‘Writs on statutes’ in the main section of the register is new.