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HLS MS No. 45

Registrum brevium

ca. 1350



<Preliminary introduction>

The HOLLIS cataloguing may be found here. The following items are worth repeating:

“Description: 87 leaves : vellum ; 20 cm.

“Notes: Lacking first leaf.

“Spine title: Formularia brevium. M.S. Super memb. S. XIV.”

The cataloguing in Baker’s English Legal Manuscripts, 1, no. 69 reads as follows:


“MS. 45.

“C.xiv, 87 ff. Imperfect at the beginning.

“Thomas Thorpe catalogue (1836), no. 469; bought by Sir Thomas Phillipps (MS. 9339); his sale, S. 7 June 1899, no. 489, to Reader; acquired by George Dunn in June 1899; his sale, S. 11 Feb. 1913, no. 66; bought privately by HLS.

Census, I, 1031, no. 45; Early Registers, xxvi.”

Although we have not yet been able to date the manuscript precisely, the date of ca. 1450 given for many years in the HOLLIS catalogue is clearly wrong. It was probably a typographical error for ca. 1350.

The manuscript is approximately 200 X 125 mm.

The script is regular and clearly dates from the 14th century. It shows none of the distinctive features of the 15th century. The manuscript is decorated with red and blue paragraph marks. There are no illuminations or grotesques. The leather binding is modern and in good condition.

Damage includes several missing folios (see quiring below). There are also two small tears in fol. 40 and 67 that do not affect the text; they are stitched with thick thread.

There is no medieval or modern foliation. Our digital foliation does not include the endpapers and ends up with the same number of folios as is found in the previous catalogues. Alphabetic signatures appear on the first page of each quire. The signature letters skip from ‘g’ to ‘j’, but there is nothing that is obviously missing at that point.

Quiring/collation (does not include modern endpapers):

1–28 (f. 1–15, ?one missing before 1), 36 (f. 16–21), 4–98 (f. 22–68, ?one missing after 52), 1012 (f. 69–79, ?one missing after 75), 118 (f. 80–87).


Summary Contents

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  Seq. Fol. No. Item  
9–31f. 1r–12r1Writs of right 
31–46f. 12r–19v2Prohibition 
46–59f. 19v–26r3Replevin 
60–62f. 26v–27v4De nativis habendis 
62–75f. 27v–34r5Trespass 
75–92f. 34r–42v6Criminal 
92–95f. 42v–44r7Account 
96–103f. 44v–48r8Debt 
103–107f. 48r–50r9Annuity 
107–108f. 50r–50v10Covenant 
108–109f. 50v–51r11Mesne 
109–112f. 51r–52v12Dower 
112–113f. 52v–53r13Miscellaneous rights in land 
113–118f. 53r–55v14Brevia de statuto 
118–124f. 55v–58v15Wardship 
125–127f. 59r–60r16Quod Barones non ponantur in assisis 
127–129f. 60r–61r17De coronatore eligendo 
130–131f. 61v–62r18Quod Burgenses possunt leg’cat’ sua 
131–133f. 62r–63r19De tenementis legatis 
133–135f. 63r–64r20Protections 
135–148f. 64r–70v21Novel disseisin: Basic 
148–164f. 70v–78v22Novel disseisin: Redisseisin 
164–176f. 78v–84v23Entry: Basic 
176–179f. 84v–86r24Formedon 
180–181f. 86v–87r25Si sit ad dampnum 


Detailed Contents

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Seq. Fol. Label Header Sig.  
1Front cover 
2Marbled front pastedown, with bookplate, From The Library of George Dunn, Gift of the Alumni of the Harvard Law School 
3Marbled endpaper 
4Blank except for pencilled ’F1’ in lower right-hand corner 
5Pencilled notes of George Dunn 
  Note: Dunn notes absence of first leaf. Pencilled ’F2’ in lower left-hand corner.
91rWrits of rightRecto 
  Note: (1) Note in a modern hand at bottom: “Phillipps MS 9339”. (2) Modern signature or other markings in upper margin. (3) As Dunn notes, the initial folio is clearly missing and the information that might be contained in the first writ of right patent. (4) For the possible meaning of ’Extra’ in brackets, see the introduction.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Vellum narrower than usual; text mostly unaffected.
  Note: Headings on the inner margin.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
5524rDe Rescussu 
5624vDe Rescussu 
6026vDe nativis habendisDe Nativis 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
6227vTrespassDe transgr’ 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: Tear in page sewn with coarse thread.
9142rDe compoto 
  Note: Decorated intial ’R’.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
9644vDebtDe debito 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
10348rAnnuityde annuo redditu 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
10750rCovenantDe convencione 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
10850vMesneDe medio 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
10951rDowerDe dote 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
11252vMiscellaneous rights in landde Curia claudenda 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
11353rBrevia de statutode secta facienda 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘P’.
11855vWardshipDe custodia terre et heredis habenda 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
12559rQuod Barones non ponantur in assisis 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
12760rDe coronatore eligendo 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
13061vQuod Burgenses possunt leg’ cat’ suaQuod Burgenses possunt leg’ cat’ sua 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
13162rDe tenementis legatis 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: B’ in the foot, the significance of which is unclear.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
13564rNovel disseisin: Basic 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
  Note: Tear in page sewn with coarse thread.
14870vNovel disseisin: RedisseisinDe reddisseisina 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
  Note: ?Page missing after this one.
16478vEntry: BasicDe ingressu ad terminum qui preteriit 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘E’.
16780rDe intrusione 
16880vCui in vita 
16981rCui in vita 
17081vAd terminum qui preteriit 
17182rde ingressu per disseisinam cum titulo 
17282vde ingressu post mortem tenentem per legem Anglie 
17383rDe ingressu; Cui in vita 
17483vCui in vita 
17584rDe ingressu sine assensu capituli 
17684vFormedonde ingressu causa matrimonij 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
17785rForma donacionis 
18086vSi sit ad dampnumSi sit ad dampnum 
18287vBlank except for erased ?notes of ownership, possible legible under uv 
184Blank except for pencilled ’B2’ in lower right-hand corner 
185Blank except for pencilled ’B’ in lower left-hand corner 
188Marbled endpaper 
189Marbled back pastedown 
190Back cover 


Preliminary Analysis of the Register of Writs



No heading found

<Introduction to be supplied>



91rRectoRegula; Ballivis Sok’; Regula; (Extra) Custodi terre et heredis; Nota; De recto de dote; Regula; De ?? in Curia ?? vel Ep’.44
101vRegula; Si dominus sit extra regnum; De Recto quando domino feodi remittit Curiam suam domino Regi; De dote; Precipe in capite magna carta capitulo xvii et oportet assidare quod tenetur de Rege in capite; De iure et quod tenetur de Rege in capite.55
112rIsta ii brevia de cursu; De Recto quando aliquis clamat servic’ ?rotuli; (Extra) parvum breve de recto secundum consuetudinem manerii; Regula; (Extra) De eodem; De Recto quod dicitur ne iniuste vexes; Regula; (Extra) prohibicio quando tenens posuerit se in magnam assisam.65
122vRegula; (Extra); De eodem in Curia alicuius; Regula; De anno domino magnam assisam; ?Nota; Regula; (Extra) De pace ?? in Galvelkynd’; de iurata ?? in gavelkynd.54
133r(Extra) Breve de pace de consuetudinibus et serviciis; De magna assisa eligenda de consuetudinibus et serviciis; Nota; Alicuius ad videndum quod plena iusticia exhibeatur antequam ?dictum redd’.33
143vRegula; (Extra) De eodem; (Extra) De eodem sicut alias; (Extra) De recordo et racionabili iudicio et semper fit pro petente; Nota; De eodem in Curia alicuius; De procedendo in loquela.52
154r(Extra) Ad videndum eum qui se essoniavit de malo lecti; Regula; Regula; Regula; de attornato coram milit’ faciendo; Regula.22
164vDe attornato aliter facto; Regula; Regula; De eodem; Regula; Regula; Nota; De attornato ammovendo et alium substituendo.32
175rDe a’bus attornatis prius factis ammovendis et alios substituend’; Regula; Nota; Regula; Regula; (Extra) de attornato in brevi de falso iudicio; Regula.22
185vDe Warancia de servicio domini Regis M’ capitulo ixo; Regula; De eodem; si diverse loquele tunc etc’; Nota; (Extra) De licencia surgendi de malo lecti.43
196r(Extra) De falso facto iudicio in comitatu; De eodem in Curia alicuius; Regula; De eodem in Curia alicuius de ?dominicis domini Regis.31
206vNota; Regula; (Extra) Aliter; Regula.10
217rNota; Pone in brevi de Recto quod peticionem petenti; Regula; Nota; Pone pro defendente; Regula; Monstraverunt ?? veteri dominico domini Regis.33
227vNota; aliter vicecomiti pro eisdem; Regula; Attachiamentum ?sequ’ prohibicione ?? monstraverunt; Regula; Regula; De recto de advocacione ecclesie in Curia alicuius domini W prim’ capitulo vto.33
238rNota; (Extra) De eodem coram Iusticiariis de banco vel ad primam assisam; Nota.10
248vRegula; Nota; De repleg’ terram vel advocat’ ecclesie; Regula; De eodem; Regula; Regula.21
259r(Extra) De ultima presentacione M capitulo ?xiio; ?W I capitulo vo; Magna carta capitulo xiiio; Special’ Iustic’ de ultima presentacione; (Extra) Breve patens de ultima presentacione; Nota.55
269vNota; De trans’ quando aliquis dominus non vult exequi mandatum Regis eo quod tangit personam propriam; De eodem; Regula; De eodem coram Iusticiariis assignatis.31
2710rPatens inde; Aliter racione custodie; Nota; Regula; (Extra) Quare impedit M’ capitulo xio W prim’ capitulo vto; (Extra) vel sic; Regula; De eodem racione custod’ et hered’.53
2810v(Extra) De attornato; Nota; Nota; (Extra) prohibicio non admittat etc’.22
2911r(Extra) Quare non admisit etc’; De eodem; Quare incumbravit.32
3011v(Extra) De brevi quod dicitur utrum etc’ et istud breve fit pro una persona quando predecessor alienavit feodum ecclesie; de eodem coram Iusticiariis as’ patens inde; Regula; (Extra) prohibicio de eodem; (Extra) attachiamentum inde; Nota; (Extra) indicavit W prim’ capitulo vto.53
3112rProhibicio(Extra) Aliter; De eodem parti; Quando aliquis clamat de advocacione; (Extra) Prohibicio de advocacione pro clericis; (Extra) Attachiamentum inde; Nota; Prohibicio de catallis et debitis.64
3212vRegula; De eodem parti ne sequatur; Prohibicio de laico feodo; Attachiamentum inde; Regula; Prohibicio de catallis et debitis pro Rege; Attachiamentum inde.54
3313rProhibicio de laico feodo pro clericis; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de trans’; Nota; Archiepiscopo pro Rege; De trans’ pro clericis beneficiatis attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de districcionibus factis; Quod non impersonetur pendente placito.77
3413vRegula; Ut deliberetur a prisona sicut alias; Prohibicio formata.22
3514rDe eodem; Aliter de eodem; Aliter.30
3614vAttachiamentum; Prohibicio formata de decimis separatis; Prohibicio formata de transgres’; Prohibicio formata parti.44
3715rProhibicio formata racione custodie; Ne quis trahatur extra regnum; Aliter de eodem.32
3815vNe quis compareat extra regnum; Prohibicio pro ballivis regis; De presentacione per Regem.33
3916rLittera porrecta domino Rege ad amovendum vim laicam; (Extra) De vi laica ammovenda; (Extra) De prebenda data per Regem; De procuratore facto in presentacione ecclesie.44
4016vAliter; Regula [?erased]; Quod clerici Regis etc’; (Extra) Ne clerici Regis compellantur ad residenciam personalem faciendum vel ad ord’.32
4117rProhibicio que tangit placitum de raptu; De pensione concessa per aliquem Abbatem et eius conventum; Littera deprecatoria alicui offic’ porrecta pro Rege.33
4217vRegula; (Extra) De excommunicato capiendo; (Extra) Aliter; Regula; (Extra) De excommunicato deliberando ad denunciationem Episcopi; (Extra) De eodem quando Episcopus idoneam caucionem admittere recusavit.42
4318rCaucionem admittere recusavit; (Extra) De eodem vicecomiti; (Extra) De excommuni’ ??.32
4418vRegula; (Extra) Regula.00
4519rDe vasto ad terminum de tenementis dimissis a viro religioso; Aliter; Aliter; De eodem in le remanere; De eodem dum aliquis infra etatem exciterit.51
4619vRepleg’De eodem racione custodie dimisso per verum custodem; Quando aliquis facit vastum de ten’ quod tenuit ad vitam uxori sui; De averiis replegiandis M’ capitulo xix W’ prim’ capitulo ii; Nota bene; De (Extra) eodem sicut alias.42
4720rDe eodem cum pluries; tercium; Attachiamentum inde; De (Extra) homine replegiando.43
4820vDe averiis replegiandis non obstante libertate secund’ stat’ de M capitulo xx; in Wythernam’; Quando aliquis advocat averia vel catalla ?ce’ sua cum pluries.33
4921rDe averiis replegiandis quando vicecomes retornat breve pro eo quod tangit personam suam; Recordari de averiis in comitatu pro petente.22
5021vde eodem in Curia alicuius; Nota; pone (Extra) pro defendente; Regula.21
5122rCausa (Extra) pro defendente; Causa; Causa pro querente; Causa; Causa; Causa (Extra) pro defendente; Causa; Causa; Causa; Causa.1010
5222vCausa; Causa; Causa; Causa; Causa; Causa; Causa; Causa; Causa; Causa.1010
5323rCausa; Causa; Causa; Causa; Causa; De rapcione averiorum post le recordari.66
5423vCausa (Extra) pro defendente; Causa; Causa pro querente; Causa; Causa; Causa (Extra) pro defendente; Causa; Causa; Causa; Causa.1010
5524rDe RescussuDe (Extra) averiis fugatis de uno Comitatu in alium; De (Extra) parco fracto de averiis captis in feodo alicui pro consuetudinibus et serviciis; Aliter; Aliter pro amerciamento; Aliter in dampno; De averiis recussis ballivo Regis pro debito Regis.63
5624vDe RescussuAliter pro quadam defalta; De averiis captis pro serviciis et rescussis; De parco fracto post reddicionem iudicii; De averiis rescussis custodi celle; De (Extra) averiis captis extra feodum vel in regia strata.54
5725rM’ capitulo xiiiio; Aliter; Aliter de eodem extra feodum; Ne quis distringatur ad respondendum alicui transferendo per ballivam aut potestatem alicuius; Attachiamentum.53
5825vNe quis distringatur averia carucarum nec oves suas; Ne quis distringatur per oves suas; De eodem in Comitatu; Attachiamentum de averiis carucarum.43
5926rde attornato averiis replegiandis; de homine replegiando W secundo capitulo xvo; De eodem pro trans’ foreste; De moderata uniam capiend W prim’ capitulo ixo; Nota; W prim’ capitulo xxxixo.54
6026vDe NativisDe nativis habendis; Regula; Quando manserit dominico per minus temporis; Pone de Nativis; De libertate probanda; De auxilio habendo ad distringendum villanos; Aliter.65
6127rDe auxilio habendo ad primogenitum filium militem faciendum vel filiam maritandam; De scutagio habendo; Sicut alias; De minis; Aliter de incendio domorum; Cum pluries de eodem.64
6227vDe transgr’Attachiamentum; De trans’ in Comitatu; De bonis et catallis asportatis; De libera falda prostrata; De ovibus abductis.55
6328rde eodem infra terminum; De quadam carta fracta; De libera piscaria; De fossato prostrato; De equis abductis in suburbia londonie; De averiis imparcatis sine alimento; de eodem pro executoribus; de catallis ex ca’ mutui recept’; De trans’ Reg’.97
6428vDe vivariis piscatis; De cuniculis asportatis; De arboribus succisis; Regula; De clauso fracto; de cigno vel cane interfecto; de averiis in communa pastura imparcatis; de bladis depastis; De esparvariis asportatis.88
6529rDe ostiis et sepibus fractis et combustis; De ovibus in regia strata captis; De averiis ad loca ignota fugatis; De tauro capto; De uxore rapta; De terra seisinata conculcata; De maritagio ablato et bonis conscriptis; De trans’ pro executoribus.88
6629vDe uxore rapta; De navibus et victualibus abductis; De insultu et prisonamento quando de vita desperabatur; De imprisonamento etc’; De rotulis et talliis fractis; De carta fracta et sigillo abstracto; De trans’ de rescussu facto ballivo Regis.77
6730rDe rescussu facto alicui ?de fuit ballivis Regis; De trans’ contra proteccionem domini Regis; De wrecco maris asportato; Inquisicio de trans’ qua proteccionem.44
6830vExtra; Audita querela de disseisina; Audita querela de morte antecessoris; audita querela de minis in portibus; Audita querela de trans’ coram iusticiariis assignatis; Audita querela in quinque portibus de attincta super disseisinam.66
6931rRegula; Inquisicio de trans’ etc’; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; de Warenno fugato et ?quando certificet Cur’ de novibus malefactoribus; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.92
7031vAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter in Londonia; de audiendo et terminando de inquirendo de parco fracto; aliter vicecomiti.62
7132rde audiendo et terminando de bonis asportatis; de eodem vicecomiti; de audiendo et terminando de bonis hospit’ asportatis.32
7232vDe eodem vicecomiti; De bonis et catallis mercatorum Almannorum abductis; de eodem vicecomiti.31
7333rDe associacio in brevi de audiendo et terminando quando duo associatur duobus.11
7433vAliter; de attornato in brevi de trans; Quando (Extra) vicecomes recusat dare villam petenti; de attornato in brevi de trans’ coram Rege; Cauda; Aliter.64
7534rRegula; De odio et atya W prim’ capitulo xiiii; Atya Glouc’ capitulo xo; De recordo et processu Iusticiariis mittendis.33
7634vDe appello removendo coram Rege vel coram iusticiariis de banco; De appello de morte hominis; Aliter; Regula; De appello Roberie mahem’ vel raptus.43
7735rPatens inde; De bono et malo; De gaola deliberanda usque ad certum tempus; De bono et malo pro tonsura monete; imprisonate deliberanda.55
7835vDe gaola deliberanda de tal’ posito in exigend’; De ingrendo de malefactoribus tam in ?? libertat’ qua extra; ut ducatur ab una gaola in aliam.33
7936rut recipiatur a ducentibus; ut transgressores ducantur coram Iusticiariis; Ballivum; De capto pro combustione qui non deligit.44
8036vDe appello audiendo et terminando; Patens inde; Inquisicio de interfeccione.33
8137rInquisicio de trans’; Aliter; De record’; De inquirendo et terminando hominem in ecclesia.43
8237vInquisicio de eschaeta in Londonia; De eschaeta collata per Regem carta per Regem facta.22
8338rInquisicio de anno et die; De seisina de anno et die habenda; Die clausit extremum; De (Extra) seisina post inquisicionem habenda.44
8438vad inquirendum de quo tenuit terras; De recordo morte hominis; De recordo utlagarie; De etate probanda clausum; Patens inde.55
8539rInquisicio de thesaurario; De eodem vicecomiti; De idemptitate nominis.32
8639vDe inquirendo de ideota; Si sit ad dampnum.22
8740rRegula; Aliter; De eodem quando tenetur de incapite; Rehabere.31
8840vAliter de ?Manerio; De eodem in escambio.20
8941rDe ?? relig’ qui ?? contra statutum; Carta de licencia post inquisicionem.22
9041vAlia carta per inquisicionem; Carta de foresta post inquisicionem; Inquisicio de adquisicione post statutum.33
9142rDe compotoDe (Extra) compoto in comitatu; Nota; de eodem pro executoribus; Aliter de executoribus versus executores; De tempore quo fuit receptor denarii pro ??; De eodem pro mercatoribus; Nota; De compoto in banco.63
9242vAliter; De eodem in allocacione navis; De [extra] eodem pro executoribus; Aliter; De eodem pro custode conversorum Londonie; Regula; et non fit in Comitatu nec contra exec’; Monstravit de compoto M capitulo xxo.72
9343rRegula; De eodem in Londonia quando fuit receptor denarii; De cape per falsam suggesionem ponendo per ball’; De (Extra) attach’ ipsum qui fecit falsam suggesionem in Curia Regis.32
9443vquod vicecomes recipiat arestatum compoti W I capitulo xio; Ad deliberandum hominem captum pro arreragiis pro manucapciones.22
9544rDe eodem thesaurario; de attornato in brevi de compoto.21
9644vDe debitoDe (Extra) debito in comitatu; Aliter; De extra debito pro executoribus; de eodem de libro; De eodem in Londonia; De eodem pro executor’ versus execut’ execut’ [sic]; Nota; Si (Extra) recognoscat.73
9745rquod vicecomes fac’ levar’ debit’ in comitatu; Pone (Extra) de debito; Regula; Nota; quod vicecomes supersedeas ten’ placitum quod summam xl attingit; De (Extra) eodem vicecomiti.43
9845vDe (Extra) eodem in Curia; Aliter in hundredo; Attachiamentum inde; Quod nullus distringatur pro aliquo debito de quo pleg’ non exciterit; Attachiamentum inde; De debito ad primam assisam.64
9946rDe debito in banco; De execu’ versus execu’; Aliter quando ?qui debitores mortui sunt; Aliter quando ?obligatoribus comit’; De debito pro ?incesta; Quod ?? post her’ cat’.64
10046vDe plegio acquietando in comitatu; Aliter; De debito recognito Cancell’; (Extra) De recognicione facta pro statuto mercatorum; Regula; Aliter.53
10147rRegula; De eodem clericis; Ne clerici attachientur per ?? pro recogn’; De debiti respectuand’; De debit’ respectuand’ vic’; de eodem thesaurario et baronibus de scaccario.53
10247vNota; scaccario sine ?? auxilium ad debita levanda; Regula; (Extra) de attornato brevi de debito ad bancum; Quod panis et aqua inveniatur prisonat’ ?s’m le mercator’; Regula.33
10348rde annuo reddituNota; De annuo redditu in comitatu; Aliter; (Extra) De annuo redditu ad bancum; de attornato de redditu; (Extra) De carta reddenda; ad bancum; Regula; Pone de eodem.75
10448vDe Warancia carte ad bancum W prim’ capitulo vio W prim’ capitulo xlo; de eodem vicecomiti quando Cur’ vocatur ad Warr’.21
10549rDe eodem domino Curie quando ?ipse ?? vocatur ad Warr’; Aliter quando ballivi supersed’; de eodem vel quod ?ipse inhibeat balli’.30
10649vAliter; Aliter.20
10750rDe convencione(Extra) De convencione in comitatu; De eodem ad bancum; Aliter inter ?pr’e heredes; Aliter assignacio; Aliter de victu et vestitu; Aliter de manerio de advocacione ecclesie; Aliter de ?v’ ?alibus in Abb’; Aliter; Aliter de maritagio; Pone pro petente.102
10850vDe mediode attornato in eodem; Aliter de fine facto; ??; De medio in Comitatu.42
10951rDe doteDe eodem bancum; Pone de medio; Quando medius paratus est ad acquietandum tenentem; de attornato in medio; (Extra) ad faciendum consuetudines et servicia reddit’ ?arrerag’; Regula; Aliter; De deforc’ visu franciplegii; (Extra) De dote in Londonia.86
11051vDe eodem ?manutenar’; De dote unde nichil habet; De quando tenetur de Rege in capite M capitulo vio; De assensu et voluntate patris; De dote assig’ ?? ad ostium ecclesie; De admensuracione dotis Westm’ I capitulo viiio; Aliter; pone de eodem; Attincta de dote.96
11152rAliter de eodem; De pontibus et stagnis reparandis; De ponte reparando; Aliter; De via reparanda.53
11252vde Curia claudendaDe acquietando de ??; De acquietando ?tag’; De Curia claudenda.33
11353rde secta faciendaSicut alias vic’ post amensuracionem pasture; pone de eodem; Pone pro defendente; de attornato de eodem; De racionalibus divisis; (Extra) De perambulacione facienda; Ne fiat secta que ?? non debet ad Com’.75
11453vAliter ad Curiam; Aliter ad molendinum; (Extra) Ne fiat secta contra formam feoffamenti Marl’ capitulo viiio; Attachiamentum inde; Ne fiant consuetudines et servicia; De facienda ad molendinum; Ad bancum; Quod permittat villanos; De molere sine multura; Nota; de attornato de eodem; Quod unica fiat secta pro her’ participata Marl’ capitulo viiio.118
11554rIstud breve non valet ubi tenementum tenetur de Rege ut de corona; Attachiamentum inde; Regula; De contribucione facienda M capitulo viiio; Aliter.43
11654vde attornato faciendo; Regula; Ne exigantur secte diverse; Attachiamentum inde; De secta non petenda ab eo qui tenet de Rege; Regula; Aliter pro muliere tenente in dotem de Rege.54
11755rDe trans’ pro religiosis; Aliter; Attachiamentum post le cum pluries super vicecomitem; pro illo qui habet ten’ in diversis hundredis; Attachiamentum inde; De visu franciplegii.65
11855vDe custodia terre et heredis habendaAttachiamentum inde; De visu quando plures sunt domini; De eodem ballivis honorie alicuius; Regula; Quod persone ecclesiastice non habeant necesse venire ad turnum vicecomiti; Aliter; de custodia terre et heredis in comitatu; Regula.64
11956rDe eodem ad bancum; Pone de eodem; De corpore heredis habendo; De eodem racione dimissionis; De custodia racione custodie; De custodi terre et heredis sine corpore; De custodi terre et heredis in socagio de eodem sine corpore; Regula quis ?heredit’ custodia ??.73
12056vDe custodia racione concessionis; De custodia cum maritagio recuperanda; De eieccione custodie; De eodem racione dimissionis; Aliter de eieccione.53
12157rDe execucione custod’ dimisse per execuctores; De execucione manerii dimissi ad firmam; De herede rapto et maritato sine licensia custodis; Nota; Aliter racione quando ipse qui est in custodia habet aliquam custodiam ?si advenienti.43
12257vDe eodem racione dimissionis; Aliter racione dimissionis per vendicionem; Aliter racione dimissionis; De forisfactura maritagii; Aliter de eodem.51
12358rDe valore maritagii recuperando; Aliter; De herede rapto contra statutum.32
12458vQuando ducitur de uno comitatu in alium; Aliter de herede abducto; De eiccione custodie in socagio; De herede rapto in socagio; de socagio in Londonia.54
12559rQuod Barones non ponantur in assisis; Quod perpetui languidi non ponantur in assisis; Quod clerici non ponantur in assisis; Quod homines lxx annorum non ponantur in assisis; Attachiamentum inde; Carta super eodem data ad terminum.65
12659vAlia carta ne quis fiat vic’ coronator’ eschaetor’ vel alius ballivis Regis; Quod homines tempore ?suum vic’ in patria non commorantes non ponantur in assis’; Quod homines de antiquo dominio corone Anglie non ponantur etc’; Regula; Quod homines non ponantur in assis’ nisi habeant vel solidat’ terre vel redditus.44
12760rRegula; De viridario eligendo; De coronatore eligende; Ne fiat quis coronator; Quod virum non ponatur in assis’; Aliter de eodem.54
12860vQuod Coronatores non ponatur in assis’; Breve patens ne quis ponatur in assis’; De respertu militis habendo; De eodem Iusticiariis.43
12961rQuod distringatur iurare contra statutum; De eodem in Burgo; Ne capiatur finis pro pulcre placitando; Regula; vendat de terra sua q’m de residuo ?potest facere servic’ domino debit’.43
13061vQuod Burgenses possunt leg’ cat’ suaRegula; Aliter de eodem.10
13162rDe tenementis legatis exec’ ad distribuendum pro anima testatores; De tenementis legatis in Londonia.22
13262vQuod proximus heres sit propinquior ad hereditate emendam; Quod ?prim’ habeat racionabilem partem bonorum que suorum post utrum; In cap’ mes’ per xl dies.33
13363rProteccioRegula; Quod nullus capiatur aut impersonetur propter appellum ?feie’ pro morte alterius quam viri qui; Quod mulier non distringatur ad sectam faciendam terras quas ?ten’ in dotem; Proteccio.33
13463vProteccioIn Hibernia; Clausula; Aliter pro salvo condita pro mercat’; Aliter pro mercator’.42
13564rAliter; Nota; Regula; Quod permittat; De stagno; De via obstructa.43
13664vDe cursu aque; pone de eodem; de attornato de eodem; De disseisina coram Rege; De eodem ad Bancum; Ad primam assisam; De communa pasture.74
13765rRegula; De disseisina coram iusticiariis assignatis; De disseisina quando vir et mulier coniunctim feoffantur; Nota; Regula; Nota; Patens.33
13865vPatens de communa pasture; Regula; De confinio comitatuum patens; Regula; Breve clausum vicecomiti; Patens; De fossato stagno et hiis silibus.55
13966rRegula; Patens de fossato levato; De cursu aque diversis; De via obstructa; Patens utrique deserviens; Aliter de cursu aque in confinio; Patens inde; Regula; In midd’.76
14066vAttornato; De eodem; Clausum de associacione; Patens de associacione; Quod unus iusticiarius non potest vacare capcioni assise; Clausum de eodem Iusticiariis.64
14167rPatens inde; Quo duo associantur duobus; Patens inde; Quod ?nent’ parti suspectos capiatur assisa.44
14267vQuod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise; Quod propinquores homines ponantur in assisis; quod iusticiarii supersedeant quando assisa tangit personam propriam; Quod si non omnes; Aliter.54
14368rQuod non procedant in itinere propter cavillaciones; Quod procedant non obstante statuto; Iusticiariis ad communes assisas; De eodem vicecomiti; Quod omnibus alii pretermissis capiantur omnes assise; Quod non obstante statuto capiantur omnes assise.65
14468vDe communa pasture; Aliter; Quod capiant omnes assisas non expectata presencia; Quod unus iusticiarius capiat assisas cum alio que pro suo defectum ceperunt dilacionem; quod iusticiarii differant iudicium.54
14569rDe eodem pro morte Iusticiarii; Quod aliquis non capiat dilacionem propter infirmitatem Iusticiarii; De eodem Iusticiariis cui alius assoc’.31
14669vDe eodem vicecomiti; De execucione facienda post iudicium redditum; Certificacio nove disseisine post iudicium non redditum; Aliter; Patens inde.53
14770rAttincta nove disseisine; De communa pasture; de stagno levato vel prostrato; de consangue; de libero tenemento; Aliter; Aliter; Patens inde; de attornato in attincta nove disseisine.97
14870vDe reddisseisinaQuod neutri parti suspecti ponantur in assisa; Quando tenementum est in confinio comitatuum quod aliquis capiatur per iur’ de utroque Comitatu; De liberando iur’ quando victi fuerint in attincto; De reddisseisina.44
14971rDe eodem de communa pasture; De via artata; Regula.21
15071vDe assisa de victu et vestitu; Reddisseisina per defaltam; Postdisseisina in brevi de Recto; De eodem sicut alias.43
15172rDe eodem sicut pluries; De perdonacione reddisseisine.21
15272vAliter de eodem; Aliter; Aliter thesaurario et baronibus de scaccario; De fine pro disseisina; Aliter de eodem.51
15373rDe imprisonato in attincta deliberanda; De recordo et processu assise nove disseisine; Aliter; De eodem mittendis ad certum diem.42
15473vDe recordo post attinctam; Aliter; De recordo et processu in morte antecessoris; Regula.32
15574rAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.40
15674vRegula; Regula.00
15775rDe Recordo quando aliquis arr’ super terram adiudicatam Iustic’; De recordo quando aliquis recuperavit seisina alicuius ten’; Regula.22
15875vDe recto habendo de deb’ recogn’; Quod scrutatio rotulis fieri fac’ exec’ iudicii; De recordo et processu de dote; De eodem de morte hominis habendo.43
15976rAliter de eodem; Aliter; de attornato ad sectam faciendam; per litteras patentes et sine brevis; Nota; Aliter ad loquelas prosequendas et defendendas; de attornato Thes’ de libertatibus exigendis; de attornato ad loquelas prosequendas et defendendas ad Curiam suam calumpniandam.74
16076vAliter; de attornato ad Com’; De eodem ad Com’ Wapp’ et Triching’ et ad Curiam; Ballivis vii hundr’; Attorn’ pro cust’ terre et heredis; Nota; de attornato si Curia sit de hereditate uxoris; de attornato pro comitate ville; Attachiamentum de communa secta.86
16177rAttachiamentum aliter; Durantibus personis.22
16277vDedimus potestatem; De generali attornato; Aliter; Dedimus potestatem in recordo et processu de hibernia missis coram Rege in Anglia.43
16378rde attornato in Itinere; de attornato in assisa nove disseisine; de attornato in distr’ contra forma statuti; Aliter pro pulcre placitando; de attornato in attincta nove disseisine et mort’ vic’; de attornato in recordo et processu in Londonia de deb’.65
16478vDe ingressu ad terminum qui preteriitde attornato de racionabili parte; de attornato pro herede infra etc’; De custode admittendo; de attornato ad comp’ redd’ ad scaccarium pro vicecomite; de recognicione debiti in scaccario; Primo gradu; Regula.66
16579rIn secundo gradu; In tercio gradu; Post dimissionem; Regula; Dum non fuit compos mentis in primo gradu; In secundo gradu; In tercio gradu; Post dimissionem; Dum infra etatem fuit in primo gradu; In secundo gradu; In tercio gradu.1010
16679vPost dimissionem; Regula; De ingressu per custodem; Regula; Glouc’; de ingressu ad vitam per assignacionem; Regula; Aliter per dimissionem pro herede; Regula de ingressu post vitam per assignacionem in le cui pro herede; Regula; De ingressu per disseisinam in primo gradu.65
16780rDe intrusioneEtc’; In secundo gradu; Iusticio gradu; In tercio gradu; Regula; Per intrusionem; Post intrusionem; Regula; de tenementis tentis ad vitam alienatis in feodo; Per cui ubi secundus gradus alienat.88
16880vCui in vitaCui ubi primus gradus alienat; Cum titulo; P et sic cui post fiant; Aliter per assignacionem; De intrusione per multas assignaciones; De ingressu post finem ad vitam in Curia Regis vel alius; De tenementis alienatis per tenentem ad vitam per multas assignaciones; Cui in vita; Quando mulier clamat tenere ad vitam.98
16981rCui in vitaRegula; De tenementis tenentis per legem Anglie alienatis in feodo; In le per; In le cui; In le post; De ingressu de dote per Curiam recuperata; De ingressu de dote alienata in feodo contra statutum Glouc’; In le cui; In le post; De dote alienata in feodo que recuperata fuit coram Iusticiariis; De eodem per assignacionem factam ?patri petentis.109
17081vAd terminum qui preteriitAliter per multas assignaciones; ad terminum qui preteriit cum titulo; De eodem in secundo gradu; In le post; Regula; Dum non fuit compos mentis sue cum titulo in primo gradu; In secundo gradu; In le post; de ingressu dum infra etatem fuit cum titulo in primo gradu.86
17182rde ingressu per disseisinam cum tituloIn secundo gradu; Regula; In le post; De ingressu per disseisinam cum titulo in primo gradu; In secundo gradu; In le cui; In le post; Breve de ingressu nove disseisine de corrodio subtracto; Ingressus super disseisinam pro successione prioris disseisine; Titulus pro Priore; Regula; Regula.99
17282vde ingressu post mortem tenentem per legem AnglieAliter prebendario; De ingressu post mortem tenentis ad vitam; Regula; De ingressu post mortem tenentis per legem Anglie; Regula; De ingressu pro consideracione Curie; Intrusio per legem Anglie in post gradu; In le per; In le cui; In le post.87
17383rDe ingressu; Cui in vitaIntrusio de dote per multas assignaciones; De ingressu per illam que tenuit in dotem in primo gradu; In iio gradu; In le post; De eodem per intrusionem de dote; In le per; In le cui; In le post; Aliter de intrusione; De ingressu cui in vita.108
17483vCui in vitaIn secundo gradu; In le post; Regula; Cui in vita quando heredes clamant in le post; Cui in vita de dote secundi viri in primo gradu; In iio gradu; In tercio gradu; In le post; Cui in vita; Aliter qua prius; De ingressu in devorcium in primo gradu cui in vita; In iio gradu.1110
17584rDe ingressu sine assensu capituliIn le post; De ingressu quando prior dimittit sine assensu capituli in primo gradu; Aliter in primo gradu; In secundo gradu; In le post; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; Regula; Cessavit per biennium.85
17684vde ingressu causa matrimonijcausa matrimonii prelocuti; In le cui; In le post; De ingressu ad vitam per assignacionem; Contra viros eligendos qui ingrediunt cum voluntate domini; Forma donacionis quando tenementa dantur alicui ad vitam et ?revers’ ultra alicui et uxori et her’ de corpore etc’ pro ?? exitu in le remanere; Descendere quando particio ten’ fit inter sorores una mortua recuperare pro exitu eiusdem.77
17785rForma donacionisIn le remanere pro exitu tercii in le remanere; Regula; Forma per descensum; forma per descensum unius ?parti; Forma pro exitu exitus cum statu habuit primus ex’; Regula; In liberum maritagium forma per descensum et ?v’ usque partis cum stat’ non habuit.55
17885vDescendere; Forma pro exitu; Forma pro altera filia et pro exitu alterius filie mortue; Forma pro primo; Forma in le reverti deficiente exitu ??; Forma advocacionis in le reverti pro exitibus donatoris.66
17986rForma in le reverti; Aliter in le remanere forma; Forma in le remanere; Forma in le remanere; In le Reverti.54
18086vSi sit ad dampnumPro capello omnia celebratura; Aliter.21
18187rRegula; pro priore et conventu de terra et advocacione; pro Fratribus de placea eis concedenda; De advocacione in proprios usu.33




<Conclusion to be supplied>