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HLS MS No. 27

Registrum brevium

ca. 1424



<Preliminary introduction>

The HOLLIS cataloguing may be found here. The following items are worth repeating:

“Description: 184 leaves : vellum ; 26 cm.

“Notes: Written in a neat contracted legal hand in law-French and Latin.

“Large illuminated initial and floreate side border, painted capitals in blue and red, and ornamental pen letters.”

The cataloguing in Baker’s English Legal Manuscripts, 1, no. 54 reads as follows:


“MS. 27.

“C.xv, 184ff., doeskin over wooden boards. The first writ concerns land in Nottinghamshire, and is tested 5 June 2 Henry. Preceded by an index.

“‘William Godyng’; ‘Godyng William le puisne’ (C.xv); ‘Ad Thomas Bonefaunt’ (misread in Census as ‘Johnston Benesaunt'), i.e. Thomas Bonefaunt (d. 1536) adm. Lincoln's Inn 1522, attorney and filazer of the King's Bench; ‘Liber Philippi Moultonis ex dono Johanne Hendonis vidue’ (C.xvii); acquired by George Dunn in Sept. 1896; his sale, S.12 Feb. 1913, no. 238; bought privately by HLS.

Census, I, 1027, no. 27; Early Registers, xxvi.”

For reasons suggested below, we are inclined to date the manuscript as after 1424 as opposed to the ca. 1420 date given in HOLLIS. We would also add that that Latin dominates as the language; there is relatively little ‘law-French’.

The manuscript is approximately 260 X 195 mm.

The script is neat and consistently legible, clearly 15th-century, though more likely a script of the first half of the century as opposed to the second half.

The manuscript contains red and blue paragraph marks and decorated capitals throughout. There is a particularly large, colorful initial capital and floral border at the beginning of the register (fol. 8r). We found two profile human faces incorporated into flourishes at the top of the text on consecutive pages (fol. 26).

The board-and-doeskin binding is old, perhaps even original. It has significant scoring and surface damage; most of the outer tanning on the doeskin has worn away.

Damage to the manuscript includes several torn pages (fols. 9, 184, and 195) and even more missing ones (after fols. 38, 40, 60, 67, 83, 151, and 155).

There is no medieval foliation, but chapter numbers are included in the upper corners. Signatures can be found on the first four pages of each quire with a plus sign on the fifth. Our digital foliation, like that of HOLLIS and Baker, begins with the index of contents, ignoring the initial freestanding endpapers, though these seem to be quite old.

Quiring is mostly regular quaternions with occasional quires of 6, 10, or 12 pages. Several pages are missing, which makes this collation somewhat tentative, although the signatures help:

12 (unfoliated), 2–58 (unfoliated–f. 31), 6?12 (f. 32–40, two missing after 38, one missing after 40), 7–118 (f. 41–78, two missing after 60 and 67), 1210 (f. 79–87, one missing after 83), 13–148 (f. 88–103), 15–166 (f. 104–115), 17–218 (f. 116–154, one missing after 151), 22? (f. 155, ?many pages missing), 23–258 (f. 156–179), 266 (f. 180–185).

There is only one mark of foliation on the manuscript that we have been able to find: ‘201’ in pencil in a script that does not look old on the last folio. That does not correspond to our digital foliation of 184. It may, however, correspond to the number of folios that the manuscript originally had. We counted nine missing folios plus an indeterminate number in quire 22, of which only one folio seems to have survived. This could add up to the 17 that the manuscript foliation suggests are missing. It seems likely that this number was someone’s estimate of the original number of folios rather than an actual count of what was there. It may have been done at the same time as the handwriting in pencil on fol. 155r, which notes that the one remaining folio of quire 22 was bound out of order. (The signature marking does follow in order for the place where the folio is located.)

The contents of the missing folios could be reconstructed from the index of contents. Except in the case of the problematical quire 22 we have not yet undertaken to do so. In the case of quire 22, both medieval and modern notes indicate that the one of folio of it that survives is out of order and that it should appear following fol. 148v. That is certainly correct. What is not noted, but what is in fact the case, is that if we place fol. 155 after fol. 148, the text carries over to fol. 149. That would suggest that the putative quire 22 was never a full quire, but a stray folio. The index of contents tends to confirm this, because there is no indication in the index that anything like a full quire is missing at this point.

If quire 22 was originally only one folio, there remain 9 folios that appear to be missing because of breaks in the text. While closer examination of the manuscript in situ might reveal evidence that some or all of these were cut out, there is no evidence in the images that they were. That would suggest that the loss of folios occurred quite early, before the manuscript was bound. There is evidence that the binding dates from the 15th century. The initial and final endpapers almost certainly do so, and there is nothing that we can discern in the style of the binding that would require a later date. The medieval writing on the front cover confirms the date.

Turning to the index of contents, it is laid out in double columns in a clear script that is roughly contemporary with the register itself. It begins with a decorated capital ‘D’ with scrollwork and for a while the chapter numbers are painted in blue (‘prima pars’, ‘tercia pars’, etc.), alternating with ‘capitulum’ (‘capitulum secundum’, ‘capitulum iiij’ etc.) in ink. The blue decoration does not continue, but the chapter numbers in ink do continue. They correspond, for the most part, to the chapter numbers found in the register itself, 46 in all. (No. 30 in the text continues through no. 31 in the Contents, and the numbers fall one behind until we reach no. 40, which is skipped, so that the text chapters end up corresponding to the Contents chapters.) A later hand has, in some cases, put a general word in the margin of the Contents to describe the contents of the chapter.

We have sectioned the manuscript according to these chapter numbers and were pleased to discover that contemporaries were dividing the writs in the way that we have for registers that do not have built-in sections. Our sections have tended to be broader. For example, our large section ‘Ecclesiastical writs’ that follows writs of right is divided in this manuscript into six: (1) basic ecclesiastical writs: Right of advowson, Darein presentement, Quare impedit, Ne admittas, Quare non admisit, Utrum; (2) Prohibition; (3) Consultation; (4) Writs in favor of royal clerks; (5) Royal rights; (6) De excommunicato capiendo. Of particular interest is the way in which the indexer has divided the large collection of miscellaneous writs following formedon that had accumulated over the course of the 14th century (cc. 37–46), as indicated in the section table below, which follows the numbering in the Contents.

The initial writ of right patent is tested 5 June in year 2 of a King Henry. Depending on which Henry we choose this could be 1401, 1414, or 1424. Without in any way being decisive, the script suggests the last of those dates. An impossiblity in the second writ suggests the same result. It is addressed to the bailiffs of Queen Catherine ‘consortis nostre carissime’. Catherine of Valois was not the queen of Henry VI; she was his mother. She did not, however, marry Henry V until 2 June 1420. What seems to have happened is that the maker of the register used a writ dating from sometime after 2 June 1420 but before 1 Sep. 1422, but updated the date in the intial writ of right patent to reflect the date on which he was writing (or began to write).

Baker argues that the manuscript was owned by both a William Godyng and a William Godyng le puisne. The former name appears on fol. 149r; the latter on fol. 185r where ‘Godyng Willm’ is crossed out but not ‘le puisne’. It is possible that the son crossed out his father’s name but left in ‘le puisne’ to indicate the passage of ownership from his father to him; ‘le puisne’ does not have to have been written in the same hand as ‘Godyng Willm’. The same page that contains the mark of ownership of the putative Godyngs also contains a mark of ownership of one Thomas Bonefaunt. Between the two there is what appears to be a mark of ownership of another that is rubbed out. It might be legible under uv.

A William Godyng was a Chancery clerk first mentioned as such in 1429 and last so mentioned in 1451. Baker, Men of Court 1:761–2. That he was one of the owners of this manuscript seems virtually certain. Thomas Bonafaunt was the King’s Bench filazer, the clerk in charge of the writs, who died in 1536. He also seems to be a virtually certain owner. That the manuscript passed from William Godyng the father to William Godyng the son and then to Bonafaunt is possible chronologically. That would not, however, account for the illegible putative owner who may have intervened, but who also may have preceded the first Godyng. The latter possibility might explain why the name of the illegible owner was rubbed out but not the Godyngs’ names.

Certainty about the date is not possible, though we are confident enough that the writ of right patent is in the name of Henry VI that we have raised the terminus a quo from 1420 to 1424. What the evidence does show is that the manuscript was owned by a Chancery clerk close to the period of its initial composition and that it was owned by a clerk who specialized in writs at a later time. The contents confirm the association with men who ‘did’ writs, as opposed to a lawyer who used them, much less to someone who wanted to know about the law more generally. It is very large; it is well organized. It covers, seemingly, everything, not just the writs that were associated with the courts, but administrative writs as well.


Summary Contents

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  Seq. Fol. No. Item  
10–19f. 1r–5v0Contents 
24–35f. 8r–13v1Writs of right, including recordari 
35–41f. 13v–16v2Writs of right: De recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
41–46f. 16v–19r3Writs of right: De falso iudicio 
46–53f. 19r–22v4Writs of attorney, including writs of protection 
53–56f. 22v–24r5Writs of attorney: De attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevi  
56–62f. 24r–27r6Ecclesiastical writs: Basic 
62–78f. 27r–35r7Ecclesiastical writs: Prohibition 
78–103f. 35r–47v8Ecclesiastical writs: Consultation 
103–107f. 47v–49v9Ecclesiastical writs: In favor of royal clerks 
107–112f. 49v–52r10Ecclesiastical writs: Royal rights 
112–120f. 52r–56r11Ecclesiastical writs: De excommunicato capiendo 
120–125f. 56r–58v12Waste, including de estreppamento 
126–136f. 59r–64r13Replevin 
136–174f. 64r–83r14Trespass 
174–177f. 83r–84v15Error 
178–179f. 85r–85v16Criminal 
179–184f. 85v–88r17Account 
184–200f. 88r–94r18Debt 
197–202f. 94v–97r19Miscellaneous rights in land 
203–204f. 97v–98r20Annuity, including mesne 
204–209f. 98r–100v21Covenant 
209–212f. 100v–102r22Wardship 
214–215f. 103r–103v23Dower 
215–235f. 103v–113v24Brevia de statuto 
236–238f. 114r–115r25Statute of labourers 
240–254f. 116r–123v26Novel disseisin: Basic 
255–273f. 123v–132v27Novel disseisin: Redisseisin 
273–276f. 132v–134r28Mort d’ancestor 
276–280f. 134r–136r29De avo et consanguineo 
280–282f. 136r–137r30Quare eiecit 
282–285f. 137r–138v31Entry: Basic 
285–286f. 138v–139r32Entry: Cui in vita 
286–289f. 139r–140v33Entry: De intrusione 
289–292f. 140v–142r34Entry: ?Cui and post 
292–293f. 142r–142v35Cessavit per biennium 
293–298f. 142v–145r36Formedon 
298–301f. 145r–146v37Testaments 
301–319f. 146v–155v38Ad quod dampnum 
320–324f. 156r–158r39Rights of those of lower status 
325–329f. 158v–160v40Corodies and pensions 
330–331f. 161r–161v41De libertatibus allocandis 
331–334f. 161v–163v42De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis 
336–343f. 164r–167v43Miscellaneous ecclesiastical by the king 
343–352f. 167v–172r44De manucapcionibus 
353–355f. 172v–173v45Miscellaneous, including weights and measures 
355–373f. 173v–182v46Charters of pardon 


Detailed Contents

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Seq. Fol. Label Header Cap. Sig.  
1no fol., no sig.Spine 
2no fol., no sig.Front cover 
  Note: In medieval script upside down on front cover: ?‘N. Castri’.
3no fol., no sig.Inside front cover, with bookplate, From the Library of George Dunn, Gift of the Alumni of the Harvard Law School 
4no fol., no sig.Blank 
5no fol., no sig.Later notes and library reference marks 
  Note: Notes of acquisition by Philip Moulton (17th c.) and George Dunn. ‘Ut ver dat flores flos fructus fructus odores, Sic studium mores mos sensus sensus honores’ in 15th century script. These sentences are also found in Tours, B.M. MS 404, a 15th-cenury collection of theological treatises.
6no fol., no sig.Blank except for ?header 
7no fol., no sig.Blank 
8no fol., no sig.Blank 
9no fol., no sig.Blank 
101rContentsPrima parsa ij 
  Note: For the layout of the Contents see the Introduction. The names of the writs in the Contents do not correspond exactly to those in the text. Some generalization is going on, which provides clues as to the division into chapters. Hence, some of the Contents are given below in the notes.
122ra iij 
143ra iiij 
206rBlank except for headerde ?? 
248rWrits of right, including recordariIb j 
  Note: (1) Elaborately decorated initial ‘H’ with partial floral border. Contents begins ‘De brevibus de recto patentibus diversimode’; ‘De ordine ponendi particulas’.
258vbrevia de 
269rRecto patent’I 
  Note: Folio torn, significant damage to text.
2810rIb iij 
2910vde supersedendo inI 
3011rBrevi de rectoIb iiij 
3111vRecordari inI 
3212rbrevi de RectoI 
3513vWrits of right (cont’d)I 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De recto secundum consuetudinem manerii diversimode’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
4016riic j 
4116vWrits of right (cont’d)iii 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De falso iudicio in comitatu diversimode’.
4217riiic ij 
4418riiic iij 
4619rWrits of attorney, including writs of protectioniiiic iiij 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De generali attornato diversimode cum dedimus potestatem’.
5322vWrits of attorney (cont’d)v 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevi diversimode’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
5624rEcclesiastical writsvid j 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De recto advocacione ecclesie diversimode’. Includes Darein presentement, Quare impedit, Ne admittas, Quare non admisit, Utrum.
5825rvid ij 
6026rvid iij 
  Note: Human face in profile in header.
  Note: Human face in profile in header.
6227rEcclesiastical writs (cont’d)vid iiij 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘Prohibicio de advocacione ecclesie diversimode’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
7232rviie j 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
7433rviie jj 
7634re iij (bis) 
7835rEcclesiastical writs (cont’d)viiie iijj (?final digit added later) 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De consultacione versus parochianum super emendacione corporis ecclesie’.
8036rviiie iiijj (sic) 
8438rviiiplus sign 
  Note: Two folios cut out after this one.
  Note: (1) Folio missing after this one. (2) Carryover indicating quire break.
9041rviiif j 
9242rviiif ij 
9443rviiif iij 
9644rviiif iiij 
  Note: Continuation from previous page.
10347vEcclesiastical writs (cont’d)ix 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De residencia non facienda cum attachiamento’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
10649rxg j 
10749vEcclesiastical writs (cont’d)x 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘Ad iura regia diversimode’.
10850rxg ij 
11051rxg iij 
11252rEcclesiastical writs (cont’d)xig iiij 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De excommunicato capiendo diversimode’.
  Note: ?pen trials.
12056rWaste, including de estreppamentoxii 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
12257rxiih j 
12458rxiih ij 
12659rReplevinxiiih iij 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De homine replegiando diversimode’.
12860rxiiih iiij 
  Note: Folio missing after this one.
13061rxiiiplus sign 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De nativo habendo diversimode’, added in what seems to be later hand, joined with ‘xiiij‘ and followed by ‘De trans in comitatu diversimode‘.
13865rxiiiii ij 
14066rxiiiii ij 
14267rxiiiii iij 
  Note: Folio missing after this one.
14468rxiiiiplus sign; iiij 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
15071rxiiiik j 
15272rk ij iii (crossed out) ij 
  Note: Blank except for pencilled layout and signature marks.
  Note: Blank except for pencilled layout.
15473rxiiiik iij iij 
15674rxiiiik iiij iiij 
15875rxiiiplus sign 
16076r? j 
16277rxiiii? ij 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
16679rxiiiil j 
16880rxiiiil ij 
17081rxiiiil iij 
17282rxiiiil iiij 
  Note: See the note on MS 22, fol. 84r.
17483rErrorxvplus sign 
  Note: Folio missing after this one.
  Note: Contents: ‘De conspiracione diversimode‘, ‘De odio et atia‘, ‘Manucacio de trans pro inditamento coram custode pacis‘.
18488rDebtxviiim j 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De debito in comitatu diversimode’, includes Audiat querela.
18689rxviiim ij 
18890rxviiim iij 
19091rxviiim iiij 
19292rxviiiplus sign 
19794vMiscellaneous rights in landxix 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De secta ad molendinum in comitatu et ad bancum’.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
20096rxixn j 
20297rxxn ij 
20397vAnnuity, including mesne 
20498rCovenantxxn iii 
20699rxxin iiij 
208100rxxiplus sign 
215103vBrevia de statuto 
  Note: (1) Carryover indicating quire break. (2) Contents begins: ‘Quod nullus distringat libere tenentes suos ad respondendum de libero tenemento suo nec iurare facere contra voluntatem suam sine precepto regis’. What follows is extensive and quite miscellaneous.
216104rxxiiio j 
218105rxxiiiio ij 
220106rxxiiiio iij 
222107rxxiiiiplus sign; o iiij 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
228110rxxiiiip j 
230111rxxiiiip ij 
232112rxxiiiip iij 
234113rxxiiiiplus sign; p iiij 
236114rStatute of labourersde ordinacione contra servientemxxv 
240116rNovel disseisinxxviq j 
242117rxxviq ij 
244118rxxviq iij 
246119rxxviq iiij 
248120rxxviplus sign 
255123vNovel disseisin (cont’d) 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De recordo et processu in in brevi de rediseisina mittenda coram Rege’. What follows is extensive and includes Audita querela.
256124rxxviir j 
258125rxxvii2; r ij 
260126rxxviir iij 
262127rxxviir iiij 
264128rxxviiplus sign 
272132rxxviis j 
273132vMort d’ancestor 
274133rxxviiis ij 
276134rDe avo et consanguineoxxixs iij 
278135rxxxs iiij 
280136rQuare eiecitxxxplus sign 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De ingressu ad teminum qui preteriit diversimode’. The chapter number in the headers does not change at this point, making these numbers fall one behind those in the Contents, until we reach no. 40, which is skippped.
285138vEntry (cont’d) 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De ingressu cui in vita pro muliere diversimode’. Ends with De intrusione.
286139rEntry (cont’d)xxxi 
  Note: Contents continues De intrusione.
288140rxxxiit j 
289140vEntry (cont’d) 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De ingressu per tenentem in dotem’. Concludes: ‘De ingressu per tenentem ad teminum vite in consimili casu in le post’.
290141rt ij 
292142rCessavit per bienniumxxxiiiit iij 
  Note: Contents concludes: ‘De tenemento legato in civitatibus et burgis’.
294143rxxxvt iiij 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De tenemento legato in civitatibus et burgis’.
301146vAd quod dampnum 
  Note: Contents extensive.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
304148rxxxviiv j 
  Note: Medieval note indicates that this page is continued six folios further on, confirmed by a pencilled note in a modern hand.
306149rxxxviiv ij 
  Note: Pencilled note: Will’m Godyng vide supra ad x.
308150rxxxviiv iij 
310151rxxxviiv iiij 
  Note: Folio missing after this one.
  Note: ?Carryover indicating quire break.
318155rxxxviiw j 
  Note: Pencilled note: This leaf misplaced turn back 6 leaves.
  Note: (1) Several folios missing after this one. (2) Carryover indicating quire break.
320156rRights of those of lower statusxxxviiix j 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De essendo quietum de theolonio diversimode’.
322157rxxxviiix ij 
324158rxxxviiix iij 
325158vCorodies and pensions 
  Note: By skipping no. 40 the chapter numbers in the header basically recover to what they are in the Contents at this point..
326159rxxxixx iiij 
330161rDe libertatibus allocandisxlii 
331161vDe idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
336164rMiscellaneous ecclesiastical by the kingxliiiy j 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De nominacione facta per Regem’.
338165rxliiiy ij 
340166rxliiiy iij 
342167rxliiiy iiij 
343167vDe manucapcionibus 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘Manucapcio pro inditamento de latrocinio coram vicecomite’.
344168rxliiiiplus sign 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
352172rxliiiiz j 
353172vMiscellaneous, including weights and measures 
  Note: Contents begins: ‘De attornato vicecomitis pro profro faciendo admittendo’.
354173rxlvz ij 
355173vCharters of pardon 
356174rxlviz iij 
358175rxlviz iiij 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
368180rxlviyod j 
370181rxlviyod ij 
372182rxlviyod iij 
374183ryod iij plus sign 
  Note: Text double-spaced on this page only.
375183vBlank except for illegible header 
376no fol., no sig.Blank 
  Note: Folio torn.
377no fol., no sig.Blank 
  Note: Seq. 378 and 379 are enclosed in an old piece of parchment that is now half gone. It is photographed recto and dorse in seq. 376 and 377. Seq. 377 has a line of medieval writing on it that might be legible under uv.
  Note: (1) Folio torn. (2) Notes or signatures: Ad Thomam Bonefaunt; Godyng Willm’ [crossed out] le puisne.
380no fol., no sig.Inside back cover 
381no fol., no sig.Back cover 


Preliminary Analysis of the Register of Writs



No heading found




248rIRegula; Ballivus honoris; Regula; Quando dominus est extra regnum; Regula; Quando dominus est infra regnum; de attornato inde; Regula; de ordine particularum.55
258vbrevia deRegula; Quando ponend’ etc’; Regula; Aliter quando tenementum tenetur per servicium feodi militis; Regula; Aliter per liberum servicium et feodi militis; Regula; Aliter; Aliter.51
269rRecto patent’IOrdo ponendi particulas per versus; Regula; de recto custodi terre et heredis; Regula; Aliter.32
279vIde attornato huius amovendo et alio attornando; Aliter in quinque portubus; de recto in dote.32
2810rIRegula; Aliter; Aliter; Quando partem habet et quando non; Regula; Aliter; de attornato de racionabili parte; de recto episcopis; Regula; sede vacante; Aliter Abbati Ballivis electi; Ne iniuste vexes; Regula; de attornato inde; Regula; de attornato inde; pro defendente.128
2910vde supersedendo inIQuando dominus remisit Curiam suam domino Rege; Regula; littera per quam dominus remittit Curiam suam; Regula; Nota; Precipe in capite magna carta capitulo xxiiio; de attornato inde; breve Iusticiariis de non intromittendo quando breve illud sub dolo impetratur; supersedeas in brevi de recto quando tenens vocavit forinsecum ad Warantum.66
3011rBrevi de rectoIRegula; quando vicecomes accedat ad Curiam ad inhibendum ballivus; Regula; In Curia ville Ballivis Regis quando quis primo vocat intrinsecum post intrinsecum ad warantum; Recordari in brevi de recto; Causa in brevi patenti; Causa; Causa; Causa.77
3111vRecordari inIRegula; Nota; Supersedeas Recordari si non sit recordatum quia causa cessat; Pone in brevi de recto; Nota; Pone pro defendente; Attachiamentum quando dominus non vult tenere Curiam; Regula; Recordari in comitatu cestrie quando tenens vocat.55
3212rbrevi de RectoIforinsecum ad warantum; Dedimus potestatem de attornato inde recipiendo; De errore in comitatu cestrie; Recordari in episcopatu Dunelm’ quia tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warantum; Regula.44
3312vIProhibicio quando tenens posuit se in magnam assisam; Aliter Ballivus; Aliter domino; Aliter de consuetudinibus et serviciis; Aliter de gavelkynd quando posuit se in Curia loco magne assise; Quando posuit se in iure loco magne assise in Curia Baronis; Regula; Quando per defaltam vir admittatur iuxta statutum et posuit se in iure; Aliter; Nota; de magna assisa eligenda; Regula.94
3413rIRegula; Aliter de consuetudinibus et serviciis; Attachiamentum super Ballivos quia processerunt post prohibicionem in brevi de recto patenti; Regula; de essonio de malo lecti; Regula; Regula; de attornato languidi; Regula; de licentia surgendi de malo lecti.54
3513vINota; secundum consuetudinem manerii; Aliter; Regula; Aliter Ballivus Episcopi de via obstructa; Attachiamentum super dominum quando recusat tenere Curiam suam.42
3614riiAliter super ballivos; Regula; Aliter domino Curie quando idem dominus deforceat alicui; Regula Nota; ad videndum quod plena iusticia exhibiatur; Sicut alias inde; de recordo et racionabili iudicio habendo quando noluit procedere ad iudicium; Regula; Aliter in Curia; Cum pluries inde; Regula; Regula; de procedendo in brevi de recto.74
3714viiRegula; Nota; Recordari faciendum; Causa; Regula; Causa per finem le natum; Recordari secundum consuetudinem manerii sine brevi; Causa quia tenementa sunt in manu dominum manerii per feloniam tenentis; Causa quia alias compartum fuit per assisam quod tenementum sit liberum feodum ad communem legem; Nota.66
3815riiCausa; Causa; Causa; Causa in recordari ad sectam petentis et fuit consideratum anno xviiio; Supersedeas quia tenens vocavit forinsecum ad Warantum; Glouc’ capitulo xiiiio; Aliter quando uxor admittatur ad ius suum defendendum.76
3915viide certificacione si loquela Warantie sit discontinuata in parvo brevi de recto per non sectam; Aliter de eodem secundum Wayremyn; Breve coram Rege ad nullam finem levatum de tenementis que sunt de antiquo dominico corona Anglie.32
4016riiRegula; de hominibus de antiquo dominico; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; de eodem vicecomiti; Attachiamentum inde; Nota; de attornato in brevi de attachiamento; de hominibus de hameletto.65
4116viiide certiorando utrum manerii sit antiquo dominico necne; Aliter Regula; Aliter per que servicia tenentur; Regula; de falso iudicio in comitatu; Regula; Nota; Aliter in Curia.41
4217riiide attornato inde; Aliter in Curia sine brevi; Aliter in hundredo; Aliter pro Abbate; Regula; Aliter in Curia quando uxor admittatur ad ius suum defendendum iuxta formam statuti; de falso iudicio pro eo petiit se admitti ad ius suum defendendum; Quando loquela fuit in Curia per returnum brevis et est contra regulam registri; Nota; Aliter in Curia heredis loquela que fuit in Curia matris tenentis in dotem et quando petiit se admitti.83
4317viiide falso iudicio in Curia que non habet returnum suum brevium; Aliter sine brevi secundum consuetudinem Civitatis; Nota; de errore in assisa frisce forcie; Nota; Cum pluries inde; de errore coram Iusticiariis de Banco.54
4418riiiRegula; de execucioni iudicii; Sicut alias; Cum pluries; Regula; Attachiamentum; Aliter; de Warento de servicio regis sine brevi.65
4518vAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Nota; Aliter; Regula; de Warento per testimonium senescalli Regis; Regula; Aliter; Nota; ad procedendum quia non sit in servicio Regis et prius se essoniaverit etc’; de clameo admittendo in Itule per attornato primo die itineris; de libertatibus exigendis in itinere.104
4619riiiide attornato in omnibus placitis in itinere et ad libertates calumpniandas; Regula; Aliter iuxta formam statuti; dedimus potestatem; de attornato inde; Regula; de; de attornato generali.65
4719viiiide attornato pro morante in partibus transmarinis; de attornato in hibernia; de attornato in hibernia pro morante in Anglia; dedimus potestatem in attornato generali; Nota de principibus brevium de aedimus poetstatem; Aliter in omnibus placitis ad libertates exigendas sub calumpniacione; dedimus potestatem ut supra pro infirmus; de generali attornato propriore sancti Johannis Jerusalem in omnibus placitis ad libertates prosequendas; quod Abbas ad totam viam suam possit facere attornatum generalem attorn’.87
4820riiiide attornato inde; de attornato generali; de custode generali pro eo qui est infra etatem; littera patens ad faciendum generalem attornatum.44
4920vde attornato generali inde; de attornato generali in Insulis; Protectio cum clausula volumus.33
5021riiiiAliter; Nota; Aliter in municione; Aliter quia incarceratur; Protectio cum clausula volumus; Aliter pro seculari; aliter vicecomiti; de revocacione proteccionis; Regula; proteccio pro clero; Universis et singulis vicecomitis maioribus Ballivis senescallis prepositis et aliis ministris subditis et si suis ad quos etc’ salt’m.95
5121viiiiAliter pro mercatoribus lumbardis debitoribus Regis; Proteccio de minis; Aliter.31
5222riiiiAliter; proteccio pro hospitali pro elimos’ coll’; Aliter; de conductu.42
5322vvAliter; de attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevi; Regula; Nota Merton’ capitulo ixo; de attornato amovendo loco suo alium substituendo; dedimus potestatem; de amovendo et aliis substituendo; de attornato amovendo et nullum substituendo; dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum ad libertates calumpniandas; de attornato quando loquela que fuit coram Iusticiariis attornat’ placitand’ in curia iuxta libertates; Aliter quando quis petitur in auxilium; de attornato provoc’ ad warantum in duabus loquelis.108
5423rvdedimus potestatem quando quis est admissus ad defendendum ius et vocatis ad Warrantum; de attornato quando uxor petit admitti set non est admissa; dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornati et custodis; de custode et attornato inde; de attornato ad loquelam prosequendam et convenit cum brevi precedente; de attornato pro eo qui premittitur in brevi quale ius etc’.66
5523vde attornato quando factum comittatur in equali manu custodiendum et breve de detencione scripti portatur; de attornato ad petendum de admitti ad defendendum ius suum per defaltam tenentis ad terminum vite si faciat defaltam; de attornato pro uxore ad defendendum ius suum per defaltam viri sui si contingat ipsum facere defaltam.33
5624rvide eodem attornato admittendo; Regula; de recto advocacione ecclesie; Ad Bancum inde.32
5724vde attornato inde; Regula; de advocacione decimarum; Nota; Nota; Aliter de advocacione decimarum; Nota; regula; Assisa ultime presentacionis; Aliter pro Rege; de attornato inde; de attincta inde; Aliter.96
5825rviQuare impedit pro Rege racione Episcopatus vacantis; sine titulo ut de iure corone racione Episcopatus Racione Custodie; Aliter racione Custodie accasione alterius Custodie in manu custodis Anno viiio; Pro Rege et alia persona; Aliter Anno xviiio; de attornato in Iurare impedit; Quare impedit pro alio; Aliter; Nota; Pro Custodibus terre et heredis; Aliter; de Cantoria Westm’ ijo Capitulo vo; Regula.117
5925vRegula; Ne admitti; Nota; de certiorando utrum placitum pendeat in banco per breve quare impedit; Breve inde Episcopo; Regula; Marleberge capitulo xio; Ne admittat quando Episcopus est pars; Regula; de collacione facta uni post mortem alterius ubi primo facta fuit collacio.66
6026rvide attornato super ne admittitur; Aliter pro Rege super quare impedit; Nota; Regula; Quare incumbravit; Aliter; Aliter; de attornato inde; Regula.63
6126vBreve de utrum Marleb’ capitulo xi West’ ii capitulo xxiiiio; Regula; Aliter; de attornato inde; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pro Custode Cantarie; Regula; quod Episcopus admittat clericum quia partes sunt concordate extra Curiam non obstante prohibicione.83
6227rviAnno xxiiio; Prohibicio de advocacione ecclesie; Inde parti et non sequatur; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Prohibicio pro Rege de ecclesia; Regula; Prohibicio pro Rege de hospitali; Pro Rege de prebenda.88
6327vviiAttachiamentum pro Rege; Prohibicio de catallis et debitis; Inde parti; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Aliter pro Rege; Attachiamentum inde pro rege; Prohibicio de laico feodo; Regula; Attachiamentum inde.98
6428rviide attornato inde; Aliter pro clericis; Regula; Attachiamentum de; Regula; Attachiamentum super iudicem quando admittere recusat prohibicionem; Prohibicio de collacione scolarum gramaticalium; Regula; Prohibicio de trans’; Attachiamentum inde; Indicavit parti ne sequatur; Pro Rege.98
6528vviiAttachiamentum pro Rege; Aliter; de attornato in attachiamento prohibicionis de trans’; Regula; Regula; Regula; Nota; indicavit; Aliter; Aliter indicavit; Regula; de attornato inde; indicavit pro Rege.85
6629rviiAliter pro clericis; Nota; prohibicio de decimis separatis pro Rege; Aliter; Prohibicio et nota valde; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de debitis.64
6729vAttachiamentum inde; Aliter de recognicione debiti; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter de recognicione debiti; Aliter; Prohibicio de debito recuperando quia non tangit etc’.63
6830rviiAliter de recognicione debiti; Aliter de redditibus; Nota de eodem.2-1
6930vprohibicio de convencione quod patronus sit quietus de decimis; Nota; Prohibicio quando iudex implacitat deferentem sibi prohibicionem Regia; Attachiamentum inde.33
7031rviiProhibicio de laico feodo formata; Ne tradatur in placitum in Curia pro eo quod sequitur ius in Curia Regis; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de quadam convencione eligendi Priorem.44
7131vviine quis visitet hospitale fundamentum a Rege vel progenitoribus suis; Ne quis intromittat de capella Regis.22
7232rviiNe intromittat de hospitali quod totum consistat in temporalibus; Prohibicio quando provisor placitat terminarium vel clericum suum super advocacione.22
7332vProhibicio de advocacione ecclesie; prohibicio quando quis trahitur etc’ eo quod asservit de controfacere sigillum.22
7433rviib) Quando Iudex excommunicatam partem impetrantem perhibuit nomine proprio; a) Prohibicio eo quod asserit se diffamari pro eo quod testimonium prohibuit veritati; Prohibicio ne Episcopus conferat ecclesiam ante sex menses elapsos; quod clerici de cancellaria non Iudicant nisi coram Cancellaria de trans’; I.55
7533vviiAnno viiio; Prohibicio quando defendens in Curia Regis implacitat querelam in Curia Xtianitatis de lesione fidei; Ne hospitale Regis visitetur per ordinarium; probicio quando quis post recuperacionem in Curia Regis prosequitur appellacionem in Curia Xtianitatis.44
7634rprohibicio de laico feodo; Supersedeas pro clericis servientibus Cancellarii.22
7734vprohibicio de diffamacione; Prohibicio Episcopo super breve quod permittat presentare; scire facias quare prohibicionem non revocetur et consultacio porrigatur.33
7835rviiiConsultacio versus parochianum super emendacione corporis; Aliter in Causa testamenti.21
7935vviiiContra Capellanum pro concubina; Aliter de eodem; de manuum inieccione in clericum pro expensis iudicatis.32
8036rviiide expensis adiudicatis in causa diffamacionis; Consultacio de diffamacione.22
8136vviiiConsultacio de decimis; Consultacio de mortuariis; Consultacio de legatis; Aliter de legatis.43
8237rviiiAliter inde parti; de manuum inieccione in Clericum; Aliter post Appellum; Consultacio in causa matrimonii.42
8337vAliter de eodem; Consultacio de usura; Consultacio de spoliacione decimarum.32
8438rviiiAliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem.20
8538vAliter de eodem et mortuariis; Aliter de eodem; Consultacio versus impedientem capere decimas.31
8639rviiiAliter de eodem; Quando placitum est in Curia Xtianitatis inter duos clericos de decimis et patronus alterius clerici tulerit breve indicavit tunc alter clericus habeat illud breve ad inquirendum de valore ecclesie et decimarum petitarum etc’ certiorari.21
8739vviiiRegula; Regula; Consultacio de non admissione.11
8840rviiiConsultacio de decimis lane; Regula; Consultacio defectibus in rectoria repartis.22
8940vAliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem; de decimis pannagii butiri casii etc; Consultacio de decimis super ?adiudicacionem [adiudic’].42
9041rviiiConsultacio de decimis lane ovium pro meditate anni parochiam depastentium; Consultacio de oblacionibus in diebus festivis; Consultacio de duabus loquelis et de ?tentis.33
9141vde decimis subtractis tempore vacacionis quando Episcopus habet omnes proventus; de procedendum ad penam interdicti pro cantaria subtracta; Regula.22
9242rviiiConsultacio super indicavit quando provisor institutur.11
9342vConsultacio pro fratribus de confessionibus audiendis et sepultura habenda; Apud Wyndesore xx die Augusti anno xiio; Consultacio de uxore spoliat habenda; de misis expensis causa diffamacionis adiudicatis.44
9443rviiide repiticione pecunie prelato vel leso promisse; Consultacio ad procedendum de abilitate persone; Consultacio ad procedendum in causa legati pro fratribus; de eodem pro eisdem fratribus.43
9543vviiiIn causa diffamacionis; Aliter de silva cedua.21
9644rviiiAliter; Consultacio ad procedendum in causa subtraccionis cuiusdam libre cere ecclesie ab antiquo debite de quodam tenemento; consultacio ad procedendum in causa diffamacionis et similiter in causa submissionis.32
9744vconsultacio ad procedendum eo quod cancellaria est subtracta et ad cancellarium huius in statum pristinum ducend’; Aliter inde.21
9945vConsultacio de detencione legatorum; consultacio ad procedendum in causa de subtraccione pensionis.22
10046rviiiItem de annua pensione; consultacio ad procedendum in causa adnullacionis cuiusdam annue pensionis de duabus partibus proventum ecclesie.22
10146vConsultacio de annua pensione; consultacio ad procedendum qua pecunia petitur racione matrimonii contracti.22
10247rviiiAliter de eodem.10
10347vixAliter; de non residencia.21
10448rixNota sicut alias attachiamentum inde; Aliter pro clericis de cancellario et de officio assinuendo; Aliter pro morante in obsequis Regis extra regnum; Aliter quando amerciatus est pro non residencia.30
10548vprohibicione quis trahatur in causam extra regnum; ne quis se transferat extra; Aliter ad respondendum extra regnum super quorum negocio spectat ad regem; ne quis citet clericum Regis ad respondendum parti coram summo pontifice.43
10649rxInde parti; de vi laica et armata ammovenda; Aliter de eodem.32
10749vxde laica tantum; Regula; Aliter; Ne vicecomes colore mandatorum quemquem ammoveat a possessione ecclesie; Ad iura regia.43
10850rxNe iudices delegati teneant placitum de advocacione prebende quam Rex contulit; Ad iura regia part’; Aliter de capiendo in pugnatores et fit patens.32
10950vxAliter quando Rex presentavit clericum et nondum recuperavit presentacionem; Aliter quando recuperavit; Aliter prohibicio parti quando clericus adeptus est possessionem.30
11051rxAttachiamentum super ad iura regia quando Rex presentavit; Aliter attachiamentum; Ad iura regia ad revocandum inhibicionis post appellacionem.32
11151vAttachiamentum per corpus quando Rex recuperavit presentacionem; Commissio ad capiendo impugnatores.22
11252rxiAttachiamentum pro aliquo et non quando fecit provocacionem et post prohibicionem et presentacionem recuperatam; Ne quis citet clericum extra regnum ad respondendum de beneficio per Regem collato; Attachiamentum inde post recuperacionem; de excommunicato capiendo; Aliter; Aliter.64
11352vAliter; Regula sicut alias Cum pluries; Regula; Regula; Aliter ad certificacionem Cancellari Oxon’; de excommunicato deliberando quia exposuit caucionem; Regula; Regula; Episcopo de admittendo caucionem; Regula.42
11453rxiRegula; Episcopo de admittendo caucionem; Regula; Aliter; Attachiamentum; de caucione pignorancie invenienda antequam deliberetur.43
11553vdeliberando W’ per caucionem idoneam licet caucionem pignorata non inveniat et debet fieri post breve procedens Nota de excommunicato recapiendo; Supersedeas de capiendo corpus pendente placito attachiamenti; Regula; Aliter pro clericis.21
11654rxiSupersedeas pendente appelle; Aliter quia pars exhibuit littras papales; Nota; regula; scire facias supers’ pendente appellacione et excommunicato capto deliberando; Supersedeas super le scire facias quia pars non venit.54
11754vscire facias ad denunciandum vicarii generalis et de excommunicato in cancellaria ducis quia non invenit manucapcionem; Nota; Significavit inde Iusticiariis quod procedant non obstante excommunicacionem alligata coram eis; De excommunicato capto et dimisso per manucapcionem interim capiend’ quia non venit in Canc’.33
11855rxiSupersedeas capcioni usque certum diem datum in Curia; de terrie tenementis bonis et catallis clerici purgati liberandis eidem; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter nota.62
11955vde clerico extracto ab ecclesia restituendo; de ?Est Apostata capienda; Aliter scire facias et supersedeas in le significavit; de clerico convicto Episcopo vel eius Comissario liberando.43
12056rxiiApostata; Aliter; de vasto; Regula; de vasto in dotem versus muliere W primo capitulo xiiiio; Glouc’ capitulo vo; Regula; de attornato inde.65
12156vxiiAliter de iure ecclesie; Aliter versus virum et mulierem; Nota; versus mulierem quando recuperavit et facit vastum apud E anno ixo; Quando vir et mulier tenuerunt in dotem de rege et Rex postea concessit reversionem; versus tenentem in dotem ex assignacione heredis; Aliter versus tenentem in dotem ex assensu patris quam ipsam recuperavit; Aliter de vivariis molendinis etc’; Regula; Breve de vasto versus custodem; Aliter versus executores; Aliter de inquirendo; de vasto in custodia.115
12257rxiide attornato in vasto in custodia; Aliter versus tenentem per legem Anglie; de attornato inde; Aliter quando tenens per legem Anglie efficitur tenens ad terminum vite per concessionem reversionis; Nota; Nota; Aliter ad terminum vite vel annorum; de attornato inde; Aliter pro abbate; Aliter versus executores; de tenementis mulieri et viro suo et her’ viri; de tenementis de viro uxori eius et her’ de corpore uxoris exeunt’; de ten’ in proparte.116
12357vAliter de eodem; de tenementis dimissis ad terminum vite versus certum tenentem; Aliter; N dimisit S ad terminum annorum morte S executor suus de N ad eundem terminum predictus N concessit reversionem P et ipse M que sequitur; R di W et M uxori eius qui concessit statum suum I et heres suus unde T frater etc’; quando heres conc’ rev’ ten’ que dab’ patri et matri et her’ patris m di a et m uxor eius ad vitam ambor’ mort’ A cade’ m et T secundus vir di p et ipo pres’ m conc’ revers’ R R conc’ I et A uxori eius ad vitam suam que remaner’ I ad vitam suam et post rem’ rectis her’ ?ip’ius I unde T consanguinens predicti I conc’ revers’; Quando p’o di ad t’ et post conc’ reversione; Quando p’o di ad vitam et fit’ conc’ reversionem; In feodo talliato per finem’.97
12458rxiiContra tenentes per elegit pro dampnis adiudicatis; Aliter in recognicione quousque etc’; Aliter versus executores; in assignacione post mortem tenentis ad vitam in remanere; Aliter quando ille in le remanere concessit reversionem; de particione facienda; de vasto pro indiviso; Regula; Nota; de particione facienda; Aliter; Nota; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter in london.116
12558vNota; Quod vastum et estreppamentum non fiat pendete placito; Glouc’ Capitulo xiiio; Regula; Aliter post iudicium ante liberacionez quod debet fieri in banco nisi in tempore vacacionis; Aliter de estrepamento.42
12659rxiiide homine replegiando; Regula; Aliter; cum pluries inde; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter; de replegiando hominem quem clamat nativum; Aliter; Nota.74
12759vNota; de homine capiendo in Withernamium; Nota; Aliter de quinque portubus; Aliter in foresta; Regula; Nota.31
12860rxiiiper idem statutum; Nota; Nota; Nota; de parco capto in manu Regis replegiando; Replegiare de averia; Sicut alias cum pluries attachiamentum; Aliter pro executoribus; de attornato inde; Aliter pro executoribus; Regula; Non omittas propter libertatem; Sicut alias inde; Regula.97
12960vde averiis capiendis in Withernamium; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter de catallis; Aliter; Non omittas propter libertatem in Withernamium; Regula; de execucionem faciendo in Withernamio; Aliter de Withernamio.83
13061rxiiiReplegiare non obstante advocacione averiorum ut catallorum; Breve Coronatoribus ad liberandum breve vicecomiti quando primum frangitur; Nota; Pone de averiis pro petente; Regula; Pone pro defendente; Regula; Causa ro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente.77
13161vCausa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Nota versus; Pone pro petente cum clausula Cur’ per retornum brevis; Causa pro defendente in Curia per recornum; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro petente; Regula; Causa pro petente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro petente; Regula; de attornato quando quando ballivus dicit quod non potest respondere sine domino; Rex Coronatoribus suis quando vicecomes non retornat.1111
13262rxiiiRecordari de averiis in comitatu; Causa; Aliter; Recordari in Curia semper fit cum causa; Causa; Aliter; Causa; Causa; de inquirendo pro proprietate averiorum.97
13362vde capcione averiorum ante le pone; Nota; de eodem post le pone; aliter de recapcione averiorum; de eodem post le pone; Aliter post le recordari in Curia; Regula.52
13463rxiiiiDe nativo habendo; Regula; Regula; Quando manserit; Regula; pone de nativis; Regula; de libertate probanda; Aliter pro femina de essendo in auxilium distringendum villanos; Nota.54
13563vde auxilio habendo ad primogenitum militem feciendum; W I capitulo xxxvo Regula; de scutagio habendo de tempore quo fuit in exitu [sic--elsewhere it’s excercitu] Regis; Commissio ad scutagium levandum pro Rege; Quod liber homo etc’ amerciatur secundum quantitatem delicti.44
13664rxiiiiAttachiamentum inde; de minis; Aliter; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter in quinque portubus; Aliter de nova formata; Aliter de nova formata.73
13764vxiiiide trans’ in comitatu; de ovibus abductis infra terminum; De fossato fracto; de bonis et catallis nomine pignoris traditis det’; De tauro abducto; pro executoribus in vita testatoris; De vaccis imparcatis quare proiecit fetus abortivos; De Wallea fracta; De equis abductis; De cartis fractis; De ovibus imparcatis.1111
13865rxiiiide trans’ coram Rege in Banco de insultu etc’ imprisonamento; de imprisonamento quousque finem; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; de attornato coram Iusticiariis; Billa de attornato coram Rege; coram Iusticiariis inde; de clauso fracto et arboribus etc’ vivariis etc’ servientibus verberatis.106
13965vde clavo in vivo pedis equi fixo; de clavo in vivo pedis equi fixo; de serviente verberato; de bosco intrato et pullis esparvariorum asportatis; de Warenna fugata; de clauso fracto et cuniculis captis; de parco fracto et chacea fugata; Regula; de bladis et herba depasta; Aliter sine averio de solo fosso et carbonibus asportatis; de equo et catallis arestatis quousque finem fecisset; Aliter per quod terra inculcata remansit; de domo fracta et maeremio asportato; Aliter; Pro executoribus post mortem testatoris; de pecunia asportata.1512
14066rxiiiide scripto per quod concord’ [elsewhere ‘corrodium’; MS 26 seq 194 has ?both] fuit con’ fract’; de imprisonamento quousque sacrum prestitisset de cursum redd’ mesuagium cum carta; de piscaria etc’ habeatis [elsewhere herbis] etc’ et solo etc’ et herba depasta; de bladis messis et herba falcata et subbosco succiso; de bladis herbis et germinis hosti cedui depastis; de bladis et feno etc’; de bladis tantum; de feno in tassis; de pomis et piris; de trans ante matrimonium de forcerio fracto; de navi abducta et bonis asportatis; de bladis et germinis vinearum; de stagno fracto et vivariis inundatis; de equis abductis et pecunia asportata.1515
14166vde tot de flore auri; de manso et obbesso et aliis transgressionibus; de conversa verberata; de prisone capto de guerra capta [sic] et abduct’; de nativo in cippis posito abducto; de prohibicione ad terram proiect’ et conculcavit; Quare secutus est placitum contra prohibicionem Regis; de prohibicione contemptibilitatis proiato [sic] et non parendo mandato Regis; de fossato impleto et bladis ?morrio submersis; de turbis Fossis et arboribus evulsis et as’.1010
14267rxiiiide vino extracto de dolio et aqua impleto; de palis fixis per quod navis periit; de Cato in Columbarium proiecto; Aliter de Columbis captis; Aliter de clauso et columbario fracto; de bladis in garbis et fenum [sic] in tassis depastis; de arundine falcata; de lapide molari fracto; de stagno molendini fracto; Casus inde; de domibus combustis cum catallis; de ovibus tonsis et lana asportata.1210
14367vde imprisonamento; de ovibus imparcatis; de exclusis fractis; Aliter de eodem; de cippis fractis et nativo abducto; de equo percusso per quod equus [elsewhere eques, equitans] cecidit et fregit costas in latere; de curacione equi manucapti; de equo indebito custodito; de oculo eruto de transgressione facta tempore predecessore; Aliter de eodem; Aliter tempore vacacionis; de Warenna et bosco fugatis et pullis esparvariorum asportatis; de ovibus fugatis per canes; Aliter de porcis.1410
14468rxiiiide tibia morsu canis infecta per incitacionem; de fossato impleto; Aliter de fossatis; de porcis per canes ad mordendum porcos consuetos morsis; de tenemento ingresso post mortem testatori infra terminum; de rapta uxore; de veneno in tibia posito; de navi cum bonis arest’ per quod amisit proficuum ferre; de averiis ad loca ignota fugatis etc’ de non distringendo extra feodum nec in regia via vel communi strata marl’ Capitulo ijo W prim’ co xvjo.98
14568vNota; Aliter de eodem; Aliter; Ne quis distringatur per averia carucarum vel per oves; de equo abducto in tantum fatigato quod interiit; de sigillo carte fracto; de trans’ de mercantisis etc’; Attachiamentum inde.75
14669rxiiiide caretta et equis captis contra formam W prim’ capitulo primo magna carta capitulo xxo; pro executoribus de bonis as in vita testatore; Nota; de massa ferri ignita super tellum proiecta; de herede rapto et maritato; de concanonico incarcerato et abducto; de homine imprisonato ?perfr’ ?accion deliberatur per vic’ non satisfacto; Nota; quando vic’ attornat quod non est inventus; Eodem ?in fiat de cons’.88
14769vDe imprisonamenti per vicecomitem deliberati non satisfacto Regi nec parti de trans’; De canonico abducto; de trans’ pro Rege; de fossato et sepibus fractis; de haiis succisis et sepibus fractis; Aliter; Aliter de lino et canabo potit’ in stagnis; Aliter de eodem; de quarera etc’ et petre [sic] asportatis; Quando quis depredatus est in hospicio transeundo per patriam; De minera fossa et carbonis; de postibus et palis fractis per quod minera cecidit; de execucioni abduct’ imprisonato.1310
14870rxiiide attachamento fracto; de contribuendo reparacioni molendini; de clausis et fenistris fractis de instrumentis ad capiendum piscem; de homine insecuto et obsesso in domo; de consanguinium et herede rapto abducto et maritat; de imprisonamento et nota bene; de averiis captis per quod terra remansit inculta.77
14970vSummonicio ad respondendum quia retraxit se a Curia quando inquisicio capi debet; Aliter quousque recognicionem fecit et omnes acciones relaxaverat.21
15071rxiiiiWayfs et strays; Quando prelatus distringitur; Quando distringitur in feodo ecclesie contra formam articuli; De rescussu nativi capti.44
15171vde trans’ quia manucepit custodire blada absque conculcacione; de morbo petro assumpto ad sanandum etc’; Quare usi fuerunt mistera tinctoris infra libertatem ville de Repon’ absque licensia; pressura pro cisera fracta; de pecunia asportata; de fructis fractis; de libero tauro abducto; de impris’ quousque remisit duas pens’ et fecit oblig’; Nota; de recto.99
15473rxiiiide gurgite fracto; de attachiamento fracto quando capito per breve; quando ballivus impeditur ad averia replegianda; de trans’ pro illo pro illo [sic] qui facere debet execucionem infra honorem; de captis et abductis pro amerciamentis; de homine in prisona detento quousque manucaptores invenerit quod non abiret; de castro etc’ fract’ et minstris impeditis ad negocia facienda; de equo percuciente indebite custodito; de sewera fracta.99
15573vde ovibus indebite custoditis; de feno prostrato depasto; de parco fracto et averiis abductis; Aliter per servientem; Aliter per confratrem; Aliter pro defalta; Aliter pro amerciamento nota aliter in presedenti folio; Aliter.83
15674rxiiiiRegula; de viro extracto; de trans’ et nota casum; de rescussu averiorum; Aliter pro serviente; Aliter pro consuetudinibus; Aliter de catallis; de averiis et catallis; Aliter pro collectore decimarum.84
15774vAliter pro ballivo de hominibus; Aliter pro ballivo Regis de homine capto per breve; de rescussu hominis captis per ballivum virtute returni; de attachiamento pro hutesio fracto; pro illo qui habet returnum onum brevium; Apud londoniam anno xiio Edwardi tercii; Aliter ballivo pro annuo redditu; Aliter de catallis felonum.84
15875rxiiiAliter de homine capto per statutum mercatorum; Aliter de expensis militum virtute returni etc’; Nota de rescussu pro executoribus; de trans’ pro Abbate Westm’ de feria.31
15975vRecordari de trans’; Causa; Causa apud North’t’ anno xio; Regula; Nota; de recordo et processu de trans’ mittendis in cancellaria.44
16076rAliter coram Iusticiariis ad gaolem; Aliter de tenore cum billa; de trans’ in quinque portubus; de trans’ contra proteccionem; de inquirendo inde; Aliter; Attincta de trans’; Apud E anno viiiio; Regula et Nota.74
16176vAliter; Aliter; Aliter; W v capitulo viio; manucaptores pro imprisonato ad prosequendum attinctam; de decepcione de brevi impetrato.63
16277rxiiiiAliter impetrando quare impedit; de decepcione in recognicione facta; Aliter controfaciendo sigillum commune; Aliter quando attornatus pro collusione se retraxit.41
16377vAliter contra falsum attornatum; Aliter elongando recordum et processum in prosecucione attincto; de decimo allegando finem levatum etc’.31
16478rxiiide decepcione per quirendum litteras proteccionis; Aliter faciendo recognicionem sub nomine alterius; Aliter de decimo faciendo falsam inquisicionem; Audita querela de decepcione.42
16578vDe attachiamento notarii pro sigillo controfacto; Audite et querela de decepcione.22
16679rxiiiiAliter audita querela; de audiendo et terminando; Aliter.31
16779vInde vicecomiti; de attornato in inde; dedimus potestatem inde; associacio inde; Patens associacio; Si non omnes; associacio ad continuandum processum etc’.77
16880rxiiiiRegula; de recordo et processu mittendis quia attincta arram’ coram R; de audiendo et terminando de diversis trans; Aliter in confinio.32
16980vde navi fracta etc’ si bona debeant dici Wrecci.11
17081rxiiiiAliter contra ministros Regis de extorsionibus oppressionibus gravaminibus etc’; Regula; Breve de amovendo eosdem; de bonis arestatis ne discipentur.32
17181vde audiendo et terminando; Aliter tempore vacacionis; Aliter de eodem iuxta formam statuti de Marl’ capitulo xxviiio; Aliter dum in proteccione obsequio Regis; de continuando processum inchoatum post mortem capitalis Iusticiarii.52
17282rxiiiiAliter et nota ?dram’; de Walliis et fossatis; Regula; Aliter.31
17382vAliter in aque Ankholm’; littera missa pro mercatore Anglie comiti Flandr’ etc’; Aliter; Aliter.41
17483rxvde pullis austurcorum ludificantium captis et asportatis; de errore corrigendo in Londonia; Supersedeas de dampno.33
17583vAliter de dampno et corpore deliberando; patens iusticiariis de errore corrigendo in Londonia; Breve inde maiori et vicecomitibus Londonie; de procedendo in loquela; Aliter coram Iusticiariis ad errorem corrigendum de recordo et processu mittendis.53
17684rxvPatens inde; Nota; de supersedendo execucioni prioris iudicii pendente loquela de errore in hustengo; de ordinando quod bona illius qui sequitur breve de errore non amoveantur ita quod execucio prioris iudicii possit fieri si affirmetur.33
17784vBreve maiori et vicecomiti ad examinandum recordum etc’ quando querens non prosequitur breve suum de errore ad faciendum execucionem si contigerit affirmari; de errore in banco Regis; de errore in hibernia; Nota; Aliter in assisa frisce forcie; Aliter in Curia per cartam sine brevi ??; de errore in banco regis facto in parliamento corrigendo.64
17885rxvide confirmacione; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Nota; Nota; Nota; Aliter.61
17985vde odio et atia; Regula; de ponendo per ballivum; Aliter; manucapcio de trans’ pro indictamento coram custod’ pacis; Regula; de Compoto in comitatu; in Londonia; In quinque portubus; Pro executoribus W iim capitulo xxiiiio; de compoto inter mercatores; Regula.98
18086rxviipro executoribus defuncti mercatores; de compoto ad bancum; Aliter; pro magistro universitatis; Aliter de tempore predecessoris; pro priorissa de tempore predecessoris et proprio; Regula; pro Abbate; pro comitate; de attornato inde; dedimus potestatem quia infirmus; et att’; Nota; de compoto in socagio; Merk capitulo xvjo; de attornato inde; pone; Nota.1513
18186vCausa; Nota; Regula; Monstravit pro priore ad capiendum latitos in aliis Comitatis qui comp’ ?somp’ debent; Regula; In london; Nota; Breve ad deliberandum capt’ per le monstravit; de recipiendo arestatum pro arreragiis compoti; Nota.55
18287rde dimittendo arestatum huiusmodi per manucapcionem ad recitandum compotum coram baronibus de scaccario; Aliter in london; Aliter thesaurario et baronibus; Quando ballivus evasit de carcere; Commissio ad audiendum compotum Collectorum denariorum pro clausura scire ville.53
18387vClausum inde; de capiendo utlagatum.22
18488rxviiiNota regulam de debito; de debito in comitatu; Aliter; Aliter; pro executoribus; versus executores; Aliter; Regula; de debito in banco; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; pro executoribus cum Regula; pro executoribus versus executores; Aliter; Istud breve concessum fuit apud E anno viiio.136
18588vAliter versus executores et alios; Nota; Aliter versus executores; De attornato inde; Regula; versus Episcopum de bonis intestati W iim capitulo xixo; Aliter versus administratores; Regula; Aliter de int’; Aliter; Aliter; pone pro petente et pro defendente; Causa; Causa.115
18689rxviiiCausa; Recordari in Curia secundum consuetudinem civitatis; Anno viiio; Causa; Nota; Causa pro defendente et breve portabatur versus defendentem; Anno xixo; Attachiamentum quando ballivus tenuit placitum post le pone; Quod uxores habeant partes suas racionabiles; Nota; Aliter pro patris.98
18789vquod mulieres non distringantur pro debitis virorum; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de tenementis coniunctim adquisitis; Aliter de tenementis que tenet in dotem.41
18890rxviiiAliter post matrimonium contractum; de exonerando ad scaccariam ipsum qui non est her’ etc’ nec tenet etc’; Aliter.31
18990vAliter; de idemptitate nominis.21
19091rxviiiRegula; prohibicio de debito xl’s sine brevi; Aliter Ballivis; Attachiamentum inde; supersedeas execucioni inde; Regula; Aliter; Aliter.63
19191vSupersedeas de diversis querelis; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter supersedeas; Aliter supersedeas.42
19292rxviiiAliter; de recognicione debiti per statutum mercatorum; Aliter; Aliter ad duos terminos; Aliter pro primo termino non soluto vel pro duobus; de attornato inde coram Iusticiariis; Aliter coram Rege; de recognicione contra personam.83
19392vRegula; Quod clericus captus deliberetur; Aliter quod non capitur; de deliberando vicarium captum sine brevi; de certificando Canc’ de debiti recognicione.43
19493rxviiiSicut alias; Cum pluries inde; Aliter de certificando; Aliter non obstante quod prius; Aliter de eodem; Certiorari de brevi de statuto mercatorum.63
19593vde recognicione debiti per statutum stapule; Audita querela; Aliter pro illo qui est infra etatem et fecit recognicionem.32
19694rxviiide recognicione in stapula; de ten’ et catallis extent’ et appreciatis liberandis; Si recognoscat; Aliter; Regula; de execucione inde facienda; Aliter per breve.64
19794vxixde secta ad molendinum in Comitatu; Ad Bancum; Regula; Quod permittat villanum facere sectam ad molendinum; Ad Bancum; Regula; de Curia claudenda; Ad Bancum; Pone inde; quod permittat molere sine multura; de molendino reparando; de aqua haurienda; de tauro habendo; Regula; de racionabili estoveris; de attornato inde.1313
19895rxixde chimino habendo; de falda habenda; de passagio habendo; de piscaria habenda; Nota; Regula; de communa pasture; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pro persona W iim capitulo xxiiiio; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula.115
19995vde communa pasture; Nota; Nota; Aliter; de scalis erigendis; de corrodio habendo; quo iure; Regula; de pastura admensuranda; de attornato inde; de secundam superoneracione W iim capitulo viii.87
20096rxixSicut alias; Pone pro defendente; de attornato inde; Regula; de racionabilibus divisis; Regula; De perambulacione facienda; pone de racionabilibus divisis; de domo reparanda; Aliter de ponte.87
20196vde Walleis et fossatis reparandis; De ponte reparando; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; de via reparanda; de calceto reparando; De pavimento reparando.95
20297rxxde Warantia carte; de attornato inde; de plegio acquietando in comitatu; Ad Bancum; pro executoribus; Aliter versus executores; de attornato inde; Aliter de compoto; Aliter pro executoribus versus executores; de acquietandis plegiis quia principalis debitor sufficit; magna carta capitulo viii; quod nullus distringatur qui non est debitor nec plegius; Attachiamentum inde; Regula.1310
20397vde annuo redditu in Comitatu ad Bancum; de attornato inde; de consuetudinibus et serviciis; attornato inde; Regula; Aliter in Londonia et Aliis Burgis; Nota; de cartis reddendis in comitatu; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; pone etc’; de attornato; prohibicio ne placitum teneatur de det’ cart’ etc’ sine brevi.118
20498rxxRegula W iim capitulo viii; de medio in comitatu; Ad Bancum; de attornato inde; Pone; Regula; Nota; Quando medius est paratus ad acquietandum; De convencione (xxi); Regula; de apprenticio; Aliter pro executoribus; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de convencione.107
20598vde pastura ad boves; Aliter; de domo vel campanili; Aliter pro herede versus heredem; Regula; De decimis; De minera; Nota versus executores; Aliter in adeo bono statu; de oneribus ecclesie; de homagio; de capello inveniendo; in comitatu; Pone etc’ Regula; Recordari; Aliter in hundredo; Regula; de fine levando.1410
20699rxxide tenementis tentis de Rege in capite iuxta licensiam Regis; dedimus potestatem de fine levando; Regula; Aliter capitali Iusticiario de Banco domini Regis; Aliter in pluribus brevibus et diversis Comitatibus si casus fuit; Aliter; Aliter in le quid iuris clamat.62
20799vAliter de eodem; Aliter in per quia servicia; dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum in le quid iuris clamat quando tenentes dicunt quod non tenent de recognitore; Breve post dedimus potestatem quod Iusticiarius mittat cogniciones quas cepit Iusticiariis de Banco.42
208100rxxiBreve Iusticiariis de Banco quod admittant cogniciones; Nota; de transcripto pedis finis habendo; Aliter; Aliter; Mittimus.53
209100vxxiiAliter; Aliter mittimus; de custodia terre et heredis habenda Marl’ capitulo vi et xv W I capitulo xxii W ii capitulo xxxv; de herede tantum; de terra ten’; de custodia racione dimissionis; de filiabus her’; de custodia racione custodia; Regula; De custodia in socagio; Regula; Pone; Aliter de terra tantum; Regula; de custodia racione custodie in socagio; Aliter per servicium militarum et nota pro domino qui habet custodiam unius heredis et pro altera que est plene etatis.139
210101rxxiiRegula; De eieccione custodie terre et heredis Merton’ capitulo iio; De attornato inde; Aliter racione dimissionis; Aliter de eodem; Aliter racionis tercie dimissionis; Aliter pro eo qui tenet per commissionem Regis; de eieccione prioratus; Anno viiio.84
211101vde eieccione custodie in socagio; de intrusione in hereditate; Aliter; de exec’ inde; de herede rapto W iim capitulo xxxviio; Nota ?regula; Aliter quando dicitur de uno comitatu in alium W iim capitulo xxxviiio; Nota; de attornato inde; de herede rapto in socagio non maritatur; Aliter quando maritatur sine licencia; Nota.96
212102rxxiide forisfactura maritagii racione tercie dimissis Merton’ capitulo vi de herede rapto cum sit xiii annorum; Aliter fine dimissione; Aliter quant il tient en service; dedimus potestatem custodie admittendo; Breve inde Iusticiariis; de valore maritagii Merton’ capitulo vi si quis autem; Regula; Aliter pro executoribus.74
213102vxxiiiRegula; Aliter de valore; Nota; de escaeta racione bastardie magna carta capitulo xixo; Aliter sine herede; Aliter racione felonie; Aliter; Regula; Aliter pro Abbate; pro Rege in Londonia; pro inquisicione de escaeta; Aliter de anno die et vasto; de seisina inde habenda.104
214103rxxiiide dote unde nichil habet; de attornato inde pro viro et uxore versus custodem anno xvi R E tercii; Regula; De dote assignata; Aliter de denaris; Regula; de assensu patris; in london; attincta de dote; Aliter de attincta; de admensuracione dotis; de admensuracione dotis pro her’ W ijm capitulo viijo.108
215103vAliter pro custode W iim capitulo viio; Pone inde; de dote admissa per defaltam W prim’ capitulo iiii de maritagio de feodo talliato et ad terminum vite; Nota; Aliter per legem Anglie; Regula; Quod nullus distringat libere tenentes suos ad respondendum etc’ Marl’ capitulo xxi; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter; Regula; Breve inde vicecomiti ad communem legem; de attornato inde; Regula; de attornato pro secta facienda per litteras patentes merton’ capitulo ixo; Aliter sine litteris patentibus; Aliter vicecomiti.127
216104rxxiiiAliter; Nota ad diversa hundreda tantum et sit de aliis; Regula; aliter pro custode; Aliter Ballivis honoris; Regula; Aliter in Curia duorum littera ad faciendum attornatum; Quod tenentes in custodia ex concessione Regis non distringantur ad sectam faciendam etc’; Quod mulier tenent in dotem de huius custodia teneant quiete; Quod de attornato non capiat terminum durantibus personis.74
217104vAliter; Attachiamentum quando ballivus recusat recipere attornatum; quod tenentes de herede infra etatem et in custodia Regis non distringantur ad faciendum sectam ad Wapentachium; Aliter; Aliter pro homagio et fidelitate etc’ apud Londoniam anno xo; quod tenentes in dote non distringantur pro relivio.63
218105rxxiiiiQuod rex non facit servicia seu debita solvat pro terris que sunt in custodia sua nec illi quibus huius custodiam divisit; quod mulieres non distringantur ad faciendum sectam pro terris que tenent in dotem; Quod tenentes ex concessione Regis non faciant sectam; quod unica secta fiat etc’; de turno vicecomitis marl’ capitulo ixo.55
219105vAttachiamentum inde; de visu franci plegii ad Curiam honoris Marl’ capitulo ixo magna carta caitulo xxiiio; de visu franciplegii ad Curiam; Attachiamentum inde; de viris religiosis quod non veniant ad turnum vicecomitis Marl’ capitulo novo; Aliter Ballivis honoris; Breve ad communem legem quod persone non veniant ad visum franciplegii racione terrarum et tenementorum ecclesiis suis annexorum; pro personis marl’ capitulo novo in consili casu; pro mulieribus marl’ capitulo ixo; Regula.98
220106rxxiiiiquod mulier habeat quarentenam suam et racionale estoverium suum de communi magna carta capitulo vio; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; de attachiamento inde; Regula; Regula; Ne fiant plures secte pro unica heredititate inter coheredes etc’ capitulo viiio; quod plures secte non fiant pro unica hereditate capitulo viijo.55
221106vAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Attachiamentum inde Marl’ capitulo viii; Regula; de contribucione facienda inter coheredes Marl’ capitulo viii; Aliter de eodem Marl’ capitulo viiio; quod ille qui habet eyneciam partem faciat sectam pro se et participibus suis Marl’ capitulo viiio.73
222107rxxiiiiNe unicus heres faciat diveras sectas pro pluribus hereditatibus non Warantizantur per sectam [elsewhere statum] ideo vacat quere attachiamentum inde; de Coronatore eligendo W I capitulo xiio; Aliter de eodem quia alibi occupatus est; Aliter de eodem quia languidus; Aliter quia unius idoneus; Aliter de eodem; de uno Coronatore ammovendo qui insufficiens est in habitu et alio eligendo W primum capitulo xijo; de coronatore eligendo; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; quando viredarius ammovetur per falsam suggestionem de super.125
223107vsedendo execucioni brevis de permittendo excertere officium; de ballivo ammovendo quia non habet terras sen’ sen’ ten’ in eodem Comitatu; Regula; de eligendo ad custodiendum pecie sigilli pro mercatoribus editi; quod vicecomes ponat in inquisicionibus magis propinquos et magis sufficientes; Nota; Attachiamentum.54
224108rxxiiiiNe capiantur fines pro pulcre placitando; Regula; Attachiamentum inde super ballivum; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; quod Barones non ponantur in assisis; quod homines perpetuo languidi non ponantur in assisis W ii capitulo xxxviiio; quod clerici non ponantur in assisis; quod homines in patria non commorantes non ponantur in assisis W ij xxxviij; Attachiamentum inde; quod homines etatem lxx annorum excedentes non ponantur in assisis etc.1010
225108vQuod homines xl solidatas terre non habent non ponantur in assisis etc’ W ii capitulo xxxviii; de eodem; Attachiamentum inde; Quod homines de antiquo dominico non ponantur in assisis; Aliter; Aliter; quod tenentes de antiquo dominico Corone non veniant ad visum franciplegii nec ad ternum vicecomitis.74
226109rxxiiiiQuod Coronatores non ponantur in assisis; Quod viridarius non ponatur in assisis ad communem legem; Istud breve datur per statutum quod vocatur addicio de foresta; Breve de champertia; Articuli super cartam capitulo xio; de adnullando recogniciones per vim et duriciam factas.66
227109vSupersedeas pendente placito de adnullando recognicionem per vim et duriciam factas; quod districcio non fiat in via regia nec in feodis de quibus olim ecclesie sunt dotate; Quod districciones relaxentur usque ad diem vic’ per securitatem; Quod iuratores non capiant de una parte et de alia.44
228110rxxiiiiQuod nullus minister in Civitate nec in Burgo mercandiset de vinis nec victualibus; attachiamentum inde; quod inquisiciones ad cuiuscumque querelam fiant cum Iusticiarii ad parte venerint; quod panis et aqua inveniatur imprisonato secundum statutum mercatorum; quod nichil levetur pro escapio latronum quousque evasio adiudictur W ij capitulo ijo; Ne quis occasionetur adquisicione tenementorum que tenetur de honore.66
229110vQuod custodia persona non amercietur secundum beneficium ecclesiasticum; magna carta capitulo xiiiio; Ne quis occasionetur pro aliqua re facta in prosecucione hugo le despenser; quod senescallus et marescalli non tensant placita de libero tenemento de debito et convencione etc’; articuli super cartam capitulo iijo; Aliter.65
230111rxxiiiiquod Constabularius Castri Dovorr’ non teneat aliquod placitum forinsecum quod non tangit custodiam castri; Quod minus gravis districcio non capiatur pro debitis Regis; Quod non mandetur per magnum vl parvum sig’ Regis ad communem legem impediendum.33
231111vAliter quod inquisicio et iurate capiantur coram uno Iusticiario placie in patria ubi placitum motum fuit; quod inquisicio et iurate capiantur uno Iusticiario placie in patria; Quod inquisicio capitur in Banco eo quod placitum specialiter tangit R’.32
232112rxxiiiiNe quis distringatur ad veniendum ad Wapentachium nisi bis in Anno ad presentandum q’ ad visum pertinet; Magna Carta Capitulo xxiiio; de moderata misericordia capienda magna carta capitulo xiii; Westm’ primo capitulo vio; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; Nota; Quod misericordia ponatur per sacrum proborum hominum iuxta formam statuti Magna Carta capitulo xiijo.66
233112vQuod vidua R se maritavit sine licensia Regis breve de differend’ tas’ terras viri ?quia vidue sic maritate; Nota; Quod clerici infra sacros constituti non eligantur ad officium; Quod non distringendo prebendarium ad contribuandum ?xeCxve de Bonis suis infra ??alia taxat’.33
234113rxxiiiiQuod iuratores capiant pro veredico dicendo decies tantum; in statuto de anno xxxviii Regis Edwardii tercii et anno xxxiiii silit’; Breve de manutencia etc’; Aliter; Subvicecomites et clerici vicecomitum ultra unum annum in officiis suis non morentur; Supersedias pro illis qui veniunt ad parliamenta.65
235113vAliter inde; scire facias de ostendendo titulum Regis.21
236114rde ordinacione contra servientemxxvNota quod ista brevia formantur super quadam ordinacione facta de servientibus anno xxiii E tercii; Aliter versus magistrum et servientem; Aliter versus magistrum tantum; de attachiamento non habentes unde vinant quia recusant servire; De servendo in etate ubi moratur in yeme.42
237114vde attachiamento magistrum et servientem qui recessit a servicio recessit a servicio pro maiori salario sibi promisso.11
240116rxxviAssisa nove disseisine ad primam assisam; W iim capitulo xxiiii; Regula; Coram Rege; Nota; Regula; Quando ad securitatem invenit in cancellaria; Aliter versus maiorem et comitatem; Aliter pro executoribus; coram iusticiariis assignatis patens inde; de communa pasture coram Iusticiariis de banco.86
241116vRegula; Patens inde; Assisa in confinio; Aliter; Patens inde in confinio; aliter in confinio de stagno exaltato; Regula; Patens inde; Aliter in confinio de quadam via; Aliter; Patens inde; de custode admittendo in assisa Regula; de custode ammovendo.107
242117rxxvide attornato inde; Aliter quando as’ arram’ coram aliquibus Iusticiariis; aliter de attornato in assisa; Dedimus potestatem in as’ arram’; de attornato in eodem; que quidem etc’ hic disconvenient cum presenti; Assisa de Fossato; Patens inde; Nota versus; Parvum breve de disseisina regula; de attornato de domo.108
243117vRegula; Pone de domo; regula as’ non dicatur; Regula W iim capitulo xxiiii; Quod permittat de domo et aliis; de stagno; de cursu aque diverso; de via quod permittat; de attornato inde; Nota regula in parvis assisis et cam’ ad removendum loquelam; Nota; De marcato ad bancum; Aliter de eodem; Nota; Nota; Certificacio assise nove disseisine.109
244118rxxviAliter coram Iusticiariis ad primam assisam; Aliter coram Iusticiariis; Aliter coram rege; Patens inde; de attornato inde; W iim capitulo xxiiii; de faciendo venire quoddam scriptum de quo iuratores assise non fuerunt examinati eo quod assisa capta fuit in absencia defendentis.74
245118vAssociacio nove disseisine as’; Patens inde; Itin’ assoc’ ad communes assisas et formatur super le si non omnes.33
246119rxxviSi non omnes inde factum super associacionem predictam; Item associacio ad duas assisas; associacio in certificacione et formatur super le si non omnes; Patens inde; Si non omnes inde.55
247119vAliter; Aliter; De assisa proroganda; Breve de ingressu in le quibus loca assisa nove disseisine; Quando Iusticiariis vacare non potest de constituendo alium loco ipsius; Patens inde; Item post mortem unius Iusticiarii alium Iusticiarium et ad procedendum.75
248120rxxviRegula; de constituendo post mortem unius Iusticiarii alium Iusticiarium ad procedendum in iure xxiiii militum; Attincta assise nove disseisine; Patens inde; Aliter de stagno; de attornato inde.54
249120vNota; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter quando assisa capta fuit per defaltam viri et vir et uxor postmodum; Attincta super quod scripto relaxacionis; apud Bothewell’ anno xo; Aliter; Anno vii apud E’; Nota; Aliter; apud Karliol’ anno xo; Nota aliter.94
250121rxxviAliter de attincta quando carta proferto ad excludendum querentem; Patens inde; Anno xviio apud W; Aliter; Patens inde; associacio in attincta assise nove disseisine; Patens inde associacio.75
251121vBreve ad revocandum speciales Iusticiarios quia contra formam statuti; Si non omnes in attincta; De redisseisina Marton’ capitulo iii merl’ capitulo viio W iim capitulo xxvio.33
252122rxxviRegula super Escrik’; Cum pluries de postdisseisina; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato in brevi de redisseisina vel post disseisina; Regula; de redisseisina de communa pasture.44
253122vAliter de stagno; Aliter de curso aque diverso; Aliter de via artata; Regula; Aliter de custodia dominicarum terrarum etc’; Aliter de victu et vestitu.50
254123rxxviAliter de redditu unius robie et racionabili sustentacione; aliter coram ballivis libertatum; De postdisseisina; Attincta de redisseisina; Regula.43
255123vde recordo et processu inquisicionis in brevi de redisseisina mittendis coram rege; Aliter ad errorem corrigendum in brevi de postdisseisina; de attornato in brevi de redisseisina quando est Rege ad errorem corrigendum; de recordo et processu redisseisine mittendis coram rege; de recordo et processu de postdisseisina mittendis coram Rege ad capiendum corpus et ad levandum dampna.54
256124rxxviiDe faciendo venire recordum et procedendum assise nove disseisine; Aliter de recordo et processu de quadam via; De faciendo venire recordum et processum assise nove disseisine; Regula; Aliter de recordo et processu assise quia attincta arram’ inde; Aliter thesaurario et camerario de recordo et processu.52
257124vAliter thesaurario et Camerariis de recordo et processu mittendis quia assisa capta est; Aliter de eodem; de recordo et processu quia attincta est arram’; de recordo et processu de dampnis levandis; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem; de recordo et processu inchoato coram uno pari I.73
258125rxxviiAliter de recordo et processu omnium assisarum iur’ et certific’; Aliter de recordo et processu assise mittendis aliis Iusticiariis de novo assign’; de recordo et processu mittendis coram Rege ad capiendum disseisitorem; Aliter de eodem; de recordo et processu ad mittendis coram Rege ad iudicium inde.52
259125vde recordo et processu as mittendis aliis Iusticiariis ad iudicium; quod iusticiarius habeat sibi missa coram se et sociis.22
260126rxxviiquod iusticiarii visis et examinatis recordis et processis sibi missis procedant ad iudicium; de mittendo recordum et processum as coram aliis Iusticiariis coram de novo assign’; de recordo et processu as mittendis ad capiendum certificacionem.33
261126vDe dampnis levandis iuxta formam statuti etc’; Ita quod quilibet respondeat pro tempore suo; de recordo et processu assise que R coram eo venire fecit mittendis in cancellaria eo quod arram’ de eisdem ten’; de mittendo recordum et processum as’ Iustic’ de novo assign’ et etiam cartam quam pars querens de dixit placitando; Quod Custos brevium in Communi Banco liberet uxori post mortem viri scripta que ipsi pretulerunt coram Iusticiariis.55
262127rxxviide recordo et processu as’ et etiam quandam cart’ de dca’ habend’ coram; Aliter de recordo etc’ quiete clamantis mittendis in cancellaria; Quod tenentes in assisa non onerentur de dampnis quamdam disseisitores habeant unde dampna levari poterunt.32
263127vDe dampnis levandis iuxta formam statuti etc’ Ita quod quilibet respondeat pro tempore suo; Quod recordum et processum per Iusticiarios de Banco missa Iusticiariis itinerantibus; de recordo et processu in cancellaria mittendis eo quod allegatur placitando in assisa quod breve de altiori natura pendit inter partes.33
264128rxxviiMittimus de eodem; Mittimus de recordo et processu as coram iusticiariis assignatis; Aliter de eodem; aliter coram Rege ad execucionem faciendam de dampnis adiudicatis in as’; Aliter eo quod Basterdus allegatur placitando in as’.52
265128vAliter etc’ Iusticiariis de Banco in placitando Warantie Carte; Aliter ut Iustic’ securius etc’ ad capcionem; quod iusticiarii de Banco mittant residuum recordum et processum ad errorem corrigendum; Sicut alias ad errorem corrigendum de recordo et processu etc’; Cum pluries inde.53
266129rxxviiquod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise etc’; quod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise carta Rege allegata; De continuando assisam usque proximam sessionem pro eo quod.33
267129vde mittendo recordum et processum omni assisa etc’ coram uno pari.11
268130rxxviide recordo et processu mittendis aliis Iusticiariis; bastardia allegata in assisa nove disseisine missa fuit Episcopo ad inquirendum etc’; Quando assisa arramiatur contra maiorem et communitatem ad excludendum ne assisa capta per forinsecum etc’ breve de audita querela etc’.33
269130vAliter de eodem.10
270131rxxviiAliter; Aliter; de procedendo in assisa quia rediit etc’; De non procedendo ad assisam Rege inconsulto.42
271131vDe tenore mittimus evidenciam; Nota quod recordum fuit missum in cancellaria et transcriptum eiusdem mittebatur pro tenore in scaccarium et recordum remansit in cancellaria; De continuando in attinctam quia est in servicio Regis etc’; De non procedendo ad assisam de ten’ in Custodia Regis existen’ Rege inconsulto; Aliter de eodem.43
272132rxxviialiter de eodem; Quod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise; Aliter; Aliter in attincta; quod iusticiarii itinerantibus procedant ad capcionem assise adiornate coram eis de uno comitatu in alium; Quod procedant ad iudicium etc’.63
273132vAliter de ultima presentacione; Aliter; quod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assisarum terio non expectato; Irrour tempore R E proavi anno viiio; de fine pro redisseisina; de execucione iudicii [a] in redisseisina; aliter vicecomiti; Assisa mortis antecessoris capitulo xxviiio.86
274133rxxviiiPatens inde; Aliter de redditu Glouc’ capitulo viio; Aliter pro eo qui est infra etatem Regula et nota; Aliter causa peregrinacionis; Aliter quando habitu religionis assumpsit; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter de corrodio; Nota; Nota; de attornato; attincta mortis antecessoris.83
275133vPatens inde; de recordo et processu assise mortis antecessoris; Aliter; De attornato inde in attincta mortis antecessoris; Attincta in quad pertula contenta in assisa mortis antecessoris; Patens inde.65
276134rxxixRegula E Escrik’ etc’; Regula; Attincta aliter; Pro illis qui sunt prime etatis; De associando ad dubitacionem audiendum; Regula; Regula; De avo et consanguinitate; Aliter; de attornato inde; Attincta quando tenens ad terminum vite facit defaltam.76
277134vNuper obiit; de attornato; Attincta; Nota ?dram’ inter nuper obiit et breve de racionabili parte; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; de attornato inde; Regula; Nota.64
278135rxxxDe ventre inspiciendo; Diem clausit extremum; Aliter; Super modo et causa capcionis; Aliter si superstes; De seisina habenda quia Rex accepit homagium; Aliter de non distringendo quia fecit homagium.74
279135vde terra extendenda; Regula; Aliter; Patens inde; Aliter; Regula.42
280136rxxxQuare eiecit infra terminum; Aliter; Aliter.31
281136vDe eieccione firma; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Super causa capcionis; De inquirendo super certificacionem; De ammovendo manum etc’ Anno xi R E tercii.84
282137rxxxDe ingressu ad terminum qui preteriit in primo grado sine titulo; Regula; Nota aliter; Regula; Regula capitulo xxv; Aliter in eodem gradu; post dimissionem sine titulo; In secundo gradu cum titulo; Post dimissionem cum titulo; Regula; Nota; Regula.53
283137vDum non fuit compos mentis sine titulo; In post etc’ cum titulo; Per et cui dum fuit compos mentis; Post dimissionem; de attornato Anno xiiii; Dum infra etatem fuit sine titulo; Per et cui; Post dimissionem; Cum titulo per; Regula; Regula; Regula; Regula; De ingressu super disseisinam cum titulo W j capitulo xlviiio; Cum titulo in per et sine titulo in eodem; Cum titulo in post.1211
284138rxxxSine titulo in post pro religiosis in post Regula; Regula; De ingressu sine licensia; Regula; De ingressu sine assensu et voluntate fratrum et sororum; Regula; Nota; Breve quando tenens ad vitam disseisitur et moritur in eodem statu; Regula; De ingressu de Cantaria; Nota de disseisina; Regula; Regula; Regula.43
285138vRegula de alienacione facta per villanum; Regula; Pro prebendario de ingressu sine assensu et voluntate Decani et Capituli; Aliter de manerio pertinente ad prebendarium anno xo apud E; De ingressu cui in vita pro muliere; Aliter in eodem; Aliter quando clamat tenere ad vitam cuam; Cui; Post; Cui ante divorcium; Regula; In le post.95
286139rxxxiCausa matrimonii prelocuti; Per et Cui; Post; Causa matrimonii pro herede; Regula; Cui in vita pro herede; Cui; Post; De intrusione post mortem tenentis in dotem; Per; Cui; Post; Aliter quando uxor recuperant dotem; Regula; Aliter per assignacionem; Aliter de eodem.1411
287139vDe assignacione capitalis domini feodi; De intrusione post mortem tenentis ad vitam; In Per; In cui; In post; Regula; De intrusione post mortem tenentis ad vitam; Per; Cui; Post; Aliter per finem; Per assignacionem; Regula; Regula.1110
288140rxxxiiRegula; aliter in le remanere; Attincta in brevi de ingressu coram Iusticiariis; Aliter de inquisicione de quodam scripto de dicto per breve de nisi prius; Aliter quando inquisicio est capta inter [petentes] et warant’; Aliter quando uxor quando admittitur ad defendendum ius suum; Attincta per herede ubi inquisicio capta fuit inter antecessorem suum petentem et virum etc’.63
289140vpro coniuncto per attinctam de mittendo recordum et processum; Breve iudiciale inde ad deliberandum terras et tenementa; De ingressu per tenentem in dotem ad communem legem W ii capitulo iiio; Per et cui; Post dimissionem; De dote recuperata; Regula; De ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie; Regula; Regula; Regula.77
290141rde dote recuperata vivente viro; De ingressu per tenentem in dotem per statutum Glouc’ capitulo viio; De dote recuperata; De ingressu per ?tenend’; Aliter; post; Aliter quando homo recuperat dotem et alienat; Regula; Regula; in assignacione per Glouc’.86
291141vIn le post per assignacionem triplicem; Nota; Glouc’; De ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie in tituli casu; Aliter; Aliter; Cum titulo; Aliter; Pro priore; Per assignacionem; Aliter ad communem legem; Regula.106
292142rxxxiiiiRegula; Aliter; Aliter in le remanere; Per assignacionem in le post; Regula; Aliter ad terminum vite alterius; Regula; Aliter in le post; Aliter per assignacionem; Aliter in le reverto; In le remanere; De ingressu ad terminum vite in consimili casu in le post; Cessavit per biennium W capitulo xxio; Per; Cui; Post; Pro herede; Cessavit de feodi firma.159
293142valiter per; Aliter post; Cessavit per biennium de Cantaria etc’; Aliter contra formam; Regula; Regula; Regula; De tenendo alienatis contra formam; De obitu celebrando; Forma donacionis in le descendere; In liberum maritagium W ii.86
294143rxxxvAliter viro et uxori; Aliter; Regula; Aliter quando omnes precedentes tenentes [should be petentes] statum habent; Quando habitum religionis assumpsit; Aliter pro filia et exitu illius filie; Aliter quando filius post natus de seisina consanguinei per reversionem; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.141
295143vAliter; Aliter; Aliter; De proparte; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.71
296144rAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; [Per forma donacionis concess’]; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.91
297144vRegula Aliter; Forma donacionis in le reverti; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter quando habitum religionis assumpsit; Aliter; Aliter; Quando filius qui est heres coheredum obiit etc’.71
298145rxxxviAliter in le remanere; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; Nota; De tenementis legatis in Londonia.51
299145vAliter in Burgo; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.40
300146rxxxvide testamento probando; [null]; Regula; Aliter in Londonia; de tenementis legatis sub condicione.43
301146vAliter; Si sit ad dampnum de ten’ dand’ pro Canc’.21
302147rxxxviiAliter; Regula; Regula; Regula; Aliter in Escambium; Aliter de ten’ dand’ custodi capelle in subvencionem sustentacionis; Aliter de redditu dando Abbati et Conventui et priori et monachis de cella eiusdem Abbatie ad inveniendum duos capellanos in eadem cella celebrantur.40
303147vRegula Aliter de redditu remittendo relaxando et quiet’ clamand’ c’; Aliter de ecclesia danda capellanis divina celebraturis in eadem ecclesia approbat’ [elsewhere approprianda]; de mesuagio mansioni fratrum contiguo dando; Quod plures ?divisuu tenentes possint dare ?c’ priori et Conventui unus in partem satisfaccionis et aliud in Escambium.31
304148rxxxviide ecclesia aproprianda in usus proprios tenenda in partem satisfaccionis; de ecclesia aproprianda que est de advocacione propria; de terra et advocacione ecclesie danda Abbati etc’ ?qui de Rege tenentur in capite et quod ipse ecclesiam illam apropriare possit; in partem satisfaccionis etc’ quod ingredi possint ten’ quod nativus eorum adquisunt etc’ Anno xiiio.44
305148vIn partem satisfaccoinis etc’ quod ingredi possint ten’ quod nativus eorum adquisunt etc’ anno xiiio; de redditu assignando iii capellis in diversis locis celebrantibus; de redditu in escambium relaxando; de terra assignanda in excambium pro redditu relaxando et inveniendo quemdam monachium; de redditu assignando pro officio mortuor’ in anniversario celebrato.55
306149rxxxviide feoffando et revercionem concedendo ita quod habita seisinia dare possit et concedere feoffato ad vitam suam etc’ ut p’z in littera.11
307149vSupplicavit de reversione consultacio de tenementis tentis de Rege in capite licensia non optenta ut ingredi possit post mortem tenentis ad terminum vite; de perdonacione trans’ de ten’ dat’ W et I et her’ etc’ post mortem W et quia obiit sine herede relax’ etc’ prefat’ I et I secundo viro sine licensia Regis.22
308150rxxxviide aqua trahenda et feoffat’ [sic--should probably be fossato] fac’ ad molendinum de aqua Regis; de antiqua trenchea obstruenda et nova facienda vel habenda.22
309150vDe assisa panis et cervisie; Quod heredis et participes possint feoffare ballivos et communitatem de redditu quem percipiunt de villa de N; Quod ten’ A et heredibus suis que alius tenet ad vitam suam ex dimissione Regine cui R illa concessit ad terminum vite habend’ post mortem etc’.33
310151rxxxviiDe ten’ ad terminum vite de reversione concedenda eidem ad eundem terminum; De quadam domo religiosorum fundanda et terris et tenementis eidem domui conferendis.22
311151vDe prato dando Regi; Ita rex habita inde seisina det illiud fratribus de Monte Carmeli; de terris et tenementis adquisitis sine licensia Regis; Aliter in le retinere de eodem; de libertatibus concedendis; Aliter et fit patens inquisitoribus.63
312152rxxxviiDe aqueductu; Aliter de conductu aque etc’; De aqua ducenda per Foffatum ad stagnum molendini; De venella data fratribus ad elargacionem mansi.43
313152vDe semita includenda; De terra adquisita sine licensia Regis; Si aliter in le retinere; Aliter ad vitam; Aliter in feodo talliato in le rehabere; Aliter ad vitam.63
314153rxxxviiAliter in feodo talliato; Aliter; Regula; Aliter in le retinere; Aliter de serviciis remissis et quiete clamatis etc’.40
315153vDe reversione concessa et ingressa sine licensia per quod seisitur in manum Regis in le rehabere; Aliter.21
316154rxxxviiAliter de arboribus succisis et solo assart’ infra Forestam Regis; Aliter de trenchea fac’; Aliter de bosco includendo m; de vasto includendo per certam arentacionem ad scaccarium [here sacrum] reddendum; De vasto includendo per certam arentacionem etc’ et alius ad firmam dimittendo; Aliter de vasto includendo per certam arentacionem ad scaccarium reddendum.62
317154vAliter de eodem patens; Clausum Inde vicecomiti; Aliter.31
318155rxxxviide terra danda pro in habitacione fratrum; de ten’ dand’ ad prebendam faciendam; Concluditur in brevi de reversione concedenda una cum ten’ prius datis; de reversione concedenda; Nota formam brevis; Quod executores possint dar’ Capello ten’ leg’ per testatorem; De ten’ dand’ fratribus ad elargacionem mansi sui.66
319155vRegula; de manerio obligando districcioni; Aliter quando tenetur de Rege in capite; Aliter qud possit feofatur G ita quod idem G dar possit et concedere eadem ten’ prefato A et M uxori euius etc’ ut in brevi p’z de littera; de feoffando aliquem de ten’ et concedendo reversione dotis.42
320156rxxxviiiDe essendo quietum de theolonio per cartam Regis; Aliter; Cum pluries inde; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Regula et nota; De essendo quietum de teolonio per cartam Regis; Regula.65
321156vDe essendo quietum de theolonio que est de antiquo dominico; Quod omnes de antiquo dominico sint quieti de theolonio; Regula; Attachiamentum super ballivos etc’.33
322157rxxxviiiAliter per cartam H progenitoris Regis quam E avus confirmavit; Aliter; per cartam progenitoris Regis et confirmacionem; Regula; Quod persone ecclesiastice sunt quiete de theolonio; Aliter.52
323157vAliter de eodem; de essendo quietum de teolonio que est de antiquo dominico; Quod homines de antiquo dominico sunt quieti de theolonio; Regula; Attachiamentum super ballivos.43
324158rxxxviiiQuod homines de antiquo dominico non contribuant expensis militis; Nota; Quod nativi non contribuant expensis militum; Quod clerici de cancellaria non contribuant expensis procuratorum venientium ad parliamentum.33
325158vDe libertatibus allocandis in genere; regula; Aliter pro carta progenitoris Regis claus’ proiit in spem; Aliter per cartam H proavi Regis; Per Cartam progenitoris Regis et per confirmacionem Regis cum clausula licet.53
326159rxxxixAliter per cartam progenitoris et confirmacionem Regis cum clausula; Aliter per cartam progenitoris Regis; Aliter per cartam Regis.30
327159vAliter; Aliter pro Baronibus quinque portuum; Aliter; Aliter cum clausula licet.40
328160rxliAliter de eodem; de inquirendo de libertatibus allocandis in itinere; De errore habendo; Aliter; Aliter.52
329160vAliter sicut alias; Aliter; Aliter; cum pluries sed non forantur super le sicut alias quod procedit.41
330161rxliiAttachiamentum inde; Aliter non obstante excusacione; Aliter de corrodio transferendo de uno in alium etc’; de annua pensione.42
331161vLittere de annua pensione etc’; De primo beneficio ecclesiastico habendo; De pensione ?concessi ad scaccarium per Regem; De inquirendo de idiota.44
332162rxliiAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; De idiota coram consilio.51
333162vDe leproso ammovendo; De viis et venellis inundandis; De onerando pro rata porcionis etc’.33
334163rxliiAliter de eodem; Aliter de onerando iuxta ratam porcionis tenure.20
335163vAliter de eodem; De nominacione facta per Regem; De nominacione facta per Regem revocanda; De admittendo presentacione per Abbatem ad nominacionem Regis; Aliter de nominacione; De permutacione per nominacionem.64
336164rxliiiPresentacio per Regem; Aliter raciono custodie; Aliter racione minoris etatis; Presentacio causa permutacionis; Aliter ad prebendam; De assignando stallum in chore; Aliter decano et capitulo; Aliter sede vacante; Regula; De collacione heremitagii; De inducendo in corporalem possessionem; Aliter ad Cantariam.115
337164vIsta brevia patens facta fuit de eadem Cantaria; Aliter ad preposituram in ecclesia Cathedrali; Aliter preposito beverlaci; Presentacio per Abbatissam; Aliter per laicum patronum; Collacio hospitalis per Regem; De inducendo Custodi.74
338165rxliiiDe revocacione quia persona superstes est; Revocacio presentacionis quia prius satisficavit; Ratificacio prebende et ecclesie; Aliter.43
339165vAliter de eodem; Aliter inde; Ratifficacio ecclesia non obstante iudicio pro Rege reddito; Aliter inde; Revocacio presentacionis quia alias presentavit.52
340166rxliiiAliter quia ecclesia plena et consulta etc’; Breve patentes ad innotescendum; de presentacione facta super recuperacione quando Rex recuperavit; Presentacio per Regem quando nominatur ei etc’ de permittendo prebendarium in liberis Capellis Regis de hastynges et Gamworth’.43
341166vBreve canonici ad excercendum iurisdiccionem ordinariam loco suo; Breve patentes ad conferendum beneficia domino in remotis agente; Littera procuratoria.33
342167rxliiiLittera procuratoria ad resignandum; Forma resignacionis.22
343167vProtestacio redennda; Manucapcio pro iudicato de latronis coram vicecomite ex officio W’ I capitulo xvo; Regula; Aliter coram ballivis libertatis; Aliter pro levi suspicione.42
344168rxliiiiRegula; Aliter de parvo latrocinio; Regula; Nota; Manucapcio pro appellato vivente appellatore; Aliter post mortem probatoris quia non est notorius latro.31
345168vAliter de assensu mortis; de receptamento; de consilio et assensu; de vi et auxilio precepto missione et abecto; Regula; Aliter in conclusione.53
346169rxliiiiManucapcio pro iudicato coram custodibus pacis; Aliter de eodem; de mittendo iudicamentum inde coram Rege ad delberandum iudicamentum coram Custodibus pacis; Breve inde vicecomiti ad mittendum corpus iudicati.43
347169vAliter pro notorio suspecto de feloniis et maleficiis manucapto etc’; aliter pro forstallariis; Pro eo qui sequitur appellum et brevia de falso iudicio.32
348170rxliiiiAliter pro Abbate eo quod maliciose fuit appellatus omittendo nomen dignitatis; Audita querela inde G lestrop; Aliter per statutum mercatorum eo quod solvit partem debiti et de parte habet scriptum relaxacionis.31
349170vAliter de transgressionibus feloniam non tangentibus; Aliter aliter [sic] ad prosequendum decepcionem et maliciam per statutum mercatorum; Aliter pro eo qui est captus pro notificacione bulle in cancellaria essendi coram.30
350171rxliiiiconsilio domini Rege in proximo parliamento; Supersedeas exigend’ in brevi de ordinacione versus magistros; Aliter pro serviente; Supersedeas capcioni in brevi de serviente.43
351171vde supersedendo exigend’ in placito debiti; Supersedeas exig’ pro illo qui manucepit pro quod arramiato coram Rege in Banco; Aliter supersedeas exig’ arret’ coram custodibus pacis.32
352172rxliiiiAliter supersedeas in duobus brevibus de diversis placitis; De capto per le capias per manucapcione etc’ deliberando; Aliter supersedeas capcioni corpis; Aliter etc’.41
353172vde attornato vic’ pro profro faciendo admittendo; Regula; de respectu compoti vic’ habendo; de lanis de crescencia Wall’ transduc’ absque custuma iterato solvenda quia semel soluta erat; de bilanciis deferendis etc’.44
354173rxlvAliter; Aliter.20
355173vCarta perdonacionis de defendendo; Nota; de Recordo utlagarie mittendis etc’; de recordo mittendis per Iustic’ ad gaolam deliberandam etc’ quia se defendendo; Carta perdonacionis utlagarie.44
356174rxlvide perdonacione utlagarie; de manu regis amovenda execucione acquietancie.22
357174vde attornato in attincta assise mortis antecessoris; Attincta de quadam particula contenta in assisa mortis antecessoris; Anno vii cons’; Patens inde.44
358175rxlviRegula; Regula M Estrik etc’; Attincta aliter; de inquirendo de procretate averiorum vel catallorum; breve coronatoribus quando vicecomes non retornat le pone mesces nest necessarie ?? pur malice de vic’ quant ne voct retourner le bre’ il prendra le bill’ ca’o il est ordeine’ per lestatut de W ii capitulo xxixo.33
359175vde minis de nova forma; de Idemptitate nominis Iusticiariis de Banco; Quod iuratores capiunt pro veridico dicendo.33
360176rxlvide manutenencia; Aliter de attachiamento magistrum et servientem qui recessit a servicio maiore salario sibi promisso; Pro illis qui sunt primo etatis et infra etatem; de associando ad dubitacionem aud’.43
361176vAttincta quando tenens ad terminum vite facit defaltam per quod alius admittatur ad defendendum ius suum et vocat ad warantum q’ vocacio contra placitatur per statutum per quod partes descendunt in inquisicionem unde arram’ attincta; Attincta in le nuper obiit; Attincta in brevi de ingressu coram Iusticiariis; Aliter de inquisicione capta de quod scripto dedicto per breve de Nisi prius; Aliter quando inquisicio est capta inter petent’ et War’.53
362177rxlviAttincta quando uxor admittitur ad defendendum ius suum; Aliter pro herede ubi inquisicio capta fuit inter antec’ suum petent’ et virum et uxorem ten’ de manerio de unde vir vocatus fuit ad warantum de tercia parte manerii predicti; Iste breve sit pro aliquo convicto per attinctam admittendo recordum et processum coram rege ad capiendum finem pro imprisonamento pro trris ten’ suis rehabend’ et etiam pro estreppamento; Breve iudicale inde ad deliberandum terras et tenementa post finem fcm’ etc’.43
363177vAttincta in brevi de forma donacionis; scire facias post execucionem terrarum factam; scire facias et supersedeas de execucione facta per manucapcione in cancellaria.33
364178rxlviSupersedeas quando satisfactum est parti etc’; Aliter scire facias de statuto stapule; scire facias in brevi de statuto stapule; Aliter; Aliter.52
365178vscire facias de recognicione; Carta de trans’ utlagare; Aliter coram Rege; Aliter coram Rege in diversis trans’; Aliter; Aliter; Carta perdonacionis adhes’ inimico.73
366179rxlvide viro utlagato et uxore waiviata; Regula; de uxore waiviata; Carta de brevi de compoto; Aliter in brevi de debito; Carta quando quis utlagatur ad sectam Regis.54
367179vCarta pro serviente qui recessit a servicio; Carta amerciamenti debiti in brevi de trans’; Carta in brevi de detencione; Carta pro magistro retinente servientem alterius; Carta perdonacionis utlagarie ad sectam executori; Carta perdonacionis pro lana ultra mare absque custuma traducta; Certiorari si carta sit allocata necne; Aliter.87
368180rxlviProteccio pro homine utlagato morte hominis et ad graciam Regis remisso; Proteccio quod nullus hospitetur in domibus suis; Aliter.32
369180vProteccio quod nullus capiatur arestatur implacitetur; Proteccio notabilis valde.22
370181rxlviProteccio pro mercatore invidinas etc’ excercente; quo voluerit.22
371181vAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
372182rxlviAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.50
373182vAliter; Aliter.20




The totals are very large: 1905 writs in the long count, 1281 in the short. The nine missing folios would have added approximately 49 or 33 to these totals. The totals are not so large as HLS MS 34 (2417, 1591) or MS 155 (2412, 1638), which are the largest in the collection, and which we have dated approximately 20 years earlier.

We consolidate some of the categories in the contemporary index here (and slightly normalize them) in order to compare this register to contemporary ones and those from the reign of Richard II: Right (9%), Ecclesiastical (18%), Waste (1%), Replevin (3%), Trespass (11%), Error (1%), Criminal (1%), Account (1%), Debt (5%), Rights in land (1%), Warranty of Charter, Annuity, Mesne (1%), Covenant (1%), Wardship (1%), Dower (1%), Writs on statutes (6%), Statute of labourers (1%), Novel disseisin (10%), Mort d’ancestor (2%), Succession (1%), Ejectement (Quare eiecit) (0%), Entry (3%), Cessavit (0%), Formedon (1%), Testaments (1%), Ad quod dampnum (5%), Rights of those of lower status (1%), Corodies and pensions (1%), De libertatibus allocandis (1%), De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis (1%), Ecclesiastical addition (3%), Mainprize (3%), Miscellaneous, including weights and measures (1%), Charters of pardon (5%). (Proportions shown as zero are less than half a percent.)

As is shown in the conclusion to the Analysis of writs for MS 26, which we believe is almost exactly contemporary, the categories and order of the material are the same in that manuscript. They both have they same index. The proportions are also almost exactly the same, which would not necessarily be true even if the index is the same.

The question is how much and in what way does MS 27 differ from the registers that date from the reign of Richard II. Although the patterns and proportions of the registers from the time of Richard II are all quite similar, no two of them are exactly alike. MS 168 comes the closest to MS 27: Right (9%), Ecclesiastical (19%), Waste (2%), Replevin (3%), Trespass (12%), Error (1%), Criminal (1%), Account (1%), Debt (4%), Rights in land (2%), Annuity, Mesne (1%), Wardship (2%), Covenant (2%), Dower (1%), Writs on statutes (5%), Statute of labourers (1%), Novel disseisin (11%), Mort d’ancestor (3%), Ejectement (Quare eiecit) (0%), Entry (4%), Cessavit (0%), Formedon (0%), Testaments (2%), Ad quod dampnum (4%), Rights of those of lower status (1%), De libertatibus allocandis (1%), Corodies and pensions (1%), De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis (1%), Ecclesiastical additional (3%), Mainprize, De supersedendo (3%), Weights and measures (0%), Pardons (0%). The categories are the same with two exceptions: The succession category (Nuper obiit, De ventre inspiciendo, Diem clausit extremum, De etate probanda), which is also found in MS 34, is actually there in MS 168 after Mort d’ancestor and before Ejectment; it just did not get picked up in the categories of MS 168. De supersedendo, however, which appears in the categories after Formedon in MS 168 is not there in MS 27. Rather, writs De supersedendo appear with the type of case that is being superseded, an organizational improvement, at least from our point of view.

Slight differences in proportions appear throughout the comparison, e.g., Ecclesiastical is one percent less in MS 26 than it is in MS 168. No one of these likely to be any significance; they could be attributable to differences in rounding. They do add up, however, over the course the comparison up to and including formedon, with the result that 21% of MS 26 is found after formedon, whereas only 16% of MS 168 is. This 5% is represented almost entirely in MS 27 by Charters of pardon, which is only a trace percentage in MS 168. It contains much more than just charters of pardon and may be the ‘add-on’ category, recent writs of interest not yet incorporated into a conceptual scheme. It is certainly the category that changes the most, not only in comparison with MS 168 but with all the registers that date from the reign of Richard II.

A comparison with MS 23, which we argue is roughly contemporary with MS 27, may be found in the conclusion to the Analysis of Writs for MS 23. In comparison with MS 27, MS 23 seems to be slightly less ‘modern’.