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HLS MS No. 23

Registrum Brevium

ca. 1430



<Preliminary introduction>

The HOLLIS cataloguing may be found here. The following items are worth repeating:

“Description: [208] leaves : vellum ; 28 cm.

“Summary: With several transcribed documents addressed by Henry VI to William Yelverton, Justice of the King’s Bench, including his serjeant’s writ (1438) and some of his commissions.

“Notes: Irregularities and errors in foliation: some leaves unnumbered; others leaves erroneously numbered, beginning with leaf 3r (‘xiiii’).”

The cataloguing in Baker’s English Legal Manuscripts, 1, no. 50 reads as follows:


“MS. 23.

“C.xiv, 207 ff. and additions.

“Perhaps belonged to Sir William Yelverton (d. 1476), whose serjeant’s writ (1438) and some of whose commissions are inserted at the end; later belonged to Edward Umfreville (d. 1786); and later to Sir Thomas Phillipps (MS. 12224); his sale, S. 13 June 1896, no. 619, to Ellis for George Dunn; his sale, S. 12 Feb. 1913, no. 234; bought privately by HLS.

Census, I, 1026, no. 23; Phillipps Studies, IV, 179; Early Registers, xxvi; J.H. Baker, The Order of Serjeants at Law (1984), 260.”

The script is a standard semi-cursive English legal hand. It looks as if it dates from the first half of the fifteenth century rather than the last half of the fourteenth. It certainly seems later than the ca. 1350 that HOLLIS assigns to it. As we will see below, there are other reasons for dating the manuscript to the second quarter of the 15th century. We realize that we are disagreeing here with Baker, but are encouraged by the fact that Hall independently came to the conclusion that the manuscript belongs to the 15th century.

There are no illustrations or decoration. Some of the writs have a space for a drop-down capital ‘R’ in ‘Rex’ that never got put in. Spacing is generous in number of places, and there are some blanks, some of which, as we will see below, got filled in. The spacing is probably for additional material rather than illustration.

The binding is undistinguished: cardboard covers, which are in turn covered with heavy tan paper. The sewing is loose, though it does appear to be broken anywhere. The pastedowns probably date from the 19th century; the endpaper in the back certainly does (the printed advertisement for Twining’s tea and coffee is telling). The overall interior condition is generally good.

The first folio (and much of the first quire) is, however, soiled and faded. There is a large stain, probably a water stain, at the top of the first folio that penetrates through to the second. The space where we would expect to find the initial writ of right patent on fol. 1r has been erased. That it has been erased can be seen on the image, an observation that is confirmed under ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, the person who did the erasing did a good job. Even under ultraviolet light, it is not possible to read the writ. It is possible, though not certain, that the initial of the king is ‘R’. The erasure had taken place before the header was added, because the header refers to the first writ that is not erased: ‘De recto secundum consuetudinem manerii’.

Fol. 17r contains a writ Protectio pro clero written in a book hand that seems much later than the hand that wrote the main manuscript. Fols. 18–20 (the last being cut off about a third of the way down) contain forms of address, the first of which is to the auditor of causes of a Cardinal Thomas archbishop of Canterbury. The only Thomas archbishop of Canterbury in the Middle Ages who was a cardinal was Thomas Bourchier, archbishop of Canterbury, 1454-1486. He did not become a cardinal until 1473. The hand looks as if it dates from late in the 15th century. This hand also looks like the hand in some of the headers. When we combine this fact with the fact that the initial writ of right patent has been erased, we have some evidence that an older (perhaps late-14th century) register was reworked in the second half, probably in the fourth quarter, of the 15th century.

Many of the headers are accompanied by chapter numbers. They begin with ‘c. viii’ on fol. 5v, ‘c. x’ on fol. 12v, ‘c. xi’ on fol. 15r. The next one, ‘c. xiii’, is found on fol. 23v, but ‘c. xiiii, is found on fol. 25r. This pattern, usually in numerical order, but with some skipping, proceeds to ‘c. lx’ on fol. 115r. The numeration begins again with c. i and c. ii on fol. 115v, without there being any obvious change of hand. The second sequence seems, at the beginning, to have more numbers; fewer folios are skipped. The last one in this sequence ‘c. lxii’ on fol. 203v. We have not checked all of the writs, but it appears that there is no duplication of the contents between the two sets of numerations.

Although the manuscript does not now have an index or capitulary at the beginning, such chapter numbers are found connected to such indices in other manuscripts. This manuscript may have had one that is now lost, because the medieval foliation on the manuscript begins on fol. 2r with ‘xiij’. What is difficult to understand is why anyone one would have used two sets of numbering in such an index, and why the numbering would have been started over again between writs de pastura and those de rationalibus divisis. There is no change of hand or quire between the two sets of numbers, but it is possible that the register was copied from a register that was bound in two volumes, each with its own index.

As we have just noted, there is a medieval foliation that begins, it would seem, with 12 on digital fol. 1. It continues to 221 on fol. 204 of the digital foliation and has been extended in a modern hand to 225 on fol. 208. The foliator did not do a very good job. We counted 18 folios that were skipped in the numeration and 13 that were duplicated. That still does not get us to 208 (it is one too many). Our count probably missed a duplicated folio.

All of these oddities in the medieval foliation seem to be errors of the foliator, except for one. Five numbers are missing between fol. 135 and 136, and there seems to be text missing between them as well. A new quire begins on fol. 136, the most peculiar quire in the manuscript. It lacks a signature (which should be ‘t’) and is the only bifolium in the manuscript. It may originally have been a duernion with the center bifolium removed; there is evidence that something has been cut out in the center. The text carries over from the dorse of fol. 136 to the recto of fol. 137, but after a five-line carryover, the ink, and perhaps the hand, changes. It is possible that the original quire ‘t’ was lost or removed and this shortened quire substituted. Folio numbers were then added to this new quire to match what followed rather than what preceded.

Signature markings begin on the third quire with ‘d’, further evidence that something at the beginning is missing. Except for ‘t’, which, as noted, is missing, they proceed regularly through through ‘z’. There follows, in the ‘second alphabet’, a repeat of ‘r’ and ‘q’, but there is nothing else to suggest that there is anything odd about these quires. A genuine second alphabet begins with ‘aa’ and ‘bb’. The last quire, which should be ‘cc’, has no signature.

The manuscript is mostly regular quaternions. The first quire is a sesternion, and the missing initial quire may have been one too, lacking one. Except for the bifolium, already discussed, which we collate as a duernion lacking two, there is one other duernion, and three ternions, including the last quire, to which one folio and a scrap were added. There is a folio missing in quire 22, and there may be text missing at the end of the quire. Collation follows:

112 (f. 1–12), 2–168 (f. 13–124), 176 (f. 125–130), 186 (f. 131–135, lacks one, probably after 135), 194 (f. 136–137, lacks 2 after 136), 208 (f. 138–145), 214 (f. 146–149), 228 (f. 150–156, lacks one, probably after 156), 23–288 (f. 157–194), 296 (f. 195–206 + ii [f. 207–208] tipped in).

In addition to the forms of address, there is other evidence that additions were made to the manuscript in the fifteenth century. Fol. 206v, the last page of what seems to have been the original manuscript has a number of documents concerning William Yelverton, serjeant from 1438, JKB from 1443–1471, who died in 1476. They begin with the writ commanding him to become a serjeant, and continue with entries concerning him, written in different hands with varying degrees of formality. Following this there is a damaged folio tipped into the manuscript, which also contains documents that concern Yelverton. It is tempting to think of Yelverton as a possible former owner of the manuscript, perhaps the original owner.

We may put all of this information together into a somewhat speculative story of the manuscript. A register of writs, probably dating from late in the fourteenth century, was copied fairly early in the fifteenth century. That the original writ of right patent was expunged rather than simply altered may reflect the damnatio memoriae of Richard II by the Lancastrians. The base script of the manuscript seems more likely to be that of the early fifteenth century than that of the late fourteenth. The copy could have been made for Yelverton, perhaps even on the occasion of his becoming a serjeant. Over the course of Yelverton’s career various documents concerning him were copied into the back of the manuscript or on a separate folio that eventually got tipped into the manuscript. The last date that we have found in these items seems to be (the king is not named but the regnal year is given) 14 July 1461 (i.e., 1 Edw. 4).

When Yelverton died or retired, the manuscript may have come into the hands of a Chancery clerk. That could have occurred sometime between Yelverton’s death in 1476 and Stafford’s in 1486. The reason for suspecting that the owner at this point was a Chancery clerk is that while many different professionals had need of a register of writs, very few would need to know the exact form of address for the officials of dozens of different English towns. The note on what writs were de cursu would also have been useful for a Chancery clerk, but others might want the knowledge as well.

How much reworking of the fourteenth-century register was done in fifteenth we cannot tell. A more careful examination of the writs themselves might tell us more. As it is, we can say that this is a very large register (see the analysis below). There is much more in this register than just the basics.


Summary Contents

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  Seq. Fol. No. Item  
5–23f. 1r–10r1Writs of right, including recordare 
23–27f. 10r–12r2Execution of judgment 
27–54f. 12r–25v3Writs of attorney, including writs of protection 
39–43f. 18r–20v4Forms of address 
54–113f. 25v–55r5Ecclesiastical writs 
115–122f. 56r–59v6Waste, including de particione facienda and de estreppamento 
122–135f. 59v–66r7Replevin, including de nativo habendo, de auxilio habendo and de scutagio levando 
135–206f. 66r–101v8Trespass, including de moderata misericordia, de minis, de rescussu, de deceptionibus, de wallis et fossatis, and de conspiracione 
207–229f. 102r–112v9Account and debt, including staute of Merchants and statute of Staple 
230–239f. 113v–117v10Miscellaneous, many concerning rights in land 
240–246f. 118v–121r11Covenant, including de finibus 
247–260f. 122r–128r12Succession, including wardship, maritagium, dower, diem clausit extremum 
263–283f. 130r–139r13Brevia de statuto 
284–324f. 140v–160r14Novel disseisin, including attaint 
325–359f. 161r–177v15Mort d’ancestor, including quare eiecit, entry, de intrusione, cessavit, formedon 
359–379f. 178r–185r16Ad quod dampnum 
381–388f. 189r–192r17De libertatibus allocandis 
389–400f. 193r–198r18Miscellaneous ecclesiastical, including de corrodio habendo, de annua pensione, de presentationibus 
401–405f. 199r–200v19De manucapcionibus 
406–409f. 201v–203r20Audita querela 
410–415f. 203v–206r21De supersedendo, including one leaf de presentationibus 
416–419f. 206v–208r22Writs concerning William Yelverton 


Detailed Contents

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Seq. Fol. Label Header Cap. Sig.  
3Front cover 
4Front pastedown with bookplate of George Dunn 
51rWrits of right, including recordareDe recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
  Note: Phillipps MS 12224.
72rDe recto de racionabili iudicio habendo quando nolivit procedere ad iudicium 
93rRecordare secundum consuetudinem manerii sine brevi 
114rsupersedeas quia tenens vocavit forinsecum ad Warantum 
135rBreve adnulland’ finem levatum de tenementis que sunt de antiquo dominico 
145vMonstraveruntc. viii 
156rAttachiamentum de antiquo dominico 
177rRecordari de falso iudicio; Recordari de falso iudicioc. ix 
  Note: Large gap in text; may be space for an illustration.
198rRecordare de falso Iudicio 
2310rExecution of judgmentDe execucione iudicii 
2511rDe warant’ de servicio Regis 
2712rWrits of attorney, including writs of protectionde attornato in omnibus placitis in itinere 
2812vde attornato generalic. x 
2913rDe attornato in generali 
3114rDe Attornato 
3315rDe attornato; Proteccio cum clausula volumusc. xi 
3516rProteccio in clausula Nolum 
3616vProteccio cum clausula nolumus 
3717rProteccio pro Clero 
  Note: Written in a non-cursive hand of the 15th century.
3918rForms of address 
  Note: Written in hand of the last quarter of the 15th century, the first is an address to the auditor of causes of Cardinal Thomas [Bourchier (cardinal from 1473–1486)].
4018vForms of address 
4119rForms of address 
4219vForms of address 
4320rForms of address 
  Note: Folio cut off about one-third of the way down.
4420vNote on writs de gratia 
4521rProteccio pro Decano et Capitulo ecclesie qui est de patronatu Regisd 1 
4722rProtecciones pro hospitalibusd 2 
4923rBlank except for header and foliationDe attornato faciendo in Comitatu sine brevid 3 
5023vde attornato faciendoc. xiii 
5124rDedimus potestatemd 4 
5224vDe attornato 
5325rrecipiendo; Dedimus vobis potestatemc. xiiii 
5425vEcclesiastical writsDe recto de advocacione ecclesiec. xv 
5526rAssisa ultime presentacionis; Assisa ultime presentacionisc. xvi 
5626vQuare impedit; Quare impeditc. xvii 
  Note: Large gap in text; may be space for an illustration.
5727rNe admittat; Ne admittatc. xviii 
5827vQuare non admisitc. xix 
6129re 1 
6330rProhibicioc. xxiie 2 
6430vProhibiciones Indicavitc. xxii 
6531rDe prohibicionibuse 3 
6631vDe prohibicionibus 
6732rDe prohibicionibuse 4 
6832vDe prohibicionibus 
6933rDe prohibicionibus 
7033vDe prohibicionibus 
7134rDe prohibicionibus 
7234vDe prohibicionibus 
7335rDe prohibicionibus 
7435vDe prohibicionibus 
7536rDe prohibicionibus 
7636vDe prohibicionibus 
7737rDe consultacionibusc. xxiiif 3 
7837vDe consultacionibus 
7938rDe consultacionibusf 4 
8038vDe consultacionibus 
8239vDe consultacionibus 
8340rDe consultacionibus 
8440vDe consultacionibus 
8541rDe consultacionibus 
8641vDe consultacionibus 
8742rDe consultacionibus 
8842vDe consultacionibus 
8943rDe consultacionibusg 1 
9043vDe consultacionibus 
9144rDe consultacionibusg 2 
9345rDe residencia non facta pro clericis Regisc. xxiiii 
9546rDe vi laica armata amovendac. xxv 
9747rAd iura regiac. xxvi 
9847vAd iura regia 
9948rAd iura regia 
10048vAd iura 
10149rRegiah 1 
10249vAd iura 
10350rRegiah 2 
10450vDe excommunicato capiendoc. xxvii 
10551rCapiendo et deliberandoc. xxviiih 3 
10651vDe excommunicato liberando 
10752rDe excommunicato deliberandoh 4 
10852vSupersedeas pendente appellacione 
10953rSupersedeas de excommunicato capto et deliberando 
  Note: Later addition below the main text.
11053vsupersedeas super excommunicato capiendo 
11154rDe terris et tenementis clerici purgati liberand’ 
11254vDe extracto ab ecclesia restituendo 
11355rDe apostata capiandoc. xxix 
11455vBlank (short page) 
11556rWaste, including de particione facienda and de estreppamentoDe vastoc. xxx 
11656vDe vasto 
11757rDe vastoj 1 
11857vDe vasto 
11958rDe vastoj 2 
12159rDe particione facienda; de estreppamentoc. xxxij 3 
  Note: Pencilled note: 74 43.
12259vReplevin, including de nativo habendo, de auxilio habendo and de scutagio levandoRepleg’c. xxxii 
12360rRepleg’j 4 
12762rRepleg’ aliter etc’c. xxxv 
12862vPone de averiisc. xxxvi 
13063vRecordari de averiisc. xxxvii 
13164rk i 
13264vDe nativo habendoc. xxxviii 
13365rDe auxilio habendoc. xxxixk 2 
13465vDe auxilio habendo et de scutagio levandoc. xl 
13566rTrespass, including de moderata misericordia, de minis, de rescussu, de deceptionibus, de wallis et fossatis, and de conspiracioneDe moderata misericordia; de minisc. xliik 3 
13767rDe trans’c. xliiik 4 
14169rDe transgr’ 
14269vDe transgr’ 
14370rDe transgr’ 
14470vDe trans’ 
14772rl i 
14973rDe transgr’c. xliiil 3 
15073vDe transgr’ 
15174rl 4 
15274vDe transgr’ 
15375rDe transgr’ 
15475vDe transgr’ 
15576rDe transgr’ 
15777rDe trans’ 
15877vDe trans’ 
15978rDe rescussuc. xliiii 
16279vBilla de transgr’ de insidiis et insultu 
17284vDe Errore 
17586rm i 
17787rRecordari de transc. xliiiim 2 
17887vCertiorari de recordo et processu mittendis 
17988rm 3 
18189rDe decepcionibusc. xlvm 4 
18892vc. xlvi 
19194rn i 
19395rn 2 
19596rn 3 
19696vde walliis et fossatisc. xlvii 
19797rn 4 
20098vDe errorec. xlviii 
204100vDe conspiracionec. xlviii 
206101vDe compotoc. xlix 
207102rAccount and debt, including staute of Merchants and statute of StapleDe compotoo i 
208102vDe compoto; breve de ex partec. xlix 
209103rDe compotoo 2 
211104rDe debitoc. lo 3 
212104vDe debito 
213105rDe debitoo 4 
214105vDe debito 
216106vDe debito 
217107rDe debito 
218107vDe idemptitate nominisc. li 
  Note: Large gap in text; may be space for an illustration.
219108rDe exonerando pro rata porcionec. lii 
220108vDe onerando pro rata porcionis 
221109rSupersedeas de debito in comitatu etc’c. liii 
223110rDe recognicionep 2 
224110vStatutum mercatorum 
225111rp 3 
226111vAudita querelac. lv 
227112rStatutum Stapulep 4 
228112vde recognicione in stapulac. lvi 
229113rSi recognoscatc. lvii 
230113vMiscellaneous, many concerning rights in landde Curia claudenda; Quod permittatc. lviii 
231114rQuod permittat 
232114vQuod permittat etc’; breve quo iurec. lvii 
233115rDe pastura admensuranda; De secunda super oneracionemc. lix; c. lx 
234115vDe racionabilibus divisis; de perambulacione fac’c. i; c. ii 
235116rDe reparacione pontis et ?huiusc. iii 
236116vDe warant’ cartec. iiii 
237117rDe plegiis acquietandisc. vq i 
238117vde annuo redditu; de consuetudinibus et serviciis; de carta reddendac. vi; c. vii; c. vii 
239118rDe medioc. ixq 2 
240118vCovenant, including de finibusDe convencionec. x 
241119rDe convencioneq 3 
242119vDe convencione 
243120rDe finibusc. xiq 4 
244120vDe finibus 
245121rlevandis; dedimus potestatemc. xii 
246121vDe transcripto pedis finis habendo mittimusc. xiii 
247122rSuccession, including wardship, maritagium, dower, diem clausit extremumDe custodia terrec. xiiii 
248122vDe custodia in socagioc. xv 
249123rDe eieccione custodiec. xvi 
250123vDe intrusionec. xvii 
251124rDe herede raptoc. xviii 
252124vDe forisfactura maritagiic. xix 
253125rDe valore maritagiic. xxr i 
254125vDe dote unde nichil habet; De dote unde nichil habetc. xxi 
255126rDe admensuracione dotisc. xxiir 2 
256126vDe dote; De escaeta etc’c. xxiii 
257127rDe inquirendoc. xxiiiir 3 
258127vDe inquirendo de idiota 
259128rDe idiota 
260128vDiem clausit extremum; breve quod dicitur mandamusc. xxv; c. xxvi 
263130rBrevia de statutoBrevia de statutoc. xxvii 
264130vBrevia de statuto 
265131rBrevia de statuto 
266131vBrevia de statuto 
267132rBrevia de statutos 3 
268132vBrevia de statuto 
269133rDe Coronatore eligendos 4 
270133vDe viridario eligendo 
271134rBrevia de statuto 
273135rDe statuto 
274135vBrevia de statuto 
279138rv i 
284140vNovel disseisin, including attaintAssisa nove disseisine 
287142rDe assisa nove disseisinev ii 
288142vAssisa nove disseisine 
289143rNove disseisinev 22 
291144rDe assisav 33 
292144vDe assisis 
293145rDe assisisv 44 
294145vNove disseisine 
295146rDe assisis 
296146vDe attincta nove disseisinec. xxx 
297147rDe attincta 
298147vDe attincta 
299148rDe attincta 
300148vDe redisseramc. xxx 
301149rDe redisseisina 
302149vDe redisseisina 
303150rx i 
304150vDe recordo et processu mittendo causa errorisc. xxxi 
305151rde recordo et processu mittendox 2 
306151vDe recordo et processu mittendis 
307152rDe recordo et processu mittendisx 3 
308152vDe recordo et processu mittendis 
309153rDe recordo et processu mittendisx 4 
310153vDe recordo et processu mittendis 
311154rMittend’x 4 
312154vDe recordo et processu 
317157ry i 
319158ry 2 
321159ry 3 
323160ry 4 
325161rMort d’ancestor, including quare eiecit, entry, de intrusione, cessavit, formedonAssisa mortis antecessoris 
326161vAttincta mortis antecessorisc. xxxiii 
328162vDe Avo et Avia; Nuper obiitc. xxxiiii; c. xxxv 
329163rQuare eiecit infra terminumc. xxxvi 
330163vQuare eiecit infra terminum; de eieccione firmis; De ingressu ad terminum qui preteritc. xxxvii; c. xxxviii 
331164rDum non fuit compos mentisc. xxxixz i 
332164vDum infra etatem fuitc. xl 
333165rDe ingressu; de ingressu sine assensu capitulic. xli; c. xliiz 2 
334165vAttincta de ingressuc. xliii 
335166rCui in vitaz 4 
336166vDe intrusionec. xlv 
337167rc. xlv 
338167vDe intrusionec. xlv 
339168rDe ingressuc. xlvi 
340168vDe ingressuc. xlvi 
341169rc. xlvi 
342169vDe ingressu 
343170rCessavitc. xlvii 
345171rForma donacionisc. xlviiir 1 
347172rr 2 
348172vFormac. xlix 
349173rDonacionisc. lr 3 
350173vForma donacionis 
351174rDe tenementis legatisc. lir 4 
352174vDe tenementis legatis 
353175rIn london 
354175vDe tenementis legatis 
355176rDe indemptitate nominisc. lii 
359178rAd quod dampnumAd quod dampumc. liii 
360178vAd quod 
361179rDampnumq i 
362179vAd quod 
363180rDampnumq 2 
364180vAd quod 
365181rDampnumq 3 
366181vAd quod 
367182rDampnumq 4 
368182vAd quod 
370183vAd quod 
372184vAd quod 
374185vAd quod 
376186vAd quod 
377187rDampnuma a i 
378187vAd quod 
379188rDampnuma a 2 
381189rDe libertatibus allocandisde libertatibus allocandisc. liiiia a 3 
382189vDe libertatibus 
383190rAllocandisa a 4 
386191vDe libertatibus 
389193rMiscellaneous ecclesiastical, including de corrodio habendo, de annua pensione, de presentationibusDe corrodio habendoc. lv 
390193vDe corrodio habendoc. lv 
391194rDe corrodio habendo 
392194vDe annua Pensionec. lvi 
393195rDe presentacionibusc. lviiibb 2 
394195vDe presentacionibus 
395196rDe presentacionibusbb 3 
397197r(1) bb 4 (2) [cut off] m 
399198rDe presentacionibusbb 5 
400198vForma resignacionisc. lix 
401199rDe manucapcionibusDe manucapcionibusc. lixbb 6 
402199vDe manucapcionibus 
403200rDe manucapcionibusbb 7 
404200vDe manucapcionibus 
406201vAudita querelaAudita querela super statutum mercatoriumc. lxi 
407202rPage mostly torn out 
409203rBlank except for foliation 
410203vDe supersedendo, including one leaf de presentationibusDe supersedendoc. lxii 
411204rDe supersedendo 
412204vDe supersedendo 
413205rDe presentacionibus 
415206rDe supersedendo 
  Note: Foliated in pencil in the upper right-hand corner 223, a continuation of a medieval foliation two folios before. This suggests that we are now missing some material.
416206vWrits concerning William Yelverton 
  Note: Later addition. The first writ, de statu et gradu servientis ad legem recipiendo, is addressed to Yelverton and is dated 12 Feb. 1438. All the items on the page seem to concern Yelverton, and the last one, a commission, may be dated 14 July 1461 (‘anno regni nostri primo’).
  Note: Leaf damaged and tipped in; the recto is written upside down. All the items seem to concern Yelverton.
  Note: Very short leaf, seemingly tipped in, possibly a continuation of the items concerning Yelverton. The dorse does not seem to have been photographed, nor has the recto of the next sequence.
420208vBlank except for modern advertisement (later-added endpaper) 
421Inside back cover 
422Back cover 


Preliminary Analysis of the Register of Writs



No heading found

As noted, the initial writ of right has been expunged. We suspect that the initial that began it was ‘R’ for ‘Ricardus [II]’, but that is only a suspicion. The earliest date that we have found so far in the manuscript is 1438, the year in which William Yelverton became a serjeant. Within the writs themselves (as opposed to the ones concerning Yelverton at the end) under brevia de statuto, there is a writ formed on the basis of Stat. 13 Ric. II, c. 13 (1390), which the marginalia call the ‘statutum de venatoribus’. We offered above some evidence, principally in the style of the script, that the manuscript was redacted in the first half of the fifteenth century, but suggested that it contained, at least in part, a copy of a register from the late fourteenth century. Let us see what light an analysis of the writs can cast on this suggestion.

Two counts of the writs are given in the right-hand columns of the table. The first counts all the writs for which there are marginal notes, excluding, however, the notes that are labelled ‘Regula’ or ‘Nota’. The second excludes from the total all the writs where the marginal note includes the words ‘eodem’ or ‘aliter’.



51rDe recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiDe recto secundum consuetudinem manerii; Aliter; Regula; De via obstructa; Attachiamentum super dominum quando recusat tenere curiam suam.43
61vAliter super ballivos; Regula; Aliter domino Curie quando idem dominus deforceat alicui; Regula et nota.20
72rDe recto de racionabili iudicio habendo quando nolivit procedere ad iudiciumSicut alias; Recto de racionabili iudicio habendo quando nolunt procedere ad iudicium; Regula; Aliter in Curia; Cum pluries inde; Regula; Regula; De procedenda loquela.54
82vRegula; Regula; Recordari secundum consuetudinem manerii pro tenente; Causa super Cartam; Regula.22
93rRecordare secundum consuetudinem manerii sine brevi[Faded]; Causa; Causa; Quia alias compartum fuit per assisam quod [obscured] liberum feodum; Nota.44
103vCausa; Causa; Causa; Aliter; Causa in recordari ad sectam petentis et fuit consideratum anno xviii.54
114rsupersedeas quia tenens vocavit forinsecum ad WarantumSupersedeas quia tenens vocavit forinsecum ad Warantum; Aliter quando uxor admittitur ad ius suum defendendum; Attachiamentum super ballivos quia processerunt pendent placito Warantie.32
124vDe certificacione si loquela [faded]; Aliter de eodem secundum W’ Ayremyn.21
135rBreve adnulland’ finem levatum de tenementis que sunt de antiquo dominicoBreve coram Regis ad adnullandum finem levatum de tenementis que sunt de antiquo dominico Corone Anglie.11
145vMonstraveruntc. viiiRegula; Pro hominibus de antiquo dominico; Regula de eodem vicecomiti; Regula.10
156rAttachiamentum de antiquo dominicoAttachiamentum inde; Nota; de attornato in brevi de attachiamento; Pro hominibus de hameletto; Ad attachiamentum dominum quia bona abstulit pendente attachiamento.44
166vDe certiorando utrum manerii sit de antiquo dominico necne; Regula; Aliter per que servicia tenentur.21
177rRecordari de falso iudicio; Recordari de falso iudicioc. ixRecordari de falso iudicio; Regula.11
Note: Large gap in text; may be space for an illustration.
187vNota; Aliter in Curia; de attornato inde; Aliter in Curia sine brevi; Aliter in hundredo.41
198rRecordare de falso IudicioAliter pro Abbate; Regula; Aliter in Curia quando uxor admittitur ad ius suum defendendum iuxta formam statuti; Aliter.30
208vQuando loquela fuerit in Curia per returnum brevis et est contra regulam Registri; Regula; Aliter in Curia heredis de loquela que fuit in Curia matris tenentis in dotem.21
219rDe falso iudicio in Curia qui habet returnum brevium etc’; Aliter sine brevi secundum contra manerii; Nota; De errore in assisa frisce forcie.32
229vNota; Cum pluries inde; Nota; De errore coram iusticiariis suis de Banco.22
2310rDe execucione iudiciiRegula; De execucione iudicii; Sicut alias; Cum pluries; Regula.33
2410vAttachiamentum; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.71
2511rDe warant’ de servicio RegisDe Waranto de servicio Regis etc’; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; [not sure if this is a writ] Et potest scribi maiori et vic’ Londonie et Episcopato Dunolm’ infra libertatem suam Iustic’ ad assisam et vic’; Regula; De waranto per testimonium Senescalli Regis; Regula.73
2611vAliter; Nota; Ad procedendum quia non sit in servicio Regis; De clameo admittendo in terre per attornatum primo die itineris; De libertatibus exigendis in itineris; De libertatibus exigendis in itineris etc’.54
2712rde attornato in omnibus placitis in itinerede attornato in omnibus placitis in itineris et ad libertates calumpniandas; Regula; Aliter iuxta formam statuti etc’; Dedimus potestatem; de attornato inde; Regula.43
2812vde attornato generalic. xde attornato generali pro illo qui protecturus est; de attornato pro morante in partibus transmarinis; de attornato in hibernia; de attornato in hibernia pro morante in Anglia; Dedimus potestatem in generali attornato.55
2913rDe attornato in generaliNota de principiis brevium de dedimus potestatem; Aliter in omnibus placitis ad libertates exigendas etc’; Dedimus potestatem ut ?supra infirmis; De generali attornato pro priore sancti Johannis Jerusalem in omnibus placitis etc’.32
3013vQuod abbas ad totam vitam suam possit facere generalem attornatum.11
3114rDe Attornatode attornato inde; De custode generali pro eo qui est infra statem.22
3214vLittera patens ad faciendum generalem attornatum.11
3315rDe attornato; Proteccio cum clausula volumusc. xide attornato generali inde; De attornato generali in Insulis; Proteccio cum clausula volumus etc’.33
3415vAliter; Aliter; Nota; Aliter in municione Castri.30
3516rProteccio in clausula NolumAliter quando incapiatur; Proteccio cum clausula nolumus; Aliter pro seculari; Aliter vicecomiti; De revocacione proteccionis; Regula; Proteccio pro clero.63
3616vProteccio cum clausula nolumusAliter; Proteccio quia moratur ut in al’ supra usque ibi.21
4521rProteccio pro Decano et Capitulo ecclesie qui est de patronatu RegisDe proteccione pro Decano et Capitulo ecclesie que est de patronatu Regis; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem.31
4621vAliter quando alias adeptus est possessionem ecclesie; Aliter pro hospitali.20
4722rProtecciones pro hospitalibusAliter pro hospitali; Aliter pro heremitagio.20
5023rde attornato faciendoc. xiiiDe attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevi; Nota; Dedimus potestatem recipiendi amocionem unius et attornandi alium; de attornato inde et amoto; De duobus amovendi et duobus substituendis; De duobus amovendis tantum; Dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatos ad libertates exigendas; De attornato quando loquela fuit coram Iusticiariis retornatur in Curia placitanda iuxta libertates etc’; Attornato quando quis petitur in auxilium; Attornato de vocatis ad Warantum qui Warantizavit et ulterius etc’; Aliter pro vocatis ad Warantum in duobus loquelis.109
5123vDedimus potestatemDedimus potestatem quando quis admissus etc’ vocavit etc’; De attornato quando petit etc’ et non est admissa; Dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum pro viro et uxore et custode filiorum eorum; de attornato inde; De attornato in levando et terminando; De attornato pro eo qui premunitur etc’ brevi quale ius.66
5224rDe attornatode attornato quando factum committitur in equa manu; De attornato ad petentem se admitti ad defendendum ius ten’ an terminum si contra ipsium facere defaltam; De eodem pro uxore si contingit virum facere defaltam.32
5324vrecipiendo; Dedimus vobis potestatemc. xiiiiDe eodem de attornato admittendo; Dedimus potestatem de cognicione scripti recipiendi.21
5425rDe recto de advocacione ecclesiec. xvRegula; De recto de advocacione ecclesie; De medietate tercie vel quarte parte; De attinct’ [sic; ?should be attornato] inde; Regula; Aliter; Regula.54
5525vAssisa ultime presentacionis; Assisa ultime presentacionisc. xviAliter; De recto de avocacione ecclesie parti; Regula; Assisa ultime presentacione; Aliter pro Rege; de attornato inde; Attincta inde; Aliter.74
5626rQuare impedit; Quare impeditc. xviiQuare impedit pro Rege; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; de attornato inde; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.122
Note: Large gap in text; may be space for an illustration.
5726vNe admittat; Ne admittatc. xviiiAliter; Aliter ad cantariam de attornato inde; Regula; Regula; Note; Ne admittat; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; De certiorari utrum placitum sit in Banco per quare impedit; Quod Episcopatus admittat quia placitum non pendet; Regula; Ne admittat quando tangit personam suam.105
5827rQuare non admisitc. xixNota; De collacione facta uni post mortem alterius cui primo facta fuit collacio; Quare non admisit; Regula; de attornato inde; Quare non admisio pro Rege; Nota; Quare incumbravit.55
5927vAliter; De attornato inde; Regula; Breve de utrum; Aliter; Aliter et War’ per W’ secundum Cap’o xxiiii; Aliter; Aliter.72
6028rAliter; Aliter pro custode cantarie; Regula [Westm’ ii capitulo xviio]; Aliter pro custode hospitalis.30
6128vProhibicio de advocacione ecclesie Iudici; Inde parti; Attachiamentum inde; Regula.33
6229rProhibicionesde attornato inde; Prohibicio pro Rege de advocacione; Regula; Aliter de hospitali; Aliter de prebenda; Aliter attachiamentum; Prohibicio de catallis et debitis; Inde parti; Attachiamentum inde; De attornato inde; Aliter pro Rege [?erased].106
6329vProhibicioc. xxiiAttachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de laico feodo; [faded] Regula; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter attachiamentum; Aliter pro Rege; Attachiamentum inde; Attachiamentum v’ Iudice’ recusant’ recupere breve; Prohibicio de collacione scolarum; Inde parti prohibic’ de trans’.97
6430rProhibiciones Indicavitc. xxiiInde parti; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter pro Rege; Attachiamentum inde; De attornato inde; Regula; Nota; Regula; Indicavit; Nota; Aliter.75
6530vDe prohibicionibusAliter; de attornato inde; iudic’ pro Rege; Aliter; Nota; Prohibicio de decimis separatis; Aliter de decimis separatis; Prohibicio; Nota.74
6631rDe prohibicionibusAttachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de debito in Curia Xtianitatis; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter de recuperacione debiti.43
6731vDe prohibicionibusAttachiamentum inde; Aliter de recuperacione debiti; Aliter; Prohibicio de debito recuperato quia non tangit etc’; Aliter de recuperacione debiti.52
6832rDe prohibicionibusAliter de redditis feodalibus; Aliter de eodem; Prohibicio de convencione quod patronus sit quietus de decimis.31
6932vDe prohibicionibusLic’; Prohibicio quando Iudex implacitat deferentem sibi prohibicionem etc’; Attachiamentum inde; Attachiamentum; Prohibicio de laico feodo fortmata.55
7033rDe prohibicionibusNe trahatur in Curia Xtianitatis pro eo quod sequitur etc’; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de quadam convencione de eleccione Prioris.33
7133vDe prohibicionibusNe quis visitet hospitalia fundata a Rege vel progenitoribus; Ne quis intromittat de libera capella Regis.22
7234rDe prohibicionibusNe Episcopus conferat ecclesiam ante sex menses elapsos.11
7334vDe prohibicionibusProhibicio de advocacione ecclesie; Quando quis trahitur etc’ eo quod asseruit se contrafecisse sigillum; Prohibicio eo quod asseruit se diffamari pro eo quod testimonium prohibuit veritati; Quando iudex excommunicatam partem impetrantem prohibuit.44
7435rDe prohibicionibusProhibicio ne Episcopus conferat ecclesiam ante sex menses; Quod clerici de Cancellaria non respondeant etc’; Quando defendens in Curia Xtianitatis.33
7535vDe prohibicionibusNe hospitale R visitetur etc’; Quando quis post recuperacionem in Curia Regis prosequitur appellacionem in Curia Xtianitatis de non admissione versus Episcopum.22
7636rDe prohibicionibusProhibicio de laico feodo.11
7736vDe consultacionibusc. xxiiiConsultacio versus parochianum super emendacione corporis ecclesie; Aliter in causa testamenti; Contra capellanum pro concubina.32
7837rDe consultacionibusAliter de eodem; De manu eiecta in clericum pro exp’n adiudic’.21
7937vDe consultacionibusDe expensis adiudicatis in causa defamacionis; Aliter de eodem et bene; Aliter de eodem.31
8038rDe consultacionibusconsultacio de decimis; consultacio de mortuariis; consultacio de legatis; Aliter de legatis.43
8138vConsultacioAliter inde parti; De manuum inieccione in clericum; Aliter post appellum; Consultacio in causa matrimonii.42
8239rDe consultacionibusDe eodem; De usura; consultacio de spoliacione decimarum.32
8339vDe consultacionibusDe eodem; Aliter de eodem.20
8440rDe consultacionibusAliter de eodem et mortuariis; Aliter de eodem; consultacio versus impedientes cariare decimas per loca etc’.31
8540vDe consultacionibusconsultacio de decimis lane; consultacio de defectibus in Rectoria repertis; Aliter de eodem; Consultacio de decimis etc’.43
8641rDe consultacionibusDe decimis vitulorum lane lacticiniorum mellis et cere; de decimis pannagii butiri et casii etc’; consultacio de decimis super ?iudicat’.33
8741vDe consultacionibusconsultacio de decima lane ovium pro medietate anni etc’; consultacio de oblacionibus in correccione anime diebus festivis; De duabus capis legatis et detentis per executores; De decimis subtractis etc’.44
8842rDe consultacionibusDe procedendum ad penam interdicti pro cantaria subtracta.11
8942vDe consultacionibusconsultacio super iudicem quando provisor institutur canonice.11
9043rDe consultacionibusconsultacio de fratribus de confessionibus audiendis et sepultura habendi; consultacio de uxore spoliata rehabenda.22
9143vDe consultacionibusConsultacio quando prius prohibicio concessa fuit secundum statutum Westm’; consultacio quando prohibicio porrigitur Iudici ordinati super statutum.22
9344vDe residencia non facta pro clericis Regisc. xxiiiiDe residencia non facienda pro clericis Regis; Attachiamentum inde; Pro clericis Cancellarii de officio non assinuendo; Aliter; Aliter quando amerciatus est pro non residencia.53
9445rNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnum; Attachiamentum inde; Ne quis de transferat extra regnum; Aliter ad respondendum extra re super hiis quorum cognicio spectat ad Regem.43
9545vDe vi laica armata amovendac. xxvDe vi laica et armata ammovenda.11
9646raliter de eodem; De vi laica ?termini pro Episcopo; Sicut alias et cum pluries; Aliter; Ne vicecomes quemquam amoveat a possessione ecclesie etc’.53
9746vAd iura regiac. xxviAd iura regia; Ne iudices delegati teneant placitum de advocacione etc’.22
9847rAd iura regiaAd iura regia patens.11
9947vAd iura regiaAliter de capiendo impugnatores; Aliter quando Rex presentavit clericum et nondum recuperavit presentacionem; Aliter quando recuperavit.30
10048rAd iuraAliter parti quando clericus adeptus est possessionem; Attachiamentum super ad iura regia quando Rex presentat; Aliter attachiamentum.31
10148vRegiaAliter ad revocacionem inhibicionis post appellacionem.10
10249rAd iuraAttachiamentum per corpus quando Rex recuperavit; Commissio ad capiendes impugnatores; Attachiamentum pro aliquo et nota quando fecit provocacionem etc’ post inhibicionem et presentacionem recuperat.33
10349vRegiaNe quis citet clericum extra regnum ad respondendum de beneficio per Regem collato etc’; Attachiamentum post recuperacionem.22
10450rDe excommunicato capiendoc. xxviiAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Sicut alias; Cum pluries; Attachiamentum; Aliter ad certificacionem Cancellarii Oxon’.73
10550vCapiendo et deliberandoc. xxviiiDe excommunicato deliberando quia etc’; Regula; De excommunicato deliberando; Regula; Episcopo de caucione admittenda; Nota; Inde vicecomiti; Sicut alias et cum pluries.55
10651rDe excommunicato liberandoAttachiamentum; de caucione pignerancie invenienda antequam deliberetur.22
10751vDe excommunicato deliberandoDe excommunicato deliberando; De liberando per caucionem idoneam licet caucionem pignoratam non inveniat et debet fieri post breve precedens; De excommunicato recapiendo; Supersedeas de capiendo corporis pendente placito attachiamenti.44
10852rSupersedeas pendente appellacioneRegula; Aliter pro clericis; Supersedeas pendente appellacione; Aliter quando pars exhibuit litteras papales; Nota; scire facias de supersedendo pendente appellacione etc’.42
10952vSupersedeas de excommunicato capto et deliberandoSupersedeas de excommunicato capto deliberando per manucapcionem; Supersedeas super le scire facias quare pars non venit; scire facias ad denunciacionem vicarii generalis et de excommunicato in cancellaria ducendo quare non invenit manucapcionem; Nota; Significavit inde iusticiariis quod procedant non obstante excommunicacione allegata coram eis etc’.44
Note: Later addition below the main text.
11053rsupersedeas super excommunicato capiendoDe excommunicato dimisso per manucapcionem iterum captus quare non venit in Curia.11
11153vDe terris et tenementis clerici purgati liberand’Supersedeas capcioni usque ad certum diem datum in Curia; De terris tenementis etc’ clerici purgati liberandis; Aliter; Aliter.42
11254rDe extracto ab ecclesia restituendoNota; De extracto ab ecclesia restituendo; De clerico coniuncto episcopo vel commissario eius liberando; De aspostata capienda.33
11354vDe apostata capiandoc. xxixAliter; Aliter per litteras patentes.20
11555vDe vastoc. xxxDe vasto in dotem; Regula; de attornato inde; Aliter de iure ecclesie; Aliter versus virum et uxorem; Nota; Versus muliere quando recuperavit et facit defaltam; Quando vir et mulier tenuerunt de Rege et Rex concessit reversionem; Versus tenentem in dotem ex assignacione heredis; Aliter versus tenentem in dotem ex assensu patris versus quem ipera recuperavit; Aliter; Regula.95
11656rDe vastoDe vasto versus custodem; Aliter versus executores post mortem custodia; De inquirendo de vasto in custodia per Regem dimissa; de attornato in custodia; Aliter per tenentem per legem Anglie; De attornato inde.64
11756vDe vastoQuando tenens per legem Anglie efficitur tenens ad terminum vite per concessionem reversionis; Nota; Regula; Aliter ad terminum vite vel annorum; De attornato inde; Aliter pro Abbate; Aliter versus executoribus; Aliter de tenementis dimissis mulieri; De tenentis dimissis mulieri a viro suo et her’ viri; De ten’ di viro et uxori et heredibus de corpore uxoris; De ten’ in proparte etc’.95
11857rDe vastoAliter de eodem; Aliter; De tenementis dimissis ad terminum vite etc’ versus certum tenentem; N di S ad terminum annorum mort’ et executor suus di R ad eundem t’ pre’dens’ et? conc’ revers’ P et ipse M qui sequitur; R di W et M uxori eius qui concessit statum suum et her’ suis unde T frater et heres fecit vastum etc’; M di A et M uxori eius ad vitam amborum mort’ a eadem M et W secundo viro di P ipse prefat’ a conc’ revers’ R; ?Quando her’ conc’ r’ ten’ que dab’ pri’ et viri’ et her’ pri’s; R conc’ q et A ux’i ei’ ad vit’ sua’ que r’ et ad vit’ suam’ et post rem’ recc’ her’ ipi’ q’ unde W consang’ predo’i conc’ revers’; Quando p’ di ad terim’ et post conc’ revers’; Quando p’ di ad vic’ et fit conc’ revers’.108
11957vDe vastoIn feodo taliato per finem; Contra tenentem per elegit pro dampnis adiudicatis; Aliter in recognicione quousque; Aliter versus executorem; In assisa post mortem tenentis ad vicecomitem in remanere; Aliter quando ille in remanere concessit reversionem; A di L post conc’ r’ J et idem J conc’ R’ prefato A et P uxori eius per finem et heredibus de corporibus etc’; De vasto pro indiviso; Nota.85
12058rDe assignacione ubi unus concessit uni ad terminum vite et aliis in feodo.11
12158vDe particione facienda; de estreppamentoc. xxxiDe particione facienda; Aliter; Nota; De attornato inde; Nota; Aliter in Londonia; Nota; De vasto et estreppamento non ?faciendis etc’.53
Note: Pencilled note: 74 43.
12259rRepleg’c. xxxiiAliter post iudicium ante liberacionem etc’; Aliter de estreppamento in brevi de errore; de homine replegiando; Sicut alias; Aliter; Cum pluries; Attachiamentum inde.74
12359vRepleg’Aliter; De replegiando hominem quem clamat nativum; Aliter; Nota; Aliter quando clamat habere custodiam; Nota.41
12560vRepleg’Nota; Aliter in quinque portubus; Aliter in foresta; Regula; Nota; Quere.31
12761vRepleg’ aliter etc’c. xxxvAliter in Withernamio; Replegiare non obstante advocacione averiorum vel catallorum; Breve Coronatoribus ad deliberandum breve vicecomiti quando primum frangitur etc’.32
12862rPone de averiisc. xxxviNota; Pone de averiis pro petente; Regula; Pone pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Regula; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente.1010
12962vCausa pro defendente; Regula; Pone pro petente cum causa in Curia per returnum brevis; Causa pro defendente in Curia per returnum; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro petente; Nota; Causa pro petente; Conclusione pro defendente; Conclusione pro petente; Regula; De attornato quando ballivus dicit quod non potest respondere sine domino; Causa; Recordari de averiis in Comitatu.1111
13063rRecordari de averiisc. xxxviiRegula; Causa pro defendente; Regula; Aliter; ?edas ad Curiam [In margin]; Recordari in Curia semper cum causa sive fuerit pro petente sive pro defendente; Causa; Causa; Causa; Causa; De recapcione averior ante le pone.98
13163vde eodem post le pone; Aliter; De eodem post le recordari; Aliter; Aliter post le Recordari in Curia; Nota.50
13264rDe nativo habendoc. xxxviiiDe nativo habendo; Regula; Regula; Quando mansit per minus temporis; Regula; Pone de nativis; Regula; De libertate probanda.44
13364vDe auxilio habendoc. xxxixAliter pro femina; Ad distringendum villanos pro serviciis et consuetudinibus; Aliter ad capiendum villanos Regis; de auxilio habendo ad primogenitum filium suum militem faciendum vel filiam maritandam; Sicut alias; De scutagio levando.64
13465rDe auxilio habendo et de scutagio levandoc. xlCommissio ad scutagio levando pro Rege.11
13565vDe moderata misericordia; de minisc. xliiDe moderata misericordia; Sicut alias; Attachiamentum inde; Nota; De minis; Aliter; Attachiamentum inde.65
13666rAliter; Aliter in quinque portubus; Aliter de minis de nova forma; Supplicavit; contra ?maliciam ipsius ?D [this may be marginalia].52
13766vDe trans’c. xliiiDe trans’ in comitatu; De ovibus abductis infra terminum; De fossato fracto; De bonis et catallis traditis nomine pignoris etc’; De tauro abducto; Pro executoribus in vita testatoris; De vaccis imparcatis quare proiecerunt fetus abortivos; De Wall’ fract’.88
13867rDe equis abductis; De carta fracta; De ovibus imparcatis; De trans’ in Banco; De imprisonato; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; de attornato coram Iusticiariis.106
13967vTransgr’Aliter coram Rege; Coram Rege de custode; coram Iusticiariis inde; De clauso arboribus etc’ vivario etc’ bonis etc’ et servientis verberatis etc’; De servientis verberatis; De Warenna fugata; De pullis esparvariorum asportatis; De clauso fracto et commonachis; De parco fugato vel chacea fugata; De bladis et herbis depastis; Aliter sine averiis; De bladis messis et herba subbosco succiso etc’ cum averiis; De bladis herbis et graminis boscis etc’; De blado et feno; De bladis tantum.1513
14068rDe feno in tassis; De pomis etc’ depastis; De solo fosso etc’; De equo et catallis arestatis quousque finem etc’; Aliter per quod terra inculta remansit; De domo fracta etc’; Aliter; Aliter; per executoribus; De scripto per quod corrodium fit fract’; de piscaria etc’ et herba etc et solo etc’ et herba depasta etc’; De trans’ ante matrimonium; De navi abducta et bonis asportatis; Aliter; De graminis vinearum; De stagno fracto etc’.1612
14168vDe transgr’De equis abducta et pecunia minimata etc’; De florenis asportatis; De mansione obsesso et aliis transgressionibus etc’; De prisone capto et abducto etc’; De nativo in cippis posito et abducto; De prohibicione ad terram proiecta et conculta; De fossato impleto et bladis in orreo submersis; De vino extracto de dolio etc’.88
14269rDe transgr’De palis fixis per quod navis periit; De domo fracta arboribus succisis vivariis etc’ averiis de cancellario inparcatis per quod terre inculte; De columbis; Aliter de columbis; De blada in garbis et fenum in tassis depastis etc’; De arundine falcata etc’; De lapide molari fracto; De stagno molendini fracto; Nota casus inde; De domo combusta; De ovibus tonsis et lana etc’; De imprisonato; De ovibus imparcatis; De exclusis fractis; Aliter de eodem.1412
14369vDe transgr’De parco fracto etc’; De cippis fractis et nativo abducto etc’; De equo percusso per quod equitans cecidit et fregit costas; De oculo eruto; De trans’ fact’ tempore predecessoris; [possible extra writ here?] aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem; Aliter tempore vacacionis; De Warenna et boscis fugatis et pullis esparvariorum asportatis; De ovibus fugatis per canem; Aliter de porcis; De tibia morsu canis infecta incitando; De fossato impleto et bladis submersis ea occasione.139
14470rDe trans’Aliter de fossatis; De parco fugato et arboribus succisis etc’; De averiis abductis agistamento non fac’; De pellibus non bene tannatis; De diversis transgressionibus per maiorem ballivi et comitatem etc’ factis; De trans’ loco etc’; Supersedeas de trans’ in hundredo.76
14570vAliter; De trans’ per ignem etc’; De ribia percussa; De Ramis abscisis; De trans’ cum cariacione bladi etc’; quod vicecomes nec alius minister Regis capiat etc’ pro officio suo faciend’.65
14671rDe libera falda prostrata; De possessione habenda; De insulto facto; De ovibus custodiendis.44
14771vDe insidiacione facta; De camino faciendo; De lanis arestatis; De equo empto; De equo conducto; De equo non bene curato; De panno non bene fullato.77
14872rDe trans’ et minis; Pro impedimente facta tastat’ cervisie; ?? pro domino Rege super Statutum de venatoribus.33
14972vDe transgr’c. xliiiDe tenemento ingresso post mortem testatoris infra terminum etc’; De uxore rapta; De navi cum bonis arestatis per quod amisit proficuum ferie; De averiis ad loca ignota fugatis; aliter de eodem; De averiis captis extra feodum vel in regia via vel in communi strata; Nota; Nota; aliter de eodem; Ne quis distringatur per averia carucarum vel per oves.86
15073rDe transgr’Quod nullus attachiamentum ad respondendum de contractibus extra ballivam factis; Attachiamentum inde; De carectis equis etc’ non cap’ contra formam statuti W primi; Rex eont’ de bonis asportatis in vita testatoris; etc’; Regula; De ferro ignito super pedem proiecto; De herede rapto; De concanonico incarcerato capto et abducto; De homine imprisonato per statutum merc’ deliberato per vicecomitem non satisfacto debito etc’.99
15173vRegula; Aliter; quando vicecomes returnat quod non etc’ ubi moram fecit; De imprisonato per vicecomitem deliberato non satisfacto R’ et parti de trans; De monacho abducto; De trans’ fact’ versus R’; De fossatis et Sepibus fractis; De haiis succisis etc’; Aliter; De lino et canabo positis in fossatis etc’; aliter de eodem.107
15274rDe transgr’aliter de eodem; Aliter de guarrera etc’; De trans’ quando depredatus est in hospicio per patriam; De minera fossa etc’; De postibus et palis fractis per quod minera cecidit; De excommunicato de prisona abducto; De attachiamento fracto; De contribuendo reperacioni molendini; De clauso et ostiis fractis; De instrumentis positis ad piscem capiendum sectis; De homine insecuto et obsesso in domo etc’.119
15374vDe transgr’De consanguinea et herede rapto et abducto; De imprisonamento et nota breve; De averiis captis per quod terra remansit inculta; Summonicio ad respondendum quia retraxit se a Curia quando inquisicio capi debet etc’; De imprisonamento quousque concessit reversionem; Aliter quousque recognicionem etc’.65
15475rDe transgr’et omnes acciones relaxavit; De trans’ fact’ femine; Aliter commonacho; Regula; Regula; Per abbatem et commonachum; Aliter versus magistrum et confratrem; De bladis inundatis pro defectu reparacionis Wall’ in holand’; Quando ballivi nimis dure custodiunt prisonar’.75
15575vDe transgr’De Wayf et Stray; Aliter; Quando prelatus distringitur per equitaturam etc’; Quando distringitur in feodo ecclesie contra formam articulorum; De rescussu nativi capti; de catallis felonum captis etc’.65
15676rContra medicum quia non curavit de morbo; De pressura pro cisera facta fracta etc’; De denariis asportatis; De furcis prostratis; De libero tauro abducto; De imprisonamento quousque emisit duas pensiones et fecit obligacionem etc’; De Wrecco; De theoloneo; Aliter de feria.98
15776vDe trans’Aliter de mercato; De falda prostrata; De pillorio fracto; De gurgite fracto; De attachiamento fracto quando capiatur per breve; De ballivis nuper ad averia replegianda; De trans’ pro illogiu habet execucionem etc’ infra honorem.76
15877rDe trans’de catallis captis pro amerciamentis ablatis; De parco fracto; Aliter; Aliter per servientem; Aliter per confratrem; Aliter pro defalta; Aliter pro averiis et nota in folio precedente; Aliter pro quod debito levando; Aliter.92
15977vDe rescussuc. xliiiiDe rescussu averiorum; Aliter; Aliter pro consuetudinibus etc’ etc’; Aliter de catallis etc’; Aliter de averiis; Aliter pro collectore decime; Aliter pro ballivo pri de hominibus captis.71
16078rAliter ballivo Regis de homine capto; De rescussu etc’; Aliter; Aliter; De rescussu hominis capti per ballivum virtute returni.52
16178vDe rescussu pro Rege pro rescussis factis ?suerestris suis etc’.11
16279rBilla de transgr’ de insidiis et insultuMidd’ F [possibly not a writ]; De arestando bona etc’; De carecta carcata arestata; De carecta cum equis arestatis; De plaustro cum feno carcato arestato; De falsato cum finiis adimpleto; De clauso fracto et lino et canobo emisso; De sigillo a carta attracto; De scripto obligatorio fracto et dilatato.99
16379vDe scriptis et innumeratis detentis quousque prestitit sacrum; De imprisonato quousque et ab inde ducto; De turbis ab in tassis consumptis; De minera fracta petris asportatis; De instrumentis sectis; De cato in columbarium proiecto; De castro et domo fracta; De catallis asportatis.88
16480rDe pannis per ?luari’ cosign’ impedito; De mercato habendo; De homine quadam petro percusso; De feria habenda; De pannis contra legem ?vondum ?doit’.55
16882rVersus medicum; Aliter.21
17284rDe Errorecertiorari de defendendo ?? coronat’.11
17384vLondonie; Norwici.22
17485rCertiorari de ??.11
17585vDe attachiamento pro hutesio fracto; Nota; Aliter pro illo qui habet retornum brevium; Aliter ballivo pro annuo redditu; Aliter de catallis felonum; Aliter de homine capto per statutum mercatorum.51
17786vRecordari de transc. xliiiiRecordare de trans’; Causa; Causa; Causa; Nota.44
17887rCertiorari de recordo et processu mittendisDe recordo et processu de trans’ mittendis in cancellaria; Aliter coram iusticiariis ad gaolam; Aliter de tenore cum billa etc’.31
17987vDe trans’ contra proteccionem; De inquirendo inde; Aliter; Aliter; Attincta de trans’; Regula; Nota.53
18088rAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Manucapcio pro imprisonato ad prosequendam attinctam.61
18188vDe decepcionibusc. xlvDe decepcione; Aliter; De decepcione; Aliter.42
18289rAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
18389vDe decepcione; Aliter; Aliter.31
18490rAliter; Audita querela de decepcione.21
18590vde attachiamento notarii pro controfacccione sigilli; audita querela de decimis; audita querela aliter.33
18892rc. xlviDe audiendo et terminando; Aliter; Inde vicecomiti; Dedimus potestatem inde; Associacio inde.54
18992vPatens associacio; Si non omnes; Associacio ad continuandum processum etc’; Patens inde; de recordo et processu mittendis quia attincta arramiatur coram Rege.55
19093rDe audiendo etc’ de diversis trans’; Aliter in confinio; Nota.21
19193vAliter; Aliter et nota; De navi fracta etc’ si bona debeant dici wrecc’.31
19294rAliter contra ministros Regis de extorsionibus etc’; Patens inde; Breve ad amovendos eosdem.32
19394vDe bonis arestatis ne dissipentur; De audiendo aliter etc’; Aliter tempore def’ vac’; aliter de eodem iuxta statutum de ?merl’ ca’ xxviii.42
19595vNota forma.00
19696rde walliis et fossatisc. xlviiAliter et nota differ’ etc’; De Wall’ et foss’.21
19796vAliter; Aliter in aqua de Ancholm’.20
19897rLittera missa pro mercatoribus Anglie comitatu Flandr’ etc’; Aliter.21
19997vAliter; De bonis alienigenis arestandis pro transgressione facta mercatoribus Anglie.21
20098rDe errorec. xlviiiDe errore in quadam presentacione coram ballivis etc’ facto corrigendo; De errore corrigendo in Londonia; Supersedeas de dampno; Aliter de dampno et corpore deliberando; patens iusticiariorum de errore corigendo in Londonia etc’.54
20198vBreve inde maiori et vicecomitibus; De procedendo in loquela; Aliter de errore utlagarie etc’; De errore in comitatu cestrie; Aliter coram iusticiariis ad errorem corrigendum de recordo et processu mittendis.53
20299rPatens inde; Nota; De supersedendo execucioni prioris iudicii pendente loquela de errore in hustengo; De ordinando quod bona illi qui sequitur breve de errore non amoveantur ita quod execucio prioris iudicii possit fieri si affirmetur.33
20399vBreve maiori et vicecomiti ad examinandum recordum etc’ quando querens non prosequitur breve suum de errore et ad faciendum execucionem si contigerit affirmari; De errore in Hibernia; Sicut alias.33
204100rDe conspiracionec. xlviiiAliter in assisa frisce forcie; Aliter in Curia per cartam sine brevi; De conspiracione; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Nota; Aliter.81
205100vNota; Regula; Aliter conspiracione.10
206101rDe compotoc. xlixDe compoto in comitatu; Aliter in londonia; In quinque portubus; Pro executoribus; De compoto inter mercatores; Nota; Regula; pro executoribus defuncti mercatoris; De compoto inter mercatores; De compoto ad bancum; Aliter; Aliter pro magistro universitatis; Aliter pro priore; Aliter; [R].138
207101vDe compotoaliter de eodem; Aliter; Aliter pro comitate; de attornato inde; Dedimus potestatem quia infirmus; de attornato; Nota; De compoto in socagio; de attornato inde; Pone etc’; Nota; Causa; Regula.107
209102vDe compotoAliter; Quando ballivus evasit de carcere; Commissio ad audiendum compotum collectorum denariorum pro clausura ville.32
210103rBreve de eodem vicecomiti; Aliter de denariis colligendis pro villa pavianda.20
211103vDe debitoc. lde debito in comitatu; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; De debito in banco; Aliter; Aliter; Pro executoribus; Aliter pro executoribus; Aliter.113
212104rDe debitoAliter; de attornato de debito; Nota; Versus Eposcopum de nobis intestati; Versus administratores; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.73
213104vDe debitoPone pro petente et pro defendente; Causa; Causa; Causa; Recordari secundum consuetudinibus civitatis; Causa.66
214105rDe debitoCausa; Nota; Attachiamentum quando ballivus tenuit placitum post le pone; Quod uxores habeant partes suas racionabiles; Aliter pro pueris; Quod mulieres non distringantur pro debitis virorum.54
215105vAliter de eodem; Aliter de tenementis coniunctim adquisitis; Aliter de tenementis que tenet in dotem.30
216106rDe debitoAliter post matrimonium contractum; De exonerando ad scaccarium ipsum qui non est heres etc’ nec tenet etc’.21
217106vDe debitoAliter.10
218107rDe idemptitate nominisc. liDe indempnitate nominis vacat que.11
Note: Large gap in text; may be space for an illustration.
219107vDe exonerando pro rata porcionec. liiDe onerando pro rata porcionis; Aliter; Aliter.31
220108rDe onerando pro rata porcionisAliter.10
221108vSupersedeas de debito in comitatu etc’c. liiiRegula; Prohibicio de debito xl’s sine brevi; Aliter ballivis; Attachiamentum inde; Regula; Supersedeas execucioni inde; Aliter; Aliter.63
222109rSupersedeas de diversis querelis; Attachiamentum inde.22
223109vDe recognicioneQuod clericus captus deliberetur; Aliter quod non capiatur; De deliberando vicarium captum sine brevi; De certificacione Cancellarie.43
224110rStatutum mercatorumCum pluries; aliter de certificacione; Nota; Aliter non obstante quod prius etc’; aliter de eodem.42
225110vaudita querela; Aliter pro illo qui est infra etatem et fecit recognicionem etc’.21
226111rAudita querelac. lvcertiorari si breve de statuto mercatorum retornum sit coram Iusticiariis etc’.11
227111vStatutum StapuleDe recognicione in stapula; Aliter.21
228112rde recognicione in stapulac. lviAliter post returnum; Si recognoscat; regula; De execucione facienda inde; Aliter per breve.53
230113rde Curia claudenda; Quod permittatc. lviiiDe secta ad molendinum; ad bancum; Regula; Quod permittat villanos facere sectam ad molendinum; ad bancum; Regula; de curia claudenda; ad bancum; Pone inde; quod permittat molere sine multura; De molendino reparando; De aqua haurire; De grege adaquando; De tauro habendo; Regula; De racionabili estoverio.1313
231113vQuod permittatde attornato inde; De chimino habendo; De falda habenda; De passagio etc’; De piscaria etc’; Nota; De communa pasture; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; pro persona; Aliter pro abbate persona; Aliter pro abbate.127
232114rQuod permittat etc’; breve quo iurec. lviiAliter; Aliter pro prebendario; Regula; regula; Aliter; Nota; Aliter; De scalis erigendis; Quo iure etc’; Nota.73
234115rDe racionabilibus divisis; de perambulacione fac’c. i; c. iiDe racionabilibus divisis; Regula; De perambulacione facienda; Pone inde; De attornato inde; de domo reparanda; Aliter ad bancum; De Walleis et fossatis reparandis; de ponte reparando.87
235115vDe reparacione pontis et ?huiusc. iiiAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter de calceto.60
236116rDe warant’ cartec. iiiiDe Warantia carta; Aliter; de attornato inde.32
237116vDe plegiis acquietandisc. vde plegio acquietando; ad bancum; Pro executoribus; Versus executores; De attornato inde; De compoto; Aliter pro executoribus versus executores; De acquietandis plegiis quia principalis debitor sufficit etc’; Aliter; Quod nullus distringatur qui non est debitor nec plegius; Attachiamentum.119
238117rde annuo redditu; de consuetudinibus et serviciis; de carta reddendac. vi; c. vii; c. viiDe annuo redditu in comitatu; Aliter in banco; de attornato inde; Aliter; Aliter; De consuetudinibus et serviciis; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter; Nota; De carta quietanc’ et aliis etc’ reddend’.95
239117vDe medioc. ixRegula; Ad bancum; Aliter; Aliter; Nota; Pone de attornato inde; Regula; De medio in comitatu.53
240118rDe convencionec. xAliter; de attornato inde; Pone regula; Regula; Quando medius paratus est ad acquietandum; De convencione; Aliter; Regula; De aprenticio.75
241118vDe convencioneAliter pro executoribus; aliter de eodem; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pro herede versus heredem; Regula; De deciminis; Aliter de numera; Aliter versus executores; Aliter in adeo bono statu; De oneribus ecclesie; De homagio; De capellano inveniendo.154
242119rDe convencioneDe convencione in comitatu; Regula; Recordari etc’; Aliter; causa; Regula; Aliter.53
243119vDe finibusc. xiDe finibus levandis de tenementis tentis de R in capite iuxta licenciam Regis; Dedimus potestatem de cognicione etc’; Regula.22
244120rDe finibusAliter capitali Iusticiario de banco Regis; Aliter in pluribus brevibus et diversis comitatibus; Aliter; Aliter in le quid iuris clamat; aliter de eodem; Aliter per que servicia.60
245120vlevandis; dedimus potestatemc. xiidedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum in le quid iuris clamat quando tenentes dicunt quod non tenent de recognitore; Breve post dedimus potestatem quod Iusticiarius mittat cogniciones quas cepit Iusticiariis de banco.22
246121rDe transcripto pedis finis habendo mittimusc. xiiiNota; De transcripto pedis finis habendo; Aliter; Aliter de tenore note finis etc’; Aliter; Mittimus; Aliter; Aliter et melius.72
247121vDe custodia terrec. xiiiide custodia terre et heredis; In comitatu; De herede tantum; De terra tantum; Racione dimissionis; de custodia racione custodie; Aliter; Regula.76
248122rDe custodia in socagioc. xvDe custodia in socagio; de attornato; Aliter de terre in socagio; Nota; De custodia racione custodie in socagio; Aliter per servicium militare; Regula.53
249122vDe eieccione custodiec. xviDe eieccione custodie; Regula; de attornato inde; Aliter racione dimissionis; Aliter racione dimissionis; Aliter; Aliter; Pro eo qui tenet per commissionem Regis; De eieccione prioratus; Regula; Aliter racione dimissionis executor’.94
250123rDe intrusionec. xviiDe eieccione custodie in socagio; De intrusione in hereditate; Aliter; Pro executoribus.43
251123vDe herede raptoc. xviiiDe herede rapto; [Westm’ ii C’o xxxvii]; [?edo breve de statuto]; Regula; Aliter quando ducitur in alium comitatu etc’; Nota; de attornato inde; De herede rapto in socagio; Aliter quando maritatur; Nota.75
252124rDe forisfactura maritagiic. xixDe forisfectura maritagii racione tercie dimissionis; Aliter sine dimissione; Aliter quando tenet in servicio etc’; Dedimus potestatem de custode admittendo; Breve Iusticiariis inde.53
253124vDe valore maritagiic. xxDe valore maritagii; Regula; Aliter pro executoribus; Regula; Aliter de valore; Nota.31
254125rDe dote unde nichil habet; De dote unde nichil habetc. xxiDe dote unde nichil habet; De attornato inde; Pro viro et uxore; Versus custodem; Regula; De dote assignata; Aliter in denaris; Nota; De assensu prius; Aliter in Londonia; Nota in quinque portubus; Attincta de dote.97
255125vDe admensuracione dotisc. xxiiAliter; De admensuracione dotis; Aliter; Aliter pro custode; Pone inde.52
256126rDe dote; De escaeta etc’c. xxiiiDe dote amissa per defaltam W’ pro capitulo iiiio; De maritagio de feodo talliato; Nota; Aliter; Regula; De escaeta racione bastardie; Aliter sine here; Aliter racione felonie; Aliter; Nota; Aliter pro abbate; Pro Rege in Londonia.94
257126vDe inquirendoc. xxiiiiDe inquirendo; Aliter de anno die et vasto; De seisina inde habenda; De inquirendo de idiota; Aliter.53
258127rDe inquirendo de idiotaAliter; Aliter; Aliter; De idiota coram consilio ducendo ad examinandum etc’.41
259127vDe idiotaDiem clausit extremum.11
260128rDiem clausit extremum; breve quod dicitur mandamusc. xxv; c. xxviAliter quando tenet de herede et infra etatem; Aliter infra etatem; Breve quod dicitur mandamus; De melius inquirendo.42
263129vBrevia de statutoc. xxviiQuod nullus placitetur sine brevi Regis de libero tenemento; Attachiamentum inde; De attornato inde; Aliter; Inde vicecomiti ad communem legem; Aliter; Breve de attornato pro secta ad Curiam facienda; [?Edo’ per magistrum].86
264130rBrevia de statutoAliter sine litteris patentibus; [?Edo vic’ de statuto]; aliter vicecomiti; Aliter; Aliter; Ad diversa hundreda tantum; Nota; Aliter pro custode; Aliter ballivis honoris; Nota; Littera ad faciendum attornatum.94
265130vBrevia de statutoQuod tenentes in custodia ex concessione sunt quieti ab omni secta; Aliter pro mulieribus que tenent in dotem; Quod breve de attornato non capiat terminum durantibus personis etc’; Aliter; Attachiamentum quando ballivus recusat recipere breve de attornato.53
266131rBrevia de statutoQuod tenentes de herede infra etatem et in custodia Regis non distringantur ad faciendum sectam ad Wapentachium et huiusmodi; Aliter; Aliter; Quod tenens in dotem non distringatur pro relevio; Quod Rex non tenetur facere servicia seu debita solvere pro terris que sunt in custodia sua nec illi quibus dimittuntur.53
267131vBrevia de statutoEt racionabile estoverium suum de communi etc’; Quod nullus distringat contra formam feoffamenti; Nota; Attachiamentum; de attornato Nota; Regula; Nota; Ne fiant plures secte pro unica hereditate inter coheredes etc’; Marl’ Capitulo viiio.55
268132rBrevia de statutoQuod plures secte non fiant unica hereditate Marl’ capitulo viiio; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Attachiamentum; Regula; De contribucione fac’ inter coheredes; Marl’ capitulo viiio; Aliter.84
269132vDe Coronatore eligendoQuod ille qui habet eyneciam faciat sectam pro se et participibus suis; De coronatore eligendo; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.52
270133rDe viridario eligendoAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Quod non eligatur Coronator nisi sic miles iuxta formam statuti W secundum; De viridario eligendo.82
271133vBrevia de statutoQuod viridarius excerceat officium quando ammovetur per falsam suggestionem; De ballivo amovendo quia non habet terras seu tenementa in eodem Comitatu; Regula; De eligendo ad custodiam pecie sigilli pro mercatoribus edita; Regula; quod vicecomes ponat in inquisicionibus magis propinquos et magis sufficientes.43
272134rBreviaNota; Attachiamentum inde; Ne capiantur fines pro pulcre placitando; Nota; Attachiamentum.33
273134vDe statutoAttachiamentum vicecomiti super ballivos; attornato inde; Quod barones non ponantur in assisis; Quod homines perpetuo languidi non ponantur in assis etc’; De eodem pro cleris; Quod homines in patria non commorantes in assisis W secundum capitulo xxxviii; Quod homines sexaginta et decem annos excedentes non ponantur in assisis etc’; Attachiamentum.87
274135rBrevia de statutoAliter de eodem; Attachiamentum inde; Quod homines de antiquo dominico non ponantur in assisis etc’; Aliter; Aliter.52
275135vAliter; De subvicecomitibus etc’ admovendis; Breve de ordinacione contra servientem; Aliter versus magistrum et servientem; Aliter versus magistrum tantum; De supersedendo pro vernientibus ad parliamentum etc’.63
276136rNe quis virtute presentacionis Regis molestetur quousque Rex recuperaverit presentacionem suam per processum legis; De manutenencia per statutum anno primo ?Ric’ capitulo iiiito; Quod officiarii non vendant victualia ad retalliam etc’.33
277136vAliter decies tantum respice aliud latus ante; De laproso ammovendo; De ballivis vicecomit’ admovend’.32
278137rCustodibus pacis super statutum North’; iido R iii capitulo iiii de ?? portandis; aliter vicecomiti de anno xviiio Regis R secundi.33
282139rSuper statutum de venatoribus anno xiiio Ricardii pro Rege; Breve super statutum Wynton’; De malefactoribus in parcis et vivariis; Quod homines et mulieres nichil habentes unde vincere possent servire teneantur per statutum.44
283139vQuod nullus serviens serviret extra villa ubi moratur; Quod nullus falcator aut serviens aut alius operariis in servicie retentus non recedat ante finem termine.22
284140rAssisa nove disseisineAssisa nove disseisine ad primam assisam; Regula; Regula; Nota; Quando invenit securitatem in cancellaria; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; coram iusticiariis assignatis.63
285140vPatens inde; De communa pasture; Regula; Patens inde; Regula; Aliter in confinio; Aliter; Patens inde etc’ confinio.64
286141rAliter in confinio de stagno exaltato; Patens inde; Aliter in confinio de quadam via artata; Aliter; Patens inde; De custode admittendo in assisa; De custode admovendo; de attornato in assisa.85
287141vDe assisa nove disseisineAliter quando assisa arramiatur coram aliquibus Iusticiariis et postea restat capienda coram aliis pretextu etc’; de attornato in assisa arramiata coram iusticiariis assignatis capienda postmodum coram Rege etc’; dedimus potestatem in assisa arramiata coram Iusticiariis que capienda est coram aliis Iusticiariis pretextu nove commissionis; Aliter; Regula; De assisa de fossato et huiusmodi; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.83
288142rAssisa nove disseisinePacens inde; Versus ubi assisa datur; Assisa non datur; De assisa in comitatu; Regula; De attornato de domo; Nota; Pone inde; Regula; Quod permittat de domo; De cursu aque diverso; De stagno; De via; Aliter de via; Regula; De attornato inde.1211
289142vNove disseisineRegula; De mercato ad bancum; aliter de eodem; Regula; regula; Certificacio nove disseisine; Aliter coram Iusticiariis ad primam assisam; aliter coram Iusticiariis; Aliter coram Rege; Patens inde.85
290143rde attornato inde; Istud breve datur loco certificacionis per W primum capitulo xxv quando assisa capitur in absencia defendentis; de venire faciendo quoddam scriptum de quo iuratores assise non fuerunt examinati eo quod assisa capta fuit in absencia defendentis.33
291143vDe assisaAssociacio nove dissesine; Patens inde; Ita associacio ad omnes assisas et formatur super le si non omnes.33
292144rDe assisisPatens inde; Si non omnes factum super associacionem predictam; Item assocacio ad duas assisas capiendas; associacio in certificacione et formatur super le si non omnes.44
293144vDe assisisPatens inde; Si non omnes inde.22
294145rNove disseisineSi non omnes in assisa nove disseisine; Aliter; Aliter; Quando Iusticarius vacare non potest de constituendo alium etc’; Patens inde.53
295145vDe assisisAliter post mortem unius Iusticiarii ad constituendum alium Iusticarium ad omnes etc’ una cum prioribus Iusticiariis capiend’; Patens; Clausum; Attincta nove disseisine; Patens inde.54
296146rDe attincta nove disseisinec. xxxAliter de stagno et huiusmodi; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter; Aliter quando assisa capta fuit per defaltam vir et vir et uxor postmodum arrand’ assisam; Aliter attincta super quod scripto relaxacionis et quiete clamancie etc’.51
297146vDe attinctaAliter; Nota; Aliter; Nota; Aliter quando carta profertur excludend’ querent’ ab accione et replicatur quod nichil transivit per cartam; Patens inde.41
298147rDe attinctaAliter.10
299147vDe attinctaAssociacio in attincta; Patens inde; Aliter associacio; Si non omnes in attincta.43
300148rDe redisseramc. xxxDe redisseisina Merton’ capitulo tercio Marlb’ capitulo viio Westm’ capitulo xxvto; Nota; Attachiamentum inde.22
301148vDe redisseisinade attornato in brevi de redisseisina vel post disseisina; Associacio in redisseisina; Nota; De redisseisina de communa pasture; Aliter de stagno; Aliter de cursu aque.53
302149rDe redisseisinaAliter de via artata; Regula; Aliter de custodia dominicarum terrarum; Aliter de victu vestitu etc’; Aliter de racionabilibus estoveriis; Aliter de redditu unius robe et racionabili sustentacione; Aliter coram Ballivis libertatum.60
303149vDe redisseisina; De postdisseisina; Note; Aliter; Attincta de redisseisina; Patens inde.65
304150rDe recordo et processu mittendo causa errorisc. xxxiDe recordo et processu inquisicionis in brevi de redisseisina mittendis etc’; Ad errorem corrigendum in brevi de postdisseisina; Aliter ad errore etc’ in brevi de redisseisina quando tenor mittitur Iusticiariis de banco; de attornato in brevi de redisseisina quando est coram Rege ad errorem corrigendum; de recordo et processu redisseisine mittendis coram Rege ad ad faciendum fines pro redisseisina unde conmitus fuit etc’.54
305150vde recordo et processu mittendoDe recordo et processu in brevi de postdisseisina mittendis coram Rege ad capiendum corpus et ad levandum dampna quia non habent in comitatu.11
306151rDe recordo et processu mittendisde venire faciendo recordum et processum assise nove disseisine coram Rege; Aliter de recordo etc’ de via artata; de venire faciendo recordum et processum assise nove disseisine eo quod certificacio arramiatur inde; Regula; Aliter de venire faciendo recordum et processum assise quia attincta arramiatur inde; aliter de eodem; Aliter thesaurario et camerario de recordo etc’ mittendis.62
307151vDe recordo et processu mittendisAliter eisdem de recordo et processu mittendis quia assisa capta est et iudicium adhuc restat reddendum; Aliter; Aliter quia attincta est arramiata; de recordo et processu de damp’ levand’; aliter de eodem; Aliter; de recordo et processu inchoatis coram uno pari Iusticiariorum mittendis aliis Iusticiariis de novo assignatis.72
309152vDe recordo et processu mittendisAliter; Aliter coram Rege ad iudicium reddendum; de recordo et processu etc’ coram Iusticiariis ad iudicium reddendum de eadem mutatis etc’; Regula; quod iusticiarii habeant recordum et processum sibi missa coram se et sociis suis in sessione sua proxima ad iudicium reddendum.42
310153rDe recordo et processu mittendisquod iusticiarii visis et examinatis recordo etc’ missis procedant ad iudicium; de recordo etc’ assise coram aliis Iusticiariis de novo assignatis etc’.22
311153vMittend’Aliter ad capiendum certificacionem etc’; Aliter ad execucionem iudicii faciendum versus Warantum; de recordo etc’ que Rex coram eo venire fecit mittendis in cancellaria eo quod assisa arramiatur de eisdem ten’.31
312154rDe recordo et processude mittendo recordum etc’ Iusticiariis de novo assignatis et eciam cartam quam pars querens deduxit implacitando; de recordo etc’ et de quadam carta dedicta habenda coram Iusticiariis in proxima sessione Iustic’; De recordo etc’ quiete clamancie mittendo in cancellaria etc’.33
313154vAliter coram Rege ad execucionem faciendam de dampnis adiudicatis in assisa; Aliter eo quod bastarda allegatur in assisa; Aliter Iusticiariis de banco in placito Warantie carte; Aliter etc’ quod Iustic’ securius etc’ ad capcionem assise etc’.40
314155rquod iusticiarii de banco mittant residuum recordum et processum etc’ ad errorem corrigendum; Aliter; Aliter etc’ sicut alias; Cum pluries.42
315155vDe procedendo in assisa; Aliter de procedendo carta Regis allegata non obstante; De continuando assisam usque proximam sessionem pro eo quod Thesaurarius et Camerarius non miserunt ad plenum etc’.32
316156rde mittendo recordum et processum suum assisarum etc’ coram uno pari Iusticiariorum inchoatum coram aliis de novo assignatis.11
317156vde recordo et processu mittendis aliis Iusticariis; Bastarda allegant in assisa nove disseisine missa fuit Episcopo ad inquirendum etc’.22
318157rQuando assisa arramiatur contra maiorem et comitatem ad excludendum ne assisa capiatur per forinsecum etc’ breve audita querela etc’; Aliter.21
320158rAliter; Aliter; De procedendo ad as quia rediit ab obsequio Regis; De non procedo ad assisam Regis in consultacione etc’.42
321158vDe continuando attinctum quia est in servicio Regis etc’; De non procedendo ad assisam de ten’ in custodia Regis existen’ Rege inconsulto; aliter de eodem.32
322159raliter de eodem; quod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise; Aliter; Aliter in attincta; quod iusticiarii itinerantes procedant ad capcionem assise ad ornate coram eis de uno comitatu in alium; Quod procedant ad iudicium etc’.63
323159vAliter; Aliter de ultima presentacione; Aliter; Aliter quod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise etc’ termino non expectato; De execucione in assisa nove dissisine; Aliter in redisseisina; De fine levando pro reddisseisina.72
324160rProcedendo super teneribus recordorum et processuum.11
325160vAssisa mortis antecessorisAssisa mortis antecessoris; Patens inde; Aliter redditu; Aliter; Regula; Regula; Aliter causa peregrinacionis; Aliter quando habitum religionis assumpsit; De attornato inde; Regula; Aliter de corrodio in Abbatia.83
326161rAttincta mortis antecessorisc. xxxiiiRegula; Nota; Attincta mortis antecessoris; Patens inde.22
327161vde attornato inde; Attincta de quadam particula contenta in assisa; Patens inde; Nota; Regula secundum Escryk’; Aliter; Aliter de attincta.53
328162rDe Avo et Avia; Nuper obiitc. xxxiiii; c. xxxvAttincta; De avo et avia et huiusmodi; Aliter; de attornato inde; Nuper obiit.54
329162vQuare eiecit infra terminumc. xxxviRegula; Aliter quando vir et uxor deforceant viro et uxori; de attornato inde; Regula; Regula; Attincta inde; Quare eiecit infra terminum.43
330163rQuare eiecit infra terminum; de eieccione firmis; De ingressu ad terminum qui preteritc. xxxvii; c. xxxviiiAliter; Aliter; Aliter; de attornato inde; De eieccione firme; Aliter; Aliter ad terminum qui preteriit; de attornato inde; Aliter; Quando le post sine titulo; In primo gradu cum titulo; Aliter; In secundo gradu cum titulo; Post dimissionem cum titulo; Regula.147
331163vDum non fuit compos mentisc. xxxixRegula; Nota; Dum non fuit compos mentis; De ingressu in secundo gradu; In le post; Cum primo gradu cum titulo; In secundo gradu; In le post.66
332164rDum infra etatem fuitc. xlDum infra etatem fuit; In le post; Regula; Cum titulo in primo gradu; In le post; Regula; de attornato inde; Regula; De ingressu super disseisinam cum titulo; In primo gradu cum titulo; In le per cum titulo.88
333164vDe ingressu; de ingressu sine assensu capitulic. xli; c. xliiIn le post cum titulo; de attornato inde; Aliter pro religiosis; Regula; De ingressu sine licencia et voluntate Capituli; Nota; Aliter sine assensu et voluntate fratrum et sororum; Aliter prebendario sine licensia Episcopi et decani etc’; Aliter pro prebendario; Regula.73
335165vCui in vitaTitulus; Aliter; Aliter; Titulus; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Per plures prec’; Cui in vita ante devorcium; In le post inde; Regula; Causa matrimonii prelocuti; In le cui; In le post; Aliter pro herede; Regula; Aliter pro herede; Cui.189
336166rDe intrusionec. xlvDe intrusione post mortem tenentis in dotem; Per; Cui; Post; De intrusione quando uxor recuperavit dotem; Aliter per assignacionem quando recuperavit dotem; Aliter in assignacione.75
337166vc. xlvDe assignacione capitalis domini feodi ad quem tenentes devenerunt per feloniam tenentas; De intrusione post mortem tenentis per legem Anglie; In le per; In le cui; In le post; Regula.55
338167rDe intrusionec. xlvDe intrusione post mortem tenentis ad terminum vite; In le per; Regula; In le cui; In le post; Aliter post mortem tenentis ad vitam per finem; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; Aliter.84
339167vDe ingressuc. xlviDe ingressu per tenentem in dotem quod eodem legem; W’m p’m capitulo iiio; In le cui; In le per; Aliter de dote recuperata; Regula; De ingressu per tenentem ad legem Anglie; Regula; Regula; De ingressu per tenentem ad terminum vite post mortem suam ad communem legem; regula; Aliter ex assignacione; Regula; Regula.96
340168rDe ingressuc. xlviDe ingressu per tenentem in dotem per statutum Glouc’; Per; In le cui; Post; Aliter in primo gradu faciendo mencionem qualiter mulier recuperavit dotem et alienavit etc’; Regula; Regula; In assignacione; In cui in supplici assignacione; Aliter in le post per assignacionem triplicem.86
341168vc. xlviDe ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie in consimili casu statutum Glouc’; Cui; Post; De ingressu per tenentem ad terminum vite sue in consimili casu etc’; In cui sine titulo; In post sine titulo; Aliter cum titulo; Regula; Pro priore; Regula; Aliter quando tenens ad terminum ultimis vite alienat; De eodem in le post; De eodem in assignacione; Aliter.127
342169rDe ingressuAliter in le post; Aliter ex dimissione facta duobus et heredibus unius; Regula; Aliter in le remanere; Aliter; Cessavit per biennium W ii Capitulo xxio; In le per; In le cui; In le post.84
343169vCessavitc. xlviiNota pro abbate; Cessavit de feodi firma per statutum Glouc’ set loco istius brevis datur le cessavit quod precedit quia non in usu; In le per; In le cui; Post; Cessavit de obitu celebrando; Aliter de cantaria; De cantaria versus personam; Regula; Regula.76
344170rCessavitDe tenementis alienatis contra formam collacionis; Aliter de cantaria et luminari; Regula; Cessavit in Londonia; Forma donacionis in le descendre; Aliter viro et uxori W ii capitulo i; Aliter in liberum maritagium W ii capitulo i; Aliter pro secundo exitu.73
345170vForma donacionisc. xlviiiRegula; Aliter; Aliter; Cui habitu religionis assumpsit; Quando iter peregrinacionis arrupiut; Pro filia et exitu aliterius filie; Quando filius post natus petit de seisina consanguinei per reversionem; Aliter de dono facto uxori post mortem viri et her’ masc’; Aliter pro her’ de primo uxore; Aliter de dono facto mulieri et heredibus de corpore suo perdonat’ procreatis; Aliter; Post mortem et post habitum religionis; Aliter de reversione concessa post mortem tenentis in dotem.125
346171rAliter post mortem tenentis ad vitam; Aliter in le remanere pro illo cui reversio concessa post mortem tenentis ad vitam etc’; Attincta in brevi forma donacionis; Forma donacionis.42
347171vAliter pro propte in liberum maritagium quando petens petit de seisina matris; Aliter quando petit de seisina amite sue; Aliter de seisina matris que tenuit totum etc’ ?medietatem ut filius et heres et al’ ?medietatem ut soror et heres sororis sue etc’; Aliter de eodem de seisina amite etc’; Aliter ubi soror petit de seisina sororis etc’; Aliter de eodem.60
348172rFormac. xlixQuando coheredes tenent in communi absque particione; Forma donacionis in le reverti; Aliter; Aliter de coniuncto feoffamento etc’; Aliter quando habitum religionis assumpsit; Quando fit qui est heres obiit etc’.63
349172vDonacionisc. lQuando reversio conceditur post mortem uxoris que tenuit per feodum talliatum post mortem brevi; Quando reversio conceditur post mortem tenentis ad vitam in feodo tallato etc’; Forma donacionis in le remanere; Aliter; Aliter.53
350173rForma donacionisAliter; Quando reversio coher’ conceditur in feodo talliato; Aliter post mortem tenentis ad vitam etc’; Quando reversio tenentis ad vitam conceditur etc’; Aliter remanere; Casus; Remanere; Aliter.84
351173vDe tenementis legatisc. liAliter etc’; De tenementis legatis in Londonia.21
352174rDe tenementis legatisAliter in Burgo; Aliter le remanere; Aliter pro hered’ in feodo talliato; Aliter de tenementis legatis in feodo tailliato etc’; Aliter in le reverti.50
353174vIn londonAliter de tenementis legatis; De testamento probando etc’; Aliter de eodem.31
354175rDe tenementis legatisDe tenementis legatis in Londonia.11
355175vDe indemptitate nominisc. liiDe indemptitate nominis etc’.11
356176rNominisAliter; aliter vicecomiti etc’.21
357176vNominisAliter Iustic’ de banco; aliter vicecomiti etc; Aliter Iustic’ de banco.31
359177vAd quod dampumc. liiiAd quod dampnum; Aliter; Regula; Regula; Regula.21
360178rAd quodDe tenementis dandis custodi capelle in subvencionem sustentacionis sue et duorum capellanorum pro salubri statu fundatoris etc’; De redditu dando abbati etc’ et priori et monachis de cella eiusdem abbatie de inveniendo in Capella etc’; Regula; De ecclesia danda capellanis et eadem aproprianda; De mesuagio fratrum mansioni contiguo dando etc’; De terra danda abbati et conventu in escambium.55
361178vDampnumQuod plures divisi tenentes possint dare priori et conventui in partem satisfaccionis et quod alius possit dare eisdem ten’ in escambium pro alius; De ecclesia aproprianda in usus proprios tenenda in partem satisfaccionis etc’.22
362179rAd quodDe ecclesia aproprianda que est de advocacione propria; De redditu remittendo relaxando etc’ in partem satisfaccionis etc’; De terra et advocacione ecclesie dand’ Abbati que de Rege tenetur in capite et quod ipse ecclesiam illam apropriare possit etc’; De tenementis assignatis capell’ etc’ et de revt’ conc’ eidem capellani etc’; Quando parte’ sat’ et quod possuit in gradi ten’ que nati’ eorum ad quisunt’ etc’.55
363179vDampnumDe redditu assignando tribus Capellanis in diversis locis celebratur’; De redditu relaxando in escambium etc’; De terra assign’ in escambium pro redditu relax’ et de unie quendam monachium; De redditu assignando pro officio mortuariorum in Anniversario celebrando.44
364180rAd quodDe terra dat’ pro inhibitacione fratrum; De ten’ dat’ ad prebendam faciendam; De reversione concedenda; Nota forma brevis; Quod executores possint dare cappellano tenementa legata per testatorem etc’; De ten’ dat’ fratribus ad elargacionem mansi; Regula.55
365180vDampnumDe obligando manerium districcioni etc’; De feoffando alios quando tenementa tenentur de Rege in capite etc’.22
366181rAd quodQuod a posset feoffare Ecsta? idem Edare? pos’ et cons’ ten’ predona’ prefat’a et m ux’i enis et her’ de corpore ipi A etc’ et si idem a obierit sine her’ etc’ reman’ h etc’; De feoff’ alique de ten’ et de conc’ revert’ dot’ ad termi’ vite ita? quod habita inde etc’ dare possit et concedere tenementa pardona feoffat’ ad termi’ vite et recto attornato etc’ conc’ possit et sequit? a quod post cortem etc’ r’ alrr’ Ebor’ fuis etc’.22
367181vDampnumDe feoffando et reversionem concedendo; Ita quod habita seisina etc’ dare possit et concedere feoffato ad vitam et postmortem rem’ a et ux’i suis Ita quod si iidem etc’ suo her’ etc’ r’ rect’ her’ etc’; Deforc’; Suppl’ de renc’ consultacio de tenementis tentis de Regeni capit’ lit’ non opt’ voc’ ingredi posscop’ mortem ten’ ad t’ vic’ etc’.44
368182rAd quodDe pardon’ trans’ a ten’ dat’ lic’ non opt’ etc’; De aqua trahenda et fossat’ faciend’ ad molendinum de aqua Regis etc’; De antiqua trenchea obstruenda et nova facienda vel habenda etc’.33
369182vDampnumDe assisa panis et cervicie habenda et de assisa mensurarum.11
370183rAd quodQuod her’ et parti cipes pos’ feoff’ ballivos et so’it’ de redd’ quando perorpini? de villa de Rege per man’ ballivor’ etc’; Si R’ conc’ ten’ a cui et her’ fuis ques ali’ tenet’ ad vita’ sua’ exd’ Fion’ Regine cui R’ illa conc’ ad termi’ vite habend’ post mort’ etc’; De ten’ conc’ ad termi’ vite et de reverc’ conc’ eidem ad eimdem termi’ ita quod post mort’ etc’ reman’ rect’ her’ illi qui concessit etc’.33
371183vDampnumDe quadam domo religiosorum fundando et terre et tenementis eidem domui conferendis etc’; De prato dando Regi; Ita quod Rex habita inde seisina det illud fratribus etc’; De terris et tenementis adquisitis sine licensia Regis post publicacionem statuti rehabendis etc’.44
372184rAd quodAliter in le retinere etc’; De libertatibus concedendis; Aliter et fit patens inquisicionibus etc’; Regula.31
373184vDampnumDe vacua placea Regis concedenda etc’; De aqueductu; Aliter de eodem; De aqua ducenda per fossatum ad stagnum molendini etc’; De et venella danda fratribus ad elargacionem mansi etc’.54
374185rAd quodDe semita includenda; De terra adquisita sine licensia Regis in le rehabere etc’; Aliter in le retinere.32
375185vDampnumAliter ad vitam; Aliter in feodo talliato etc’ et in le rehabere etc’; Aliter in le remanere in feodo talliato etc’; Aliter; Aliter.50
376186rAd quodRegula; Aliter in le retinere; Aliter de serviciis remissis et quiete clamancie; De reversione concessa et eam ingressa sine licensia per quod seisitur in manum Regis in rehabere etc’.31
377186vDampnumAliter in rehabere; De balliva forestarie que de Rege tenetur in capite etc’; Aliter; Aliter.41
378187rAd quodAliter; De vasto includendo per certam arentacionem etc’ ad scaccarium reddendum etc’; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem.41
379187vDampnumAliter de eodem patens; Clausum inde vicecomiti.21
381188vde libertatibus allocandisc. liiiiQuod Burgenses quieti sunt de theoloneo per cartam Regis etc’; Regula; Sicut alias; cum pluries inde; Attachiamentum inde; Nota; de attornato inde; de essendo quietum de theolonio per cartam progenitoris Regis et confirmacionis Regis nunc cum clausula licet; Regula.66
382189rDe libertatibusCum plure; Attachiamentum inde cum pluries; Regula; Quod mercatores extranei et alienigene non prestent theolonium nec muragium etc’; De essendo quietum de theolonio per cartas progenitoris Regis et confirmacionis Regis nunc etc’.44
383189vAllocandisRegula; Aliter per cartam H Regis progenitoris Regis quam E pater confirmavit etc’; Aliter de eodem; Regula; Quod persone ecclesiastice sint quieti [sic] de theolonio; Aliter; Aliter de eodem.51
384190rDeliberat’de essendo quietum de theolonio quia de antiquo dominico etc’ patens; Regula; Attachiamentum super ballivos; Quod homines de antiquo dominico non contribuatur expensis militum.33
385190vAllocandisRegula; Quod nativi non contribuant expensis militum etc’; quod clerici cancellarie non contribuant expensis militum; De libertatibus allocandis in genere.33
386191rDe libertatibusRegula; Aliter per cart’ progenitoris Regis; Aliter in genere pro cartam progenitoris et confirmacionis Regis nunc ac per eandem cartam Regis nunc de novo conc’; Aliter pro cart’ H proavi Regis; Aliter pro cart’ confirm’ cum clausula licet et concess’ de novo etc’.40
387191vAllocandisAliter per cart’ progenitoris Regis et confirmacionis Regis cum clausula licit; Aliter pro cart’ progenitoris Regis et confirmacionis cum clausula licet per conc’ ulterius etc’; Aliter pro cart’ progenitoris Regis.30
388192rDelibertatibusAliter; Aliter de erearonibus quinque poetim’ etc’; Aliter; Nota; Aliter cum clausula licet etc’.40
389192vDe corrodio habendoc. lvAliter; De inquirendo de libertatibus allocandis etc’.21
390193rDe corrodio habendoc. lvAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Sicut alias; Aliter.51
391193vDe corrodio habendocum pluries de corrodio; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter non obstante excusacione etc’.32
392194rDe annua Pensionec. lviDe corrodio transferendo de uno in alium etc’; De annua pensione; Breve de annua pensione; De primo beneficio ecclesiastico habendo etc’.44
393194vDe presentacionibusc. lviiiDe presentacione per Regem; Aliter cum titulo racione custodie etc’; Aliter; De presentacione causa permutacionis etc’; De presentacione ad prebendam; Inde Episcopo de assignando stallum in choro etc’; inde de cano et Capitulo etc’; Aliter sede vacante; De collacione heremitagii etc’; De ducendo in corporalem possessionem etc’; Aliter ad Cantariam.117
394195rDe presentacionibusAliter in preposituram; Aliter proposito Beverlaci; Presentacio per abbatissam; Aliter per laicum patronum; Collacio hospitalis; De ponendo in possessionem; De intendendo custodi etc’.74
395195vDe presentacionibusRevocacio quia persona superstes est; Aliter revocacio; Revocacio presentacionis quia alias presentavit etc’; Aliter quia prius ratificavit etc’.42
397196vLittere patentes ad innotescendum recuperacionem Regis de ecclesia omnibus quorum interest; De presentacione facta super recordo quando Rex recuperavit.22
398197rLittere canonici ad excercendum iurisdiccionem ordinariam loco suo etc’; Littere ad conferendum beneficia domino iure motis agente etc’; Littere procuratorie.33
399197vDe presentacionibusLittere procurator is ad resignandum ex causa per imitacionis etc’.11
400198rForma resignacionisc. lixForma resignacionis; Protestacio redeundi.22
401198vDe manucapcionibusc. lixManucapcio pro iudicato de latrocinio coram vicecomite ex officio W I Capitulo xvo; Ista clausula non continetur in statuto dum tamen bone fame sit set additur per iuris paritos; Aliter coram ballivis libertatis; Aliter pro levi suspicione; Aliter pro parvo latrocinio.52
402199rDe manucapcionibusNota; Manucapcio pro appellato vivente appellatore; In isto brevi ponitur si bone fame sic per statutu; Aliter post mortem probatoris quia non est notorius latro; Aliter de assensu mortis; De receptamento; De consilio et assensu; De vi auxilio precepto missione et abecto.75
403199vDe manucapcionibusAliter in conclusione; Nota; Pro iudicato coram custodibus pacis.21
404200rDe manucapcionibusAliter de eodem vicecomiti; de mittendo iudicamento coram Rege; Inde vicecomiti ad mittendum corpus iudicati coram Rege etc’; Aliter pro notorio suspecto de feloniis etc’.42
405200vAliter pro forstallariis; Aliter ad pro sequendo appellum et brevia de falso iudicio etc’.20
406201rAudita querela super statutum mercatoriumc. lxiAudita querela inde; Aliter de trans’ feloniam.21
409203rAliter versus servientem.10
410203vDe supersedendoc. lxiiAliter in placito trans’; De compoto; De debito.32
412204vDe supersedendoLittere patentes ad innotescendum recuperacionem Regis de ecclesia omnibus quorum interest etc’; De presentacione facta super recuperacionem quando Rex recuperavit etc’.22
414205vAliter supersedeas capconi corporis etc’; Aliter.20
415206rDe supersedendoDe statu et gradu servientis ad legem recipiendis.11




The totals are very large. The second total, which roughly corresponds to the way in which Hall numbered the writs in his register ‘R’, is 1080, as opposed to 886. Unlike HLS MS 22, which we believe is roughly contemporary with this register, no effort has been made to pare down the writs concerning land and inheritance in order to focus on the personal actions. The personal actions are, however, not ignored. There are, for example, 240 separate writs of trespass and related actions, occupying 17% of the pages of the register (as opposed to 18% in MS 22). It is just that the much larger number of writs and pages in this register allows the inclusion of many of the more traditional writs that are omitted in MS 22.

There are some categories that we have not yet found in older registers. The section on ‘brevia de statuto’ seems to be new. The category is also found in the printed register (Holdsworth, HEL 2.639). While the category may be new, the statutes are not necessarily new. For example, the language of the first writ seems to reflect the provisions of Westminster, c. 22. Others, however, seem to be derived from the statute of Labourers.

There are also a group of categories following formedon that seem to be new, or, at least, new in this position: Ad quod dampnum; De libertatibus allocandis; Miscellaneous ecclesiastical, including de corrodio habendo, de annua pensione, and de presentationibus; De manucapcionibus; Audita querela, and De supersedendo. The group of writs that we have called ‘Miscellaneous ecclesiastical’ seems particularly telling. There seems no reason why these could not have been included with the other ecclesiastical writs toward the beginning of the register, but perhaps the category of writs that belonged there was closed. Writs that were more of concern in the fourteenth century than in the thirteenth belong in a different category. The writs included in de presentationibus are not neccessarily writs that lead to litigation. They mostly, perhaps all, concern the way in which the king made a presentation when the advowson fell to him.

The analysis shows nothing that would contradict our suggestion that the register dates from the first half of the fifteenth century, or more precisely from the early years of the second quarter of that century. We have, however, not yet analyzed any register that dates from the last years of the fourteenth century, so the very real changes from Hall’s register ‘R’ that this register shows cannot yet be tied down chronologically.

The register of writs would still seem to have been dynamic in the last years of the fourteenth century, perhaps in the early years of the fifteenth century. The changes are fairly subtle, but there are changes. When we have completed the analysis of all of the Harvard registers, we may be able to sketch more precisely what those changes were, and, perhaps, to say when there ceased to be changes.