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HLS MS No. 22

Registrum brevium

ca. 1425



<Preliminary introduction>

The HOLLIS cataloguing may be found here. The following items are worth repeating:

“Description: [102] leaves : vellum ; 31 cm.

“Notes: Written in a neat legal hand, long lines, 42 to a full page.

“Irregularities and errors in foliation: leaves 1–24 numbered correctly; leaves 25 and 26 both numbered xxxiiii; leaves 27–50 numbered xxxv-lviii; leaves 51–102 not numbered.”

The cataloguing in Baker’s English Legal Manuscripts, 1, no. 49 reads as follows:


“MS. 22.

“C.xv, 100 ff. The first writ is by Thomas Morton, clerk, against Robert Burgeys, Yorkshire, tested 6 March 3 Henry.

“Bookplate of Rogers Ruding FSA (d. 1820); later belonged to Sir Thomas Phillipps (MS. 4457); his sale, 22 March 1895, no. 330, to Maggs; acquired by George Dunn in Jan. 1899; his sale, S. 11 Feb. 1913, no. 67; bought privately by HLS.

Census, I, 1026, no. 22; Early Registers, xxvi.”

The manuscript is approximately 310 X 221 mm.

Bound in parchment of uncertain date.

The digital foliation corresponds to that in HOLLIS and not that in Baker. The error in the manuscript foliation on fol. 25r noted in HOLLIS looks to us more like ‘xxxiij’ than ‘xxxiiij’ whereas that on fol. 26r does look like ‘xxxiiij’. Hence, this may not be an error. Fol. 25r begins a new quire, and fol. 24v has what seems to be a carryover at the bottom of the page that does not carryover. It is possible that one or more quires are missing. It seems more likely, however, that the quires were foliated before the manuscript was written, and the intervening quire(s) not used. The signature markings which are medieval, proceed from ‘c’ to ‘d’, and there is nothing that is obviously missing.

The quiring is straightforward: regular quaternions with the final two folios missing from the last quire (one of which has been visibly torn out). There are no freestanding endpapers. Collation follows:

1–238 (f. 1–102, lacks 2 after 102).

There is no illumination. Many of sections have a space for a decorated initial that is not decorated.

The script of the manuscript is English semi-cursive. It reminds one more of the scripts of the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries than it does of the later fifteenth century.

As others have noted, the initial writ of right patent is brought by a Thomas Morton, clerk, against a Robert Burgeys.1 It is addressed to the bailiffs of ‘A’ for lands in Ripon with default to the sheriff of Yorkshire. It is tested 6 March 3 Henry [VI], i.e., 1425. We have found nothing in the manuscript that would require a later date, and, hence, are inclined to push the HOLLIS date of ca. 1450 back to ca. 1425.

1. Possibly the Roger Burgeys who with his wife Constance was the deforciant in a fine levied for lands in Greasbrough (in Rotherham), Yorks., 3 February 1408. See Medieval Genealogy.

The manuscript was almost certainly made for a professional, an attorney, pleader, or clerk of the second quarter of the 15th century. Going beyond that is quite speculative. Since so few analyses have been done of fifteenth-century registers, it is hard to tell how much the peculiarities of this one reflect the concerns of the age generally or those of the lawyer for whom it was made. Our analysis, however, of the register, outlined below, suggests some speculations: Focusing on the types of clients for whom the writs in this register might have been useful, we might imagine an attorney whose clients included secular ecclesiastics (a representative of religious houses would have needed more writs concerning land) and secular persons of the ‘middling sort’, merchants and trades people in general, whom we know had been increasingly using the central royal courts for personal actions, debt cases in very large numbers, and trespass. These were not people for whom inheritance of land was particularly important, and the absence of writs that deal with the inheritance of land may reflect that fact.


Summary Contents

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  Seq. Fol. No. Item  
5–28f. 1r–12v1Writs of right 
29–31f. 13r–14r2Execution of judgment 
31–40f. 14r–18v3Writs of attorney 
40–96f. 18v–46v4Ecclesiastical writs 
98–106f. 47v–51v5Waste, including de particione faciendo and de estrappamento 
106–122f. 51v–59v6Replevin, including de homine replegiando, de nativo habendo, and de scutagio habendo 
123–124f. 60r–60v7Criminal matters 
125–161f. 61r–79r8Trespass, including de minis and deceit 
161–187f. 79r–92r9Miscellaneous royal inquests 
187–192f. 92r–94v10Account 
192–207f. 94v–102r11Debt, including a note on De indempnitate nominis and the writ of audita querela 
207–208f. 102r–102v12Miscellaneous writs concerning seigneurial rights 


Detailed Contents

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Seq. Fol. Label Header Sig.  
3Front cover 
4Inside front cover, with bookplate of Rogers Ruding FSA 
51rWrits of right 
  Note: (1) Pencilled notes of reference and possibly provenance. (2) ‘Phillipps MS 4457’.
72ra ii 
114ra iiii 
2310rb ? 
2913rExecution of judgmentde execucione iudicii 
3013vde warantia diei 
3114rWrits of attorney 
3717rc i 
3918rc ii 
4018vEcclesiastical writs 
4119rAssisa ultime presentacionisc iii 
4219vQuare impedit 
4320rNe admittatc iiii 
4420vQuare non admisit 
4521rQuare incumbravit 
4621vBreve de utrum 
4722rBreve de utrum 
4822vProhibicio de advocacione ecclesiarum; prohibicio de catallis et debitis 
4923rprohibicio de laico feodo 
5023vprohib’ de trans’ 
5124rprohibicio indicavit 
5224vprohibicio de recognicione debitorum 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
5325rConsultacionesd i 
5526rConsultacionesd ii 
5727rConsultacionesd iii 
5928rConsultacionesd iiii 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
6933rConsultacionesF i 
7134rBlank except for foliation and signature markf ii 
7234vde non residencia 
7335rde non residencia; Ne quis trahatur in causam extra regnumF iii 
7435vNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnum 
7536rNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnumf iiii 
7636vDe vi laica amovenda 
7737rDe vi laica amovenda 
7837vAd iura regia 
7938rAd iura regia 
8038vAd iura regia 
8139rAd iura regia 
8239vAd iura regia 
8340rAd iura regia 
8440vAd iura regia 
8541rDe excommunicato capiendog i 
8641vDe excommunicato capiendo 
8742rDe excommunicato capiendog ii 
8842vDe excommunicato capiendo 
8943rde excommunicato capiendo; supersedeas de excommunicato capiendog iii 
9043vSupersedeas de excommunicato capiendo 
9144rscire facias de excommunicato capiendog iiii 
9244vscire facias de excommunicato capiendo 
9345rde excommunicato recapiendo 
9445vsupersedeas de excommunicato capiendo 
9546rde terris ten’ bonis et catallis clerici purgati restituendis 
9646vde extracto ab ecclesia restituendo; de apostata capiendo 
9747rBlank except for foliationNULL 
9847vWaste, including de particione faciendo and de estrappamentode vasto 
9948rde vasto 
10048vde vasto 
10149rde vasto 
10249vde vasto 
10350rde vastoh ii 
10450vde particione facienda 
10551rde estreppamentoh iii 
10651vReplevin, including de homine replegiando, de nativo habendo, and de scutagio habendode homine replegiando 
10752rde homine replegiandoh iiii 
10852vde homine replegiando 
10953rde Forstall’ repleg’ 
11053vRepleg’ de parco 
11154rde averiis replegiandis 
11254vde averiis replegiandis 
11355rde averiis replegiandis 
11455vde averiis replegiandis et capiendis in Wythernamium 
11556rPone de averiis 
11656vPone de averiis 
11757rj i 
11857vRecordari de averiis in comitatu 
11958rRecordari de averiis in comitatuj ii 
12058vRecordari de averiis in comitatu 
12159rde nativis habendisj iii 
12259vde scutagio habendo 
12360rCriminal mattersDe moderata misericordia capiendaj iiii 
12460vde moderata misericordia; de minis 
12561rTrespass, including de minis and deceit 
12661vde trans’ in comitatu 
12762rde trans’ in banco 
12862vde trans’ 
12963rde trans’ 
13063vde trans’ 
13164rde trans’ 
13264vde trans’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
13365rk i 
13566rk ii 
13767rk iii 
13968rk iiii 
14772rde decepcione 
14872vde decepcione 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
14973rde decepcionel i 
15073vde decepcione 
15174rde decepcionel ii 
15274vde decepcione 
15375rde decepcione 
15475vde parco fracto 
15576rde rescussu averiorum 
15676vde rescussu 
15777rde rescussu 
15877vRecordari de trans’ 
15978rAttincta de transgressione 
16078vAttincta de transgressione 
16179rMiscellaenous royal inquestsde audiendo et terminando 
16279vde audiendo et terminando 
16380rde audiendo et terminando 
16480vde audiendo et terminando 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
16581rde audiendo et terminandom i 
16681vde audiendo et terminando 
16782rde audiendo et terminandom ii 
16882vde walliis et fossatis 
16983rde walliis et fossatism iii 
17083vde walliis et fossatis 
17184rBrevia missa comiti Flandr’ pro mercatoribus Anglie 
17284vde errore corrigendo in Londonia 
17385rde errore corrigendo 
17485vde errore corrigendo 
17586rde errore corrigendo 
17686vde errore corrigendo 
17787rde conspiracione 
17887vde conspiracione 
17988rde recordo et processu 
18088vde recordo et processu 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
18189rde recordo et processu 
18591rn iii 
18792rAccountde compoton iiii 
18993rde compoto etc’ 
19093vde compoto etc’ 
19194rde compoto 
19294vDebt, including a note on De indempnitate nominis and the writ of audita querelade debito etc’ 
19395rde debito etc’ 
19495vde debito etc’ 
19596rde debito 
19696vde debito 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
19998rNota de idemptitate nominismsc’ 
207102rMiscellaneous writs concerning seigneurial rights 
209Inside back cover, with bookplate of George Dunn 
210Back cover 


Preliminary Analysis of the Register of Writs



No heading found

As noted in the Introduction, the initial writ of right patent is brought by a Thomas Morton, clerk, against a Robert Burgeys. It is addressed to the bailiffs of ‘A’ for lands in Ripon with default to the sheriff of Yorkshire. It is tested 6 March 3 Henry [VI], i.e., 1425. We have found nothing in the manuscript that would require a later date, and, hence, our date for the register of ca. 1425.



51rDe recto patens; Regula; Aliter ballivis honoris; Regula; Ballivis honoris quando dominus Curie fuerit extra regnum; Aliter ipsi domino; De attornato inde; Regula etc’; De ordine ponendi particulas.64
61vRegula; Ordo ponendi particulas; Regula; Regula; Nota usus; Aliter quod tenetur per servicium feodi unius militis; Regula; Aliter per liberum servicium et feodi militis; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Regula.51
72rDe recto custodi terre et heredis; Aliter; Regula; Aliter capitali domino de recto de serviciis feodorum unius militis; Regula; Regula; De recto in Londonia; Regula; De attornato inde; Regula; Glouc’ capitulo xiiio; De attornato inde cum loquela retornata fuerit coram iusticiariis utris de banco.75
82vSupersedeas quando tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warantum in London; Quod vicecomes accesat ad curiam ad inhibendum ne procedant; De attornato amoto et alio substituto; Regula; De recto de dote; Nota Westm’ ii capitulo xlviiio; Aliter quando partem habet et partem non.54
93rRegula; Aliter quando clamat pertinere ad liberum tenementum; Regula; Regula; De recto de racionabili parte; Regula; Aliter quando partem habet et partem non; Regula; Aliter quando pertinet; Aliter; Nota; De attornato inde; De recto Episcopis.73
103vAliter Abbati; Regula; Aliter sede vacante; Aliter ballivis electi; Ne iniuste vexes; Regula; De attornato inde; Quando dominus Curiam remisit Curiam suam domino Regi; Regula; Littera per quam domino remittit Curiam suam domino Regi; Regula; Nota; Nota; Precipe in capite Magna Carta capituo xxxiiio; Aliter; De attornato inde; Regula.106
114rQuando quis impetrat precipe in capite per falsam suggestionem quod iusticiarii non teneant placitum nisi tenenmentum teneatur de Rege in capite; Regula; Cum quid petat Curiam suam de tenemento suo extra Curiam Regis; Regula; Recordari in brevi de recto; Causa in brevi de recto patens.44
124vCausa; Causa; Causa in brevi patenti in le recordari; Causa; Regula; Supersedeas recordari si non fit recordatum pro causa cessat.55
135rPone in brevi de recto pro petente in Comitatu; Regula; Pone pro defendente cum causa; Causa; Nota; Recordari in Comitatu cestrie quando tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warantum; Dedimus potestatem de attornato inde pro vocatis ad warantum.55
145vDe errore in comitatu cestrie; Recordari in episcopatu Dunelm’ per tenentes vocantes forinsecum ad warantum; Regula.22
156rProhibicio quando tenens posuit se in magnam assisam et fiat inde comp’ pro rotulis; Et potest fieri domino; Aliter ballivis curie; Aliter ballivis Episcopi de consuetudinibus et serviciis; Aliter de iurata in Gavelkynde; Regula; De iurata in loco magne assise in Curia baronis; Nota; Aliter quando uxor que admittitur per defaltam viri iuxta statutum etc’ ponit se in iurata; Aliter; Aliter.93
166vRegula; De magna assisa eligenda; Regula; Nota; Attincta super ballivos quia tenuerunt placitum post prohibicionem; Regula; De essonio de malo lecti.33
177rRegula; De attornato languidi recipiendi; De licencia surgendi de malo lecti; De recto eodem consuetudinem manerii; Aliter; Regula; Aliter de communa pasture; Aliter de via obstructa.62
187vAliter attachiamentum super ballivos; Regula; Aliter domino de recto; Nota; Ad videndum quod plena iusticia exhibeatur; Sicut alias inde; De recordo et racionabili iudicio habendo pro petente et iacet in brevi de recto patenti et clauso semper quando ballivi nolunt procedere ad iudicium; Regula; Aliter in Curia; Nota; Cum pluries inde.74
198rBreve ad procedendum in brevi de recto; Regula; Recordari eodem consuetudinem manerii pro tenente per causam; Causa; Regula; Causa per finem levatum; Causa per cartam Regis; Causa per cartam comitis et confirmacionem Regis; Causa per prescription de temps; Causa per mesme le title.87
208vCausa per cartam domini manerii; Causa quando tenetur ad communem legem ut de honore; Anno ixo; Causa quia clamat tenere partem per finem et residuum per cartam domini; Causa in recordari ad sectam petentis et fuit cons’ anno xvii per prescriptionem Roberti Parvyng Canc’; Attachiamentum super ballivos quia processerunt post loquelam recordatam per vicecomitem.66
219rRecordari secundum consuetudinem manerii sine brevi; Causa; Causa quia tenentes sunt in manu domini manerii per feloniam tenentis; Causa quia al’ fuit compartum per assisam quod tenentes sunt liberum feodum; Nota; Causa; Causa; Causa.77
229vSupersedeas quando tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warantum; Aliter quando uxor admittetur ad ius suum defendendum; Attachiamentum super ballivos quia processerunt pendente placito waranto; Ad certificandum si loquela warantie sit discontinuata in parvo brevi de recto per non sectam.43
2310rAliter de eodem; De adnullando coram Rege finem levatum de tenementis quod sunt de antiquo dominico corone Anglie; Nota; Regula.21
2410vMonstravit pro hominibus de antiquo dominico; Regula; Aliter vicecomiti; Attachiamentum inde; De attornato in brevi de attachiamento; Regula; Aliter coram Rege monstravit pro hominibus de Hameletto; De attachiamento dominum eo quod cepit bona hominum pendente attachiamento.64
2511rDe certificando utrum manerii sit de antiquo dominico; De certificando per que servicia tenetur; Regula; De falso iudicio in comitatu; Regula; Nota; Aliter in Curia.43
2611vDe attornato inde; Aliter in Curia fine brevi; Aliter in hundredo; Aliter pro Abbate; Regula; Aliter in Curia quando uxor admittaitur ad ius suum defendendum iuxta formam statuti; Aliter pro eo qui petiit se admitti ad ius suum defendendum; Nota.61
2712rAliter quando loquela fuerit in Curia per returnum brevis et est contra regulam registri; Nota; Aliter in Curia heredis de loquela que fuit in Curia matris tenentis in dotem etc’ quando petiit se admitti; Aliter in Curia que habet returnum; Aliter in Curia sine brevi secundum consuetudinem civitatis; Regula; De errore in assisa frisce forcie.51
2812vCum pluries inde; Regula.11
2913rde execucione iudiciiDe execucione iudicii in Comitatu; Sicut alias; Cum pluries inde; Attincta inde vicecomiti et nota quod attachiamentum usus vicecomiti semper debet dirigi coronatoribus etc’; Aliter; Aliter in Curia; Regula; Aliter in London; Aliter Nota.73
3013vde warantia dieiDe waranto de servicio Regis sine brevi pro defendente; Regula; Aliter vicecomiti; Aliter; Aliter; Nota; Regula; De waranto de servicio Regis; Regula; Aliter de diversis diebus et diversis loquelis; Regula; De waranto per testimonium senescalli Regis; Regula; Aliter; De procedendo quando aliquis falso se esson’ de servicio Regis.94
3114rNota; De clameo admittendo in itinere per attornatum primo die summonicionis; De libertatibus exigendis in itinere; De attornato in omnibus placitis in itinere et ad libertates calumpniandas; Regula; Aliter iuxta formam statuti; Dedimus potestatem inde; Aliter de attornato; Regula; De generali attornato.75
3214vAliter pro morante in partibus transmarinis; Aliter pro morante in hibernia; De attornato generali in hibernia pro morante in Anglia; Dedimus potestatem de generali attornato; Regula; Aliter in omnibus placitis et ad libertates calumpniandas; Dedimus potestatem quia languidus est; in hibernia; De generali attornato pro priore hospitali sancti Johannis Jerusalem in Anglia in omnibus placitis et ad libertates prosequendas.85
3315rNota; Quod abbas ad totam vitam suam facere possit generali attornato; De attornato inde; de custode generali pro eo qui est infra etatem.33
3415vLittera patens ad faciendum generalem attornato; De attornato generali inde.22
3516rNota; Dedimus potestatem recipiendi amocionem unius et alium loco suo recipiendi; Quando domino substituuntur de removendo alterium et loco suo alium attornato; De duobus amovendis et duobus substituendis.33
3616vDe duobus amovendis termini; Dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatos; De attornato quando loquela que fuit coram iusticiariis retornatur placitanda in Curia iuxta libertates; De attornato quando quis petitur in auxilium; De attornato de vocatis ad warantum qui warantizavit et ulterius etc’; Aliter de vocatis ad warantum in duabus loquelis; Nota; Dedimus potestatem quando quis est admissus ad ius defendendum etc’ et vocatis ad warantum; De attornato quando uxor petit admitti et non est admissa; Dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum viri et uxoris eius et admittendi custodi filiorum eorumdem in scire facias.98
3717rDe custode et attornato in eodem et Nota; De attornato ad loquelam etc’ in audiendo et terminando; De attornato pro eo qui permittitur etc’ brevi quale ius; De attornato quando factum committitur in equali manu custodiendum breve de detencione scripti portatur; Nota brevi quia quidam dicunt quod non potest facere attornatum.32
3817vDe attornato ad petendum se admitti ad defendendum ius suum per defaltam tenentis ad terminum vite si faciat defaltam; Anno xviiio; De attornato recipiendo pro uxore.33
3918rDe eodem de attornato admittendo; Regula; De recto de advocacionem ecclesie; De medietate tercie vel quarte partis; de attornato inde.43
4018vAliter; Nota; Aliter; Regula; Assisa ultime presentacione; Aliter pro Rege.41
4119rAssisa ultime presentacionisde attornato inde; De attincta inde; Aliter; Aliter quando advocacio alienatur; Quare impedit pro Rege racione archiepiscopatus; Aliter sine titulo; Aliter racione Episcopatus; Aliter racione custodie; Aliter occasione custodie racione altierius custodie anno viiio; Aliter pro Rege et alia persona.103
4219vQuare impeditde attornato in quare impedit et non dicitur que vacat; Quare impedit pro alio; Aliter racione custodie; Regula; Aliter; de attornato inde; Aliter de cantaria; Nota.63
4320rNe admittatNe admittat; Aliter; Aliter; De certiorando utrum placitum pendeat in banco per breve quare impedit etc’; Breve inde Episcopo; Regula; Ne admittat quando Episcopus est pars; De collacione facta uni post mortem alterius ubi primo facta fuerit collacio.75
4420vQuare non admisitQuare non admisit super assisa ultime presentacionis; Regula; de attornato inde; Quodque non admisit pro Rege.33
4521rQuare incumbravitAliter; Regula; Aliter; de attornato inde; Regula; Breve de utrum.42
4621vBreve de utrumAliter; de attornato inde; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pro custode cantarie; Regula; Quod Episcopus amittat clericum quia partes sunt concordate extra Curiam non obstante prohibicione.72
4722rBreve de utrumProhibicio de advocacione ecclesie iudicis; Inde parti ne sequitur; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde.44
4822vProhibicio de advocacione ecclesiarum; prohibicio de catallis et debitisProhibicio pro Rege de ecclesia; Regula; Pro Rege de hospitali; Pro Rege de prebenda; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de catallis et debitis; inde parte; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Aliter pro Rege iudici et parti.98
4923rprohibicio de laico feodoNon conceditur nisi in sacris ordinibus constructis; Prohibicio de laico feodo; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Aliter pro Rege; Attachiamentum versus iudicie pro tenuit; Regula; Attincta quando iudex recusat admittere prohibicionem sibi porrectam; Prohibicio pro Rege de collacione scolarum gramaticalium.87
5023vprohib’ de trans’Regula; Prohibicio de transgressionis; Inde parti; Attachiamentum inde; Pro Rege; Attachiamentum pro Rege; Aliter; de attornato in attachiamento prohibicionis de transgressionis.76
5124rprohibicio indicavitRegula; Regula; Indicavit; Aliter parte; Aliter; Regula; de attornato inde; Indicavit pro Rege; Aliter pro Rege; Regula; Prohibicio de decimis separatis per Regem.74
5224vprohibicio de recognicione debitorumProhibicio de decimis separatis; Prohibicio et nota valde; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de recognicione debiti in Curia Xtianitatis.44
5325rConsultacionesConsultacio versus parochianum super emendacione corporis ecclesie; Aliter in causa testamenti; Contra capellanum pro concubina.32
5425vConsultacionesConsultacio in casu correccionis anime ex officio; De manuum iniecccione in clericum etc’ de expensis adiudicatis.22
5526rConsultacionesDe expensis adiudicatis in causa diffamacionis; Consultacio de diffamacione.22
5626vConsultacionesConsultacio de decimis; Consultacio de mortuariis; Consultacio de legatis.33
5727rConsultacionesAliter de legatis; Aliter in capite; Consultacio de transgressionis; Aliter post appellum.41
5827vConsultacionesConsultacio causa matrimonii; Aliter inde; Aliter de usura.31
5928rConsultacionesDe spoliacione decimarum; Aliter de eodem.21
6028vConsultacionesDe decimis et mortuariis; Aliter de eodem.21
6129rConsultacionesQuando rector implacitat parochianum impedientem ipsum cariare decimas; Aliter de eodem.21
6229vConsultacionesDe spoliacione decimarum; Consultacio de decimis lanarum; Nota; Quando pecunia petitur racione defectuum in rectoria repertorum.33
6330rConsultacionesAliter de eodem; consultacio de decima lane bidentibus in parochia per meditatem unius anni; De decimis lanarum vitulorum et lacticiniorum occisorum et moriencium et mellis et cere apium.32
6430vConsultacionesDe decimis pannagii pullannorum butiro caseo et lacticinio; consultacio de decimis super le indicavit; Consultacio de oblacione in causa correccionis anime diebus festivis.33
6531rConsultacionesDe subtraccione duarum caparum legatarum; Consultacio in causa decimarum tempore vacacionis ecclesie subtractarum.22
6631vConsultacionesDe procedendo ad penam interdicti pro cantaria subtracta; consultacio super iudicem quando provisor institutur canonice.22
6832vConsultacionesConsultacio pro fratribus de confessionibus audiendis et sepultura habenda; consultacio de uxore spoliata habenda; de diffamacione.33
6933rConsultacionesDe repeticione pecunie prelato vel leso promisso; consultacio ad procedendum in causa legati pro fratribus.22
7033vConsultacionesScire facias quare consultacio non debeat concedi post prohibicionem; consultacio bona et nota.22
7234vde non residenciaQuod clerici Regis non compellantur ad residenciam personalem faciendam articuli cleri capitulo viio; Sicut alias; Attachiamentum inde; De non residencia nec quod assumat beneficium quod exigit residenciam; Aliter et nota quod consultacio fuit per litteras de proteccione ostensas Curie.54
7335rde non residencia; Ne quis trahatur in causam extra regnumQuod clerici Regis non solvant pecuniam ad quam multantur pro non residencia; Ne quis trahatur in causam extra regnum.22
7435vNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnumAttachiamentum inde; Ne quis de transferat extra etc’; Ne quis transferat de extra regnum ad respondendum super hiis quorum cognitis spectat ad Regem; Ne quis citet clericum Regis ad respondendum personaliter coram summo pontifice super hiis quorum cognicio spectat ad Regem.44
7536rNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnumAliter parti.10
7636vDe vi laica amovendaDe vi laica seu armata amovenda anno xiiio Regis E ii; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Sicut alias.42
7737rDe vi laica amovendaNe vicecomes colore mandati alicuius quemquem amoveat a possessione ecclesie.11
7837vAd iura regiaAd iura regia; Ne iudices delegati teneant placitum de advocacione prebende quam Rex contulit; Aliter.32
7938rAd iura regiaAliter de capiendo impugnatorem; Aliter quando Rex presentavit clericum et nondum recuperavit presentacionem.20
8038vAd iura regiaAliter quando recuperavit; Aliter parti clericus adeptus est possessionem; Attachiamentum super ad iura regia quando Rex presentat.31
8139rAd iura regiaAliter attachiamentum; Ad iura regia ad revocandum inhibicionis post appellacionem.21
8239vAd iura regiaAttachiamentum per corpus quando Rex recuperavit presentacionem; Commissio ad capiendum impugnatorem.22
8340rAd iura regiaAttachiamentum pro aliquo et nota quando fecit provocacionem etc’ post prohibicionem et presentacionem recuperat; Ne quis citet clericum extra regnum ad respondendum de beneficio per Regem collato.22
8440vAd iura regiaAttachiamentum post recuperacionem.11
8541rDe excommunicato capiendoDe excommunicato capiendo; Aliter; Aliter quando archiepiscopus est mortuus; Aliter Episcopo in remotis agente; Aliter sede vacante; Regula sicut alias; Cum pluries; Regula; Aliter ad certificacionem Cancellarii Oxon’.72
8641vDe excommunicato capiendoConcessio factam Archidiacono quod possit certificare; De excommunicato deliberando quia exposuit caucionem; Regula; De excommunicato deliberando.33
8742rDe excommunicato capiendoRegula; Episcopo caucione admittenda; Regula; Regula; Attachiamentum.22
8842vDe excommunicato capiendoDe caucione pignoraticia admittenda antequam deliberetur; De deliberando absque caucione pignoraticia prestita cum caucione idonea.22
8943rde excommunicato capiendo; supersedeas de excommunicato capiendoDe excommunicato recapiendo; Supersedeas de capiendo corpus pendente placito attachiamenti; Regula; Aliter pro clericis.32
9043vSupersedeas de excommunicato capiendoSupersedeas pendente appellacione; Aliter supersedeas quia pars exhibuit litteras papales; Regula; Regula; Scire facias quare non debet supersedere capcioni corporis pendente appellacione et excommunicato capto deliberande per manucapcionem.32
9144rscire facias de excommunicato capiendoSupersedeas super le scire facias quia pars non venit; Scire facias ad denunciacionem vicarii generalis et ad excommunicatum in cancellaria deducendum sub salva custodia.22
9244vscire facias de excommunicato capiendoIsta clausula addita fuit eo quod non potuit invenire manucaptores quos si potuit invenisse per eorum manucapcionem debuisset interim deliberari etc’; Significavit inde Iusticiariis quod procedant in placito pendente non obstante excommunicacione si qua allegetur coram eis; De excommunicato capto et dimisso per manucapcionem iterum capto quia non venit in cancellaria.33
9345rde excommunicato recapiendoSupersedeas capcioni corporis excommunicati usque ad certum diem; Supersedeas de excommnicato capiendo.22
9546rde terris ten’ bonis et catallis clerici purgati restituendisDe terris etc’ clerici purgati restituendis; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; De clerico convicto Episcopo vel eius commissario liberando.52
9646vde extracto ab ecclesia restituendo; de apostata capiendoDe extracto ab ecclesia restituendo; De apostata capienda; Aliter; Aliter.42
9847vde vastoRegula; De vasto in dotem versus mulierem W’ secundo capitulo xiiiio; Regula; de attornato inde; Aliter ut de iure ecclesie; Aliter versus virum et mulierem; Aliter versus mulierem que recuperant dotem versus extraneum et postea fecit vastum; Quando vir et uxor tenuerunt in dotem de Rege et Rex postea concessit reversionem; Aliter versus tenentem in dotem ex assignacione heredis; Aliter nota quod breve de vasto facto in dotem semper debet inpetrari versus mulierem; De molendinis et vivariis.94
9948rde vastoNota; Versus custodem; Aliter versus executores; Breve de inquirendo de vasto in custodia per Regem dimissa; de attornato inde; De vasto facto per tenentem per legem Anglie; Aliter quando reversio tenementorum tentorum per legem Anglie conceditur ?homini; Nota his ille qui prius tenuit per legem Anglie ?efficitur ?tenens ad terminum vite de quod non potest tenere per legem Anglie de alio quam de herede; De vasto ad terminum vite vel annorum.75
10048vde vastoRegula; Nota; de attornato inde; Aliter pro Abbate; Aliter versus executores; Quando vir et uxor faciunt vastum de tenentis dimissis mulieri; Aliter quando uxor facit vastum de tenentis dimissis sibi et viro suo et heredibus viri; Quando vir facit vastum de tenentis dimissis sibi et uxori eius et heredibus de corpore uxoris exeuntibus; de vasto de tenentis que tenentur in proparte alicuius per particionem; Aliter de eodem et nota quia dicitur de prefato ac etiam de proparte.84
10149rde vastoAliter quando tenens ad terminum vite dimisit alii statutum suum; Aliter; Aliter versus certum tenentem; Nota breve et casum N dimisit S ad terminum annorum mortuo S executor suus dimisit R ad eundem terminum postmodum predictus N concessit reversionem P et idem P concessit prefate M que nunc sequitur breve; Aliter quidam R dimisit W et M uxori eius ten’ qui postea concessit statutum suum aud’ I et heredibus suis unde T frater et heres fecit vastum etc’; Aliter quod E dimisit A et M uxori euius ad vitam eorumdem A et M mortuo A eadem M et R vir ?? P et P dimisit I et postea prefat’ A cons’ ?? R et I attorn’ fec’ vastum etc’; Aliter in assignacione quando heres concedit ten’ quo dabantur patri matri et heredibus patris etc’; Aliter in le remanere quidam R cons’ J et N uxori eius ad vitam suam Ita quod post mortem etc’ N ad vitam suam remanerent et post mortem suam rectis heredibus postdam I unde quidam T consanguineus etc’ conc’ revers’ etc’; Aliter in assignacione quando P dimittit ad terminum et postea concedit reversionem.80
10249vde vastoAliter in assignacione quando pater dimittit ad vitam et filium concedit reversionem; Aliter in feodo talliato per finem etc’; De vasto contra ten’ per le elegit etc’ de dampnis adiudicatis; Aliter de eodem in recognicione quousque etc’; Aliter versus executores; Aliter in assignacione post mortem tenentis ad vitam in le remanere; Aliter quando ille in le remanere concessit reversionem etc’; Aliter a dimisit M post conc’ revers’ I et idem I conc’ r’ prefato A et P uxori eius et her’ de corpore; Aliter in assignacione; Aliter in le remanere.101
10350rde vastoQuando tenens bastardus fuit et obiit sine herede de vasto pro domino cui spectat escaeta; De vasto pro indiviso et non iteratur ?stat’; De vasto in Gavelkynde.33
10450vde particione faciendaDe particione facienda; Aliter de eodem; Nota; De attornato inde; Aliter; Regula; Aliter in Londonia.52
10551rde estreppamentoDe estreppamento Glouc’ capitulo xvo; Aliter; De estreppamento in Banco tempore vacacionis; Aliter; Aliter parti.52
10651vde homine replegiandoAliter in assisa; de homine replegiando W’ prim c’m xv ?alleoges ?quant homine est repleg’; Sicut alias; Cum pluries.43
10752rde homine replegiandoAttachiamentum; Aliter; De replegiando hominem quando ille qui cepit clamat esse nativum suum; Aliter de eodem; Aliter quando ille qui capit clamat habere custodiam corporis.52
10852vde homine replegiandoRegula; Nota; Aliter in quinque portubus; Aliter quando ballivus cepit aliquem ?transeuntem per ballivam.20
10953rde Forstall’ repleg’De forstallariis replegiandis; Aliter; De capto et foresta replegiando; Regula statuti E tercii anno primo capitulo ixo; Nota.32
11053vRepleg’ de parcoNota; Regula; Regula; Replegio de parco; Aliter de receptamento; De adieccione foreste.32
11154rde averiis replegiandisDe averiis replegiandis; Regula; Sicut alias; Attachiamentum inde.33
11254vde averiis replegiandisNota; Aliter pro executoribus; De attornato; Regula; Cum pluries; Attachiamentum.43
11355rde averiis replegiandisNota; Regula; Non omittas propter libertatem Marl’ capitulo xxo W’ secundum capitulo xxxviiio; Aliter; Sicut alias inde; Regula; De averiis capiendis in Wythernamium.43
11455vde averiis replegiandis et capiendis in WythernamiumAliter; Aliter; Aliter de catallis capiendis in Wythernamium; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Non omittas propter libertatem Wyth’; De execucione facienda in Withern’.82
11556rPone de averiisPone de averis; Regula; Pone pro defendente; Causa secundum quod datur per Westm’ secundum capitulo iio; Regula; Causa pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente.54
11656vPone de averiisAliter pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente; Regula; Causa pro petente per returnum brevis in Curia cum causa; Causa pro defendente in Curia per returnum; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro petente; Aliter pro petente; Aliter pro defendente vel petente secundum.114
11757rde attornato quando Ballivus dicit quod non potest respondere sine domino etc’; Causa pro petente; Recordari de averiis; Regula; Causa pro defendente.44
11857vRecordari de averiis in comitatuAliter; Recordari in Curia quod semper fit cum causa pro petente seu defendente; Causa; Aliter ad Wapent’; Causa; Causa; Breve ad inquirendum; De proprietate averiorum vel catallorum.86
11958rRecordari de averiis in comitatuBreve coronatoribus quando vicecomes non retornat le pone; Breve de recapcione averiorum ante le pone; Nota; De recapcione averiorum post le pone; Aliter in Curia per returnum brevis et quando loquela fuit returnata placitanda iuxta libertatem etc’.43
12058vRecordari de averiis in comitatuDe recapcione averiorum post le Recordare; Regula.11
12159rde nativis habendisDe nativis habendis anno xo Regis Henrici iiii fact’ fuerunt inde al’ et plur’ per cons’ Baker Roderh et al’; Regula; Regula; Regula; Quando manserit per minus temporis; Regula; Pone de nativis; Regula; De libertate probanda; Aliter; De auxilio habendo ad distringendum villanos; De villanis Regis subtractis reducendis.76
12259vde scutagio habendoDe auxilio habendo ad filiam primogenitam alicuius maritandam vel ad primogenitum filium militem faciendum; De soccagio habendo quia fecit servicium per certificacionem constabularii; Aliter quia fecit finem per certificacionem Thesaurum et Baronum de scaccario; Commissio ad levandum scutagium.43
12360rDe moderata misericordia capiendaDe moderata misericordia capienda; Regula; Attachiamentum inde.22
12460vde moderata misericordia; de minisRegula; Quod misericordia ponatur per sacrum ?proborum homini iuxta formam statuti; De minis; Aliter; De transgressione facta post securitatem inventam; Aliter infra libertatem quinque portuum.53
12561rAliter de minis et debet affidare; Aliter; Est de gracia Curia; Aliter; Aliter de eodem.51
12661vde trans’ in comitatuDe trans’ in comitatu; De ovibus ad terminum pascendis traditis abductis; De fossato fracto; Quando creditor recusat liberare pignora; De tauro ad terminum tradito fugato etc’; De bonis asportatis pro executoribus etc’; De vaccis imparcatis ita quod fetus abortivos facerunt; De wallia contra fluxus maris erecta fracta etc’.88
12762rde trans’ in bancoDe transgressionis in banco; De imprisonamento; De imprisonamento quousque finem fecerit; de attornato de transgressionis coram iusticiariis; Aliter de eodem coram etc’; De custode in trans’ pro illo qui est infra etatem; De clauso fracto arboribus succisis vivariis piscatis et servientibus verberatis; De pullis esparvariorum captis et asportis; De warenna fugata et leporibus asporatis etc’; De clauso fracto et fugato in eo etc’ cuniculos etc’; De parco fracto et fugato etc’; Aliter de parco et chacea; De herba depasta de bladis depastis etc’; De solo fosso et carbonibus maritimis asportatis etc’; De equo et catallis arestatis quousque finem etc’.1513
12862vde trans’De domo fracta et maeremio asportato pro executoribus de bonis testatoris asportatis; De scripto (b) quodam (a) per quod Abbas et Conventus tenebantur mulieri in victu et vestitu fracto; De piscaria piscata et herba falcata ac solo fosso etc’ herba depasta etc’; De bladis messis et herba falcata et arboribus succisis et de allis bladis et herba depastis; De transgrassione facta uxori ante matrimonium; De navi abducta et catallis in eadem asportatis; De bladis et germinibus vinearum depastis; Aliter de trans’; De stagno fracto per quod aqua inundavit vivarium etc’; De equis abductis et catallis et denariis in pecunia munerata asportatis.109
12963rde trans’De manso obsesso per quod terra remansit inculta et averiis imparcatis; De domo fracta et prisone abducto non satisfacto de redempcione; De quodam brevi de prohibicione liberato in luto proiecto et conculcato; De imprisonamento quousque prestitet iuramentum etc’; De eodem quousque remisisset accionem; De nativo in cippis posito abducto et cappis fractis etc’; De bladis inundatis et arboribus radicitus emissis et bladis depastis; De vino a dolio extracto et aqua maritima impleto.87
13063vde trans’De palis extransverso aque positis per quod navis submersa fuit; De piscaria piscata et herba falcata et terra fossa etc’; De domo fracta arboribus succisis et aliis catallis asportatis et averiis de caruca imparcatis; De clauso fracto et bladis in garbis et feno depastis etc’; De feno depasto; De arundine messo et asportato; De lapide molari fracto; De stagno molendini fracto per quod etc’; De domibus et catallis in eisdem combustis; De ovibus tonsis et lana asportatis; De imprisonamento in uno loco ad alium locum ducto et imprisonato; De ovibus in uno loco captis alibi fugatis et imparcatis; De exclusis fractis et maeremio in minutas partes secto et terra inundata etc’.1313
13164rde trans’De exclusis stagni molendini fractis; De coppis in quibus nativis fuit fractis etc’; De equo percusso per quod equitans cecidit et fregit duas de costis; De oculo erecto; Pro custode hospitalis de bonis tempore predecessoris asportatis; De eodem pro abbate; Aliter de eodem et nota bene; Aliter de eodem tempore vacacionis; De warenna fugata bosco ingresso et pullis esparvariorum captis et catallis asportatis; De ovibus fugatis cum canibus ita quod quedam multipliciter sunt deteriorate et quedam fecerunt fetus abortivos; De porcis fugatis cum canibus ita quod interierunt.118
13264vde trans’De tibia morsa cum cane unde veneno fuit infecta etc’; De fossato terra et finio impleto quod terra seisonata fuit inundata; Aliter de eodem; Quando dimissor ingreditur tenementum post mortem infra terminum in retardacionem execucionis testamenti; De uxore ducta cum bonis viri; De veneno in cibos posito; De matrimoniis arestatis quousque amisit proficuum nundinarum; Aliter de eodem; De averiis ad loca ignota fugatis.97
13365rDe averiis fugatis de uno comitatu ad alium; Ne districciones fiant extra feodum in regia via vel communi strata Marl’ capitulo xiiii; Aliter de eodem; Nota; Ne quis distringatur per averia carucarum vel per oves suas; Regula; Quod nullus attachiamentum ad respondendum super contractibus etc’ extra ballivam factis; Attachiamentum inde.65
13465vDe carectis equis contra statutum W’ i; De trans’ pro execuctoribus de bonis in vita testatori asportatis; De averiis in via regia captis; De massa ferrea super talum proiecta; De here de maritato; De canonico capto et abducto; De capto per statutum mercatorum deliberato non satisfacto debito; Contra vicecomitem quando returnat quod quis non est inventus; Aliter pro eo qui permisit imprisonatum abire non satisfacto Regi nec parti.98
13566rDe clauso fracto et commonacho abducto; De trans’ pro Rege; De cepibus fractis; De feno prostrato et depasto; De clauso ostiis et fenestris fractcis; De homine insecuto et in domo obsesso; De laboratoribus; De vaccis in debite custoditis quod interierunt; De fosso non inundato per quod quedam aqua currere solebat.99
13666vDe equo interfecto suibus fugatis quod fetus abortivos proiecere etc’; De insultu in constabularium facto; De Wayfs et Strays; De equo in quadam infirmitate detentu ad curendum; De dextra tibia equi fracta; De insultu ac scripto dilaterato; De panno warantizando integro et idoneo; De arboribus et subbosco succisis et turbaria fossa.88
13767rDe equo brevi et competento ferrando; De brachio leso curando; De quodam scripto ?literat’ at tradit’ bona fide inspic’; De domo assumpto ad reparandum et emendendum; De imprisonamento et nota bene; De averiis captis per quod terra remansit inculta.66
13867vNota breve; De imprisonamento quousque concessit reversionem; Aliter quousque fecerit recognicionem statuti mercatorum; De bladis inundatis pro defectu reparacionis riparum etc’; De competibus minus strictis per quod claudus efficitur.43
13968rDe terris quia prelatus distringitur per equitaturam; De trans’ pro persona quando distringitur in feodo ecclesie; De trans’ pro prebendario de nativo rescusso; Aliter pro Abbate; Attachiamentum inde.54
14068vDe scripto fracto de corrodio etc’; Apud Ebor Anno viiio Regis E; De cignis interfectis et ancis aerariis asportatis et earum ovis fractis; De navibus cum victualibus abductis; De columbari noctanter fracto; De wrecco; De theolonio in feria.77
14169rAliter; De falsa prostrata; De visu franciplegii; Aliter de visu franciplegii.42
14269vDe gurgite fracto; De trans’ pro illo qui habet returnum suum brevium infra honorem; De excommunicato capto et abducto; De postibus et palis fractis per quod minera cecidit; De veniendo in cancellaria pro transgressione facta uni clericorum cancellarii; Regula; Quod tenentes non audent morari super tenementis suis ad dampnum domini.66
14370rQuod hospitatores teneantur custodire bona ?hospit’; De sicco et mortuo bosco in foresta habendo; De sigillo carte fracto; De homine imprisonato quisque invenerit securitatem etc’; De trans’ per manucepit custodire blada absque etc’; De ovibus custodiendis quod dictum tempus; De transgressione facta femine; Aliter pro commonacho.87
14470vTrans’Regula; Regula; Aliter versus Abbatem et Commonachum; Versus magisterium et confratrem; De parco fracto et averiis agistatis captis et abductis; Regula; De homine impediente ballivum replegianda averia; De mercandisis arestatis; De domo et cista fractis maeremio catallis denariis ac cartis scriptis etc’ asportatis; De panno indebite texto; De domo tegendo quod maererium putridum devenit.87
14571rDe warennis in diversis locis; De instrumentis positis ad capiendes pisces; De cato in columbari proiecto; De clauso et columbare fractis et columbis asportatis; Quod clerci de cancellario non rundeant alibi quam coram Canc’ de trans’; Aliter de eodem.65
14671vQuod tenentes teneantur facere clausuras ubi facere consuenerunt etc’.11
14772rde decepcioneAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
14872vde decepcioneAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
14973rde decepcioneAliter; Aliter.20
15073vde decepcioneAliter; De attachiando notario pro contrafaccione sigilli; Aliter de decepcione audita querela.31
15174rde decepcioneAliter audita querela.10
15274vde decepcioneAliter de decepcione; Aliter de decepcione; Aliter de decepcione.30
15375rde decepcioneDe decepcione de presentacione.11
15475vde parco fractoDe parco fracto et averiis abductis; Aliter per servientem; Aliter per custodem celle; Aliter pro defalta; Aliter pro amerciamento; Aliter pro averiis captis pro summonicione scaccarii.61
15576rde rescussu averiorumDe rescussu de averiis; Per servientem; Pro consuetudinibus et serviciis; De averiis et catallis; De catallis nomine districcionis; De rescussu facto taxatori et collectori de catallis captis pro decima etc’; De rescussu facto ballivo libertatis de hominibus per ipsum captis; De attachiamento facto per ballivum Regis fracto.88
15676vde rescussuDe rescussu facto ballivis Regis de homine capto per breve Regis; De rescussu illi qui habet returnum omnium brevium de averiis captis pro amerciamentis pretextu returni inde facti; De rescussu facto ballivo Regis distringenti pro redditu et debito; De rescusso facto habenti catalla felonum et fugitivorum; De rescussu pro theolonio et aliis proficuis mercato colligendis.55
15777rde rescussuDe recto facto ballivo libertatis de homine capto per statutum mercatorium; De recto ballivo qui habet returnum ad levandum exp’ militum de parliamento.22
15877vRecordari de trans’Causa; Causa; Regula; Regula; Causa; De trans’ contra proteccionem.44
15978rAttincta de transgressioneInquisicio de trans’ contra proteccionem; Aliter; Regula; De transgressione capta per nisi prius viii anno apud Ebor’; Attincta de loquela que fuit coram Rege infra libertatem placitanda; Aliter.53
16078vAttincta de transgressioneAttincta sine brevi coram iusticiariis etc’ W’ vo et vito; De attincta coram Senescallo et Marescallo anno ix apud Ebor’; Manucapcio ad prosequendam attinctam de trans’.33
16179rde audiendo et terminandoRegula; Inde vicecomiti; de attornato inde; Dedimus potestatem; associacio in audiendo et terminando.44
16279vde audiendo et terminandoPatens inde; Si non omnes; Aliter associacio apud London anno secundo.32
16380rde audiendo et terminandoNota; de mittendo recordum et processum in brevi de audiendo et terminando de trans’ quia attincta arramiata coram Rege; mittimus de eodem coram Rege; De querela coram Rege et consultacio discuciendo et terminando; Revocacio brevis de audiendo et terminando quia non est ?enorm’ lesio etc’.43
16480vde audiendo et terminandoDe audiendo et terminando trans’ tempore vacacionis Archiepiscopatis Ebor’ iuxta statutum Marlb’ etc’ xxviiio; De audiendo et terminando confinio; De rescussu facto ballivo Regis; Aliter in genere de audiendo et terminando contra Episcopum Wynton’ ac eius offic’ de diversis oppressionibus.43
16581rde audiendo et terminandoDe audiendo et terminando de navi fracta per tempestatem et si bona debeant dici wreccum necne.11
16681vde audiendo et terminandoDe oppressionibus versus ministros; Regula; Breve de ammovendo eosdem; De bonis arestandis ne dissipentur.33
16782rde audiendo et terminandoAliter de audiendo et terminando; Aliter tempore vacacionis Episcopatus pro Rege; De walliis et fossatis.31
16882vde walliis et fossatisAliter de seweris in Ankholme; De continuando processum inchoatum post mortem Capitalis Iusticiarii.21
16983rde walliis et fossatisDe recipiendo commissiones proc’ etc’ de executoribus defuncti et de continuando eodem processum.10
17083vde walliis et fossatisDe audiendo et terminando de diversis transgressionibus.11
17184rBrevia missa comiti Flandr’ pro mercatoribus AnglieAliter; Aliter; De arestando faciendo super bonis mercatorum alienigenis pro transgressione facta mercatoribus Anglie.31
17284vde errore corrigendo in LondoniaDe errore in camera Enbalde facto corrigendo; Breve super ?comissicionem predictam de supersedendo etc’.22
17385rde errore corrigendoAliter de dampnis et deliberando corporis a prisona; Patens ad errorem corrigendum in Londonia.21
17485vde errore corrigendoBreve vicecomiti de venire faciendo recordum et processum ac partes coram iusticiariis assignatis; De procedendo ad iudicium; Aliter coram iusticiariis assignatis ad errorem corrigendum; Patens inde.43
17586rde errore corrigendoNota; Quod bona sequentis breve de errore non admoveantur Ita quod execucio prioris iudicii si affirmetur possit fieri de eisdem; Quando querens non est prosecutus breve suum de errore quod maior et vicecomes ex officio examinent recordum et processum et faciant execucionem si contigat primum iudicium affirmari.22
17686vde errore corrigendoDe errore corrigendo in hibernia; Aliter in Curia domini; De supersedendo execucioni prioris iudicii faciendo pendente loquela de errore in hustengo.32
17787rde conspiracioneDe conspiracione post iudicamentum; Aliter de morte hominis en lieu de cest brief est un brief iudiciel done come piert per la reule devaunt; Aliter abetto; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Aliter quando appellator est non prosecutus.71
17887vde conspiracioneNota; Regula de conspiracione; Aliter; Aliter de morte.20
17988rde recordo et processuAliter de morte hominis; Aliter coram Rege; Aliter coram Rege; Aliter vicecomiti et coronatore; Aliter in London.50
18088vde recordo et processuAliter coram iusticiariis itinerantibus; Aliter coram iusticiariis ad gaolam deliberandam; Aliter coram iusticiariis de fuga; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter de mercato alicuius; de morte hominis.71
18189rde recordo et processuDe iudicamento mittendis in Bancum Regis; Aliter de recordo et processu; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter de recordo et processu.51
18289vAliter quando acquietatus est coram iusticiariis assignatis per inquisicionem patrie quod interfecit se defendendo; Aliter de trans’; De certificacione que est coram Rege; Aliter de recordo et processu iuratis.41
18390rCum pluries de recordo et processu; Iusticiariis de Banco si littere patentes de perdonacione allocentur necne; De certiorando super causa capcionis; De certiorando super causa capcionis catallorum; De certiorando super utlagario; Carta perdonacionis de trans’ utlagarie.66
18490vAliter coram Rege; Aliter coram Rege de diversis transgressionis; Aliter coram Rege; Aliter coram Rege; Aliter quando acquietatus quod fecit de defendendo.50
18591rAliter per infortunum; Aliter de morte ad instanciam; Aliter pro morte et aliis feloniis; Aliter de latrocinio; Carta de receptamento felonum; De viro utlagato et uxore waiviata; Carta in brevi in compoto.73
18691vAliter de debito; Carta quando quis utlagatur ad sectam Regis; Carta serviente qui recessit a servicio etc’; Aliter versus magisterium; Carta utlagarie ad sectam executori; Carta utlagarie coram iusticiariis ad assisas; Aliter in banco pro eo quod non satisfec’ etc’.74
18792rde compotoAliter pro executoribus; De mercatore; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; de attornato; De compoto pro magisterio domus; Aliter pro priore tempore predecessoris; Aliter pro priorissa tempore predecessoris; Pro custode domus tempore predecessoris.94
18892vRegula; Regula; Dedimus potestatem quia infirmus; de attornato; Nota; Nota; De compoto in socagio; De attornato inde; Pone pro petente in brevi de compoto; Regula; Causa pro defendente in brevi de compoto; De compoto pro comitate villo; Monstravit pro priore.88
18993rde compoto etc’Non est in usu; Nota; Aliter set non est in usu; Breve de deliberando capto per le monstravit; De recipiendo arestatum pro arreragiis compoti; Nota.43
19093vde compoto etc’De dimittendo arestatum huiusmodi per manum ad recitandum compotum coram Baronibus de Scaccario; Aliter in Londonia; Aliter; Quando ballivus evasit de carcere.42
19194rde compotoCommissio ad audiendo compoto coll’ denar’ pro clausura ville; Regula; Aliter de denariis colligendis pro villa pavianda et claudenda; De capiendo utlagatum.32
19294vde debito etc’Mittimus; Nota; de debito in comitatu; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Contra executores; Pro executoribus; Versus executores et coexecutricem; Regula; De debito ad bancum.96
19395rde debito etc’Aliter de catallis; Aliter; Aliter de equo etc’; Pro executoribus; Regula; Aliter contra executores et alios; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Nota; Aliter; de attornato; Regula; Versus Episcopum de bonis intestati; Versus administratores; Regula; Aliter versus executores ordinarii.134
19495vde debito etc’Nota; Aliter pro administratoribus; Aliter pro executoribus; Aliter versus executores; Aliter pro administratoribus; Aliter versus executores; Pone pro petente et pro defendente; Causa; Causa; Causa; Recordari in Curia secundum consuetudinem etc’; Regula; Nota.105
19596rde debitoCausa; Nota; Attachiamentum quando ballivo tenuit placitum post le pone; Mittimus; De certiorando; De essendo in auxilium ad debita recuperanda.55
19696vde debitoQuod uxores habeant partes suas racionabiles; Regula; Aliter pro pueris; Quod mulieres non distringantur pro debitis virorum suorum; Aliter de eodem; Aliter tenementis coniunctim adquisitis.52
19797rAliter de tenementis que tenentur in dote; Aliter post matrimonium contractum.20
19897vDe exonerando ad scaccariam ipsum qui non est her’ etc’ non tenet etc’; Aliter; Aliter.31
19998rNota de idemptitate nominisRegula; De idemptitate nominis.11
20098vRegula; Prohibicio de debito xl’s sine brevi; Aliter ballivis; Attachiamentum inde; Supersedeas execucioni inde; Aliter; Aliter.63
20199rSupersedeas de diversis querelis; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter supersedeas de convencione quando nomine ?debitori etc’.32
20299vAliter; De recognicione debiti per statutum mercatorium; Aliter; Aliter ad duos terminos; Aliter pro primo termino non soluto vel pro duobus; De attornato inde coram iusticiariis.62
203100rAliter coram Rege; De recognicione contra personam; Aliter contra Abbatem; Regula; Quod clericus captus deliberetur; Aliter quod non capiatur; De deliberando vicarium captum sine brevi; De certificando Canc’.74
204100vcum pluries inde; Aliter de certificando; Aliter non obstante quod prius; Aliter de eodem.41
205101rAudita querela.11
206101vDe recognicione in stapula; Si recognoscat; De execucione facienda inde.33
207102rAliter per breve; De secta ad molendinum; Ad bancum; Regula; Quod permittat villanos facere sectam ad molendinum; Ad bancum; Regula; De Curia claudenda; Ad bancum; Pone; Quod permittat molere sine multura; Regula.98
208102vDe molendino reparando; Regula; De racionabili estoverio; De attornato inde; De chimino habendo; De falda habenda; De passagio; De piscare; Regula; Regula; De communa pasture.88




Our preliminary analysis of this register, which can be dated with some confidence shortly after 1425, shows that much had changed since Hall’s Register ‘R’ or even from the printed register, which is normally dated, without much support, to the reign of Richard II. Most of the difference is in what is not there. The petty assizes are not mentioned, except for darein presentement. Writs of entry and formedon are not found. Miscellaneous seigneurial rights get barely a mention at the end. Claims for incorporeal rights in land are mentioned only in connection with advowsons among the ecclesiastical writs. Trespass has been moved up next to the writs concerning criminal matters and occupies almost 20% of the register. (The percentage is based on the proportion of pages devoted to the topic.) Relatively little, however – more analysis here is required – concerns the action on the case. A rather large section (13%) is devoted to miscellaneous royal inquests, many of which seem to have been writs designed for particular situations, but seem to be included because of the possibility that the king might act in the same manner in similar situations. Quite traditional ecclesiastical writs occupy more than a quarter of the register (28%). The old personal actions occupy 9% of the register (2% for account, 7% for debt). Covenant is not mentioned, and if detinue is mentioned, it is buried in debt. Combining the old personal actions with trespass, we have more than a quarter of the register (27%).

Speculations as to what this might mean about the person for whom the register was made are contained in the Introduction. We emphasize here that until more fifteenth-century registers are analyzed, it is difficult to separate what was characteristic of the period from what an individual lawyer of the period might have wanted.