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HLS MS No. 193

England. Collection of Writs, Counts, Extracts from Treatises and from the Year Books,
Concerning ‘Placita Personalia’;
Lambard’s Archeion

ca. 1340



<Preliminary introduction>

The HOLLIS cataloguing may be found here. The following items are worth repeating:

“Description: 217 leaves : vellum ; 27 cm.

“Notes : Formerly known as MS Hale-Rogers 106; also Hale Manuscript MS. LR. 106.”

“Some marginal notes rubricated in red.

“Bound in 16c. limp vellum wrapper.”

The cataloguing in Baker’s English Legal Manuscripts, 1, no. 193 reads as follows:


“MS. Hale-Rogers 106.

“Mid-C.xiv, 217 ff. Principal contents: cases from Mich. 33 to Hil. 34 Edward I; 2-19 Edward II; 1-14 Edward III; extracts from the eyres of Kent, London, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire; extracts from Bracton, Glanvill and Hengham. Rearranged as ‘placita personalia’. (Bound in is a C.xvii paper copy of Lambard’s Archeion, 19 pp.)

“‘Ex libro Magistri Tounsh[end] March 6 Jacobi Regis 1608’ (in the Lambard); belonged to Dr Cox Macro (d. 1767), and listed in his library catalogue of 1766, Brit. Lib. MS. Add. 25473, folios no. 31; Macro sale, Christie’s, Feb. 1820, no. 55; bought privately by Hudson Gurney (d. 1864); passed to his descendant Major Q.E. Gurney (d. 1968); his sale, S. 31 March 1936, no. 212, to H.R.Creswick; bought from him by Richard Walden Hale (d. 1943) for the use of Ralph V. Rogers and HLS.

“HMC, Twelfth Report, App. IX, 122, no. vi; Rogers, 55 EHR 566–568; text of Eyre of London printed by Rogers in Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, XIX (1941); Cam, Eyre of London, 85 SS cxlviii–cxlix; Sutherland, Eyre of Nottinghamshire, 97 SS lxxiii (sigla Rd).”

For many years this manuscript has carried the title ‘England. Registrum Brevium, Year Books, and Tracts’. That is not totally wrong, but it is misleading. That title would lead us to expect a register of writs, one or more Year Books, and some freestanding tracts. Our title ‘England. Collection of Writs, Counts, Extracts from Treatises and from the Year Books, Concerning “Placita Personalia”’ is, admittedly, an awful mouthful, but it more accurately describes what is in the manuscript. The manuscript also contains a handwritten copy of William Lambarde’s Archeion, or, A commentary upon the high courts of justice in England, dated, it would seem in 1608, 17 years before the first printing of that work.

We have also changed the date in the HOLLIS catalogue from ca. 1350 to ca. 1340, in keeping with our practice of dating by the last datable medieval item in the main text of the manuscript. We will suggest below that some of the medieval contents are probably quite a bit earlier than that, but we are not sure that they were written down, as we see them here, earlier than that.

Baker’s statement that the manuscript copy of Lambarde’s Archeion is 19 pages long is mistaken. It is 15 folios (30 pages) long.

We have not yet placed in the Detailed Contents references to the Year Book reports that are summarized in Baker’s catalogue. That clearly should be done, but the task is large and laborers few.

The manuscript measures approximately 270 X 200 mm.

It is bound in limp parchment in a binding of considerable antiquity. The cords are exposed at the spine. There is a design in pen on the back cover. It cannot be deciphered on the image; it may be decipherable in situ. The endpapers do not appear to be newer than the manuscript and are included in our quiring. The manuscript copy of Lambarde’s Archeion at the end bears a date of 1608. The binding could date from that time.

A number of medieval hands seem to be at work in the manuscript. The script of these hands all looks quite similar. Some of them remind us more of scripts dating from the turn of the 14th century, some more of scripts slightly later in the century. There are many notes and additions both in medieval and early modern scripts. The base texts, however, with the possible exception of Lambarde at the end, all seem to have been written by professional scribes.

There is very little professional decoration. There are two decorated capitals at the very beginning of the manuscript. In this section there is some use of red underlining, red paragraph marks, and red boxes around the headers and some of the marginalia. The blue underlining that appears in this section may be part of an original design, but could also be an addition by an owner of the manuscript. We have found no decoration after fol. 22, although informal underlining continues. Informally drawn faces marking notable items appear occasionally on the first 22 folios, and we have found some later on. We did not search for them systematically.

The manuscript is foliated in what looks like an early modern script. It is accurate. The first folio is marked in pencil by a modern hand. We have used this foliation despite the fact that it begins after the extracts from the Secreta secretorum at the beginning. We refer to these by sequence number. We have also continued the digital foliation through the handwritten copy of Lambarde’s Archeion and the table of contents with which the manuscript ends.

There is also quite a bit medieval foliation in Roman numerals. It probably indicates that parts of the manuscript were originally in separate packets. We have included it in the Detailed Contents as ‘msfol’.

The manuscript appears to have 32 quires of various lengths: eight sesternions, three quinternions, nine quaternions, three ternions, six duernions, and two bifolia. One folio is missing from the beginning of the manuscript and one is missing after each of the following folios: 96, 111, 130, 157, and 216. We rather doubt that any text is missing as a result of these losses. This gives us the following collation:

14 (seq. 4 – seq. 9, lacks one from the beginning of the quire), 28 (seq. 10–11, f. 1–7), 312 (f. 8–19), 42 (f. 20–21), 5–64 (f. 22–29), 712 (f. 30–41), 8–98 (f. 42–55), 10–1112 (f. 56–79), 128 (f. 80–87), 1310 (f. 88–96, lacks one after f. 96), 144 (f. 97–100), 158 (f. 101–108), 164 (f. 109–111, lacks one after f. 111), 1710 (f. 112–121), 188 (f. 122–129), 192 (f. 130, lacks one after f. 130), 20–218 (f. 131–146), 224 (f. 147–150), 23–2512 (f. 151–185, lacks one after f. 157), 262 (f. 186–187), 278 (f. 188–195), 2812 (f. 196–207), 2910 (f. 208–216, lacks one after f. 216), 306 (f. 217–222), 318 (f. 223–230), 326 (f. 231–236).

Our Detailed Contents attempts to transcribe the extensive medieval marginalia that appear throughout the manuscript and which tie it together conceptually. Some of these transcriptions are very rough. We are working on them and would appreciate any help that we can get, large or small. We have also attempted to transcribe some of the 17th-century marginalia. Our transcriptions here are not complete. They are designed to give some idea of what the 17th-century annotator was interested in. The Summary Contents divides the manuscript into the main sections described below and adds some detail in subheadings. It will be noted that the earlier parts of the manuscript can be organized by legal topics, whereas the later parts, particularly the extracts from the eyre reports and the Year Books of Edward III cannot be.

The interest of this manuscript lies in the fact that it does not fit into any of the standard categories of English legal manuscripts. Rather, it seems to be a collection made up by someone who wanted to focus on personal actions. In the process, he put together a compilation that illustrates the main features of English legal literature in the second half of the 13th century and the first half of the 14th.

After an initial quire that appears to be only vaguely related to the contents of the rest of the manuscript, the manuscript begins with two quires that bear a distinct resemblance of ‘Brevia placitata’: writs and counts. There may be a few more writs and a few fewer counts than is typical in most versions of ‘Brevia placitata’ (hence, the initial impression of cataloguers that the manuscript contained a register of writs), but the overall pattern is unmistakable. There is, however, one major difference: The content is confined to personal actions. No real actions are to be found.

Beginning on fol. 22 with a new quire, the nature of the work changes. Rather than giving us writs and counts, the work gives us extracts from treatise-writers, including some quite substantial extracts from Glanvill.

Beginning on fol. 28 (not a quire break, though one appears before the next folio), we begin to find rules and statements derived from case reports. The work thus begins to look more like ‘Casus placitorum’ than ‘Brevia placitata’. The resemblance to ‘Casus placitorum’ declines as the section moves on, and it becomes more like simple extracts from Year Book reports on the topic of personal pleas. A medieval foliation begins on fol. 28 and runs through fol. 100. (Fol. 13 is skipped, making the final number one too high; nothing seems to be missing from the text.)

This section usually carries the header ‘Placita personalia’. About an eighth of the way through (fol. 47r), the style of headers (and some of the headings) changes. The name of the king to whose reign the report of the item is attributed appears in lieu of, or in addition to, ‘Placita personalia’, frequently, though not always, with the year, and sometimes with the term. Focusing only on the references found in the header or heading (references embedded in the text, of which there are some, remain to be explored), there are references to reports from years 33 and 34 of Edward I, from years 2, 4, 5, 11, 13, 14, 15, 19, and 21 of Edward II, and 15 references to reports from the reign of Edward II without reference to regnal year. Once the references to the reign of Edward II begin (fol. 53r), there are no more references to the reign of Edward I. This style of headers and headings does not, however, continue to the end of the section. There is a section marked simply ‘Replevin’ (fol. 72v–79v), another marked for the most part ‘Placita personalia’ and which contains no references to kings, years or terms (fol. 80r–88v), before the references to reports from the reign of Edward II return at the end of the section (fol. 89r–98v). The references to years of Edward II are not in chronological order, but earlier ones tend to be in the first group and later ones in the second, and there is no duplication of years between the two groups. The change of style from something like ‘Casus placitorum’ to something more like simple extracts from Year Book reports on the topic of personal pleas is most noticeable in the sections where the king, year and/or term is mentioned in the headers or headings.

Beginning on fol. 99r, the nature of the source material changes. It is now derived exclusively from reports of eyres. (The material for the eyre of London that begins on fol. 99r, is not case reports, but rather with the questions posed of the citizens of London at the eyre.) A new quire and a new foliation begins on fol. 101 with case reports from the eyre of London. The eyre reports have various foliations. The reports themselves continue through fol. 130.

A new quire begins on fol. 131 with a foliation that may be intended to continue that which ended on our fol. 100. The heading ‘Placita personalia’ returns. (The heading for the eyre of Derby actually runs over to fol. 131r, but we doubt the attribution. The material on fol. 131v is certainly not from the eyre.)

A new quire begins on fol. 147. The medieval foliation starts over again. The Year Book reports begin with 1 Edw. 3. Reports from that king’s reign proceed, more or less in chronological order, until we reach year 14, where both the reports and the medieval foliation end.

It is clear that the nature of the work changes as it proceeds. The focus, however, remains always on personal pleas. There are some exceptions in the later Year Book reports, but not many. The question is whether this is simply a collection of different types of material that someone at some point – it need not have been in the Middle Ages – put together, or whether this is to be regarded as medieval work.

We are inclined to think that the latter is the case, though we are also inclined to think that more than one compiler was involved. The fact that the work bears different medieval foliations certainly suggests that pieces of it had at one time some sort of independent existence, though it might be that at one time the different compilations were kept on separate quires and later bound together.

Let us be a bit more precise about what the different pieces are: (1) Personal pleas in the style of ‘Brevia placitata’ (fol. 1v–21v). (2) Extracts from treatises about personal pleas (fol. 22v–27v). (3) Rules about personal pleas derived from reports of cases in the time of Edward I and Edward II (fol. 28r–98v). (4) Rules about personal pleas derived from eyre reports (fol. 99r–130v). (5) A return of rules about personal pleas derived from Year Book reports (fol. 131r–146r). (More work is needed to identify the dates of this material; the headers and headings are no help.) (6) Rules about personal pleas derived from reports from the time of Edward III (fol. 147r–216r).

The chronological range of the material here is quite wide, making it unlikely, although certainly not impossible, that the same person who put together a ‘Brevia placitata’ about personal pleas is the same person who entered the final extracts from 14 Edw. 3. The different hands at work in the manuscript, however, could be contemporary. We are inclined to think that the script at the very beginning may be a earlier than that of the entries for Edward III, but we may be overly influenced by the fact that we know that that material could be quite a bit earlier. Perhaps more telling is the fact that the manuscript begins with a definite style of decoration, which disappears when we reach fol. 23.

Certainty is not possible. It might be achieved by a more careful examination both of the contents and of the possible sources of this material. The evidence does, however, seem consistent with the notion that there were two compilers, one operating at the end of the reign of Edward I or the beginning of that of Edward II, the other operating in the second decade of the reign of Edward III. The second compiler probably had to hand parts (1) and (2), and perhaps only some of part (3) of the manuscript that we now have. He may have had to hand part (5). He may be responsible for the sections in part (3) where the cases are identified by king, year, and/or term. If he was, he probably had the whole part recopied. There is a consistency in script and style throughout it, and the quire breaks do not fall at the beginnings of the different subsections. The putative second compiler started the eyre of London on what were blank folios at the end of part (3). He combed, first, the eyre reports, presumably from existing manuscripts of those eyres, looking for material on personal pleas. This was, we might note, a good place to look for such material, granted the breadth of eyre jurisdiction. He then either inserted that material between the existing parts (3) and (5), or, he compiled part (5) himelf from sources that need more exploration. His source for part (6) is easier to discern. It almost certainly was existing manuscripts of Year Books of Edward III arranged by years and terms.

The result is a very full exploration of the concept of personal pleas and rules about them. The substantive content of this manuscript deserves, in our view, more attention than it has heretofore received. We might speculate that it was, or became, a manuscript of someone who was teaching about personal pleas.

The history of the manuscript does not end in 1340. Someone, probably early in the 17th century, had the manuscript bound in the binding that it now has, and he, or a contemporary, did a considerable amount of work on it. The binding added to the manuscript a handwritten copy of Lambarde’s Archeion (fol. 218r–232v). That copy is dated 1608. After Lambarde there is a detailed list of the contents of the medieval manuscript in an early 17th century hand (fol. 233r–235v). The hand may be the same as that of the copy of Lambarde, although it is sloppier and more informal. The folio references seem to correspond to the early modern foliation in the manuscript that we have used digitally. Whether the same hand is responsible for the 17th-century notes that appear throughout the manuscript we are less sure, but it could be.

Whether the extracts from the Secreta secretorum (seq. 5–9) that begin the manuscript were added when the manuscript was bound in the 17th century is unclear. The script is definitely medieval; the style is not legal. We will not attempt to date it more precisely. It is perhaps more likely that a 17th-century antiquary would have added this item rather than a medieval lawyer who was focused, it would seem almost exclusively, on personal pleas. The extracts deserve more attention than we have been able to give them. Some of them might be connected to the idea of a personal plea, but only at a very general level.


Summary Contents

Clicking on the item in question will open the first sequence for the item in the PDS in a new tab or window.


  Seq. Fol. No. Item  
5–9f. unfoliated1Extracts from the Secreta secretorum 
10f. unfoliated2Capitularia 
11f. unfoliated3Contents 
13–53f. 1v–21v4(1) Personal pleas in the style of ‘Brevia placitata’ 
13–17f. 1v–3v4aReplevin of beasts 
17–21f. 3v–5v4bAccount 
21–29f. 5v–9v 4cDebt 
29–29f. 9v–9v4dDe plegiis acquietandis 
30–31f. 10r–10v4eDe annuo redditu 
31–32f. 10v–11r4fDe detencione catallis 
32–35f. 11r–12v4gCovenant 
35–48f. 12v–19r4hTrespass 
48–52f. 19r–21r4iDe eieccione custodie 
52–53f. 21r–21v4jFines 
55–65f. 22v–27v5(2) Extracts from treatises on personal pleas 
55–59f. 22v–24v5aDe essoniis 
60–61f. 25r–25v5bDe attornatis 
62–65f. 26r–27v5cDe debito 
66–207f. 28r–98v6(3) Placita personalia in the style of ‘Casus placitorum’ 
208–271f. 99r–130v7(4) Eyre reports on personal pleas 
208–233f. 99r–111v7aLondon 
234–243f. 112r–116v7bBedfordshire 
245–253f. 117v–121v7cNorthamptonshire 
254–255f. 122r–122v7dKent 
256–266f. 123r–128r7eNottinghamshire 
268–271f. 129r–130v7fDerbyshire 
272–303f. 131r–146r8(5) Placita personalia in Year Book reports 
304–442f. 147r–216r9(6) Year Book reports (temp. Edw. 3) on personal pleas 
304–307f. 147r–148r9a1 Edw. 3 
308–317f. 148v–153v9b2 Edw. 3 
318–325f. 154r–157v9c3 Edw. 3 
326–339f. 158r–164v9d4 Edw.3 
340–351f. 165r–170v9e5 Edw. 3 
352–363f. 171r–176v9f6 Edw.3 
364–365f. 177r–177v9g7 Edw. 3 
365–379f. 178r–184v9h8 Edw. 3 
380–387f. 185r–188v9i9 Edw. 3 
388–396f. 189r–193r9j10 Edw. 3 
397–405f. 193v–197v9k11 Edw. 3 
406–425f. 198r–207v9l12 Edw. 3 
426–438f. 208r–214r9m13 Edw. 3 
442f. 216r9n14 Edw. 3 
446–475f. 218r–232v10Lambard's Archeion 
476–481f. 233r–235v11Contents 


Detailed Contents

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Seq. Fol. Label Header Sig. MsFol.  
1no fol., no sig.Spine 
2no fol., no sig.Front cover 
3no fol., no sig.Inside front cover 
4no fol., no sig.Blank except for pen trials and library reference marks 
5no fol., no sig.Extracts from the Secreta secretorum 
  Marginalia: ?Jero’’.
  Note: The material on seq. 7–9 is certainly extracts from the Secreta secretorum; that on seq. 5–6 probably is. For the work, see G. Keil, in Lexikon des Mittelalters 7:1662–3. These extracts deserve more attention than we have been able to give them.
6no fol., no sig. 
  Marginalia: De Rege; De tallag’ cu’ faciend’ per Regem; De ?Distre’ regali; De mercatoribus.
  Note: Pencilled note: AVF 7025.
7no fol., no sig.Exhortaciones Aristotilis 
  Marginalia: De r’gis m’ia; De fide servanda et Iuramento; De corporis custodia.
  Note: Later note: 2vo.
8no fol., no sig.Ad Alex’m Regem 
  Marginalia: De Astronomia; ?lo; De ?famiate confer’da.
9no fol., no sig.Exhortaciones Ar’ 
  Marginalia: Quod sit faciendum pt’ So’pnu’; De hora comedendi.
10no fol., no sig.CapitulariaPrima pars; Regia’; Capitula 
  Note: This capitularium is filled out with folio numbers in a later hand and runs only to fol. 20.
11no fol., no sig.ContentsLe Contents del Residew de choses in ceo liver preterquam le Register pur ql vide pag’ p’sedente/ 
  Note: This list of contents in a much later hand (?16th c.) seems to continue that on the previous page. It lists 13 items beginning where the previous page left off and running through fol. 131. Our transcription of the header is rough, but it seems to refer to the fact the contents of the ‘Register’ are given on the previous page. A much more elaborate list of contents, dating, probably, from the 17th century, may be found at the end of the manuscript.
121rBlank except for pagination 
131v(1) Personal pleas in the style of ‘Brevia placitata’Repleg’ de averiis 
  Marginalia: Sicut alias; Regula; Cum pluries; Cum pluries; Attachiamentum; Aliter B; Aliter C.
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
142rRepleg’ de aver’ 
  Heading: Pone de averiis.
  Marginalia: Withernamium; De execucione inde facienda cum cons’ s’t Withername sine brevi natu’ facta exene ?n’ ??; Pro petente; Pro defendente cum causa; Causa; Pone pro petente cum causa; Causa pro defendente.
152vDe aver’ captis 
  Heading: Recordar’ de averiis.
  Marginalia: Attorno pro serviente qui petit auxilium de domino ?caucionem fecit districcionni; Quando vic’ non returnat le Pone pro petente eo quod vic’ cepit averia iuxta p’m breve q’ ta ?ipse cepisti et capta tenes etc’; De propritate inquirenda ?aduccionis aver’; pro quirente in comitatu; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente ubi multi captores ?pro cum domino; Regula.
163rRecordar’ de aver’ 
  Heading: De Recapcione averiorii post le Repleg’.
  Marginalia: Quod vic’ accedat ad Cur’ aliter; Aliter; Causa; Causa pro def’; Causa; Ad ?id’ facit quod sr’ prius de execucione Withernamium qui non sufficit ?testamento ballivi sine inquisicione nec de recapcione; Aliter post pone; Aliter post recordar’; Aliter.
173vRepleg’ de aver’ 
  Heading: Narr’o de Recapcione.
  Marginalia: Narration in comitatu; Aliter per ?? suo; Aliter in Banco; Nota; Regula; De compoto.
184rDe compoto 
  Marginalia: In comitatu; Pro viro et ux’; Pro executor’; Narratio u’ ballivi u’ ?huit’ ad?? maner’ et cat’ ut v’; Aliter; versus rec’ denar’; Pro execut’; versus ballivi; Aliter; Per legem mercator’; Pro exec’; Ad bancum.
194vDe compoto 
  Heading: De compoto in Socagio; Pone de compoto.
  Marginalia: Pro mercator’; Aliter de communi proficio; De blado empto in communi; Narratio inde; Regula; Causa.
205rDe compoto 
  Marginalia: Attornato; De ballivo arestato; Aliter; De ?hius imprisonato manucapiendo ?per gravam auditorum; Ind’ Thes’ et Baron; Quando ballivis evasit de carcer’.
215vDe compoto 
  Heading: De debito.
  Marginalia: De ?recordo et processu inde; In comitatu; De deb’ et dec’ a’ rei’; Aliter; Versus exec’ anno debito r’ mor’ in comitatu; Ad bancum; Anno debitor’ mortuo; Versus exec’; Pro execut’; Anno ??; Aliter; Versus ordinar’; Pro episcopo.
  Note: There are many informally drawn faces pointing to particular entries in this manuscript. We have not marked them.
226rDe debito 
  Marginalia: Attornato; Dedimus potestatem; De den’ mutuat’; De blado vndito; Versus manuc’; Per filiis versus exec’; Aliter; Pro ux’.
236vDe debito 
  Marginalia: Regula; Aliter post divorcium; Versus dominum per servientem; Quando ten’ oblig’; De deb’ versus Abbatem; Aliter pro executor’.
  Note: Decorative geometric design.
247rDe debito 
  Marginalia: De deb’ per formam Statuti W’ ?s’ capitulo xo; De debito facta ?convercione; Aliter; Aliter; Pone de debito; Regula.
257vDe debito 
  Marginalia: Record’ de deb’; Causa; Quod ux’ habeat partem ?et racionabilem; Quod prim’ habeant partes suas; Ne debitum exigatur per parcellas; Quod uxor non dis pro deb’ viri.
  Note: Carryover.
268rDe debito 
  Heading: De debito recognito.
  Marginalia: Prohibicio de debito ultra summa xl s’; Aliter; Attachiamentum versus partem; Versus ballivi; Supersedeas de debito; De auxi habend’ ad debitum recup’; Aliter; Aliter.
278vDe debito recognito 
  Heading: De Recognicione in cancellaria.
  Marginalia: Coram iustic’ de Banco; De statuto mercator’; Regula; Aliter; Versus ?partem; Regula; Aliter; Pro clericis.
289rDe debito recognito 
  Heading: De Respectu habendo de debito.
  Marginalia: Aliter; Si recognoscat; De execucion recognicionis; De recognicionis in Comitatu; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.
299vDe ?acquetacione pleg’ 
  Heading: Tort et Force et les damages etc’.
  Marginalia: Incomitatu; Ad bancum; Pro executor’ Versus execut’; Aliter; Aliter ad Bancum; Attornato; Narratio v’ plg’ distringitur; Aliter v’ recuper’ versus plg’; Aliter; Aliter per script’ oblig’.
3010rDe annuo redditu 
  Heading: De chival adir’ ou chose aloigne.
  Marginalia: In comitatu; Ad bacum; Narractio; Aliter; Aliter; Narratio inter personas ecclesiasticas; Parcipiend’ de terra; De ?cavera; Aliter; [in later hand] Post 117b.
3110vDe detencione cat’ 
  Marginalia: Aliter ex mutuo; Aliter; Aliter; Regula.
  Note: Footers at bottom of page.
3211rDe detencione cart’ 
  Marginalia: Ad bancum; In comitatu; Aliter; Narratio; Aliter; De cartis tradit’ antecessori; De scripto in ?equa manu tradito.
  Note: Footer at bottom of page.
3311vDe convencione 
  Marginalia: In comitatu; Inter heredes; Ad assignato; Aliter; Record’ inde; Ad bancum; Aliter; Aliter; Regula.
3412rDe convencione 
  Marginalia: Aliter; Attornato; Narratio racione feoffamenti; Aliter quando filius ?eicitur de ter’io vel pr’ eius ?? her’ dimittentis; Aliter de victu et vestitu; Alir pro assignato; Aliter pro executor’.
3512vDe convencione 
  Marginalia: Aliter; de vasto.
3613rDe transgressione 
  Marginalia: In com’; De falsa; De bonis asportatis; Narratio in com’ de insultu; De falsa prostrata; De ovibus abductis; Aliter; De carta fracta; De piscacione; De fossato; De equis; Aliter; De tonac’; De caur’; De executor’; De aver’ imparcatis sine alimento.
3713vDe transgressione 
  Marginalia: Coram Iustic’; Narratio; De forcer’; [Istud breve cad’rit in Itiner’ Lond’ fo. x]; De cista; De insultu; Pro r’ge’ in Banco; De imprisonato; Narratio; De clauso fracto; De herba depasta; De turbis.
3814rDe transgressione 
  Marginalia: De eg’ ra’; ?Extra prius; De feno; De warenna; De parco fracto; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Narratio; Aliter.
3914vDe transgressione 
  Marginalia: De rescussu; Aliter; Aliter; Pro cons’; Aliter; Ballivis r’gis; Aliter; Narratio; Regula.
4015rDe transgr’ 
  Marginalia: De aver’; Districcio in regia fracta; Per averia carucarum contra statutum de scaccario capitulo ?7; De averiss ductis ad loca ignota; De com’ in com’ contra statutum de marlbergh capitulo ?9; Extra feodum contra statutum de marlebergh capitulo xiiij; Aliter pro Rege; De ?firme fracto pro deliberacione c’; Quando averia fame mar’.
4115vDe transgressione 
  Marginalia: Districcio extra feodum; De aver’ extra com’ elongat’; Districcio per boves; De trans’ facta uxori; De blad’ et feno asport’; De cignis vel ?ancis; De aspervar’; De sigillo fracto etc’; De merem’; Pro execut’ de termino; De barris succisis et as’.
4216rDe transgressione 
  Marginalia: De navibus; De den’ t cat’; De morsu canum; De districcione; De cat’ asport’ pro religiosis; De dom’ t arboribus; De districcione; De prisona capto a custo’ etc’; De decimis pro Priore; Ne radiatur de convencionibus formcens statutum Westm’ primum capitulo ?2; Attachiamentum inde.
4316vDe transgressione 
  Marginalia: Ne distring’ per equitatam; De gurgite profracto; De feno arestato; De insultu in ballivum; In v’ port’; Coram Iustic’ assignatis; Contra proteccionis; Narratio.
4417rDe transgressione 
  Marginalia: De uxor Rapta; De furcis succisis; De falsa presentacione; De pane et cervisia; Pro Abbate; Narratio; Inquisicio de trans’ contra proteccionem; Aliter; Aliter.
4517vDe transgressione 
  Heading: Racione conspiracionis.
  Marginalia: Quando vic’ rcusat dar’ billam [contra statutum Westm’ 2 capitulo ?139 et ?6 r’ E 3 post conquestum anno ijo capitulo ?7]; Attornato coram Iustic’; Coram rege; Causa; Coram rege pro ?furto; Pro morte ?po’is; De alceto; Quia non arestavit etc’; De provocacione implit’ audi’ ?alium; De trans’ in parco.
4618rDe transgressione 
  Heading: Quare eiecit infra terminum.
  Marginalia: Nota; Breve; Aliter; Aliter; Racione dimissionis; Aliter terre eodem; Aliter.
4718vDe transgr’ 
  Marginalia: Aliter; Attornato; Narratio; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Pro executoribus.
4819rDe eieccione custodie 
  Marginalia: Breve de eieccione sine verberacione vel honor’ asportacione; De ?? in socag’; De eieccione cum verberacione vel hon’ asportacione; De ed’ et de dom’ combustus; De ed’ ?? maritagium pd’; Racione dimissionis cum insultu; Racione dimissionis per executores.
4919vDe eieccione custodie 
  Marginalia: De maritagio sine violencia; De her’ rapto et marito; De eodem racione dimissionis; Aliter quando heres se maritavit; Aliter ubi tend’ marit’; De maritagio recuperando; Aliter de eodem; Aliter sine dispag’one; De herede rapto contra statutum.
  Note: Carryover.
5020rDe maritagio rapto 
  Heading: Breve de eieccione custodie.
  Marginalia: Quando heres ducitur de uno com’ in alium; De herede abducto; Pro prior’ tempore vacacionis; Narratio; Defens’; De eieccione racione dimissis; Defens’; De ramis ?? de garde.
5120vDe eieccione custodie 
  Marginalia: Aliter racione vendicionis; Defens’; Forfeture de mariage; Quando heres se ?? in hered’; Defens’; Quando heres disparag’; Defens’.
5221rDe fine 
  Heading: Sequit’ de fine facto in cur’ r’.
  Marginalia: De viduis sine ?? maritatis; Aliter; De transcripto pedis finis habendo; Aliter; Dedimus potstatem recipiendi recognicioni.
  Marginalia: Aliter; Narratio; Aliter inter antecessores; Nota; Ad idem; [in later hand] 7 E3 48 ?b.
5422rBlank except for foliationDe essoniis 
5522v(2) Extracts from treatises on personal pleas 
  Marginalia: Non iacet essonium; De pluribus tenentibus; Nota; Nota; Rasura.
  Note: New text format.
  Heading: Venue.
  Marginalia: Essoniam de ultra mar’; Essoniam malo ?veidi’; [m’ ni’ sit de servicio r’ de ?parlibus fo’ ?8; ?pro am’ br’am; et unius term’ esson’]; De malo lecti; Essoniam et servicio r’.
  Heading: De visu; Hengham parvum; Item de visu; Accione dicit.
  Marginalia: Esson’ de sevicio regis; In magno hengham dr’; Alibi dr’ [De iudicio essonior’].
  Marginalia: Regula de visu.
  Note: Additions in another hand in this section of the text.
  Marginalia: De essonio in placito ter’; De summonicione etc’; De ?miore’.
6025rDe attornatis 
  Marginalia: De attornato; De com’; De Brevi de recto; Nota.
  Note: Lines dividing page horizontally.
  Marginalia: De attornato.
6226rDe debito 
  Marginalia: Mutuum; Pleggiacio; Ecce; Vadum.
6326vGlamyle; De debito 
  Marginalia: Mutuum per vadum; Mutuum per factum; Regula.
6427rGlamyle; De debito 
  Marginalia: Mutuum sub multis securitatibus; Commodatum; ?Quo; Quo; Quo; Vendicio; Quo; Quo; Quo.
6527vGlamyle; De debito 
  Marginalia: Vendicio; Ex ?licato vel conducto; Quo; Si Warantus cum Warantizavit fecerit defaltam exibit parvum cape rei petite et non ad valenc’ s’ si post apparenciam ?anquam Warant’ iacz’ parvum cape ad valenc’.
  Note: Different ink.
6628r(3) Placita personalia in the style of ‘Casus placitorum’De placitis personalibus; Folium primum 
  Marginalia: Nota de defalta rei in placito debi’ [vie ixo g’ v’]; Nota statutum; Nota d’m inter breve de trans et repleg’; De def’ petis ?? unum v’ seq’ versus as’; De aux’ neg’do; Detencio cat’ et de ?re’none; Nota et’d; De carta dedicta.
  Marginalia: De compoto; De Dette secundo per exec’ de ?executores; Trespas; [?Nota...].
  Marginalia: De essonio de servicio r’ super statutum; Trans’ vers’ baill’ qu’ non petit aux’m de D’na s’; De fossato prostrato; Tr’ de arboribus; Nota.
  Marginalia: Trespas’ de bladis asport’; Dette secundo per Abbe [??]; Dette versus ?hir’ [??].
  Heading: Forme de breve ?qua.
  Marginalia: Dette versus hir’; Nota; ?Lo; Recogn’; Auxilium.
  Marginalia: Dette; Dette; Trans’ versus plures et r’les fec’ al’ un’ etc’; Nota.
7231rPlacita personalia4 
  Marginalia: De uxor rapta; [Rape; Esson...]; Domino ?? allegata que non ?recognit; Dette [??]; Attornato vide attorn’ ?? per stat’ ??; Trans’ ?versus dimittens eicit ?firmarum.
  Marginalia: [Exec’ ?? unde folio 2 versus finem contra r’m]; Dette; Obligacion per statutum; Trans’ de rescussu; In aduccendo pro ?’sditu onerato ?? onder’...2’ fo’; ??.
  Note: Additions in another hand.
  Marginalia: Esson’ de servicio ??; Monstravit de ?episcopo; Dette ??.
  Note: Additions in another hand.
  Marginalia: Secta; Debitum sine ca’; Monstravit de compoto; Monstravit de compoto; Dette; Tall’ de debito; de ??; De ?? per ex?? v’ unus ??.
  Marginalia: Capia’; Dette d’d per executores ?? vesto’ etc’; Dette d’d per exec’ nota.
  Heading: Dette promis’ per R’ de mariage.
  Marginalia: ?Distrino; Dette ?returneri; Dette d’de per virum et ux’; Dette; Precip’ in placito debiti.
  Marginalia: ?Acomte; Dette d’de per exec’; Recordum in cur’ baronis; F’a mich’is chalenge et non all’; Acomte; De statuto mercator’.
  Marginalia: Dette et villenage alegge; Monstravit de compoto; Dett d’de racione dimissionis; Covenant; Dette versus religios’; Accomte de socage; Acomte.
  Marginalia: Scire facias de dette ?retour’ in ?exire; De lege vad’ in placito debi’ et resum’ per mortem regis; Sur’ fac’ de deb’ recognito et nota.
  Marginalia: Dette d’d versus ?n’; Dette d’de versus executores.
  Marginalia: Dette d’de vers’ executores per fet’ qui n’ obligantur.
  Marginalia: De scripto reddendo q’ idemp’; Dette; Capto aver’; De tr’; Recognicio v’ clericum; [in later hand includes] fol 45 b.
  Heading: De attachiamento ?mercium; De furtacione esson’ et ?licacione etc’.
  Marginalia: ?Acomite et nota ??; Coven’ at exon’ de feffem’t ne alowe.
  Marginalia: Monstravit ?et acomite et lex’; Monstravit de acomite; De attornato; De quencione et de dimissis ad terminum vite et ultra ad terminum cer’ ?or’ annor’; Trans’ pr ij.
  Heading: Pone de debito.
  Marginalia: Dette d’de ??; Compotus de socag’; Monstravit d’acomite; [in later hand includes] Littl pl 123.
  Marginalia: Dette; De scripto reddendo; Debitu bis recuperatum; P’ cett’ esson’; Monstravit; Acomite.
  Marginalia: Acomite; ?Covenant; De summonicio dedicta in placito terre; De execu’; Dette d’de per taille ?enfe; Debitum ??.
  Marginalia: De carta d’denda; Dette ?eirr’ ?ulle; Lex’ vad’; De attornato; Detenc’ carc’ non exec’; Monstravit de compoto; Monstravit; Acomite; Monstravit de compoto; De compoto; Dette.
  Marginalia: Oblig’em; Narratio in placito terre super ordinem ?supersedendo singula’ singulus; Dette ?ou le dettour aliena in ?frandem; Dette; Dette; Dette pur ter’ lesse a ?prime et nota.
  Marginalia: Ad ?omni fo’ de ?para lib’z lxxviij Wllm’ G et John etc’; Trans’; Acquietancia; Mercator; Nota de littera per nomine; Rescous.
  Marginalia: De pleg’ ?acquigeage.
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
  Marginalia: De pleg’ acquiet’; inde petit clerici ?quia non oz’ querentem in narracione sua tale comp’ her’ cus om per viam ?repplicionis ipsum excluderz ab accione; A cel etc’ nota illam ?Rom’ pro silib’z etc’.
  Note: New text style.
  Note: Text in columns.
9643rPersonaliaYes16 (struck through) 
  Heading: Lex admissa contra talliam sigilatam.
  Marginalia: Dette; [in later hand includes] Fitz nb 122.
  Note: The signature marking is faint and large in the center of the bottom margin.
  Heading: Trans et de testi’o uxoris.
  Marginalia: Trans’; Dette d’de per virum et uxorem.
  Marginalia: Nota de districcione ten’ obligatur; Trans’; Trans’; ?Avewar’; [in later hand includes] post 130a.
  Marginalia: Trans’; Proteccion’; Breve coronator’ et non vic’; Dette; Dette; Trans’ per ?vir’; Proteccion; Dette; Appel; Attourne.
  Marginalia: De ?det’ uxoris; De furca’ne esson’; Dette et non allcc’ur; De compoto in socagio; De attornato in placito ?compoto; Excepcio; Dette per executores; De pone et Recordar’; De attornato; Exiga’ nefent ?? en plee Acomite; [in later hand] Supra 39 b.
  Marginalia: Dette versus ?vir’; Dette versus ?vir’; De propriete; Convenitur; Dette d’de exec’; Dette; Dette; [in later hand] Supra 28 a; Supra 36 b.
  Heading: Licet id placitum po[?nitur] hic h’t tamen locum termino michaelis anno post conquestum xmo.
  Marginalia: Trans’ ?siwar’ per ?vir’ et nota; Acomite tempore quo ?? ?ballivis.
10346vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Iudicium.
10447rMich’is Anno xxxiij20 
  Marginalia: Return; Atornite; Eide; Statut marchaunt; Dette d’de per exec’; Nota; Nota bene.
  Marginalia: Dette; Debitum; Hill’ ?39; De compoto.
10648rDe termino mich’is; Anno xxxiij21 
  Marginalia: De detencio carte libertate pri’ ?rei’; De debito ?fracta convencione; Eidem prie et ment graunte et nota cam’; Dette d’do per executores ds arr’ ?d’nne ?annuite.
10748vAnno R’ E’ fil’ R’ H 
  Marginalia: Avower pur pertener; Dette et def’ post legem vad’; Repleg’ et nota de eidem prier.
  Marginalia: Dette; Repleg’ et mota essonie ?ment’ alowe al ?baronu apres eide prie de sa femme; De executor’; De visu nota; Monstravit d compoto; Esson’ de servicio Regis etc’.
10949vAnno R’ E’ fil’ R’ H 
  Marginalia: Repleg’; Eide graunte on cely q’ ?vi deust avoir vel volent d’der’.
  Marginalia: ?Emperor on villenage r’t alegge; Detencio bladi et ?cendit brve; Repleg’ et nota; Annuite; [in later hand includes] pasc 3 f pl 11:2.
  Marginalia: Fraunchise chalenge en prise vaners; Dette s’de per exec’; Nota; Detencio Cartarum.
  Marginalia: De exec’; Dette d’de’ pur ferm et le Def’ ne p’t p ru al ?aurvnt que Rieu arer’ cone fec’ endente del lees; Repleg’ et avower pur fec’ c’ on al ne f’t unqs’ s’s.
  Marginalia: De convencione.
  Marginalia: De convencione de fructibus ecc’ie venditionis v’ unus contrencuu’ fuit cum prosecutus et separatus; Ecce quia unus redudit ad factum non suu’ nec’ ac’ ant’ sui ca’ pz’.
  Marginalia: Dette; Tend’ secta; ?Oprimo de secta nominata; [in later hand] post 139 a.
  Heading: De termino pasch’ anno R’ E fil’ R’ E secundo; Anno iiij.
  Marginalia: Detencio capte in com’ et post ?reversio ad sectam defendentis; De visu nota; De debito recognito et de secto Wes’ secundi; Dette versus executores; [in later hand includes] 41 E 3 3 a.
11753vAnno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E iiij 
  Heading: Anno vto; Anno xjo.
  Marginalia: Dette ubi vir fecit legem; Lex de debito in her’em vad’ per uxorem et post allegavit se h’re virum; Acounte; Annorz’; De compoto versus ?nur’; De anno v’to; De aver’ carucarum ?an’ ?amici dominico Regis; Nota de Sokeman’.
11854rAnno eiusdem Regis xiiij27 
  Heading: Anno eiusdem Regis secundo.
  Marginalia: Scire facias ?dum assnuite versus leir’; Nota dram’ de barrer un hir’ et de ?charg’; Nota de Reconisaunce.
11954vAnno vto 
  Marginalia: Conspiracie et nota; Repleg’.
12055rAnno vto28 
  Heading: Extracta notabilia.
  Marginalia: Conspiracione; De warantia; De ?exonibus; Se tenens dit se n’ ten’ nisi ?adito talis val’ s’a a’e villanum tal’ ?? tenere de villenagio tal’ et sit cassat f’ breve et tunc oz ?petente ?intra ten’ si p’t vel per breve sr’ dom’ tenentis et tenente.
  Heading: Quere plus infra de pluribus fo. lxj.
  Marginalia: De exone n’ tenure; Nota; De ralibus facto post q’ ?? r’ quia oz’ allegacione nich’ tenere de racione quia nec anno nec tempor’ ?brevis impetrati nec umquam post etc’ l’z per inquisicionem repariatur quia post inquisicionem perquisient’ con’ cadit breve.
12256rPlacita personalia de tempor’ R’ E fil’ R’ E29 
  Marginalia: Scire facias et recognitis de dette; ?ceppas fec’ en bois; Communer’ post franger’ ?locu’ commune claus’ per ma’ nisi s’t pr claus’ et ho’ per continuacionem temporis; Monstravit de compoto; De recognicione.
12356vDe tempore R’ E’ 
12457rBlank except for foliation30 
12557vDe tempore R’ E’ fil’ Regis E’ 
  Marginalia: Detencio cat’ petitor’ per filium super statutum; [in later hand] f n b 122 b.
12658rDe tempore R’ E?231 
  Marginalia: Dtte de arr’ de annuite; Obligacion de ter’ pur dette ou le ?coms’ ?auyint per diss’ et tal’ illas terras obligar’ n’ p’t; Acounte de garde; per q’ le br’ ne gist pas; Enget’nt de garde et breve cassat’.
12758vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Trans’ de a foribus cisis; De debito super statutum.
12859rDe tempore R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’32 
  Marginalia: Detencione carta; Dette versus pars p’t ad legem.
  Note: Lower part of page missing; text unaffected.
12959vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Dette ou une ferme fust d’de com dette ap’s le terme passe; Prius t’n s’z vide; De compoto.
13060rDe tempore R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’33 
  Marginalia: Scire facias de terra rehabenda cum tnd’ denar’ post liberacionem per statutum; De debito.
13160vPlacita personalia 
  Heading: ?Annuite v’ defendens dixit prem’ suum ?ec’ in preso’ quando fecit suum.
  Marginalia: De deb’; De deb’ petito per exec’.
13261rDe tempore R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’34 
  Marginalia: Deb’ versus all’em de den’ prestit’ monacho; Dette d’de et pars m’ch cepit; Detencio scripti.
13361vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Ceppas de portes de brusz; Dette pro ?priura; Acounte de baill’ d’de per un en le man’ fenst a n’ en co’e et nota.
  Marginalia: Statut marchaunt.
  Marginalia: Dette et nota; Dette; De pl’g; Atache ?avent.
13663rBlank except for foliation36 
13763vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Dette; Lo; Dette; Dette ?parvum covenaunt; Vide ?draum per br’ etc’.
13864rDe tempor’ R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’37 
  Marginalia: De trans’ facta servienti; Trans’ v’ ux’ nominatur; De cat’ post divorcium.
13964vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Dette; [in later hand includes] 28 H8 dy f 13 a.
14065rDe tempor’ R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’38 
  Marginalia: Detencio carte; Monstravit de compoto; Dette ou le detturo alegg’ ?empriso’.
14165vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Dette scundem per r’ de tnz’ lessez a ?fine; Detencio scripti de tradicione a’.
14266rDe tempor’ R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’39 
  Marginalia: De ch’re debrusec’; Detenue de chateus’ pr xec’; Contrarem dr’ r’o c’o pricte de scripto tradito v’ tn’ oner’z per i’d scriptum i’ cui tradebatur etc’; Dette; Dette d’de per exec’.
14467rBlank except for foliation40 
  Marginalia: Monstravit de compoto; Covenaunt ou il feust oste de son terme per un estraunge c’.
  Note: Carryover.
14668rPlacita personalia de termpore R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’41 
  Marginalia: ?? de garde super statutum marlebergh ?16.
14768vPlacita personalia 
14869rDe tempore R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’42 
  Marginalia: Trans’ de blado asportato; De compoto; Dette d’de per executours.
14969vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Tresp’; De compoto; [in later hand] Jurisdictio [with citation that we cannot decipher].
15070rDe tempore R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’43 
  Marginalia: ?Dette ad ?manu quando pl’g n’ sufficet in eod’ com’ s’z in alio; De compoto ad ?oppom’; De compoto; De compoto; Dette; Trespas de screpemet’; [in later hand] Supra f. 39.
15170vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Treaspas de tailles pris etc’; Dette d’de vers’ ?c’ pr une fee’ ou feut aleg’ converte; Monstravit d compoto; Dette d’de versus exec’; Trans’ de muro prostrato; [in later hand includes] Supra 43 a.
15271rDe tempore R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’44 
  Marginalia: A aducco’ per cons’ visus franc’ pleg’; Trans’ super statutum marleb’.
  Heading: De compoto.
15472rTotus ?re’ ?quat; de advocacione districciones tempore R’ E’ fil’ R E’45 
  Marginalia: ?ssna servic’ n’ allocatur contra factum ant’; Le plenit’ pria eide et huit’; Avower pur dam’ etc’; Avower per estraunge plenit’ versus per baillif; ?Oppio’.
  Note: Additions to text in margin.
  Marginalia: Avower; Versus fecit horag’ pro hreditate mulieris; Repleg’ et nota quia districcio fit pl’rm in co’i; V’ ux’ petit proprietatem cat’.
  Marginalia: Le baill’ avowa en le ?nomi son seig’; Avower ou ?escanig’t feut alegg’; Advocacio; Avower’ et tractatur de relevio; [in later hand] Post 77 b.
  Marginalia: Repleg’ t nich’ cepit euq nat’s; Avower’ pur site de malyn hors de son fee per usage.
  Marginalia: Non p’t esse diversis modus distring’ pro servic’; Repleg’ ou il ?fenst r’n deu’t avers pur ceo q’ alles avoit agiste t’; Repleg’ pur traves a riere.
  Marginalia: Repleg’ v’ d’ns non petit advocar’ etc’ ecce quia in ?pertinenc’ non fit advoco pro arr’ soli; Avower ou tenz’ feurent obligez a la destr’; ?Nota post oblig’ ten’ ad districcione n’ fuerit in e’ s’sa tempor’ concessionis k’ s’t in caus’ s’sna tempor’ districcionis etc’; [in later hand] Post 127 b.
  Marginalia: ?Percen’ avowa sur cely que avoit estat de ?partera; Ecce contra le d’z tendi pro emendis.
  Marginalia: Rescons ou la ?desturbannoe feust avowe c’; Ou le tenaunt dit’ quil tynt ?dim ante quia de cely quia destrem’t.
  Marginalia: De ten’ oblig’ pro redditu et; De pleg’; Avower’ pur fout v’ ?factum voit quia non d’z dis nisi pro arr’ redd’ [?tantum hoc stat’ c’ quia p’t dis pro fidelite].
  Marginalia: Avower’; Auxilium ??; Avower’.
  Marginalia: Avower’ pur feute; Ecce v’ ces’ tenentes attornarunt pur vim’.
  Marginalia: Avower per baill’; Avower’ sur estraunge; Avower’; Nota; Avower’.
  Marginalia: Avower’ ou partie des servic’ feut conu etc’; Avower’; v’ cest r’ns; Rien a rier’ non iac’z in ore extranei; Avower’ pur feute per ?perteners; [in later hand] Supra 73a.
  Marginalia: Ecce fces’ que homme ne doit une travers’ parocle de r’nte de deners; Avower’ pur service ou h’m n son ?seffurs ne securent ?unq’s s’s; Nota Rom’ sen’ de eide prier’.
  Marginalia: Avower’ sur autr’ que sur le penit’; Avower’ ou fet lanac’ ?fut’ ?mis’ en barr’.
  Marginalia: Avower’ et eide graunte; Avower’ ou fec feut mis en barr’; Varaunte’ chalenge.
17080rPlacita personaliaX53 
  Marginalia: Detencio carte; Ad iuris diccioni; Ad ?param querentis; Ad attorn’; Detencio carte; Attornato; Detencio carte per ?duos; Dette de ??; [in another ink] vide 3iii Eiii 2i fol sequentis.
  Note: New text style.
  Marginalia: Que v’ rec’ les c s’ pur blee que v’ l’n vend etc’; Ex io pur quia v’ petitur res detnta ?vluto placito non p’t re’s su’m defen’r detencionem s’z cum h’ deceptionem den’ quia ?? non dedicer’ recep’is ?ea conce’t revs vendicionem etc’; Dette de Blee; Trans’; Trans’.
  Note: Addition in Latin in another hand in bottom margin.
  Marginalia: Trans’; Trans’; Trans’ de cat’ asport’; Pc’ d trans’; Dette s’d versus guardem prisone per ??; Dette ?? nota de ex’.
  Note: Minor corrections in another ink.
  Marginalia: De compoto; De debito et nota; [in later hand includes fol refs].
  Marginalia: Trans’ ?? vide que non possunt ?? districcion v’z nec bladum nandum s’r t’r n’ csts in t’; Scire fac’ de dette; Trespas’ suppose f’ ?? non pros’; Se velis br’ cassar’ per ex’ ad forma’z br’ dabis parti bou’ breve si ad m’ non dabis c’.
  Note: Corrections in another ink.
  Marginalia: Et lequens cuperavit mete’ ?? et dap’ ?? prox’ quat’ ?? finem; Debitum v’ obligatus f’t imprisonatus; Dette d’de per executores ?? fec’; [in later hand includes folio references].
  Marginalia: Dette d’de per execucione ou ladmac’ avoit baill’ ?admistur cior’ a un aver’; Dette d’de vers’ lebar’ sa fo’e de dett la f’oe du’ sola f’; [in later hand includes folio references].
  Heading: Detenc’ cat’; De compoto.
  Marginalia: Statut’ marchaunt; De contractu extra regnum; Q’r vi et ?armis.
  Heading: De convencione.
  Marginalia: Br’; de ter’ suppose terme; Acounte d’de del baillif; Acounte d’ opere quo f’ recepteo de’.
  Marginalia: Dette d’de per exec’; Sitte tendu en plee de dette; Stat’ marchaunt; Trans’ versus ??.
  Marginalia: Dette L’; Ter’ ?? pur dette per stat’; Uxor’ non fac’ legem; Obligo’ condicionalis; Defens’; Trans’; Nota ?dram’ inter ?ista c’; Dem’ va’ legem.
  Marginalia: Lex contra tall’; De lege vad’; De trans’ facta uxori; De debito; Defens’.
  Marginalia: Dette; De compoto; De trans’ facta uxori [in com]; ?fuit et post ‘nups et ?? breve; Ad quidem de partibus fo’ s’ si feme.
  Marginalia: Hic’ pur quia in br’ de trans’ non d’z nar’ contra pacem vic’; De ?trib’z implicatis; Dette vers’ plurours v’ quibus oblig’ur in solidum; Acq’ unius exec’ suff’; Dette ux’ dum so’ nota; Prie en eide.
  Marginalia: Monstravit de compoto; Negligencia attorn’ reprehend’; Annuyte; Acounte; Dette; Annuyte; Monstravit; De compoto et nota; De ?n agenc’ et ?am’ non prours.
  Marginalia: Eide et non conceditur; Admissio ad ius dep’d; Dette.
  Note: New text style.
18788vProcessus per defaltam 
  Heading: De diss’ Hengham etc’.
  Marginalia: Dette; Dette; Dette; Dette; Defalta in placito ter’;.
18889rPlacita personalia anno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’ xiij62 
  Marginalia: De attornato; De brevi errore; De fa’ iudicium; Ion’ aver’; ??; Ecce de ballivo auxilium parte de domino; Dette et recuper’o per def’ rei; Dette et de statuto etc’; Dette d’de per executour dexecutour.
18989vPersonalia R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’; Anno xiij; mich’is 
  Marginalia: Exec’ ment’ p’v ran’z fet; ?De executour ?? testa’re; ?? de ??; Dette; Trespas.
19090rMich’is Anno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’ xiij63 
  Marginalia: Tr’ ou un’ lenage f’t aleg’; Repleg’ de ?vesturs fug’ contra statutum; Repleg’ et destr’ avowe pur Robe et aver’ de non’ ss’e alegg’ per term’; amitages.
19190vAnno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’ xiij 
  Heading: Anno xiiij.
  Marginalia: Ne quis distr’ contra ?? feoffati; De vasto; De proteccione reg’.
19291rPlacita personalia anno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’ xiiij64 
  Marginalia: Acount d’de per ?enfaurt dez’ age a q’ les devers furent demisez; De compoto; Dette; Dette d’de per executours; Trans’.
19391vAnno R’ E’ xv 
  Heading: Anno xv.
  Marginalia: Trans’; Detenue de ch’re.
19492rAnno xv65 
19592vAnno xv 
19693rAnno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’ xv66 
19793vAnno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’ xv 
  Marginalia: Emprisont.
19894rAnno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’ xv67 
  Heading: Ad huc de anno xiiij.
19994vAnno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’ xv 
20095rAnno xxj68 
  Marginalia: Br’ vacon’ te de r’ cep’ne den’ abatu que n’ pour in i’o com’ v’ p’t receptor; Avower’ pur h’iet de alterius vestia c’; De pur cacione per esson’; Scire fac’ sur recm’te de dette; De defalta attornati.
20195vAnno xxj 
  Marginalia: De protectione; De compoto; De compoto; De attornato; Recomte de dette et gree fet hors de court pr acquit’ce.
20296rDe anno regis predicti xiiij69 
  Heading: Quer’ placita de anno xixo ij folio sequente.
  Marginalia: Nota de parte attorn’ in retrahendo se in a’to pl’ito.
20497rAnno R’ E’ xix71 
  Marginalia: Trespas nota; Covenaunt.
  Note: One fol. missing before this one.
20597vAnno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’ 
  Marginalia: Prise des avers et nota de priour ?Datif.
20798vAnno R’ E’ etc’ xix 
  Marginalia: Repleg’ et nota.
  Marginalia: 1; 2; 3; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5 De soka a’; 6.
  Marginalia: 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13.
  Note: New text style.
  Marginalia: 14; 15; 16; 17.
212101r(4) Eyre reports on personal pleasDe Itinere Lond’ cor’ H de Stantone et scc’ suis apud ?terrim Lond’ anno R’ E’ fil’ R’ E’ xiiij1 
  Marginalia: Trans’ vers’ ?ga oler que mist un prison en la par ?form de prison et prist de lux’ argent et nota de fc’m ville c’; Trespas ou alegge f’t q’il avoit avaunt plede pur m’ le trespas; Trans’ de cat’ asportatis; Trans’ de emprisonement; [in later hand] 14 E 2.
  Marginalia: Trans’ fet entemps de aut’ Roi; Qo’; Solo; Qo; Solo; Qo; Solo; Qo; Solo.
  Marginalia: Opposiciones et soluciones.
  Marginalia: Acounte v’s h’oe malade etc’; Trespas de vi’ lenye dit en presente des iustic’ et f’t ag’ pur teo a la prisone; Trans’ de bonis asportatis v’ querens de illis s’st’ f’t et nota; Bill’ de tr’ abatu de trans fc’a viro et uxori et nota; Trans’; Trans’.
  Marginalia: Detencio cat’ on le defendaunt traners’ la reteite et ne ?mie la detenue; Trans’ versus vic’ et nota; Trans’ versus vic’ Lond’; [in later hand] Post 108 a.
  Marginalia: Trans’ fet a femme et nota; De districcione; Acounte; Trans’; Ad ?? nota quando as’ p’t iusticiar’ ?fan’ et abso’te d’t de n’o culpabil’ etc’ et quia n’ recip’ ?vedon’ ultra r’d quia inquis’ oneratur; Dette; Acount et nota ?reversum vic’ ut concedatur le capias; Dette v’s exec’; [in later hand] Fol 102 b.
  Marginalia: Dette d’de v’s ternier ?? f’t m’ s’s derg’ le terme et quant a iij annz rien a rier samz mostr’ acq’t ?? v’ in term’; Nota dram’ inter ?depotoum et custodiam; Emprisont v’s vic’ ou la partie fit r’les a vic’ de tates accions en ?? ante deliberacionem.
  Marginalia: Trans’ ou il avowa la prise per r’ de destr’ et dit q’il feut m’ s’s des biens etc’ nota bene; hic nota quia bona est r’no in brevi de detencione cat’ quia ipse met ?z s’stus de eisd’ s’z non in brevi de trans’ contra pacem etc’; [in later hand] Supra fol 102 b.
  Marginalia: Nota rom’ sch’e et h’le pro silib’z pro recedentibus a n’a sue querele; De attornato; Qui d’z forstaller; Notabilia del elegit; De obligacione facta in partibus transmar’; Curia baron’; De dette d’de en tot’ de baronu et nota bene; De executor’.
  Marginalia: De trans’ de ceo qu le vic’ refusa pl’g al temps datachement c’; Nota ben de prier en eide; Tr’ nota rcord’ alegg’.
  Marginalia: A nota de ball’o distringente.
  Marginalia: Repleg’ nota de eide; Trans’; De veredicto ultra onus lo’; De districcione.
  Marginalia: Tr’ et bille abatu; Tr’ et bille ab’; Fraunchise ?perdone; Dette d’de per exec’ san’z fet nota; Trans’ de bateriet nota to’m bene.
  Marginalia: Cap’ et nota de scu’ario; Tr’ fet a femme etc’; Bille de trespas et nota de destr’ pris en ?semtuar’; [in later hand] Post 110 a; Sup. 103 b; Post 150a; [. .&npsp;.].
  Marginalia: Tr’ v’s muoutz ou un ?apparust et pleda a les dam’ furent taxez entrement v’s ly; Nota de dette ou damages recoveriz; Detent’ unius equi nota; Nota de debito; Dette dewe a ij; [in later hand includes] Supra 103a.
  Marginalia: Conspiracie; Trans’ de un chuial pris et aneme.
  Note: Carryover.
  Marginalia: Conspiracie; Acounte.
  Marginalia: Covenaunt et ne monstra nul espete del covenaunt et ?lo’ etc’; Dette d’de v’s temer quant la rente feut a riere; Lo Lo avernt r’n contre fet samz mostr acquite.
  Marginalia: Rescous de tente chargee ou al feust a travers que unqes s’si etc’; Bill’ de rescous ou al dit que les tenz’ feurent hors de son fee tn’ p’t admitti samz travers le rescous; Nota ?r’nom vic’ quia non est inventus quia p’t in scuario et amerciatur; [in later hand] Supra 107b.
  Marginalia: Acounte ou f’t alegge br’ dacounte pendaunt en la Chall’ c’ et f’t chace a r’ quia pl’m non f’t terminatum; Trans’; Return’ de viscounte; [in later hand] Post iii b.
  Marginalia: Covenaunt et nota totum; De contractu e’e Iurisdiccioni; De lege mercatoria; Lex vad’ contra factum quia fiebat extra Iurisdiccioni quia de tal’ non p’t capi inquis’ pp’ insufficienciam iurisdiccionis.
233111vIter’ London’ 
  Marginalia: Trespas’ et la bill’ ab’; Ad ?id’ ?30 precedente; [in later hand] Sup 110 b.
  Note: Pencilled note: “Finished 5-1-39 [?JB]”.
234112r?Eik 1 114 
  Marginalia: Annuite ent’ religious put dismes ou le predec’ soul chargea etc’; Annuite pur dismes et hic dr’ que mes que ho’e coit avowe enplee a la iurisdiccion’ al ne p’t iames estr’ ?nom defendu mes il proura apres av’ autr’ plee quia il ne pleda p’ a la partie s’z som’ curie; [in later hand] ?E 2 f 114 6.
  Note: Pencilled numbers over each writ heading through seq 242..
  Marginalia: Nota racioni; [in later hand] 4 E 3 f 54 6 14.
236113rDe def’2 
  Marginalia: Bill’ de covenaunt des bestes lassees a ferme ?apres inf’ term’ c’; Detenne de n’ ?Bacyns.
  Marginalia: Detencia a allor’; Detencio cat’ per pueros super statutum; Breve inde.
238114rDer’ de def’3 
  Marginalia: Tr’ lesse a form sur tiel covenaunt que si le ferm’ soit per acun emplede c’ le lessour ly soit tenu en certeins den’s t’n nalz’ h’ convencio et ca’ patet.
  Marginalia: Bill’ de dette; Bille de dette port’ per executours de oblig’ fet a eux ??.
240115rDe def’4 
  Marginalia: Avower’ nota.
242116rDe def’13 
  Marginalia: Avower’ nota.
243116vIter’ De defend’ 
245117vPlacita personalia Itineris Norhampton’ 
  Marginalia: Bille de dette v’s leir’; Bill’ de dette port’ pr exec’; [in later hand includes] Supra fol 10a.
  Marginalia: Dette sur statut.
  Marginalia: De tr’ super statutum; Detenue de Chr’e; Detenue et’ de Chr’e; Detenue de Ch’res.
  Marginalia: Detenue de Chr’e ou al traners’ le Bail et la detenue sil’ v’ ?sper’ dixit qil suffirerit daner’ traverse la ?retenere soulement etc’; ?? non r’ de debito aunc’; Dette versus beneficiatum etc’; De statuto mercator’ et de Elegit; Pe’te ?? q’rdi ad breve oz de factum assignar’ in primo brevi; [in later hand] 122a.
  Marginalia: Dette ou le fet suppos’ la fee plenit Defendaunt’ e’e femme tenips de bi confeccion’ que tunc fuit sola.
  Marginalia: Dette d’de des dev’s levez a la fille marier; Scir’ fac’ de dette; Trans’ et en queste chalenge.
  Marginalia: Dette d’de v’s Abbe ou alegg’ f’t acquite q’le le lenit’ avoit tollet al defendaunt.
  Marginalia: Trans’ de sute fet per plee tauntz le pleintif eust fet fyn etc’; Dette de mar’ capituli precedentis; [in later hand] Post 22 a.
253121vIter’ Norht’ 
  Marginalia: Annuite; [in later hand includes] Supra 121 a.
254122rPlacita personalia; Itineris Kancie’7 
  Marginalia: De bonis asport’ v’ diceb’ur quia placitum f’t ind’ in a’ cur’ et inter easd’ ?pars et non alloc’ur; Ad ablig’ne debitu m’ior non r’; Acounte de socage; Dette d’de per fet ou la partie ne feust m’ie r’ daur’ une condicion countr’ lestret simple; Districcio ?? quia distringens art in travit.
255122vPlacita personalia; Itineris Kancie’ 
  Marginalia: De deb’ et nota de arbitracione; De proprietate clamanda.
256123rPlacita personalia itineris Notingham1 
  Marginalia: Trespas; Dette; Trespas ?tempore a’ regis; De tr’; Trespas v’ aliquos notos et as’ ignotos; Tr’ et nota d’cm Iustic’; Trespas’.
257123vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Trespas; Trespas port’ per 3 de lo biens emportez ou acquit’ ?dim’ forclost les autres; Dette d’de per ?execut’re et nota de testo’.
258124rItineris Notinghm’2 
  Marginalia: De attornato in itiner’; Dette d’de v’s pris’; Tr’ de biens emport’ en co’e primes et pe’ de ses severals; V’dit de xj receu ou le xije ?nacorda pur; Avower’.
259124vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: De dimiss’ sub condicione; De execut’ et testamento; Tr’ v’ f’t negligare rei in r’ndendo; De blado et herba depasta.
260125rItineris Notinghm’3 
  Marginalia: Dette d’de v’s tenaunt en la taill’ qui non satisfecit de debito; Annuite ou lesp’te feust fet hois del power les Iustices c’; [in later hand] Post 132 b.
261125vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Quod iuris clamat; Q’r eiecit et der’les; Proces et nota de reles; Trespas.
262126rItineris Notinghm’4 
  Marginalia: Detenue dun escrit’ v’ serviens in ?condencam u’t dixisse ad’ die quo non fiebat mencio in placitando; Trespas ou les uns feurent mortz an’ impetracionem bille; Tr’ de biens emportor on le plenit’ primes usa saccion de m’ les biens en co’e ad autes; [in later hand] Supra 124 a.
263126vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Dette d’de per executours v’s un coexecutour; Capcio i’ equi t nota q’ la partie volnt au’ traverse le heu; Dette et nota de statuto; Capcio ?onium; [in later hand] Supra 81 b.
264127rItineris Notinghm’5 
  Marginalia: Nota tom’; Dette r’t’ et nota p’tem attornatum; [in later hand] Post 129 a.
265127vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Capcio aver’; Capcio unius equi; Capcio aver’; [in later hand] Supra 74 b.
266128rItineris Notinghm’6 
  Marginalia: De collob’ capto; De purchas de Rente; De tr’ et le pavel feut chalenge; Dette d’de per executours per bille.
268129rPlacita personalia itineris Derbi7 
  Marginalia: De dette v’ pars recog’ et de resid’ lex vad’; Dette d’de v’s cely que consprit pur un autr’; Avower’; Tr’ ou destr’ feust fet en les ter’ que le def’ avoit io de som’ del eyr’; Dette et de p’t’te attornati; Avower de destr’ fet en temps dautr’ roi; Avower solom s’t de Wyncestr’; [in later hand includes] Supra 127 a.
269129vIter Derby in partibus placitis 
  Marginalia: Annuite; Acounte en socage; Trespas ou villenage feust alegg’.
  Note: Carryover.
270130rAd huc de Itinere Derby2 
  Marginalia: Dette d’de par executour per r’son e t’r lesse a ferme; Dette s’de vers exec’ on ils dis’ que cely qi exec’ ils furent supposeez morust intestat; Q’ administracioni receperunt de Ordinar’ m’ tour render’ de bonis in testati.
271130vIter Derby 
  Marginalia: Dette v’s exec’ eiusdem ?aterie sicut placitum immediate precedens; Dette d’de per exec’ dexecuturo et ne f’t p rendu.
272131r(5) Placita personalia in the Year BooksPlacita personalia Itineris Derby4 
  Marginalia: Repleg’; Ecce quomodo aliena non possunt distringi pro serviciis.
273131vPlacita personalia in banco 
  Marginalia: Dette; Lex vad’ de non capcione aver’; Avower’ per bailif; De r’vione vic’; Acounte d lour co’es devers; Fugo’ aver’ de uno com’ in am’; De tr’ tempore alius regis facta; Proces de tr’ sur retourn de vic’.
274132rPlacita personalia80 
  Marginalia: Ecce non uz’ calumpniar’ variacioni inter breve’ orig’ et iudiciale; De quieta clam’ opporta pvo’ ia’ et’ in brevi de cons’ c’; Na’is p’it distringi pro d’no; De record’ in cur’ baronis; Monstravit de compoto; De debito nota; Avower’ per baillif ou le ?? z’ prie en eide et nota; De accione convencionis nota per ij.
275132vPlacita personalia Denham 
  Marginalia: De vasto et nota de convencione; De excepcionibus nota; Avower’; Ecce de discont’ne servicor’.
276133rPlacita personalia76 
  Marginalia: De dimissis ?? pro certis servic’ reddend’; De districcione; Partes en br’ de cons’ et servic’; Reconis’te fet a ij; Nota d val’ de retourn; Ecce quando denar’ ?petur’ u’t catalla; Avower’; De executours; De ?fisse; Der tr’ et de exec’; De reversione vicecom’.
  Marginalia: Trespas; Detencio carte.
  Marginalia: Parte parc’ in placito deb’ post legem ?redd’; De contractu ??; De bonis defuncti; Avower’ sanz’ serse; De deb’; Ordr’ de excepcionis; Obligacionum de dette sub pena; De contraccione attornati; [in later hand] Supra 132 a.
  Marginalia: De debito; Extra non tenur’; De exis’; Trespas’ fec a fee’; [in later hand] Supra 85 b 102 b.
  Marginalia: Dette d’de vers’ le dettour et vers’ les plg’; Avower’ bone et ne mie’ sur certem tenaunt que ces feust rente sok’; Dette d’de per executours et taille mis avaunt en nomi ??.
  Marginalia: Dette; Dette; Trespas’.
  Marginalia: Dette d’de per exec’ et ne feur’ mie rendiy ca’ pz’; Advocacio pro dampno v’ querens cognovit capitem ?totam et detencioni iniustam.
  Marginalia: Capcio aver’.
  Marginalia: Dette d’de v’s executours v’ a’ f’t coxecutour non nominatus in brevi; Lo; Dette d’de per exec’ v’ solo’ facta ballivo non allocabatur; [in later hand] Post fol 140 b.
286138rPlacita personalia81 
  Marginalia: Avower’ pur h’iet; De lege ?? in placito deb’i.
287138vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Baterie; Destr’ pur rente; De execpcione ad acconi; Repleg’; Defens’.
  Note: (1) Pencilled note: 41. (2) Carryover indicating quire break.
288139rPlacita personalia82 
  Marginalia: Dette et nota v’ tendur secta non parata.
  Marginalia: De relevio; Prete partium; De vee de name; De secta producta in placito deb’i; Capcio aver’; Nota quid facit le p’ ??; De esson’ attorn’; Aduccio districcionis et nota de rev’one; Capcio ius ??.
  Note: Top section of page blank.
  Marginalia: Repleg’ ou le tenaunt volen’ trans’ la ?? del accessorie.
  Marginalia: Processus; Cancela; Processus; Proces’.
  Marginalia: De recognicione v’ ter’ obligatur in diversis com’; Elegit; Lex ditte de execucio decetur de preambulo; Attornato; Acounte ou un se propr’ pur un autr’.
  Marginalia: De servic’; Cap’; Districcio; Trans’ de fosse abatu; Cantare et nota pro m’a de den’ prestitis in uno loco et attor’ et nota alibi.
  Marginalia: Trans’; Scir’ fac’; De narracione; De vita bul’ in quieta clam’; Avower’ per pertener; De compoto et de trans’; Nota de narracione in accione debi’ et ?convencionis; Detencio cart’ et nota de ux’; Nota de prece part’.
  Marginalia: Prise dos avers’; Scir’ fac’ sur ?reconite; Avower’; De compoto; Annuite.
  Marginalia: Avower; De servic’; Avera capt’ per monachum.
  Marginalia: De fet ?? en bar’; Quid ?ter’ clam’; De redditu; De infra; De 3 quer’ n’ unus non s’; Iste non posst’ disclamar’; Elegit; De ij exec’ v’ alter’ non s’; Aduccio; De medio disclamato’; [in later hand] Supra fol 82.
  Marginalia: Avower’; Avower’; De returno; Tils’ pro relig’ in ass’ dis’; Obligo’ n’ sub dice’; Aducco’ super statutum; Aducco districcionis; Aducco dis’ et nota; Regoc’; Processus in placito ter’; De compoto processus.
  Marginalia: Aduccacio distr’; Avower’ pur rente service; Dette; Repleg’; De ?pitte attornatu; Annuite; De execucion ?siw’ sur recomte comitr’ son fet de’ne; Dette d’de v’s iij; De reprise nota questiones.
  Note: Additions to marginalia another hand/ink.
  Marginalia: Repleg’; Breve ca’m in placito ter’; Annuite ou le fet volent q’il pout destr’.
  Note: (1) Top section of page blank. (2) Additions to marginalia in another hand/ink.
  Marginalia: Avower’; De aver’ ca ruc’ captis.
  Note: Addition in another hand/ink at bottom of page.
304147r(6) Year Book reports (temp. Edw. 3) on personal pleasAnno post conquestum primo1 
  Marginalia: Processus; Nota dram’ apres recoverir; Processus versus princi’le in compoto et e’ manucaptus dimissioni regis; Dette recoveri et nota; Proces en trespas et nota.
  Note: Pencilled notes.
305147vAnno post conquestum primo 
  Marginalia: Fraunch’ guarante en br’ de tr’ al atturne; Proces en trespas; Trespas per bille; et frauch’ chalenge; Lo.
  Note: Pencilled notes.
306148rAnno post conquestum primo; E secundi2 
  Marginalia: De mahem’; Nota; Nota; Bille de tr’ et nota.
  Note: We have serious doubts that the informal header ‘E secundi’ is correct. Cases before it have been identified to 1 Edw. 3, and all the rest of the cases in this section are identified to the reign of Edward III.
307148vAnno post conquestum secundo 
  Marginalia: Tr’ d fosse abatu; Dacounte; Tr’; siw’ per enfaunt dez’ age; Detencio scripti; [in later hand] Supra 142 a.
308149rAnno post conquestum secundo3 
  Marginalia: Scire fac’ de ter’ bivere per elegit ?tranz’ une dette f’t leve.
309149vAnno post conquestum secundo 
  Marginalia: Repleg’ et avower’ pur horage; De attornatis imprisonatis c’; Repleg’.
310150rAnno post conquestum secundo4 
  Marginalia: Trespas’; et cecidit breve ca’ pz’.
311150vAnno post conquestum secundo 
  Marginalia: Nota; Trans’ per Regem.
312151rPlacita personalia de anno R’ E’ tercii post conquestum primo6 
  Marginalia: Ravisement de garde ou gardenis en socag’ recoverirent dam’ et tamen lenfaunt et ne feust p’ marie; servic inquirent; De utlagerie c’; Br’ de tr’ ag’ bon que feust port’ versus iij ou les iij fur’ mortz devaunt le br’ purch’; Enditement.
  Marginalia: Enditement de mort; Execucion’ de dam’ ag’ per sit de Wynt’; Quid sit Englecherie; Execucion ag’ c’ non ab’te que lattorne iust avaunt acquietancie c’.
314152rPlacita personalia anno secundo7 
  Marginalia: Fieri fac’ ag’ non ob’te que le vic’ avoit retourne qil avoit fet gre a la partie; Enditement ou lendite del assent passa quit que prius acquit’ com principal fero’; Withername denye solu’ pp’ insufficientem r’noni vic’; Enditement ou lendite fenst mis’ a r’ ou le principal passa quit per ch’re le roi; Acount versus ij ou le plenut’ feust oste daccon’ vers lun pur reles fet al aver’; A’ r’ ad ?secord pro anno r’a et’.
315152vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Avower ou lavower fnst mis a r’ a la pris’ et ne mie a la properte des avers’; Acounte ou le Cap’ fenst ag’; Acounte ou le baill’ ne fuit mie r’n de parcell’ lacounte; Processus de compoto; Fraunchis’ guaraunte en plee d dette apris la guaraunt destrsse; Exigende ag’ pur vari’ce del garaunt Lattorne; De compoto.
316153rAnno secundo8 
  Marginalia: Acounte recite en Bannck; Avower’ pur dam’ fes’ ou eide de ceux que ?tindont le lieu ou c’ en co’ ne feust pre ?guaraunte.
317153vPlacita personalia 
  Heading: De anno tercio.
  Marginalia: Fraunchise chalenge et non ?allocatur quia tenens f’t esson’; De compoto ou le br’ feust port’ versus un des exec’ per les autres c’; De trespas fet al predec’. De scripto asportato. A debitor’ post solucionem factam eidem. t’n s’n acquitancia.
  Note: Multiple writ headings for one text block are separated by dots.
318154rAnno tercio9 
  Heading: Iter hillar’ tercio.
  Marginalia: Escrit d’de ou le defnd’ alegg’ condicionum del bail’.
319154vPlacita personalia Anno 3 
  Marginalia: Detenue de ascrit ou le def’ apres la ?misec’ fist def’; Attorne r’u en counte; Detenue d’un escrit port’ versus l’abbe et son moigne de bail fait al d’un moign’.
  Note: (1) Decorated initial ‘P’, unfinished. (2) For this text see Baker, Cambridge Legal Manuscripts 78–9, citing many manuscripts, including this one (add one to his folio reference).
320155rAnno post conquestum tercio10 
  Marginalia: ?Nomi plenyne; Acounte et processus; Dette et la fraunchise chalenge; Repleg’.
321155vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Lo.
  Marginalia: Acounte; ?tauncque al nowel l’an xxe etc’; Repleg’; Nota; [in later hand] Supra 152.
  Marginalia: De attornato post legem vad’; Annuite.
  Marginalia: Repleg’; Dette retourn’ versus er et nota; Conspiracie; Annuite.
  Marginalia: Des nota; Repleg’.
326158rPlacita personalia anno quarto14 
  Marginalia: Dra’; Pris’ des avers ou il ne gagea ?mie la deliveraunce; Pris’ davers ou laurerent de la partie feust en noun certein; Dap’ ag’ pur trespas; L’appele ne fust ?mie ru’ a la bataille quia captus t’n mattu oper’; Anuete.
327158vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Quando plede feust al tedr’ d’une chos’ et ne mie a breceite; Dr’ de dette de ter’ lesse sur petnec’; Rescous de destresse.
328159rAnno quarto15 
  Marginalia: Acounte ou l’un exec’ feust r’u a siwr’ et lautr’ sener’; Appel on l’appele de iij proveurs venqi l’un et per ?taunt quit versus les autres; De trespas ou alegg’ feust que le heu c’ ne feust vilt ne ham’; Acounte d’de des dens’ le predecessour.
329159vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Ou homme comita vers un autre pur teo qil feust trove en court; Dacounte ou un per deteite rend’ pur un autre per idemptite de ?nomi; De convencione de mittendi ter’ id adeo bono statu s’d eas recepit in fie terminum.
330160rAnno quarto16 
  Marginalia: De esson’ de pl’o de asson’ de servicio regis.
331160vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Avower pur rente ch’ge; Prise des avers ou la beste feust morte; Covenaunt v’ contraveniens accusur et paratus pecit ?quia curia record se e’e promptum etc’; Reles ?mis avaunt apres ?l’enconste routte; Prise d’un bref et las deliveraunce count’ plede pur le Wythernam’ et post la mort alegge del bref.
332161rAnno quarto17 
  Marginalia: Trespas des arbres capeez; Br’ abatu pur ceo que un coexecutour ne feust ?mie nome que unques nadministra c’; Transgr’ de incluso fracto pur pisce retinendo.
333161vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Ter’ de ravisement de garde founda sur ij ponitz ou un des ponitz feust ?trove et l’autre ne ?mie etc’; Prise des avers pur rente ch’ge.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
334162rAnno quarto18 
  Marginalia: De compoto v’ narravit vir d liberacione sua et factum vot’ per manus ipsius et ux’ sue; De transgr’.
335162vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Libertas petita; Avower et travers done per l’avower; De convencione versus heredem de levato per antecessorem suum contra factum suum.
336163rAnno quarto19 
  Heading: Anno quarto.
  Marginalia: Res’m ius placiti contr’ xo fo’o contrarem sequentis in fine; De statuto mercator’; De dette ou le def’ ne feust mie r’u de mettre avaunt acquit’; De dette ou le def’ alegg’ coh’cion c’.
337163vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: De dette ou ij chos’ furent d’dez c’ t l’enconste ne feust mie pris dl visum on lacquit’ feust fait et ca’ pz’; De statuto mercator’; D’acounte ou le def’ ne feust mie r’u de trans’ la fourme de la recette; Detencio ciste et ?convinitor’ er ga pricee c’ per heredem et nota tom’ v’ in finem.
338164rAnno quarto20 
  Marginalia: Detencio ciste et ?convenitor’; Iud’m; Processus sr’ eo quod querens nota reciper’ rem de qua condempnabatur defendens post per Iud’m.
339164vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: De dette et le br’ nabati mie pur vari’ce entre le br’ et le tes’nt ca’ pz’; Dacounte; Acounte ou le br’ abati pur ceo que un dime compaignie le port’ ment no maunt ses compaign’ per lour nous s’z in gener’.
340165rAnno quinto21 
  Marginalia: De debito ou en dntur’ feust fait a defere le obligacion que feust baille en awelmayn si les partis tensissent covenaunt c’; [Br’ feut prt’ s’s un h’ee qui feut en prisone ou il feut d’de et fit def’ vynt un pur ?v’ et dit qil feut en prisone et h’le l’n fit venir hors de prisone pur la ?rourne t dit que tut feut ?olddount t la court feut apres qil forit en prisone h’ee naveren’ mie une nomi feute v’s ly et ment plus rec’ s’se de ter’ per sa def’ etc’.
341165vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Dacounte ou le def’ feust r’u a sa lei de receite suppose permi la mayn la fee’; Tr’ de pillori debruse; Annuite de ter’ lesse a ferme pur certem per an; Trespas ou il iavoient ij ?nomoz per le norm le def’ t stetit breve ca’ pr’; De compoto.
342166rAnno post conquestum v5, E, 3, 31, 61 
  Marginalia: Dette d’de per executours; Detencio cat’ et n’ iacz esson’m de servicio regis; De debito; Trans’ de ovibus et aver’ caruc’ contra statutum abductis; De defalta rei in placito debi’ post legem vad’.
343166vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Trans’ contra pacem etc’.
344167rQuintoS1E3 316 
  Marginalia: Trespas fait contr’ proteccion’ le roi; Ecce; Trespas on utlagerie feut alegg’.
345167vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Dette et nota de varacione inter breve et obligacione; Nota racioni h’le; Trans’ et nota de idemptitate nominis; Ecce de r’ les fet a un ou br’ z’ porte vs’ montz’.
  Marginalia: Trespas ou dit fent qil avoit rec’ dam’ primes pur m’ le trespas.
348169rBlank except for foliation and pencilled layout 
349169vBlank except for pencilled layout 
350170rAnno vto22 
  Marginalia: Repleg’ ou villenag’ feust alegge; Dubito’ de essonio cassando vel allocando c’; Entr’ de ter’ mis en morgage per ch’re de fef’nt; Hic pour as’ quando soluto’ p’t verificari sine acquietancia et quando non; Dette pur le ?creannsour en s’t marchaunt.
351170vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Processur def’en br’ de dette; Repleg’ on l’un n’avoir rien et proces nota; Fieri facias des biens le bail’ ?agile br’ c’; Acounte ou le def’ dist qil receust les devers com messager etc’.
  Note: Giant heading: Anno vjo.
352171rPlacita personalia anno vj23 
  Marginalia: Acounte d’de pr fee’ que feust coverte al temps de quel ele prise saccon’; Esson’ de s’ regs chal’ et feust adiourne sub etc’; Esson’ de malo lecti; Dette per oblig’ ou le def’ alegg’ nomi age c’; Acounte et br’ graunte de fer’ ven’ le plenit’; Sur’ fac’ de debito et acquitaunce ment aldwe etc’.
353171vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Dette ou dit feust que si ho’e comist fet samiz p?protecciones de la dat’ qil comist le fet e’e fait a iij le temps que la sat’ purporte; Trans’ de h’b depast’; Recom’te de dette et le br’ ag’ bon v’s les ter’ tenauz’ non ob’te que leir ne feust unqs’ garni c’; Price ?percium ; Processus ou la recomis’ ne feust mie terce cu’ le executour dit que son grec feust fet; Acounte; Avower’ per bailif.
  Note: Addition to the text marked by a dotted cross.
354172rAnno sexto24 
  Marginalia: Proces al scir’ fac’ des dam’ ?retoirenz; Rescous c’; Detencio scripti ou le def’ ne peut rendre lescrit sauntz r’ as dam’; Trespas et chal’ pur medler de ij accionis; Acounte et br’ direct a vic’ dim comite et la recente supp’ en ij comitez.
355172vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: Scire fac’ ou le defend’ ne feust mie r’u d’assigner errour en le ing’ hors de quel testi br’ feust ?issu etc’; Tr des blez pewes; Scir’ fac’ on le def’ dit q’un autr’ fust v’s de parcele de tenz’ et pria qil feust garm’; Scir’ fac’ ou le tenaunt ne feust une r’u dalegg’ ??; Averrement refuse quia de double entendement; Annuyte ou le pleint’ deust e’e del conceil le defend’.
356173rAnno sexto25 
  Marginalia: Compoto v’ querens acquietar’ deb’ defendentem per factum suum; De ravise’nt de garde et nota pur qui the br’ abatist; Dette et vari’te entre le br’ et lespe’te.
357173vPlacita personalia 
  Marginalia: De tr’ pur un h’ce et sa f’ce; Quid Iuris ou cely gavoit estat per reconis’ sattorna n’ obte son estat en nomi certein c’; Annuite ou la partie ne feust p’ r’u adir’ ment le fet lable c’; Rescous etc’.
  Note: Tiny note at bottom margin.
358174rAnno post conquestum sexto26 
  Marginalia: Rainsement de garde; Lo; Capcio aver’ et avower’ pur rente charge; De debito ou il comita acordaunt a un covenaunt pro firma.
359174vPlacita post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Dacounte v’ proponens unam exm’o ad acco’m non p’t propor’ ?aram ad accionem; Rescous v’ def’ cap’ur; Dette v’ alleg’ur contra querentem quod assignaunt ij cas’ accionis sue v’ ballivis querebatur de domino suo.
360175rAnno sexto27 
  Marginalia: Nota quer’ iudicium non reddebatur statim post ver’ d’ccu’ inquisicionis; Returnum adiudicum non ob’te race’ vic’; Eide graunte en pris’ savers quod ?nim’ f’t; Aduccio fraccionis ?? domus p’p se nolentes paci redder’; Un avower la prise come baillif.
361175vPlacita personalia de conquestum 
  Marginalia: De trans’ contra vic’ quia fecit affm’ si contra statutum; Scir’ fac’ sur reco’te de statut marchaunt; Avower’ ou le pleintif comist les servic’; Comisaunce per baill’ et eide graunte.
362176rAnno sexto28 
  Marginalia: Avower’ ag’ bon que n’avowa mie sur le feffe ne sur le feffour ne unq’s s’s permi lour meins; Dette d’de v’s abbe de den’s apristez as moignes soulement; Avower’ et nota comis’ per guardein en socag’ aguarde bon quia il prent la chose ad opus ?prim’ sec’us z’ de guard’ en ?choi’ gar il avowera; Proces’ sur de faute en plee de ter’.
363176vPlacita personalia de conquestum 
  Marginalia: Scir’ fac’ hors d’une reconitenaunce sub condicione; Lo; De feoff’bz am’e ?ita quia non eiciat firmarium; Proces en plee de fourme de ?domi; Proces en trespas apres meinprise et vide.
364177rAnno septimo29 
  Marginalia: Acounte on le def’ dit qu al avoit acounte et iust avaunt acquit’ en nomi certein (vide); Proces ou le plenit’ se esson’ en plee d’acounte; Proces ou le d’daunt se prist a la def’ un denz age et le br’ a ?batist et nota; Acount d’de per exe??.
365177vPlacita personalia de conquestum 
  Marginalia: Repleg’ v’ aux’m negabatur pro redd’ onerato; Acounte d’de per executours des executours des executours que se abati; Proces en plee de pris’ des avers; Princ’m ius placiti quer’ primo folio ?contraterni precedentis; Intrusionu v’ le defendaunt ne foust mie receva tiel issu pur ces qil feust double.
366178rPlacita personalia Anno viij30 
  Marginalia: Retourn aga’ des avers les pl’ c’ en prisse d’aver’; Annuyte; Detenue de une Chre’; N br’ d’acc’ de recette de de’ a un temps diverses count; Acounte v’ emprentz de r’ de den’s et de t’ qil feut son bai’.
  Marginalia: Acounte ou un se profri pur le def’ et dom’ f’t qil feut autr’ per c’; Dette v’ re’ allegit se ess ?ira etatem tempore confeccionis et non vet’ ad diem s’ datum per le n’ prius; Annuite et feut grec fet hours de ??; Proteccionu chalenge.
368179rAnno viij31 
  Marginalia: Anuite et nota de facto extra iuris; Lo car’; Scir’ fac’ v’ les ter’ te intra apres la mor’ ?comurs de dett’.
  Marginalia: Annuite et nota de ignora’ attornati; Repleg’; Ecce une prioresse pent fer’ recognicione de dette; Annuite ou il ?comita del an de grate etc’ solom le ?spete et calump’ur; Repleg’ et nota de fet que veut homage o’ sit dedic’ pro homagio et servicio suo.
370180rAnno viij32 
  Marginalia: Nota de rels fet hors de la iurisdiccion; Br’ de tr’ port’ per h’ce de relig’ etc’.
  Marginalia: Rainsement de garde.
372181rAnno viij33 
  Marginalia: Ad evidenc’ quid’ de placito debet intrar’ in rot’lo; Trespas de chose emport’ samiz liner’ ou il la poen’ bien emport’ et nota.
  Marginalia: Dower vs’ femine executrice que ne forit pas nome executrice; De compoto; De compoto.
  Note: Giant heading: Anno xo.
374182rAnno septimo34 
  Marginalia: Ass’ meintenu de ix ?mar per fet t le ft parla de xl s’; Ecce de testibus nominatis in facto et de processu versus eos; False proponens factum ac’us cap’ur; Processus in placito ter’ v’ recuperans non pot’ h’r exe’em quia vic’ rnd’t qu’ a’us recuperavit ten’ i’a pen’te brevi suo.
375182vPlacita personalia de conquestu 
  Marginalia: Esson’ de s’ regis chalenge; Esson’ de s’ Regis cassat’; Acounte de tempore qui fit ball’s et chalenge per statutum; Proces en acounte; Avower’ pur dam’ fesaunt.
376183rAnno octavo35 
  Marginalia: D’d Iur’ clam’; Scir’ fac’; Acounte versus emprintiz et stetit.
377183vPlacita personalia de conquestu 
  Marginalia: Arrai’e de panel chal’ que arra’ie per un que port’ les robes et non allocatur et post quia de conci’o e’us et allocatur; Trespas de blez siez etc’; Assisa nove disseisine et nota de facto q’ fiebat extra Iuris d’com et s’t ex’o ad Curiam; Dis’a et nota de feoffamento condicionali et nota; [in later hand] Anno 9 E 3 cap 6.
378184rAnno octavo36 
  Marginalia: Dis’e ou reles feust mis en barr’ que feust fet a autr’ qal tenaunt de rente service; Nota d’cm hle’; Ecce Reten’ de h’ rente et le Repeg’ sount ce’ de disisse; Nota de defalta et de proteccione; Ass’ de rente ch’ge ou ?? dit z’ te’ de disisse.
379184vPlacita personalia de conquestu anno viij 
  Marginalia: Nota; Nota de Iurisdiccione calumpniata ca’ sp’ualitatis para’; Ecce acquiet’o coram Iustic’ misericoribus non valebat iudicatis in placea s’riori; Proces et nota; Proces et esson’ ?? et h’ contra ?oppcionem h’le.
380185rPlacita personalia de conquestu anno nono37 
  Marginalia: Trans’ de maerem’ asportato; Dette s’de pur ferme de tenz’ et nota quis modus defensionis et non v’z redder’ ten’ domino ita term’ n’ per reddi com’ ?serviciis fuerit; Avower’ de destr’ de bestes communauntz ou il ne revient a a properte des bestes ?communauntz ou il ne revient a la properte des bestes.
381185vPlacita personalia de conquestu 
  Marginalia: Ecce non oz’ r’ ad propurte’ districciones; Trespas d arboribus scirr’; Schs’ qua ?mit h’ca z batu a son asaut de’ne cest acounte son fet de’ne mes or’ le cep’ z’ le fet le def’ que f’t avowable p’ ce’ que covient e’e plede pe’ de eree Gayn’ mist avaunt espe’te per quel les estovers feurent primos grauntez G’d; lo Error’ fussit de ?nifas’ le fet per ce’ et ne mie per ss’e; Reduc ad ?mas consiles’; Proces en eide prier; Proces en un sur’ fac’.
  Note: ?Carryover indicating quire break.
382186rAnno ix38 
  Marginalia: Dette d’de p’t dr’ lesse a term’ ou le def’ ?? rendr’ suz la ter’ ?? lessurs avaunt la fa’ del terme et issue’ le quel le lessour feu’ sis per le rendr’ vel ??; Detencio script’ et qu’ non admittitur; Attornatus; Dette d’de par’ diverses ces et n’.
  Marginalia: Repleg’; Repleg’ et avower fet daut’e bestes que l’autr’ ne soi plenit; Trespas; Proteccio profectus est.
  Marginalia: Ecce.
386188rAnno nono40 
  Marginalia: Dette d’de per execuciones; Dette et nota de fet Rase; Acounte ou partie de la mise faust trove et partie ne mie; Avower et nota; Acounte ou le def’ apres seurte toue fist defaut; il serra pris etc’ Expl’ a’ ix’.
  Marginalia: Avower ou l’issue feust le quel en tiel leu ou en tiel leu ou en autre pris; Avower’ sur diversete de lieu; Acounte ou acquit’ fet de tutes les recettes per le plenit’ ly’ osta saccon’ de recette d’autri meyn; Acounte ou le br’ feust parte en autre comite que la ou la recette feust et stetit.
  Marginalia: Trespas de arbres copes; et ex’o ad iur’d co’em; Compotus de tempore qui fit ball’s.
389189vHillarii Decimo 
  Heading: Pasche xmo.
  Marginalia: Dette v’s Abbe per fet son predec’; Trespas de h’be pew et avower’ per ce’ dempnement de wast supr statutum.
390190rPasche decimo42 
  Marginalia: Detete ret’ versus leir per le fet son pier’ que navoit rien per desc’; Obligacion pur rente servic’ de lever les arr’ de ses ter’ et uncor’ la pertie ne poeit av’ tiel exe’on; Reconis’te sur s’t marchaunt a un Priour; Trespas de h’ba depasta.
  Marginalia: Panel chalenge per un en le brief; F’ Esson’ de s’ regis; De r’none ?sittator’ cur’ de falso iudicio; Acounte et processus inde; Nota; Trespas et proces.
  Marginalia: Libertas calumpniata; Proces en un recordar’; Annuite.
  Marginalia: Diss’ de recite charge graunte et si la rente soit a rier’ qil pense destr’.
  Marginalia: Chartre mis en barr’ que feust fet en seurte de terme; Repleg’.
  Marginalia: Trans’ versus plurours et le proces disconti’e versus touz qu’ versus l’un.
  Marginalia: Avower ou le plenit’ dit que cely que graunta la rente ne ?poeit pur ch’g les ten’z qu’ non de th’ f’t acusis ?tus c’; Detencio scripti oblig’; Dette et de post con’ le Roi; Acounte.
397193vAnno undecimo 
  Heading: Anno xij.
  Marginalia: Trespas des biens emport’ ou un exec’ les avoit ?line al defendaunt pur dette; Dette et le obligacionu dampne; Scir’ fac’ ou variaunce feust tue’ et nota; Reconis’te versus leir denz age etc’; Br’ de tr’ abatu pur iij accions compris de diverse n’e ?senget’nt de garde; Quer’.
398194rAnno undecimo46 
  Marginalia: Annuite de une robe graunte pur son service; Nota rom’ qu’ consonat placito detencionis scripti in folio p’ cedu’te versus re’us d’t qu’ dedit ei scriptum; Quod inquisicio cap’ur v’ defend’ alleg’t fc’m; De esson’ de servicio regis disadvocato.
399194vAnno xj 
  Marginalia: Scir’ fac’ ou cely’ qu’ feut prie en eide mist avaunt la proteccio et cis’ su’ die c’; Dette d’de v’s exec’ del Ordinar’.
400195rPersonalia anno xj47 
  Marginalia: D’de d’de v’s un faz’ per obligacion le puer’ com hi’ri v’ terra z parabilis.
401195vPlacita personalia anno xjo 
  Marginalia: Mirum; Trespas; Dette d’de per exec’ des executours.
402196rBlank except for foliation and pencilled outline48 
403196vAd huc anno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Acounte de recepcione denar’; Acounte; Acounte v’s un deuz age et non rendit; Dette d’de per obligacion; Esson’ de s’ regis; Pl’m disconti’tu’ ca’ pz’; Avower’ et return ag’ a baillif; Dette d’de per exec’ de exec’ et non rendebatur; Scir’ fac’; Dette v’s executours.
  Heading: De tercio hillar’ anno xij.
  Marginalia: Fieri fac’; Scir’ fac’ c’ ?yosus ten’te’ et non versus herede; Dette pur ter’ lesse a ferme etc’; Satisfac’ns in curia fit amerciatus et ca’ p’z; Dette v’s plurours obligez et le recoverii v’s l’un; Dette v’s Abbe.
405197vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Acounte v’s Bailif; Trans’ versus 3 et nota.
  Marginalia: Ter’ et fraunchise chalenge; Scir’ fac’ de dtte v’s executours; Devers tenduz pur un pris per brief; Essoine de servic’ le Roi quasse; Non iac’z in ore attornati Rei allegrar’ defc’m nominis.
407198vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: De visu concesso in brevi de dote nota; Convenitur supp’ enfuit non elapso terio et n’ cepit; Nota reles mis avaunt apres la lei gage allocatur qu’ d’dans remisit de faltam; Essoine quasse etc’ ?re’ proz’ vz presencia retorn’ta essoniati.
  Heading: Pasch’ xij.
  Marginalia: Esson’ de s’ regis non vacuatur per lege tenentis et ca’ pz’; Compotus n’ ball’m et Rec’ Ad p’m dixit se e’e s’r ni fore’ sv’m Ad 2’m Iucium sv’m.
409199vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Nota si br’ c’.
  Heading: Civitatis xij.
  Marginalia: Libertas calumpniata et negatur et vide; Nota; Br’ de Tr’ port’ per iij ou l’un pot senore etc’; Dette et nota processum.
411200vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Scir’ fac’ et de attornato nota; Esson’ de servic’ le Roi; Rescous.
412201rAnno post conquestum xij53 
  Marginalia: Acounte; Trans’ nota rom’ Sch’; Proteccio non allocata p’per omissioni iurisdiccionis De.
413201vAnno post conquestum; Notabila vide del scir’ fac’ 
  Marginalia: De morte querentis allegata.
  Heading: De visu negato ca’ pz.
  Note: Upper section of page missing.
415202vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Oyer et terminer.
  Marginalia: Cele que f’t hors de tot’ f’t r’u a def’ son droit; Fraunchise d’de etc’; Attorn’ non rcip’ur per breve pro Reo post Exig’ c’; Trans’; Scir’ fac’; Exig’de in compoto.
417203vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Trespas; Acounte per visc’ d’autri deners; Lo quant v’ c’; Chaupert’; ??.
  Marginalia: Recom’te de dette; Diss’a et de testibus nominatis in fco’ de dicto; St’ marchaunt et br’ de debi’ versus vic’.
419204vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: D’acounte et nota; Opp’io curie; Repleg’ et avower’ pur xve le roi; De lege vad’ et de statuto de servicio regis.
  Marginalia: Trans’ et avower’ per certeine ce’ et nota; Panel chalenge etc’ vide.
421205vAnno post conquestum 
  Marginalia: Dette et nota de tall’ sigillata; Deceite vers’ le vic’; Ecce retourner versus atturne c’; Ecce de attornato.
  Marginalia: De visu nota; De replegacione super statutum; Pavel araie vario modo chalenge et vide.
  Marginalia: Statut’ marchaunt; Essonie de servicio reg’; Fraunchis’ chalenge.
  Note: Giant heading: Mich’is xij.
  Marginalia: De compoto v’ id’ querens et defendens et nota; Accio perit tribus modis.
  Marginalia: Statut marchaunt; Dette versus exec’ pp’ solam administracionem; De visu; Et nota de statuto.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Marginalia: Esson’ ius attornati et a’ non esson’ur; Proteccio non allocata; Dette; De defalta defendentis in placito debi’; Tr’ et nota processum; Exigas; Repleg’.
  Marginalia: Dette de st’ marchaunt; Acounte versus seneschal.
  Marginalia: Dette d’de per heir et nota qil ne soi fist p’ hir’ per br’; St’ marchaunt et nota d’ram inter id s’m et recognicion’; De attornatis non removendis.
  Marginalia: Proteccio non allocata; De compoto; Repleg’; Annuite; De attornato; Detencio catall’; Tr’ per bille; Br’ vs’ ij ab’ q’ l’un f’t mort super r’ vic’.
  Marginalia: Scire fac’; Trans’ de fugacione aver’ de uno com’ in am’; Dette versus pl’res per rd’ breve.
  Marginalia: S’t marchaunt vs’ enfaunt denz age; Annuite; Defalta et de esson’ principal’ hu’tis attornatu non remotum; Peticio ad ius defend’.
  Marginalia: Deceit et le corps ne de morra mie ap’s la bille abatu; Post magnam districcionum non ratz essoniam; Cap’ en br’ de trespas; Acounte et le cap’ ag’ v’s cely que f’t en court; Lex vad’ in placito ter’; Acounte en socage.
  Marginalia: Dette sur s’t marchaunt.
  Marginalia: Trans’ et nota.
  Marginalia: Dette versus un alien Abbe; Dette d’de per le heir et nota; Scir’ fac’ sur recom’te’ce; Acounte on le def’ ne ?volent mie acounter; Acounte et proteccion des avowe.
436213rMich’is xiij65 
  Marginalia: De defalta utlagati; Scire fac’; Sur recom’ce de dette; visus negatus in placito dotis; Statut’ et proteccio allocata; Acounte versus iiij et ?oyntement.
  Marginalia: Dette per s’t; Pone de Replg’; Trans’.
  Marginalia: De visu; S’t marchaunt; Prec’ q’ reddit’ porte per ij et unus non seg’ur.
440215rBlank except for foliation67 
  Marginalia: Scir’ fac’ sur recom’te; Scire fac’ vs’ ter’ venitur; Acounte et vide de idempti’te no’is; Scire fac’ ?siwy par’ executours; Executours de executours nota.
  Marginalia: Defaute de enroullement chalenge nota; Dette d’de v’s Abbe; Recom’te de dette et endenture fet en voidaunce; Vide de essoniante nesciente essonia; Dam’ ment’ ag’ en br’ de tr’; Acounte et nota de Exigas.
  Note: Pencilled note: Explicit.
443216vBlank except for pencilled note 
  Note: One fol. missing before this one.
446218rLambarde’s Archeion 
  Note: This handwritten copy of Lambarde’s Archeion is dated in 1608, 17 years before the first printing of that work.
  Note: A very detailed, double-column, list of the medieval contents of the manuscript (excluding the Secreta secretorum). It may be contemporary with the Lambarde and possibly with the binding and most recent foliation of the manuscript.
482no fol., no sig.Inside back cover 
483no fol., no sig.Back cover