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HLS MS No. 168

Registrum brevium

ca. 1390



<Preliminary introduction>

The HOLLIS cataloguing may be found here. It repeats Baker’s provenance with some miscopying leaving only the following item worth repeating:

“Description: 260 leaves ; 24 cm.”

The cataloguing in Baker’s English Legal Manuscripts, 1, no. 98 reads as follows:


“MS. 168.

“Early C.xv, 260ff. The first writ is by John Clopton against William de Clifton, for land in Nottinghamshire, tested 7 Feb. 13 Richard II [1390], altered to Henry [IV, 1412]. Preceded by a calendar.

“The calendar is signed ‘Horncastre’, presumably the name of the scribe; ‘Explicit registrum novum precium istius libri xli s. quod constat Baldewino Hyde clerico uni clericorum Cancellarie domini regis Edwardi quarti’ (adm. Lincoln's Inn 1466); ‘Willelmi Mores’ (c. 1500); ‘Willelmi Fernesley of Lyncolls Inne’ (adm. 1560); Thomas Thorpe catalogue (1836), no. 468; bought from him by Sir Thomas Phillipps (MS. 9327); his sale, S. 23 May 1913, no. 1023; bought from Sweet & Maxwell, and received on 6 May.

Early Registers, xxvi.”

The date that this register has carried in the HOLLIS catalogue for many years, ca. 1450, is, in our view, too late. The original scribe, whose hand appears throughout the register (more on this below), dated the initial writ of right patent 7 Feb. 1390. A later hand crudely altered ‘Ricardus’ to ‘Henricus’, but did not change the regnal year or day, 7 Feb. year 13. 7 Feb., 13 Hen. 4, i.e., 1412, is a possible date, but there is no reason to date the manuscript (and little to date the alteration) to that date. There is no reason at all to put the date off to ca. 1450. The discovery of an item in the main text of the register that had to be dated after 1390 might make us change our minds, but we have so far not discovered any such item.

The manuscript is approximately 240 X 170 mm.

The binding would seem to date from the 19th century. It has a blind tooled floral border on both leather outer covers and gold lettering on the spine: ‘FORMULARIA / BREVIUM / MS IN / MEMB. SÆC. XIV’. (‘Harvard Law School’ at the bottom in gold letters is a later addition.) The marbled pastedowns, the marbled freestanding endpapers, and one folio more of endpapers, all at both front and back, were almost certainly added when the manuscript was bound. The binding is in good condition although the top of the spine has cracked apart from the front cover. Otherwise, there is no noticeable damage to the manuscript, but there is some fading of the original hand, particularly at the beginning.

The one major decorated initial capital, an ‘R’, has been crudely erased. There are small decorated capitals drawn in red and blue throughout, with paragraph marks drawn in red. The heading of the calendar is in red as are some of the marginalia. There are pointing hands in the margin of fol. 137v. There may be some elsewhere; we did not search for them systematically.

The main script is a typically English semi-cursive one, legible and consistent throughout the calendar and register. The style suggests the second half of the 14th century. It seems to be the work of one Horncastre, who signs both the calendar (seq. 23) and the register (fol. 260r). We have found one additional writ in the main text in a hand that seems to be a bit later, perhaps early 15th c. (fol. 4r). The same hand seems to have overwritten, perhaps corrected, some of the text in the early part of the register, and also seems to have been responsible for some of the marginalia.

The manuscript is foliated in Hindu-Arabic numerals in the upper right-hand corner. The ink matches that used for the main text and the folio numbers are preceded by the same kind of red paragraph mark that is used in the text. We found only one signature mark, ‘xxxiij’ on seq. 547.

The medieval foliation begins with the initial writ of right patent (seq. 24) and ends with 260 on seq. 542. We tested it digitally, and it is accurate. That causes a problem, because the medieval foliation does not include the medieval ‘calendar’, actually an index, of the writs that precedes the initial writ of right patent. That index is of some interest. Because the medieval foliation is accurate and eminently visible, we followed it for our digital foliation, necessitating reference to the index by sequence number. We have, however, continued it at the end up to the later-added endpapers, because these folios contain some notes of interest. That gave us a total of 270 numbered medieval folios, preceded by eight unnumbered medieval folios.

Relying on the carryovers indicating quire breaks and what little we could see of the breaks visually, we came to the conclusion that most of manuscript is quired in quaternions. There is one quinternion and one reasonably certain ternion and one probable ternion. There are no carryovers on the last two quires (which are mostly blank) and no breaks that we could see, but the signature mark at the bottom of fol. 262v pretty much tied down where the break had to occur.

That gave us the following quiring/collation:

18 (seq. 8–23), 2–38 (f. 1–16), 410 (f. 17–26), 5–138 (f. 27–98), 146 (f. 99–104), 15–338 (f. 105–256), 346 (f. 257–262), 358 (f. 263–270).

The interest of this manuscript lies in the writs themselves and their arrangement, topics that we discuss in the introduction and conclusion to the writs table. We are quite confident of our date of ca. 1390. Anything that dates from the 15th century is clearly an addition to the basic text, and there are not many such additions, though there are quite a few such marginalia. In addition to the date of 1390 that originally appeared on the initial writ of right patent, Horncastre’s hand, which is responsible for the vast bulk of the contents of the manuscript, including the index, is distinctive and pretty obviously a hand of the 14th century.

It remains to consider the index. As the note in the Detailed Contents indicates (seq. 8), it is laid out in two columns. The numbers that precede each grouping of writs are folio numbers, 260 in all. It lists the writs found on the folio in the same way that our Detailed Contents does. It clearly omits those that are ‘aliter’ and ‘de eodem’, but it does note where a ‘regula’ is given. It may not have everything, but it is quite full.

In the margin of the index are numbered capitula in red. Some of these cover more than one folio; some of them are multiple numbers referring to a single folio. Clearly, the organizer of these capitula, who may or may not have been Horncastre, was grouping together writs that he conceived of as dealing with the same topic. His categories are hard to discern, but if they could be figured out, they might be of some interest to those seeking to penetrate the legal mind of the late 14th century. We have tried in our Analysis of Writs and in the Detailed Contents to match these chapter numbers with the folio to which they seem to refer.

There are 116 capitula in the index. We based our Summary of Contents on them, but our categories in the Summary are broader, 46 as opposed to 116. Our organization obviously imposes more general categories on what the maker of the capitulary thought of a separate, but we were encouraged to do so by the fact that our categories group things that have been put together. In many cases, these groupings reflect the way in which registers of writs had been organized since the early 14th century. What is new about this register, as is the case with other registers that date from the same period, is that there are many more writs in the old categories and new categories have been added at the end.

This register was used. At least at the beginning of register, there are a number of marginal notes in an early 15th century hand, and there is at least one addition in the same hand. The calendar has numerous marginal notes in an informal hand, probably from later in the 15th century.

That the first recorded owner is a Chancery clerk who operated in the second half of the 15th century is not surprising. That the original owner was a Chancery clerk we cannot prove, but it is certainly possible that he was. The crude attempt to alter the writ of right patent may suggest as much: ‘If the boss comes by, we don’t want him to catch us using a register issued in the name of a king he has just deposed’.


Summary Contents

Clicking on the item in question will open the first sequence for the item in the PDS in a new tab or window.


  Seq. Fol. No. Item  
8–23no f.0Calendar (i.e. index) of the register 
24–39f. 1r–8v1Writs of right, including recordari 
39–51f. 8v–14v2Writs of right: De recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
51–57f. 14v–17v3Writs of right: De falso iudicio 
58–67f. 18r–22v4Writs of attorney, including writs of protection 
67–72f. 22v–25r5Writs of attorney: De attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevi  
72–80f. 25r–29r6Ecclesiastical writs: Basic 
82–105f. 30r–41v7Ecclesiastical writs: Prohibition 
106–138f. 42r–58r8Ecclesiastical writs: Consultation 
142–148f. 60r–63r9Ecclesiastical writs: In favor of royal clerks 
148–155f. 63r–66v10Ecclesiastical writs: Royal rights 
157–169f. 67v–73v11Ecclesiastical writs: De excommunicato capiendo 
171–180f. 74v–79r12Waste, including de estreppamento 
182–198f. 80r–88r13Replevin 
198–258f. 88r–118r14Trespass 
259–263f. 118v–120v15Error 
264–268f. 121r–123r16Criminal 
268–275f. 123r–126v17Account 
276–296f. 127r–137r18Debt 
297–307f. 137v–142v19Miscellaneous rights in land 
307–310f. 142v–144r20Annuity, including mesne 
311–318f. 144v–148r21Wardship 
318–328f. 148r–153r22Covenant 
329–332f. 153v–155r23Dower 
332–358f. 155r–168r24Brevia de statuto 
358–361f. 168r–169v25Statute of labourers 
364–385f. 171r–181v26Novel disseisin: Basic 
386–419f. 182r–198v27Novel disseisin: Redisseisin 
422–428f. 200r–203r28Mort d’ancestor 
428–434f. 203r–206r29De avo et consanguineo 
434–436f. 206r–207r30Quare eiecit 
437–442f. 207v–210r31Entry: Basic 
443–444f. 210v–211r32Entry: Cui in vita 
445–446f. 211v–212r33Entry: De intrusione 
446–455f. 212r–216v34Entry: ?Cui and post 
455–457f. 216v–217v35Cessavit per biennium 
457–457f. 217v–217v36Formedon 
467–468f. 222v–223r37Testaments 
469–490f. 223v–234r38Ad quod dampnum 
491–497f. 234v–237v39Rights of those of lower status 
498–502f. 238r–240r40De libertatibus allocandis 
503–506f. 240v–242r41Corodies and pensions 
507–509f. 242v–243v42De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis 
509–522f. 243v–250r43Miscellaneous ecclesiastical by the king 
522–538f. 250r–258r44De manucapcionibus 
538–540f. 258r–259r45Miscellaneous, including weights and measures 
541–542f. 259v–260r46Charters of pardon 
559f. 268v47Sample writ 
561f. 269v48Sample writ 
562f. 270r49Notes 


Detailed Contents

Clicking on the sequence number will open that sequence in the PDS in a new tab or window.


Seq. Fol. Label Header Cap. Sig.  
2Front cover 
3Marbled front pastedown with typwritten description of contents from auction catalogue 
4Marbled freestanding endpaper 
6Blank except for library markings 
8Calendar (i.e. index) of the register 
  Heading: Incipit Kalendarium Registri Originalis quotatum secundum ordinem foliorum.
  Note: Laid out in double columns. The incipit is accurate. The Hindu-Arabic numerals that precede each grouping of writs correspond to the folio numbers in the manuscript. There are also chapter numbers in red in the margin, dividing the writs into small groups according to the subject of the writ. See the Introduction.
241rWrits of right, including recordari0 
  Marginalia: Between De attornato and De ordine a text line is extended into the margin.
  Note: (1) The initial rubricated capital ’R’ seems to be erased. The letters that follow in a different hand are ’enricus’, i.e. ’Henricus’. The writ is tested 7 Feb. 13th year with no indication of change. This could be Henry 4 or Henry 6, but is probably Richard 2, i.e. 1390. (2) More than one hand seems to be at work in creating the marginal notes of writs.
272vDe recto de dote2 
283rDe recto de racionabili parte3 
293vde recto; Ne iniuste vexes4; 5; 6 
304rde recto; Precipe in capite 
314vDe recto 
325rde recto etc’ Recordari 
335vPone de recto 
346rDedimus potestatem7 
356vde recto etc’ prohibicio 
367rde recto; De iurata loco magne assise 
377vde recto 
  Note: Marginalia.
398vWrits of right: De recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiCapitulum ij8 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
409rde recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
419vde recto 
4210rde recto 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below main text.
4411rBlank except for foliation and pencilled layout 
4511vBlank except for pencilled layout 
4612rde recto; Recordari secundum consuetudinem manerii sine brevi 
4712vde recto 
4813rde recto secundum 
5014rde attornato in brevi de attachiamento 
5114vWrits of right: De falso iudicioDe errore in Banco; de falso iudicio10; 11 
5215rde falso iudicio 
5315vDe falso iudicio 
5416rDe errore in Banco in folio precedente; De errore corrigendo; Vide plus de errore in Londonia et alibi ad tale’ numerum 
5516vDe warant’ servicii 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
5617rDe warant’ 
5717vDe libertatibus exigendis in itinere 
5818rWrits of attorney, including writs of protectionde attornato generali12 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
5918vDe attornato 
6019rDe custode generali etc’ 
6119vDe attornato 
6320vde proteccionibus14 
6421rde proteccionibus 
6521vde proteccionibus 
6622rDe proteccionibus 
6722vWrits of attorney: De attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevide attornato recipiendo 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
6823rDe attornato 
6923vde attornato recipiendo 
7024rde attornato recipiendo 
7124vde attornato recipiendo 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
7225rEcclesiastical writs: Basicde attornato recipiendo15 
7325vde recto de advoc’16 
7426rUltime presentacionis17 
7526vQuare impedit18 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
7627rNe admittas 
7727vQuare non admisit et Quare incumbravit19; 20 
7828rde utrum 
7928vde utrum21 
8129vBlank except for pencilled layout 
8230rEcclesiastical writs: ProhibitionProhibicio de advocacione ecclesie22 
8330vProhibicio de catallis et debitis 
8431rProhibicio de laico feodo 
8833rDe prohibic’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
9335vDe prohibic’ 
9436rDe prohibic’ 
9536vDe prohibic’ 
9637rDe prohibic’ 
9737vDe prohibic’ 
9838rDe prohibic’ 
9938vDe prohibic’ 
10039rDe prohibic’ 
10240rBlank except for foliation and pencilled layout 
10240vBlank except for pencilled layout 
10340rBlank except for foliation and pencilled layout 
10642rEcclesiastical writs: ConsultationConsult’24 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
13958vBlank except for carryover indicating quire break 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
14059rBlank except for header mark, foliation, and pencilled layout 
14159vBlank except for pencilled layout 
14260rEcclesiastical writs: In favor of royal clerksDe non residencia 
14360vDe non residencia25 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
14762vDe amovendo vim laicam 
14863rEcclesiastical writs: Royal rightsDe amovendo vim laicam 
14963vDe iuribus regiis 
15064rDe iuribus regiis 
15265rDe iuribus regiis 
15365vDe iuribus regiis 
15466rDe iuribus regiis 
15566vDe iuribus regiis 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
15667rBlank except for foliation and pencilled layout 
15767vEcclesiastical writs: De excommunicato capiendoDe excommunicato capiendo26 
15868rDe excommunicato deliberando 
15968vDe excommunicato deliberando 
16069rDe excommunicato deliberando 
16169vDe excommunicato recapiendo 
16370vSupersedeas in le significavit; De terris clerico purgato restituendis 
16471rDe clerico coniuncto cum a prisona Regis erit deliberatus 
16571vScire facias 
16672rScire facias 
16772vDe recapiendo excommunicatum 
16873rsupersedeas capcioni corporis 
16973vDe apostota capiendo 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
17074rBlank except for foliation and pencilled layout 
17174vWaste, including de estreppamentoDe vasto27 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
17275rDe vasto 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
17375vDe vasto 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
17576vDe vasto 
17677rDe vasto 
17777vDe vasto 
17878rDe vasto 
17978vde particione facienda28 
18079rDe estreppamento 
18179vBlank except for pencilled layout 
18280rReplevinde homine replegiando29 
18380vDe homine replegiando 
18481rDe Withernamio 
18581vDe parco replegiando 
18682rde averiis replegiandis30 
18782vde averiis replegiandis31 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
18883rDe Withernamio32 
18983vDe Withernamio 
19184vpone de averiis 
19285rpone de averiis 
19385vRecordari de averiis in comitatu 
19486rRecordari de averiis in Curia 
19586vDe recapcione averiorum 
19687rDe nativis habendis33 
19787vDe auxilio habendo etc’; et scutagio levando 
19888rTrespassDe scutagio levando; De moderata misericordia34 
19988vDe minis 
20089rDe minis 
20189vDe trans’ in comitatu35 
20290rDe trans’ in comitatu 
20390vDe trans’ ad Bancum 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
20491rDe trans’ 
20591vDe trans’ 
20692rDe trans’ 
20792vDe trans’ 
20893rDe trans’ 
20993vDe trans’ 
21094rDe trans’ 
21194vDe trans’ 
21295rDe trans’ 
21395vDe trans’ 
21496rDe trans’ 
21596vDe trans’ 
21697rDe trans’ 
21797vDe trans’ 
21898rDe trans’ 
21998vDe trans’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
22099rDe trans’ 
22199vDe trans’ 
222100rDe trans’ 
223100vDe trans’ 
224101rDe trans’ 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below main text.
228103rDe trans’ de rescussu36 
229103vDe rescussu 
230104rDe trans’ de rescussu 
231104vDe trans’ de rescussu 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
232105rDe trans’ de rescussu 
233105vRecordari de trans’ 
234106rDe trans’ contra proteccionem 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
236107rAttincta de trans’ 
237107vAttincta de trans’ 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
238108rDe decepcione 
239108vDe decepcione 
240109rDe decepcione 
241109vDe decepcione37 
242110rDe decepcione 
243110vDe decepcione 
244111rDe decepcione 
245111vDe decepcione 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
  Note: Top section of page blank.
247112vDe audiendo et terminando de trans’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
248113rDe assoc’ in aud’ de trans’ 
249113vDe audiendo et terminando 
250114rDe audiendo et terminando 
251114vDe audiendo et terminando 
252115rDe audiendo et terminando 
253115vDe audiendo et terminando 
254116rDe audiendo et terminando 
255116vDe audiendo et terminando 
256117rDe audiendo et terminando 
259118vErrorDe errore corrigendo39 
261119vDe errore corrigendo 
262120rDe errore corrigendo 
263120vDe errore corrigendo 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
264121rCriminalDe conspiracione40 
265121vDe conspiracione 
266122rDe odio et atia 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
  Note: Top section of page blank.
269123vDe compoto 
270124rDe compoto 
271124vDe comptoto 
272125rDe compoto 
273125vDe compoto 
274126rDe compoto 
275126vDe compoto 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
277127vDe debito 
278128rDe debito 
279128vDe debito 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
281129vDe debito 
282130rDe debito 
283130vDe debito 
284131rDe supersedendis diversis querelis 
285131vDe supersedendis diversis querelis de convencione 
286132rDe recognicionibus debitor’ 
287132vDe recognicionibus debitor’ 
288133rDe exonerando ad scaccarium de debito 
289133vDe debito etc’ 
290134rDe debito etc’ 
291134vDe debito etc’ 
292135rDe debito etc’ 
293135vDe debito etc’43 [erased] 
294136rDe debito etc’44 
295136vDe recognoscat 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
297137vMiscellaneous rights in landDe secta ad molendinum; de Curia claudendis45; 46 
  Note: Pointing hands in margin.
298138rQuod permittat etc’ 
299138vQuod permittat etc’ 
300139rQuo iure; De pastura admensuranda47; 48 
301139vDe racionabilibus divisis; De perambulacione facienda etc’49; 50; 51 
302140rDe domo reparando etc’ 
303140vDe ponte via calceto et pavimento reparando 
304141rBlank except for pen trials, foliation, and pencilled layout 
305141vDe Warantia Carte; De plegiis acquietandis52 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
306142rDe plegiis acquietandis 
307142vAnnuity, including mesneDe annuo redditu53 
308143rDe consuetudinibus et serviciis54 
309143vDe cartis reddendis55 
310144rDe medio56 
311144vWardshipDe custodia etc’57 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
312145rDe custodia etc’ 
313145vDe eieccione custodie58 
314146rDe eieccione custodie59 
315146vDe herede rapto 
316147rDe forisfactura maritagii 
317147vDe valore maritagii 
318148rCovenantDe escaeta60 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
319148vDe inquirendo 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
320149rDe convencione61 
321149vDe convencione 
322150rDe convencione62 
323150vDedimus potestatem 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
325151vDedimus potestatem 
326152rDedimus potestatem 
327152vDe transcripto pedis finis habendo mittendis 
  Note: (1) Carryover indicating quire break. (2) Top section of page blank.
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
329153vDowerDe dote unde nichil habet63 
330154rDe admensuracione dotis 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
331154vDe dote amissa per defaltam 
  Note: (1) Pen trials. (2) Middle section of page blank.
332155rBrevia de statutoBrevia de statut’ de attornato faciendo 
  Note: ?Pen trials.
333155vBrevia statut’ de attornato faciendo 
334156rBrevia de statut’ 
335156vBrevia de statut’ 
336157rbrevia de statut’ 
337157vbrevia de statut’ 
338158rbrevia de statut’64 
339158vbrevia de statut’65 
340159rDe contribucione facienda 
341159vDe coronatore eligendo 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
343160vbrevia de statut’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
344161rbrevia de statut’ 
345161vbrevia de statut’ 
346162rbrevia de statuto 
347162vbrevia de statut’ 
348163rbrevia de statut’ 
349163vbrevia de statut’ 
350164rbrevia de statut’ 
351164vbrevia de statut’ 
352165rbrevia de statut’ 
353165vbrevia de statut’ 
354166rbrevia de statut’66 
355166vbrevia de statut’ 
356167rbrevia de statut’67 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
358168rStatute of labourersbrevia de statut’; De ordinacione68 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
359168vDe ordinacione 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
360169rDe ordinacione 
361169vStatutum North’69 
362170rBlank except for foliation 
364171rNovel disseisin: BasicAssisa nove disseisine70 
365171vAssisa nove disseisine 
366172rAssisa nove disseisine 
367172vAssisa nove disseisine 
368173rAssisa nove disseisine 
369173vQuod permittat 
370174rCertificacio assise nove disseisine71 
371174vCertificacio assise nove disseisine 
372175rAssociacio in assisa nove disseisine 
373175vTangencia assisam nove disseisine 
374176rTangencia assisam nove disseisine 
375176vTangencia assisam nove disseisine72 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
376177rTangencia assisam nove disseisine 
377177vTangencia assisam nove disseisine 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
378178rBlank except for foliation 
379178vAttincta nove disseisine 
380179rDe attincta assise nove disseisine 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
381179vDe attincta assise nove disseisine 
382180rDe attincta assise nove disseisine 
384181rAssociacio in attincta 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
386182rNovel disseisin: RedisseisinDe redisseisina73 
387182vDe redisseisina 
388183rDe redisseisina 
389183vDe redisseisina 
390184rDe postdisseisina 
391184vde recordo mittendis coram Regis de redisseisina 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
392185rDe faciendo venire recordum de postdisseisine 
393185vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine 
394186rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine 
395186vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine 
  Note: Text divided by a horizontal line.
396187rde recordo et processu assise mittendis coram rege 
397187vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine 
398188rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine 
399188vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine 
400189rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine 
401189vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine 
402190rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine 
403190vDe dampnis levandis in assisa nove disseisine 
404191rMittimus de recordo et processu assise nove disseisine etc’ 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
405191vMittimus eo quod bastardus allegatur placitando in assisa 
406192rDe residuo recordo et processu etc’ ad errorem corrigendum 
407192vDe procedendo ad assisam etc’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
408193rDe continuando assisam usque ad proximam sessionem etc’ 
409193vDe continuando assisam etc’ 
410194rde mittendo recordum et processum al’ Iustic’ 
411194vAudita querela quando assisa arratur contra maiorem et comitatem 
412195rAudita querela etc’ 
413195vDe continuando assisam etc’ 
414196rDe continuando attinctam etc’ 
415196vDe non procedendo ad assisam de ten’ in custodia Regis etc’ 
416197rQuod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise 
417197vDe execucione iudicii in assisa et redisseisina 
420199rBlank except for foliation 
422200rMort d’ancestorAssisa mortis antecessoris74 
423200vAssisa mortis antecessoris 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
424201rAttincta in assisa mortis antecessoris 
425201vDe contingentibus assisam mortis antecessoris 
426202rDe contingentibus assisam mortis antecessoris 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
428203rDe avo et consanguineoDe avo et consanguinitate75 
429203vNuper obiit 
430204rDe ventre inspiciendo76 
431204vDiem clausit extremum 
432205rDe etate probanda77 
433205vDe etate probanda 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
434206rQuare eiecitQuare eiecit infra terminum78; 79 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
435206vDe eieccione firme 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
437207vEntry: BasicDe ingressu ad terminum qui preteriit80 
438208rNota regulas de ingressu; Dum non fuit compos mentis81 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
439208vDum fuit infra etatem etc’82 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
440209rDe ingressu super disseisinam etc’83 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
441209vDe ingressu sine licensia et voluntate capituli84 
442210rDe ingressu 
443210vEntry: Cui in vitaCui in vita85 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
444211rCui ante divorcium; Causa matrimonii prelocuti86; 87 
445211vEntry: De intrusioneDe intrusione88 
446212rEntry: ?Cui and postDe intrusione 
447212vDe intrusione 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
448213rAttincta in brevi de ingressu coram iusticiariis 
449213vAttincta in brevi de ingressu etc’ 
450214rDe ingressu etc’89 
451214vDe ingressu etc’ super statutum Glouc’ etc’ 
452215rQuando mulier recuperavit dotem et alienat 
453215vDe ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie in consimili casu90 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
454216rDe ingressu etc’ in consimili casu91 
455216vCessavit per bienniumCessavit per biennium92 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
456217rCessavit per biennium de cantaria93; 94 
457217vFormedonForma donacionis95 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
458218rForma donacionis 
459218vForma donacionis 
460219rDe forma donacionis 
461219vDe forma donacionis 
462220rDe forma donacionis96 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
463220vDe forma donacionis 
464221rDe forma donacionis97 
465221vDe tenementis legatis etc’98 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
466222rDe tenementis legatis etc’99 
467222vTestamentsDe tenementis legatis etc’ 
468223rDe tenementis legatis 
469223vAd quod dampnumSi sit ad dampnum100 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
470224rSi sit ad dampnum 
471224vSi sit ad dampnum 
  Note: (1) Carryover indicating quire break. (2) Top section of page blank.
472225rSi sit ad dampnum 
473225vSi sit ad dampnum 
474226rSi sit ad dampnum 
475226vSi sit ad dampnum 
476227rSi sit ad dampnum 
477227vSi sit ad dampnum 
478228rSi sit ad dampnum 
479228vSi sit ad dampnum 
480229rSi sit ad dampnum 
481229vSi sit ad dampnum 
482230rSi sit ad dampnum 
483230vSi sit ad dampnum 
484231rSi sit ad dampnum 
485231vSi sit ad dampnum 
486232rSi sit ad dampnum 
487232vSi sit ad dampnum 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
488233rSi sit ad dampnum 
489233vSi sit ad dampnum 
490234rSi sit ad dampnum 
491234vRights of those of lower statusde essendo quietum de theolonio101 
492235rde essendo quietum de theolonio 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
493235vde essendo quietum de theolonio 
494236rde essendo quietum de theolonio etc’ 
495236vde essendo quietum de theolonio 
496237rde essendo quietum de theolonio 
497237vDe non contribuendo expensas militum etc’ 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
498238rDe libertatibus allocandisDe libertatis allocandis in genere102 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
499238vDe libertatis allocandis 
500239rde libertatibus allocandis 
501239vde libertatibus allocandis 
502240rde libertatibus allocandis 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
503240vCorodies and pensionsDe corrodio habendo103 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
504241rDe corrodio habendo 
505241vDe corrodio habendo 
506242rDe annua pensione etc’ habend’ 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
507242vDe idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellisDe inquirendo de ideota104 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
508243rDe inquirendo de ideota 
509243vMiscellaneous ecclesiastical by the kingDe inquirendo de ideota105 
510244rDe onerando pro rata porcionis 
511244vDe exonerando iuxta ratam porcione etc’ 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
512245rDe nominacione facta per Regem106 
513245vPresentacio per Regem et de permutacione107 
514246rDe collacione heremitagij 
515246vDe presentacione etc’ 
516247rDe ratificacione etc’108 
517247vDe ratificacione etc’ 
518248rDe revocacione etc’109 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
519248vLittere patentes aliorum quam Regis 
  Note: (1) Carryover indicating quire break. (2) Top section of page blank.
520249rLittere aliorum quam Regis110 
521249vLittere aliorum quam Regis 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
522250rDe manucapcionibusDe manucapcione etc’111 
523250vDe manucapcione etc’ 
524251rDe manucapcione 
525251vDe manucapcione etc’ 
526252rDe manucapcione et mittendis iudicamentum etc’ 
527252vDe manucapcione etc’ 
528253rDe manucapcione etc’ 
529253vDe manucapcione etc’ 
530254rDe manucapcione etc’ 
531254vDe manucapcione etc’112 
532255rDe supersedendo de exigendo etc’ 
533255vDe supersedendo in placito trans’ etc’ 
534256rDe supersedendo exigend’ etc’ 
535256vDe supersedendo capcioni corporis 
  Note: (1) Carryover indicating quire break. (2) Lower section of page blank.
536257rde attornato vicecomitis etc’113 
  Note: (1) ?Notes of ownership. (2) Top and lower section of page blank.
537257vNota brevia de forma114 
538258rMiscellaneous, including weights and measuresDe mensuris et ponderibus etc’115 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
539258vDe mensuris et ponderibus etc’ 
540259rDe mensuris et ponderibus etc’ 
541259vCharters of pardonDe carta perdonacionis etc’116 
542260rDe carta perdonacionis etc’ 
  Note: (1) Lower section of page blank. (2) Horncastre also signs at the bottom of this page.
543260vBlank except for pencilled layout 
544261rBlank except for pencilled layout 
545261vBlank except for pencilled layout 
546262rBlank except for pencilled layout 
547262vBlank except for pencilled layour and signature markxxxiij 
  Note: The signature mark is correct if we count only the quires with numbered folios.
548263rBlank except for pencilled layout 
549263vBlank except for pencilled layout 
550264rBlank except for pencilled layout 
551264vBlank except for pencilled layout 
552265rBlank except for pencilled layout 
553265vBlank except for pencilled layout 
554266rBlank except for pencilled layout 
555266vBlank except for pencilled layout 
556267rBlank except for pencilled layout 
557267vBlank except for pencilled layout 
558268rBlank except for pencilled layout 
559268vSample writ 
  Marginalia: Idempnitate nominis / per nomen Johannis Nowell de Worst’.
  Note: 15th c. script, not necessarily late in the century.
560269rBlank except for pencilled foliation and few faint letters at the top of the page 
561269vSample writvj ?xo die Julii 
  Marginalia: Breve de recto dote quando habet partem et quando non / De recto dote medietate.
  Note: 14th c. script. The writ is addressed to the bailiffs of Queen Isabelle and so must date after Mar., 1396, and probably before Oct., 1399. We probably should read the header as ‘sexto decimo’.
  Note: This page that contains the explicit quoted by Baker and the notes of 16th c. owners that he describes. See the Introduction. There is also at the top a list of what seems to be five names in a 16th c. hand. The significance of these names might be discernable with more effort.
563270vBlank except for a few faint letters 
567Marbled freestanding endpaper 
568Marbled back pastedown 
569Back cover 


Preliminary Analysis of the Register of Writs



Registrum originale




241r0Breve patens de Recto; Regula; Aliter ballivis honoris; Regula; Quando dominus est extra regnum; Regula; De recto ipsi domino feodi; De attornato etc’; De ordine particularum; Sciatis quod attornatus [etc.].76
251vRegula; Aliter; Regula; Regula; Aliter quando tenetur per servicium unius militis; Regula; Regula; Aliter per servicia feodi; Regula; Aliter; Aliter.50
262r1Versus; Regula; De recto custodi terre et heredis etc’; Regula; Aliter; Regula; De recto de servicio feodi unius militis; Regula; Regula; De recto in Londonia; Regula; de attornato inde; Regula.65
272vDe recto de dote2Glouc’ capitulo xiiio; de attornato cum loquela fuerit adiornata coram iusticiariis de Banco; de attornato removendo in huius loquela; Aliter in quinque portubus; Regula; De recto de dote; Regula; Aliter quando partem habet et partem non; Aliter quando clamat pertinere etc’; Aliter pro viro et uxore; Quando tenementum petitum pertinet ad tenementem quod tenetur; Aliter; Regula.105
283rDe recto de racionabili parte3Regula; Regula; Regula; De recto de racionabili parte etc’; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter quando partem habet et partem non etc’; Regula; de attornato de racionabili parte etc’; De recto Episcopis; Aliter Abbati etc’; Regula.73
293vde recto; Ne iniuste vexes4; 5; 6Regula; Aliter sede vacante; Aliter ballivis electi; Ne iniuste vexes; Regula; De attornato; Regula; Quando Curiam suam domino Regi etc’; Cest b’z e’ dd dr’ et on ho’e p’t [etc.]; Regula; Littera per quam dominus remittit Curiam suam domino Regi etc’; Precipe in capite; Aliter; de attornato etc’; Regula.107
304rde recto; Precipe in capiteBreve Iustic’ de B quod non teneant placitum nisi tenementum teneatur de Rege in capite etc’; Regula; Si br’ de dr’ soit [etc.]; Supersedeas in brevi de recto quando tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warrantum; quod vicecomes accedat ad Curiam ad inhibendum ballivis; Anglie; Regula.55
314vDe rectoAliter in Curia ville ballivis Regis quando quis primo vocat intrinsecum et postea extrinsecum ad warantum; Regula; Nota; Regula; Supersedeas in brevi de recto in Londonia quando forinsecum vocavit ad warantum.21
325rde recto etc’ RecordariRecordari in brevi de recto etc’; Causa in brevi patenti in Recordari; Causa in brevi patenti; Causa in brevi patenti; Supersedeas vicecomiti de execucione quia causa cessat quando breve de recordari prius dirigitur in brevi de recto.55
335vPone de rectoCausa in brevi patenti de recordo etc’; Causa in brevi patenti en le recordo; Causa in brevi patenti; Regula; Nota; Pone in brevi de recto; Regula; Regula; Aliter pro defendente cum causa etc’; Aliter.64
346rDedimus potestatem7De attachiamento domini Curie quia non vult tenere Curiam etc’; Regula; Recordo ut supra in comitatu cestrie quando tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warantum; Dedimus potestatem rec’ attorn’ pro vocatis ad warantum quando loquela est coram iusticiariis; De errore in comitatu cestrie.44
356vde recto etc’ prohibicioRecordari in episcopatu Dunelm’ quia tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warantum; Regula; Anno xixo; De pace cum tenens se posuit in magnam assisam; Prohibicio in brevi de recto etc’; Aliter ballivis Curie.54
367rde recto; De iurata loco magne assiseAliter domino etc’; Aliter ballivis Episcopi consuetudinibus et serviciis; Aliter de iurata in gavelkynd etc’; Regula; Aliter de Iurata loco magne assise in Curia baronis etc’; Regula; Anno vii Regis nunc; Aliter; Aliter quando uxor que admittitur per defaltam viri iuxta statutum etc’ ponit se in Iurata; Aliter; Nota.81
377vde rectoRegula; De magna assisa eligenda etc’; Regula; Nota; Attachiamentum super ballivos quia processerunt post prohibicione in brevi de recto patenti etc’; Regula; Aliter de consuetudinibus et serviciis.32
388rDe essonio de malo lecti etc’; Regula; de attornato languidi recipiendo etc’; Regula; De licencia surgendi de malo lecti etc’.33
398vCapitulum ij8Regula; De recto secundum consuetudinem manerii etc’; Aliter; Regula; Nota; Aliter de communa pasture; De via obstructa; Attachiamentum super dominum quando recusat tenere Curiam suam etc’; Aliter super ballivos.63
409rde recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiRegula; Aliter domino Curie; Regula; Regula; Ad videndum quod persona iusticia exhibeatur; Sicut alias inde; De recordo et racionabili iudicio habendo; Regula; Aliter in Curia domini; Regula; Cum pluries inde.64
419vde rectoRegula; Breve de procedendo in brevi de recto etc’; Regula; Nota; Recordari secundum consuetudinem manerii pro tenente per causam etc’; Causa super cartam; Attachiamentum versus ballivos etc’.44
4210rde rectoRegula; Causa per finem levatum de ten’ etc’; Aliter per cartam comitis et confirmacionem Regis; Causa per prescripcionem temporis anno viio; Causa per eundem titulum etc’; Causa per cartam domini manerii etc’; Causa quia tenentur ad communem legem ut de honore etc’; Causa quia clamat tenere partem per finem et residuum per cartam domini manerii.76
4310vNota de attornato faciendo; Aliter de piscarie; Regula; Nota.10
Note: Additional text in another hand below main text.
4612rde recto; Recordari secundum consuetudinem manerii sine breviRecordari secundum consuetudinem manerii sine brevi etc’; Anno viio; Causa quia tenementa sunt in manu domini manerii per feloniam tenentis; Anno xio; Causa quia alias compartum fuit per assisam quod tenementum sit liberum feodum ad communem legem; Nota; Anno xvi; Causa; Causa; Causa.99
4712vde rectoCausa in recordari ad sectam petentis et fuit consideratum anno xviiio etc’; Supersedeas quia tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warantum etc’; Aliter quando uxor admittitur ad ius suum defendendum; Attachiamentum super ballivos quia processerunt pendente placito warantie etc’; Anno viio; De certificacione si loquela warantie sit discontinuata in parvo brevi de recto per non sectam etc’.65
4813rde recto secundumAliter de eodem secundum Wayremyn; Breve coram Rege ad adnullandum finem levatum de tenementis que sunt de antiquo dominico.21
4913vMonstravit9Nota; Regula; Monstravit hominibus de antiquo dominico; [Et si le superiour ne fac’ per ceste br’ homine m’ia br’ a vic’ q’ il fac’]; Regula; De eodem vicecomiti; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; Nota; Regula.43
5014rde attornato in brevi de attachiamentode attornato in brevi de attachiamento; Aliter pro hominibus de hameletto etc’; Aliter de attachiamento dam’ quia recepit bona; De certiorandum utrum manerium sit de antiquo dominico necne; Regula; Aliter per que servicia tenetur; Regula.52
5114vDe errore in Banco; de falso iudicio10; 11De errore coram iusticiariis de Banco; De falso iudicio in comitatu; Regula; Aliter in Curia.32
5215rde falso iudiciode attornato inde; Aliter in Curia sine brevi etc’; Regula; Aliter in hundredo; Aliter pro abbate etc’; Regula; Aliter in Curia quando uxor admittitur ad ius suum defendendum iuxta formam statuti; Aliter de falso iudicio pro eo qui petiit se admitti ad ius suum defendendum etc’.61
5315vDe falso iudicioAliter quando loquela fuerit in Curia per returnum brevis et est contra regulam registri; Anno xo; Regula; Aliter de falso iudicio in Curia heredis de loquela que fuit in Curia matris tenentis in dotem etc’ quando petiit se admitti etc’; De falso iudicio in Curia que habet returnum brevium; De falso iudicio sine brevi secundum consuetudinem civitatis etc’.53
5416rDe errore in Banco in folio precedente; De errore corrigendo; Vide plus de errore in Londonia et alibi ad tale’ numerumAnno xviio; Nota; Breve de errore in assisa frisce forcie; Regula; Cum pluries inde; Regula; De execucione iudicii.44
5516vDe warant’ serviciiSicut alias etc’; cum pluries; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter; De waranto de servicio Regis sine brevi; Anno vo.65
5617rDe warant’Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; Regula; De waranto per testimonium senescalli Regis; Regula; Anno xiiio; Aliter; Breve ad procedendum quia non sit in servicio Regis et prius se essoniaverit etc’; [Nota brevia prosidencia non sunt in usu; Nota qu’ attorne per garaunt general ne per’ excuser l’absence son’ mestr’ de co’e con’ en R’]; De clameo admittendo in itinere per attornatum primo die itineris etc’.104
5717vDe libertatibus exigendis in itinereAliter de libertatibus exigendis in itinere; [R’ etc’ non dicatur iuxta formam statuti ut post]; de attornato in omnibus placitis in itinere et ad libertates calumniandas etc’; Regula; Hic non dicatur iuxta formam statuti ut post etc’; Dedimus potestatem inde.54
5818rde attornato generali12de attornato in generali quia prefecturus est ad partes transmarinas; Aliter pro Abbate morante in partibus transmarinis etc’; de attornato generali quia moritur in partibus hibernie; de attornato in hibernia pro morante in Anglie; Dedimus potestatem in generali attornato.54
Note: Top section of page blank.
5918vDe attornatoNota de principiis brevium de dedimus potestatem; Aliter in omnibus placitatis ad libertates exigendas sub calumpniacione; Dedimus potestatem quia languidus etc’; De generali attornato pro Priore Sancti Johannis Jerusalem in omnibus placitis ad libertates prosequendas; Quod Abbas ad totam vitam suam possit facere generalem attornatatum.43
6019rDe custode generali etc’de attornato inde; De custode generali pro eo qui est infra etatem etc’.22
6119vDe attornatoLittera patens ad faciendum generalem attornatum etc’; de attornato generali inde; de attornato generali in Insulis; Aliter in brevibus premunire facias.43
6220rProteccio13Regula; [De certiorando si sit profectus]; Proteccio cum clausula volumus; Aliter; Nota; Aliter in municione castri.42
6320vde proteccionibus14Aliter quia incarceratur; Proteccio cum clausula Nolumus; Aliter pro scolari; Aliter vicecomiti; De revocacione proteccionis; Regula; Proteccio pro clero.63
6421rde proteccionibusAliter pro mercatoribus lumbardis debitoribus Regis; Proteccio de minis.21
6521vde proteccionibusAliter; Aliter; Proteccio pro hospitali ad elemosinas colligendas.31
6622rDe proteccionibusAliter; de conductu.21
6722vde attornato recipiendoAliter; de attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevi etc’; Regula; Nota Merton’; de attornato ammovendo et loco suo alium substituendo.32
Note: Middle section of page blank.
6823rDe attornatoQuando domino constituuntur de removendo alterum et attornatum alium loco suo; De duobus ammovendis et aliis attornandis etc’; de attornato removendo et nullo substituendo; Dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatos ad libertates calumpniandas etc’; de attornato quando loquela que fuit coram iusticiariis retornatur placitandum Cur’ iuxta libertates etc’; de attornato quando quis petitur in auxilium; de attornato per vicecomitem ad warantum in duabus loquelis; Dedimus potestatem quando quis est admissa ad defendendum ius etc’ et vocatis ad warantum etc’; de attornato quando uxor petit admitti et non est admissa.99
6923vde attornato recipiendoDedimus potestatem etc’ attornatum viri et uxor eius et admittendi custodem filiorum eorum domini etc’ in scire facias etc’; Anno xiiiio; De custodibus et attornato in eodem; de attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevi et convenit cum primo brevi; de attornato pro eo qui premunitur etc’ in brevi quale ius.54
7024rde attornato recipiendode attornato quando factum comittitur in equa manu custodiendum et brevi de detencione scripti portatur; Et nota brevi breve quia secundum quosdam non potest facere attornatum in consimili casu etc’; De attornato ad petendum se admitti ad defendendum ius suum per defaltam tenentis ad terminum vite si faciat defaltam.33
7124vde attornato recipiendode attornato recipiendo pro uxore ad defendendum ius suum per defaltam viri sui si contingitur ipsa in facere defaltam; de eodem de attornato admittendo etc’.21
Note: Middle section of page blank.
7225rde attornato recipiendo15Regula; Regula; De recto de advocacione ecclesie.11
7325vde recto de advoc’16De recto de advocacione ad Bancum; De medietur tercia parte vel quarta parte; de attornato; Regula; De advocacione decimarum; Nota; Nota; Ne quere; De recto de advocacione decimarum; Regula; Regula; Assisa ultime presentacionis; Aliter pro Rege; de attornato; De attincta inde.109
7426rUltime presentacionis17Aliter etc’; Aliter quando advocacio alienatur; Quare impedit pro Rege racione Archiepiscopatus vacantis; Aliter sine titulo ut de iure corone; Aliter racione Episcopatus; aliter racione custodie; Aliter racione custodie occasione alterius custodie in manu custodis; Aliter pro rege et alia persona etc’; Aliter.92
7526vQuare impedit18Regula; de attornato in quare impedit etc’; Quare impedit pro alio etc’; Aliter; Regula [unde ann’ etc.]; Aliter; de attornato etc’; Aliter de cantaria; Regula; Nota; Regula; Ne admittas.74
7627rNe admittasNota; De certiorando utrum placitum pendeat in banco per breve quare impedit etc’; Breve inde Episcopo; Regula; Ne admittas quando Episcopus est prosecutus; Regula; Quare non admisit.44
7727vQuare non admisit et Quare incumbravit19; 20Quare non admisit super assisa ultime presentacionis; Nota; de attornato inde; de attornato super Ne admittat; Aliter per rege super Quare impedit; Nota; Quare incumbravit etc’.54
7828rde utrumAliter; Aliter; de attornato inde; Regula; Breve de utrum; Eodem in fiat breve pro vicaria; de attornato inde; Aliter.74
7928vde utrum21Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pro custode cantarie; Regula; Breve quod Episcopus admittat clericum quia partes sunt concordate extra Curiam non obstante prohibicione.41
8230rProhibicio de advocacione ecclesie22Prohibicio de advocacione iudici; Inde parti ne sequatur; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato etc’; Prohibicio pro Rege pro ecclesia etc’; Regula; Pro Rege de hospitali; Pro Rege de prebenda etc’; Attachiamentum pro Rege etc’.88
8330vProhibicio de catallis et debitisProhibicio de catallis et debitis etc’; Inde parti; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Aliter pro Rege inde et parti etc’; Attachiamentum inde pro Rege; Prohibicio de laico feodo etc’.76
8431rProhibicio de laico feodoRegula; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato etc’; Aliter pro Rege; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; Regula; Attachiamentum super Iudicem quando admittere recusat prohibicionem; Prohibicio de collacione scolarum gramaticalium etc’; Anno xviio; Inde parti; Prohibicio de trans’.98
8531vProhibicioInde parte ne sequatur; Attachiamentum inde; Pro Rege; Attachiamentum pro Rege; Aliter; de attornato in attachiamento prohibicionis de trans’; Regula; Regula; Regula; Nota.65
8632rIndicavit23indicavit; Inde parti; Aliter indicavit; Regula; Regula; de attornato inde; indicavit pro Rege; Aliter pro clericis; Nota; Prohibicio de decimis separatis pro Rege.75
8732vProhibicioProhibicio de decimis etc’; Prohibicio et nota valde etc’; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de recognicione debitorum in Curia Xtianitatis etc’.44
8833rDe prohibic’Attachiamentum inde; Aliter prohibicio de recognicione debitorum; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter prohibicio pro recognicione debitorum.42
8933vProhibicioAliter; Prohibicio quando debitum non est de testamento vel matrimonio recuperatus in Curia Xtianitatis etc’; Aliter in recognicione debitorum etc’.31
9034rProhibicioAnno xiiiio; Prohibicio de redditis feodalibus; Nota; Prohibicio de feodalibus et libertatibus feodi etc’; Prohibicio de convencione quod patronus sit quietus de decimis etc’.44
9134vNota; Prohibicio quando Iudex implacitat in Curia Xtianitatis deferentem sibi Regia prohibicionem.11
9235rAttachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de laico feodo formata.22
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9335vDe prohibic’Ne trahatur in Curia Xtianitatis pro eo quod sequitur ius in Curia Regis; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de quadam convencione eligendi Priorem.33
9436rDe prohibic’Ne quis visitet hospitalia fundata a Rege vel progenitoribus.11
9536vDe prohibic’Ne quis intromittat de libera capella Regis; Ne quis intromittat de hospitali quod totum consistit in temporalibus.22
9637rDe prohibic’Prohibicio quando provisor placitat terminarium vel clericum suum super advocacione.11
9737vDe prohibic’Prohibicio de advocacione ecclesie; Prohibicio quando quis trahatur etc’ eo quod asservit se contrafecisse sigillum; Prohibicio eo quis asservit se diffamari pro eo quod testimonium prohibuit veritati.33
9838rDe prohibic’Aliter quando iudex excommunicatam partem impetrantem prohibuit; Prohibicio ne episcopus conferat ecclesiam ante sex menses elapsos; Quod clerici de Cancellaria non respondeant nisi coram cancellaria de trans’.32
9938vDe prohibic’Prohibicio quando defendens in Curia Regis implacitat querelam in Curia Xtianitatis; Ne hospitale Regis visitetur per ordinarium.22
10039rDe prohibic’Prohibicio quando quis post recuperacionem in Curia Regis prosequitur appellacionem in Curia Xtianitatis de non admissione versus Episcopum; Prohibicio de laico feodo.22
10139vAnno xxiii.11
10541vScire facias quare prohibicio non revocetur et consultacio porrigatur; Anno xviio.22
10642rConsult’24Consultacio versus parochianum super emendacione corporis ecclesie; Aliter in causa testamenti; Contra capellanum pro concubina.32
10742vConsult’Aliter de eodem; de manuum inieccione in clericum etc’ de expensis adiudicatis.21
10843rConsult’De expensis ad iudicium in causa diffamacionis cons’.11
10943vConsult’consultacio de diffamacione; consultacio de decimis; Primo die Maii consultacio de mortuariis.33
11044rConsult’consultacio de legatis; Aliter de legatis; Aliter inde parti.31
11144vConsult’consultacio de trans’ ?si de manuum inieccione in clericum; Aliter post appellum.21
11245rConsult’Consultacio in causa matrimonii; Aliter inde; Consultacio de usura; Consultacio de annua pensione.43
11345vConsult’de spoliacione decimarum; Aliter de eodem.21
11446rConsult’De decimis et mortuariis; Aliter de eodem.21
11546vConsult’Quando rector implacitat parochium pedientem ipsum carcare decimas; de spoliacione decimarum.22
11647rConsult’Consultacio de decimis lanarum; Quando pecunia petitur racione defectuum in Rectoria repertorum.22
11747vConsult’Aliter de eodem; consultacio de decima lane bidentis in parochia per medietatum unius anni depascentis; De decimis lanarum vitulorum et lacticiniorum occisorum et moriencium et mellis et cere apium.32
11848rConsult’De pannagis de pullanis butiro casio lacticineo; consultacio de decimis super indicavit; consultacio de oblacionibus etc’ et in causa correccionis animarum parochianorum.33
11948vConsult’consultacio de subtraccione duarum caparum legatarum; consultacio in causa decimarum tempore vacacionis ecclesie subtractarum.22
12049rDe procedendo ad penam interdicti pro cantaria subtracta.11
12149vConsult’Consultacio indicavit ita quod non agatur de advocacione ecclesie.11
12250rConsult’Quando placitum est in Curia Xtianitatis inter duos clericos de decimis et patronus alterius clerici tulerit breve indicavit tunc alter clericus habeat istud breve ad inquirendum de valore ecclesie et decimarum petitarum etc; Anno xiiio; Regula.22
12350vConsult’Nota; Consultacio de non admissione.11
12451rConsult’consultacio de decimis lane ovium per medietatem anni in parochia depascentium; consultacio de oblacionibus in correccione anime diebus festis; consultacio ad procedendum in causa subtraccionis cuiusdam libre cere ecclesie ab antiquo debito de quodam tenemento.33
12551vConsult’consultacio ad procedendum in causa diffamacionis et similiter in causa obmissionis.11
12652rConsult’consultacio ad procedendum eo quod Cantaria est subtracta et ad Cantariam huius ad statum pristinum ducend’; Aliter inde.21
12853rConsult’consultacio de detencione legatorum etc’.11
12953vConsult’consultacio ad procedendum in causa de subtraccione pensionis; Item de anni a pensione.22
13054rConsult’consultacio ad procedendum in causa annulla communis cuiusdam annue pensionis de duabus partibus proventuum ecclesie; consultacio de annua pensione.22
13154vConsult’consultacio ad procedendum quia pecunia petitur racione matrimonii contracti etc’; consultacio de transgressione facta Capellano vel alii clerico.22
13255rConsult’Aliter de eodem.10
13355vConsultacioconsultacio pro fratribus quod possint habere sepulturas et audire confessiones; consultacio pro viro qui pro sequitur pro restitucione uxoris; consultacio de misis et de expensis in quadam causa adiudicata.33
13456rConsultacioconsultacio de repeticione pecunie prelate vel promisse; consultacio ad procedendum in causa de inhabilitate persone.22
13556vConsultacioconsultacio ad procedendum in causa legati pro fratribus; consultacio in causa diffamacionis; Consultacio ad procedendum in causa legati pro eisdem fratribus ut supra.33
13757vConsultacioconsultacio de silva cedua; Aliter de violacione sequestri; Aliter consultacio versus impedientes cariare decimas per loca etc’.31
14260rDe non residenciaQuod clerici Regis non compellantur ad residenciam corporalem etc’; Sicut alias; Attachiamentum inde; De non residencia pro clericis de cancellario et de officio non affirmendo.44
14360vDe non residencia25Aliter pro morante in obsequis Regis extra regnum; Quod clerici Regis non solvant pecuniam ad quam amerciati sunt pro non residencia; De vi laica seu armata ammovenda anno xiiiio R E secundi; Ne quis trahatur in causam extra regnum.43
14461rAttachiamentum inde; Ne quis se transferat; Ne quis se transferat extra regnum ad respondendum super hiis quorum cognicio spectat ad Regem.33
14561vNe quis citet clericum Regis ad respondendum coram summo pontifice super hiis quorum cognicio spectant ad Regem; Aliter parti etc’.21
14662rDe vi laica tantum; Regula.11
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14762vDe amovendo vim laicamDe vi laica seu armata amovenda; Aliter; Ne vicecomes colore mandati aliquem amoveat a possessione ecclesie.32
14863rDe amovendo vim laicamAd iura regia; Ne iudices delegati teneant placitum de advocacione prebende quam Rex contulit.22
14963vDe iuribus regiisAd iura regia; Aliter de capiendo impugnatores.21
15064rDe iuribus regiisQuando rex presentavit clericum et non dum recuperavit presentacionem suam etc’; Aliter quando recuperavit presentacionem.21
15164vAliter prohibicio parti quando clericus adeptus est possessionem; Attachiamentum inde quando Rex presentavit.21
15265rDe iuribus regiisAttachiamentum inde; Ad iura regia ad revocandum inhibicionis post appellacionem factam contra clericum Regis.22
15365vDe iuribus regiisAttachiamentum per corpus quando rex recuperaverit presentacionem; Commissio ad capiendo impugnatores.22
15466rDe iuribus regiisAttachiamentum pro alio quam pro Rege ad modum prohibicionis Regis quando primo habuit prohibicionem etc’.11
15566vDe iuribus regiisAnno xvo; Prohibicio ne quis citet clericum Regis ad respondendum extra regnum de beneficio per Regem collato in Curia Regis discusso; Attachiamento post recuperacionem in Curia Regis de presentacione; [null].44
15767vDe excommunicato capiendo26De excommunicato capiendo etc’; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Sicut alias; Sicut pluries.63
15868rDe excommunicato deliberandoRegula; De excommunicato de liberando quia exposuit caucionem; Attachiamentum inde; Regula.22
15968vDe excommunicato deliberandoDe excommunicato deliberando etc’ Aliter; Regula; De caucione admittenda Episcopo; Quod si Episcopus nolit pacere fiat breve vicecomiti sic Anno xxiiii; [null].43
16069rDe excommunicato deliberandoEt fiat attachiamentum ut in precedente folio; De caucione pignoraticia admittenda antequam deliberetur; Deliberando per caucionem idoneam licet caucionem pignoratam non inveniat et debet fieri post breve precedens.33
16169vDe excommunicato recapiendoRegula; Nota quod est caucio realis vel pignoraticia que idem est quod fideiussoria vel iuratoria; De excommunicato recapiendo; Aliter; Supersedeas de capiendo corpus pendente placito attachiamenti.32
16270rProhibicioNota; Aliter pro clericis; Aliter ad significacionem Cancellari Oxon’; Supersedeas pendente appellacione etc’.31
16370vSupersedeas in le significavit; De terris clerico purgato restituendisAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter supersedeas ubi pars exhibuit litteras bullatas papales etc’; Nota; Nota; De terris tenementis bonis et catallis clerici purgati restituendis; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter de eodem.81
16471rDe clerico coniuncto cum a prisona Regis erit deliberatusEt possunt brevia ista dirigi Esc’ vicecomiti maiori constabulariis Aldermannis vel ballivis etc’; Regula; De clerico coniuncto Episcopo vel eius comissario liberando; De abstracto ab ecclesia restituendo etc’; [null].44
16571vScire faciasScire facias quare non debet supersederi capcioni pendente appellacione et excommunicato capto deliberando per manucapcionem; Supersedeas super le scire facias quia pars non venit; Scire facias ad denunciacionem vicarii generalis et ad excommunicatum in Cancellaria ducendum sub salva custodia.33
16672rScire faciasRegula; Significavit inde Iusticiariis ad procedendum in placitis pendentibus non obstante excommunicacione si qua allegatur coram eis.11
16772vDe recapiendo excommunicatumDe excommunicato capto per manucapcionem dimisso certum recapiendo eo quod non venit in Cancellarium; Supersedeas capcioni corporis excommunicati versus ad certum diem.22
16873rsupersedeas capcioni corporisScire facias quare consultacio non debeat concedi prohibicionem.11
16973vDe apostota capiendoDe apostota capiendo; aliter de eodem; Quod extra.32
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17174vDe vasto27De vasto in dotem versus mulierem; Regula; de attornato inde; Aliter ut de iure ecclesie; Aliter versus mulierem et virum; Regula; Aliter versus mulierem quando recuperavit dotem versus extraneum et postea facit vastum; Quando vir et mulier tenuerunt de Rege et Rex concessit reversionem; Aliter versus tenentem in dotem ex assignacione heredis.73
17275rDe vastoAliter versus tenentem in dotem de dono viri sui de assensu patris etc’; Nota de molendinis et vivariis; Regula; De vasto versus custodem etc’.21
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17375vDe vastoAliter versus executores post mortem custodis; Breve de inquirendo de vasto facto in custodia per Regem dimissa; de attornato inde; De vasto facto per tententem per legem Anglie; de attornato inde; Aliter quando reversio tenementorum tentorum per legem Anglie conceditur homini etc’; Hic ille qui prius tenuit per legem Anglie efficitur tenentes ad terminum vite eo quod non potest tenere per legem Anglie de alio quam de herede.75
17476rAd terminum vite vel annorum; Aliter; Nota; Nota; Regula.21
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17576vDe vastode attornato inde; Aliter pro abbate; Aliter; Aliter versus executores; Quando vir et uxor faciunt vastum de tenementis dimissis in brevi; Quando uxor facit vastum de tenementis dimissis sibi et viro suo et heredibus viri; Quando vir facit vastum de tenementis dimissis sibi et uxori et heredibus de corpore uxoris; de tenemento que tenetur de proparte alienus per particionem; Aliter de eodem; Quando tenens ad terminum vite dimittit alicui statum suum.106
17677rDe vastoQuando tenens ad terminum vite vendidit alicui statum suum et ille alii de vasto versus tercium tenentem; Nota breve in causa N dimisit S ad terminum annorum S executores sui dimittunt ad eundem terminum predictus N concessit reversionem P et ipse M que sequitur; Aliter R di W et M uxori eius qui concessit statum suum I et heres suus dum T frater et heres fecit vastum; Aliter M di A et M uxori eius ad vitam amborum mort’ A M et T secundus vir di P et ipse I pref’ M concessit reversionem R; In assignacione quando heres concedit ten’ que dabantur patri et matri et heredibus patris; R concessit J et A uxori eius ad vitam suam q remanere ?F ad vitam suam et post remaner’ rectis her’ ipsius I ?vir ei consang’ predicti J conc’; in assignacione quando P dimittit ad terminum vite et postea concedit reversionem.64
17777vDe vastoIn assignacione quando pater dimisit ad vitam et filius concedit reversionem; Breve de vasto in feodo talliato per finem; De vasto contra tenentem per le Elegit etc’ pro dampnis adiudicatis; Aliter de eodem pro CC h’ recognito; Aliter versus executores; in assignacione post mortem tenentis ad vitam in le remanere; Aliter quando ille in remanere concedit reversionem.74
17878rDe vastoAliter A du B et post conc’ rever’ I et idem I conc’ rever’ prefato A et P uxori eius per finem et her’ de corpore etc’; Aliter in assignacione; Aliter in le remanere; Quando tenens bastardus fuit et obiit sine herede de vasto pro domino cui spectat escaeta; De vasto pro indiviso; Regula; Nota; De particione facienda; Aliter.73
17978vde particione facienda28Regula; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter in Londonia; Regula; Anno xxo; De estreppamento.43
18079rDe estreppamentoRegula; De estreppamento quod debet fieri in banco nisi tempore vacacionis; Aliter; Aliter de estreppamento.31
18280rde homine replegiando29De homine replegiando; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Pluries inde; Attachiamento inde; Aliter in conclusione.73
18380vDe homine replegiandoDe replegiando homines quem ille qui cepit clamat nativum et fugutivum suum; Regula; aliter de eodem; Quando ille qui cepit clamat habere custodiam capti.32
18481rDe WithernamioRegula; Nota; De homine capiendo in Withernam’; De homine replegiando infra libertatem quinque portuum; Replegio de homine capto pro trans’ in foresta.33
18581vDe parco replegiandoRegula statuti E tercii anno post capitulo ixo; Nota; Regula; Regula; Replegio de parco.11
18682rde averiis replegiandis30De averiis replegiandis; Sicut alias; cum pluries; Regula; Attachiamentum post le sicut alias ante cum pluries; Regula; Aliter pro executoribus; de attornato inde; cum pluries; de attornato pro executoribus ?s’; Inter A et B executores testamenti C et D de averiis ?que fuer’ eiusdem C capt’ etc’ E io’ ?ti’ precip’ etc’.98
18782vde averiis replegiandis31Attachiamentum; Regula; Non omittas propter libertatem; Aliter; Sicut alias inde; Regula.43
18883rDe Withernamio32De averiis captis in Withernamium; Aliter; Aliter de catallis in vetito namio captis; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Non omittas in Withernamio; Et possunt brevia predicta fieri sicut alias; Regula; De execucione facienda in Withernamium.104
18983vDe WithernamioAliter de Withernamio; Replegio non obstante advocacione averiorum vel catallorum.21
19084rBreve coronatoribus ad deliberandum breve vicecomiti quando primum frangitur etc’; Nota; [null].22
19184vpone de averiisPone de averiis pro petente s.b.t.; Regula; Pone pro defendente s.l. supra; Causa pro defendente; W ii capitulo iio; Regula; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente; Regula; Pone pro petente s.l.t’. in Curia per returnum bris.138
19285rpone de averiisCausa pro petente s.l.t’. quando loquela est in curia alterius qu’ Reg’ per returnum brevis ?y; Causa pro defendente in Curia per returnum brevis; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro petente; Nota; Causa pro petente; Causa pro petente et defendente secundum diversas conclusiones; Causa pro petente; de attornato quando ballivus dicit quod non potest respondere sine domino; Regula; Nota.88
19385vRecordari de averiis in comitatuNota Regulam; Causa pro defendente in le Pone; Not versus; Recordari de averiis in comitatu; Regula; Causa pro defendente; Nota; Et possunt cause superscripte in le pone poni in Recordari set non omnes; Aliter; Recordari in Curia quod fit cum causa sive fuerit pro petente sive pro defendente.65
19486rRecordari de averiis in CuriaCausa; Aliter ad Wappentachium hundredum vel trithingum; Causa; Causa; De recapcione averiorum ante le pone; De recapcione averiorum post le pone.65
19586vDe recapcione averiorumAliter in Curia per returnum brevis et quando loquela fuit retornata placitandum iuxta libertates; Aliter post le Recordari in Curia; De recapcione averiori post le Recordari; Aliter; Regula; De inquirendo de proprietate averiorum.52
19687rDe nativis habendis33De nativis habendis; Regula; Regula; Regula; Quando manserit per minus temporis; Regula; Pone de nativis; Regula; De libertate probanda; Aliter pro seisina; De auxilio habendo ad distringendos villanos; De villanis Regis subtractis et reducendis.76
19787vDe auxilio habendo etc’; et scutagio levandoDe auxilio habendo ad primogenitum filium maritandum W primo capitulo xxxvto; Regula; De scutagio habendo quia fuit in servicio per certificacionem constabularii; Commissio ad levandum scutagium pro Rege.33
19888rDe scutagio levando; De moderata misericordia34De moderata misericordia capienda quod nullus liber homo etc’ amerciatur secundum quantitatem delicti; Attachiamentum inde.22
19988vDe minisRegula; De minis; Regula; Nota; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter infra libertatem quinque portuum; De minis de nova forma.43
20089rDe minisAliter vicecomiti et de nova forma.10
20189vDe trans’ in comitatu35De trans’ in comitatu; De ovibus ad terminum pascendis traditis fugatis; Quando creditor recusat liberare pignora; De fossati fracto; De tauro ad terminum tradito fugato; De bonis asportatis pro executoribus; De vaccis imparcatis quod fetus abortivos fecerunt; De wallia fracta; De equis abductis ab loca ignota; De carta fracta.1010
20290rDe trans’ in comitatuDe ovibus imparcatis quod interierunt; Coram Iusticiariis de custode admisso.22
20390vDe trans’ ad BancumDe trans’ coram rege sive in Banco; De imprisonamento; Aliter quousque finem fecit; de attornato de trans’; Aliter coram Rege; De custode admisso pro puero infra etatem etc’; De clauso fracto arboribus succisis vivariis piscatis servientibus verberatis; De pullis esparvariorum captis; De warrenna fugata; Aliter de clauso; Aliter de parco; Aliter de parco et chacea; Aliter.137
20491rDe trans’Regula; De libera et bladis depastis; De solo fosso et carbonibus maritimis asportatis; De equo et catallis arestatis quousque finem fecerit; De domo fracta et maeremio asportato; Pro executoribus de bonis testatoris asportatis; De scripto per quod Abbas tenetur mulieri in victu etc’ fracto; De piscaria piscata herba falcata solo fosso et herba depasta; De arboribus succisis messis et herbis falcatis ac aliis bladis et herbis depastis.88
20591vDe trans’De transgressione facta uxori ante matrimonium; De equo per ferrone claudicato; De clavo in vivo pedis equi infixo; De navi abducta et catallis asportatis; De bladis et germinibus vinearum depastis; De bladis herba et germinibus bosci cedui; De stagno fracto quod aqua inundavit vivarium; De equis et catallis et pecunia munerata asportatis et abductis; De manso obsesso quod terra remansit inculta et averiis imparcatis; De domo fracta et prisone abducto.1010
20692rDe trans’De brevi Regis in luto proiecto; De imprisonamento [etc.]; Aliter; Aliter; De prefato in Curia Xtianitatis secut’ contra prohibicionem; De nativis cippis positis et abductis; De bladis inundatis et arboribus radicitus emissis; De vino de dolio extracto et aqua maritima impleto; de palis ex transverso ponitis per quod navis submersa fuit.97
20792vDe trans’De piscaria piscata herba falcata depasta et terra fossa; De domo fracta arboribus succisis et catallis asportatis et averiis de caruca imparcatis; De clauso fracto et bladis in garbis et feno depasto; De feno depasto; De arundine messa et asportata; De lapide molari fracto; De stagno molendini fracto; Nota; De domibus et catallis combustis; De ovibus tonsis et lana asportata; De imprisonato ab uno loco ad alium ducto et imprisonato; De ovibus uno loco captis usque aliud fugatis et imparcatis; De exclusis fractis et maeremio in minutas partes secto et terra inundata; De exclusis stagni molendini fractis.1313
20893rDe trans’De cippis fractis et nativo abducto; De equo percusso quod equitans fregit duas costas; Aliter de curacione equi pro qua interiit; De oculo eruto; Pro custode hospitalis de bonis predecessoris ipsorum asportatis; De eodem pro abbate; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem tempore vacata; De warenna fugata bosco ingresso pullis esparvariorum captis et catallis asportatis; De ovibus fugatis.106
20993vDe trans’De porcis fugatis quod interierunt; De tibia morsa cum cane; De fossato terra impleto per cuius inundacionem amisit terram; Aliter de eodem; Quando dimissor ingreditur tenementum post mortem etc’ infra termini in retarda execucionis testi; De uxore abducta cum bonis viri; De veneno in cibos posito; De matrimoniis arestatis quousque amisit proficuum nundinarum.87
21094rDe trans’De averiis ad loca ignota fugatis; De averiis fugatis de uno comitatu in alium; Ne distrincciones fiant aut communi via vel extra feodum; Aliter; Marl’ capitulo xiiiio; Nota; aliter de eodem; Ne quis distringatur per averia carucarum vel per oves suas etc’; Aliter; Aliter; Quod nullus attachietur ad respondendum super contractibus etc’ extra ballivam seu potestatem factis.106
21194vDe trans’Attachiamentum inde; De carectis equis etc’ contra statutum Westm’ primum captis ad cariagium faciendum; Nota; De trans’ pro executoribus de bonis testatoris in vita asportatis; Nota; De averiis in regia via captis ut supra; De massa ferrea super talum proiecta; De herede maritata; De canonico capto et abducto; De capto per statutum mercatorum deliberato non satisfacto debito.88
21295rDe trans’Si vicecomes amoveatur fiat breve alio vicecomiti supra; Si A et C pone D nuper vic’ N com’ predicti etc’; Contra vicecomitem quando retornat quod quis non est inventus v’ mora’ fecit; Regula; Aliter pro eo quod permisit imprisonatum abire non satisfacto Regi nec parti; De clauso fracto et Commonacho abducto; De trans’ pro Rege; De sepibus fractis; De lino et canabo in aqua ?ponite quod piscis interiit; De feno prostrato et de pasto; De clauso [h]ostiis et fenestris fractis.109
21395vDe trans’De homine insecuto et in domum obsesso; De imprisonato et Nota bene; De trans’ de averiis captis per quod terra remansit inculta; Nota breve diligent’.22
21496rDe trans’De imprisonamento quousque concessit reversionem; Aliter quousque fecerit recognicionem statuti mercatorum; De bladis inundatis pro defectu reparacionis riparum.32
21596vDe trans’De compedibus minis strictis per quod claudus efficitur; De trans’ quia prelatus distringitur per equitaturam; Aliter pro persona que distringitur in feodo ecclesie; Pro prebendario de nativo rescusso.43
21697rDe trans’Aliter pro Abbate de catallis felonis captis et asportatis; Attachiamentum etc’; Nota; Trans’ de Wayfs et Strays.32
21797vDe trans’Nota; De wrecco maris; De theolonio in foro; Aliter de feria; De falda etc’; De visu franciplegii impedito.54
21898rDe trans’De gurgite etc’; De trans’ pro illo qui habet retornum omnium brevium infra honorem; De pillorio fracto.33
21998vDe trans’De vino extracto pro custode sine magisterio navis; De excommunicato capto et abducto; De postibus et palis fractis per quod minera cecidit; De veniendo in cancellaria pro transgressione facta clerico cancellarii; Regula; Quod tenentes non audent morari super ten’ suis ad dampnum domini etc’; De imprisonato ab uno loco ad alium ducto et imprisonato quousque fecerit obligacionem; De curacione brachii per quod in curabile devenit; De leproso ammovendo.88
22099rDe trans’De attachiamento fracto facto per ballivum Regis; [vel sic]; De haiis succisis et sepibus fractis; Aliter; Aliter de sewera; Aliter de wallia; Trans’ panis et cervisie; Aliter.84
22199vDe trans’De furcis fractis; De pillorio fracto; Quod hospitatores teneantur custodire bona hospitantis; Quando quis depredatus est in hospicio transeundo per patriam; Quare usi sunt mistera tannatoris infra libertatem ville de Rypon’ absque licencia.55
222100rDe trans’De parco fracto et averiis abductis; De prohibicio contemptibilitatis proiecta et non parendo mandato Regis; De equo in debite custodite; De equo conducto in tantum fatigato quod interiit; De lino et canabo ?p in stagno etc’; Regula supra de eodem; aliter de eodem; De transgressione facta femine; Aliter commonacho; Regula.85
223100vDe trans’Regula; Versus Abbatem et monachum; De attachiamento fracto quando capitur per breve; Quando ballivus impeditur ad averia replegianda; De homine imprisonato quousque manucaptores invenerit quod non obiret; De equo percuciente indebite custodito; De ovibus indebite custoditis; De trans’ et Nota casum.66
224101rDe trans’De nave dirupta; De cato in columbare proiecto; Aliter de columbis captis; Aliter de clauso et columbare fractis; Aliter; De quarera fossata et petris asportatis; De minera fossa et carbonis asportatis; De trans’ quia manucepit custodire blada absque consultacione; De morbo petre assumpto ad sanandum etc’.96
Note: Additional text in another hand below main text.
225101vDe pressura procisera; De libero tauro abducto; De imprisonato quousque sacrum prestitisset de cursum redd’ mesuagium cum carta etc’; De pomis et piris; De tot florenis auri; De conversa verberata; De fossato impleto et bladis in orreo submersis; De turbis fossis et arboribus evulsis; De sigillo carte fracto; De trans’ de mercandisis.1010
226102rde attachiamento fracto; De contribuendo reparacioni molendini; De instrumentis ad capiendum piscem sectis; De imprisonamento quousque remisset duas pensiones et fecerit obligacionem etc’; De feria impedit’; De castro etc’ fract’ et ministris impeditis ad negocia facienda.66
227102vDe sewera fracta; De ponte fracto et maeremio inde proiecto ac ripa fossa etc’; De trans’ pro Abbate Westm’ de feria.33
228103rDe trans’ de rescussu36De parco fracto et averiis abductis quo p’ dum capiuntur; Aliter per servientem ut ?sar’; Aliter pro custode celle; Aliter pro defalta; Aliter pro amerciamento; Aliter pro averiis pro debito pro summonicionem scaccarii ad opus Regine virtute returni de omnibus brevibus concessis exactis; Apud E anno viiio; Aliter; Aliter pro consuetudinibus etc’.92
229103vDe rescussuDe rescussu de averiis etc’; Pro servientem; Pro consuetudinibus et serviciis; Aliter pro eodem; Aliter de averiis et catallis; de catallis nomine districcionis de annuo redditu; Aliter pro collectione decimarum; De rescussu facto ballivo libertatis de hominibus per ipsum captis.84
230104rDe trans’ de rescussuDe rescussu facto ballivo Regis de homine capto per breve etc’; De rescussu illi qui habet returnum omnium brevium de averiis captis pro amerciamento pretextu returni sibi inde facti; De rescussu facto ballivo Regis ?? pro annuo redditu Regi debito.33
231104vDe trans’ de rescussuDe rescussu facto habenti catalla felonum et fugit de averiis captis pro catallis felonum; De rescussu facto ballivo libertatis de homine capto per statutum mercatoris; Anno quinto decime; De rescussu ballive qui habet returnum ad levandum expensas militum de parliamento; Anno quinto decimo.55
232105rDe trans’ de rescussuDe rescussu facto ballivo qui cepit condempnatum in Curia pro debito; de rescussu hominis arestati quousque inveniret securitatem de pace; de rescussu pominis capti per ballivum virtute returni.33
233105vRecordari de trans’Recordari de trans’; Causa; Causa; Regula; Regula; Causa; De trans’ contra proteccionem.55
234106rDe trans’ contra proteccionemInquisicio de trans’ contra proteccionem; Aliter; De recordo et processu de trans’ mittendis cum Canc’; Aliter coram Iusticiariis ad gaolam; Aliter de tenore cum billa.52
235106vDe trans’ in quinque portubus.11
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236107rAttincta de trans’Attincta de trans’ coram rege ad certum diem etc’; Nota; Et p’t fieri coram Iustic’ si loquela fuerit coram eis primo; Regula; Aliter de trans’ capt’ per Nisi prius etc’ Anno viiio apud Eboracum etc’; Attincta de loquela coram rege infra libertatem retornata placitanda; Aliter; Attincta sine brevi coram Iusticiariis etc’ Anno vo capitulo viio; De attincta coram senescallo et magistro hospitalis Anno ixo apud Ebor’.75
237107vAttincta de trans’Manucaptores ad prosequendum attinctam in brevi de trans’.11
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238108rDe decepcioneDe decepcione de brevi impetrato; Aliter de impetrando; Quare impedit; Aliter de decepcione in recognicione facta.42
239108vDe decepcioneAliter controfaciendo sigillum commune; Aliter quando attornatus per collusionem se retraxit; Aliter contra falsum attornatum.30
240109rDe decepcioneAliter elongando recordum et processum in prosecucione attincto; Aliter de decepcione allegando finem levatum etc’; Aliter de decepcione per quirendum litteras proteccionis etc’.30
241109vDe decepcione37Breve de audita querela etc’ de collusis et decepcione.11
242110rDe decepcioneDe attachiamento notarii pro controfaccione sigilli; Aliter de decepcione audita querela; aliter audita querela.32
243110vDe decepcioneAnno xviio; Aliter de decepcione faciendo recognicionem sub nomine alterius.21
244111rDe decepcioneAliter de decepcione faciendo falsam inquisicionem etc’; Aliter.20
245111vDe decepcioneAliter de presentacione.10
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246112r38De audiendo et terminando de diversis trans’.11
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247112vDe audiendo et terminando de trans’De audiendo et terminando; Aliter; Inde vicecomiti; de attornato inde; Dedimus potestatem.54
248113rDe assoc’ in aud’ de trans’Associacio in audiendo; Patens inde; Si non omnes; Aliter associacio ad continuandum processum etc’.43
249113vDe audiendo et terminandoNota; de mittendo recordum et processum brevi de audiendo et terminando de trans’ quia attincta arram’ coram Rege etc’; Aliter contra ministros Regis de extorsionibus oppressionibus etc’.21
250114rDe audiendo et terminandoAliter de eodem iuxta statutum de Marlebg’ capitulo xxviio; Aliter dum in proteccione in obsequio Regis; De audiendo et terminando in confinio etc’; Regula; De rescussu facto ballivo Regis.42
251114vDe audiendo et terminandoAliter in genere; De audiendo etc’ de navi fracta per tempestatem et si bona debeant dici wreccum.21
252115rDe audiendo et terminandohic intercipiatur breve scriptum in iio folio precedente et incipit quia datum e’ nob’ int’; Aliter Breve de ammovendo ministr’ Regis.21
253115vDe audiendo et terminandoDe bonis arestandis ne dissipentur etc’; Aliter de audiendo et terminando etc’; Aliter pro Rege tempore vacacionis Episcopatus.31
254116rDe audiendo et terminandoDe superindendo wall’ et fossata; Aliter de wall’ etc’ in iiio folio sequente Regula; Aliter de seweris in Ankholm.20
255116vDe audiendo et terminandoDe contramando processum inchoatum post mortem capitalis Iustic’ in brevi de audiendo et terminando.11
256117rDe audiendo et terminandoAnno xviio per ipsum Regem et consilium; De recipiendo commissiones proc’ etc’ de executoribus defuncti et de continuando eosdem processus etc’; Littera missa pro mercatoribus Anglie comiti Flandr’ etc’.33
257117vAliter; Aliter; De bonis alienigenis arestandis pro transgressione facta mercatoribus Anglie.31
258118rAliter de wall’ et fossatis et incipiatur in iio folio precedente ante breve de seweris in Ankolm’.10
259118vDe errore corrigendo39De supersedendo execucioni prioris iudicii faciendo pendente loquela de errore in hustengo; De errore corrigendo in Londonia; Supersedeas in secundo brevi de dampnis.33
260119rAliter de dampnis et de liberacione corporis a prisona; Patens ad errorem corrigendum in Londonia; Breve inde vicebus de venire faciendo recordum et processum ac partes coram Iusticiariis assignatis; De procedendo ad iudicum.43
261119vDe errore corrigendoAliter coram iusticiariis ad errorem corrigendum de recordo et processu mittendis; Patens inde; Nota.21
262120rDe errore corrigendoDe ordinando quod bona illius qui sequitur breve de errore non amoveantur ita quod execucio prioris iudicii possit fieri si affirmetur etc’; Quando querela non est prosecutus breve suum de errore quod maior et vicecomes ex officio examinent recordum et processum et faciendum execucionem si contingerit primum iudicium affirmari.22
263120vDe errore corrigendoDe errore corrigendo in hibernia; Nota; De errore in Curia per cartam sine brevi.22
264121rDe conspiracione40De conspiracione post iudicamentum; Aliter de abetto; Aliter de morte hominis; En lieu de cest brief est un brief iudiciel done come priert per la reule suant; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula.72
265121vDe conspiracioneAliter quando appellator est non prosecutis; Nota; Regula; Regula de conspiracione; Aliter; Aliter.30
266122rDe odio et atiaDe odio et atia adnullatur per statutum E iiio anno; Regula; Regula; De ponendo per ballivum; Aliter; Ailter; Manucapcio de trans’ pro in conato coram custod’ pacis.54
268123r41Regula scribitur; De compoto in quinque portubus; in Londonia.22
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269123vDe compotoDe compoto ad comitatum; Pro executoribus; Pro mercatore; Regula; Aliter pro executoribus defuncti mercatoris; De compoto ad Bancum; plegios invenit; Aliter; de attornato inde; De compoto pro magistro domus; Aliter pro Priore tempore predecessoris; Aliter pro priorissa tempore predecessoris; Aliter pro custode domus tempore predecessoris.127
270124rDe compotodedimus potestatem in brevi de compoto etc’; Regula; Nota; De compoto in socagio; de attornato inde; Pone pro petente in brevi de compoto; Regula; Causa pro defendente brevi de compoto; De compoto per communitatem ville etc’.66
271124vDe comptotoMonstravit pro Priore; Regula; Monstravit vic’ Londonie etc’; Nota; Brevia ista non sunt in usu; De liberando captum per le monstravit per falsam suggestionem.44
272125rDe compotoRegula; De recipiendo ballivum arestato pro arreragiis compotis; Regula; De dimittendo arestatum pro arreragiis compotis per manucapt’ ad recitandum compotum coram Baron’ de scaccario.22
273125vDe compotoAliter in Londonia; Aliter; Quando ballivus evasit de carte.31
274126rDe compotoCommissio ad audiendum compotum collectorum denariorum pro clausura ville; Nota; Aliter de villa pavianda.21
275126vDe compotoDe capiendo ut legatum; Regula.11
276127r42De debito versus administr’ bonorum intestati; Regula; Aliter; Aliter.31
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277127vDe debitode debito in comitatu; Aliter; Pro executoribus; Aliter versus executores; Regula; Ad Bancum; Aliter; Aliter; Pro executoribus; Contra executores; Pro executoribus contra executores.106
278128rDe debitoAliter; Istud breve concessum fuit apud Ebor’ etc’ anno viio; Regula; de attornato; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; De debito versus ordinarium West’ ii capitulo xixo; Aliter versus executores ordinarii; Regula; De debito pro ordinario; Pone pro petenti in brevi de debito.95
279128vDe debitoCausa; Causa pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente racione champartie etc’; Recordari anno xvii apud Lincoln record de debito placitando infra libertatem; Regula; Causa pro defendente; Attachiamentum contra ballivos quia tenuerunt placitum post le Pone in brevi de debito etc’.65
280129rAnno viio; Causa pro defendente et breve portatur versus defendentem; Aliter versus administratores; Quod mulieres habeant racionabiles partes de bonis virorum suorum; Regula; Aliter pro pueris.53
281129vDe debitoAnno quinto; Quod mulieres non distringantur pro debitis virorum suorum; Aliter de eodem; Aliter quod mulier non distringatur post mortem viri sui in ten’ que coniunctim ad qui fierunt.42
282130rDe debitoAliter quod mulieres non distringantur in ten’ que tenet in dotem pro debitis viri; Quod mulieres non distringantur pro debitis virorum in ten’ que tenent post matrimonium contractum vel coniunctim adquisit’.21
283130vDe debitoRegula; prohibicio de debito xl s’ sine brevi etc’; Aliter Ballivis; Attachiamentum inde.32
284131rDe supersedendis diversis querelisRegula; De supersedendis diversis querelis etc’; Attachiamentum inde.22
285131vDe supersedendis diversis querelis de convencioneDe supersedendis diversis querelis de convencione; Aliter.21
286132rDe recognicionibus debitor’De recognicionibus debitorum per statutum mercatorum; Numquam ?dram’ pro executoribus de predicto debito; Regula; Aliter ad duos terminos; Regula; Aliter pro primo termino non soluto; de recognicione contra personam; Aliter contra Abbatem.63
287132vDe recognicionibus debitor’de attornato inde coram Iusticiariis; Aliter coram Rege; Quod clericus captus virtute statuti deliberetur; De exonerando ad scaccarium ipsum qui non est heres etc’ nec tenet etc’.43
288133rDe exonerando ad scaccarium de debitoAliter; Aliter; De idemptitate nominis.31
289133vDe debito etc’Quod clericus non capiatur; De deliberando vicarium captum sine brevi.22
290134rDe debito etc’De certificando Canc’ de recognicione debiti; Regula; cum pluries inde.22
291134vDe debito etc’Aliter de certificando; Regula; Aliter non obstante quod prius certifata est Canc’; Aliter de eodem.30
292135rDe debito etc’Certiorari volumus de statuto mercatorum; De recognicione debiti per statutum stapule; Audita querela.33
293135vDe debito etc’43 [erased]Aliter pro illo qui est infra etatem et fecit recognicionem.10
294136rDe debito etc’44De recognicione in stapula; De tenementis et catallis extensis et appreciatis liberandis.22
295136vDe recognoscatSi recognoscat; Aliter; Regula; De execucione inde facienda; Aliter per breve.42
297137vDe secta ad molendinum; de Curia claudendis45; 46De secta ad molendinum in Comitatu; Ad Bancum; Regula; Quod permittat villanos facere secta ad molendinum; Ad Bancum; Regula; de Curia claudenda; Ad Bancum; Pone inde; Regula; Quod permittat molere sine multura; Regula; De molendino reparando; Regula; De aqua haurienda; De grege adaquando.1111
298138rQuod permittat etc’De tauro habendo; Regula; De racionabili estoverio; de attornato inde; De chimino habendo; De falda habenda; De passagio habendo; de piscaria habenda; Nota; Regula; De communa pasture; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Aliter pro ?pro’.118
299138vQuod permittat etc’Aliter pro Abbate persona; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pro Abbate; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter de communa pasture; Aliter; Regula; Regula; De communa pasture; Nota; Nota regulam; Aliter; De scalis erigendis; De racionabili estoverio.123
300139rQuo iure; De pastura admensuranda47; 48De corrodio habendo; Quo iure; Regula; De pastura admensuranda; de attornato inde; De secunda superoneracione Westm’ ii capitulo xo.55
301139vDe racionabilibus divisis; De perambulacione facienda etc’49; 50; 51Sicut alias; Pone pro defendente; Regula; Aliter de attornato; Regula; De racionabilibus divisis; Regula; De perambulacione facienda.54
302140rDe domo reparando etc’Pone de racionabilibus divisis; Regula; De domo reparanda; regula; Aliter de ponte et stagno; De walleis et fossatis reparandis; De ponte reparanda; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.95
303140vDe ponte via calceto et pavimento reparandoAliter; De via reparanda; De calceto reparando; De via reparanda; De calceto reparando.54
305141vDe Warantia Carte; De plegiis acquietandis52Westm’ primer capitulo xxxixo in fine; De Warantia carte; Aliter; de attornato inde; De plegio acquietando magna carta capitulo viiio; Aliter ad Bancum; Aliter pro executoribus; Aliter versus exec’; de attornato; Aliter de compoto.105
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306142rDe plegiis acquietandisAliter pro executoribus versus executores; De acquietando plegio quia principalis debitor satis habet; Quod nullus distringatur qui non est debitor vel plegiis; Attachiamentum inde.43
307142vDe annuo redditu53Regula; De annuo redditu in comitatu; Regula; Aliter coram iusticiariis; de attornato inde; Aliter; Aliter; Regula.52
308143rDe consuetudinibus et serviciis54De consuetudinibus et serviciis; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter in comitatu; Regula; Aliter in Londonia et aliis burgis; Nota.62
309143vDe cartis reddendis55De cartis reddendis; Regula; Aliter in Banco; Aliter; de attornato inde; Pone inde; Prohibicio ne placitum teneatur in Curia de cartis reddendis sine brevi; Nota; Aliter de scripto anno ixo consideratum fuit; Aliter; Regula.84
310144rDe medio56Regula; De medio in comitatu; Aliter; Aliter coram iusticiariis; de attornato inde; Pone; Regula; Nota; Qui medius est paratus ad acquietandum.64
311144vDe custodia etc’57W’ primo capitulo xxiio Merton’ capitulo vio; W secundo capitulo xxxvo; De custodia terre et heredis; de eodem in comitatu; De herede tantum; De terra tantum; Aliter racione dimissionis; De custodia racione custodie; De filiabus her’; Regula; De custodia in socagio; Marlebr’ capitulo xvio.119
312145rDe custodia etc’regula; Aliter de terra tantum; Regula; de attornato; Pone; De custodia in socagio racione custodie; Aliter pro domino qui habet custodiam unius heredis et per altera que est plene etatis; Regula.64
313145vDe eieccione custodie58De eieccione custodie; de attornato; Aliter racione dimissionis; Aliter racione secunde dimissionis; Aliter; Regula; Aliter pro eo qui tenet per commissionem Regis; De eieccione custodie racione Prioratus.73
314146rDe eieccione custodie59Aliter; Nota; De eieccione custodie in socagio; Aliter racione dimissionis exec’; Aliter racione tercie dimissionis; De intrusione in hereditatem; Iter in eodem; pro executoribus inde.73
315146vDe herede raptoDe herede rapto; W secund’ captulo xxxvo; Aliter; Regula; Aliter quando ducitur de uno comitatu in alium; De herede rapto in socagio quando non maritatur.53
316147rDe forisfactura maritagiiAliter quando maritatur; Regula; Nota regulam quando ducitur de uno comitatu in alium; de attornato dedimus potestatem de custode admittendo; Breve inde Iusticiariis.32
317147vDe valore maritagiiDe valore maritagii Merton’ capitulo vio; De forisfactura maritagii sine dimissione; Aliter de eodem quant il tient en service; Regula; Aliter pro executoribus; Regula; Aliter de valore etc’; Nota.52
318148rDe escaeta60De escaeta quia bastardus fuit magna carta capitulo xxixo; Aliter quia racione felonie utlagatus regnum abiuravit; Aliter quia obiit sine herede; Aliter pro felonia; Regula; Aliter in Londonia Regula; De inquirendo.51
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319148vDe inquirendoDe inquirendo de anno die et vasto; De seisina inde habenda; Aliter pro Abbate.32
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320149rDe convencione61De convencione; Aliter; Regula; Regula; De convencione ad dampna recuperanda de apprenticio; Aliter pro herede; Aliter pro assignato; Regula; Regula; Aliter in comitatu; Regula; Recordari de convencione in comitatu; Aliter in hundredo; De pastura ad boves.94
321149vDe convencioneAliter de domo vel campanili; Aliter pro herede versus heredem; De minera plumbi; aliter de decimis garbarum; De convencione pro executoribus; Aliter versus executores; Aliter de apprenticio; Aliter de victu; Aliter de victu; aliter de pastura ad boves; Aliter; aliter de apprenticio; De conservando indempnem versus ordinarium loci.136
322150rDe convencione62Aliter de molendino reparando; Aliter de adeo bono statu; De omnibus ecclesie; De homagio; De capellano inveniende; Nota; De fine levando de tenemento tento de Rege in capite iuxta licenciam Regis.64
323150vDedimus potestatemDedimus potestatem; Aliter quando scribitur capitali Iusticiario.21
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324151rAliter in brevibus pluribus; Aliter quando quis intendit obsequis Regis et quia mulier quamdam et certius impotens et languidis; dedimus potestatem in Quid iuris clamat; Regula; Aliter de eodem.41
325151vDedimus potestatemAliter per que servicia; Dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum in le quid iuris clamat quando tenentes dicunt quod non tenent de recognitore; Quod iusticiarius mittat Iusticiariis de Banco cognicionem quam cepit.32
326152rDedimus potestatemInde iusticiariis suis ut admittant; Nota.11
327152vDe transcripto pedis finis habendo mittendisDe transcripto pedis finis habendo thesaurario et camerario; Aliter; Mittimus inde Iusticiariis de Banco; De tenore note habendo etc’; De tenore iudicamenti mittendo etc’; de recordo et processu ut legatum mittendis.65
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328153rCertiorari volumus capitali Iusticio.11
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329153vDe dote unde nichil habet63Non indorsetur; De dote unde nichil habet; de attornato inde; Aliter pro vire et uxore; Aliter versus Custodem; Regula; Aliter de assignacione; Regula; Aliter de denariis; Regula; Aliter de assensu patris; Aliter in Londonia; Attincta de dote.104
330154rDe admensuracione dotisAliter; Nota in quinque portubus; De admensuracione dotis pro herede; Aliter de admensuracione dotis.31
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331154vDe dote amissa per defaltamPone inde; De admensuracione dotis pro Custode; Brevia de statuto; De dote amissa per defaltam W’ iio capitulo iiiio; De maritagio; De feodo talleato et terminum vite pro defaltam amisso; Regula; Aliter per legem Anglie; Regula; Quod nullus placitetur sine brevi de ibere cum Marl’ capitulo xxi.87
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332155rBrevia de statut’ de attornato faciendoAttachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Breve ad communem legem quod nullus distringatur ad faciendum consuetudines vel servicia que facere non debet; Aliter quod nullus placitetur sine brevi de libero tenemento; de attornato pro secta facienda vic’ Merton’ capitulo ixo; Aliter ballivus; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter per litteras patentes.94
333155vBrevia statut’ de attornato faciendoAliter pro custode; Aliter ballivis honoris; Regula; Aliter ad Curiam duorum; littera ad faciendum attornatum; Quod tenentes ten’ in custodia ex concessione Regis teneant ea quieta ab omni secta; Quod mulieres que tenent in dotem de huius custodiis tenenat quiete ab omni secta; Quod littere de attornato non capiat terminum durantibus personis etc’.74
334156rBrevia de statut’Aliter; Attachiamentum quando ballivus recusat recipere attornatum; Quod tenentes de herede infra etatem et in custodia Regis non distringantur ad sectam faciendam ad Wapentachium.32
335156vBrevia de statut’Aliter; Aliter pro homagio et fidelitate; Quod tenentes in dotem non distringatur pro relevio; Quod Rex non teneatur facere servicia seu debita solvere pro terris que sunt in custodia sua nec ille cui custodiam dimisit etc’; Aliter quod mulieres non faciant sectam pro dote.52
336157rbrevia de statut’Quod tenens ex concessione Regis non faciat sectam; Quod unica secta fiat etc’; De trans’ vic’ Marl’ capitulo ixo; R’ vic’ Wygorn’ s’ cum de communi cons’ r’ ii Angl’ pronesum sit quod si qui in diversis hundredis habeant ten’ non habeant ?notem ?venire ad turnum vic’ ?? in ballivis ?? ?fillt’ ?quersantes ?? proc’ quod non distringas W ad veniendum ad terminum ?tun’ in hundro’ ?? de I vel in hundro’ de S contra for’ provis’ predicte’ Et distr’ etc’; Attachiamentum inde; De visu franciplegii ad Curiam honoris Marl’ capitulo ixo.66
337157vbrevia de statut’Magna carta capitulo xxiiio de visu franciplegii ad Curiam; Attachiamentum inde; pro viris religiosis quod non veniant ad turnum vicecomitis Marl’ capitulo ixo; Aliter ballivis honoris; Breve ad communem legem quod persone non veniant ad visum franciplegii racione terrarum et tenementorum ecclesiis suis annexorum; Pro personis Marl’ capitulo ixo in consimili casu; Aliter pro mulieribus Marl’ capitulo ixo; Regula; Quod mulier habeat quarantenam suam et racionabile estoverium suum.86
338158rbrevia de statut’64Magna carta capitulo viio; Quod nullus distringatur contra formam feoffamenti Marl’ capitulo viiio; Regula; Attachiamentum; de attornato; Regula; Ne fiant plures secte pro unica hereditate inter coheredes.55
339158vbrevia de statut’65Aliter pro unica hereditate; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Attachiamentum; Regula; De contribucione facienda inter coheredes.62
340159rDe contribucione faciendaAliter de eodem; Quod ille qui habet eyneciam partem faciat sectam pro se et participibus suis; Ne unicus heres faciat diversas sectas pro pluribus hereditatibus; Attachiamentum inde; De coronatore eligendo.54
341159vDe coronatore eligendoAliter de eodem quia alibi occupatus est; Aliter de eodem quia languidus; Aliter quia minus ydoneus; Aliter de eodem; De uno coronatore amovendo quia insufficiens est in habitu et alio eligendo; De coronatore eligendo; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; De viridario eligendo.103
342160rQuando viridarius amovetur per falsam suggestionem de supersedendo execucioni brevis et de permittendo excertere officium; De ballivo ammovendo quia non habet terras seu tenementa in eodem comitatu; Regula; De homine eligendo ad custodem petie sigilli pro mercatoribus ordinati.32
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343160vbrevia de statut’quod vicecomes ponat magis propinquos etc’ in inquisicionibus; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; Ne capiantur fines pro pulcre placitando Marl’ capitulo xmo; Aliter; Regula; Attachiamentum inde super vicecomitem.54
344161rbrevia de statut’Attachiamentum inde super ballivum; de attornato inde; Quod Barones non ponantur in assisis; Quod homines perpetuo languidi non ponantur in assisis W secund’ capitulo xxxviiio; Quod clerici non ponantur in assisis; Quod homines in patria non commorantes non ponantur in assisis; Quod homines etatem lxx annorum excedentes non ponantur in assisis; Attachiamentum inde.88
345161vbrevia de statut’Quod homines quadraginta solidatas terre non habentes non ponantur in assisis; Quod homines centum solidatas redditus non habentes non ponantur in assisis extra comitatum; Attachiamentum inde super ballivos; Quod homines de antiquo dominico non ponantur in assisis.44
346162rbrevia de statutoAliter; Aliter de eodem; Quod tenentes de antiquo dominico non veniant ad visum franciplegii; De coronatore non ponendo in assisis; Quod viridarius non ponantur in assisis; Istud breve datur per statutum quod vocatur addicio de foresta.64
347162vbrevia de statut’Breve de champertia; De annullando recognicionem per vim et duriciam factam; Supersedeas pendente placito de annullando recogniciones per vim et duriciam factas.33
348163rbrevia de statut’Quod districciones non fiant in regia via nec in feodis de quibus olim ecclesie sunt dotate; Regula; Quod districciones relaxentur usque ad diem vic’ per securitatem; Quod iuratores non capiant de una parte et de alia.33
349163vbrevia de statut’Quod nullus minister in Civitate nec in Burgo mercandiset de vinis nec de victualibus; Attachiamentum inde; Anno xxo; Quod inquisiciones ad cuiuscumque querelam fiant cum Iusticiarii ad partes venerint; Quod panis et aqua inveniantur imprisonato secundum statutum mercatoribus.55
350164rbrevia de statut’Quod nichil levetur pro escapio latronum quousque evasio adiudicetur; Ne quis occasionetur pro adquisicione tenementorum que tenentur de honore; Quod ecclesiastica persona non amercietur secundum beneficium ecclesiasticum; Quod senescallus et marescalli non teneant placita de libero tenemento de debito et de convencione etc’; Articuli super cartas capitulo iiio.55
351164vbrevia de statut’Aliter; Quod constabularius Castri Dovorr’ non teneat aliquod placitum forinsecum quod non tangit custodiam castri.21
352165rbrevia de statut’Quod nimis gravis districcio non capiatur pro debito Regis; Quod non mandetur per magnum vel per parvum sigillum Regis ad communem legem impediendum; Aliter; Aliter quod inquisicio et iurate capiantur coram uno Iusticiario ?placee in patria ubi placitum motum fuerit.42
353165vbrevia de statut’Quod inquisicio capiatur in Banco eo quod placitum specialiter tangit Regem; Ne quis distringatur ad veniendum ad Wapentachium nisi bis in anno ad presentandum que ad visum franciplegii pertinant.22
354166rbrevia de statut’66et visus de franco plegii tunc fiat ad illud terminum sancti Michelis; De moderata misericordia ponenda quere ?sar’; Quod misericordia ponatur per sacrum proborum et legalium hominum iuxta formam statuti magna carta capitulo xiiio; Quando vidua se maritat sine licencia R breve de seisiendo tam terras viri quam vidue sic maritate; Nota.44
355166vbrevia de statut’Quod clerici infra sacros constituti non eligantur in officium; Anno xxxo; De non distringendo prebendarium; Quando Iuratores capiunt pro veredico dicendo de soluendo decies tantum.44
356167rbrevia de statut’67Breve de manutenencia etc’; Aliter; Ne quis occasionetur pro aliqua re facta in prosecucione Hugh le Despenser.32
358168rbrevia de statut’; De ordinacione68Breve de ordinacione contra servientem; Breve de ordinacione.22
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359168vDe ordinacioneContra magistrum et servientem; Aliter versus magistrum tantum; De attachiando non habentes unde vivant quia recusant servire; De serviendo in estate ubi moratur in hieme.43
360169rDe ordinacioneDe attachiando magistrum et servientem qui recessit a servicio pro maiori salario sibi promisso; Breve de escambio.22
361169vStatutum North’69Breve de passagio; Breve de statuto North’ de pace fracta.22
364171rAssisa nove disseisine70Assisa nove disseisine ad primam assisam; quo ad limitacionem vide Merton capitulo viio et W prim’ capitulo xxxviio; Regula; Coram Rege; Nota; Nota; Quando securitatem invenit in cancellaria; Aliter versus maiorem et comitatem; Aliter.64
365171vAssisa nove disseisineAliter pro executoribus; Aliter coram iusticiariis assignatis; Patens inde; De communa pasture; Regula; Patens inde; Regula; Assisa in confinio.64
366172rAssisa nove disseisineIn patenti nove disseisine; Aliter; Aliter; Patens inde in confinio; Aliter in confinio de exaltato; Regula; Patens inde; Aliter in confinio de quadam via artata; Aliter; Patens inde.94
367172vAssisa nove disseisineDe custode admittendo in assisa; Regula; De custode ammovendo; de attornato in assisa; Aliter quando assisa arramiatur coram aliquibus Iusticiariis et postea restat capienda coram aliis pretextu nove commissionis; de attornato in assisa arramiata coram iusticiariis assignatis capienda postmodum coram Rege eo quod Rex est in eodem comitatu; Dedimus potestatem in assisa arramiata coram Iusticiariis que capienda est coram aliis Iusticiariis pretextu nove commissionis; de attornato in eodem.74
368173rAssisa nove disseisineRegula et Nota; Assisa de fossato stagno etc’ nota; Patens inde; Versus; Nota; Parvum breve de disseisina; Regula; de attornato de domo; Regula; Pone de domo.55
369173vQuod permittatRegula; Assisa non datur; Regula; Quod permittat de domo et aliis W secund’ capitulo xxiiiio in casibus quibus; De stagno; De cursu aque diverso; De via; Aliter de via inter extraneas personas; Regula; W secundo capitulo xxiiiio; de attornato inde; Nota regulam de parvis assisis et causam ad removendum loquelam; Regula; De mercato ad Bancum.98
370174rCertificacio assise nove disseisine71Aliter de eodem; Nota; Regula; Certificacio assise nove disseisine; Aliter coram Iusticiariis ad primam assisam; Aliter coram iusticiariis; Aliter; Patens inde; de attornato inde.73
371174vCertificacio assise nove disseisineIstud breve datur loco certificacionis per W’ iio capitulo xxvo in fine quando assisa capitur in absencia defendentis; de faciendo venire quoddam scriptum de quo iuratores assise non fuerunt examinati eo quod assisa capta fuit in absencia defendentis et nulla fiebat mencio de eo.22
372175rAssociacio in assisa nove disseisineAssociacio in assisa nove disseisine; Patens inde; [null].33
373175vTangencia assisam nove disseisineAnno viio; Patens inde; Si non omnes inde factum super associacionem predictam; Ita associacio ad duas assisas.44
374176rTangencia assisam nove disseisineAssociacio in certificacione et formatur super le si non omnes; Patens inde; Anno xo; Si non omnes inde.44
375176vTangencia assisam nove disseisine72Si non omnes in assisa nove disseisine; Aliter; Aliter; De assisa proroganda; Breve de ingressu in le quibus loco [et in natura] assise nove disseisine; Quando Iusticiarius vacare non potest de constituendo alium loco ipsius.64
376177rTangencia assisam nove disseisinePatens inde; Ita post mortem unius Iusticiarii de constituendo alium Iusticiarium una cum prioribus Iusticiariis; Regula; de constituendo post mortem unius Iusticiarii et ad procedendum in iure xxiiii militum etc’.33
377177vTangencia assisam nove disseisineRegula.00
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379178vAttincta nove disseisineAttincta assise nove disseisine; Patens inde; Aliter de stagno et aliis; de attornato inde.43
380179rDe attincta assise nove disseisineNota; Aliter; Aliter quando assisa capta fuit per defaltam viri et vir et uxor postmodum ?arramiant assisam; Attincta super quodam scripto relaxacionis et quiete clamancie dedicto.31
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381179vDe attincta assise nove disseisineApud Bothenyll’ anno xo; Aliter; Nota; Aliter; Nota aliter; Aliter de attincta quando carta profertur ad excludendum querentem ab accione et replicatur quod nichil transivit per cartam.41
382180rDe attincta assise nove disseisinePatens inde; Aliter; Patens inde.32
384181rAssociacio in attinctaAssociacio in attincta etc’; Regula; Patens inde et associacio breve ad revocacionem speciales Iusticiarios quia contra formam statuti Norht’; Anno vito; Si non omnes in attincta.44
386182rDe redisseisina73De redisseisina Merton’ capitulo iiio Mar’ capitulo vii Westm’ capitulo xxvo; Nota breve de redisseisina semper debet irrotulari in cancellaria causa finis inde pendente; Regula secundum Estryk’; Regula; cum pluries de postdisseisina; Anno xiiio.33
387182vDe redisseisinaAttachiamentum inde; de attornato in brevi de redisseisina vel postdisseisina; associacio redisseisina; Regula; De redisseisina de communa pasture.44
388183rDe redisseisinaAliter de stagno; Aliter de cursu aque diverso; Aliter de via artata; Regula; Aliter de custodia dominicarum terrarum.40
389183vDe redisseisinaAliter de victu et vestitu; Aliter de racionabilibus estoveriis; Aliter de redditu unius robe et racionabili sustentacione; Aliter coram ballivis libertatis; de postdisseisina.51
390184rDe postdisseisinaRegula; Aliter post defaltam; Attincta de redisseisina; Regula.21
391184vde recordo mittendis coram Regis de redisseisinade recordo et processu inquisicionis in brevi de redisseisina mittendis coram Rege; Aliter ad errorem corrigendum in brevi de postdisseisina; de attornato in brevi de redisseisina quando est coram Rege ad errorem corrigendum; de recordo et processu redisseisine mittendis coram Rege ad faciendum finem pro redisseisina unde coniunctus fuit; de recordo et processu in brevi de postdisseisina mittendis coram Rege ad capiendum corpus et ad levandum dampna quia non habent in Comitatu.54
392185rDe faciendo venire recordum de postdisseisineBreve de faciendo venire recordum et processum assise nove disseisine; Aliter de recordo et processu de quadam via.21
393185vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisineDe faciendo venire recordum et processum assise nove disseisine eo quod certificacio arramiatur inde; Regula; Regula; Aliter de recordo et processu assise quia attincta arramiatur inde; Aliter de eodem; Aliter thesaurario et camerario de recordo et processu as; Aliter thesaurario et camerario de recordo et processu mittendis quia assisa capta est et iudicium adhuc restat reddendum.51
394186rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisineAliter de eodem; de recordo et processu quia attincta est arramiata; de recordo et processu de dampnis levandis; Aliter de eodem in assisa frisce forcie; Aliter de eodem.52
395186vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisinede recordo et processu inchoato coram uno pari Iusticiariorum mittendis aliis de novo assignatis; Aliter de recordo et processu [?suum] assise [iurate etc’] mittendis aliis Iusticiariis de novo assignatis ad capiendum assisam; Aliter de eodem in assisa mortis antecessoris.31
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396187rde recordo et processu assise mittendis coram regede recordo et processu assise mittendis coram Rege ad capiendum disseisitorem propter disseisinam factam; Aliter de eodem; de recordo et processu assise mittendis coram Rege ad iudicium reddendis; de recordo et processu assise mittendis aliis Iusticiariis ad iudicium reddendis de eodem.42
397187vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisineRegula; quod iusticiarius habeat recordum et processum sibi missa coram se et sociis suis in proxima sessione sua ad iudicium inde reddendis.11
398188rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisinequod iusticiarii visis et examinatis recordo et processu sibi missis procedant ad iudicium; de mittendo recordum et processum assise coram aliis Iusticiariis de novo assignatis.22
399188vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisinede recordo et processu as mittendis ad capiendum certificacionem; de recordo et processu habendis ad execucionem iudicii faciendam versus Warantum; de recordo et processu assise quam Rex coram eo venire fecit mitteri in cancellaria eo quod assisa arramiata de eisdem ?tenentur.33
400189rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisinede mittendo recordum et processum assise Iusticiariis de novo assignatis et etiam cartam quam pars querens dedixit implacitando; Quod custos brevium in communi Banco liberet uxori post mortem viri scripta que ipsi protulerunt coram Iusticiariis in probacionem accionis sue placitando in quodam brevi de debito.22
401189vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisinede recordo et processu assise et etiam quadam carta dedicta habenda coram Iusticiariis in proxima sessione Iusticiariorum; Aliter de recordo etc’ quiete clamancie mittendis in cancellaria etc’.21
402190rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisineQuod tenentes in assisa non onerentur de dampnis quamdiu disseisitores habeant unde dampna levari poterunt.11
403190vDe dampnis levandis in assisa nove disseisineDe dampnis levandis iuxta formam statuti etc’ ita quod quilibet respondeat pro tempore suo; Quod recordum et processum per Iusticiarios de Banco missa Iusticiariis itinerantibus remittantur Iusticiariis de Banco eo quod placitum remansit non terminatum in itinere; Quod recordo et processum mittendis in cancellaria eo quod allegatur placitando in assisa quod breve de altiori natura pendet inter partes.33
404191rMittimus de recordo et processu assise nove disseisine etc’Mittimus de eodem; Mittimus de recordo et processu assise coram iusticiariis assignatis; Aliter de eodem; Aliter coram rege ad execucionem faciendam de dampnis adiudicatis in assisa.41
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405191vMittimus eo quod bastardus allegatur placitando in assisaAliter eo quod bastardus allegatur placitando in assisa; aliter etc’ Iusticiariis de Banco in placito de Warantia carte; Aliter ut Iustic’ ?securius etc’ ad capcionem assise.31
406192rDe residuo recordo et processu etc’ ad errorem corrigendumquod iusticiarii de Banco mittant residuum recordum et processum etc’ ad errorem corrigendum; Aliter; Sicut alias ad errorem corrigendum de recordo et processu etc’.32
407192vDe procedendo ad assisam etc’cum pluries inde; quod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise etc’; quod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise carta Rege allegata non obstante.33
408193rDe continuando assisam usque ad proximam sessionem etc’De continuando assisam usque ad proximam sessionem pro eo quod thesaurarius et camerarius non miserunt ad plenum recordum et processum que vocabantur placitando in assisa.11
409193vDe continuando assisam etc’de mittendo recordum et processum omni assise etc’ coram uno pari Iustic’ inchoato aliis de novo assignatis.11
410194rde mittendo recordum et processum al’ Iustic’de recordo et processu mittendis aliis Iusticiariis; bastardia allegata in assisa nove disseisine missa fuit Episcopo ad inquirendum etc’.22
411194vAudita querela quando assisa arratur contra maiorem et comitatemQuando assisa arramiatur contra maiorem et comitatem ad excludendum ne assisa capta per forinsecum etc’ breve de audita querela; Aliter de eodem.21
412195rAudita querela etc’De continuando assisam quia in obsequio Regis etc’.11
413195vDe continuando assisam etc’Aliter; Aliter; De procedendo in assisa quia rediit etc’; De non procedendo ad assisam Rege inconsulto.42
414196rDe continuando attinctam etc’De tenore mittendo in evidenciam etc’; Nota quod recordum fuit missum in cancellaria et transcriptum eiusdem mittebatur pro tenore in scaccarium et recordum remansit in cancellaria; De continuando attincta quia est in servicio Regis etc’ et convenit cum brevibus precedentibus de continuando assisam; De non procedendo ad assisam de ten’ in custodia Regis exist’ Rege inconsulto.33
415196vDe non procedendo ad assisam de ten’ in custodia Regis etc’Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem.20
416197rQuod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assisequod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise; Aliter; Aliter de attincta; quod iusticiarii itinerantes procedant ad capcionem assise adiornate coram eis de uno comitatu in alium; Quod procedant ad iudicium; Aliter.63
417197vDe execucione iudicii in assisa et redisseisinaAliter de ultima presentacione; Aliter; Quod Iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem in assisa termino non expectato; De execucione iudicii in assisa nove disseisine; De execucione iudicii in redisseisina; De fine pro redisseisina.64
422200rAssisa mortis antecessoris74Assisa mortis antecessoris; [Regula; Breves de mord’ de cosinage de ael et dentre et le breve de neoste aiont limitacion’ del coronement le Roy H ut in brevi Westm’ primer capitulo xxxviijo]; Patens inde; Aliter de redditu; Aliter pro illo qui est infra etatem; Aliter pro illo qui est infra etatem; Regula et Nota; Regula Glouc’ capitulo vio; Aliter causa peregrinaciones; Aliter quando habitum religionis assumpsit.72
423200vAssisa mortis antecessorisde attornato inde; Regula; Aliter de corrodio in Abbatia; Anno xiiiio; Nota; Regula; Attincta mortis antecessoris.43
424201rAttincta in assisa mortis antecessorisPatens inde; de recordo et processu assise mortis antecessoris mittendis; Aliter; de attornato in attincta assise mortis antecessoris; Attincta in quadam paricula in assisa mortis antecessoris.54
425201vDe contingentibus assisam mortis antecessorisPatens inde; Regula; Regula M’ Estryk; Attincta aliter.22
426202rDe contingentibus assisam mortis antecessorisPro illis qui sunt prime etatis infra etatem; De associando ad dubitacionem audiendam; Regula.22
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428203rDe avo et consanguinitate75Regula; De avo et consanguinitate; Aliter; de attornato inde; Attincta quando tenens ad terminum vite facit defaltam per quod alius admittitur ad defendendum ius suum et vocat ad warantum que vocacio contra placitatur per statutum per quod partes descendunt in inquisicionem unde ?arramiata attincta.43
429203vNuper obiitNuper obiit; de attornato inde; Attincta; Nota ?dra’m; Aliter; Regula; Aliter pro viro et uxore versus virum et uxorem de iure uxoris; de attornato inde ut supra; Aliter de attornato; Regula.74
430204rDe ventre inspiciendo76Nota; De ventre inspiciendo; Diem clausit extremum.22
431204vDiem clausit extremumAliter; Certiorari volumus super modo et causa capcionis; Aliter si superstes; De seisina habenda quia Rex accepit homagium; aliter de non distringendo pro homagio; De terra extendenda.64
432205rDe etate probanda77De etate probanda etc’; Regula; Aliter; Patens inde.32
433205vDe etate probandaAliter.10
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434206rQuare eiecit infra terminum78; 79Regula; Quar eiecit infra terminum; Aliter; Aliter; de attornato inde; Aliter; De eieccione firma; Aliter.73
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435206vDe eieccione firmeAliter; Aliter; Super causa capcionis; De inquisicione super certificacione; De amovendo manum etc’.53
437207vDe ingressu ad terminum qui preteriit80De ingressu ad terminum qui preteriit in primo gradu sine titulo; Nota et alier; Regula; Regula; Aliter in eodem gradu; Regula; Post dimissionem sine titulo; Aliter cum titulo in primo gradu; Aliter; In secundo gradu cum titulo; Post dimissionem cum titulo; Regula; Nota.73
438208rNota regulas de ingressu; Dum non fuit compos mentis81Regula; Dum non fuit compos mentis sine titulo; In per et cui; Cum titulo; Per et cui dum non fuit compos mentis; Post dimissionem.55
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439208vDum fuit infra etatem etc’82de attornato inde; Dum fuit infra etatem sine titulo; Per et cui; Post dimissionem; Regula; Cum titulo per; Per et cui; Post dimissionem; Regula; Regula; Regula.77
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440209rDe ingressu super disseisinam etc’83[Vide brevi de ingressu in natura assise nove disseisine folio precedente 176]; De ingressu super disseisinam cum titulo; Cum titulo in Per et sine titulo in eodem; Cum titulo in Per et cui et sine titulo; Cum titulo in Post; Sine titulo in post; Pro religiosis in Post; Regula.76
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441209vDe ingressu sine licensia et voluntate capituli84De ingressu sine licensia et voluntate capituli; Regula; De ingressu sine assensu et voluntate fratrum et sororum; Nota; Nota; Breve quando tenens ad vitam disseis’ et moritur in eodem statu; Regula; De ingressu de Cantaria; Nota de disseisina; Regula.43
442210rDe ingressuRegula; Regula; Regula de alienacione facta per villanum; Nota; Pro prebendario de ingressu sine assensu et voluntate decani et Capituli; Aliter de manerio pertinente ad prebend’ anno xo apud E’.21
443210vCui in vita85De ingressu cui in vita pro mulieribus; Aliter; Aliter de eodem; Aliter; Aliter quando clamat tenere ad vitam suam; Cui; Post.73
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444211rCui ante divorcium; Causa matrimonii prelocuti86; 87Cui ante divorcium; Regula; In le post; Regula; Causa matrimonii prelocuti; Per et cui; post; Causa matrimonii pro herede; Regula; Cui in vita pro herede; Cui; Post.99
445211vDe intrusione88De intrusione post mortem tenentis in dotem; Per; Cui; Post; Aliter quando uxor recuperavit dotem; Regula; Aliter per assignacionem; Aliter de eodem.74
446212rDe intrusioneDe assignacione capitalis domini feodi; De intrusione post mortem tenentis per legem Anglie; in Per; in Cui; in Post; De intrusione post mortem tenentis ad vitam; Per; Cui; Post; Aliter per finem.109
447212vDe intrusionePer assignacionem; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter in le remanere.41
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448213rAttincta in brevi de ingressu coram iusticiariisAttincta in brevi de ingressu coram Iusticiariis; Aliter de inquisicione de quodam scripto de dicto per breve de Nisi prius; Anno viii; Aliter quando inquisicio est capta inter petent’ et war’; Attincta quando uxor admittitur ad defendendum ius suum; Anno xiio; Attincta pro herede ubi inquisicio capta fuit inter antecessorum suum petentem et virum et uxorem tenentes de manerio de E unde vir vocatus fuit ad warantum de tercia parte manerii predicti.75
449213vAttincta in brevi de ingressu etc’Pro coniuncto per attinctam de mittendo recordum et processum coram A et B ad capiendum finem pro terris et tenementis suis rehabendis et etiam pro estreppamento; Breve iudicale inde ad deliberandum terras et tenementa post fine factum.22
450214rDe ingressu etc’89Anno Attincta in brevi de Forma donacionis; De ingressu per tenentem in dotem; Per etc cui; Post dimissioniem; De dote recuperata.55
451214vDe ingressu etc’ super statutum Glouc’ etc’Regula; De ingressu pertinentem per legem Anglie; Regula; Regula; Regula; Aliter pro tenente ad terminum vite; Regula; Regula; Aliter; Regula; De dote recuperata vivente viro quando dicebatur mortuus fuisse; De ingressu per tenentem in dotem super statutum Glouc’ capitulo viio.53
452215rQuando mulier recuperavit dotem et alienatAliter cui; Post; Aliter quando mulier recuperavit et alienat; Regula; Regula; in assignacione per; In duplici assignacione cui; In le post per assignacionem; Nota.64
453215vDe ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie in consimili casu90De ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie in consimili casu; Aliter in per et cui; Aliter in post; Cum titulo; Aliter; Per Priore; Per assignacionem.74
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454216rDe ingressu etc’ in consimili casu91Aliter ad communem legem; Regula; Regula; Aliter in le remanere; Per assignacionem in le post; Regula; Aliter ad terminum alterius vite; Regula; Aliter en le post; Aliter per assignacionem; In le reverti; In le remanere.83
455216vCessavit per biennium92De ingressu ad terminum vite in consimili casu in le post; Cessavit per biennium W’ s’ capitulo xxi; Per; Cui; Post.55
456217rCessavit per biennium de cantaria93; 94Pro herede; Cessavit de feodi firma; Regula; Aliter per; Aliter cui; Post; Cessavit per biennium de Cantaria; Aliter contra personam; Regula; Regula; Regula; De tenementis alienatis contra formam collacionis W’ s’ capitulo xljo.85
457217vForma donacionis95Cessavit de obitu celebrando; Anno xo; Forma donacionis in descendere; In liberum maritagium; Aliter.54
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458218rForma donacionisRegula; Aliter quando omnes precedentes petentem statum habent; Aliter; Quando habitum religionis assumpsit; Quando iter peregrinacionis assumpsit; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.112
459218vForma donacionisNota; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; De proparte; Aliter; Aliter.61
460219rDe forma donacionisAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.50
461219vDe forma donacionisAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Aliter.40
462220rDe forma donacionis96Aliter.10
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463220vDe forma donacionisForma donacionis in le reverti; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter quando habitum religionis assumpsit; Aliter; Aliter; Quando filius qui est heres coheredum obiit etc’ capitulo xi Bamb’.72
464221rDe forma donacionis97Aliter in le remanere; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; Nota.50
465221vDe tenementis legatis etc’98De tenementis legatis in Londonia.11
Note: Middle section of page blank.
466222rDe tenementis legatis etc’99Aliter in burgo; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Audita querela.51
467222vDe tenementis legatis etc’De testamento probando; Aliter in Londonia.21
468223rDe tenementis legatisDe tenementis legatis sub condicione; Aliter.21
469223vSi sit ad dampnum100Si sit ad dampnum de tenementis dandis pro Cantaria.11
Note: Top section of page blank.
470224rSi sit ad dampnumAliter; Regula; Regula; Regula; Aliter in escambium.20
471224vSi sit ad dampnumAliter de tenementis dandis custodi capelle in subvencionem sustentacionis sue etc’; Aliter de redditu dando Abbati et Conventui et Priori et monachis de cellis eiusdem Abbatie ad inveniendum duos capellanos in eadem cella celebraturos; Regula; Aliter de redditu remittendo relaxando et quiet’ clamand’ etc’.30
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472225rSi sit ad dampnumAliter de ecclesia danda capellanis divina celebraturis in eadem ecclesia approprianda; De mesuagio mansioni fratrum contiguo dando; Quod plures divisi tenentes possint dare etc’ Priori et conventui unus in partem satisfaccionis et alius in escambium.32
473225vSi sit ad dampnumDe ecclesia approprianda in usus proprios tenenda in partem satisfaccionis etc’; De ecclesia approprianda que est de advocacione propria; De terra et advocacione ecclesie danda Abbati etc’ que de Rege tenentur in capite et quod ipse ecclesiam illam appropriare possit; De tenementis dandis Capellano etc’ et de reversione concedenda eidem capellano; Regula.44
474226rSi sit ad dampnumIn partem satisfaccionis etc’ et quod ingredi possint ten’ quod nativus eorum adquisunt etc’ anno xiiio; De redditu assignando tribus Capellis in diversis locis celebrantibus; De redditu in escambium; De terra assignanda in excambium pro redditu relaxando et de inveniendo quendam monachum; De redditu assignando pro officio mortuor’ in anniversario celebranto.55
475226vSi sit ad dampnumDe terra danda pro inhibitacione fratrum; De ten’ dand’ ad prebendam faciendam; Concluditur in brevi de reversione concedenda una cum ten’ prius datis; De reversione concedenda; Nota formam brevis; Quod executores possint dare Capellano tenementa legata per testatorem; De ten’ dand’ fratribus ad elargacionem mansi sui.66
476227rSi sit ad dampnumRegula; De obligando manerium districcioni; Aliter quando tenetur de Rege in capite; Aliter quod A possit feoffare E ita quod idem E dare possit et concedere eadem tenementa prefato A et M uxori eius etc’ ut p’z in littera.31
477227vSi sit ad dampnumDe feoffando aliquem de ten’ et de concedendo reversionem dotis etc’ vide litteram; De feoffando et reversionem concedendo ita quod habita seisina dare possit et concedere feoffato ad vitam suam etc’ ut p’z in littera.22
478228rSi sit ad dampnumSupplicavit de reversione concessa de tenementis tentis de Rege in capite licencia non obtenta ut ingredi possit post morte tenentis ad terminum vite.11
479228vSi sit ad dampnumDe perdonacione trans’ de tenementis datis W et I et her’ etc’ et post mortem W quia obiit sine her’ relax’ etc’ prefate I et I secundo vire sine licensia Regis; De aqua trahenda et fossato faciendo ad molendinum de aqua Regis; De antiqua trenchea obstruenda et nova facienda vel habenda etc’.33
480229rSi sit ad dampnumDe assisa panis et cervisie habenda de assaia mensurarum; Quod her’ et participes possint feoffare ballivos et comitatem de redditu quem percipiunt de villa de N per manus ballivorum etc’.22
481229vSi sit ad dampnumDe ten’ dat’ A et heredibus suis quod alius tenet ad vitam suam ex dimissione Regine cui R’ illa concessit ad terminum vite habendum post mortem etc’; De ten’ conc’ ad terminum vite de reversione concedenda eidem ad eundem terminum Ita quod post mortem etc’ remaneant rectis heredibus illius qui concessit.22
482230rSi sit ad dampnumDe quadam domo religiosorum fundanda et terris et tenementis eidem domo conferendis; De prato dando Regi Ita quod Rex habita inde seisina det illud fratribus de Monte Carmeli; De terris et tenementis adquisitis sine licensia Regis post publicacionem statuti rehabendis.33
483230vSi sit ad dampnumAliter in le remanere de eodem; De libertatibus concedendis; Aliter et fit patens inquisitoribus.30
484231rSi sit ad dampnumDe vacua placea Regis concenda; De aqueductu; Aliter de conductu aque etc’; De venella data fratribus ad elargacionem mansi; De semita includenda.54
485231vSi sit ad dampnumDe terra adquisita sine licencia Regis in rehabere; Aliter in le retinere; Aliter ad vitam; Aliter in feodo talliato in rehabere; Alier in remanere in feodo talliato rehabere.52
486232rSi sit ad dampnumAliter; Aliter; Regula; Aliter in le retinere; Aliter de serviciis remissis et quiete clamatis etc’.40
487232vSi sit ad dampnumDe reversione concessa et ingressa sine licensia per quod seisitur manum Regis in le rehabere; Aliter.21
488233rSi sit ad dampnumAd quod dampnum de balliva foreste que de Rege tenetur in capite etc’; Aliter de arboribus succisis et solo assart’ infra for’ Regis; Aliter de trenchea fac’ etc’; Aliter de bosco includendo; De vasto includendo per certam arentacionem ad scaccarium reddendum.52
489233vSi sit ad dampnumAliter de vasto includendo per certam arentacionem etc’ et aliis ad firmam dimittis; Aliter de vasto includendo per certam arentacionem ad scaccarium reddendum.20
490234rSi sit ad dampnumAliter de eodem Patens; Clausum Inde vicecomiti; Aliter; De aqua ducenda per fossatum ad stagnum molendini.42
491234vde essendo quietum de theolonio101de essendo quietum de theolonio; Regula; cum pluries inde.22
492235rde essendo quietum de theolonioAttachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; De essendo quietum de theolonio per cartam progenitoris Regis et per cartam confirmacionis Regis nunc cum clausula licet; Regula; cum pluries inde.44
Note: Middle section of page blank.
493235vde essendo quietum de theolonioRegula; cum pluries et alterius forme; Regula; Quod mercatores extranei et alienigene non prestent theolonium nec muragium etc; De essendo quietum de theolonio per cartam progenitoris Regis et confirmacionem Regis nunc.33
494236rde essendo quietum de theolonio etc’Regula; Aliter per cartam H progenitoris Regis quam E avus confirmavit; Aliter per cartam progenitor Regis et confirmacionem Regis avi; Regula; Quod persone ecclesiastice sint quiete de theolonio.31
495236vde essendo quietum de theolonioRegula; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem; de essendo quietum de theolonio quia de antiquo dominico Patens; Quod homines de antiquo dominico sint quieti de theolonio; Regula; Attachiamentum super ballivos etc’.53
496237rde essendo quietum de theolonioQuod homines de antiquo dominico non contribuant expensis militum etc’; Anno xix; Regula; Quod nativi non contribuant expensis militum etc’.33
497237vDe non contribuendo expensas militum etc’Quod clerici de cancellaria non contribuant expensis procuratorum venientium ad parliamentum.11
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498238rDe libertatis allocandis in genere102De libertatibus allocandis in genere; Regula; Aliter per cartam progenitoris Regis claus’ proiit in spem.21
Note: Top section of page blank.
499238vDe libertatis allocandisAliter per cartam H progenitoris claus’ proiit in spem; Per cartam progenitoris Regis et per confirmacionem Regis cum clausula licet; Aliter per cartam prrogenitoris Regis et confirmacionem Regis cum clausula licet.31
500239rde libertatibus allocandisAliter per cartam progenitoris Regis et confirmacionem Regis cum clausula licet et per concessionem alterius; Aliter per cartam progenitoris Regis proiit etc’; Aliter; Aliter pro Baronibus quinque portuum.40
501239vde libertatibus allocandisAliter; Nota; Aliter cum clausula licet; Aliter de eodem.30
502240rde libertatibus allocandisDe inquirendo de libertatibus allocandis.11
Note: Lower section of page blank.
503240vDe corrodio habendo103De corrodio; Aliter; Aliter sicut alias; Aliter; Sicut alias.52
504241rDe corrodio habendocum pluries sed non forantur super le sicut alias quod precedit; Attachiamentum inde.22
505241vDe corrodio habendoAliter non obstante excusacione; Aliter de corrodio transferendo de uno in alium etc’; De annua pensione.31
506242rDe annua pensione etc’ habend’Littera de annua pensione etc’; De primo beneficio ecclesiastico habendo; De pensione concessi ad scaccariam per Regem.33
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507242vDe inquirendo de ideota104De inquirendo de ideota.11
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508243rDe inquirendo de ideotaAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; De ideota coram consilio ducendo ad examinandum.51
509243vDe inquirendo de ideota105De leproso ammovendo; De viis et venellis inundandis; De onerando pro rata porcionis etc’.33
510244rDe onerando pro rata porcionisAliter de eodem; Aliter de exonerando iuxta ratam porcionis tenure.20
511244vDe exonerando iuxta ratam porcione etc’Aliter de eodem.10
Note: Lower section of page blank.
512245rDe nominacione facta per Regem106De nominacione facta per Regem; De nominacione per Regem revocanda; De admittendo presentatum per Abbatem ad nominacionem Regis.33
513245vPresentacio per Regem et de permutacione107Aliter de nominacione; De permutacione per nominacionem; Presentacio per Regem; Aliter racione custodie; Aliter racione minoris etatis; Presentacio causa permutacionis; Aliter ad prebendam; De assignando stallum in choro.84
514246rDe collacione heremitagijAliter Decano et Capitulo; Aliter sede vacante; Regula; De collacione heremitagii; De inducendo in corporalem possessionem etc’; Aliter ad cantariam; Ista littera patens facta fuit in eadem cantariam; Aliter ad preposituram in ecclesia cathedrali; Aliter preposito Beverlaci; Presentacio per Abbatissam.94
515246vDe presentacione etc’Aliter per laicum patronum; Collacio hospitalis per Regem; De inducendo in corporalem possessionem etc’; De intendendo Custodi etc’; De revocacione quia persona superstes est; Revocacio presentacionis quia prius ratificavit.65
516247rDe ratificacione etc’108Ratificacio prebende et ecclesie; Aliter; Aliter inde.31
517247vDe ratificacione etc’Aliter inde; Ratificacio ecclesie non obstante iudicio pro Rege reddito; Aliter inde; Revocacio presentacionis quia alias presentavit; Aliter quia ecclesia plena et consulta etc’.52
518248rDe revocacione etc’109Littere patentes ad innotescendum recuperacionem Regis de ecclesia omnibus quorum interest; De presentacione facta super recuperacione quando Rex recuperavit etc’; Presentacio per Regem quando nominatur ei etc’.33
Note: Lower section of page blank.
519248vLittere patentes aliorum quam RegisBreve Canonici ad excercendum iurisdiccionem ordinariam loco suo; Littere patentes de conferendum beneficia domino in remotis agente; Littera procuratoria etc’.33
Note: Top section of page blank.
520249rLittere aliorum quam Regis110Littera procuratoria ad resignandum.11
521249vLittere aliorum quam RegisForma resignacionis; Protestacio redeundi.22
Note: Lower section of page blank.
522250rDe manucapcione etc’111Manucapcio pro iudicato de latrocinio coram vicecomite ex officio W j capitulo xvo; Regula; aliter coram ballivis libertatis.22
523250vDe manucapcione etc’Aliter pro brevi suspicione; [Quidam addu’t hic nisi de aliis latrociniis prius rectati fuerunt sed quere]; Aliter de parvo latrocinio; Regula; Nota; Manucapcio pro appellato vivente manucaptore.42
524251rDe manucapcioneAliter post mortem probatoris quia non est notorius latro; Aliter de assensu mortis; De receptamento; De consilio et assensu; De vi auxilio precepto missione et abetto.53
525251vDe manucapcione etc’Regula; Aliter in conclusione; Manucapcio pro iudicato coram Custodibus pacis.21
526252rDe manucapcione et mittendis iudicamentum etc’Aliter de eodem; de mittendo iudicamentum inde coram Rege ad deliberandum iudicatum coram custod’ pacis; Breve Inde vicecomiti ad mittendum corpus iudicati.32
527252vDe manucapcione etc’Aliter pro notorie suspecto; Aliter pro forstallariis; Pro eo qui sequitur appellum.31
528253rDe manucapcione etc’Aliter pro Abbate eo quod maliciose fuit appellatus omittendo nomen dignitatis.10
529253vDe manucapcione etc’audita querela inde G lestrop’; Aliter per statutum mercatorum pro eo quod soluit partem debiti et de parte habet scriptum relaxacionis etc’.21
530254rDe manucapcione etc’Aliter de transgressionibus feloniam non tangentibus; Aliter ad prosequendum de decepcionem et maliciam per statutum mercatorum.20
531254vDe manucapcione etc’112Aliter pro illo qui est captus pro notificacione bulle in cancellaria essendi coram consilium domini Regis in proximo parliamento; Supersedeas exegend’ in brevi de ordinacione versus magistros etc’.21
532255rDe supersedendo de exigendo etc’Aliter pro serviente; [text erased]; de supersedendo exigendo in placito debiti.32
533255vDe supersedendo in placito trans’ etc’Aliter in placito trans’ compoti vel de debiti; Supersedeas exigend’ pro illo qui manucepit pro quodam arramiato coram Rege in Banco.21
534256rDe supersedendo exigend’ etc’aliter supersedeas exig’ pro arett’ coram Custodibus pacis etc’; Aliter supersedeas in duobus brevibus de diversis placitis etc’; De capto per le Capias per manucapcionem deliberando.32
535256vDe supersedendo capcioni corporisAliter supersedeas capcioni corporis etc’; Aliter.20
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536257rde attornato vicecomitis etc’113de attornato vic’ pro profro faciendo admittendo; Nota; De respectu compoti vic’ habendo.22
Note: Top and lower section of page blank.
537257vNota brevia de forma114De lanis de crescencia wall’ traducend’ absque custuma iterato solvenda quia semel soluta erat; De bilanceis deferendis etc’.22
538258rDe mensuris et ponderibus etc’115Aliter; De mensuris et ponderibus ne quis bis puniatur pro uno delicto.21
Note: Middle section of page blank.
539258vDe mensuris et ponderibus etc’Aliter.10
541259vDe carta perdonacionis etc’116Carta perdonacionis se defendendo; Nota; de recordo utlagarie mittendo; de recordo mittendo per Iusticiarios ad gaolam etc’ quia se defendendo; Carta perdonacionis utlagarie coram iusticiariis ad assisam.44
542260rDe carta perdonacionis etc’Aliter coram iusticiariis de Banco; De personacione utlagarie in placito debiti etc’.21
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Something seems to have happened to registers of writs in the last years of the reign of Edward III, something that continued in the reign of Richard II. All five of our manuscripts from this period, this one and HLS MS 53, 165, 155, and 34, are very large: MS 168: 2060, 1373, in the large count in this register, in the shorter count; MS 53: 1755, 1160; MS 165: 1906, 1219; MS 155: 2412, 1638 (the largest short number that we have); MS 34: 2417, 1591 (the largest long number that we have). These numbers are quite a bit larger (using the longer count) than the register that seems to date from mid-century, MS 166 (1271), which was, in turn, quite a bit larger than those dating from the beginning of the reign of Edward III or the end of that of Edward II, e.g. MS 45 (819), MS 28 (941) and Hall’s Register ‘R’ (886). These registers also have a structural feature that they share with MS 166 but with none of the earlier ones, the inclusion a substantial number of writs after formedon, as opposed to a small miscellaneous collection of afterthoughts.

The Summary Contents divides the register into 46 categories which is itself a reduction of the 116 capitula of the contemporary index of the register. These can be further reduced without doing violence to the categories in order to afford comparison with the other registers of this period: Right (9%), Ecclesiastical (19%), Waste (2%), Replevin (3%), Trespass (12%), Error (1%), Criminal (1%), Account (1%), Debt (4%), Rights in land (2%), Annuity, Mesne (1%), Wardship (2%), Covenant (2%), Dower (1%), Writs on statutes (5%), Statute of labourers (1%), Novel disseisin (11%), Mort d’ancestor (3%), Ejectement (Quare eiecit) (0%), Entry (4%), Cessavit (0%), Formedon (0%), Testaments (2%), Ad quod dampnum (4%), Rights of those of lower status (1%), De libertatibus allocandis (1%), Corodies and pensions (1%), De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis (1%), Ecclesiastical additional (3%), Mainprize, De supersedendo (3%), Weights and measures (0%), Pardons (0%). (Proportions that are zero are less than half a percent.)

MS 168 has many of the characteristics of registers of this period, characteristics that differentiate it from registers earlier in the 14th century. Like MS 155 and 53, it devotes a greater proportion of its space to the traditional category of ecclesiastical writs (20%, 18%, 19% vs. 13% in MS 166 from mid-century). They do this by ensuring full coverage of what had been at least partially covered in the past, the writs concerning advowsons, utrum, prohibition, consultation, de excommunicato capiendo, and by providing full coverage of two types of writs that were not much in evidence in the past, writs in favor of royal clerks, and writs concerning the royal prerogative in churches. This focus on the relationship between the king and the church is enhanced by the inclusion of a new category of writs that appear after formedon, what we call ‘Ecclesiastical additional’, administrative writs that show how the king exercises his property rights in churches.

The new category of writs on the statute of Labourers is fully integrated into register in MS 168, as it is in MS 166, and not tucked in at the end, as it is in MS 155.

Sixteen percent of MS 168 is found in writs after formedon, and the capitulary breaks them into categories that allow us to see clearly what is there: De libertatibus allocandis (1%), Corodies and pensions (1%), De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis (1%), Ecclesiastical additional (3%), Mainprize, De supersedendo (3%), Weights and measures (0%), Pardons (0%). All of these we have seen before. We have not seen all of them in one register before. The only thing that is not found that is sometimes found after formedon (e.g., MS 166) is protections. These seem to have been integrated with the writs about attorneys under writs of right.