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HLS MS No. 165

Registrum brevium

1382 X 1394



<Preliminary introduction>

The HOLLIS cataloguing may be found here. The following items are worth repeating:

“Description: 308 leaves : vellum ; 27 cm.”

The cataloguing in Baker’s English Legal Manuscripts, 1, no. 97 reads as follows:


“MS. 165.

“Late C.xiv, 308 ff. The first writ, for land in Lincolnshire, is tested by Richard II.

“‘Slk. AC. MS. 471. LBS’ (C.xx note in pencil); bought from Maggs by H.P. Kraus, 1940; bought from H.P. Kraus, and received on 14 Dec. 1940.

“Early Registers, xxvi.”

The manuscript is approximately 270 X 205 mm.

The informal script is consistent and legible, decorated with red and blue paragraph marks and elaborate initial capitals. There are no illustrations except for two pointing fingers on fols. 215v and 218v. There may be more than one hand at work in the main text. The initial index appears to be written in a different hand from that or those of the main text.

The leather binding probably dates from the late 18th or 19th century and is in relatively good condition. A note on the initial endpapers describes the contents of the manuscript in a quite non-standard way. Its count of the folios is one higher than ours. It is either a miscount, or it counts the fragment following fol. 125, as we have not.

Minor damage to the text includes a missing folio before fol. 93r. The stub of the missing folio is visible in the gutter, but the text carries over from fol. 92v to 93r. There is also a naturally-occurring hole in the parchment of fol. 102 that does not affect the text.

The manuscript has medieval foliation in the same area as the page headers, both recto and verso, sometimes replicated in the lower right corner of the page. In a few places these two sets of foliation differ by one number. The manuscript foliation begins at our fol. 7. Quire 14 (sig. ‘m’, discussed in the next paragraph) is not foliated, so the manuscript foliation loses 8 in comparison with ours. At fol. 238, it starts repeated numbers from 20 folios earlier. It stops at our fol. 247.

Alphabetical signatures can be found in the lower right corner in roughly the first half of each quire, sometimes with the quire break indicated by a plus sign. Only a few of the signatures are cut off. Signature mark ‘l’ (quire 15) follows signature ‘m’ (quire 14), and ‘k’ (quire 13) carries over to it, not to ‘m’. Signature ‘m’ seems to have been made up separately. It begins with an decorated capital and ends with a blank; it is a quaternion in a sea of sesternions. Signature ‘l’ carries over to ‘n’ in the manuscript foliation; signature ‘m’ lacks foliation. While signature ‘m’ is misbound from the point of view of the signature marks, one can see how it happened. Wherever the binder put ‘m’, it was going to break the order.

The quiring is fairly regular, mostly 12-folio quires for the first three quarters of the manuscript, after which it switches to quaternions. The missing folio in quire 10 must be compensated for by a folio tipped in elsewhere in the quire, because the quire itself is regular. The images do not show where the tipped-in folio occurs. The modern front and back endpapers are problematic. They may both have originally been duernions of which one folio was cut out. That is how we have mapped them, though there are number of other mathematical possibilities.

Collation follows:

14 (unfoliated, lacks 1), 26 (f. 1–6), 3–1312 (f. 7–138), 148 (f. 139–146), 15–1812 (f. 147–194), 1910 (f. 195–204), 20–2212 (f. 205–240), 2310 (f. 241–250), 24–298 (f. 251–298), 308 (f. 299–307, plus 1 tipped in at the end), 314 (unfoliated, lacks 1).

The index is written in a script that looks a bit later than that of the main text. The folio numbers of the index seem to have been copied from the headers; both use a distinctive style of numbering by scores. The index uses the writ names from the marginal names in the main manuscript, though in some cases the abbreviations have been extended or changed. The index ends at the bottom of the page with a listing of the writs on ms fol. 98 (our fol. 103v) and the beginning of the writ on ms fol. 99 (our fol. 104r). Some of the index is certainly missing. It ends in mid-sentence. How much is missing is hard to tell. The headers in the main text combined with manuscript foliation continue until our fol. 245r.

After the headers cease, all the writs seem be administrative, i.e., not initiating or processing litigation in any of the courts. These writs seem to deal for the most part with royal administration of lands and churches in the king’s hands. Whether this collection is to be connected with the clerk(s) of the crown in Chancery or with the petty bag, or both, is unclear, but we have probably identified the part of the Chancery administration to which these writs would be of concern.

That this collection of administrative writs is a different collection from what precedes it is suggested by the fact that the quire that precedes it ends with six blank pages interrupted only by one that has a writ on it that seems to be an afterthought. The quiring of the administrative writs is also different. It is in quaternions, whereas the previous sections are normally in sesternions. The hand of the administrative collection may not be the same as that of the preceding sections, although there is nothing about the script that suggests that it belongs in a different period. The collection begins with a decorated capital.

We have discovered only one legible indication of provenance. On the last freestanding endpaper in the lower right-hand corner is pencilled: ‘Slk. AC. MS. 471. LBS’, in what Baker identifies as a 20th-century hand. This certainly looks like a shelf-mark, but neither Baker nor we have been able to identify it. If ‘471’ is to be believed, it would seem that the manuscript belonged to a large private collection, perhaps just before its sale in 1940.

As indicated above, the contents of the manuscript suggest an association with the Chancery in the reign of Richard II. It is hard to imagine that the large collection of administrative writs concerning property in the king’s hand would be of use to anyone except a Chancery clerk. Some support for locating the register in the Chancery is also supplied by the fragment (seq. 259), which seems to come from a writ. The Chancery is a place where there was likely to be a large number of draft writs that never got sent, so that one could cut one up and use it as a place-holder. The conclusion to the Analysis of Writs provides some additional support for the speculation that original owner of the manuscript was a Chancery clerk, and not one who wrote original writs.

There is no date on the initial writ of right patent. The king is clearly Richard II, 1377–1399. That the queen, in the writ just underneath, is Anne [of Bohemia] probably narrows the bracketing dates to 1382 X 1394. The initials of the escheators on fol. 251v look as if they might be real, but we were unable to tie ‘?B de L’ with any known escheator of Derby or ‘R de W’ with any known escheator of Suffolk in this period. The introduction to the Analysis of Writs suggests dates of 1390 or 1392, but it seemed safer to date the register 1382 X 1394. The indexing may have been done early in the fifteenth century, but that is not certain.


Summary Contents

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  Seq. Fol. No. Item  
21–34f. 7r–13v1Writs of right, including recordari 
34–43f. 13v–18r2Writs of right: De recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
43–46f. 18r–19v3Writs of right: De falso iudicio 
46–49f. 19v–21r4Execution of judgment 
49–56f. 21r–24v5Writs of attorney, including writs of protection 
56–58f. 24v–25v6Writs of attorney: De attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevi 
58–65f. 25v–29r7Ecclesiastical writs: Basic 
65–81f. 29r–37r8Ecclesiastical writs: Prohibition 
82–100f. 37v–46v9Ecclesiastical writs: Consultation 
100–104f. 46v–48v10Ecclesiastical writs: In favor of royal clerks 
105–111f. 49r–52r11Ecclesiastical writs: Royal rights 
111–125f. 52r–59r12Ecclesiastical writs: De excommunicato capiendo 
126–136f. 59v–64v13Waste, including de particione facienda and de estreppamento 
137–152f. 65r–72v14Replevin 
152–204f. 72v–98v15Trespass 
205–208f. 99r–100v16Error 
208–211f. 100v–102r17Criminal 
212–218f. 102v–105v18Account 
219–236f. 106r–114v19Debt 
236–243f. 114v–118r20Miscellaneous rights in land 
243–246f. 118r–119v21Annuity, including mesne 
246–252f. 119v–122v22Wardship 
252–260f. 122v–126v23Covenant 
260–262f. 126r–127r24Dower 
262–310f. 127r–151r25Brevia de statuto 
310–324f. 151r–158r26Statute of labourers 
326–344f. 159r–168r27Novel disseisin: Basic 
345–380f. 168v–186r28Novel disseisin: Redisseisin 
381–386f. 186v–189r29Mort d’ancestor 
386–389f. 189r–190v30De avo et consanguineo 
389–393f. 190v–192v31Quare eiecit 
393–398f. 192v–195r32Entry: Basic 
400–401f. 196r–196v33Entry: Cui in vita 
401–408f. 196v–200r34Entry: De intrusione 
409–410f. 200v–201r35Cessavit per biennium 
411–420f. 201v–206r36Formedon 
420–424f. 206r–208r37Testaments 
424–454f. 208r–223r38Ad quod dampnum 
454–459f. 223r–225v39Rights of those of lower status 
460–463f. 226r–227v40De libertatibus allocandis 
464–467f. 228r–229v41Corodies and pensions 
468–473f. 230r–232v42De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis 
473–481f. 232v–236v43De manucapcionibus 
481–482f. 236v–237r44Audita querela 
482–485f. 237r–238v45De supersedendo 
487–502f. 239v–247r46Miscellaneous ecclesiastical by the king 
510–623f. 251r–307v47Largely administrative 


Detailed Contents

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Seq. Fol. Label Header Sig.  
1no fol., no sig.Front cover 
2no fol., no sig.Inside front cover 
  Note: Library markings; HLS Library Bookplate, dated 14 Dec. 1940.
3no fol., no sig.Note 
  Note: In ?late-18th c. hand: ‘Codex legum literarumque ?regiarum Edwardi III et ?nepotis Richardi II. Folia continet 308’. Library markings.
4no fol., no sig.Note 
  Note: Rubbed out. Possibly legible under uv.
5no fol., no sig.Blank freestanding endpapers 
6no fol., no sig.Blank freestanding endpapers 
7no fol., no sig.Blank freestanding endpapers 
8no fol., no sig.Blank freestanding endpapers 
91rBlank original endpaper 
101vBlank original endpaper 
112rIndex of writs 
  Note: Double column in a script that looks as if it dated to the 15th century, though not particularly late in that century. The titles of the writs are grouped with braces into folio numbers: ‘primo, secundo, tertio’ etc. These numbers correspond to those found next to the headers in the main manuscript.
  Note: The next-to-last group of wits is labelled ‘xx iiij xvij’, which probably should be interpreted as 97, i.e. four score seventeen. The folio of the last group is hard to read, but is probably 98. The writs listed correspond to those on writs on ms fol. 97–98 (fol. 103r–v in our foliation). The last line of the index contains the beginning of the writ on ms fol 99 (our fol. 104r). Some of the index is certainly missing. How far it went is hard to know. The headers with ms foliation continue in the main manuscript until ms fol. 210 (our fol. 244r).
217rWrits of right, including recordariPlus sign 
  Note: The manuscript foliation begins here with ‘j’. It tracks our foliation less six (with one error, which is corrected somewhat later) until we reach out fol. 139.
238rDe rectoPlus ij 
259rPlus iij 
2710rSupersedias in brevi de rectoPlus iiij 
2810vRecordare pro tenente 
2911rSupersedias super le recordariPlus v 
3011vPone de compoto per petentem et defendentem 
3112rDe errore in comitatu cestriePlus vj 
3212vProhibicio nisi duellum 
3313rDe magna assisa eligenda 
3413vWrits of right: De recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiDe essonio de malo lecti et de recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
3514rDe recto quando dominus recusat tenere Curiam suam et ad videndum quod plena iusticia 
3614vAd videndum quod plena iusticia 
3715rRecordari secundum consuetudinem manerii; Attachiamentum si procedant 
3815vRecordari secundum consuetudinem manerii; ut sine brevi 
3916rRecordari secundum consuetudinem manerii 
4016vsupersedeas quando vocat forinsecum ad warantum 
4117rAd nullandum finem de ten’ antiquo dominico 
4318rWrits of right: De falso iudicioDe falso iudicio; Ad certificandum manerium de antiquo dominico 
4418vDe falso iudicio 
  Note: Unusually decorated carryover indicating quire break.
4519rDe falso iudicio 
4619vExecution of judgmentDe falso iudicio et execucione iudicii 
4720rDe execucione iudicij et Warrento de servicio Regisa ij 
4820vDe warranto de servicio Regis; De clameo mittendis in itinere per attornatum 
4921rWrits of attorney, including writs of protectionDe attornato generali quia profecturaa iij 
5021vDe attornato generali in hibernia pro illo qui moratur in Anglie 
5122rDe attornatoa iiij 
5222vDe attornato 
5323rProtecco cum clausula volumusa v 
5423vProteccio de bladis pro Abbate et seculari; et de attornato ammovendo 
5524rDedimus potestatem de attornato recipiendoa vj 
5624vWrits of attorney: De attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine breviDe attornato 
5725rDe attornatoPlus 
5825vEcclesiastical writs: BasicDe attornato 
5926rDe recto de advocacione et assisa ultime presentacionis 
6026vQuare impedit 
6127rQuare impedit 
6227vNe admittas 
6328rQuare non admisit; Quare incumbravit 
6428vBreve de utrum 
6529rEcclesiastical writs: ProhibitionProhibicione de advocacione ecclesie 
6629vProhibicio de advocacione ecclesie; Prohibicio de catallis et debitis 
6730rProhibicio de laico feodo 
6830vProhibicio de trans’ 
7031vProhibicio de decimis separatis; Prohibicio de recognicione debitorum in Curia Xtianitatis 
7132rProhibicio quando debitum illud recuperatbij 
8036vde prohibic’ 
8237vEcclesiastical writs: ConsultationConsultacio 
10046vEcclesiastical writs: In favor of royal clerksConsultacio 
10147rProhibicio ne clerici faciant residenciamcv 
10247vDe vi laica removenda; Prohibicio ne quis citetur extra regnum 
10348rProhibicio pro clerico Regiscvj 
10448vDe vi laica 
10549rEcclesiastical writs: Royal rightsDe vi laica; Prohibicioplus 
10649vDe capiendo impugnatores 
10951rCommissio ad capiendum impugnatores 
11051vAttachiamentum super prohibicionem 
11152rEcclesiastical writs: De excommunicato capiendoProhibicio ne quis citet ad respondendum extra regnum 
11252vDe excommunicato capiendo; De deliberando hominem post absolucionem 
11353rDe caucione etc’ antequam deliberetur 
11453vDe excommunicato recapiendo 
11554rsupersedeas de capcioni 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
11855vsupersedeas pendente appellacione 
11956rQuod clericus habeat terre post purgacionemdij 
12056vScire facias quare etc’ pendente appellacione; Breve ad deliberandum quia premunitus non venit 
12157rScire facias de excommunicat’ 
12257vDe excommunicato 
12358rSupersedeas de excommunicato 
12559rDe apposteta capiendodv 
12659vWaste, including de particione facienda and de estreppamentoDe vasto 
12760rDe vastodvj 
12860vDe vasto 
12961rDe vasto 
13061vDe vasto 
13162rDe vasto 
13262vDe vasto 
13363rDe vasto 
13463vde particione facienda 
13564rDe pro indiviso 
13664vDe estrepamento 
13765rReplevinde homine replegiando 
  Note: Upper section of page blank.
13865vDe homine replegiando 
13966rDe homine replegiando 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
14167rRepleg’ de averiis 
14267vRepleg’ de averiis 
14368rde averiis captis in Wythernamiume ij 
14468vDe execucione facienda in Wythernamium 
14569rPone ad averiise iij 
14669vRecordare de averiis 
14770rRecordare de averiise iiij [cut off] 
14870vDe recapcione averiorum 
14971rDe recapcione averiorume v 
15071vDe nativis 
15172rDe scutagio habendoe vj 
15272vTrespassDe moderata misericordia capienda 
15373rDe minisplus 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
16579rTrans’f j 
16780rTrans’f ij 
16981rTrans’f iij 
17383rTrans’f v 
17584rBlank except for header mark 
17684vBlank except for signature marksDe decepcione 
  Note: Top half of page blank.
17785rDe decepcione 
  Note: Here the manuscript foliation switches to numbering in scores (2 x’s on top of four minims), reverting at seq. 219 (manuscript fol. ‘C’ = 100).
18488vDe parco fracto 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
18589rParco fracto 
18689vDe rescussu 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
18991rRecordari de trans’g j 
19091vDe trans’ contra proteccionem 
19192rAttincta de trans’ 
19292vDe audiendo et terminando 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
19393rDedimus potestatem rec’ attorn’g iij 
  Note: Folio missing before this one; see the introduction.
19493vPatens in audiendo et terminando 
19594rDe audiendo et terminando in confiniog iiij 
19694vDe trans’ contemptu etc’ 
19795rDe audiendo de nave in wreccu’g v 
19895vDe audiendo in trans’ 
19996rDe audiendo in trans’ 
20096vDe superindendo wall’ 
20197rComissio de contra ?proteccionem post mortem Iustic’ 
20297vComissio post mortem 
20398rDe aresto super bonis alienis pro mercatoribus 
20599rErrorDe errore in Londonia 
20699vDe errore in Londonia 
207100rDe errore in Londonia 
208100vCriminalDe errore in Londonia 
209101rDe conspiracione 
210101vDe conspiracione 
  Note: Hole in page; text unaffected.
212102vAccountDe compoto 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
213103rDe compotoh j [cut off] 
214103vDe compoto 
215104rDe compotoh ij [cut off] 
216104vDe compoto 
217105rDe compotoh iij [cut off] 
218105vDe compoto 
219106rDebtDe debitoh iiij [cut off] 
  Note: (1) Foliation returns to earlier format. (2) Top half of page blank.
220106vDe debito 
221107rDe debitoh v 
222107vDe debito 
223108rDe debitoh vj 
224108vDe debito 
225109rDe debito; Prohibicioplus 
226109vDe debito 
227110rDe debito 
228110vDe supersedendo de exec’ in brevi de debito 
229111rde recognicione per statutum mercatorum 
230111vde recognicione statuti mercatorum 
231112rde recognicione statuti mercatorum 
232112vAudita querela 
233113rAudita querela 
234113vAudita querela 
235114rAudita querela 
236114vMiscellaneous rights in landDe pontibus reparandis 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
237115rDe calceto reparendo; Curia claudendaI j 
238115vQuod permittat 
239116rPermittatI ij 
241117rDe pastura admensurandaI iij 
242117vRacionabilis divisis 
243118rAnnuity, including mesneDe warantia carte; [Et plegiis acquietandis]; [Warantia Carte]I iiij 
244118vDe consuetudinibus et serviciis; De anno redditu in banco 
245119rDe cart’ Reddend’I iiij 
246119vWardshipDe custodia 
247120rDe custodiaI v 
251122rCustodia; Escaeta ad medium istius ?Latis vide 
255124rPotestatem de convencione 
256124vPotestatem de convencione 
257125rPotestas de convencione 
258125vDe pede finis 
259no fol., no sig.De dote 
  Note: Fragment, perhaps used a place-marker in the manuscript, photographed recto only. It seems to be an extract from a writ concerning land in a place called Upton. The script may be slightly later than that of the main manuscript.
260126rDowerDe dote 
261126vDe dote 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
262127rBrevia de statutoDe dote; Brevia super statutumk j 
263127vBrevia super statutum 
264128rBrevia super statutumk ij 
265128vBrevia super statutum 
266129rBrevia super statutumk iij 
267129vBrevia de statuto 
268130rBrevia super factamk iiij 
269130vBrevia super statutum 
270131rBrevia super statutumk v 
271131vBrevia super statutum 
272132rBrevia super statutumk vj 
273132vDe coronatore eligendo 
274133rDe coronatore eligendoplus 
275133vBrevia super statutum 
276134rBrevia super statutum 
277134vBrevia super statutum 
278135rBrevia super statutum 
279135vBrevia de statuto 
280136rBrevia super statutum 
281136vBrevia super statutum 
282137rBrevia super statutum 
284138rBlank except for header mark 
285138vBrevia super statutum 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
286139rDiem clausit extremum 
  Note: (1) Decorated initial ‘R’. (2) Foliation breaks here, resuming with 133 at seq. 302.
287139v[Cut off] 
288140r[Cut off] 
289140v[Cut off] 
290141r[Cut off] 
291141v[Cut off] 
  Note: Marginalia.
292142r[Cut off]m iiij 
293142v[Cut off] 
294143r[Cut off]plus 
295143v[Cut off] 
299145vRecognicio stapule 
301146vBlank except for header mark 
302147rBrevia super statutuml j 
  Note: Manuscript foliation resumes here. It tracks our foliation less 14 until we reach our fol. 238.
303147vBrevia super statutum 
304148rBrevia super statutuml ij 
305148vBrevia super statutum 
306149rBrevia super statutuml iij 
307149vBrevia super statutum 
308150rBrevia super statutuml iiij 
309150vBrevia super statutum 
310151rStatute of labourersBrevia super servient’l v 
311151vBrevia super servient’ 
312152rBrevia de servient’l vj 
313152vBrevia de servient’ 
314153rBrevia de servient’plus 
315153vC xxxix 
316154rC xl 
317154vC xl 
318155rC xl 
319155vC xlj 
320156rC xlij 
321156vC xlij 
322157rC xlij 
323157vC xliij 
324158rC xliiij 
325158vBlank except for headerC xliiij 
326159rNovel disseisin: BasicAssisaN j 
  Note: Marginalia.
328160rAssisaN ij 
330161rAssisaN iij 
332162rAssisaN iiij 
334163rAssisaN v 
336164rAssisaN vj 
339165vAttincta assise 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
340166rAttincta assise 
341166vAttincta assise 
342167rAttincta assise 
343167vAttincta assise 
344168rAttincta assise 
345168vNovel disseisin: RedisseisinDe redisseisina 
347169vDe resseisina 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
350171rde recordo et processu in rediss’o j 
351171vDe recordo et processu in redisseisina 
352172rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisineo ij 
353172vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine 
354173rDe recordo et processu assise nove disseisineo iij 
355173vde recordo et processu inchoat’ 
356174rDe recordo et processu assise nove disseisineo iiij 
357174vDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
358175rDe recordo assise nove disseisineo v 
359175vDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
360176rDe recordo assise nove disseisineo vj 
361176vde recordo in assisa nove disseisine 
362177rde recordo in assisa nove disseisine 
363177vDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
  Note: Top half of page blank.
364178rDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
365178vDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
366179rDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
367179vDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
368180rDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
369180vDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
370181rDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
371181vDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
372182rDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
373182vDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
374183rde recordo in assisa nove disseisinep j 
375183vDe recordo assise nove disseisine 
376184rDe recordo assise nove disseisinep ij [cut off] 
379185vAssisa mort’ auncess’ 
380186rAssisa mortis 
381186vMort d’ancestorAssisa mortis antecessoris 
  Note: Top half of page blank.
382187rAssisa mortisp v 
383187vAssisa mortis antecessoris 
384188rAssisa mortis 
386189rDe avo et consanguineoDe avo et pro avo Et consanguinitate 
387189vDe consanguinitate 
388190rNuper obiit 
389190vQuare eiecitQuare eiecit infra terminum; Quare eiecit infra terminum 
  Note: Two separate section headers.
390191rAd terminum qui preteriit 
391191vDum non fine compos mentis sue 
392192rDum fuit infra etatem 
393192vEntry: BasicDe ingressu super nova disseisina 
394193rDe ingressu super nova disseisina 
395193vAttincta in brevi de ingressu 
396194rAttincta in brevi de ingressu 
397194vAttincta in brevi in brevi de ingressu 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
398195rAttincta in brevi de ingressuq j 
399195vBlank except for header 
400196rEntry: Cui in vitaCui in vitaq ij 
401196vEntry: De intrusioneDe intrusione 
402197rDe intrusioneq iij 
403197vDe intrusione 
404198rBrevia de ingressu ad communem legemq v 
405198vDe ingressu per tenentem in dotem 
406199rPer tenentem per legem Anglie 
407199vDe ingressu 
408200rDe ingressu 
409200vCessavit per bienniumCessavit per biennium 
411201vFormedonForma donacionis in le descendere 
412202rForma donacionis in descendere 
413202vForma donacionis in descendere 
414203rforma donacionis en le reverti 
415203vforma donacionis in reverti 
416204rforma donacionis in le reverti 
  Note: Top half of page blank.
417204vforma donacionis in reverti 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
418205rForma donacionis en le manere 
419205vEn le remanere 
420206rTestamentsDe tenementis legatis in Londonia 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
421206vDe tenementis legatis in Londonia 
422207rDe testamento probando 
  Note: Marginalia.
423207vDe tenementis legatis in feodo talliato 
424208rAd quod dampnumAd quod dampnum 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
425208vAd quod dampnum 
426209rAd quod dampnumYes 
427209vAd quod dampnum 
428210rAd quod dampnumYes 
429210vAd quod dampnum 
430211rAd quod dampnumPlus 
431211vAd quod dampnum 
432212rAd quod dampnum 
433212vAd quod dampnum 
434213rAd quod dampnum 
435213vAd quod dampnum 
436214rAd quod dampnum 
437214vAd quod dampnum 
438215rAd quod dampnum 
  Note: Grotesque.
439215vAd quod dampnum 
440216rAd quod dampnum 
441216vAd quod dampnum 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
442217rAd quod dampnum 
443217vAd quod dampnum 
444218rAd quod dampnums ij 
  Note: Grotesque.
445218vAd quod dampnum 
446219rAd quod dampnums iij 
447219vAd quod dampnum 
448220rAd quod dampnum 
449220vAd quod dampnum 
450221rAd quod dampnums v 
451221vAd quod dampnum 
452222rAd quod dampnums vj 
453222vAd quod dampnum 
454223rRights of those of lower statusde essendo quietum de Theolonioplus 
455223vDe essendo quietum de Theolonio 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
456224rDe essendo quietum de Theolonio 
457224vDe essendo quietum de Theolonio 
458225rDe essendo quietum de Theolonio 
459225vDe essendo quietum de Theolonio 
  Note: Lower half of page blank.
460226rDe libertatibus allocandisde libertatibus allocandis 
461226vDe libertatis allocandis 
462227rDe libertatis allocandis 
463227vDe libertatis allocandis 
464228rCorodies and pensionsDe corrodio habendo 
  Note: Page mostly blank.
465228vDe corrodio habendo 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
466229rDe corrodio habendo; illam ad plenumt j 
467229vDe corrodio habendo 
  Note: Lower half of page blank.
468230rDe idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellisDe idiotat ij 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
469230vDe idiota 
470231rDe leproso ammovendot iij 
471231vDe leproso ammovendo 
  Note: Lower half of page blank.
472232rDe onerando secundum ratamt iiij 
473232vDe manucapcionibussupersedeas de exigend’ 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
474233rsupersedeas dexigend’t v 
475233vsupersedeas dexigend’ 
476234rsupersedeas dexigend’t vj 
477234v[Cut off] 
478235rsupersedeas dexig’plus 
479235vsupersedeas dexigend’ 
480236rsupersedeas dexig’ 
481236vAudita querelasupersedeas 
482237rDe supersedendosupersedeas 
483237vsupersedeas dexig’ 
484238rEt capcioni corporis 
  Note: Manuscript foliation repeats 204 here and continues sequentially. It tracks our foliation less 34 until we reach our fol. 247, where it ceases.
485238vCapcioni corporis 
  Note: Blank except for header mark.
487239vMiscellaneous ecclesiastical by the kingDe nominacione facta 
488240rPresentacio per Regem 
489240vDe collacione heremitagii 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
490241rDe presentacionev j 
491241vDe presentacione 
492242rv ij 
493242vDe ratificacione 
494243rv iij 
496244rDe pensionev iiij 
498245rForma resignacionisv v 
  Note: Final paragraph unusually indented.
  Note: Blank except for header mark.
  Note: Blank except for header mark.
  Note: Blank except for header mark.
  Note: Blank except for header mark.
  Note: Blank except for header mark.
  Note: Blank except for header mark.
510251rLargely administrativex j 
  Note: Decorated initial ‘R’.
512252rx ij 
514253rx iij 
516254rx iiij 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
526259ry j 
528260ry ij 
530261ry iij 
532262ry iiij 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
542267rz j 
544268rz ij 
546269rz iij 
548270rz iiij 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
558275rt j 
560276rt ij 
562277rt iij 
564278rt iiij 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
574283rq j 
576284rq ij 
578285rq iij 
580286rq iiij 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
590291rl/l j 
592292rl/l ij 
596294rl/l iiij 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
606299rspiral j 
608300rspiral ij 
610301rspiral iij 
612302rspiral iiij 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
  Note: Upper section of page blank.
  Note: The signature mark may be an abbreviation for amovendum. The folio has what seem to be sewing holes on the right side as if it had been originally sewed in in reverse order. Where it is now, the text carries over from fol. 306v.
624no fol., no sig.Blank 
625no fol., no sig.Blank 
626no fol., no sig.Blank 
627no fol., no sig.Blank 
628no fol., no sig.Blank 
629no fol., no sig.Blank except for library markings 
630no fol., no sig.Inside back cover 
  Note: Unlike the front cover pastedown, which is contemporary with the binding and the other endpapers, the pastedown on the back cover is medieval, covered with writing that is darkened and illegible on the image. It was probably transferred from the pastedown on an earlier binding.
631no fol., no sig.Back cover 


Preliminary Analysis of the Register of Writs



No heading found




217rDe recto patens; Regula; Aliter ballivis honoris; Regula; Quando dominus est extra regnum; De recto ipsi duo feodi; De attornato inde; De ordine particularum.65
227vRegula; Regula; Regula; Aliter quando tenetur per servicium militare; Aliter liberum servicii et feodi etc’; Regula.20
238rDe rectoRegula; Regula; De recte custodi terre et heredis; Aliter; De serviciis unius militis; Regula; Regula; Aliter de recto in Londonia; Regula; De attornato.53
248vRegula; Statutum de vocatis ad warrantum Glouc’; De attornato in loquela qui fuit adiurnata coram iusticiariis de banco; Breve ad removendum attornatum in hunc loquelam et alium attornandum loco suo etc’; Regula; De recto de dote; Regula; Aliter quando partem habet et quando non; Aliter quando clamat pertinere; Aliter.74
259rRegula; Regula; De recto de racionabili parte; Regula; Aliter quando partem habet et quando non; De attornato inde; De recto episcopis.43
269vAliter abbati; Aliter sede vacante; Aliter ballivis electi; Ne iniuste vexes; De attornato inde; De recto quando dominus curie remisit curiam suam domino Rege; Hic dominum quam remittit Rege Curiam suam; Precipe in capite magna carta capitulo xxiiio; Aliter inde; De attornato inde; Breve iusticiarie de banco quod non teneant placitum nisi tenementa teneantur de Rege in Capite.117
2710rSupersedias in brevi de rectoSupersedias in brevi de recto quando tenens vocat forinsecum ad warantum; Breve vicecomiti quod accedat ad Curiam in propria persona ad inhibendum ballivis ne procedant; Regula.22
2810vRecordare pro tenenteRecordari in brevi de recto; Causa; Causa; Causa; Quando breve dirigitur vicecomiti ad recordari faciendum; breve de recto per causam etc’; Breve inde vicecomiti ad supersedendum.77
2911rSupersedias super le recordariCausa in brevi patenti in recordari; Aliter; Regula; Regula; Pone in brevi de recto in comitatu pro petente; Regula; Pone pro defendente cum causa.43
3011vPone de compoto per petentem et defendentemBreve de attachiendo dominum Curie quia non vult tenere Curiam etc’ in brevi de recto patenti vel petens in tali causa petit facere toltam si vult; Recordari in comitatu cestrie cum tenens vocat forinsecum ad warrantum; Dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum per vicecomitem ad warantum quando loquela est coram iusticiarie.33
3112rDe errore in comitatu cestrieDe errore in comitatu cestrie; Recordari in episcopatu Dunellm’ quia tenens vocat forminsecum ad warantum; Regula; Prohibicio in brevi de recto usque ad primam assisam.33
3212vProhibicio nisi duellumAliter ballivis Curie; Aliter domino; Aliter episcopo; Aliter de iurata in in Gavelkynd; Aliter de iurata in loco magne assise in Curia baronis anno vio; Regula; Aliter quando uxor que admittitur per defaltam viri iuxta statutum etc’ ponit se in iurata; Aliter; Nota.70
3313rDe magna assisa eligendaRegula; De magna assisa eligenda; Regula; Nota; Attachiamentum super ballivos quia processerunt post prohibicionem in brevi de recto patenti; Regula; De essonio de malo lecto.33
3413vDe essonio de malo lecti et de recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiRegula; De attornato languidi recidendi; Regula; De licencia surgendi de malo lecti; De recto secundum consuetudinem manerii; Aliter de piscarione; Regula; Regula.43
3514rDe recto quando dominus recusat tenere Curiam suam et ad videndum quod plena iusticiaDe communa pasture; Aliter de via obstructa; Attachiamentum super dominum qui recusat tenere Curiam suam; Aliter super ballivis; Regula; Aliter domino; Regula; [Quod le ?? en petit breve de dr’ pur ?re’er le parol per nul cause]; ad videndum quod plena iusticia; Sicut alias.85
3614vAd videndum quod plena iusticiaDe recordo et racionabili iudicio habendo pro petente et iacet in brevi de recto patenti et clauso similiter quando ballivi procederint ad Iudicium etc’; Regula; Aliter in Curia sicut alias; Sicut pluries; Breve ad procedendum et iacet in brevi clauso tantum secundum quousdam eo quod petens in brevi patenti potest facere toltam set alii dicunt quod iacet similiter in brevi de recto petenti; Regula; Recordari secundum consuetudinem manerii pro tenente per causam.54
3715rRecordari secundum consuetudinem manerii; Attachiamentum si procedantCausa; Attachiamentum super ballivis quia pro eodem post loquelam recordatam per vicecomitem; Regula; Causa per cartam Regis; Aliter per cartam comitis et confirmacione Regis; Aliter per cartam comitis et confirmacione Regis; Causa per prescripcionem du temps.63
3815vRecordari secundum consuetudinem manerii; ut sine breviCausa per mesme le title; Causa per cartam dominum manerii; Causa quia tenetur ad communem legem ut de honore; Causa quia clamat tenere per partem finem et residuum per cartam dominum manerii anno viiio; Recordari secundum consuetudinem manerii sine brevi; Causa quia tenementa sunt in manu domini manerii per feloniam tenentis; Causa quia alias compartum fuit per assisam quod tenementa sunt liberorum feodum; Causa notetur.88
3916rRecordari secundum consuetudinem maneriiCausa; Causa; Causa; Causa; Supersedeas quando tenens vocat forinsecum ad warantum.55
4016vsupersedeas quando vocat forinsecum ad warantumAliter quando uxor admittitur ad ius suum defendendum; Attachiamentum super ballivis quia processerunt pendente placito warantie; Ad certificandum si loquela warantie sit discontinuata in parvo brevi de recto per non sectam.32
4117rAd nullandum finem de ten’ antiquo dominicoAliter de eodem; Breve coram Rege adnullandum finem levatum de tenentis que sunt de antiquo dominico corone; Nota quod pasca anno xviio trone fuit an’ de par ?quey fuit agard’ q’ de cell’ per coll’ q’ de droit est ancien de’ne le fine fuit reverse et ament’ et q’ les parties fuissent ?pus; Monstravit se hominibus de antiquo dominico.32
4217vMonstravitRegula; De eodem vicecomiti; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; Regula; De attornato in brevi de attachiamento; Aliter per hominibus de hameletto; De attachiando dominum de eo quod cepit bona hominum suorum pendente attachiamento.53
4318rDe falso iudicio; Ad certificandum manerium de antiquo dominicoAd certificandum utrum manerium factum de antiquo dominico dominico corone; Regula; De falso iudicio in comitatu; Regula; Regula; Aliter in Curia.32
4418vDe falso iudicioDe attornato inde; Aliter in Curia sine brevi in placito trans’; Aliter in hundredo; Aliter pro Abbate; [Regula coment ?homine d’dra’ sa court]; Aliter in Curia quando uxor admittitur ad ius suum defendendum secundum formam statuti; Attachiamentum de falso iudicio pro eo quod petiit admitti ad ius suum defendendum.62
4519rDe falso iudicioAliter quando loquela fuit in Curia per retornum brevis etc’ et est contra Regulam et Registrum; De falso iudicio in Curia heredis de loquela que fuit in Curia matris tenentis in dotem etc’ quando petiit se admitti; Aliter de falso iudicio in Curia que habet returnum et convenit cum brevi in parte et hoc fecit Parvyng fieri; Aliter de falso iudicio sine brevi secundum consuetudinem civitatis.30
4619vDe falso iudicio et execucione iudiciiRegula; Breve de errore in assise Frischieforcie; cum pluries inde; De execucione iudicii; Sicut alias; Cum pluries.55
4720rDe execucione iudicij et Warrento de servicio RegisAttachiamentum inde; De warranto de servicio Regis sine brevi; Aliter de warranto et servicio Regis; Aliter.42
4820vDe warranto de servicio Regis; De clameo mittendis in itinere per attornatumRegula; Causa; De Warranto per testacionem Senescalli Regis; Regula; De warranto et servicio Regis pro petente; Quando quis se esson’ de servicio Regis breve ad procedendum; De clameo admittendo in itinere per attornatum primo die itineris.55
4921rDe attornato generali quia profecturaAliter de libertate exigen’ in itinero; De attornato in omnibus placitis et querelis et ad libertates calumpniandas; Aliter de omnibus placitis et querelis in itinere iuxta formam statuti; Aliter; De attornato generali quia profecturus est ad partes transmarinas; Aliter pro abbate morante in partibus transmarinis; Aliter quia moratur in partibus hibernie et obsequo Regis; De attornato generali in hibernia pro illo qui moratur in Anglie.83
5021vDe attornato generali in hibernia pro illo qui moratur in AnglieDe attornato generali in hibernia pro illo qui moratur in Anglie; Dedimus potestatem de attornato generali; Aliter in omnibus placitis etc’ et ad libertatem exigendam; Dedimus potestatem de eodem quia languidus est; De attornato generali pro priore sancti Johannis de Jerusalem in Anglie in omnibus placitis etc’ et ad libertates prosequendas.53
5122rDe attornatoLittere patentes Regis quod abbas ad totam vitam suam possit facere attornatem generalem; De attornato inde.22
5222vDe attornatoDe custodia generali pro illo qui est infra etatem; Littera patens ad faciendum attornatem generalem quia infirmus; De attornato generali inde.33
5323rProtecco cum clausula volumusProtecto cum clausula volumus; Aliter pro bladis.21
5524rDedimus potestatem de attornato recipiendoDe attornato quando quis petitur in auxilium; De attornato pro vocatis ad warrantum in duabus loquelis; Dedimus potestatem quando quis est admissus ad defendendum ius etc’ et vocatis ad warrantum; De attornato ammovendo et alium recipiendo; De attornato quando uxor petit admitti set non est admissa; Dedimus potestatem etc’ attornato viri uxoris sue et admittendi custodem fit eorumdem etc’ in scire facias.66
5624vDe attornatoDe custode et attornato in eadem; De attornato ad loquela prosequenda sine brevi et convenit cum parvo brevi; De attornato pro eo qui premunitur in brevi de quale ius; De attornato quando factum comittitur in equa manu custodiendum et breve de detencione scripti portatur.44
5725rDe attornatoDe attornato ad petendum se admitti ad defendendum ius suum per defaltam tenentis ad terminum vite si contingat ipsum facere defaltam; Anno xviiio apud Londoniam; De attornato recipiendi pro uxore ad defendendum ius suum per defaltam viri sui si contingat ipsum facere defaltam.33
5825vDe attornatoDe eodem de attornato admittendo; Regula de advocacione ecclesiarum.10
5926rDe recto de advocacione et assisa ultime presentacionisDe recto de advocacione de medietate et de; De attornato inde; Regula; De advocacione decimarum; Regula; Aliter; Regula; Assisa ultime presentacionis; Aliter pro Rege; De attornato.75
6026vQuare impeditDe attincta inde; Aliter; Quare impedit pro Rege racione archiepiscopatus vacantis; Aliter sine titulo ut de iure corone; Aliter racione spatus; Aliter racione custodie; Aliter racione custodie occasione alterius custodie in manu custodis etc’; Aliter pro Rege et alia persona; Aliter.92
6127rQuare impeditDe attornato in quare impedit; Quare impedit pro alio; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Nota; Ne admittat; De certificando ?pac’ aliquid placitum pende in banco parte de quare impedit.74
6227vNe admittasBreve inde Episcopo; Marleberg’ capitulo xo; Ne admittat quando episcopus est pars; Regula; Quando aliquis present’ pro Rege recuperaverit moritur antequam habeat exec’ de eadem mittend’ al’; Quare non admisit super assisa ultime presentacionis.55
6328rQuare non admisit; Quare incumbravitRegula; De attornato inde; Aliter pro rege super quare impedit; Regula; Regula; Quare incumbravit super assisa ultime presentacionis; Aliter; De attornato; Regula.53
6428vBreve de utrumBreve de utrum; De attornato inde; Aliter per ?divers summ’ en un br’; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pro custodia Canc’; Regula statuti anno xiiiio capitulo xviio; Breve quod episcopus mittat ?obitum quia partes sunt concordati extra Curiam non obstante prohibicione.73
6529rProhibicione de advocacione ecclesieProhibicione de advocacione ecclesie Iudici; Parti ne sequatur Inde; Attachiamentum inde; De attornato.44
6629vProhibicio de advocacione ecclesie; Prohibicio de catallis et debitisProhibicio pro Rege de ecclesia; Regula; Per Rege de hospitali; Per Regem de prebenda; Attachiamentum pro Rege; Prohibicio de catallis vel debitis; Inde parti; Attachiamentum inde; de assisa inde.88
6730rProhibicio de laico feodoAliter pro Rege Iudici et parti; Attachiamentum inde pro Rege; Prohibicio de laico feodo; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; De associacione inde; Aliter pro Rege; Aliter; Regula; Attachiamentum inde super Iudicem quando recusat admittere prohibicionem.85
6830vProhibicio de trans’Prohibicio pro Rege de collacione scolarum gramaticalium; Prohibicio de transgressionibus; Inde parti; Attachiamentum inde; Pro Rege; Attachiamentum inde; De attornato in attachiamento prohibicione de transgressionibus.77
6931rIndicavitRegula; indicavit; Aliter; Aliter; De attornato inde; indicavit pro Rege; Aliter pro clericis; Nota; Aliter.73
7031vProhibicio de decimis separatis; Prohibicio de recognicione debitorum in Curia XtianitatisProhibicio de decimis separatis; Prohibicio et Nota valde; Attachiementum inde; Prohibicio de recognicione debitorum in Curia Xtianitatis; Attachiamentum inde.44
7132rProhibicio quando debitum illud recuperatAliter prohibicio de recognicione debitorum; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter prohibicio pro Rege de recognicione; Prohibicio quando debitum quod non est de testamento vel matrimonio recuperatur in Curia Xtianitatis.42
7232vProhibicioAliter in recognicione debitorum; Prohibicio de redditis feodalibus etc’; Prohibicio de feodalibus et libertatibus feodalibus.32
7333rProhibicioProhibicio de convencione quod patronus sit quietus de decimis; Prohibicio quando Iudex implacitat in Curia Xtianitatis aliquis deferentem sibi regia prohibicionem; Attachiamentum inde.33
7433vProhibicioProhibicio de laico feodo formata; Prohibicio ne aliquis trahatur in placitum in Curia Xtianitatis pro eo quod sequitur Ius suum et in Curia Regis; Aliter.32
7534rProhibicioAttachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de convencione eligendi priorem.22
7634vProhibicioProhibicio ne quis vicitet hospitale de fundacione dumini Regis et progenitorum suorum; Ne quis intromittat se de libera capella.22
7735rProhibicioNe quis ordinare de intromittat de hospitali eo quod consistit totum in temporalibus; Prohibicio pro terminare quando provisor placitat clericum suum super advocacione ecclesie.22
7835vProhibicioProhibicio formata de advocacione ecclesie.11
7936rProhibicioProhibicio quando quis trahatur in Curia Xtianitatis eo quod asservit se contraficisse sigillum etc’; Aliter eo quod asseruit se diffamari pro eo quod al’ ?prohibuit testimonium veritati in quadam inquisicione; Aliter quando Iudex facit excommunicare partem quia impetravit prohibicionem nomine proprio.31
8036vde prohibic’Prohibicio ne episcopus conferat ecclesiam per lapsum temporis sex mensium; Aliter quod clerici de cancellaria et ministri sui non respondeant coram aliquo in coram Canc’ de trans; Aliter quando mulier petit hereditatem postmortem viri qui alienavit et implacitatur de lesione fidei eo quod presitio Iuramentum.31
8137rProhibicioAliter de laico feodo.10
8237vConsultacioConsultacio ad procedendum contra parochianos in causa super emendacione defectuum corporis ecclesie; Aliter ad procedendum in causa testamentaria; Aliter contra capellanum ad correccionem anime sue eo quod tenuit concubinam.31
8338rConsultacioDe consultacione pro episcopo; Aliter quando eiecit manus violenc’ in clericum.21
8438vConsultacioAliter de diffamacione; Aliter de diffamacione.20
8539rConsultacioAliter de decimis avenarum et frumenti; Aliter de secundo ?animali principali.20
8639vConsultacioconsultacio de legatis; aliter de legatis; Aliter inde parti; consultacio contra transgressionibus.43
8740rConsultacioneAliter post appellum; consultacio de causa matrimonii.21
8840vConsultacioconsultacio de usura; De spoliacione decimarum.22
8941rConsultacioAliter de eodem; De decimis et mortuariis.21
9041vConsultacioAliter de eodem; Quando Rector implacitat parochianum impedientem ipsum carcare decimas.21
9142rConsultaciode spoliacione decimarum; consultacio de decimis lanarum.22
9242vConsultacioQuando pecuniam petitur racione deffectuum in rectoria repertorum etc’; Aliter de eodem; consultacio de decimis lane et bidentibus in parochia per medietatem unius anni depastibus etc’; De decimis vitulorum lanarum et lacticiniorum occissorum et morentium et mellis et cere apium.43
9343rConsultacioAliter de pannagio de pullonis et lacticino; Aliter de decimis duorum partium.20
9443vConsultacioconsultacio de obligacionibus et causa correccione animarum parochianorum; Aliter in obtraccione duarum caparum ecclesie legatarum; Aliter causa decimarum tempore vacacionis ecclesie subtractarum.31
9544rConsultacioDe procedendo ad pena interducti.11
9644vConsultacioconsultacio super Iudicem ita quod non agatur de advocacione ecclesie.11
9745rConsultacioAliter pro fratribus quod ipsi possent habere sepulturas et audire confessionem; consultacione pro viro eo quod prosequitur pro restitucione uxoris rapte.21
9845vConsultacioAliter de diffamacione; Aliter quando aliquis eiecit manus violenc’ super claricum; consultacio de present’.31
9946rConsultacioAliter de legatis; Aliter de diffamacione; Aliter de asportatis decimarum.30
10046vConsultacioAliter de silva et cidua; Prohibicio ne clerici qui sunt in obsequio domini Regis faciant residenciam; Sicut alias.32
10147rProhibicio ne clerici faciant residenciamAttachiamentum inde; Ita quod clerici Regis non faciant residenciam ?personalem nec assumant aliquid beneficium quod exigit residenciam; Aliter nota quod consultacio fuit per litteras de proteccione quas ostendit Cure; Quod clerici Regis non solvant pecuniam ad quam multantur per non resid’.43
10247vDe vi laica removenda; Prohibicio ne quis citetur extra regnumAnno xiiiio Regis patris Regis E’ de vi laica seu armata removenda; Ne quis tragatur in causa extra regnum; Attachiamentum inde; Ne quis se transferat; Prohibicio ne quis se transferat extra regnum ad residendum super aliquibus quorum cognicio spectat ad Regem etc’.55
10348rProhibicio pro clerico RegisProhibicio ne quis citet clericum Regis ad respondendum personaliter coram summo pontifice super hiis quorum cognicio spectat ad Regem; Aliter parti.21
10448vDe vi laicaBreve vicecomiti de vi laica seu armata ammovenda et recistentes assumpto posse comitatus attachiand’; De vi laica ammovenda; Aliter de eodem; Breve ne vicecomes colore mandati predicti quemquam ammoveat a possessione ecclesie ?minius iuste.43
10549rDe vi laica; ProhibicioAd iura Regia; De eodem.21
10649vDe capiendo impugnatoresAliter de capiendo impugnatores; Aliter quando Rex presentavit clericum suum etc’ nondum recuperat presentacionem suam; Aliter quando recuperat presentacionem.30
10750rProhibicioAliter prohibicio parti quando clericus adeptus est possessionem; Attachiamentum super breve ad iurem quando Regis presentaverit.21
10850vProhibicioAliter attachiamentum; Ad iura regia ad revocandum inhibicionis post appellacionem factam contra clericum.21
10951rCommissio ad capiendum impugnatoresAliter; Commissio ad capiendum impugnatores ?? R’.21
11051vAttachiamentum super prohibicionemIstud attachiamentum est factum super quoddam breve de prohibicio pro alio quam pro Rege ad modum prohibicionis Regis quod dicitur ad iura regia et est notabile valde; Prohibicio ne quis citet clericum Regis ad respondendum extra regnum de beneficio ei per Regem collato et in Curia Regis discusso; Attachiamentum inde.33
11152rProhibicio ne quis citet ad respondendum extra regnumPro exommunicato capiendo; Aliter; Aliter; Cum pluro.42
11252vDe excommunicato capiendo; De deliberando hominem post absolucionemRegula; De deliberando hominem post absolucionem; Attachiamentum inde; Nota; Regula; De excommunicato deliberando.33
11353rDe caucione etc’ antequam delibereturRegula; De caucione admittenda ab episcopo; Inde vicecomiti; Regula; De caucione pignoraticia admittenda antequam deliberetur.33
11453vDe excommunicato recapiendoBreve ad deliberandum ipsum W’ absque caucionem pignoracia ad instanciam ipsius W’ prestita cum caucione idonea; De excommunicato recapiendo.22
11554rsupersedeas de capcioniSupersedeas de capiendo corpus pendente placito attachiamenti; Regula; Aliter pro clericis; De excommunicato capiendo ad significacionem Cancellari Exon’.32
11855vsupersedeas pendente appellacioneSupersedeas pro excommunicatis; Supersedeas pendente appellacione; Aliter supersedeas; Nota; Nota; Quando clericus habeat terre tenementa et catalla post purgacionem.43
11956rQuod clericus habeat terre post purgacionemAliter; Aliter; Aliter pro herede de habendo terras et tenementa que fuerint patris sui qui obiit cum purgacione; Breve ad deliberandum clericum coniunctum ?ordinar’ qui in defectum ipsius ordinar’ committitur gaole si postmodum per prim’ petatur; De habendo illud qui xtra ?h’itur ab ?s’ ecclesia.52
12056vScire facias quare etc’ pendente appellacione; Breve ad deliberandum quia premunitus non venitscire facias quare non debet sederi pendente appellacione; Breve ad deliberandum corpusque premunitus non venit; Scire facias.33
12157rScire facias de excommunicat’Significavit inde iusticiariis quod procedent in placitis pendente etc’ non obstante excommunicacione si qua allegetur coram eis.11
12257vDe excommunicatoDe excommunicato capto per manucaptores dimisso iterum iusticiando eo quod venit non in Cancellaria; Supersedeas usque ad certum diem in brevi de scire facias ut Curia interim ?amsuri etc’.22
12358rSupersedeas de excommunicatoscire facias quare consultacio non debeat concedi per prohibicionem.11
12559rDe apposteta capiendoDe apposteta capienda; Aliter de eadem.21
12659vDe vastoDe vasto in dotem versus mulierem; Regula; De attornato inde; Aliter de iure ecclesie; Nota; Aliter versus mulierem quando recuperat dotem versus extraneum et postea facit vastum.42
12760rDe vastoQuando vir et uxor tenuerunt in dotem de Rege et Rex postea concessit reversionem breve de vasto per assignacionem; Aliter versus tenentem in dotem ex assignacione heredis; Aliter versus tenentem in dotem de dono viri sui de assensu prioris; Nota de molendino vivariis; Regula.31
12860vDe vastoDe vasto versus custodem; Aliter versus executores post mortem custodis; Breve ad inquirendum de vasto facto in custodia per Regem dimissa.32
12961rDe vastode attornato in brevi de vasto in custodia facto; De vasto facto per tenentem per legem Anglie; de attornato inde; Aliter quando reversio tenementorum que tenentur per legem Anglie conceditur etc’ in quo casu ille qui prius tenunt per legem Anglie efficitur tenentes ad terminum vite eo quod non potest tenere per legem Anglie de alio quam de herede.43
13061vDe vastoDe vasto ad terminum vite cel annorum Marleberg’ capitulo xxiiio; Regula; De attornato inde in brevi precedenti.22
13162rDe vastoDe vasto pro Abbate vel Priore hospitalis; Aliter versus executores; Aliter quando vir et uxor facium vastum de tenementis dimissis mulieri soli; Quando uxor facit vastum de tenementis dimissis mulieri soli; Quando uxor facit vastum de tenementis dimissis sibi viro suo et here’ viri; Quando vir facit vastum de tenementis dimissis sibi et uxori sue et her’ de corpore uxoris; Quando aliquis facit vastum de tenementis que ten’ de proparte alicuius per peticionem; Aliter de eodem; Quando tenens ad terminum vite dimittit viri statum suum et ille alii breve versus tercium.96
13262vDe vastoQuando M dimisit A et M uxori eius ad vitam eorumdem A et M et T vir secundus dimisit P et P dimisit I et postea prefata M concessit reversionem cuidam rev’ R’ I attorn’ et fecit vastum; Quid R concessit I et A uxori suis ad vitam suam ita quod post mortem; in assignacione quando her’; Quid R concessit J et A uxori suis ad vitam suam ita quod post mortem etc’ ad vitam suam remanerent et post mortem suam rect’ heredibus predicti I un’ quidam B consanguens etc’ conc’ revers’; in assignacione quando pater dimittit ad vitam et filius concedit reversionem; Breve de vasto in feodo talliato per finem.66
13363rDe vastoBreve de vasto contra ten’ per le elegit etc’ per dampnum adiudicatum; Aliter de eodem pro ducentis libris recognitis; Breve de vasto versus executores; in assignacione post mortem tenentis ad vitam en le remanere; Aliter quando illo en la remanere concedit reversionem; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.83
13463vde particione faciendaQuando tenens bastardus fuit et obiit sine herede de vasto pro domino cui spectat escaeta.11
13564rDe pro indivisoDe vasto pro indiviso; Regula; de particone facienda; Regula; De particione facienda in Londonia; De estrepamento.44
13664vDe estrepamentoAliter de estrepamento quod debus fierri nisi in banco nisi in tempore vacacionis; Aliter.20
13765rde homine replegiandode homine replegiando; Regula; Cum plure.22
Note: Upper section of page blank.
13865vDe homine replegiandoAttachiamentum inde; Breve ad replegiandum hominem quem ille qui cepit clamat nativum et fugitum.22
13966rDe homine replegiandoAliter de eodem; Aliter quando ille qui cepit clamat habere custodiam illius qui capitur; Regula.20
14066vde homine replegiando infra libertatem portuum; De homine capto pro trans’ in foresta replegiando; Regula; Nota; Regula; Regula; W prim’ capitulo xxo.33
14167rRepleg’ de averiis?Rapt’ de parco; De averiis replegiandis; Sicut alias; Attachiamentum super sicut alias; Regula; Aliter pro executoribus; De attornato inde; Cum plure.76
14267vRepleg’ de averiisAttachiamentum inde; Regula; Non omittas propter libertatem; Sicut alias.33
14368rde averiis captis in WythernamiumRegula; De averiis captis in Wythernam’; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter de catallis in Wythernam’ capiandis; Aliter; Aliter; Non omittas propter libertate in Wythernamium.72
14468vDe execucione facienda in WythernamiumDe execucione facienda in Wythern’; Pone de averiis; Regula; pone pro defendente; Regula; Causa pro defendente.44
14569rPone ad averiisCausa pro defendente; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pro defendente; Aliter pro defendente; Regula; Pone per petentem in Curia per returnum brevis cum causa; Aliter; Causa pro defendente in Curia per returnum; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro petente.115
14669vRecordare de averiisCausa pro petente; Causa pro defendente vel petente ?prim’ diversas conclusiones; Conclusio pro petente; De attornato quando ballivus dicit quod non potest respondere sine domino; Recordare de averiis in comitatu; Aliter pro defendente; Aliter; Recordare in Curia quod fit cum causa sive fuerit pro petente sive pro defendente.86
14770rRecordare de averiisCausa; Causa; Aliter; Causa; Causa; Breve ad inquirendum de proprietate averiorum vel catallorum; breve coronatoribus quando vicecomes non retornat le pone que ?br’ nest p’ nessessarie ?? en cas ?? sedente de malice de vic’ ?qil ne vondra returner le breve et prendra ville co’e est ?? per lestatut de W ii capitulo xxx.76
14870vDe recapcione averiorumDe recapcione averiorum ante le pone ?viceco’le; Regula; De recapcione averiorum post le pone; Aliter in Curia per returnum brevis et quando loquela fuerit returnata placitanda coram Iusticiariis.32
14971rDe recapcione averiorumDe recapcione averiorum post le recordare; Aliter; Regula.21
15071vDe nativisDe nativis habendis; Regula; Regula; Regula; Quando manserit per manus temporis; Regula; Pone de nativis; Regula; De libertate probanda; Aliter de auxilio habendo ad districcionem Ballivi villanum.54
15172rDe scutagio habendoDe auxilio habendo ad distringendum villanum; R reduc’; De auxilio habendo ad primogenitum filium militem faciendum; De scutagio habendo quia fecit servicium per certificacionem constabularii; Aliter quia fecit finem per certificacionem Thesaure et baronum de scaccario; Comissio ad levandum scutagium.65
15272vDe moderata misericordia capiendaDe moderata misericordia capienda; Attachiamentum inde.22
15373rDe minisDe minis.11
15473vTrans’Aliter de incendio domorum; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter infra libertatem quinque portuum; Supplicavit; Aliter.52
15574rTrans’De transgressionibus in comitatu; De ovibus ad terminum pascendis et traditis fugatis; De fossato fracto; Quando creditor recusat liberare pignora; De tauro ad terminum tradito fugato; De bonis asportatis pro executoribus.66
15674vTrans’De vaccis imparcatis ita quod fetus abortivos fecerunt; De wallia contra refluxus maris erecta fracta; De equo abducto; De contra fracta; De imparcamento averium.55
15775rTrans’De transgressionibus in banco; De imprisonamente; Aliter quousque fecerit finem; De attornato de transgressionibus; Aliter coram Rege; De custode in transgressionibus pro illo qui est infra etatem; De clauso fracto arboribus succisis vivariis piscatis et servientibus verberatis; De pullis esparveriorum captis et asportatis; De warrenna fugata et lepore etc’ asportatis; Aliter de clauso; Aliter de parco; De herbagio et bladis cum averii depastis.128
15875vTrans’De solo fosso et carbonibus maritimis asportatis; De equo et catallis arestatis quousque finem; pro executoribus de bonis testatoris asportatis; De quod scripto per quod abbas et conventus tenebantur mulieri in victu et vestitu; De piscaria piscata herba falcata solo fosso et herba depasta; De bladis messis et herba falcata et arboribus succisis et de aliis bladis et herbagio depastis; De transgressionibus factis uxori ante matrimonium; De navi abducta et catallis asportatis.88
15976rTrans’De bladis et graminis vinearum depastis; De bladis herbis et gramina bosci; De stagno fracto per quod aqua etc’; De equis abductis et pecunia in denar’; De mansu obsisi per quod terra remansit inculta et averiis imparcatis; De domo fracta persone abducta non satisfact’ pro redempcione; De quoddam brevi de prohibicione liberato in luto proiecto et pedibus conculcatis; De imprisonamento quousque fecerit iuramentum; [Quousque remisit ?accionem ?etc’].99
16076vTrans’De nativo in cippis posito abducto cippis fractis; De bladis inundatis et arboribus radicatis evulsis et bladis depasis; De vino a dolio extracto et aqua maritima impleto; Regula; De piscaria piscata herba depasta et terra fossa; De domo fracta arboribus succisis et aliis catallis asportatis et averiis de caruca imparcatis et columbis columbario cum retibus captis; De clauso fracto et bladis in garbis; De feno depasto; De arundine; De lapide molari fracta.99
16177rTrans’De stagno molendine fracto; Nota; De domibus et catallis combustis; Quod ovibus tonsis et lan’ asport’; De imprisonatis ductis de uno loco in aliud; De ovibus captis in uno loco et imparcatis in aliud quousque finem; De exclauso fracto et maeremio in minutas partes; De exclusis stagni molendini fractis; De cippo fracto et nativis abductis; De equo percusso et equitans cecum; De oculo eruto; de custode hospitalis de bonis tempore predecessoris; De eodem pro Abbate.1211
16277vTrans’Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem tempore vacacionis; De warrena fugata bosco; De ovibus fugatis cum canibus; De porcis fugatis ita quod maerunt; De tibia cum cane morsa; Aliter de eodem; Quando dimissor ingreditur tenementum post mortem etc’ infra retardacionem execucionis testamenti; De uxore abducta cum bonis viri.96
16378rTrans’Aliter; Aliter; De averiis ad loca ignota fugatis; Aliter ne districciones fiant extra feodum nec in Regia via aut communi strata; Aliter; Aliter de eodem.61
16478vTrans’Ne quis distringatur per averia carucarum vel per oves suas; Nota; Prohibicio quod nullus attachietur ad respondendum super contractibus extra ballivam suam factis; Attachiamentum inde; De caractis equis bob’ contra formam statuti; De trans’ pro executoribus de bonis in vita testatoris asportatis; De averiis et catallis in via captis.66
16579rTrans’De massa ferrea talum proiecta; De herede maritata; De canonico capto et abducto; Breve de trans’ contra pro homine capto per statutum mercatorum deliberato; contra vicecomitem quando returnat quod aliquis non est inventus.55
16679vTrans’De clauso fracto et commonacho abducto; De trans’ pro Rege; De sepibus et fossatis fractis; De fodendo in separali solo lino et canabo in fossat’ quod aqua infecta devenit; De clausis ostiis et fenestris fractis; De herede rapta; De imprisonat’ et nota breve.77
16780rTrans’De trans’ de averiis captis per quod terra remansit inculta etc’ et averia fame intererunt; Summonicio ad ?respondendum et nota dilgenter; De imprisonato quousque reversis; Aliter quousque fecerit iuxta formam statuti.43
16880vTrans’De bladis inundatis de defectum reparat’ repar’; Nota breve; De trans’ quia prelatus distringitur pro equitaturo.22
16981rTrans’De trans’ pro persona quia vicecomes distrinxit eum feodo ecclesie contra formam articulorum; De trans’ pro prebendario; Aliter pro abbate; Aliter breve.42
17081vTrans’De ?warecto maro; Theolonio.22
17182rTrans’De Theolonium feri; De falda; De visu franciplegii.33
17282vTrans’De gurgite; De trans’ pro illo qui habet returnum suum brevium infra honorem; Aliter; Aliter.42
17383rTrans’Aliter; Nota; Aliter; Aliter.30
17684vDe decepcioneDe decepcione; Aliter inde.21
Note: Top half of page blank.
17785rDe decepcioneAliter inde; Aliter; Aliter.30
17885vDecepcioAliter; Aliter; Aliter.30
17986rDecepcioAliter; Breve Iustic’ audita querela etc’ de collusis et decepcione.21
Note: Here the foliation switches to a different format, reverting at seq. 219.
18086vDecepcioDe attachiando notario pro contrafaccione sigilli; Aliter de decepcione audita querela.21
18187rDecepcioAliter audita querela.10
18287vDecepcioAliter de decepcione; Aliter.20
18388rDecepcioAliter; Aliter.20
18488vDe parco fractoDe parco fracto et averiis abductis; Aliter per servientem.21
Note: Middle section of page blank.
18589rParco fractoAliter per custodem celle; Aliter pro defalta; Aliter pro amerciamento; Aliter de averiis captis pro debito per summonicionem scaccarii ad opus Regine virtute returni de omnibus brevibus concessis exactis; Aliter; De rescuccu de averiis; Aliter pro servientem.71
18689vDe rescussuPro consuetudinibus et serviciis; de catallis nomine districcionis; De rescussu facto taxatori; Aliter ballivo libertatis de herbibus per ipsum captis; De rescussu facto ballivo Regis de homine capto per iure Regis; De attachiamento acto per ballivo Regis fracto.65
18790rRescussisDe rescussu facto illi qui habet returnum omnium brevium de averiis captis pro amerciamento; de recordo facto ballivo Regis distringenti pro quodam redditu Regis debito; De averiis etc’ pro catallis felonum; Aliter de recordo etc’ de homine capto per statutum mercatorum.43
18890vRescussuDe rescussu facto ballivo libertatis qui habuit returnum ad levandas expensas pro milit’ de parliamento; Aliter.21
Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
18991rRecordari de trans’Recordare de trans’ cum causa; Causa apud N anno xio; Causa; Causa; Regula; Nota; De trans’ contra proteccionem.55
19091vDe trans’ contra proteccionemInquisicio de trans’ contra prohibicionem; Aliter de Inquisicione.21
19192rAttincta de trans’Attincta de trans’ coram Rege ad certum diem anno viio apud Ebor’; Regula; Aliter de transgressione capta per nisi prius; Anno viiio apud Ebor’; Aliter de loquela que fuit coram rege infra libertatem retornata et non placitanda; Attincta sine brevi coram Iusticiariis W’ vto capitulo vio.53
19292vDe audiendo et terminandoManucapcio ad prosquendam attinctam in brevi de trans’; De audiendo et terminando.22
Note: Middle section of page blank.
19393rDedimus potestatem rec’ attorn’Regula; Inde vicecomiti; de attornato inde; Dedimus potestatem; Associacio in audiendo et terminando.44
Note: Page missing before this one.
19493vPatens in audiendo et terminandoPatens inde; Set non omnes; Aliter associacio.32
19594rDe audiendo et terminando in confinioNota; de mittendo recordum et processum in brevi de audiendo et terminando de trans’ quia attincta arramiata coram Rege; Aliter; de audiendo et terminando in ca’.32
19694vDe trans’ contemptu etc’Regula; Aliter de rescussu facta ballivo Regis de trans’ et contemptu; de audiendo et terminando contra episcopum Wynton’ ballivos constabularios et ministros suos de diversis oppressionibus.21
19795rDe audiendo de nave in wreccu’De audiendo etc’ de nave fracta per tempestatem et si bona debeant dici wreccum necne etc’; Aliter de oppressionibus versus ministros Regis.21
19895vDe audiendo in trans’Istud breve fuit directum maiori et Ballivus ad amovendum eos ab officio quousque inquisitum foret de eorum gestum etc’; De bonis arestandis ne dissipentur etc’.22
19996rDe audiendo in trans’de audiendo et terminando; de audiendo et terminando pro Rege tempore vacacionis Episcopatus; De superindendo wall’ et fossat’.33
20096vDe superindendo wall’Aliter de sewere in Ankholm’.10
20197rComissio de contra ?proteccionem post mortem Iustic’De continuando processum inchoato post mortem Capitalis Iusticiarii in brevi de audiendo et terminando et nota formam comissis.11
20297vComissio post mortemDe recipiendo comissiones proc’ etc’ de executoribus defuncti et de continuendo eosdem processus.11
20398rDe aresto super bonis alienis pro mercatoribusDe aresto faciendo super bonis mercatorum alienigenis pro transgressione facta mercatoribus Anglie; Aliter de eodem.21
20599rDe errore in Londoniade errore corrigendo in Londonia; patens iusticiariorum de errore in Londonia.22
20699vDe errore in LondoniaBreve Inde vicecomiti de venire faciendo recordum et processum ac partes coram iusticiariis assignatis; De procedendo ad iudicium; Aliter coram Iusticiariis assignatis ad errorem corrigendum; Patens inde.43
207100rDe errore in LondoniaNota; De ordinando quod bona et catalla illius qui sequitur breve de errore in Londonia non ammoveantur ita quod execucio prioris iudicii si affirmetur possit fieri de eisdem.11
208100vDe errore in LondoniaQuando querela non est prosecutus breve suum de errore breve maiori et vicecomiti quod ipsi ex officio examinent recordum et processum et faciendum execucionem si contingerit primum iudicium affirmari; Aliter Iusticiariis hibernie; De conspiracione post iudicamentum.32
209101rDe conspiracioneEn lieu de cest brief est un brief Iudiciel done come piert per reule suant; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Regula.51
210101vDe conspiracioneAliter de conspiracione quando conspirator t’est profectus; Regula; Regula; Statutum W’ secund’; Regula; Aliter de conspiracione.31
212102vDe compotoDe compoto; Pro executoribus; Pro mercatoribus; Regula; Aliter pro executoribus mercatoris; Aliter ad Bancum; de attornato; De compoto pro magistro domus; Aliter pro priore tempore predecessoris; Aliter pro prioressa tempore predecessoris; Aliter pro custode domus tempore predecessoris.105
213103rDe compotoDedimus potestatem in brevi de compoto pro defendente; Nota; De compoto in socagio; De attornato de eodem; Pone pro petente in brevi de compoto; Regula; Causa pro defendente; Nota.54
214103vDe compotoDe compoto pro comitate ville; Monstravit pro priore; Nota; monstravit vicecomiti Londonie; Breve deliberando hominem captum per le monstravit per ?feram suggestionem.44
215104rDe compotoDe arestando ballivum pro arreragiis compotis; Regula; De dimittendo arrestatum pro arreragiis compoti pro manucapcione ad recitandum compotum coram Baronibus de scaccario.22
216104vDe compotoAliter; Aliter; Quando ballivus evasit de carcere.31
217105rDe compotoCommissio ad audiendum compotum denar’ per clausuram ville; Aliter de villa pavianda.21
218105vDe compotoAliter; Regula et ?? contrarium brevi ex altera parte.10
219106rDe debitoDe debito; Aliter; pro executoribus; Contra exec’; Regula; Aliter in banco; Aliter.63
Note: (1) Foliation returns to earlier format% (2) Top half of page blank% .
220106vDe debitoPro executoribus; pro executoribus contra exec’; Aliter; Aliter; Istud breve concessum fuit apud Ebor’ anno viio E tercii; Regula; Nota; De attornato inde; Regula; De debito versus ordinarium; Aliter versus executores ordinarii.85
221107rDe debitoNota; De debito pro ordinario set quere; Pone pro petente; Causa; Causa pro defendente racione champartie anno xviio apud Londoniam; Recordare de debito; Regula Causa pro defendente.55
222107vDe debitoDe attachiando ballivos quia tenuerunt placitum post le pone in brevi de debito; Capitulo pro defendente et breve portabatur versus defendente anno xixo; Aliter; Quod mulieres habeat racionabiles partes de bonis virorum suorum.43
223108rDe debitoAliter pro pueris; Quod mulieres non distringantur pro debitis virorum suorum; Aliter.31
224108vDe debitoAliter quando distringatur post mortem viri in ten’ que coniunctim adquisierunt; Aliter quod mulier non distringatur in ten’ que tenet in dotem pro debitis viri; Aliter quod mulier non distringatur pro debitis viri in ten’ que tenet in dotem post matrimonium contractum vel coniunctim perquisit.30
225109rDe debito; ProhibicioProhibicio de debit’ xl s’ sine brevi; Aliter ballivis de catallis exced’ xl s’.21
226109vDe debitoAttachiamentum inde; de supersedendo diversis querelis; Attachiamentum inde.33
227110rDe debitoAliter.10
228110vDe supersedendo de exec’ in brevi de debitoAliter; Certiorari; De recognicionibus debitorum per statutum mercatorum.32
229111rde recognicione per statutum mercatorumAliter pro primo termino non soluto; de attornato inde coram Iusticiariis; Aliter coram rege; Quando clericus captus virtute statuti mercatorum deliberetur; Aliter quando clericus non capiatur.52
230111vde recognicione statuti mercatorumBreve ad deliberandum vicar’ nomine recogn’ capt’; Aliter de statuto mercatorum contra partis ecclesiastica; Aliter contra abbatem; De certificando Canc’ de statuto mercatorum.42
231112rde recognicione statuti mercatorumRegula; Quere statutum stapule ante brevem assisarum; Aliter non obstante quod alias exit’ certificum quod execucio facta non fuit.21
232112vAudita querelaAliter de certificando; Regula; [Breve destr’ ?desil’ge de dim Jugg’ don’ en tot q’ ?’t de et recorde de dette q’ ?pase ?? sonne’ de xl ??]; Aliter.31
233113rAudita querelaAudita querela.11
234113vAudita querelaAliter; Regula; sicut alias inde; De execucione facienda de recognicione facta in comitatu; Aliter.42
235114rAudita querelaAliter; Aliter; Regula; Nota.20
236114vDe pontibus reparandisRegula; De domo reparanda; De pontibus reparandis; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.72
237115rDe calceto reparendo; Curia claudendaAliter de via; Aliter de calceto; Aliter de pavimento; de Curia claudenda in comitatu; de curia claudenda ad bancum; Pone de eodem; Regula; Quod permittat haurire aquam; Quod permittat habere liberum taurum.84
238115vQuod permittatDe racionabili loco; brevis de ingressu et de quibus; de attornato inde permittat; habere chiminum; De libera falda; de piscaria; De passagio; Regula; De communa pasture pertinente ad liberum tenementum loco brevis de quibus; Aliter ingresso; Aliter.108
239116rPermittatPro persona; Aliter loco brevis de quibus; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pro abbate; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; De communa pasture ad certum numerum averiorum; Aliter in comitatu.92
240116vPermittatRegula; Regula; Aliter; Regula; Permittat erigere scalas; De corrodio; Quo iure; Regula; Regula; De pastura admensuranda.54
241117rDe pastura admensurandaDe attornato inde; De superhoneracione; quod vicecomes procedat ad pasturam admensurandam per defaltam.33
242117vRacionabilis divisisPone pro defendente fiat cum casua ut in repl’; Pone de admensuracione pasture; Aliter; Regula; De racionabilibus divisis; Regula; De perambulacione facienda; Pone de racionabilibus divisis; De warranto carte.76
243118rDe warantia carte; [Et plegiis acquietandis]; [Warantia Carte]De attornato inde; de plegio acquietando; Aliter ad bancum; Aliter pro executoribus; De attornato inde; De acquietando aliquem reddit’ comp’i; Aliter pro et contra exec’; Quod plegii non distringantur quadam deb’t sufficit; De annuo redditu in Comitatu.96
244118vDe consuetudinibus et serviciis; De anno redditu in bancoRegula; De eodem in banco; Regula; De attornato inde; Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Regula; De consuetudinibus et serviciis; Regula; Regula; de attornato inde; De cartis reddendis.74
245119rDe cart’ Reddend’Regula; Aliter in banco; Aliter; de attornato inde; Pone inde; Prohibicio ne placitum teneatur in Curia de cartis sine brevi Regis; Regula; Aliter de scripto; Regula; Aliter; Regula; Aliter.83
246119vDe custodiade attornato inde; Pone inde; Regula; Nota; De custodia terre et heredis; De eodem in comitatu; De herede tantum; De herede tantum racione dimissionis; Regula; De custodia servicii et her’ in servicio.76
247120rDe custodiaDe custodia in socagio; Regula; Regula; De attornato inde; Pone inde; De custodia in socagio racione custodie; Pro domino et cohered’ v’ dominus habet custodiam unius heredis; De eieccione custodie; De attornato inde.77
248120vCustodiaRegula; Aliter de eo qui tenet per commissionem Regis; De eieccione custodie prioratus; Aliter de eodem; Nota; De eieccione custodie in socagio; De intrusione in hereditatem durante minore etate hered’.53
249121rCustodiaDe eadem; De herede rapto; Quando ducitur de uno comitatu in alium.33
250121vCustodiaDe attornato inde; De herede rapto in socagio non maritatur; Regula; De forisfactura mariagii; De valore maritagii; De forisfactura maritagii.55
251122rCustodia; Escaeta ad medium istius ?Latis vide[Escaeta ad medium istius Latis vide]; De forisfactura maritagii; Regula; Aliter pro executoribus de valore maritagii; De escaeta quia bastardus; Aliter quia obiit sine her’; Aliter racione felonie suspensis utlag’ regnum abiuravit; Aliter pro herede; Regula.73
252122vEscaetaDe inquirendo; De inquirendo de anno die et vasto; De seisina inde habenda; Aliter; De convencione ad finem levandum; Regula de ordo partic’; Regula.54
253123rConvencioDe convencione ad dampna recuperanda; Pro herede; pro assignato; Regula; Regula; Recordari in comitatu de convencione; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter versus executores.84
254123vConvencioDe convencione pro executoribus; Aliter; Dedimus potestatem in brevi de convencione.32
255124rPotestatem de convencioneAliter capitali Iusticiario; Aliter in pluribus brevibus; Aliter quando unus intendit obsequis Regis et quia mulier gravida est et tercius quia impotens et languidus; Dedimus potestatem in quid Iuris clamat.41
256124vPotestatem de convencioneAliter in per que servicia; Aliter quando tenentes dicunt quod non tenent de recognitore; Breve post dedimus potestatem quod iusticiarius mittat Iusticiariis de banco cognicionem quam cepit.31
257125rPotestas de convencioneBreve inde Iustic’ de banco quod non admittant.11
258125vDe pede finisde tenementis que tenentur de Rege in capite quod iusticiarii permittant finem levat’; Regula de brevibus de fine facto; De transcripto pedis finis habendo; Mittimus inde; Aliter; Aliter.53
259126rDe doteAliter; Aliter; De dote; de attornato inde; Aliter pro viro et uxore; Aliter versus custodem; Regula; De dote assignata ad ostium ecclesie; Aliter de denariis; Aliter de assensu prius.93
260126rDe doteAliter; Aliter; De dote; de attornato inde; Aliter pro viro et uxore; Aliter versus custodem; Regula; De dote assignata ad ostium ecclesie; Aliter de denariis; Aliter de assensu prius.93
261126vDe doteAliter in Londonia; Attincta de dote; De attincta; De admensuracione dotis; Aliter.53
262127rDe dote; Brevia super statutumPone inde; De admensuracione dotis pro custode; Breve super statutum de dote amissa per defaltam; De maritagio feodo talliato ad terminum vite et per legem Anglie; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Quod nullus placitetur sine brevi de libero tenemento [in iurate faciat ten’ Marleburg’ capitulo xxio]; Attachiamentum inde.96
263127vBrevia super statutumde attornato inde; Breve ad communem legem; Quod nullus distringatur ad faciendum consuetudinem vel servicium que facere non debet; Aliter; Aliter; [Ne quis distringatur ad veniendum ad visu franciplegii ca’ tenure cum super m’lbr’]; de attornato pro secta facienda mert’ capitulo ixo; Aliter.85
264128rBrevia super statutumAliter; Aliter per litteras patentes; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; Quando ten’ ten’ in custodia ex concessione Regis ea teneat quiete ab omni secta.51
265128vBrevia super statutumAliter pro mulier’ t’ in dot’ de huius custod’ teneat’ quiete ab omni secta; Quod breve de attornato non capiat terminum durant’ ?partis; Aliter de eodem.31
266129rBrevia super statutumAttachiamentum quando ballivus recusat recupere attorn; Quod tenentes de herede infra etatem et in custodia Regis existente non distringantur ad sectam faciendam ad Wappentachium; Aliter; Aliter; Quando tenens in dotem non distringatur pro relevio.53
267129vBrevia de statutoQuod Rex non tenetur facere servicia seu debita soluere pro terris que sunt in custodia sua nec ille cui huius custodiam amisit; Quod mulier non fac’ sectam pro dote; Quod tenent’ ex concessione Regis non faciat sectam; De non faciendo sectam pro procell’ terre unde unica secta debeatur tantum pro eo quod al’ procell’ est in manu Regis durante custodia.44
268130rBrevia super factamDe trans’ vic’; Attachiamentum inde; De visu franciplegii ad Curiam honoris; De visu franciplegii ad Curiam; Attachiamentum inde.55
269130vBrevia super statutumPro viris religiosis quod non veniant ad terminum vite; Aliter; Aliter pro personis ad communem legem ad visum franciplegii racione terre et tenementorum ecclesiis suis annexorum; Aliter de eisdem; Aliter pro mulier; Regula.51
270131rBrevia super statutumQuod mulier quarentenam suam habeat et racionabil’ escambium suum; Quod mulier distr’ contra formam feoffamenti; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Regula; Ne fiant pluries secte pro vinca hereditate inter coheredes.55
271131vBrevia super statutumAliter pro vinca hereditate; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Attachiamentum inde; Regula.51
272132rBrevia super statutumContribucione facienda inter coheredes; Aliter; Quod ill’ que habet eynyciam partem faciat sectam pro se et particibus suis; Aliter de Coronatore eligendo.42
273132vDe coronatore eligendoAliter de eodem quia alibi ocupatus est; Aliter quia languidus est; Aliter quia minus idoneus; Aliter quod non eligatur nisi sit miles; Aliter de Coronatore eligendo; Aliter.60
274133rDe coronatore eligendoDe viridario eligendo; Quando viridarius ammovetur per falsam suggestionem de supersedendo execucioni brevis; De Ballivo amovendo quia non habet terras seu tenementa in eodem Comitatu; Regula; De homine eligendo ad custodem pecie sigilli per mercatoribus editi.43
275133vBrevia super statutumquod vicecomes ponat Inquisicionem magis propinquos; Regula; Attachiamentum inde.22
276134rBrevia super statutumBreve super statutum W prim’ de parco fracto capitulo xxo; Ne capiant fines pro pulcre placitando; Regula; Attachiamentum; Attachiamentum Inde vicecomiti super ballivos.44
277134vBrevia super statutumde attornato; Quod barones non ponantur in assisis; Quod languidi non ponantur in assisis; Quod clerici non potantur in assisis; Quod non comorantes in patria non ponantur in assisis; Quod homines etatem lxx annorum non ponantur in assisis; Attachiamentum inde.77
278135rBrevia super statutumQuod homines xl solidatas terre non habentes non ponantur in assisis; Aliter; Attachiamentum inde; Quod homines de antiquo dominico non ponantur in assisis.43
279135vBrevia de statutoAliter; Aliter; Quod tenentes de antiquo dominico non veniant ad visum franciplegii nec ad turnum vicecomiti; Quod Coronator non ponatur in assisis.42
280136rBrevia super statutumQuod viridarii non ponantur in assisis ad communem legem; Istud breve datur per statutum quod vocatur addicio foresta; Regula; De champertia.33
281136vBrevia super statutumDe adnullando recognicionem per vim et duriciam factam; Supersedeas pendente placito adnull’ recognicionem per vim et duriciam factam.22
282137rBrevia super statutumQuod districcio non fiat in via Regia nec in feodis de quibus ecclesie olim sunt dotate; Regula; Quod districciones relaxarentur versus ad diem vic’ per securitatem; Quod nullus mercandizet de victualibus dum stetit in officio.33
285138vBrevia super statutumAttachiamentum inde coram Rege; Quod panis et aqua inveniatur imprisonato secundum statutum mercatorum; Quod nichil levetur pro escapio latronem; Ne quis occasionetur pro tenentis que tenentur de honore adquisitis; Quod ecclesiastica persona non amercietur secundum beneficium ecclesiasticum.55
286139rDiem clausit extremumDiem clausit extremum; Aliter qui de herede tenet; Aliter de tenente in dotem; De idiota.42
Note: Foliation breaks here, resuming with 133 at seq. 302.
287139v[Cut off]Aliter infra statutem; Breve de devenerunt; Est’ ammoto; Aliter post mortem tenentis ad terminum vite iure uxoris sue; Aliter ubi tenentes Rege et heredibus remanere debent; Aliter post mortem tenentis ad terminum vite; Aliter de archiepiscopatum vacante.72
288140r[Cut off]Aliter de muliere terram tenente de hereditate alteri’; Aliter post mortem tenentis ad terminum vite de hereditate infra etatem; Aliter post mortem mulier tent’ in dote de hereditate infra etatem; Aliter Esc’ Amoto post breve sibi direct’.40
289140v[Cut off]Mandamus; Regula; De ten’ vidue maritate sine licensia Regis cap’; Aliter.32
290141r[Cut off]libere ten’ heredi idiote [interlined] Breve de liberacione ad deliberandum terras et tenementa heredi idiote; De ten’ tent’ in socagio liberand’.22
291141v[Cut off]De etate probanda.11
292142r[Cut off]Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; De homagio heredis capiendo post probacionem etatis et de tunc liberand’ terras et tenementa eidem heredi; Aliter General’ liber’.61
293142v[Cut off]De terris liberandis post capcionem homagium et fidelitatem; Regula.11
294143r[Cut off]Regula; Restitucio temporalium; Restitucio quando Episcopus ?prefectie; Littera patens; De eleccione cassata et priore prefecto per ?opum.44
295143v[Cut off]Restitucio Episcopi confirmac’ per custodem prepu’ alicat’; Restitucio in translacione; Restitucio cui ?papar’ preiudic’ et non alcui R’ prebuit regnum assensum.33
296144rDe regio assensu signato pp’; Dedimus potestatem prebend’ regn’ assens’ et signific’ et fidelit’ recip’.22
297144vDe licencia conducendi Reg’ ass’ hib’n ut non trahatur in consequent’; Aliter nulla prius petita.21
298145rDe Regio assensu; De senesc’ acquit’ constituto.22
299145vRecognicio stapulede recognicione debitorum coram maiore stapule; Aliter de liberacione inde; Aliter.31
302147rBrevia super statutumNe quis occasionetur pro aliqua re facta in prosecucione Hugh’ le Despenser; Quod senescalli et quare non ten’ pla’ de libero ten’ de deb’.22
Note: Foliation resumes here.
303147vBrevia super statutumAliter; Quod constabularius Castri Dovorr’ teneat aliquod placitum forinsecum quod non tangit custodiam castri.21
304148rBrevia super statutumquod iusticiarii non supersedeant accionem leg’ faci’ pro mandato de magno sigillo vel parvo sigillo domini Regis; Aliter; De iurata etc’ per milit’ capiend’.32
305148vBrevia super statutumSupersedeas capcioni Inquis’ in patria per breve nisi prius; Ne quis distringatur ne veniendum ad Wap’ nisi sel’ in anno ad present’ ?quam ad visum pertinent.22
306149rBrevia super statutumDe moderata misericordia capienda; Regula; Attachiamentum; Quod misericordia ponatur per sacrum proborum hominum iuxta formam statuti.33
307149vBrevia super statutumQuod clerici infra sacros ordines constituti non oligantur in officio.11
308150rBrevia super statutumDe non distringendo prebendarium; Aliter; [Nota pro Londonia].21
309150vBrevia super statutumAliter; Aliter.20
310151rBrevia super servient’Aliter; Regula; Attachiamentum factum contra servientes et illos qui huius servientibus stipendia excessiva soluerunt.21
311151vBrevia super servient’Aliter versus magistrum et servientem; Aliter.20
312152rBrevia de servient’Aliter de secundum; Aliter; Aliter.30
313152vBrevia de servient’Aliter; Aliter de serviente vagante.20
314153rBrevia de servient’Aliter; Aliter.20
315153vC xxxixDe mendicantibus.11
323157vC xliijRegula.00
324158rC xliiijQuod ?se per ?nuis.11
326159rAssisaAssisa nove disseisine ad primam assisam; Regula; Coram Rege; coram Iusticiariis de banco; Regula; Regula.33
327159vAssisaNota; Quando securitas invenitur in Cancellaria et at’; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; coram iusticiariis assignatis; Patens inde; Aliter; De communa pastura; Regula.84
328160rAssisaPatens inde; Regula; Regula; Assisa in confinio; Aliter; Patens inde in confinio; De stagno exaltato ass’ de ?amisans; Patens inde; Aliter in confinio de quadam via artata; Aliter.85
329160vAssisaPatens inde; de custode admittendo in assisa; Regula; De custode ammovendo; de attornato inde; Aliter quando assisa arramiata coram aliquibus Iusticiariis et postea restat capienda coram aliis pretextu nove commissionis; de attornato in assisa arramiata coram iusticiariis assignatis capienda postmodum coram Rege eo quod Rex est in eodem comitatu.64
330161rAssisaDedimus potestatem in assisa arramiata coram Iusticiariis que capienda est coram aliis Iusticiariis pretextu nove commissionis; de attornato inde; Regula; Assisa de fossato; De stagno; Aliter; De cursu aque; Patens inde.76
331161vAssisaRegula; De domo; Regula; de attornato inde; Regula; Pone de domo; Regula; Versus; Regula; Quod permittat de domo; De stagno; De cursu aque; De via; Aliter de eodem.98
332162rAssisaRegula; de attornato inde; Regula; Nota; De mercato ad bancum; Regula; Nota; Certificacio nove disseisine.33
333162vAssisaAliter; coram Iusticiariis ad primam assisam; coram rege; Patens inde; de attornato in certificacione; Istud breve datur loco certificacionis per W’ ii capitulo xxvo quando assisa capitur in absencia defendentis.65
334163rAssisade venire faciendo quoddam scriptum de quo iuratores assise non fuerunt examinati eo quod assisa capta fuit in absencia defendentis et nulla fiebat mencio de eo; associacio nove disseisine.22
335163vAssisaAliter; Ita associacio ad omnes assisas et formatur super si non omnes; Patens inde.32
337164vAssisaAliter; Si non omnes in defectum super associacionem supradictam; Aliter.31
338165rAssisaNota; Aliter; Aliter; Patens inde; Aliter.41
339165vAttincta assiseAttincta nove disseisine.11
Note: Middle section of page blank.
340166rAttincta assisePatens inde; Aliter de stagno et aliis; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter.42
341166vAttincta assiseAliter quando assisa capta fuit per defaltam viri et vir et uxor postmodum arram’ ass’; Aliter de attincta super quoddam scriptum relaxacionis et quiete clamancie dedicto; Aliter; Nota; Aliter.40
342167rAttincta assiseNota; Aliter de attincta quando carta profertur ad excludendum querentem ab accione et replicatur quod nichil transivit per cartam; Patens inde; Aliter.31
343167vAttincta assisePatens; Associacio in attincta; Regula; Aliter associacio.32
344168rAttincta assiseBreve ad revocandum; Si non omnes in attincta.22
345168vDe redisseisinaDe redisseisina; Regula Secundum Escrik’; Regula; cum pluries de redisseisina.22
346169rRedisseisinaAttachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Associacio inde; Regula.33
347169vDe resseisinaDe redisseisina de communa pasture; Aliter de stagno; De cursu aque diverso; De via artata.43
348170rRedisseisinaRegula; Aliter de custodia dominicarum terrarum; Aliter de victu et vestitu; Aliter; Aliter de redditu unius robe et raconabili sustentacione; Aliter coram ballivis libertatum.50
349170vRedisseisinaDe postdisseisina; Regula; Regula; Aliter; Attincta in redisseisina.32
350171rde recordo et processu in rediss’De recordo et processu inquisicionis in brevi de redisseisina coram Rege mittendis; Aliter ad errorem corrigendum in brevi de postdisseisina; de attornato in redisseisina; de recordo processu redisseisine mittendis coram Rege ad satisfaciendum finem pro redisseisina unde coniunctis fuit.43
351171vDe recordo et processu in redisseisinaAliter coram Rege ad capiendum corpus et ad levandum dampna quia non habent in comitatu.10
352172rde recordo et processu assise nove disseisinede recordo et processu assise nove disseisine; Aliter de quadam vicecomiti; Aliter eo quod certificacio inde aramiatur; Regula; Regula; Aliter quia attincta arramiatur inde.41
353172vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisineAliter; thesaurario et camerario; Aliter quia assisa capta est et iudicium adhuc restat reddendum; Aliter de eodem; Aliter quia attincta est arramiata; Aliter per dampnum levandum.61
354173rDe recordo et processu assise nove disseisineAliter de eodem; Aliter; de recordo et processu inchoatis coram uno pari Iusticiariorum mittendis et aliis Iusticiariis de novo assignatis; Aliter.41
355173vde recordo et processu inchoat’Aliter de recordo etc’ assise al’ Iustic’ de novo assign’ ad capiendum assisam mittendis; Aliter coram rege ad capiendum disseisinam propter disseisinam vi et armis factam.20
356174rDe recordo et processu assise nove disseisineAliter; Aliter coram rege ad iudicium inde reddendo; Aliter de recordo et processu coram Iusticiariis ad iudicium reddendis de eadem.30
357174vDe recordo assise nove disseisineNota; quod iusticiarii habeant recordum et processum sibi missa coram se et sociis suis proxima cessione sua ad iudicium inde reddendum; quod iusticiarii visis et examinatis recordo et processu sibi missis procedant ad iudicium.22
358175rDe recordo assise nove disseisineAliter de recordo etc’ ass’ coram al’ Iustic’ de novo ass’; ad capiendum certificacione.21
359175vDe recordo assise nove disseisineAliter ad execucionem iudicii faciendum versus warantum; Aliter.20
360176rDe recordo assise nove disseisineAliter; Quod custos brevium in communi banco liberet uxori post mortem viri scripta que ei protulerint coram Iusticiariis in probacione accionis sue ?in placitando in quo brevi de debito.21
361176vde recordo in assisa nove disseisineDe recordo assise ac seisina quadam carta dedicta habenda coram Iusticiariis proxima sessione Iusticiariorum; Aliter de recordo quiete clamancie mittendo in cancellaria; Quod tenentes in assisa non servientur de dampnis quamdiu disseisitores habeant unde dampna levari possint.32
363177vDe recordo assise nove disseisineBreve vicecomiti ad levandum dampna de disseisina iuxta formam statuti Glouc’; de recordo et processu Iusticiariis de banco missa Iusticiariis itinerantibus remittantur de Iusticiariis de banco eo quod placitum remansit non terminatum in itinere.22
Note: Top half of page blank.
364178rDe recordo assise nove disseisineDe recordo in cancellaria eo quod allegatur placitando in assisa quod breve de altiori natura pendet inter partes etc’; mittimus de eodem; mittimus de recordo et processu assise coram Iusticiariis.32
365178vDe recordo assise nove disseisineAliter de eodem; Aliter coram rege ad execucionem faciendam de dampnis adiudicatis in assisa; Aliter eo quod bastardia allegatur placitanda in assisa.30
366179rDe recordo assise nove disseisineAliter etc’ Iustic’ de banco in placitanda warr’ carte; Aliter ut Iustic’ securius etc’ capcionem ass’; quod iusticiarii de banco mittant residuum rec’ proc’ ad errorem corrigendum.31
367179vDe recordo assise nove disseisineAliter; Sicut alias ad errorem corrigendum de recordo et processu; cum pluries.32
368180rDe recordo assise nove disseisineQuod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise; Quod etc’ carta Regis allegata non obstante.22
369180vDe recordo assise nove disseisineDe continuando assisam usque ad proximam sessionem pro eo quod thesaurarius et camerarius non miserunt ad plenum processum et recordum que vocabantur placitando in assisa predicta.11
370181rDe recordo assise nove disseisinede mittendo recordum et processum omni assisarum coram uno pari Iusticiariorum inchoatum aliis de novo assignatis.11
371181vDe recordo assise nove disseisinede recordo et processu mittendis alii Iustic’.11
372182rDe recordo assise nove disseisineQuando assisa arramiatur contra maiorem et comitatem ad excludendum ne assisa capiatur per forinsecos etc’; Breve audita querela.22
373182vDe recordo assise nove disseisineAliter.10
374183rde recordo in assisa nove disseisineDe continuando assisam; Aliter; Aliter.31
375183vDe recordo assise nove disseisineDe procedendo in assisa pro redditu in Anglia; De non procedendo ad capcionem assise Rege inconsulto.22
376184rDe recordo assise nove disseisineDe tenore mittendo in evidenciam E nota quod recordum fuit missum in cancellaria et illud totaliter transcriptum et sic transcriptum missum pro tenore in scaccarium remansit in cancellaria; De continuacione quia est in servicio Regis et convenit cum brevibus de continuando assisam.22
377184vAliter; Aliter.20
378185rAliter; Aliter.20
379185vAssisa mort’ auncess’Aliter.10
381186vAssisa mortis antecessorisAssisa mortis antecessoris; Patens inde.22
Note: Top half of page blank.
382187rAssisa mortisAliter de redditu; Aliter pro illo qui est infra etatem; Regula; Aliter; de attornato inde; Regula; De corrodio in Abbatia.52
383187vAssisa mortis antecessorisRegula; Regula; De attincta mortis antecessoris.11
384188rAssisa mortisPatens inde; de attornato inde; Attincta de quadam particula contenta in assisa; Patens inde; Regula.44
385188vRegula secundum Escryk; Aliter; Aliter.20
386189rDe avo et pro avo Et consanguinitateDe avo pro avo et consanguinitate; de attornato inde.22
387189vDe consanguinitateAttincta quando tenens ad terminum vite facit defaltam per quod alius admittitur ad defendendum Ius suum et vocat ad Warrantum que quid vocacio contra placitatur per statutum per quod partes descendunt in inquisicionem unde arramiata attincta; Breve de etate probanda Escaetori quando heres est plene etatis; Nuper obiit.33
388190rNuper obiitNota; Aliter; Aliter quando vir et uxor deforceant viro et uxori; De attornato inde; Regula; Regula.31
389190vQuare eiecit infra terminum; Quare eiecit infra terminumAttincta inde; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.41
Note: Two separate section headers.
390191rAd terminum qui preteriitDe eieccione firme; Aliter; Aliter; Ad terminum qui preteriit; De attornato; In primo gradu sine titulo; Aliter in le post sine titulo; In primo gradu sine titulo.85
391191vDum non fine compos mentis sueAliter; Post dimissionem cum titulo; Regula; Regula; Regula; Regula; Nota; Quando non sit compos mentis; In primo gradu; In le post; Cum titulo in primo gradu.65
392192rDum fuit infra etatemIn secundo gradu; In le post; De attornato inde; Aliter; Quando fuit infra etatem; In secundo gradu; In le post; Regula; Cum titulo in primo gradu; In le post; Regula; De attornato inde; Regula.109
393192vDe ingressu super nova disseisinaDe ingressu super disseisinam cum titulo; In secundo gradu cum titulo; In le per cum titulo; De attornato inde; Aliter pro religiosis.54
394193rDe ingressu super nova disseisinaRegula; Regula; Regula; De ingressu sine assensu capituli; Regula; Aliter sine assensu fratrum et sororum hospitalium; Aliter pro prebendario sine licensia et voluntate Episcopi et Decani.31
395193vAttincta in brevi de ingressuAliter; Regula; De officio servientie; De ingressu super disseisinam de redditu sine mencione gradus versus tenentem; Regula; Aliter pro Episcopo; Aliter.52
396194rAttincta in brevi de ingressuAliter; Regula; Attincta in brevi de ingressu coram Iusticiariis; Aliter de Inquisicione capta super quodam scripto dedicto pro breve nisi prius; Aliter quando inquisicio est capta inter petent’ warr’.41
397194vAttincta in brevi in brevi de ingressuAliter quando uxor admittitur ad defendendum ius suum; Aliter pro herede ubi inquisicio capta fuit inter antecessorum suum petentem et virum et uxorem tenentes de manerio de E unde vir vocatus fuit ad warantum de tercia parte manerii predicti; Istud breve fit pro aliquo coniuncto per attinctam admittendi recordum et processum coram Rege ad capiendum finem pro in prisonato pro terris et tenementis suis rehabendis et etiam pro estreppamento.31
398195rAttincta in brevi de ingressuBreve iudiciale inde ad deliberandum terras etc’ post finem factum.11
400196rCui in vitaCui in vita in post gradu; In primo gradu; In le post; Titulus; Titulus; Titulus; Titulus; Titulus; Titulus; Titulus; Titulus; Nota; Cui ante divorcium; Nota; In le post divorcium; Regula.1313
401196vDe intrusioneRegula; Causa matrimonii prelocuta; In le cui; In le post; Aliter pro herede; Regula; Cui in vita pro herede; Cui; Post; De intrusione post mortem tenentis in dotem; In le per; In le post; De intrusione quando uxor recuperavit dotem.1110
402197rDe intrusioneRegula; Aliter pro assignato quando recuperavit dotem; Aliter in assignacione; De assignacione capitalis domini feodi ad quem communem devenerunt per feloniam tenentis; De intrusione post mortem tenentis per legem Anglie; In le per; In le cui; In le post; Regula.75
403197vDe intrusioneDe intrusione post mortem tenentis ad terminum vite; In le per; In le cui; In le post; Aliter post mortem tenentis ad vitam per finem; Aliter; Regula; Regula; De ingressu per tenentem in dotem ad communem legem.75
404198rBrevia de ingressu ad communem legemDefectus; In le per et cui; In le post; Aliter de dote recuperata; Regula; De ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie; Regula; Regula; Regula; Regula; Regula.54
405198vDe ingressu per tenentem in dotemPer tenentem in dotem per statutum Glouc’; In cui; Aliter in le post; Aliter en le post faciendum mencionem qualiter mulier recuperavit dotem et alienavit; Regula; Regula.42
406199rPer tenentem per legem AnglieIn assignacione; Aliter in assignacione; Quod ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie in consimili casu statutum Glouc’; In le cui; In le per; In le post; Regula; De ingressu per tenentem ad terminum vite in consimili casu statutum Glouc’.76
407199vDe ingressuRegula; Regula; De eodem en le post; Aliter in assignacione; In le post; Aliter; Regula; Aliter in remanere.51
408200rDe ingressuRegula; Quere de isto brevi.11
409200vCessavit per bienniumCessavit per biennium; In le per; In le cui; In le post; Aliter pro Abbate; Nota; Cessavit de feodi firma per statutum Glouc’; In per; Cui; Post; Cessavit de obitu celebrando.109
410201rCessavitCessavit de cantuaria; Aliter de cantuaria versus personam; Regula; Regula; Regula; de tenementis alienatis contra formam collacionis; Aliter de cantuaria et luminari.42
411201vForma donacionis in le descendereForma donacionis in le descender; Aliter viro et uxori; Aliter in liberum maritagium; Aliter pro secundo exitu; Regula; Regula; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Quando habitum religionis assumpsit; Aliter quando iter peregrinacionis arripuit; Pro filia et exitu unius filie; Aliter quando filius post natus petit de seseina consanguinei per revercionem.103
412202rForma donacionis in descendereDe dono facto uxori post mortem viri et heredis masculinis; Aliter pro herede de prima uxore; Aliter de dono facto mulier et heredibus de corpore suo per donacionem procreatis; Aliter; Post mortem et post habitum religionis; Aliter de reversione concessa post mortem tenentis in dotem; Aliter in le remanere pro illo cui reversio concessa post mortem tenentis vitam per formam donacionis et con’; Aliter.82
413202vForma donacionis in descendereAliter; Aliter; Attincta in brevi de forma donacionis; forma donacionis; Nota formam.42
414203rforma donacionis en le revertiAliter pro secundum quando petit de seisina amite sue; Aliter; Aliter de proparte de seisina amite; Aliter.40
415203vforma donacionis in revertiAliter; Quando coheredes tenent in communi absque particione; Aliter.31
416204rforma donacionis in le revertiforma donacionis in le reverti; Aliter; Aliter de coniunctim feoffatim; Aliter quando habitum religionis assumpsit; Reverti quando filius qui est heres coheredum obiit; Nota.52
Note: Top half of page blank.
417204vforma donacionis in revertiQuando reversio conceditur post mortem uxoris que tenuit per feodum talliatum post mortem viri; Aliter.21
418205rForma donacionis en le manereforma donacionis in le remanere; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Remanere quando reversio propartis coher’ conceditur in feodo talliato.52
419205vEn le remanereAliter post mortem tenentis ad vitam; Aliter quando reversio tenementorum ad vitam conceditur; Remanere; Casus; Remanere; Aliter.63
420206rDe tenementis legatis in LondoniaDe tenementis legatis in Londonia.11
Note: Middle section of page blank.
421206vDe tenementis legatis in LondoniaAliter in Burge; Aliter in remanere.20
422207rDe testamento probandoDe testamento probando; Aliter inde.21
423207vDe tenementis legatis in feodo talliatoDe tenementis legatis in feodo talliato; De tenementis legatis in feodo talliato in le reverti.22
424208rAd quod dampnumAd quod dampnum de tenementis dandis pro cantaria.11
Note: Middle section of page blank.
425208vAd quod dampnumAliter; Regula; Regula; Regula.10
426209rAd quod dampnumSi sit dampnum de tenementis dandis custodi capelle in subvencionem sustentacionis sue et duorum capellanorum pro salubri statu fundatoris; Si sit etc’ de redditu dando abbati et conventui et priori et monachis de cella eiusdem abbatie ad inveniendum duos capellanos in eadem cella celebrat’; Regula; Aliter de uno ?mes’ manso prioris et frm’ ?edis’ ?beate mar’ de ?moved’ carmeli contig’ eisdem dando.32
427209vAd quod dampnumAliter; De terr’ dand’ abbati et conventui in escambium pro alia terra; quod plures divisi tenentes possunt dare priori et conventui in partem satisfaccione et quod alius possit dare eisdem ten’ in escambium pro aliis.32
428210rAd quod dampnumDe ecclesia approprianda in usus proprios tenenda in partem satisfaccionis.11
429210vAd quod dampnumDe ecclesia approprianda que est de advocacione propria; De redditu remittendo relaxando et quiete clamatis abbati etc’ in partem etc’; Aliter de terra et advocacione ecclesie danda abbati que de Rege tenetur in capite et quod ipse ecclesiam illam etc’.32
430211rAd quod dampnumDe tenementis assignatis capellano ?dicti etc’ et de reversione concedenda eidem capellano; In partem satisfaccionis et quod ipse possit ?m’ga ten’ que nativus eorum adquisunt; De redd’ assign’ trib’ capell’ in diversis ?lai’ celebratur’; Aliter de redd’ relaxando in escambium.43
431211vAd quod dampnumDe terra assign’ in escambium pro redditu relaxando et de inveniendo quendam monachum; De redditu assignando pro officio mortuorum in anniversario celebrando; De terra data pro inhabitacione fratrum; De ten’ dat’ ad prebendam faciendam.44
432212rAd quod dampnumDe reversione concedenda; Quod executores possent dare capellano tenementa legata testatorem; De ten’ dat’ fratribus ad elargacionem mansi.33
433212vAd quod dampnumRegula; De obligando manerium districcioni; Quando tenentur de Rege in capite feoffando alios et heredes suos; quod A possit feoffare S ita quod G dare possit et concedere tenementa predicta prefato A et M uxori eius et her’ de corpore ipsius A et S obient etc’ reman’.33
434213rAd quod dampnumAliter.10
435213vAd quod dampnumAliter.10
436214rAd quod dampnumDe pardon’ trans’ de ten’ dat’ W et I et her’ et post mortem W quia obiit sine herde relax’ etc’.11
437214vAd quod dampnumAliter; De antiquo trenchea obstuenda et nova facienda vel habenda.21
438215rAd quod dampnumAliter de assisa panis et cervicie habenda et de assaia mensurarum.10
439215vAd quod dampnumQuod her’ et participes possint feoffare ballivos et comitatem de redditu quem percipiunt de villa de Regis per ballivos; Aliter.21
440216rAd quod dampnumAliter; De quadam domo religiosorum fundanda et terris et tenementis eidem domui conferendis.21
441216vAd quod dampnumDe parto dand’ R ita quod R habita inde seisina det illud fratribus de monte carmeli.11
442217rAd quod dampnumDe terris et tenementis adquisitis sine licensia Regis et puplicacione statuti rehabenda.11
443217vAd quod dampnumAliter in le retinere de eadem; De libertatibus concedendis; Aliter et fit patens inquisitoribus [burgenses].31
444218rAd quod dampnumRegula; De vacua placea et concedenda; de aqueductu; Aliter de conductu aque.32
445218vAd quod dampnumDe aqua ducenda per fossatum; De venella data fratribus ad elargacionem mansi; Aliter.32
446219rAd quod dampnumDe terra adquisita sine licensia Regis in rehabere; Aliter in le retinere; Aliter ad vitam; Aliter in feodo talliato in rehabere.41
447219vAd quod dampnumAliter in remanere in feodo talliato rehabere; Aliter; Aliter; Regula.30
448220rAd quod dampnumAliter de serviciis remissis quiet’ clamat’; De reversione concessa et eam ingresso sine licencia per quod capitur in manu Regis in rehabere.21
449220vAd quod dampnumAliter.10
450221rAd quod dampnumAd quod damnum de balliva forestarie que de Rege tenetur in capite; Aliter; Aliter.31
451221vAd quod dampnumAliter; De vasto includendo per certam arentacionem ad scaccarium reddend’ etc’; Aliter de vasto includendo per certam arentacionem etc’ ita quod possit aliis dimittere ad firmam etc’; Aliter de vasto includendo per certam arentacionem ad scaccarium etc’ reddend’.41
452222rAd quod dampnumAliter de eodem patens etc’.10
453222vAd quod dampnumClausum Inde vicecomiti.11
454223rde essendo quietum de TheolonioDe essendo quietum de thelonio etc’ per cart’ Regis etc’; Regula; cum pluries; Attachiamentum inde; Nota.33
455223vDe essendo quietum de TheolonioNota; de attornato inde.11
Note: Middle section of page blank.
456224rDe essendo quietum de TheolonioRegula; cum pluries; Regula; Ad huc cum pluries et alterius forme; Quod mercatores alienigine et extranei non prestent muragium.33
457224vDe essendo quietum de TheolonioAliter per Cart’ h progenitoris R’ quam pat’ confirm’ etc’.10
458225rDe essendo quietum de TheolonioRegula; Quod persone ecclesiastice sint quiet’ de theolonio; ista clausula dominicum vac’ secundum horls’; Aliter de eodem; Patens; Quod homines de antiquo dominico.54
459225vDe essendo quietum de TheolonioRegula; Nota.00
Note: Lower half of page blank.
460226rde libertatibus allocandisDe libertatibus allocandis in genere; Regula; Aliter per cart’ progenitoris Regis claus’ proiit in spem.21
461226vDe libertatis allocandisAliter per cart’ h’ proavi Regis; Aliter per cart’ confirmacionis cum clausula licet et concessionis de novo; Aliter.30
462227rDe libertatis allocandisAliter per cart’ progenitoris Regis et confirmacionem Regis cum clausula licet et per concessionem ulterius etc’; Aliter per cart’ progenitoris Regis proiit etc’; Aliter.30
463227vDe libertatis allocandisAliter per Baron’ de quinque portubus; Aliter; Nota.20
464228rDe corrodio habendo?Ram’ palmar’; De corrodio habendo.22
Note: Page mostly blank.
465228vDe corrodio habendoAliter; sicut alias.21
466229rDe corrodio habendo; illam ad plenumcum pluries R’ non foram super le sicut alias quod precedit; Attachiamentum inde.22
468230rDe idiotaDe idiota; Aliter.21
Note: Top section of page blank.
469230vDe idiotaAliter; Aliter.20
470231rDe leproso ammovendoAliter; Aliter; De leproso amovendo.31
471231vDe leproso ammovendoDe viis venellis inundandis.11
Note: Lower half of page blank.
472232rDe onerando secundum ratamDe rata porcionis de averando; Aliter.21
473232vsupersedeas de exigend’Manucaptores pro iudicato de latrocinio coram vicecomite ex officio W j capitulo quinto.11
Note: Middle section of page blank.
474233rsupersedeas dexigend’Aliter coram ballivis libertatis; Aliter pro levi suspicione; Aliter de parvo latrocinio.30
475233vsupersedeas dexigend’Nota; Manucapcio pro appellato vivente appellatore; Aliter post mortem probatoris quia non est notorius latro.21
476234rsupersedeas dexigend’De assu mortis; De recepamento de consilio et assensu; De vi et auxilio procedento missione et abetto.33
477234v[Cut off]Aliter in conclusione; Manucapcio pro iudicato coram custodibus pacis; Aliter de eodem.31
478235rsupersedeas dexig’De mittendo iudicamentum inde coram rege ad deliberandum iudicamentum coram custodibus pacis; Breve Inde vicecomiti ad mittendum corpus iudicati; Aliter pro notorie suspecto de feloniis et maleficiis manucapto.32
479235vsupersedeas dexigend’Aliter de forstallariis; Aliter.20
480236rsupersedeas dexig’Aliter; Ad prosequendum appellum et brevia de falso iudicio.21
481236vsupersedeasAliter pro abbate eo quod maliciose fuit appellatus omittendo nomen dignitatis; Audita querela inde G lescrop’.21
482237rsupersedeasAliter; Pro statuto mercatorum pro eo quod soluit partem debiti et de parte habet scriptum relaxacionis.21
483237vsupersedeas dexig’Aliter de transgressionibus feloniam non tangentibus; Aliter; Aliter ad prosequendam decepcionem et maliciosam per statutum mercatorum.30
484238rEt capcioni corporisAliter.10
485238vCapcioni corporisAliter pro illo qui est captus pro notificacionem bulle in cancellaria essendi coram Cancellaria Regia ad proximum parliamentum.10
487239vDe nominacione factaDe nominacione facta per Regem; De nominacione facta per Regem revocanda; De admittendo presetatum per abbatem ad nominacionem Regis.33
488240rPresentacio per RegemPresentacio per Regem; Aliter racione custodie; Aliter; Presentacio causa permutacionis; Nomincione per Regem; Aliter ad prebendam; De assignando scallum racione prebende; Aliter de sede vacante.84
489240vDe collacione heremitagiiDe collacione heremitagii; De ducendo in corporalem possessione; Aliter ad Cantuariam; Ista littera patens facta fuit de eadem Cantuaria; Aliter ad preposituram in ecclesia cathedrali; Aliter preposito Beverlaci; Presentacio per abbatissam.74
490241rDe presentacioneAliter per laicum patronum; Collacio hospitalis Regis; De inducendo in possessionem; De intendendo custodi; Revocacio quia persona superstes est; Aliter de revocacione presentacionis quia prius ratificavit.64
491241vDe presentacioneRatificacio prebende et ecclesie; Aliter.21
492242rAliter; Aliter.20
493242vDe ratificacioneRatificacio ecclesie non obstante iudicio pro rege reddito; Aliter; Revocacio presentacionis quia alius presentavit; Aliter quia ecclesia plena et consulta; Littera patens ad innotescendum recuperacionem Regis de ecclesia omnibus quorum interest; De presentacione facta super recordo quando Rex recuperavit.64
495243vPresentacioPresentacio pro Rege quando aliquis nominat ei etc’; Littera Regis deprecatoria pro annua pensione; Littera de annua pensione; De primo ecclesiastic’ beneficio habendo.44
496244rDe pensioneDe pensione concessa ad scaccarium per Regem; Littere Canonici ad excercendum iurisdiccionem ordinarium loco suo; Littere patentes ad conferendum beneficium domino in remotis agente; Littera procuratoria.44
497244vLittera percuatoria ad resignandum etc’.11
498245rForma resignacionisForma resignacionis.11
499245vProtestacio redennda; Quod natum non contribuant expensis militum; De idemptitate nomine.33
500246rQuando Iuratores capiunt pro veridico dicendo.11
501246vDe Idemptitate nominis.11
Note: Final paragraph unusually indented.
510251rGeneralis liberacio ubi heres est plene etatis die obitus patris sui; Aliter post mortem patris et matris etc’; Aliter post mortem patris quando tenet per legem Anglie.31
511251vAliter post mortem patris et matris; De homagio ?respectuato.21
512252rGeneralis liberacio post mortem heredis infra etatem et in custodia Regis decendentis; Aliter de terris ubi vir tenet per legem Anglie ut de iure uxoris sue et de terris de hereditate sua.21
513252vAliter de terris et tenementis que tenentur tam in feodo quam ad terminum vite; [le in post]; Aliter infernis ad istud signum [plus sign]; Aliter de terris et tenementis que tenentur in dote.41
514253rAliter quando mater huius heredis tenet terras et tenementa ad terminum vite de hereditate dicti heredis; Aliter ubi pater huius heredis tenuit terras et tenementa in feodo talliato per finem.20
515253vAliter cum exitu de dono Regis; Aliter ubi aliquis tenuit per legem Anglie.20
516254rAliter ubi terre tenentur per parvam seriantiam -- --; Aliter ubi aliquis tenuit per legem Anglie -- -- ; Aliter.30
517254vGeneralis liberacio facta coheredibus post mortem her’ infra etatem et in custodia Regis decedentis.11
518255rGeneralis liberacio ubi antecessor tam in dominico suo ut de feodo quam in feodo talliato vel ad terminum vite.11
520256rParticio terrarum et tenementorum in cancellaria facta coheredibus de assensu Custodum terrarum etc’ huius heredum.11
521256vparticio terrarum etc’ faciend’ coheredibus super brevi de scire facias ubi unus huiusmodi heredum cognovit se ius non habere ad hereditatem.11
522257rDe propartibus liberandis post mortem tenentis per legem Anglie.11
523257vParticio terrarum facienda coheredibus ubi unus eorum est infra etatem cum clausula Retenta.11
524258rParticio facienda de terris etc’ que tenentur de herede infra etatem et in custodia Regis existente per socagium ubi aliqui coheredum sunt plene etatis et aliqui infra etatem.11
525258vDe propartibus liberandis tam post mortem tenentis in feodo etc’ quam post mortem tenentis ad terminum vite etc’.11
527259vDe proparte liberanda cum clausula Retenta racione debitorum Regis.11
528260rAliter ubi particio est facta et aliqui coheredes habent liberacionem et aliqui non preferuntur.10
531261vDe particione facta in cancellaria ubi unus coheredum est plene etatis et alter huius heredum est infra etatem et propars huius heredum infra etatem exist’ committitur alteri heredi plene etatis existen’ habend’ usque etc’.11
532262rDe particione facienda super brevi de scire facias cum clausula retenta.11
534263rDe particione facienda post mortem tenentis ad terminum vite.11
535263vDe particione facta I de S qui Aliciam unam filiarum et heredum I de B defunctam duxit in uxorem de qua tres filias predicorum I de S et A cohered’ et participes K alterius filiarum etc’ procreavit ad quem quidem I pertinet pro pars earumdem A E et F tenend’ per legem Anglie ac’.11
536264rDe particione facienda de terris etc’ que aliis quam R’ ten’ et faciet mens’ quod tenuit alibi de Rege.11
537264vDe terris liberandis post mortem uxoris que tenuit con ubi heres fecit homagium post mortem patris sui pro omnibus terris unde pater suus obiit seisitus; Aliter.21
539265vLiberacio facta bene de scire facias.11
540266rDe terris que non tenentur de Rege herede infra etatem liberandis retentis in manu Regis aliis terris que tenentur per servicium militare de terris W de C in manibus Regis existentis; De terris que tenetur de honore Bancum per sevicium militare ubi heres obiit in p’t etatem liberandis.22
541266vDe terris que tenentur per servicium militare de aliquo herede qui probavit etatem suam et habet liberacionem terrarum aliarum liberandis.11
542267rDe terris que tenentur de herede infra etatem et in custodia Regis existente in manu Regis retentis et ammovendo manum Regis de aliis terris et tenementis quo de aliis quam de Rege tenentur; De terris que uxor tenuit tam con cum viro suo quas in dominico et in dote post liberandum; De honore penerelli.33
543267vAliter; tenetur de honore penerelli; De terris liberandis licet inquis’ non sunt retorn’ in cancellaria.32
544268rAliter; De terris que tenentur de Rege per parvam seriantiam liberandis et de ammovendo manum Regis de aliis terris quo non tenentur de Rege quo quidem liberacio facit mencionem de perdonacione trans’.21
545268vLiberacio facta super brevi de scire facias et super recordo et processu inde habitis in Banco Regis que recordum et processum Rex venire fecit in cancellaria.11
547269vDe eodem super brevi de scire facias etc’.10
548270rDe terris liberandis post mortem uxoris que habuit staum nisi ad terminum vite etc’; De eodem.21
549270vDe terris liberandis licet inquis’ non fuit reton’.11
550271rDe terris que sunt de heredite uxoris eidem liberandis post mortem viri sui que non facit homagium etc’.11
551271vDe terris liberandis post mortem tenentis in dotem ex assignacione I quondam viri sui revercione inde I de B et heredibus suis; parva seriantia et huiusmodi; De terris que non tenentur de Rege liberandis retentis terris in manu Regis que tenentur de herede infra etatem et in custodia Regis.33
552272rDe terris que tenentur per parvam seriantiam liberandis et de ammovendo manum R’ de illis quam de Rege tenentur.11
553272vDe terris que tenentur de Rege per parvam seriantiam liberandis; Socage [inscribed]; Aliter de terris que tenentur de Rege ad feodi firmam infra forestam etc’ liberandis et de ammovendo manum Regis de aliis terris que de alio ?? de Rege tenentur.32
554273rDe terris que tenentur per parvam seriantiam heredi infra etatem liberand’; Socage [inscribed]; De non intromittendo de certis ten’ unde inquis’ capta non fuit; novus casus [inscribed].44
555273vDe ammovendo manum Regis de tenementis que tenentur de Rege in burgagio vu’ heres est infra etatem etc’; De terris que tenentur per parvam seriantiam liberandis habendis infra etatem existentis etc’.22
556274rper legem Anglie [inscribed].11
557274vDe terris que tenentur de Rege per parvam seriantiam heredi infra etatem existenti liberandis et de ammovendo manum Regis de terris etc’ que non tenentur de Rege.11
558275rDe ammovendo manum Regis sine exit’ de terris que tenentur de herede qui probavit etatem et habet liberacionem; Aliter facto super brevi de certiorari.21
559275vAliter ubi vir clamat tenere per legem Anglie; De duobus maneriis liberandis; novus casus [inscribed].32
560276rRegula; la on deux manoirs sont taillez ?luu est tenuz de Roi et lantre dimant’ ?s’ celli manoir ?et est tenuz de Ro serra de linere et de lant’ manoir ?et est tenuz dimant’ s’ le Roy est tenuz de remon’ sa mayn onelez illuz; De ammovendo manum Regis fact’ super brevi de certiorari.22
561276vAliter inde.10
562277rDe ammovendo manum Regis ubi vir tenuit coniunctim die quo obiit cum uxore etc’.11
563277vDe ?amond’ manum Regis de terris que sunt in manu Regis racione idiocie et que terre de Rege non tenentur; De terris que uxor tenuit in dotem post mortem viri sui domino Rege in capite et liberand’ cum exit’ etc’.22
564278rAliter inde; de tenementis que tenentur de archiepiscopo cantuar’ eidem arch’ liberand’ durante minore heredis; De terris liberandis; Duket [inscribed].43
565278vDe terris liberandis que tenentur in socagio.11
566279rDe terris liberandis ubi heres dum infra etatem fuit recuperavit dominicas terras; De terris liberandis post mortem tenentis in dotem.22
567279vDe terris liberandis; Franceis [inscribed]; novus casus [inscribed].33
568280rDe dote unde heres venit in cancellaria et petiit manum Regis ammoveri de terris et tenementis que de Rege non tenentur et cognovit et voluit viduam dotari de certis maneriis etc’.11
569280vDe dote assignanda vidue de terris etc’ que sunt commissa W quousque discussu’ fuerit; Ita quod dicta vidua Regi respond’ de exit’ dot’ si ad ipsum debeant pertinere.22
570281rDe dote assignanda in hibernia; De dote assignata in cancellaria de feodo militum.22
571281vDe dote assignata in cancellaria de advocacionibus ecclesiarum; De dote assignata in cancellaria de terris et tenementis; De dote assignanda uxori maritate heredi infra etatem etc’ diem clausit extremum; novus casus.44
572282rDe dote liberanda que facta fuit in cancellaria de assensu attornati etc’; Aliter de dote assignanda uxori maritate heredi qui obiit infra etatem etc’; novus casus [inscribed].32
573282vAliter; Aliter de terris que tenetur de Archiepiscopatu Canc’ per servicium militare; Aliter de feodis et de advocacionibus.30
574283rDe dote assignata comitisse suff’ cum claus’ reddi’ eo quod dos exc’ terciam partem.11
575283vDe dote assignanda ubi vidua habuit dotem suam de aliis terris alias sibi ?assignatam; Nota quod in isto casu de huius dos assignari ex gra’ R’ quia vidua non debet presequi dotem suam per parcell’ant per vic’; De terris que tenetur de herede infra etatem liberand’.22
576284rDe non intromittendo de terris que de Rege tenentur in capite ubi vir tenuit coniunctim cum uxore sua si et heredibus de corporibus suis exeuntis; De terris tentis de Rege que remanere debent E’ de S per tall’ in manu Regis retinendis et ammovendo manum Regis de aliis terris que non tenentur de Rege.22
577284vDe non intromittendo de terris que tenentur de abbatia unde abbas fecit fidelitam suam domino Regis; Aliter.21
578285rAliter post mortem tenentis in dotem de terris que tenentur de aliis quam de Rege; De non intromittendo de terris que tenentur coniunctim cum uxore de Rege in capite; Aliter.31
579285vDe non intromittendo.11
580286rDe non intromittendo tang’ Religiosos; novus casus [incribed]; Bardenay.33
581286vDe amovendo manum Regis de terris et tenementis que tenebantur con fact’ super brevi de scire facias.11
582287rDe dote assignanda; De ammovendo manum Regis ubi causa capcionis etc’ est minus sufficiens.22
583287vDe liberacione terrarum super carta de pardon’ trans’.11
586289rDe terris et tenementis que tenentur de Rege in G heredi plene etatis existentis liberandis et de ammovendo manum Regis de aliis terris que tenentur de aliis ?quare de Rege; Aliter de terris que tenentur de Archiepatus Catuar’ vacante etc’ in G cohered’ liberand’.21
588290rDe terris liberandis ubi heres probat etatem cuius antecessor de Rege tenuit in capite etc’; Aliter.21
589290vAliter ubi aliquis de hered’ infra etatem in custodia Regis; Aliter ubi due sorores probant etatem etc’; De non intromittendo ubi heres probat etatem cuius antecessor tenuit de Rege de ho.31
590291rnore de H et postmodum Rex concessit illi honorem alicui alteri; Conestable [inscribed]; De terris liberandis ubi heres probat etatem in hibernia; De non intromittendo ubi heres probat etatem cuius antecessor tenuit de castro de C quod Rex postmodum concessit Is’ etc’.44
591291vDe terris liberandis ubi ?huius heres non probat etatem quia per inspeccionem corporis apparet de etate; de gracia R’ [inscribed]; Aliter ubi aliquis coheres probat etat’ etc’ recitando aliud breve etc’.32
592292rCum clausula dimissa; Aliter qui tenet de herede infra etatem; De terris liberandis heredi quas ta’ pac’ suus tenuit in feodo die quo.32
593292vObiit quam mater sua tenuit tam in dotem quam alias ad terminum vite die quo obiit; De terris liberandis que tenetur de hered’ nuper infra etatem existentis; De terris liberandis tam post mortem patro quam post mortem ?avie’ heredis; Beaumont [inscribed].44
594293rAliter de terris et tenementis infra ?dominum R’ ?Scot’; Beaumont [inscribed].21
595293vDe terris liberandis que tenentur de abbatia vacante et de heredibus infra etatem exist’; Gross [inscribed] novus casus.22
598295rDe propartibus feod’ militum in cancellaria assignatis liberandis post mortem tenentis in dotem.11
599295vDe eodem; Aliter de eodem.20
600296rDe advocacionibus ecclesiarum liberand’ tam heredi quam ?? eiusdem hered’ non obstante quod ipsi liberacionem earumdem advocac’ inter alias advoc’ etc’ prosecuti non [page rippled]; Nota il conient tout voies de ?presuer au Roy en cest cas.11
Note: Middle section of page blank.
601296vCustod’ Anglie.11
602297rMagister deductus [inscribed]; Officium proclamatoris.22
603297vCustos Dovorr’ et quinque portuum; Breve inde Custos magne garde robe; breve inde; De admittendo homines ad fidem et pacem R’.44
604298rDe custodia domus conversorum Londonie; brevia inde; prefecto.33
605298vOfficium thesaurarii; breve inde; De capitali Barone de scaccario constituendo; breve inde; Officium Cancellarii scaccarii; breve inde; Aliud breve inde; Officium cancellarii scaccarii.88
606299rbreve inde; De turri Londonie commiss’; breve inde; De Com’ Wygorn’ commisso; breve inde; Aliud breve inde.66
607299vDe com’ cum castris commissis; breve inde; Sine castro; Officium Escaetrie; breve inde.55
608300rDe dedimus potestatem inde; De officio maioris Stapule.22
609300vAliter ubi prius electi non fuer’ de officio maioris etc’ Stapule; De inquisicionibus retornandis etc’; Diem clausit extremum.32
610301rAliter qui de herede tenet; Aliter de tenente in dotem; Aliter de ideota; Aliter infra etatem.40
611301vAliter Escaetore ammoto; Aliter per legem Anglie.20
612302rDe ten’ vidue maritate sine licensia capiend’ etc’.11
613302vLib’ ten’ heredi idiote etc’.11
Note: Middle section of page blank.
614303rDe ten’ tent’ in socagio liberand’.11
615303vDe etate probanda; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.41
616304rDe homag’ capt’ prob’ etat’; Aliter; certiorari de feodo militis et advocacione ecclesiarum etc’.32
617304vDe dote assignanda; Aliter; Aliter.31
Note: Lower section of page blank.
618305rscire facias ut dos assignata revocetur.11
Note: Upper section of page blank.
619305vDe dote assignanda cum clauso reddendo; Aliter; De eodem.31
620306rDedimus potestatem recipiendi sacrum et attornato ad petendem dotem; Aliter; scire facias heredi ad interessendum assignacionem dotis.32
621306vAliter; De terris liberandis post capcionem homagium et fidelitatem.21
622307rQuod ecclesia que taxatur ad sex marcas vel minus exoneratur de decimis etc’; De licensia eligendi.22
623307vPremunire facias.11




Something seems to have happened to registers of writs in the last years of the reign of Edward III, something that continued in the reign of Richard II. All five of our manuscripts from this period, this one and HLS MS 53, 155, 168, and 34, are very large: 1906 writs in the large count in this register, 1219 in shorter count; MS 53: 1755, 1160; MS 155: 2412, 1638 (the largest short number that we have); MS 168: 2060, 1373; MS 34: 2417, 1591 (the largest long number that we have). These numbers are quite a bit larger (using the longer count) than the register that seems to date from mid-century, MS 166 (1271), which was, in turn, quite a bit larger than those dating from the beginning of the reign of Edward III or the end of that of Edward II, e.g. MS 45 (819), MS 28 (941) and Hall’s Register ‘R’ (886). These registers also have a structural feature that they share with MS 166 but with none of the earlier ones, the inclusion a substantial number of writs after formedon, as opposed to a small miscellaneous collection of afterthoughts.

Let us examine the major categories and their rough proportions in this manuscript: Right (6%), Ecclesiastical (11%), Waste (2%), Replevin (3%), Trespass (9%), Error (1%), Criminal (0%), Account (1%), Debt (3%), Rights in land (1%), Annuity, Mesne (0%), Wardship (1%), Covenant (1%), Dower (0%), Writs on statutes (8%), Statute of labourers (2%), Novel disseisin (9%), Mort d’ancestor (1%), Ejectement (Quare eiecit) (1%), Entry (2%), Cessavit (0%), Formedon (2%), Testaments (1%), Ad quod dampnum (5%), Rights of those of lower status (1%), De libertatibus allocandis (1%), Corodies and pensions (1%), De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis (1%), Mainprize (1%), Audita querela (0%), De supersedendo (0%), Ecclesiastical additional (3%), Administrative (20%). (Proportions that equal zero are less than half a percent.)

The categories of writs and the order in which they appear map fairly closely onto those of MS 53, but the proportions do not: Right (9%), Ecclesiastical (18%), Waste (2%), Replevin (3%), Trespass (11%), Criminal (2%), Account (2%), Debt (6%), Rights in land (2%), Annuity, Mesne (1%), Wardship (2%), Covenant (3%), Dower (1%), Writs on statutes (7%), Statute of labourers (1%), Novel disseisin (11%), Mort d’ancestor (2%), Entry (4%), Cessavit (1%), Formedon (1%), Ad quod dampnum (1%), Rights of those of lower status (2%), De libertatibus allocandis (1%), Corodies and pensions (1%), De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis (0%), Ecclesiastical additional (2%), Mainprize (2%), Miscellaneous, including weights and measures (1%). (Proportions that equal zero are less than half a percent.)

The reason that the proportions do not correspond is easy enough to see. MS 165 has an Administrative section at the end that occupies fully 20% of the register and does not correspond to anything in MS 53. This administrative section is discussed in the Introduction. It is on separate quires, and the quiring is not the same as that of the main manuscript. It has no headers, whereas the rest of the manuscript has a quite full set of headers. It seems to contain no writs that would initiate litigation in the central royal courts, or even that have much to do with litigation in the central royal courts. Its almost exclusive concern is the administration of royal lands and royal ecclesiastical rights. It probably is a specialized collection for the clerk(s) of the crown or of the petty bag in the Chancery. It is hard to see how it would be of much use to anyone other than Chancery clerks.

Take out the administrative section and we have a somewhat smaller register than MS 53 (1525 vs. 1755, long count; 968 vs. 1160, short count). We also have proportions that come closer to those in MS 53: Right (7%), Ecclesiastical (13%), Waste (2%), Replevin (3%), Trespass (10%), Error (1%), Criminal (1%), Account (1%), Debt (4%), Rights in land (1%), Annuity, Mesne (1%), Wardship (1%), Covenant (2%), Dower (0%), Writs on statutes (10%), Statute of labourers (3%), Novel disseisin (11%), Mort d’ancestor (2%), Ejectement (Quare eiecit) (1%), Entry (3%), Cessavit (0%), Formedon (2%), Testaments (1%), Ad quod dampnum (6%), Rights of those of lower status (1%), De libertatibus allocandis (1%), Corodies and pensions (1%), De idiotis, leprosis, viis et venellis (1%), Mainprize (2%), Audita querela (0%), De supersedendo (1%), Ecclesiastical additional (3%).

The proportions come closer, but there are some substantial differences. The basic ecclesiastical category occupies less space (13% vs. 18%). Writs on statutes and statute of Labourers together are quite a bit larger (13% vs. 8%) as is Ad quod dampnum (6% vs. 1%). (The missing 5% is made up in smaller reductions in the traditional categories, e.g. Right [7% vs. 9%].) As a general matter, we can say that MS 165 devotes proportionally more space to the newer categories and less to the traditional ones than does MS 53, even if we ignore the Administrative section. (We might add here that the presence of the categories Error, Testaments, and De supersedendo in MS 165 is not a difference from MS 53. The writs are there in MS 53; we just did not break them out as we did in MS 165.)

We might want to take our general conclusion a step further. That MS 165 pays proportionally less attention to the traditional categories may be a further indication that its original owner was a Chancery clerk who was not a cursitor. He would, of course, want the basics of the traditional writs, which he certainly has here, but he would be less interested in all the possible variations in them if it was not part of his job to write original writs beginning litigation in the central royal courts.