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HLS MS No. 155

Registrum brevium, with tracts

ca. 1384, with additions into the 15th century



<Preliminary introduction>

The HOLLIS cataloguing may be found here. The following items are worth repeating:

“Description: [268] leaves ; 27 cm.

“Notes: Illuminated initials throughout.

“Summary: The first 18 leaves are blank; an index follows on leaves 20r-22v. Preceded by some 15th century additions. Manuscript ends on leaf 250v, followed by 18 blank leaves.”

The cataloguing in Baker’s English Legal Manuscripts, 1, no. 91 reads as follows:


“MS. 155.

“Late C.xiv, 268 ff., illum, initial. The first writ, concerning land in Lincolnshire, is tested 11 March 7 Richard II [1384]. Preceded by some C.xv additions.

“‘Seynt Germeyn’ (C.xv, on a label on fo. 42), possibly Christopher St German (d. 1540) of the Middle Temple; ‘Spertegrave’ (C.xv), on a label on fo. 120 (and two similar labels erased); ‘Thomas Rudston’ (C.xvi), probably the one (d. 1556) adm. Gray’s Inn 1521 from Thavies Inn; sold at S. 31 July 1934, no. 302, to Sweet & Maxwell for HLS. Received 2 Jan. 1935.

Census, III, 2305, no. 155; Early Registers, xxvi.”

The manuscript is approximately 270 X 200 mm.

The binding is leather with tooled covers. It seems to be of some antiquity, though not medieval. It may have been ‘recycled’ from another book or manuscript. That would account for the 36 blank paper leaves, 18 in the front, 18 in the back, far more than would be necessary to protect the parchment manuscript, but perhaps necessary to fill in a binding that was too large for the manuscript.

There is a modern pencilled foliation in the upper-right hand corner. It foliates everything, including the blank leaves and the tipped-in fragments. We would not have foliated the manuscript that way, but the foliation is there, and we made our digital foliation correspond to it. There is another foliation of considerably greater antiquity that begins with ‘2’ on the second folio of the main register and continues regularly until fol. 230r of our foliation (‘197’). This foliation corresponds to the one used in the index.

The quiring of the manuscript is difficult to discern from the images, and what we have done must be regarded as quite tentative. That of the 36 blank leaves is of no particular interest. Prior to the initial writ of right on fol. 34r, there are 14 leaves (fol. 20–33) that contain an index of writs, a small collection of treatises (of which more below), and a small collection of additional writs, all in a somewhat later hand than that of the main manuscript. Lacking any visual evidence of the quiring that we could discern from the images, we assumed that each of these pieces is a separate quire. The main manuscript has signature marks, in alphabetical order from ‘a’ through ‘x’. The majority of these signature marks can be made to correspond to quaternions. There are two that correspond to sesternions and one to a quinternion.

There is no signature ‘u/v’, and there are three quires (nos. 23–25) between signature ‘t’ and signature ‘x’. This would seem to be inserted material. Quire 23 begins with new material, but quire 25 carries over into to signature ‘x’. That suggests that the insertion was made as the manuscript was being composed. Signature mark ‘n ij’ seems to be duplicated, and the way in which it is done suggests that material was inserted between the two signature marks in order to make up what is now signature ‘n’, a regular quaternion.

Quire 27, a ternion, is almost entirely blank. Quire 28 begins in a new hand, and it and quire 29 are clearly later additons. They are not much later in their contents. The final writ on quire 29, an addition to the addition, is dated probably in 1404, and if not, shortly after 1399. Quires 28 and 29 may have been added to the manuscript at some later date, however. The original foliation ends on the first folio of quire 27, and none of the writs on quires 28 and 29 is found in the index, which seems to date from the mid- to late-15th century.

Putting all of this information together, and keeping in mind that all of this is subject to revision when the manuscript can be checked in situ, we get the following collation:

13 (f. 20–22), 26 (f. 23–28), 36 (f. 29–33, lacks one, probably after 33), 4–78 (f. 34–65), 812 (f. 66–77), 9–108 (f. 78–93), 1110 (f. 94–103), 128 (f. 104–111), 1312 (f. 112–123), 14–218 (f. 124–187), 2210 (f. 188–197), 23–268 (f. 198–229), 27–286 (f. 230–241), 298 (f. 242–249).

There is some evidence in the images of leaves having been cut out, and if they were, others would have to have been added to get a collation as regular as this. More work needs to be done on the collation.

There are two fragments that seem to have been tipped in, one between initial set of the blank freestanding endpapers (fol. 19), the other just before the beginning of the final set of freestanding endpapers (fol. 250). The first notes in a medieval script that the precium huius libri is 26s; the second has a small amount of medieval writing at the bottom suggesting that it was torn out of a medieval quire.

Despite what the HOLLIS catalogue says, there is only one illuminated capital, the ‘R’ for ‘Ricardus’ on the initial writ of right patent in the main manuscript. It is quite handsome, with scrollwork and gold leaf.

The contents of the medieval folios that precede the main register have not previously been described in detail. They include:

(1) an index to the writs in the main register in a fifteenth-century script (fol. 20r–22v);

(2) the treatise known as Modus compenendi brevia (Baker, Cambridge Catalogue 55–6 lists other HLS manuscripts but not this one) (includes marginalia indicating the topics covered; fol. 23r–27r);

(3) the treatise known as Divisiones [or Diffiniciones] brevium (Baker, Cambridge Catalogue 55 lists other HLS manuscripts but not this one) (fol. 27r–27v)

(4) the beginning (one page only) of the treatise known as Hengham parva (fol. 28r).

The copy of Hengham parva was simply not completed rather than having been lost, a number of blank folios follow it (fol. 28v–30r).

After this, there is an additional collection of writs in what seems to be in a slightly earlier script (fol. 30v–33v).

We have found no further indications of provenance other than those that Baker reports. The Spertegrave who appears on fol. 124r (not fol. 120) may be the John Spertegrave who was a party to a fine involving the manor of ‘Westyelling’ in 9 Hen. 4 (1407 X 1408), Cal. Feet Fines London and Middlesex p. 174 no. 58. If so, he may be earliest owner of the basic manuscript. That Thomas Rudston (d. 1556) owned the manuscript in the sixteenth century seems reasonably certain. That Christopher St Germain (d. 1540) did must remain speculative, since all we have is the surname.

It seems likely, though not certain, that the contents of the manuscript as we now have them were put together in the fifteenth century, probably later in the century rather than earlier. The index certainly dates from that time; the copies of the treatises probably do too. The additional writs, both at the beginning and at the end of main text may be earlier, late fourteenth century (except for the very last writ in the additions to register, which must date from after 1399).

Since we have not yet found anything more about Spertegrave, it may be dangerous to speculate why this register was put together to start off with. Nonetheless, despite the fancy initial capital, this seems to have been from the beginning a working register. Numerous hands are at work. There are gaps for additional writs which are to be, and, in some cases have been, added in a different hand. The marginalia are in different hands. Corrections were made.

What happened to the basic register (quires 4–27) after it was composed suggests that it might have been particularly useful for Chancery clerks or aspiring Chancery clerks. Even the fact that Hengham parva was not completed points in that direction; we can imagine someone telling the scribe: ‘No, no. I don’t want that, and I’m not going to pay you for it’. What those who used this manuscript in the fifteenth century wanted was a good index to the writs that were in the basic register, more writs than were in the register, and some basic guidance on how writs were written.


Summary Contents

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  Seq. Fol. No. Item  
42–48f. 20r–23r1Index of writs 
48–56f. 23r–27r2Modus componendi brevia 
56–57f. 27r–27v3Divisiones [or Diffiniciones] brevium 
58–58f. 28r–28r4Hengham parva 
63–69f. 30v–33v5Additional writs 
70–473f. 34r–235v6Register of writs 
70–91f. 34r–45v6aWrits of right, including recordari and de execucione iudicii 
92–104f. 46r–51r6bWrits of attorney and protection 
105–173f. 51r–85v6cEcclesiastical writs 
174–180f. 86r–89r6dWaste, including de particione facienda and de estreppamento 
181–194f. 89v–96r6eReplevin, including de homine replegiando, de nativo habendo, de auxilio habendo and de scutagio habendo 
195–254f. 96v–126r6fTrespass, including de moderata misericordia, de minis, de rescussu, de deceptionibus, de wallis et fossatis, and de conspiracione 
254–273f. 126r–135v6gAccount and debt 
274–281f. 136r–139v6hMiscellaneous, many concerning rights in land 
282–285f. 140r–141v6iCovenant, Quid iuris clamat 
286–294f. 142r–146r6jSuccession, including wardship and dower 
294–316f. 146r–157r6kBrevia de statuto 
317–358f. 146r–178r6lNovel disseisin, including attaint 
359–397f. 178v–197v6mMort d’ancestor, including quare eiecit, entry, de intrusione, cessavit, formedon, ex gravi querela 
398–417f. 198r–207v6nAd quod dampnum 
418–422f. 208r–210r6oDe essendo quietus 
423–425f. 210v–211v6pDe libertatibus allocandis 
426–441f. 212r–219v6qCorrodies, pensions, and miscellaneous ecclesiastical 
442–453f. 220r–225v6rDe manucapcione and de supersedendo 
454–462f. 226r–230r6sMiscellaneous 
474–501f. 236r–249v7Additional writs 


Detailed Contents

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Seq. Fol. Label Header Sig.  
1no fol., no sig.Spine 
2no fol., no sig.Front cover 
3no fol., no sig.Front pastedown, Harvard Law Library bookplate, Received Jan 2, 1935 
41rBlank freestanding endpapers 
51vBlank freestanding endpapers 
62rBlank freestanding endpapers 
72vBlank freestanding endpapers 
83rBlank freestanding endpapers 
93vBlank freestanding endpapers 
104rBlank freestanding endpapers 
114vBlank freestanding endpapers 
125rBlank freestanding endpapers 
135vBlank freestanding endpapers 
146rBlank freestanding endpapers 
156vBlank freestanding endpapers 
167rBlank freestanding endpapers 
177vBlank freestanding endpapers 
188rBlank freestanding endpapers 
198vBlank freestanding endpapers 
209rBlank freestanding endpapers 
219vBlank freestanding endpapers 
2210rBlank freestanding endpapers 
2310vBlank freestanding endpapers 
2411rBlank freestanding endpapers 
2511vBlank freestanding endpapers 
2612rBlank freestanding endpapers 
2712vBlank freestanding endpapers 
2813rBlank freestanding endpapers 
2913vBlank freestanding endpapers 
3014rBlank freestanding endpapers 
3114vBlank freestanding endpapers 
3215rBlank freestanding endpapers 
3315vBlank freestanding endpapers 
3416rBlank freestanding endpapers 
3516vBlank freestanding endpapers 
3617rBlank freestanding endpapers 
3717vBlank freestanding endpapers 
3818rBlank freestanding endpapers 
3918vBlank freestanding endpapers 
4019rFragment tipped in 
4119vFragment tipped in: ‘Precium huius libri xxvjs viiid’ 
4220rIndex of writs 
  Note: Signature at top of Thomas Rudston (see Baker, Men of Court 2:1337). Alphabetical index of the writs, written in a script that looks late 15th century. The foliation that it gives allows the original foliation to be recovered.
4823rModus componendi brevia 
  Marginalia: disseisina etc’.
  Note: Written in a late 14th or early 15th century script. For the work, see the Introduction.
  Marginalia: Assisa nove disseisine; De ingressu; Ad terminum qui pretiit; Quando plene etatis non fuerit; Non compos mentis; Imprisonatus; Qui in vita; Escaeta; Forma donacionis.
  Marginalia: de morte antecessoris; de avo et avia; de consanguinitate; De ingressu super novam disseisinam; Ad terminum qui pretiit; De dote; De inquisione; Assisa pro religiosis.
  Marginalia: de racionabili parte; Nuper obiit; De recto de racionabili parte; de recto; de utrum; de dote; De recto de dote.
  Marginalia: Breve de recto de advocacione ecclesie; Quare impedit; De ultima presentacione; De placito iudicio; Replegiar’; De districcione; Remedium.
  Marginalia: de medio; De consuetudinibus et serviciis; De recto de consuetudinibus et serviciis; De pasture; Quod permittat de communa pasture.
  Marginalia: Nova disseisina de communa pasture; Quod permittat; Expressum; Natura.
  Marginalia: Modus; Causa; Titulus; Intencio; Essoniis; Excepciones.
5627rDivisiones [or Diffiniciones] brevium 
  Note: Explicit composicio brevium. Incipit divisio brevium.
5828rHengham parva 
  Note: Incomplete. Breaks off at bottom of page.
6029rBlank except for foliation 
6230rBlank except for foliation 
6330vAdditional writsBreve De Errore 
  Note: The hand is not the same as that which copied the treatises and looks a bit earlier.
6431rProtecciones et Revocaciones Proteccionum 
  Note: Gap in text for incomplete writ.
6732vDe recipiendo Attornatum in compotis et Respectu compoti 
  Note: Gap at bottom of page.
6833rDe debito et dedimus potestatem in debito 
  Note: Change of hand. Gap at bottom of page.
6933vPone in debito; Audita querela 
7034rRegister of writsDe Rectoa j 
  Note: (1) Elaborately decorated initial ‘R’ with gold leaf. (2) For where the original register ends and the additions begin, see the Introduction.
7134vDe Recto 
7235rDe Rectoa ij 
7335vDe Recto; De dote; De racionabili parte 
7436rDe Recto; Ne iniuste vexes; Quando dominus remisit curiam; Precipe in capitea iij 
7536vRecordari de Recto 
7637rPone de Rectoa iiij 
7737vPone de Recto 
  Note: Additional text below the main text.
7838rRecordari de Recto in Comitatu Cestrie et de errore ibidem 
7938vProhibicione de Rege 
8039rMagna Assisa 
8139vEsson’ de malo lecti 
8240rDe recto secundum consuetudinem manerii 
8340vConsuetudinem manerii; Recordari etc’ 
8441rSecundum consuetudinem manerii 
8541vSecundum consuetudinem manerii 
  Note: Additional text below the main text.
8642rSecundum consuetudinem maneriib j 
  Note: Note below text: ‘Seynt Germeyn’.
8742vDe antiquo dominico etc’ 
8843rde falso iudiciob ij 
8943vDe falso iudicio; De errore corigendo etc’ 
9044rDe Execucione iudiciib iij 
9144vDe Warantia servicii Regis 
9245rDe attornato recipiendob iiij 
9345vDe generali attornato 
9446rDe attornato generali 
9546vProtecciones Volumus 
9647rProtecciones Nolumus 
9747vDe proteccionibus; Innotescimus 
  Note: Small tear in margin; text unaffected.
9848rDe proteccionibus 
9948vDe proteccionibus 
  Note: Addition in margin indicated by a plus sign.
10049rDe attornato faciend’ 
10149vDe attornato faciend’ 
10250rFaciendoc j 
10350vde attornato 
10451rrecipiendoc ij 
10551vde advocacione etc’ 
10652rde ultima presentacione et Quare impedit etc’c iij 
10752vNe admittat 
10853rQuare non admisitc iiij 
10953vquare incumbravit etc’ 
11054rde utrum etc’ 
11154vProhibiciones etc’ de ecclesia 
11255rProhibiciones de catallis et debitis 
11355vProhibiciones de trans’ 
11456rIndicavit etc’ 
11556vProhibiciones etc’ 
11657rProhibiciones etc’ 
11757vProhibiciones etc’ 
11858rProhibiciones etc’d j 
11958vProhibiciones etc’ 
12059rProhibiciones etc’d ij 
12159vProhibiciones etc’ 
12260rProhibiciones etc’d iij 
12360vProhibiciones etc’ 
12461rProhibiciones etc’d iiij 
12561vProhibiciones etc’ 
12662rProhibiciones etc’ 
  Note: Lower section of page blank.
12762vScire facias quare prohibicio non revocetur etc’ 
  Note: Upper section of page blank.
12863rConsultaciones etc’ 
13064rConsultaciones etc’ 
13164vConsultaciones etc’ 
13265rConsultaciones etc’ 
13365vConsultaciones etc’ 
13466rConsultaciones etc’E j 
13566vConsultaciones etc’ 
13667rConsultaciones etc’E ij 
13868rConsultacionesE iij 
13968vde ??? [?interdicto] 
  Note: On the basis of the contents of the writ, we would expect that the header would read ‘de interdicto’, but the three letters with a mark of suspension scribbled after ‘de’ here do not seem to add up to that.
14069rConsultacionesE iiij 
14270rConsultacionesE v 
  Note: Addition in margin indicated by an up-arrow.
14471rConsultacionesE vj 
  Note: Addition in margin indicated by an up-arrow.
15375vde non residencia 
15476rNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnum 
15576vNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnum 
15677rDe vi laica ammovend’ 
15777vAd iura regia 
15878rAd iura regiaF j 
15978vAd iura regia 
16079rAd iura regiaF ij 
16280rAuper iura regiaF iij 
16380vde excommunicato 
16481rcapiendoF iiij 
16581vde excommunicato 
16782vde excommunicato 
16983vde excommunicato 
17184vde excommunicato 
17385vde arestata capienda 
17486rDe vastoG j 
17586vDe Vasto 
  Note: Addition in margin indicated by a plus sign.
17687rDe VastoG ij 
17787vDe Vasto 
17888rDe VastoG iij 
  Note: Additional text below the main text.
17988vDe vasto et particione facienda 
18089rDe estreppamentoG iiij 
18189vDe homine 
18390vDe homine repleg’ 
18491rDe averiis repleg’ 
  Note: Additional text below the main text.
18591vDe averiis replegiand’ Withernamium 
18692rNon omittas in Wyth’ 
18792vNon omittas in Wyth’ 
18893rPon de averiis 
18993vPone de averiis et recordari de averiis 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
19094rde recapcione averiorumH j 
19194vde Nativis habendis 
19295rde libertate probanda et auxilio habendoH ij 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
19395vde scutagio habendo 
19496rde moderata misericordia et de minisH iij 
19596vde trans’ in Comitatu 
  Note: Addition in margin indicated by a plus sign.
19697rde trans’ in BancoH iiij 
19797vde trans’ etc’ 
19898rde trans’ etc’ 
19998vde trans’ etc’ 
20099rde trans’ etc’ 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
20199vde transgressionibus 
202100rde trans’ etc’ 
203100vde trans’ etc’ 
204101rde trans’ etc’ 
205101vde trans’ etc’ 
206102rde trans’ etc’ 
207102vde trans’ etc’ 
208103rde trans’ etc’ 
209103vde trans’ etc’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
210104rde trans’ etc’I j 
211104vde trans’ etc’ 
212105rde trans’ etc’I ij 
213105vde trans’ etc’ 
214106rde trans’ etc’ in rescussuI iij 
215106vde trans’ etc’ in rescussu de parco fracto 
216107rde trans’ in rescussuI iiij 
217107vde trans’ in rescussu 
218108rde trans’ in rescussu etc’ et Recordari de trans’ 
219108vde rec’ et proc’ de trans’ mitt’ in Canc’ de trans’ etc’ 
220109rde trans’ contra proteccionem; De inquirendo de trans’; De attincta de trans’ 
221109vde trans’ etc’ attincta 
222110rde trans’ in decepcione etc’ 
223110vde trans’ in decepcione 
224111rde trans’ in decepcione etc’ 
225111vAudita querela de trans’ in decepcione 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
226112rAudita querela de decepcioneK j 
227112vAudita querela de decepcione 
  Note: One writ seems to have been added later.
228113rDe homine capiendo in Withernamium 
229113vDe homine capto in Withernamium deliberand’ 
230114rDe inquirendo de trans’ 
  Note: Text is in two sections with separate headers.
234116rBlank except for foliation 
235116vBlank except for foliation and pen trial 
236117rde audiendo et terminando de trans’K ij 
  Note: Pages may be out of order (see sig).
237117vde audiendo et terminando de trans’ etc’; mittimus de audiendo et terminando 
  Note: Pen trials.
238118rDe audiendo et terminando trans’ et Revocacio de audiendo et terminando etc’K iij 
239118vde audiendo et terminando de dedimus trans’ 
240119rde audiendo et terminando de trans’K iiij 
241119vde audiendo et terminando de trans’ 
242120rde audiendo et terminando de trans’ 
243120vDe continuando processus de audiendo et terminando 
244121rDe audiendo et terminando de Walleis et fossatis 
245121vDe audiendo et terminando de Walleis et fossatis 
246122rlittera missa pro mercatoribus Anglie 
247122vDe errore corrigendo 
248123rde errore corrigendo etc’ 
249123vde errore corrigendo etc’ 
250124rde erroreL j 
  Note: (1) Footer: Spertegrave. (2) Grotesque.
251124vde errore 
252125rde conspiracioneL ij 
253125vde conspiracione; de odio et atia 
254126rde odio et athia; de compoto in ComitatuL iij 
255126vde compoto etc’ 
256127rde compoto etc’L iiij 
257127vde compoto etc’; Ex parte talis 
258128rde compoto etc’ 
259128vde compoto; de debito etc’ 
  Note: Addition in margin indicated by a plus sign.
260129rde debito etc’ 
261129vde debito etc’ 
262130rde debito etc’ 
263130vde debito etc’ 
264131rde debito etc’ 
265131vde compoto etc’ 
266132rde idempnitate nominis de debitoM j 
267132vProhibicio de debito etc’ 
268133rProhibicio de debito etc’M ij 
269133vde recognicionibus 
270134rdebitorumM iij 
271134vde recognicionbus etc’ 
272135rAudita querela etc’M iiij 
273135vSi recognoscat de debito 
274136rde secta ad molendinum; De curia claudenda etc’; Quod permittat de aqua haurienda etc’ 
275136vQuod permittat de communa pasture etc’ 
276137rQuo iure; De pastura admensuranda 
  Note: Addition in margin indicated by a plus sign.
277137vDe racionabilibus divisis; De perambulacione facienda 
278138rDe wallea ponte calcetis et pavimentis reparandi 
279138vDe Warrantia carte; De plegiis acquietandis 
280139rde annuo redditu de consuetudinibus et serviciis de cartis reddendis 
  Note: Addition in margin indicated by a plus sign.
281139vde medio etc’ 
282140rde convencione etc’N j 
  Note: Missing decorated initial ‘R’.
283140vde convencione etc’ dedimus potestatem etc’ 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
284141rde de con [?cognicione] quid iuris clamat et per que serviciaN ij 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
285141vde con [?cognicione] de transcripto pedis finis mittendo etc’ 
  Note: ?Carryover indicating quire break, but the signature marks suggest that the break was incorporated into sig. N.
286142rde con [?cognicione] mittimus de custodia etc’N iij 
287142vde custodia etc’ 
288143rde eieccioneN iiij 
289143vde intrusione in hereditatem 
290144rde herede rapto 
291144vde escaeta etc’ 
292145rDe anno die et vasto; de dote unde nich’ habet 
293145vde attincta dotis et admensuracione dotis 
294146rQuod ei deforciat; Brevia de statuto, sc. quod liberi tenentes non distringantur ad respondendum de libero tenemento suo nec iurare etc’N ?ij 
  Note: ?Duplicate sig. Possibly the orginal sig. N was expanded to include what is now sig. N.
295146vde Attornato pro secta; de statuto pro non faciendo sectam 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
296147rde statuto pro non faciendo sectam 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
297147vde statuto etc’; sect 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
298148rde statuto; De turnum vic’; Sect’O j 
  Note: Footer erased.
299148vde statuto; Quarentena; Contra formam feoffamenti 
300149rde statuto; Secta; Contribucione faciendaO ij 
301149vde statuto 
302150rde coronatoribus eligendis; De viridario eligendoO iij 
303150vde statuto etc’ 
304151rO iiij 
305151vde statuto etc’ 
306152rde statuto etc’ 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
307152vBrevia de 
308153rStatuto etc’ 
309153vBrevia de 
310154rStatuto etc’ 
311154vBrevia de 
312155rStatuto etc’ 
314156rStatuto etc’P j 
315156vde ordinacione 
316157rde ordinacione etc’P ij 
317157vde assisa 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
318158rNove disseisineP iij 
319158vde assisa 
320159rNove disseisineP iiij 
321159vde assisa; Quod permittat 
322160rNove dissesine; Certificacione nove disseisinePlus sign 
323160vde assisa 
324161rNove disseisine 
325161vSi non omnes 
326162rSi non omnes etc’ 
327162vDe admittendo in socium 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
328163rAttincta assise etc’ 
329163vAttincta etc’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
330164rAttincta etc’Q j 
  Note: Footer: vacat.
331164vAssociacio in attincta 
332165rSi non omnes in attincta; De redisseisinaQ ij 
333165vde redisseisina etc’ 
334166rde RedisseisinaQ iij 
335166vde postdisseisina etc’ 
336167rde Recordo et processu mittend’Q iiij 
337167vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine mittend’ 
338168rDe recordo et processu mittend’ etc’ 
339168vde recordo et processu 
340169rmittendo etc’ 
341169vde recordo et processu 
343170vDe recordo et processu 
344171rMittendo etc’ 
345171vDe recordo et processu etc’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
346172rMittendo etc’R j 
347172vMittimus in assisa 
348173rnove disseisineR ij 
349173vde procedendo ad capcionem assise 
350174rde continuando assisam etc’R iij 
352175rmittendo et audita querela etc’R iiij 
353175vAudita querela in assisa 
354176rDe continuando assisamPlus sign 
355176vde non procedendo ad assisam 
356177rde non procedendo ad assisam Rege inconsulto 
357177vde procedendo ad 
358178rcapcionem assise et de execucione iudicii etc’ 
359178vAssisa mortis antecessoris 
360179rAssisa mortis antecessoris 
362180rS j 
363180vde Avo etc’ et Nuper obiit etc’ 
364181rde ventre inspiciendo et diem clausit extremumS ij 
365181vde terra extendeda et etate probanda 
366182rQuare eiecit infra terminumS iij 
367182vde eieccione firme etc’ 
368183rAmovendo manuS iiij 
369183vAd terminum qui preteriit 
370184rdum non fuit compos mentis; dum fuit infra etatem 
371184vBreve ingressu super disseisinam 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
372185rde ingressu sine assensu capituli 
  Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
373185vde ingressu cui in vita etc’ 
374186rde ingressu cui in vita; cui ante devorcium; causa matrimonii prelocuti 
375186vde intrusione etc’ 
  Note: Large blank space after first line of text.
376187rde intrusione etc’ 
377187vde ingressu per tenentem in dotem 
378188rde ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie; Casu provisoT j 
379188vde ingressu super statutum Glouc’ et Casu proviso 
  Note: Grotesque.
380189rBreve de ingressu de In consimili casuT ij 
381189vde ingressu ad communem legem 
382190rCessavit per breviumT iij 
383190vContra formam collacionis; Forma donacionis 
384191rForma donacionis in discendr’T iiij 
385191vForma donacionis in discendr’ 
386192rAttincta in forma donacionis; Forma donacionisPlus sign 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
387192vForma donacionis in discendr’ 
388193rForma donacionis in le reverti 
  Note: Top section of page blank.
392195rEx gravi querela 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
393195vBreve de quam querela 
  Note: Lower section of page blank. There may be a page missing after this one.
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
398198rad quod dampnum etc’ 
399198vad quod dampnum 
400199rad quod dampnum etc’ 
401199vad quod dampnum 
402200rad quod dampnum 
403200vad quod dampnum 
  Note: Middle section of page blank.
404201rad quod dampnum 
405201vad quod dampnum 
406202rAd quod dampnum 
407202vAd quod dampnum 
408203rad quod dampnum 
409203vad quod dampnum 
410204rad quod dampnum 
411204vad quod dampnum 
412205rad quod dampnum 
413205vad quod dampnum etc’ 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
414206rAd quod dampnum 
415206vAd quod dampnum 
416207rAd quod dampnum etc’ 
418208rde essendo quietus de theolonio 
419208vde essendo quietus de 
421209vde essendo quietus de theolonio 
422210rde essendo quietus de expensis militumPlus sign 
423210vde libertatibus 
425211vde libertatibus allocandis 
426212rde corrodio etc’ 
427212vde corrodio etc’ 
428213rde corrodio etc’ et pensione 
429213vde pensione et de inquirendo de 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
430214ridiota etc’ 
431214vde leproso ammovendo; et viis inundandis 
432215rde onerando iuxta ratam etc’ 
433215vde nominacione etc’ 
434216rde nominacione presentacione etc’ 
435216vde presentacione etc’ 
436217rde presentacione etc’ 
437217vde Ratificacione 
438218rde ratificacione et revocacione 
439218vde presentacione; et litteris procuratoribus 
440219rde litteris procuratoribus 
441219vforma resignacionis 
442220rde manucapcione 
443220vDe manucapcione 
444221rde manucapcione etc’ 
445221vde manucapcione 
  Note: Carryover indicating quire break.
446222rde manucapcione etc’x j 
447222vde manucapcione 
448223rde manucapcione et supersedendox ij 
449223vde manucapcione et supersedendo 
450224rde supersedendox iij 
451224vDe supersedendo 
452225rDe supersedendo etc’x iiij 
454226rde profro faciendo etc’Plus 
455226vDe bilanceis deferendis 
456227rDe ponderibus 
457227vCarte perdonacionis se defendende 
458228rCarte perdonacionis et protecciones diversarum formarum 
459228vProtecciones diversarum formarum 
460229rProtecciones diversarum formarum 
462230rDe servientibus 
468233rBlank except for headerRex vic’ suff’ 
  Note: New hand.
475236vAttincte in diversis placitis 
  Note: Only two lines of text on the page.
478238rDiem clausit extremum 
479238vBreve clausit extremum 
480239rBreve clausit extremum 
481239vCarte perdonacionis 
482240rCarte perdonacionis 
485241vBrevia de statuto 
486242rBrevia de statuto 
487242vBrevia de statuto 
  Note: Most of page blank.
489243vDe attornato in brevi de Dote; Dedimus potestatem et attincta 
490244rDe convencione; De fine levando 
491244vCognicione in quid iuris clamat; Cetiorari; Mittimus 
492245rDe custodia 
493245vRecordari de acquietando; De recordo et processu in Acquietandis mittendis 
494246rCertiorare de recognicionibus cum non admittas de eodem 
495246vCertificacio de recognicione stapule et Recognicione et Mittimus 
496247rSupersedes de execucione recognicione stapule facienda 
497247vDe minis 
498248rCertiorari de securitate pacis 
  Note: Writ on the statute of forcible entry, 5 Ric. II, stat. 1, c. 7, in a different hand from that of the preceding text. End of text of register. Includes a ‘footer’: ‘Ingressum factum [or ingressione facta] xxo die Aprlis Ao ?v dampna cc marcas’. The statutory reference is clear and Richard is referred to as ‘nuper Rex’. Hence, if our reading ‘v’ is correct (it could also be ‘et’), we are probably in 1404. If not, we are at least clearly after 1399.
  Note: Includes foliation. The fragment has a small amount of medieval writing at the bottom suggesting that it was torn out of a medieval quire. The dorse was not photographed.
503250vBlank fragment 
  Note: This should be the dorse of the fragment, but the image, in fact, duplicates seq. 501.
504251rBlank freestanding endpapers 
505251vBlank freestanding endpapers 
506252rBlank freestanding endpapers 
507252vBlank freestanding endpapers 
508253rBlank freestanding endpapers 
509253vBlank freestanding endpapers 
510254rBlank freestanding endpapers 
511254vBlank freestanding endpapers 
512255rBlank freestanding endpapers 
513255vBlank freestanding endpapers 
514256rBlank freestanding endpapers 
515256vBlank freestanding endpapers 
516257rBlank freestanding endpapers 
517257vBlank freestanding endpapers 
518258rBlank freestanding endpapers 
519258vBlank freestanding endpapers 
520259rBlank freestanding endpapers 
521259vBlank freestanding endpapers 
522260rBlank freestanding endpapers 
523260vBlank freestanding endpapers 
524261rBlank freestanding endpapers 
525261vBlank freestanding endpapers 
526262rBlank freestanding endpapers 
527262vBlank freestanding endpapers 
528263rBlank freestanding endpapers 
529263vBlank freestanding endpapers 
530264rBlank freestanding endpapers 
531264vBlank freestanding endpapers 
532265rBlank freestanding endpapers 
533265vBlank freestanding endpapers 
534266rBlank freestanding endpapers 
535266vBlank freestanding endpapers 
536267rBlank freestanding endpapers 
537267vBlank freestanding endpapers 
538268rBlank freestanding endpapers 
539268vBlank freestanding endpapers 
540no fol., no sig.Blank 
541no fol., no sig.Back cover 


Preliminary Analysis of the Register of Writs



No heading found

As noted in the Introduction, the initial writ of right in the register is tested on 11 March 1384. It is addressed to the bailiffs of Lincoln on behalf of one A. de B., with default to the sheriff of Lincoln. We have yet to find anything in the main register that would require a date later than 1384 and hence would tentatively date it shortly after that year. There are, however, additional writs entered both before and after the main register. The last of the latter is dated after 1399, perhaps in 1404.

The manuscript as we have it, however, was not compiled until somewhat later, perhaps quite a bit later, in the 15th century. An index was added at this time, and it is likely that the small collection of treatises and the additional writs at both beginning and the end were added at this time. In the case of the additional writs and perhaps of the treatises it is likely that what was added was existing quires that were made up earlier in the 15th century or even in the late 14th.

The following table gives a rough transcription of the marginalia in the register, including the additional writs, in the order in which they appear on the page. Two counts of the writs are given in the right-hand columns of the table. The first counts all the writs for which there are marginal notes, excluding, however, the notes that labelled ‘Regula’ or ‘Nota’. The second excludes from the total all the writs where the marginal note includes the words ‘eodem’ or ‘aliter’.



6330vBreve De ErroreDe errore in comitatu cestrie; De errore corrigendo et facto in brevi de compoto in communi banco; De errore corrigendo per parliamentum; Errore coram senescallo et marescallis hospitalis Regis.44
6431rProtecciones et Revocaciones ProteccionumDe proteccione revocanda quia excommunicatus est etc’; De revocacione proteccionis prius revocate; Certiorari si sit profectus ?au non etc’; Aliter; De non molestando; Nota; De pecunia recepta ad proficiscendum in obsequis Regis et non d’ profectus; Aliter.75
6531vProteccionesAliter; De proteccione de minis proclamanda; Proteccio in forma nova et non conceditur in tempore surreccionis vel casu veresimili; proteccio pro elemosinis colligendis pro homine per incendium district’.43
6632rEstrepamentumBreve de estrepamento; Aliter in Londonia; De ponte reparando iuxta ratam tenure sue etc’.32
Note: Gap in text suggesting an uncompleted writ.
6732vDe recipiendo Attornatum in compotis et Respectu compotiDedimus potestatem pro querente; Breve de compoto pro executoribus et coexecutori; de attornato vicecomitis pro profro faciendo; Nota; De respectu compoti vicecomiti habendo.44
6833rDe debito et dedimus potestatem in debitoAliter versus filias et heredes cum maritis suis; Aliter pro administratore executoribus etc’; Dedimus potestatem de debito; Aliter; Regula; Aliter ad procedendum ?examinacionem recognicionis facte et Canc’; Aliter de recapiendo cognicionem de i scripto; Aliter pro recognicione facta in banco; Aliter.81
6933vPone in debito; Audita querelaPone pro petente in debito; Pone pro defendente; Causa; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pone pro defendente; Audita querela quando quis sequitur ex’ versus unum et non versus omnes; de attornato de corr’ recognicione facta coram Iusticiariis de banco.85
7034rDe RectoBreve de recto patens etc’; Regula etc’; Aliter ballivis honoris; Aliter ballivis honoris quando domino fuerit extra regnum; Regula; De recto ipsi domino feodi etc’; de attornato inde; De ordine particularum.64
7134vDe RectoRegula; Aliter; Regula; Quando tenementum tenetur per servicium feodi unius militis; Regula; Aliter per liberum servicium et feodi unius feodi; Aliter; Aliter; versus; Regula; Pro recto custodi terre et heredis.73
7235rDe RectoRegula; De recto de servicio feodi unius militis; Regula; Regula; De recto in Londonia; de attornato inde; Regula; de attornato inde cum loquela fuerit adiornata coram Iusticiariis de Banco; Breve ad removendum attornatum in huiusmodi loquela et attornandum alium in eodem loco suo; Regula.54
7335vDe Recto; De dote; De racionabili parteDe recto de dote; Regula [W ii capitulo xlviiio]; Aliter quando habet partem et partem non; [Regula]; Aliter [quando clamat dotem partiner’ de exit de gaole custod’ vel tot ferculor’]; Regula; Nota bene; Regula; Regula; De recto de racionabili parte; Regula; Aliter quando partem habet partem non; Regula; Aliter quando tenementum pertinet etc’.62
7436rDe Recto; Ne iniuste vexes; Quando dominus remisit curiam; Precipe in capitede attornato de recto de racionabili parte etc’; De recto Episcopis; Aliter abbati; [Regula]; Aliter sede vacante; Aliter quando ballivis electi; Ne iniuste vexes; Regula; de attornato inde; De recto quando dominus Curie remisit Curiam suam domino Regi etc’; [Regula]; Littera domini per quam remittet Regi Curiam suam etc’; [ista certificacio debet scribi quasi littera patens domino Regi]; [Nota]; Precipe in capite magna carta capitulo xxii; Aliter inde; [de attornato inde]; [Nota]; Breve iusticiariis de Banco quod non teneant placitum.1410
7536vRecordari de RectoNisi tenementa teneantur de Rege in capite; [et ?pid’ br’ dominus ?hebit Curiam suam et extra Curiam Reg’]; Supersedeas in brevi de recto quando tenens vocat forinsecum ad warantum; [Regula]; Breve vicecomiti quod accedat ad Curiam in propria persona ad inhibendum ballivis ne procedant; Regula; Recordari in brevi de Recto etc’; Causa in brevi patenti.66
7637rPone de RectoCausa in brevi patenti; Causa in brevi patenti; Quando breve dirigitur vicecomiti ad recordari faciendum; breve de recto per causam etc’; breve inde vicecomiti ad supersedendum execucioni quia causa cessat; Causa in brevi patenti in Recordari; [Nota]; [Causa in brevi patenti in Recordari].77
7737vPone de Recto[Nota]; Regula; Pone in brevi de recto in comitatu pro petente; [conceditur sine fine]; Regula; [Regula]; Aliter pro defendente cum causa; Breve de attachiendo dominum Curie quia non vult tenere Curiam etc’ in brevi de recto patenti vel petens in tali causa potest facere toltam si voluerit ut ?p’no secundum quosdam set quer’; Recordari in comitatu cestrie quando tenens vocat forinsecum ad warantum; [conceditur sine fine].65
Note: Additional text below the main text.
7838rRecordari de Recto in Comitatu Cestrie et de errore ibidemDedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum pro vocatis ad warrantum quando loquela est coram Iusticiariis; De errore in comitatu cestrie; [conceditur sine fine]; Nota; Recordari in Episcopatu Dunolm’ quia tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warrantum; [conceditur sine fine]; [Nota]; [Aliter]; [Nota].65
7938vProhibicione de RegeRegula; Prohibicio in brevi de recto usque ad primam assisam etc’; [conceditur sine fine]; Aliter ballivo Curie; Aliter; [Aliter ballivis episcopi]; Aliter de Iurata in Gavylkynd’; [Regula]; Aliter de iurata loco magna assise in Curia Baronis; [Regula]; Aliter quando uxor que admittitur per defaltam viri iuxta statutum etc’.82
8039rMagna Assisaponit se in iuratam; Aliter; Nota; Regula; De magna assisa eligenda; [conceditur sine fine]; ?? et petiit recognionem fieri ut eorum ius habeat [think this may be marginalia, not a heading]; Regula; Nota; Attachiamentum super ballivos quia processerunt post prohibcionem in brevi de recto patenti; Regula; De essonio de malo lecti etc’; [conceditur sine fine]; Aliter.97
8139vEsson’ de malo lectiRegula; [De attornato languidi recipiendo]; Nota; De licencia surgendi de malo lecti; De recto secundum consuetudinem manerii etc’; [conceditur sine fine]; Aliter; Regula; Regula; Aliter de communa pasture; [Regula]; Aliter de via obstructa; [Nota breve].74
8240rDe recto secundum consuetudinem maneriiAttachiamentum super dominum quando recusat tenere Curiam suam; [Aliter super ballivos]; supra usque ibi cum partem in F quod R ei deforciat etc’; Regula; Regula; [De videndo quod plena iusticia exhibeatur]; [preter sicut alias etc’ quod assumpt’ etc’ vel causam etc’ quare mandat’ iurem al’ t’ direct’ exegui noluisti vel non potuisti etc’]; De recordo et racionabili iudicio habendo pro petente et iacet in brevi de recto patenti et clauso super [elsewhere semper] quando ballivi nolunt procedere ad iudicium; [Regula]; [conceditur sine fine]; Aliter in Curia; cum pluries inde; [ostens’ quare mandat’ que pred’cis totiens inde ?bobis directis]; Attachiamentum; [Regula]; Breve ad procedendum et iacet in brevi clauso tantum secundum quosdam eo quod petens in brevi patenti potest facere toltam set alii dicunt quod iacet similter in brevi de recto patenti; [Regula].1210
8340vConsuetudinem manerii; Recordari etc’Recordari secundum consuetudinem manerii pro tenente per causam; Et vide ?M xviii pur ce q’ le dit brief ne fust pur mande destre feust ag’ den’ le baillif de la court demander le br’ carles Instues ne veillent p’ recorder la default le tenant quia non h;uer bre’; Causa per finem levatum de ten’ etc’; Causa per cartam Regis etc’; Aliter per cartam comitis et confirmacionem [Regis ad removendum perm’ breve de recto]; Causa per prescripcion de temps ?a vie xxio E inter m in parol ?re’]; Causa per in le title; Causa per cartam domini manerii; Causa quia tenentur ad communem legem ut de honore etc’; Causa quia clamat tenere partem per finem et residuum per cartam domini manerii etc’.1110
8441rSecundum consuetudinem maneriiCausam recordari ad sectam petentis et fuit consideratum anno xvii per preceptum Roberti Parvyng tunc Canc’; Attachiamentum super ballivos quia processerunt post loquelam recordatam per vicecomitem etc’; [Nota tenetur recordi et processus habeatur in cancellaria antequam breve istud fiet]; Recordari secundum consuetudinem manerii sine brevi etc’; [conceditur sine fine]; Causa quia tenementa sunt in manu domini manerii per feloniam tenenta; Causa quia alium compertum fuit per assisam quod tenementa sunt liberum feodum etc’; Causa; [Nota]; Causa.88
8541vSecundum consuetudinem maneriiCausa; Causa; Supersedeas quia tenens vocavit forinsecum ad warantum etc’; Aliter quando uxor admitttitur ad ius suum defendendum; Attachiamentum super ballivis qui processerunt pendente placito waranto; ad certificandum si loquela warantie; [Causa in recordo ad sectam petentis et fuit consideratum anno xviii per preceptum Roberti Parvyng tunc Canc’].76
Note: Additional text below the main text.
8642rSecundum consuetudinem maneriiSit discontinuata in parvo brevi de recto per non sectam etc’; Aliter de eodem; De adnullando coram rege finem levandum de tenementis que sunt de antiquo dominico corone; [Nota quod tenor’ recordi et processus de quibus fit ?mencio in brevi habeantur in cancellaria antequam ljo breve sigille]; Nota inde; monstravit pro hominibus de antiquo dominico.43
8742vDe antiquo dominico etc’Regula; Aliter vicecomiti; Regula; Attachiamentum inde conceditur sine fine; Regula; de attornato in brevi de attachiamento; Aliter coram rege; Aliter pro hominibus de hameletto; De attachiando dominum eo quod cepit bona hominum pendente attachiamento; de certificando utrum manerium sit de antiquo dominico necne; [conceditur sine fine]; de certificando per que servicio tenetur.96
8843rde falso iudicio[Nota]; [Nota]; De falso iudicio in Comitatu [marlebr’ capitulo xxo]; [conceditur sine fine]; Regula; [Si soit in aut’ court]; Nota; Aliter in Curia; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter in Curia sine brevi de trans’; Aliter in hundredo; Aliter pro Abbate; Regula.84
8943vDe falso iudicio; De errore corigendo etc’Aliter in Curia quando uxor admittitur etc’ [W ii capitulo iii etc’]; Aliter pro eo qui petiit se admitti; Aliter in Curia per returnum brevis etc’ et est contra regulam de Registro; Aliter in Curia heredis de loquela que fuit in Curia matris tenentis in dote; et S executor testamenti F de eo quod yd’ exec’ r’ etc’ T R; Aliter in Curia que habet retornum; Regula; [?R] De errore in assisa frisce forcie Regis; [?R plura brevia de errore xiiii fol’ proced’ et post ei].83
9044rDe Execucione iudicii[?breve d’dut]; A Aliter in Curia sine brevi secundum consuetudinem civitatis; Sicut alias; cum pluries inde; Nota; De execucione iudicii in comitatu; [conceditur sine fine]; Sicut alias; cum pluries; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; [Aliter]; Aliter; Aliter.128
9144vDe Warantia servicii RegisAliter; Aliter; Aliter in Londonia; [Aliter]; [Aliter]; Nota; De warantia in servicio domini Regis; Regula; Aliter vicecomiti; Aliter Iusticiariis; Regula; Regula; [Regula]; de eodem per testimonium senescalli domini Regis; [B Aliter]; de procedendo quando aliquis falso se esson’ de servicio Regis; [B Regula].112
9245rDe attornato recipiendoNota; de clameo admittendo in itinere per attoratum primo die summonicionis; Aliter de libertatibus exigendis in itinere; Aliter attornato in omnibus placitis et querelis in itinere et ad libertates etc’; Aliter de attornato [Merton’ capitulo ixo Glouc’ capitulo viii W ii capitulo x]; dedimus potestatem inde; Aliter de attornato; de attornato generali quia prosecturus est ad partes transmarinas etc’; Aliter pro morante in partibus transmarinis.83
9345vDe generali attornatoAliter pro morante in hibernia; de attornato generali in hibernia pro morante in Anglia; [Nota]; dedimus potestatem inde; dedimus potestatem in attornato generali; de attornato in omnibus placitis et ad libertatem exigendam; dedimus potestatem pro languendo; In hibernia etc’; de attornato generali pro priore hospitalis sancti Johannis Jerusalem in Anglia.87
9446rDe attornato generalialiter pro Abbate ad totam vitam lic’; de attornato inde; de Custode generali pro illo qui est infra etatem; Nota; De attornato generali in Insulis.44
9546vProtecciones Volumuslicencia facienda att’ quia infirmus; de attornato inde; Regula; Proteccio cum clausula volumus.33
9647rProtecciones NolumusAliter; Aliter in municione castri; Aliter quia incarceratur; Proteccio generalis cum clausula nolumus quod de bladis etc’; Aliter pro seculari; aliter vicecomiti; [De proteccione revocanda]; [Aliter]; [Nota].83
9747vDe proteccionibus; Innotescimusde revocacione proteccionem; proteccio pro clero; confratrem de prelatis religiosis edit’ tempore E R Anno; Alitr pro mercatoribus Lumbard’.44
9848rDe proteccionibusproteccio de minis; Aliter; Aliter; Proteccio de hospitali ad elemosinas colligendas.42
9948vDe proteccionibusAliter; de conductu; Aliter; [R’ plur’ brevia de proteccione xviii fol’ preced’ etc’].42
10049rDe attornato faciend’de attornato ad loquelam prosequendam sine brevi; Nota; dedimus potestatem amovendi unum et rec’ alium; de attornato inde et amoto; de duobus amovendis et duobus substituendis; de duobus amovendis tantum.55
10149vDe attornato faciend’dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum ad libertates exigendas; De attornato quando loquela que fuit coram Iusticiariis retornatur in Curia placitanda iuxta libertates; Aliter; Aliter quando quis petitur in auxilium; Aliter de vocatis ad warantum qui warantizavit et ulterius etc’.52
10250rFaciendoAliter pro vocatis ad warantum in duabus loquelis; dedimus potestatem quando quis admissus etc’ vocavit etc’; de attornato quando uxor petit etc’ et non est admissa; dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum pro viro et uxore et Custode filiorum eorum in scire facias; de attornato inde; Nota formam; de attornato ad loquelam etc’ audiendo etc’; de attornato pro eo qui premittitur etc’ in brevi quale ius.76
10350vde attornatode attornado quando factum comittitur in equali manu; [Nota]; de attornato ad petendum se admitti ad defendendum ius tenentis ad terminum vite si contingat ipsum facere defaltam; [?arch xviiio E apud Londoniam].33
10451rrecipiendode eodem pro uxore si contingit virum facere defaltam; de eodem de attornato admittendo.20
10551vde advocacione etc’Regula; Regula; De recto de advocacione ecclesie; [conceditur sine fine]; De medietate; De tercia vel quarta parte de ?attornato; Regula; Aliter; Regula; Nota; [W ii capitulo vto in fine]; de recto de advocacione etc’; [Nota]; Regula; Assisa ultime presentacionis; Aliter pro Rege; de attornato inde quando loquela quo inter alios quam Regem etc’.108
10652rde ultima presentacione et Quare impedit etc’Attincta inde; Aliter; Quare impedit pro Rege; [indorsetur sic A de D sequitur pro Rege]; Aliter [pro rege sine titulo ut de iure corone]; Aliter [racione custodie]; Aliter [racione custodie occasione alterius custodie etc’]; Aliter [pro Rege et aliis personis]; Aliter; de attornato in quare impedit [?q’ statutum de clericis capitulo iiio etc’]; Aliter et Nota; Aliter [pro aliis personis qui’ pro Rege et conceditur sine fine etc’].113
10752vNe admittatAliter; Regula; Aliter de [vicaria]; [Aliter de cantaria]; de attornato inde; Regula; [Regula]; Nota; [Nota]; Ne admittat; [conceditur sine fine]; [Aliter]; Aliter; Aliter; de certiorando utrum placitum; sit in Banco per quare impedit; [conceditur sine fine]; Breve inde Episcopo.137
10853rQuare non admisitRegula; Ne admittat quando tangit personam [episcopi]; Regula; de collacione facta uni per mortem alterius cui primo facta fuit collacio; [Eodem in de aliis ecclesis etc’ collat’ per regem mutatis mutandis etc’]; Quare non admisit; [conceditur sine fine]; Regula; [de attornato]; Aliter quare non admisit pro Rege; [Regula]; [Regula].76
10953vQuare incumbravit etc’Quare incumbravit; [conceditur sine fine]; Aliter; [Regula]; de attornato inde; Regula; [W ii capitulo xxiiii]; Breve de utrum; [conceditur sine fine]; [Regula]; Aliter et warr’ per W secundum capitulo xxiiiio; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter pro custode Cantarie [pro statutum E iii anno xiiiio capitulo xvio etc’].126
11054rde utrum etc’Regula; Aliter pro Custode hospitalis; Breve quod admittat quando partes concordate extra Curiam non obstante prohibicione.21
11154vProhibiciones etc’ de ecclesiade attornato in brevi de utrum; prohibicio de advocacione ecclesie Iudici; [conceditur per iuramentum et non indorsatur]; Inde parti [ne sequatur]; attachiamentum inde; Regula; de attornato inde; prohibicio pro Rege de advocacione; Regula; Aliter de hospitali; Aliter de prebenda; Attachiamentum pro Rege.108
11255rProhibiciones de catallis et debitisRegula; Prohibiciones de catallis et debitis; Inde parti; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Aliter pro Rege [Iudici et parti]; [Regula non conceditur istud breve nisi impetrans sit infra sacros ad minus etc’]; Attachiamentum inde; Prohibicio de laico feodo; Regula; Attachiamentum; de attornato inde; Aliter pro Rege; Regula; Attachiamentum inde.119
11355vProhibiciones de trans’Attachiamentum versus Iudicem recusantem recipere breve; prohibicio de collacione scolarum; [Regula]; Inde parti; prohibicio de trans; Inde parti; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter pro Rege; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Regula; Regula; [?vid’ W ii capitulo vto in fine et coniunctim feoffat’].109
11456rIndicavit etc’indicavit; Aliter; [Aliter]; [Regula]; Aliter; [Regula]; de attornato inde; [indicavit pro Rege]; [Regula]; Aliter; Nota; prohibicio de decimis separatis; Aliter.94
11556vProhibiciones etc’Prohibicio et nota; Attachiamentum inde; prohibicio de debito in Curia Xtianitatis; Attachiamentum inde.44
11657rProhibiciones etc’Aliter de recognicione debiti; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter de recognicione debiti; Aliter; prohibicio de debito recuperando quia non tangit etc’; Aliter in recognicione debiti.62
11757vProhibiciones etc’Aliter de redditibus feodalibus; [Regula]; Aliter de eodem etc’; prohibicio de convencione quod patronus sit quietus de decimis.31
11858rProhibiciones etc’[Regula]; prohibicio quando iudex implacitat deferentem sibi prohibicionem regis; [W ii capitulo xliiio q’ ?convente prohibeatur etc’]; Attachiamentum inde.33
11958vProhibiciones etc’prohibicio de laico feodo formata; Ne trahatur in Curia Xtianitatis pro eo quod sequitur ius in Curia Regis; Attachiamentum inde; prohibicio de quadam convencione eligendi priorem.44
12059rProhibiciones etc’Ne quis visitet hospitalia fundata a Rege vel progenitoribus.11
12159vProhibiciones etc’Ne quis intromittat de libera capella Regis; Ne [ordinarius] intromittat de hospitali eo quod totum consistit in temporalibus.22
12260rProhibiciones etc’Prohibicio [de trans] quando provisor placitat terminarium vel clericum suum super advocacione; prohibicio de advocacione ecclesie.22
12360vProhibiciones etc’Prohibicio quando quis trahatur etc’ eo quod asservit se contrafecisse sigillum; Prohibicio eo quod asservit se diffamari pro eo quod testimonium prohibuit veritati; Aliter quando iudex excommunicatam partem impetrantem perhibuit; prohibicio ne Episcopus conferat ecclesiam ante sex menses elapsos.43
12461rProhibiciones etc’Quod clerici de cancellaria non respondeant nisi coram Cancellaria de trans’ etc’; prohibicio quando defendens in Curia Regis implacitat querelam in Curia Xtianitatis; Ne hospitale Regis visitetur per ordinarium.33
12561vProhibiciones etc’Prohibicio quando quis post recuperacionem in Curia Regis prosequitur appellacionem in Curia Xtianitatis de non admissione versus Episcopum; prohibicio de laico feodo.22
12662rProhibiciones etc’Quod clerici Cancellarie non respondeant non respondeant alibi quam coram cancellario; Aliter pro serviente clerici Cancellario.21
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12762vScire facias quare prohibicio non revocetur etc’scire facias quare prohibicio non revocetur et consultacio porrigatur.11
Note: Upper section of page blank.
12863rConsultaciones etc’Consultacio versus parochianum super emendacionem corporis ecclesie; [?vie’ statutum ?Gl’ anno capitulo iiiito]; Aliter in causa testamenti; Contra capellaum pro concubina.43
12963vConsultacionesConsultacio in casu correcionis anime ex officio; De manu inieccione in clericum de expensis adiudicatis.22
13064rConsultaciones etc’de expensis adiudicatis in causa diffamacionis; Consultacio de diffamacione; Consultacio de decimis.33
13164vConsultaciones etc’Consultacio de mortuariis; consultacio de legatis [et decimis]; Aliter de legatis; Aliter inde parti; de manuum inieccione in clericum.53
13265rConsultaciones etc’Aliter post appellum; consultacio causa matrimonii; Aliter de eodem.31
13365vConsultaciones etc’consultacio de usura; consultacio de spoliacione decimarum; Aliter de eodem.32
13466rConsultaciones etc’Aliter de eodem; Aliter de decimis et mortuariis; Aliter de eodem.30
13566vConsultaciones etc’Consultacio versus impedientes cariare decimas per loca etc’; Aliter de eodem.21
13667rConsultaciones etc’consultacio de decimis lane; consultacio de defectibus in rectoria repartis; Aliter de eodem; consultacio de decimis vitulorum lane lacticiniorum mellis et cere.43
13767vConsultaciones[etc’]; de decimis pannagii butiro et casio; consultacio de decimis super indicavit; consultacio de decimis lane ovium per medietatem anni in parochia depastium.44
13868rConsultacionesconsultacio de oblacionibus et causa correcione anime diebus festivis; de duabus capis legatis et detentis per executores; de decimis subtractis tempore vacacionis quando Episcopus habet omnes proventus.33
13968vde ??? [?interdicto]de procedendo ad penam interdicti pro cantaria subtracta; consultacio super indicavit quando provisor institutur canonice.22
14069rConsultacionesconsultacio pro fratribus de confessionibus audiendis et sepultura habenda.11
14169vConsultacionesconsultacio de uxore spoliata habenda; de misis et expensis in causa diffamacionis adiudicatis; Quando placitum est in Curia Xtianitatis inter duos clericos de decimis et patronus alius clerici tulerit breve Iudic’ tunc alter clericus habent istud breve ad inquirendum de valore ecclesie et decimarum petitarum etc’.33
14270rConsultacionesRegula; Nota; Nota; Nota bonum breve.00
14370vConsultacionesconsultacio ad procedendum in causa diffamacionis et similiter in causa submissionis etc’.11
14471rConsultacionesconsultacio ad procedendum eo quod cantaria est subtracta et ad Cantariam huius ad statum pristinum ducenda; Aliter inde.21
14672rConsultacionesconsultacio de restitucione bonorum et catallorum pro reparacione ecclesie et clausuris cimitariis legat’ faciend’; consultacio ad procedendum in causa de subtracccione pensionis.22
14772vConsultacionesItem de annua pensione; consultacio ad procendendum in causa adnullacionis cuiusdam annue pensionis a duabus partibus proventuum ecclesie; consultacio de annua pensione etc’ anno xiio apud Londoniam.33
14873rConsultacionesconsultacio ad procedendum quia pecunia petitur racione matrimonii contracti; consultacio de transgressione facta Capellano vel alii clerici.22
14973vConsultacionesAliter de eodem; de eodem et pro eisdem fratribus E; De repeticione pecunie placito vel lese promisse.31
15074rConsultacionesconsultacio ad procedendum in causa de inhabilitate persone etc’; consultacio ad procedendum in causa legati pro fratribus etc’; Quere aliud breve de eadem natura in folio precedente ad hoc O signum; In causa diffamacionis.44
15174vAliter de silva cedua; Aliter de violacione sequestri.20
15275rconsultacio ad procedendum in causa subtraccionis cuiusdam libre cere ecclesie ab antiquo debite de quodam tenemento.11
15375vde non residenciaQuod clerici R non compellantur ad residenciam personalem faciendum; Sicut alias; Attachiamentum inde; De non residencia quod assumant beneficium quod exigit residenciam etc’; Aliter et nota quod consultacio fuit per litteras de proteccione ostensas Curie; Quod clerici Regis non solvant pecuniam ad quam multantur per non residencia.65
15476rNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnumNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnum etc’; Attachiamentum inde; Ne quis se transferat; ne quis se transferat extra regnum ad respondendum super hiis quorum cognitis spectat ad Regem.44
15576vNe quis trahatur in causam extra regnumNe quis citet clericum Regis ad respondendum parti communa summo pontifice super hiis quorum cognitis spectat ad Regem; Aliter parti.21
15677rDe vi laica ammovend’De vi laica seu armata ammovenda; Aliter; Anno xiiii R E secundi; de vi laica amovenda; quod vicecomes assumpto secum posse Comiatus sui amoveat vim laicam etc’.54
15777vAd iura regiaNe vicecomes colore mandati quemquam amoveat a possessione ecclesie; Ad iura Regia; Ne Iudices delagati teneant placitum de advocacione prebende quam Rex contulit.33
15878rAd iura regiaAd iura regia; Aliter de capiendo impugnatores.21
15978vAd iura regiaQuando Rex presentavit clericum et nondum recuperavit presentacionem suam; Aliter quando recuperavit presentacionem; Aliter prohibicio parti quando clericus adeptus est possessionem.31
16079rAd iura regiaAttachiamentum super [breve]; Ad iura R quando Rex presentavit; Attachiamentum aliter; Ad iura regia ad revocandum inhibicionem post appellum factam contra clericum Regis.44
16179vAttachiamentumAnno xiiio; Attachiamentum per corpus quando Rex recuperavit presentacionem; Commissio ad capiendo impugnatores.33
16280rAuper iura regiaAttachiamentum pro alio quam pro Rge ad modum prohibicionis Regis quando primo habuit prohibicionem; prohibicio ne quis citet clericum Regis ad respondendum extra regnum de beneficio per Regem collato et in Curia Regis discusso.22
16380vde excommunicatoAttachiamentum post recuperacionem in Curia Regis de presentacione; De excommunicato capiendo etc’; Aliter; Aliter; Sicut alias; Cum pluries.64
16481rcapiendoRegula de attachiamento; De attachiamento deliberando quia exposuit caucionem; Attachiamentum.22
16581vde excommunicatoRegula; de excommunicato deliberando; Regula; de caucione admittenda Episcopo; Inde vicecomiti; Anno xxiiii; Regula; de caucione pignoraticia admittenda antequam deliberetur.55
16682rcapiendoDe liberando absque caucione pignatoraticia prefecta cum caucione idonea; Nota; De excommunicato recapiendo.22
16782vde excommunicatoSupersedeas de capiendo corpus pendente placito attachiamenti; Aliter pro clericis; Aliter ad significacionem Cancellari Exon’.31
16883rcapiendoSupersedeas pendente appellacione; Aliter supersedeas quia pars exhibuit litteras papales; Nota; Nota; scire facias de supersedendo capcioni pendente appellacione et excommunicato capto deliberando per manucapcionem.32
16983vde excommunicatoSupersedeas super le scire facias quia pars non venit; scire facias ad denunciandum vicarium generalem et ad excommunicatum in cancellaria ducendum sub salva custodia; Ista clausula fuit addita eo quod non potuit invenire manucaptores; Significavit inde Iusticiariis quod procedant in placitis pendente non obstante excommunicacione allegata coram eis.44
17084rdeliberandoDe excommunicato capto per manucapcionem dimisso iterum iusticiando eo quod non venit in cancellaria.11
17184vde excommunicatoSupersedeas capcioni corporis excommunicati usque ad certum diem; scire facias quare consultacio non debeat concedi; Vac’ quia Superius inter prohibiciones.33
17285rdeliberandoDe terris tenementis bonis et catallis clerici purgati restituendis; Aliter; Aliter; De clerico commito Episcopo del eius Commissario liberando; de extracto ab ecclesia restituendo.53
17385vde arestata capiendade apostata capiendo; Aliter de eodem.21
17486rDe vastode vasto in dotem versus mulierem; [W ii capitulo xiii]; [non indorsatur]; Regula; de attornato inde; Aliter de iure ecclesie; aliter versus mulierem et virum; Nota; Aliter versus mulierem quando recuperavit dotem versus extraneum et postea facit vastum; Apud B Anno ixo; [?Br’ ?hill’ xliiii E]; quando vir et mulier tenuerunt in dotem de Rege et Rex postea concessit reversionem breve de vasto pro assignato; apud Londoniam anno xio; Aliter versus tenent’ in dotem; ex assignacione heredis; Aliter versus tenentem in dotem de dono viri sui de assensu patris etc’; Nota de molendinis et vivaris; [Nota]; [Nota].1410
17586vDe VastoRegula; de vasto versus custodem; Aliter versus executores post mortem custodis; Breve de inquirendo de facto vasto in custodia per Regem dimissa; de attornato inde; De vasto in Londonia; De vasto facto per tenentem per legem Anglie; De attornato inde; Aliter quando reversio tenementorum tentorum per legem Anglie conceditur homini etc’; Nota.86
17687rDe Vasto[Nota]; [Nota]; de vasto ad terminum vite vel annorum; [Glouc’ capitulo vi W ii capitulo xiiii]; [non indorsatur]; Regula; de attornato inde; Aliter pro Abbate; Aliter versus executores; quando vir et uxor faciunt vastum de terris dimissis mulieri; Quando uxor facit vastum de ten’ dimiss’ sibi et viro suo et her’ viri; quando vir facit vastum de ten’ dimiss’ sibi et uxori et her’ de corpore uxoris etc’; [Nota].97
17787vDe Vastode vasto que tenet de proparte alicuius per peticionem; Aliter de eodem; quando tenens ad terminum vite dimittit alicui statum suum; quando tenens ad terminum vite dimittit alicui statum suum et ille alii de vasto versus certum tenentem; [Nota]; Nota breve et casu [N dimisit S ad terminum annorum mortuo S executor suus dimisit B ad eundem terminum postmodum predictus N concessit reversionem P et idem per concessit prefata M ?q’ ?mis’ regnam breve etc’]; Aliter etc’ [quod R di W et M uxori eius ten’ in postea concessit statum suum ?cuid’ et her’ suis vet’ ?et frater et heres fecit vastum etc’]; Aliter etc’ [quod M dimisit A et M uxori suis ad vitam eorumdam A et M mortus A eadem M et G vir secundus dimisit P et P dimisit Q et postea prefata M concessit revert’]; In assignacione quando heres concedit ten’ que dabantur patri matri et heredibus patris; de vasto.85
17888rDe VastoIn assignacione quando P dimittit ad terminum et postea concedit reversionem; In assignacione quando pater dimittit ad vitam et filius concedit reversionem; breve de vasto in feodo talliato; de vasto contra tenentem per le elegit etc’ pro dampnis adiudicatis; [maintenable anno cii E]; Aliter de eodem pro CC h’ recognito; [W ii capitulo xviii et xlv]; Aliter versus executores etc’; In assignacione post mortem tenentis ad vitam in le remanere; Aliter quando ille in le remanere concessit reversionem; Aliter.117
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17988vDe vasto et particione faciendaAliter in assignacione; Aliter in remanere; Nota; Quando tenens bastardus fuit et obiit sine herede de vasto pro domino cui spectat escaeta; de vasto pro indiviso; Regula; W ii capitulo xxv; de particione facienda; Aliter pro indiviso.74
18089rDe estreppamentoNota; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter in Londonia; Nota; de estreppamento; Glouc’ capitulo xv; de estreppamento quod debet fieri in Banco nisi tempore vacacionis.54
18189vDe homineAliter; [Breve pura brevia destreppamento lvi folio precedente]; Nota; de homine replegiando; Regula; cum pluries inde; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter in conclusione.64
18290rRepleg’de Replegiando hominem quem ille qui cepit clamat nativum et fugitivum suum; Aliter de eodem; Aliter quando ille qui cepit clamat habere custodiam capti; Regula [Nota W ii capitulo xvto].20
18390vDe homine repleg’Nota; de homine replegiando infra libertatem quinque portuum; Replegiare de homine capto pro trans’ in foresta; Regula; Statutum E’ tercii anno io capitulo ixo; Nota; Nota; Regula; Regula.33
18491rDe averiis repleg’Repleg’ de parco; de averiis replegiandis; Sicut alias; Attachiamentum; Nota; Aliter pro executoribus; de attornato inde [de attornato in primo brevi]; cum pluries; Attachiamentum; [Nota]; [Nota].87
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18591vDe averiis replegiand’ WithernamiumRegula; Non omittas propter libertatem etc’; [Marlebr’ capitulo ii W j capitulo xvii et W ii capitulo xxxviiio]; Aliter; Sicut al inde; Regula; de averiis captis in Wythernamium; Aliter; Aliter.74
18692rNon omittas in Wyth’Aliter de catallis in Withernamium capiendis; Aliter Aliter; Aliter; Non omittas in Wythernamio; de execucione facienda in Wythernamium; [Nota ?ql’ vic’ p’t predr’ l’ vestis l’ def’ in Withernam per ag’dez gentz de s’ comite]; cum pluries de averiis in Wythernamium capiendis; [vie W j capitulo xvii].73
18792vNon omittas in Wyth’Aliter cum pluries inde; Istud breve vocatur breve de proprietate probanda; Attachiamentum; Nota; [vie plura brevia de Withernamio xx ?fob’ sequent’ ??].43
18893rPon de averiisPone de averiis pro petente; Regula; Pone pro defendente; W’ secundum capitulo iio; Regula; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Causa pro defendente; Regula; Pone pro petente in Curia per returnum brevis cum causa; Causa pro defendente in Curia per returnum; Causa pro defendente.1414
18993vPone de averiis et recordari de averiisCausa pro petente; Nota; Causa pro petente; causa pro petente vel defendente secundum diversas conclusiones; Conclusio pro petente; Nota; de attornato quando ballivus dicit quod non potest respondere sine domino; Recordari de averiis; Regula; Causa pro defendente; Regula; Aliter; Recordari in Curia quod fit cum causa sive fuerit pro petente sive pro defendente.98
19094rde recapcione averiorumCausa; Aliter ad Wapentachium; Causa; Causa; de recepcione averiorum ante le pone; Regula; de recapcione averiorum post le pone; Aliter in Curia per returnum brevis et quando loquela fuerit retornata placitanda iuxta libertates etc’ de recapcione averiorum post le recordare.75
19194vde Nativis habendisAliter; Aliter; [non extra]; Regula; de nativis habendis; Nota; Regula; Regula; quando manserit per minus remporis; Regula; pone pro nativis; Regula; Regula; de libertate probanda.75
19295rde libertate probanda et auxilio habendoAliter; de auxilio habendo ad distringendum villanos; de villanis Regis subtractis reducendis; Nota; [Nota]; de auxilio habendo ad primogenita filia maritanda; [W j capitulo xxvto]; Regula.54
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19395vde scutagio habendode scutagio habendo; Aliter; commissio ad levandum scutagium.32
19496rde moderata misericordia et de minisde moderata misericordia capienda; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; Regula; de minis; de incendio domorum; Regula; Attachiamentum; Aliter infra libertates quinque portuum; de minis de nova forma.76
19596vde trans’ in Comitatu[defic’ brevia r’ in fine libri ad ?cle’ figm’ ??]; Nota; Nota; de trans’ in comitatu; de ovibus ad terminum pasture traditis fugatis; quod creditor recusat deliberare pignora; de fossato fracto; de tauro ad terminum tradito fugato; de bonis asportatis pro executoribus; de vaccis imparcatis fetus abortivos fac’; de wallia fracta.99
19697rde trans’ in Bancode equis abductis ad loca ignota; de carta fracta; de ovibus imparcatis; quod interierunt; de trans’ in banco; de imprisonamento; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; de attornato de trans’; de attincta coram rege; de custode admisso pro puero infra etatem etc’; Nota; Iusticiariis de banco de admittendo custodem; de clauso fracto arboribus succisis vivariis piscatis et servientibus verberatis etc’; [vel nativum suum cap’ et abduxit per quod etc’]; de servientibus verberatis; de pullis esparvariorum captis.2014
19797vde trans’ etc’de warenna fugata; Aliter de clauso et tot cuniculos precii etc’; Aliter de parco et chacea; Regula; de bladis et herba depastis etc’; de bladis et herba conculcatis; de solo fosso et carbonibus maritimis asportatis; de equo et catallis arestatis quousque finem fecerit; de bove et vacca arestatis; de domibus fractis et maeremio; de clauso et domibus et maeremio asportato; pro executoribus de bonis testatoris asportatis; [eodem in fiat pro administr’]; de scripto per quod; Abbas tenetur mulieri in victu etc’ fracto; de piscaria piscata herba falcata solo fosso et herba depasta; de blada messa herba falcata arboribus succisis et aliis depastis.1613
19898rde trans’ etc’de cato in columbari proiecto; Aliter; Aliter; de conversa verberata; de clavo in vivo pedis equi fixo; Aliter; de equo conducto in tantum fatigato quod interiit; de sigillo carte fracto; de trans’ de mercandisis; de trans’ quod manucepit custodire blada absque conculcacione.107
19998vde trans’ etc’de homine in prisona detento quousque manucaptores invenerit quod non abiret; de castro etc’ fracto et ministris impeditis ad negocia facienda; de equo percuciente in debite custodito; de sewera fracta; de ponte fracto et maeremio inde proiecto ac ripa fossa et al’ etc’; De ovibus in debite custoditis ita etc’; Attach’ pro transgressione facta clerico Cancellarii; de feno prostrato et depasto.88
20099rde trans’ etc’de trans’ pro Abbate Westm’; de vino extracto; [De transgressione facta uxori ante matrimonium]; [De imprisonamento quisque prestitit iuramentam etc’ ut remiserit accionem etc’]; [Aliter].54
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20199vde transgressionibusAttachiamento pro Abbate quod non solvet Theolonium; [Quod ten’ non audit et morari super ten’]; Nota de equo [et huiusmodi interfecto]; [De apprenticio capto abducto]; Nota; Nota; [De trans’ quando quis capitur in uno comitatu et ducitur in alium]; Nota.44
202100rde trans’ etc’de germine bosci cedui depaste etc’; de herba falcata et asportata; de bladis depastis cum averiis etc’; Aliter de feno; de pomis et piris; de forcerio fracto; de navi abducta et catallis asportatis; Aliter; de germinibus vinearum depastis; de stagno fracto quod aqua inundavit vivarium; de equis abductis et catallis asportatis; de florenis auri asportatis; de manso obsesso quod terra remansit inculta et averiis imparcatis; de domo fracta et prisone abducto et non satisfactam redempcione; de cippis fractis et nativo abducto; de brevi Regis in luto proiecto.1614
203100vde trans’ etc’de fossato finis inpleto per quod etc’; de vino de dolio extracto et aqua impleto; de palis in aqua fixis per quod navis submersa fuit; de domo fracta arboribus succisis vivariis piscatis et averiis imparcatis; de clauso fracto et bladis et feno depastis; de arundine messa etc’; de lapide molari fracta; de stagno molendini fracto etc’; Nota; de domibus et catallis combustis; de ovibus tonsis et lana asportata; de imprisonato ab uno loco ad alium abducto etc.1111
204101rde trans’ etc’de ovibus uno loco captis usque alio fugatis et imparcatis; de exclusis fractis maeremio secto et terra inundata; de exclusis stagni molendini fractis; de clauso et cippis fractis et nativo abducto; de equo percusso etc’; de oculo eruto; de Custode hospitalis; de bonis predecessoris etc’; de eodem pro Abbate; [Marlebr’ capitulo penultimo dat’ brevia ista]; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem tempore vacacionis; de warenna fugata bosco ingresso pullis esparvariorum captis et catallis asportatis; de ovibus fugatis; de porcis fugatis quod interierunt; de tibia cum cane morsa unde venum infecta fuit.1613
205101vde trans’ etc’de fossato terra impleto per quod amisto terra per inundacionem; Aliter de eodem; quando dimissor ingreditur tenementum post mortem in retardacionem execucionem testamenti etc’; [Nota sum’ in hoc ?causa Q fi caperit averia etc’ trans’ pone etc’ co’t ?? distr’ R terr’ auxi’ etc’]; de uxore abducta cum bonis viri; [W ii capitulo xxxiiii]; [W j capitulo xiii]; de veneno in cibos posito etc; de matrimoniis arestatis quousque amisit proficium fer’ etc’; de averiis ad loca ignota fugatis etc’; [marlebr’ capituo iii]; [marlebr’ capitulo iiii]; de averiis fugatis de uno comitatu in alium etc’; Ne districciones fiant in regia strata aut communi via vel extra feodum; [W j capitulo xvi]; Marl’ capitulo xiii; Aliter; Nota.1614
206102rde trans’ etc’Regula; Aliter de eodem; Ne quis distringatur per averia caruce sue vel oves suas etc’; [Nota]; quod nullus attachietur ad respondendum super contractibus extra ballivam seu potestatem factis; W j capitulo xxxiii; Attachiamentum inde; de carectis equis etc’ contra statutum W primi captis ad cariagia facienda per W j capitulo xxxii; de trans’ pro executoribus de bonis in vita testatoris asportatis; de claudo facto cum massa ferri ignita; de heres maritata; de canonico capto et abducto.109
207102vde trans’ etc’de capto per statutum mercatorium deliberato debito non satisfacto; aliter vicecomiti; [Nota]; contra vicecomitem quando returnat quod quis non est inventus ubi moram fecit; Aliter pro eo quod permisit imprisonatum abire non satisfacto Regi nec parti; de clauso fracto et commonacho abducto; de bonis et catallis asportatis pro Rege; de sepibus fractis; de haiis fractis; Aliter; Aliter in separali solo; de lino et canobo in stagnis positis.118
208103rde trans’ etc’Aliter; de quarera fossa et petris asportatis; de trans’ contra hospitalem; de bonis asportatis; de munera fossa et carbonis asportatis; Aliter de postis et palis fractis; de muliere imprisonata capta et abducta; de attachiamento fracto; de porcione molendini facienda; de clauso hostio et fenestris fractis; [De feno prostrato et depasto].119
209103vde trans’ etc’de instrumentis fractis; de homine insecuto et in domo obsesso; de herede rapta et abducta; de brevi de conspiracione impetrato; [Nota bene]; de falso returno brevium; de homine attachiato per cat’ et liberat’ non satisfacto parti.66
210104rde trans’ etc’Parvyngus; Aliter; de littera abstracto et quiete clamatis facto; de uxore cum bonis abducta; de commonacho verberato; Regula; Contra commonachum; Aliter; de bladis inundatis; pro defectum reparacione; [In isto brevi non in consimili non dicatur qua pacem ?q quare ?tiel’ br’ f’t abatz ano xlvto per tiel cad’]; de compedibus minis strictis per quod claudus efficitur.119
211104vde trans’ etc’de trans’ de wayfs et strays; de denariis suis; Aliter; de trans’ quando prelatus distringitur per equitaturam suam; de trans’ pro persona quia distringitur in feodo ecclesie etc’; de trans’ pro prebenda no de nativo rescusso; [De uno extracto]; [De excommunicato capto et abducto].87
212105rde trans’ etc’de catallis felonum captis et asportatis [de abbate]; def’ attachiamentum; de trans’ contra medicum; Quare usi fuerunt misteria tinctoris infra libertatem absque licensia; ripon’; de pressura pro cisera facta fracta; de xxli in pecunia munerata asportatis; de furcis fractis; de libero tauro abducto; de impeis quousque remisset duas pensiones et fecit obligacionem; [contra communes hospitatores].1111
213105vde trans’ etc’de Werecto; de Theolonio; Aliter de feria; de falsa prostrata; de feria habenda per cartam quare impedit.54
214106rde trans’ etc’ in rescussude pillorio fracto; de visu franciplegii impedito; de gurgite fracto; [large hand] Brevia de rescussu; de attachiamento fracto quando capitur per breve; Aliter; Nota; de ballivo nuper ad averia replegianda.76
215106vde trans’ etc’ in rescussu de parco fractode trans’ pro illo qui habet execucionem etc’ infra honorem; de averiis captis pro amerciamento abbatis; de parco fracto et averiis abductis; Aliter; Aliter per servient’; Aliter per confratrem; Aliter pro defalta; Aliter pro amerc’; Aliter pro quodam debito levando.93
216107rde trans’ in rescussuAliter; Nota; de rescussu averiorum; Aliter per servientem; Aliter pro consuetudinibus etc’; Aliter de averiis et catallis etc’; [Aliter breve]; Aliter pro collectore decime; Aliter ballivo de hominibus captis; Aliter ballivo Regis de homine capto per breve.91
217107vde trans’ in rescussude rescussu hominis capti per ballivum virtute retorni; de rescussu pro illo qui habet retornum brevium; de attachiamento pro hutesio fracto; Aliter ballivo pro annuo redditu; Aliter de catallis felonum; Aliter de homine capto per statutum mercatorum; [Anno xv E factum fit istud breve et breve sequens].74
218108rde trans’ in rescussu etc’ et Recordari de trans’Aliter de expensis militum virtute returni; [istud breve fiebat anno xv E]; [Nota pro executoribus]; [de catallis captis pro execucione iudicii etc’]; [De call’ capt’ per ballivum]; [de catallis captis nomine districcionis]; De rescusso facto ballivo etc’; Recordari de trans’; Causa.87
219108vde rec’ et proc’ de trans’ mitt’ in Canc’ de trans’ etc’Causa; Causa; [apud Northampton anno xio]; Nota; Nota; Causa; de recordo et processu de trans’ mittendis in cancellaria; [conceditur sine fine]; Aliter coram Iusticiariis ad gaolam; Aliter de tenore cum billa etc’.86
220109rde trans’ contra proteccionem; De inquirendo de trans’; De attincta de trans’de trans’ in quinque portubus; de trans’ contra proteccionem; de inquirendo inde; Aliter; [R plura brevia inde v fol’ sequent’]; Attincta de trans’; [conceditur pro fine moderato]; Regula; Nota.76
221109vde trans’ etc’ attinctaAliter; Anno viiio apud E; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter [anno vto capitulo vto]; Aliter [anno ixo apud Ebor’]; [R’ plura brevia inde v fol’ sequet’]; manucapcio pro imprisonato ad prosequendum attinctam; de decepcione.94
222110rde trans’ in decepcione etc’Aliter [vel quare impedit impetrat’ f’t in nomine alicuius ipso ignorant’]; Aliter pro recognicione facta etc; [?invito etc’]; Aliter [de sigillo controfacto etc’].41
223110vde trans’ in decepcioneAliter [de attornato se absentante etc’]; Aliter [ubi extranei per nomina in brevi etc’ facerint attornatum etc’]; Aliter [ubi pars recuperans defertur de dampnis suis levandis per attinctam perquisit’ ut dicit etc’]; Aliter [ubi extranens nomine petent’ ut dicit levat’ finem etc’].40
224111rde trans’ in decepcione etc’Aliter [de proteccione per ?coniunct’ etc’]; Aliter [quando aliquis facit recognicionem vocans se per nomine alterius]; Aliter [quando obescaetor propria auctoritate ceperit inquisicionem ad ammovendum manum Regis].30
225111vAudita querela de trans’ in decepcioneAudita querela de decepcione; [in parliamento iuro]; de attachiamento notarii pro controfaccione sigilli.33
226112rAudita querela de decepcioneAudita querela de decepcione; Aliter [quando quis impetrat breve de precipe in capite etc’ per falsam suggestionem etc’].21
227112vAudita querela de decepcioneAliter [quando attornatus partis facit falsam suggestionem]; [Aliter quando aliquis contrafacit sigillum clerici Regis etc’]; [Aliter quando aliquis deficit de essoniar’ partem cum id ?facere recepit ?denarios]; [R’ de ce’ breve].41
Note: One writ seems to have been added later.
228113rDe homine capiendo in Withernamium[De homine capiendo in Withernamium]; Aliter; [Breve de trans’ de homine replegiando]; [Supersedeas pro homine capto].43
229113vDe homine capto in Withernamium deliberand’Nota; De homine capto in Withernamium deliberato.11
230114rDe inquirendo de trans’Aliter de parco fracto etc’; Aliter de aqueductu; Aliter; Nota; Attincta de trans’ patens inde; Aliter de attincta etc’.51
Note: Text is in two sections with separate headers.
231114vTrans’De moniale abducta; De allecis warrant’; Aliter; De trans’ pro infidiis; De trans’ pro administratoribus; De instrumento posito pro piscem capiendum ?secat’; Quando quis assumpsit ad curandam brachium et non fecit; Aliter de oculo; De diversis trans’; De pro priore versus Abbatem; [vie xi ?h’ iuxti in trans’ tercii q’ Gardenis del esglic’ de A perter’ att’ de trans’ co’e gardeniz vers l’ ?liteler ?domini campani debruss’ etc’].119
232115rTrans’De petris pro metis positis abstractis; De trans’ quando quis assumpsit ducere manucapcionem etc’; De ?finio pariet’ posit’; De licore proiecto; De tegulis fractis; De cane ad mordendum etc’; Aliter de apro; De arboribus succidendis et cariandis; De gurgite habenda; De arbitracione facta.109
233115vTrans’De homine permisso abire post arestat’; Supersedeas de trans’.22
236117rde audiendo et terminando de trans’de audiendo et terminando; Aliter; Regula; aliter vicecomiti; de attornato inde; dedimus potestatem inde; associacio inde patens.65
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237117vde audiendo et terminando de trans’ etc’; mittimus de audiendo et terminandoPatens associato; Si non omnes; Associacio ad continuandum processum etc’; Regula; de recordo et processu mittendis quia attincta arramiatur coram rege.44
238118rDe audiendo et terminando trans’ et Revocacio de audiendo et terminando etc’?R’ aliud breve tercio folio sequente ad t’lem signum [XO]; Revocacio brevis de audiendo et terminando; De querela coram Rege et consultacio discutiendo et terminando; de audiendo et terminando de diversis transgressionibus.44
239118vde audiendo et terminando de dedimus trans’Aliter in confinio; Nota; Aliter; Aliter et Nota.2-1
240119rde audiendo et terminando de trans’de nave fracta etc’ si bona debeant dici wreci; Aliter contra ministros Regis de extorsionibus oppressionibus ?gra’ etc’.21
241119vde audiendo et terminando de trans’Regula; Breve de amovendo eosdem; de bonis arestandis ne dissipentur; Nota; Aliter.32
242120rde audiendo et terminando de trans’Aliter tempore vacacionis; Aliter de eodem iuxta statutum de Marl’ capitulo xxviii; Aliter dum in proteccione et in obsequio Regis; [mittimus de audiendo et terminando].41
243120vDe continuando processus de audiendo et terminandode continuando processus inchoatos post mortem capitalis Iusticiarii; et ad eosdem processus; Nota formam.22
244121rDe audiendo et terminando de Walleis et fossatisAliter et Nota differ’; de Wall’ et Foss’; Regula; Aliter.20
245121vDe audiendo et terminando de Walleis et fossatisAliter in aqua de Ancholm’.10
246122rlittera missa pro mercatoribus Anglielittera missa pro mercatore Anglie comiti Flandr’ etc’; Aliter; Aliter; de bonis alienigenis arestandis pro transgressionibus factis mercatoribus Anglie.42
247122vDe errore corrigendode errore corrigendo in Londonia; [statutum E iii Anno xxviii capitulo xmo]; Supersedeas de dampnum; Aliter de dampnum et corpore deliberando; Nota; patens iusticiariorum de errore corrigendo in Londonia; [istud breve conceditur ex speciali gra’ etc’]; Breve inde maiori et vicecomiti.76
248123rde errore corrigendo etc’de procedendo in loquela; [si ita est tunc]; Aliter coram Iusticiariis ad errorem corrigendum de recordo et processu mittendis; Patens inde; Regula; de supersedendo execucioni prioris iudicii pendente loquela de errore in hustengo.54
249123vde errore corrigendo etc’de ordinando quod bona illius qui sequitur breve de errore non amoveantur ita quod execucio prioris iudicii possit fieri si affirmetur; [De errore corrigendo in assisa].22
250124rde erroreBreve maiori et vicecomiti ad examinandum recordum etc’ quando querens non prosequitur breve suum de errore et ad faciendum execucionem si contigerit affirmari; De errore corrigendo in reddisseisina; de errore in Hibernia; [conceditur sine fine]; Nota; Nota.44
251124vde erroreAliter in Curia per cart’ sine brevi; [De errore in communi banco in recordo et processu utlagarie in aliquem et waivaria in uxorem eius promulgata]; Aliter coram Iusticiariis pacis; [Aliter coram Rege].41
252125rde conspiracionede conspiracione iumento furtive capto; conceditur pro fine; Aliter de Abbetto et conspiracione etc’; Aliter de eo quod non arrestat aliquem; Aliter quando quis asservit alicui ius in mesuagio ius non habenda; Aliter de trans’ in parco aliquo etc’; Nota; Aliter de appello mortis patris; Nota; W ii capitulo xii.83
253125vde conspiracione; de odio et atiaRegula; Aliter de eo quod procurat aliquem ad feloniam faciendam; Atachiamentum; conceditur pro fine; de odio et athia; Nota; Regula; de ponendo etc’.54
254126rde odio et athia; de compoto in ComitatuAliter; manucapcio de trans’ pro indictamento coram cust’ pacis; Regula; de compoto in comitatu; in Londonia; In quinque portubus; pro executoribus; W ii capitulo xxiii; Nota; de compoto inter mercatores; Regula; pro executoribus defuncti mercatoris; Nota; de compoto ad bancum; pro executoribus.1110
255126vde compoto etc’Aliter de eodem [quando invenerit securitatem in cancellaria]; Aliter pro magistro universitatis; Aliter; Aliter de tempore predecessoris et tempore proprio; aliter de eodem; Nota; pro Abbate; pro comitate; [Aliter pro viro et uxore]; [Nota]; [Nota]; [pro executoribus et abbate et commonacho; pro locacione navis]; [Aliter pro thesaurario]; de attornato inde; dedimus potestatem quia infirmus; de attornato; Nota; [Nota]; de compoto in socagio.158
256127rde compoto etc’de attornato inde; pone etc’ pro petente; Nota; Causa; Nota; monstravit propriore; non est in usu; Nota; Aliter set non est in usu; Breve de delib’ aud’ capt’ per le monstravit.76
257127vde compoto etc’; Ex parte talisde recipiendo arestatum pro arreragiis compoti; Nota; de dimittendo arestatum huiusmodi per manucapcionem ad recitandum compotum coram Baronibus de scaccario; Aliter in London.32
258128rde compoto etc’Aliter; Quando ballivus evasit de carcere; Comissio ad audiendum compotum collectorum denariorum pro clausula ville.32
259128vde compoto; de debito etc’certos dies etc’ tot et talia etc’; Regula; Aliter de denariis colligendis pro villa pavianda et claudenda; [De capiendo ut legatum]; [R’ plura brevia in principio brevibus x fol’]; Nota; de debito in comitatu; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Contra executores; pro executoribus; versus executores et executricem; Regula.117
260129rde debito etc’de debito ad bancum; Aliter [de catallis tantum]; Aliter [de pecunia et catallis]; Aliter de equo; pro executoribus; Regula; Aliter [pro executoribus versus executores]; Aliter [pro executoribus per ?divert’ pr’]; Nota; Aliter; Aliter [versus filium]; De attornato; x li’ quod idem a A prefato B exigit vel inter A et B executores testamenti C et D de eo quod; Regula; Versus Episcopum de bonis intestati; W ii capitulo xixo; Aliter versus administratores; Regula; Aliter executores ordinarii.156
261129vde debito etc’Aliter pro admin’; Aliter pro executoribus; Aliter versus executores; Pone pro petente et pro defendente; Causa; [R plura brevia in principio libri xi fol’]; Causa; Causa racione champertie; Recordari in Curia secundum consuetudinem; Regula; Causa; Nota; Causa; Nota; Nota.118
262130rde debito etc’Attachiamentum quando ballivus tenuit placitum post le pone; Quod uxores habeant partes suas racionabiles; Aliter pro pueris; [R’ de hoc breve E fundatur de magna carta]; [non valz br’ di’ quia ?foc’ ?sps’ del estat’ etc’]; Quod mulieres non distringantur pro debitis virorum.65
263130vde debito etc’Aliter de eodem; Aliter de ten’ coniunctim adquisit’; Aliter de ten’ que tenent in dotem.30
264131rde debito etc’Aliter post matrimonium contracti; de exonerando ad scaccarium ipsum qui non est heres etc’ nec tenet etc’.21
265131vde compoto etc’Aliter supersedeas de distr’ ipsum ad compotum R’ qui non tenet terr’ seu ten’ alcuius qui obligatus f’t Regi ad comp’ etc’; Aliter de eodem quia non tenent terr’ seu ten’ per discens’ vic’ Q per perquis’ et f’t perquisit’ antequam vic’ ille factus fuit etc’; Audita querela ubi reditor adquisunt parcell’ terr’ servande.31
266132rde idempnitate nominis de debitoDe idemptitate nominis; De exonerando heredem qui tenet nisi in feodo talliato etc’; Regula; prohibicio de debito xl s’ sine brevi ?iuro; Aliter Ballivis.43
267132vProhibicio de debito etc’Attachiamentum inde; Regula; Regula; Supersedeas execucioni inde; Aliter [ista ii brevia sont apres ii folia ad tl’e signum L]; Aliter; Supersedeas de diversis querelis.53
268133rProhibicio de debito etc’Attachiamentum inde; Aliter supersedeas quando executor formaverit diversis querelis; Aliter supersedeas de convencione quando nomine debit’ etc’.31
269133vde recognicionibusAliter; de recognicione debitorum per statutum mercatore; Nota de clerico Anno E iii xiiii captulo xo; Aliter; Aliter ad duos terminos; Aliter pro primo termino non soluto vel duobus; Aliter quando duo recogn’; Aliter inde coram Iusticiariis de attornato; Aliter coram Rege; de recognicione contra personam; Regula; Aliter contra abbatem; Certiorari.113
270134rdebitorumRegula; Quando clericus captus deliberetur; Aliter quod non capiatur; De deliberando vicarium captum sine brevi; De certificando canc’.43
271134vde recognicionbus etc’Regula; cum pluries inde; Aliter de certificacione; Regula; Aliter non obstante quod prius; [R’ ii brevia de supersed’ denaunt ii fol’ ad t’le fig’m L]; Aliter de eodem; [R’ alia brevia in fine libri’ iiii fol’].63
272135rAudita querela etc’[R’ aliud breve in principio libri’ xi fol’]; Audita querela; Aliter pro illo qui est infra etatem; [plus ad br’ ?xr’ de lant’ part del fol’ a tale fig’m ??]; Nota; de recognicione in stapula; Anno G iii xxvii capitulo ixo.65
273135vSi recognoscat de debitoAliter; [R’ alia brevia in fine libri iiii fol’]; Si recognoscat; Regula; sicut alias inde; de execucione facienda de recognicione facta in comitatu; [R’ j breve de mittimus in sine libri iiii fol’ O]; Nota.65
274136rde secta ad molendinum; De curia claudenda etc’; Quod permittat de aqua haurienda etc’De secta ad molendinum in comitatu; Aliter; Ad Bancum; Regula; quod permittat villanos facere sectam ad molendinum; Ad Bancum; Regula; de curia claudenda in Comitatu; De eodem ad Bancum; Pone de eodem; Regula; quod permittat molere sine multura; Nota; De molendino reparando; Regula; De aqua haurienda; De grege adaquando; De tauro habendo W ii; De racionabile estoverium; De attornato inde; De chimino habendo; De falda habenda de passagio etc’; de piscaria; Nota.1815
275136vQuod permittat de communa pasture etc’Nota; De communa pasture [in ?nara brevis dentr’]; aliter [de rect’ et poss’]; Aliter [in na’ mortis antecessoris]; Regula; Aliter pro persona [quando predecessor obiit seisitus]; [Aliter pro persona quando predecessor obiit disseisitus]; Aliter pro abbate persona de communo ingresso; Aliter pro Abbate; Aliter; Aliter de communa pasture; Aliter de turbariis; Regula.102
276137rQuo iure; De pastura admensurandaRegula; De communa pasture; Nota; De stalis erigendis; [Quod permittat de corodio]; Quo iure; Regula; Regula; De pastura admensuranda; conceditur sine fine; Nota; De attornato inde; De secunda superoneracione W secundum capitulo viimo.88
277137vDe racionabilibus divisis; De perambulacione faciendaquod vicecomes procedit ad pasturam admensurandum per def’; W ii capitulo vii; Pone pro defendente; de attornato inde; Regula; De racionabilibus dimisis; Regula; De perambulacione facienda; Pone de racionabile dimisis; De domo reparanda; De ponte reparando; Pone pro defendente fiat cum causa ut in Recordari; Pone de amensuracione pasture.1111
278138rDe wallea ponte calcetis et pavimentis reparandiDe Wallea et fossato reparando; Regula; de ponte reparando; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; [R’ aliud breve in principio libri xiii fol’]; de via; de calceto; De pavimento.106
279138vDe Warrantia carte; De plegiis acquietandisde Warantia carte W ii capitulo vi; Aliter; Nota; De attornato inde; Nota; de plegio acquietando in comitatu magna carta capitulo vii; Ad Bancum; Aliter pro executoribus; Aliter versus executores; Aliter de compoto; Aliter pro executoribus versus executores; de acquietandis plegiis quia principalis debitor sufficit magna carta capitulo vii; Nota; quod nullus distringat qui non est debitor nec plegius W j captulo xxiii; Attachiamentum inde; Nota.127
280139rde annuo redditu de consuetudinibus et serviciis de cartis reddendisNota Anno xlj tercii in ?annuitate; [Note with brackets referring to the following seven writs: Istud brve non conceditur exec’ ?? habeant breve de debito]; de annuo redditu in comitatu; Ad Bancum; Regula; de attornato; de furrua et pellura; Aliter de rob’; de consuetudinibus et serviciis; de attornato inde; Regula; aliter; Aliter in Londonia; Nota; Regula; de carta reddenda; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter.149
281139vde medio etc’Regula; Pone; de attornato; prohibicio ne placitum teneatur de det’ cart’ etc’ sine brevi; Regula; de medio in comitatu; Aliter; Ad Bancum; de attornato; Pone; Regula; Regula; Quando medius paratus est ad acquietandum; [R’ alia brevia in fine libri folio vto]; Aliter de scripto; Aliter; Nota.129
282140rde convencione etc’de convencione; Aliter; Regula; de apprenticio; Aliter pro executoribus anno vii apud Ebor’; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de estoverio; Aliter de victu; de pastura ad boves; de molendino; De domo vel campanili; Aliter pro her’ etc’; Aliter pro assignato; Regula; de decimis garbarum; de munera; versus executores; Aliter in ad eo bono statu; de oneribus ecclesie; [R’ plura brevia in fine libri vi folio etc’].1810
283140vde convencione etc’ dedimus potestatem etc’Aliter de homagio; de Capello inveniendo; de convencione in comitatu; Regula; Recordari etc’; Aliter in hundredo; Causa; Regula; De fine levando; de ten’ tent’ de Rege in capite iuxta licensiam Regis [alien’ per finem]; [R’ plura brevia in fine libri vi folio]; dedimus potestatem [in brevi de Con’]; [De tenore iudicamenti mittendi].119
Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
284141rde con [?cognicione] quid iuris clamat et per que serviciaRegula; Aliter Capitalis Iusticiario de Banco Regis; Aliter in pluribus brevibus et diversis Comitatis si casus fuerit; Aliter quando quis intendit obsequis Regis muliere gravida impotente vel pregnante et sponso suo impotente; Aliter in le quid iuris clamat; Dedimus potestatem; Aliter de eodem quando tenetur in dotem; [R’ plura brevia in fine libri vi folio etc’]; Aliter in per que servicia; [De Q’ errore utlagarie mittend’].93
Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
285141vde con [?cognicione] de transcripto pedis finis mittendo etc’dedimus potestatem recipiendi attornatum in le quid iuris clamat quando tenentes dicunt quod non tenent de recognitore; Breve post dedimus potestatem quod Iusticiarius mittat cogniciones quas cepit Iusticiariis de Banco; Breve Iusticiariis de Banco quod admittant etc’; Regula; de fine facto; de transcripto pedis finis habendo.55
286142rde con [?cognicione] mittimus de custodia etc’Aliter pro magistro hospitalis; Aliter de tenore note finis; Aliter; Mittimus; Aliter et Regula; Aliter mittimus; [R’ plura brevia in fine libri folio vito]; de custodia terre et heredis habenda; de eodem in comitatu; Aliter in comitatu de herede tantum; de terra tantum; racione dimissionis.114
287142vde custodia etc’de custodia racione custodie; Aliter; Regula; Regula; Regula; Nota; [?quer]; de custodia in soc’; Nota; de attornato; Nota; de terra tantum; Regula; de custodia in socagio racione custodie; Aliter pro domino qui habet custodiam unius heredis pro altera que est plene etatis; Regula.86
288143rde eieccionede eieccione custodie; Regula; de attornato inde; Aliter racione dimissi suis; Aliter racione secunde dimissionis; Aliter de eodem; Aliter racione tercie dimissionis; Aliter pro eo qui tenet per commissionem Regis; Nota eiect’ de parcella custodie; de eieccione prioratus; Regula; Aliter racione dimissionis executor’.93
289143vde intrusione in hereditatemde eieccione custodie in socagio; de intrusionem hereditatem; Aliter; de herede rapto; W ii capitulo xxxv; Nota Regulam; Aliter quando ducitur de comitatu in comitatu; [W ii capitulo xxxvto]; [Regula]; Nota Regulam; de attornato; [Aliter pro executoribus].74
290144rde herede raptode herede rapto in socagio non maritato; Aliter quando maritatur; Regula; de forisfectura maritagii racione tercie dimissionis etc’; Merton’ capitulo vito; Aliter sine dimissione Merton’ capitulo vi; Aliter quant il tient en service; [R’ aliud breve in fine libri vto folio]; dedimus potestatem de custode admittendo; Breve Iusticiariis inde; de valore maritagii facta Merton’ capitulo vi.107
291144vde escaeta etc’Regula; Aliter pro execut’; Regula; Aliter de valore etc’; Nota; [Nota Merton’ capitulo vi; R’ quar’ ?no’ ?nerdon’ per lestatut q’il pe’ ?Wenl’ etc’]; de escaeta racione bastardie magna carta capitulo xixo; Aliter quia obiit sine herede; Aliter racione felonie; Aliter; Regula; Aliter pro abbate; pro Rege in Londonia; de inquirendo.104
292145rDe anno die et vasto; de dote unde nich’ habetNota; Aliter de anno die et vasto etc’; de seisina inde habenda etc’; Aliter; littera faciendi attornatum pro secta facienda; [non scriberetur hic set fol’ prox’ seq’]; [Regula notabilis]; de dote unde nich’ habet; [magna carta capitulo viio mittend’ ca’is jo iio Marlebr’ capitulo xii W j capitulo xlvi Glouc’ capitulo viii et W ii capitulo iiio et iiiio]; de attornato inde; Aliter pro viro et uxore; versus custodem ?M’ xvio E’; Regula; de dote assignata unde etc’; Nota.118
293145vde attincta dotis et admensuracione dotisAliter in denariis; de assensu patris; in Londonia; [De dote quando mulier invenit securitatem etc’ prerogatio Regis capitulo iiiio]; [Nota]; [W i capitulo xlvi]; Attincta de dote; Aliter; de admensuracione dotis; W ii capitulo vii; Aliter.107
294146rQuod ei deforciat; Brevia de statuto, sc. quod liberi tenentes non distringantur ad respondendum de libero tenemento suo nec iurare etc’Aliter pro Custode; [Nota]; Pone inde; de dote amissa per defaltam W secundum capitulo iiiito; de maritagio et de feodo talliato et ad terminum vite; Regula; Aliter per legem Anglie; Regula; Quod nullus placitetur sine brevi Regis de libero tenemento; [Marlebr’ capitulo xxio]; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter; de attornato inde; Breve Inde vicecomiti ad communem legem; Aliter; [R’ plura brevia in fine libri fol’ vii]; de attornato pro secta facienda per litteras patentes; Merton capitulo ixo; Aliter sine litteris patentibus; aliter vicecomiti; [Littera patens inde in folio pres’ ad signum manus].1813
295146vde Attornato pro secta; de statuto pro non faciendo sectamAliter; Aliter; Nota ad diversa hundreda tantum et sic de aliis; [Regula]; Aliter pro custode; [Nota]; Aliter ballivis honoris; Regula; Aliter ad Curiam duorum; littera ad faciendum attornatum; Quod tenentes in custodia ex concessione Regis quieti sint ab omni secta; Quod mulieres tenentes in dotem de huius custodia teneant quiete; Quod breve de attornato non capiat terminum durantibus personis; [De non veniendo ad visus franciplegii racione residencie].105
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296147rde statuto pro non faciendo sectamAliter; Attachiamentum quando ballivus recusat recipere attornatum; quod tenentes de herede infra etatem et in custodia Regis non distringantur ad faciendum sectam ad Wapentachium; Aliter; Aliter; Attachiamentum.63
Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
297147vde statuto etc’; sectquod tenens in dotem non distingatur pro relevio; quod Rex non tenetur facere servicia seu debita solvere pro terris que illi quibus huiusmodi custodia dimisit etc’; quod mulieres non faciant sectam pro dote; quod tenens ex concessione Regis non faciat sectam; quod unica secta Fiat etc’; [Marlebr’ capitulo viii].66
298148rde statuto; De turnum vic’; Sect’de turno vicecomitis Marl’ capitulo ixo; attachiamentum inde; de visu franciplegii ad Curiam honoris Marl’ capitulo ixo; magna carta capitulo xxxiio; de visu franciplegii ad Curiam; attachiamentum; pro viris religiosis quod non veniant ad turnum vicecomitis Marl’ capitulo ixo; Aliter; breve ad communem legem quod persone ecclesiastice non veniant ad visum franciplegii racione terrarum et tenementorum ecclesis suis annexorum eorum; [vie Marl’ sur’ capitulo ixo etc’ ??]; pro personis Marl’ capitulo ixo in consimili casu; pro mulieribus Marl’ capitulo ixo.1211
299148vde statuto; Quarentena; Contra formam feoffamentiRegula attachiamentum inde; [R’ br’ quod tenent’ de antiquo dominico non deb’ rectar’ iiii fol’ sequente]; quod mulier habeat quarantenam suam et racionabile estoverium suum de communi; Magna carta capitulo vii et Merton capitulo ii; quod nullus distringatur contra formam feoffamenti; Marlebr’ capitulo viiio; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; de attornato inde; Regula.77
300149rde statuto; Secta; Contribucione faciendaRegula; Ne fiant secte pro unica hereditate inter coheredes etc’; Marl’ capitulo viiio; quod plures secte non fiant pro unica hereditate [non obstante quod fuit feoffati]; Marl’ capitulo viiio; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter ad Comitatum inter coher’ et similiter tenent’ per vendicionem; Attachiamentum inde; de contribucione facta inter coheredes; Marlebr’ capitulo viiio.107
301149vde statutoAliter; ordinacio fit anno E iii xvii; quod ille qui habet eyneciam faciat sectam pro se et participibus suis; Marlebr’ capitulo viii; R’ de statuto; Ne unicus heres faciat diversas sectas pro pluribus hereditatibus; non warantizatur ?idee vacat quere inde; Attachiamentum inde; de coronatore eligendo; vie W prim’ capitulo xmo; Aliter de eodem quia alibi occupatus; Aliter de eodem quia languidus est.129
302150rde coronatoribus eligendis; De viridario eligendoAliter quia minus idoneus est; Aliter de eodem anno xiiiio E iii capitulo vii; quod non eligatur coronator nisi sit miles iuxta formam statuti Westm’ primum capitulo x; de coronatore eligendo; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; de viridario; quando viridarius amovet per falsam suggestionem de supersedendo execucioni brevis et de permittendo excertere officium.94
303150vde statuto etc’de ballivo amovendo quia non habet terras seu tenementa in eodem comitatu; [vie statutum lincoln’ edit’ anno E ii ixo et anno ii E iii capitulo iiiio]; Regula; de homine eligendo ad custodem petie sigilli pro mercatoribus editi; quod vicecomes ponat inquisicionem de magis propinquis et magis sufficientibus; [Nota statutum E iii anno xlii capitulo xii in fine Arch’ super cart’ capitulo ixo]; Regula; Attachiamentum; [R’ aliud br’ in fine liberi vi fol’]; [def]; [pl]; ne capiantur fines pro pulcre placitando; Marlebr’ capitulo xmo W prim’ capitulo viii anno E iii jo capitulo ixo.109
304151rAliter; Regula; Attachiamentum inde coronatoribus super vicecomitem; Attachiamentum inde vicecomiti super ballivos; de attornato; quod Barones non ponantur in assisis; quod homines perpetuo languidi non ponantur in assisis W secundum capitulo xxxvii; quod clerici non ponantur in assisis; quod homines in patria non commorantes non ponantur in assisis W secundum capitulo predicto; quod homines etatem lxx annorum excedentes non ponantur in assisis; statuto predicto et capitulo; Attachiamentum inde.1110
305151vde statuto etc’quod homines quadraginta solidatas terre non habentes non ponantur in assisis; [vie statutum de recognicionibus]; de eodem; [vie statutum de recognicionibus etc’ et de finibus capitulo iiii]; Attachiamentum inde; Aliter; Aliter; quod homines de antiquo dominico corone non ponantur in assisis.85
306152rde statuto etc’Aliter; Aliter; quod tenentes de antiquo dominico non veniant ad visum franciplegii ne ad terminum vite; quod coronatores non ponantur in assisis; quod viridarii non ponantur in assisis ad communem legem; Istud breve datur per statutum quod vocatur addicio de foresta E j anno xxxiiiio; de novum statutum de foresta capitulo ii; Breve de cambipartia; [vie articuli super cartas capitulo xi W j capitulo xxv W ii capitulo ??]; [R’ aliud br’ de ?manutendo in fine libri a t’le signum Z].108
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307152vBrevia dede adnullando recogniciones per vim et duriciam factas cum heugh’ despenser’ anno primo E iii; Supersedeas pendente placito ad adnullandum recognicionem per vim et duriciam factas anno predicto; quod districcio non fiat in via regia nec in feodis de quibus olim ecclesie sunt dotate.33
308153rStatuto etc’[?vie articuli cleri capitulo vito]; Regula; quod districciones relaxentur usque ad diem vic’ per securitatem; [?vie districciones scaccarii capitulis ii et iiio]; [?vie articuli super cart’ capitulo xii]; [def’]; quod iuratores non capiant de una parte et de alia;[ pl’]; [r’] [aliud br’ in fine libz’ et a t’le sig’m E]; [istud br’ non e’ ?nectam quia loco suo de decies tantum etc’]; quod nullus minister in cancellaria nec Burgis mercandiset de vinis nec de victualibus statutum Ebor’ anno xiio E ii capitulo vio.1010
309153vBrevia de[Attachiamentum inde coram Rege]; quod inquisiciones ad cuiuscumque querelam fiant cum Iusticiarii ad partes veniunt; [vel de fals’ in ?foresotribus]; [vie articuli super cart’ capitulo xo]; quod panis et aqua inveniatur imprisonato secundum statutum mercatorum; quod nichil levetur pro escapio latronum [Westm’ primum capitulo iiio]; Ne quis occasionetur pro ten’ que tenentur de honore adquisitis [Anno E iiiio capitulo xiiiio]; quod eccleiastrica persona non amercietur secundum beneficium ecclesiasticum [magna carta capitulo xiii].88
310154rStatuto etc’Ne quis occasionetur pro aliqua re facta in prosecucione hug’ le despenser E iii anno jo; quod senescalli et marestalli non teneant placita de libero tenemento de debito de convencione etc’; articuli super cartas capitulo iiio; Aliter.43
311154vBrevia dequod constabularius Castri Dovorr’ non teneat aliquod forinsecum placitum quod non tangit custodiam castri [articuli super cartas capitulo viio]; Quod minis gravis districcio non capiatur pro debito Regis; [?vie districciones scaccarii capitulo iiio et articuli super cartas capitulo xii]; quod non mandetur per magnum vel parvum sigillum Regis ad communem legem impediendum.44
312155rStatuto etc’[statuto viiio et xxo anno eiusdem Regis capitulo jo]; Aliter quod inquisicio et iurate capiantur coram uno Iusticiario placeo in patria ubi placitum motum fuerit; quod inquisiciones que magne sunt examinate non capiantur in patria et de supersedendo etc’; [vie W ii capitulo xxixo et statutum Ebor’ anno E ii capitulis iii et iiii]; Aliter; [vie statuta predicta].64
313155vNe quis distringatur ad veniendum ad Wapentachium nisi in anno ad presentandum que ad visum pertinent etc’; [magna carta capitulo xxxiiii Marlebr’ capitulo ix et anno xxxi E iii capitulo ultimo]; [R’ ista brevia cum brevia trans’]; de moderata misericordia capienda; [magna carta capitulo xiiii W j capitulo vi]; Regula; Attachiamentum inde; Regula.66
314156rStatuto etc’quod misericordia ponatur per sacrum proborum hominum iuxta formam statuti; magna carta capitulo xiiiio; def; Quando vidua regis se maritat sine licensia Regis breve de seisiendo tam terras viri quam vidue sic maritate; Prerogativa Regis capitulo vto; Regula; quod clerici infra sacros constituti non eligantur in officium; De non distringendo prebendarium.77
315156vde ordinacione[?vie aliud breve in ixo folio a fine]; Quod communa placita non teneantur in scaccario; [magna carta capitulo xo articuli super cartas capitulo iii et statutum de Rotelond’ capitulo]; breve de ordinacione contra servientes etc’; vie xxiii anno E iiio diversis capitulis; Aliter versus magistrum et servientem.65
316157rde ordinacione etc’Aliter versus magistrum tantum; de attachiamento non habentes unde vivere quia recusant servire etc’; de serviendo in estate ubi moratur in yeme; [?def’ vii fol’].43
317157vde assisade assisa nove disseisine ad primam assisam; [infra xxxoti ?anno]; Regula [quando de redditu statut’ Ric’ de viio]; Coram Rege; Regula; Regula; Quando securitas invenitur in cancellaria; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; [Nota stat’ Glouc’ capitulo primo pro dampnis].74
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318158rNove disseisinecoram iusticiariis assignatis; Nota; Patens inde; de communa pasture; Indors’ set non deb’ assidar’; Regula; Aliter per speciale factum; Patens inde; Regula; Regula; Assisa in confinio; In pat’ nove disseisine; Aliter; Aliter; Patens inde in confinio; Aliter in confinio de stagno exaltato etc’.128
319158vde assisaRegula; Patens inde; Aliter in confinio de quadam via artata; Aliter; Patens inde; de Custode admittendo in assisa; Regula; de custode amovendo etc’; de attornato in assisa; Aliter quando assisa arramiatur coram aliquibus Iusticiariis et postea restat capienda coram aliis pretextu nove Comissionis; de attornato in assisa arramiata coram iusticiariis assignatis.96
320159rNove disseisineCapiend’ postmodum coram Rege eo quod Rex est in eodem Comitatu; Dedimus potestatem in ass’ arram’ coram Iusticiariis que capienda est coram aliis Iusticiariis pretextu nove commissionis; de attornato in eodem; que quidem etc’ hic disconvenit cum precedenti; Regula; De assisa de fossato; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; patens inde; Indors’ set non deb’ assid’; Versus; Assisa de domo.137
321159vde assisa; Quod permittatRegula; de attornato de domo; Regula; Pone de domo; Regula; Versus; assisa non datur; Nota; Regula; quod permittat de domo etc’; de stagno; de cursu aque diverso; de via; aliter de via inter extraneas personas; Regula; de attornato inde; Regula; Nota.1010
322160rNove dissesine; Certificacione nove disseisinede mercato ad bancum; Aliter de eodem; Regula; Regula; Certificacio nove disseisine; Aliter coram Iusticiariis ad primam assisam; Aliter coram Iusticiariis; Aliter coram Rege; Patens inde de brevi coram Iusticiariis ad assisam et non de aliis; de attornato inde.84
323160vde assisaIstud breve datur loco certificacionis per W’ secundum capitulo xxv quando assisa capitur in absencia defendentis [Quia non est aliud breve etc’]; de faciendo venire quoddam scriptum de quo iuratores assise non fuerunt examinati eo quod assisa capta fuit in absencia defendentis et nulla fiebat mencio de eo.22
324161rNove disseisineAssociacio nove disseisine; vel sic; Alioquin in singulis vicibus quibus ipsum I abesse contigerit vos non exspect’ etc’; Patens inde; Alioquin singulis vicibus quibus vos abesse contigerit ydem etc’; [associacio ad omnes assisas et forant’ super le non omne]s; Anno vii apud E; Patens inde.88
325161vSi non omnesSi non omnes inde factum super associacionem predictam; Item associacio ad duas assisas capiendas; associacio in certificacione et formatur super le si non omnes; Patens inde.44
326162rSi non omnes etc’Si non omnes inde etc’; [R’ aliud br’ ex alibi parte seq’ folii ad t’le signum ?X]; Si non omnes in assisa nove disseisine; Aliter; Aliter; [def’]; Quando Iusticiarius vacare non potest de constituendo alium loco ipsius.75
327162vDe admittendo in socium[Patens inde]; [def’]; Item post mortem unius Iusticiarii de constituendo alium Iusticiarium ad omnes etc’ una cum prioribus Iusticiariis capiend’; breve patens; Regula; [Aliter quando capitalis Iusticiarius diem clausit extremum de constituendo alium loco ipsius ad iura cap’]; Regula; associacio super si non omnes; [Istud breve sciret ex altera parte folii ad t’le signum &].76
Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
328163rAttincta assise etc’[R’ breve de errore inter errores precedentes si in ?titulo error’]; Attincta nove disseisine; Patens inde; Aliter de stagno; de attornato inde; Regula; Aliter.64
329163vAttincta etc’Aliter quando assisa capta fuit per defaltam viri et vir et uxor postmodum arram’ assisam; Aliter attincta super quodam scripto relaxacionis et quiete clamatis dedicto; Apud Bothevill’ anno decimo; Aliter; Anno viio apud E; Regula; Aliter; Apud Karliol’ anno nono.73
330164rAttincta etc’Nota; Aliter de attincta quando carta profertur ad excludendum querentem ab accione et replicatur quod nichil transunt per cartam; Patens inde; Aliter; Patens inde.42
331164vAssociacio in attinctaAssociacio in attincta; Patens inde associacio; breve ad revocandum speciales Iusticiarios quia contra formam statuti Norhampton’; Si non omnes in attincta.44
332165rSi non omnes in attincta; De redisseisinade Redisseisina Merton’ capitulo tercio Marl’ capitulo vii Westm’ capitulo xxvo; Regula super Estrik’; Regula; cum pluries de postdisseisina; attachiamentum inde versus vicecomitem.33
333165vde redisseisina etc’de attornato in brevi de redisseisina vel postdisseisina; Associacio in redisseisina; Regula; de redisseisina de communa pasture; Aliter de stagno; Aliter in cursu aque diverso.53
334166rde RedisseisinaAliter de via artata; [?var]; Regula; Aliter de custodia dominicarum terrarum etc’; Aliter de victu et vestitu; Aliter de racionabilibus estoveriis Anno xiii E iii; Aliter de redditu unius robe et racionabili sustentacione; Aliter coram ballivis libertatum.71
335166vde postdisseisina etc’Apud Ebor’ anno ixo; de postdisseisina; Regula; Regula; Aliter; attincta de redisseisina; Regula.43
336167rde Recordo et processu mittend’[R’ breve de errore inde in titulo error’ etc’]; de recordo et processu inquisicionis in brevi de redisseisina mittendis coram Rege; Aliter ad errorem corrigendum in brevi de postdisseisina; de attornatis in brevi de redisseisina quando est coram Rege ad errorem corrigendum; de recordo et processu redisseisine mittendis coram Rege ad faciendum finem pro redisseisina unde coniunctus fuit; de recordo et processu in brevi de postdisseisina mittendis coram rege capiend’ corpus et ?ad levandum dampna quia non habent in Comitatu.65
337167vde recordo et processu assise nove disseisine mittend’de faciendo venire recordum et processum assise nove disseisine; Aliter de recordo et processu de quadam via; de faciendo venire recordum et processum assise nove disseisine eo quod certificacio arramiatur inde.32
338168rDe recordo et processu mittend’ etc’Regula; Regula; Aliter de faciendo venire recordum et processum assise quia attinctam arram’ inde; Aliter de eodem; Aliter thesaurario et camerario de recordo et processu assise; Aliter thesaurario et camerario de recordo et processu mittendis quia assisa capta est et iudicium adhuc restat reddendum; Aliter de eodem; de recordo et processu quia attincta est arramiata; de recordo et processu de dampnis levandis.72
339168vde recordo et processuAliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem; de recordo et processu inchoatis coram uno pari Iusticiariorum inchoatis mittendis aliis Iusticiariis de novo assignatis; aliter de recordo et processu omnium assisarum iuratarum et certificatarum coram uno pari Iusticiariorum inchoatarum mittendis aliis Iusticiariis.42
340169rmittendo etc’Aliter de recordo et processu assise mittendis aliis Iusticiariis de novo assign’ ad capiendum assisam; de recordo et processu assise mittendis coram rege ad capiendum disseisinam propter disseisinam factam; Aliter de eodem; de recordo et processu assise mittendis coram rege ad iudicium inde reddendis; de recordo et processu assise mittendis aliis Iusticiariis ad iudicium reddendis de eadem.53
341169vde recordo et processuRegula; quod iusticiarius habeat recordum et processum sibi missa coram se et sociis suis in proxima sessione sua ad iudicium inde reddendum; quod iusticiarii visis et examinatis recordis et processis sibi missis procedant ad iudicium.22
342170rmittendode mittendo recordum et processum assise coram aliis Iusticiariis de novo assign’; de recordo et processu assise mittendis ad capiendum certificacionem.22
343170vDe recordo et processude recordo et processu habendis ad execucionem iudicii faciendam versus warantum; de recordo et processu assise que Rex coram eo venire fecit mittendis in cancellaria eo quod assisa arram’ de eisdem ten’; de mittendo recordum et processum assise Iusticiariis de novo assign’ et etiam cartam quam pars querens dedixit implacitando.33
344171rMittendo etc’quod Custos brevium in communi banco liberet uxori post mortem viri scripta que ipsi pretulerint coram Iusticiariis in probacione accionis sue placitando in quodam brevi de debito; de recordo et processu assise et etiam quadam carta dedicta habenda coram Iusticiariis in proxima sessione Iusticiariorum; Aliter de recordo etc’ quieto clamantis mittendis in cancellaria etc’.32
345171vDe recordo et processu etc’quod iusticiarii assign’ ad assisam etc’ quod tenentes in assisa non onerentur de dampnis quamdiu disseisitores habeant unde dampna levari poterunt etc’; breve vicecomiti ad levandum dampna de disseisitoribus iuxta formam statuti Glouc’.22
346172rMittendo etc’quod recordum et processum per Iusticiarios de banco missa Iusticiariis itinerantibus remittantur Iusticiariis de banco eo quod placitum remansit non terminatum in itinere; de recordo et processu in cancellaria eo quod allegatur placitando in assisa quod breve de altiori natura pendet inter partes; mittimus de eodem.32
347172vMittimus in assisamittimus de recordo et processu assise coram iusticiariis assignatis; Aliter de eodem; Aliter coram Rege ad execucionem faciendam de dampnis adiudicatis in assisa; Aliter eo quod eo quod bastardia allegatur placitanda in assisa; Aliter etc’ Iustic’ de banco in placito warantie carte.51
348173rnove disseisineAliter ut Iustic’ securius etc’ ad capcionem; quod iusticiarii de banco mutant residuum rec’ et proc’ etc’ ad errorem corrigendum; Aliter; sicud alias ad errorem corrigendum de recordo etc’.42
349173vde procedendo ad capcionem assiseCum pluries; quod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise etc’; quod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise carta Regis allegata non obstante.33
350174rde continuando assisam etc’de continuando assisam usque ad proximam sessionem pro eo quod thesaurarius et camerarius non miserunt ad plenum recordum et processum que vocabantur placitando in assisa predictam.11
351174vde mittendo recordum et processum omni assise etc’ coram uno pari Iustic’ inchoato aliis de novo assign’.11
352175rmittendo et audita querela etc’de recordo et processu mittendis aliis Iusticiariis; bastardia allegata in assisa nove disseisine missa fuit Episcopo ad inquirendum etc’; quando assisa arramiatur contra maiorem et communicatem ad excludendum in assisa capta pro forinsecos [sic] etc’ breve de audita querela.33
353175vAudita querela in assisaAliter de eodem.10
354176rDe continuando assisamde continuando assisam etc’; Aliter; Aliter; de procedendo in assisa quia rediit etc’; de non procedendo ad assisam Rege inconsulto.53
355176vde non procedendo ad assisamde tenore mittendo in evidenciam; Nota quod recordum fuit missum in cancellaria et transcriptum eiusdem mittebatur pro tenore in scaccarium et recordum remansit in cancellaria; de continuando attinctam quia est in servicio Regis etc’ et convenit cum brevibus precedentibus de continuando assisam etc’.22
356177rde non procedendo ad assisam Rege inconsultode non procedendo ad assisam de ten’ in custodia Regis existent’ Rege inconsulto etc’; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem.31
357177vde procedendo adquod iusticiarii procedant ad capcionem assise; Aliter; Aliter in attincta; quod iusticiarii itinerantes procedant ad capcionem assise adiornate coram eis de uno comitatu in alium; quod procedant ad iudicium etc’; Aliter.63
358178rcapcionem assise et de execucione iudicii etc’Aliter de ultima presentacione etc’; Aliter; quod Iusticiarii procedant ad capciones assisarum termino non expectato; Irrour tempore Regis E proavi ?rireri anno viio de execucione iudicii in assisa nove disseisine; de execucione iudicii in redissiesina; de fine pro deisseisina; aliter vicecomiti; aliter vicecomiti.86
359178vAssisa mortis antecessorisde attornato in attincta mortis antecessoris; Attincta de quadam particula contenta in assisa mortis antecessoris; patens inde; Aliter attincta quando uxor admittitur etc’; Regula; Regula.43
360179rAssisa mortis antecessorisAssisa mortis antecessoris; Patens inde; Aliter de redditu; Aliter pro illo qui est infra etatem; Regula; Regula; Aliter causa peregrinacionis; Aliter quando habitum religionis assumpsit de attornato inde; Regula; aliter de corodio in Abbatia.73
361179vNota; regula; de attornato; [?R’ plura brevia ii folio precedenti]; Attincta mortis antecessoris etc’.44
362180rPatens inde; de recordo et processu assise morte antecessoris; Aliter; [R’ plura brevia ex secundo folio precedenti ad t’le fig’m 3]; Regula; Regula.43
363180vde Avo etc’ et Nuper obiit etc’De Avo et consanguinitate; Aliter; Nuper obiit; Nota; Aliter; Regula; Aliter; de attornato inde; Aliter; Attincta inde.84
364181rde ventre inspiciendo et diem clausit extremumRegula; Regula; Nota; de ventre inspiciendo; diem clausit extremum.22
365181vde terra extendeda et etate probandaAliter; Super modo et causa capcionis; Aliter si superstes fuerit; de seisina habenda; Aliter; de terra extendenda; de etate probanda.74
366182rQuare eiecit infra terminumRegula; Aliter; Patens inde; Aliter; Regula; Quare eiecit infra terminum; Aliter; Aliter.62
367182vde eieccione firme etc’de attornato; de eieccione firma; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Super causa capcionis; de inquirendo super certificacione; de ammovendo manum etc’.85
368183rAmovendo manuAliter; Nota; Quod mulier fecit ?sacrium corporale quod se non maritabit; liberacio etc’ tenentis in dotem.32
369183vAd terminum qui preteriitde ingressu ad terminum qui preteriit in primo gradu sine titulo; Regula; Nota et Aliter; Capitulo xxvo; Aliter in secundo gradu; post dimissionem sine titulo; In primo gradu cum titulo; In secundo gradu cum titulo; Post dimissionem cum titulo; Regula; Regula; Nota.75
370184rdum non fuit compos mentis; dum fuit infra etatemRegula; dum non fuit compos mentis sine titulo; Per et cui; Post etc’; Cum titulo; Per et cui; Post dimissionem; de attornato; dum infra etatem fuit sine titulo; Per et Cui; Post dimissionem; Regula; Cum titulo Per; Per et cui; Aliter.1312
371184vBreve ingressu super disseisinamPost dimissionem; Regula; Regula; Regula; de ingressu super disseisinam cum titulo W j capitulo xlviii; Cum titutlo in per et sine titulo in eodem; Cum titulo in per et cui et sine titulo; Cum titulo in post; Sine titulo in post pro religiosis in le post; Regula; Regula; Regula; de ingrssu sine licensia et voluntate capituli.76
Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
372185rde ingressu sine assensu capituliRegula; de ingressu sine assensu et voluntate fratrum et sororum; Regula; Regula; [ce qu’ ad scon’ seal mau’ did’]; Breve quando tenens ad vitam disseisitur et moritur in eodem statu; Regula; de ingressu de Cantaria; Nota de disseisina; Regula; forprise; Regula; Regula; Aliter super disseisinam sine mencione gradus.64
Note: Additional text in another hand below the main text.
373185vde ingressu cui in vita etc’Regula de alienacione facta per villanum; Regula; pro prebendario de ingressu sine assensu et voluntate decani et capituli; Aliter de manerio pertinente ad prebendarium anno x apud E; Nota; [law French in a tiny hand inscribed in a rectangle]; Nota; Nota; De ingressu cui in vita pro mulier W ii capitulo iii; Titulus Aliter; de ingressu cui in vita pro muliere; Aliter de eodem.74
374186rde ingressu cui in vita; cui ante devorcium; causa matrimonii prelocutiAliter; Aliter quando clamat tenere ad vitam suam; Cui; Post; de ingressu per devorcium; Regula; Post; Regula; Causa matrimonii prelocuti; Per et cui; Post; Causa matrimonii pro herede; Regula; Cui in vita pro herede; Cui; Post; titulus Aliter.1411
375186vde intrusione etc’de intrusione post mortem tenentis in dotem; Per; Cui; Post.44
376187rde intrusione etc’Aliter quando uxor recuperavit dotem; Regula; Aliter pro assignato; Aliter de eodem; de assignacione capitalis domini feodi etc’; de intrusione post mortem tenentis per legem Anglie; Per Cui; Post; Regula.74
377187vde ingressu per tenentem in dotemde intrusione post mortem tenentis ad vitam; Per; Cui; Post; Aliter per finem; Per assignacionem; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter in le Remanere; De ingressu per tenentem in dotem.106
378188rde ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie; Casu provisoPer et Cui; Post dimissionem; de dote recuperata; Regula; de ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie; Regula; Regula; Aliter per tenente ad terminum vite; Regula; Regula; Aliter; Regula; de dote recuperata vivente viro quando dicebatur mortuus fuisse; de ingressu per tenentem in dotem super statutum Glouc’ capitulo viiio.86
379188vde ingressu super statutum Glouc’ et Casu provisoAliter; Post; Aliter quando mulier recuperavit dotem et alienat; Regula; Regula; In assignacione per; In duplici assignacione cui; In le post per assignacionem triplicem; Nota [bonam regulam super statuto Glouc’ capitulo viiio].64
380189rBreve de ingressu de In consimili casude ingressu per tenentem per legem Anglie in consimili casu statutum Glouc’; [?Regule duo brevia hic deficiunt in fine alterius partis istius folii ad hoc signum [Jerusalem cross]]; De ingressu per tenentem ad terminum vite in consimili casu statutum Glouc’; Aliter; Aliter; Cum titulo; Aliter; Pro Priore; Per assignacionem; Aliter ad communem legem; Regula; Regula.106
381189vde ingressu ad communem legemSic in le Remanere; per assignacionem in le post; Regula; Aliter ad terminum alterius vite; Regula; Aliter in le post; Aliter per assignacionem; In le reverti; In le remanere Kyng’; de ingressu ad terminum vite in consimili casu in le post; Cui; Post.107
382190rCessavit per breviumCessavit per biennium W secundum Capitulo xxo; Nota; Per; Cui; Post; Per herede; Cessavit de feodi firma per statutum Glouc’ sed loco istius datur le cessavit quod precedit quia istud non est in usu; Regula; Per; Cui; Post; Cessavit per biennium de Cantaria etc’; Aliter contra personam; [def].1211
383190vContra formam collacionis; Forma donacionisRegula; Regula; Regula; De tenementis alienatis quam formam collacionis W ii capitulo xlj; Aliter de cantaria et luminari; Cessavit de obitu celebrando; Nota; Forma donacionis en le discendere; Aliter viro et uxori.53
384191rForma donacionis in discendr’Aliter in liberum maritagium; Aliter pro eodem exitu; Regula; Regula; Aliter; Aliter; Cum habitum religionis assumpsit; Aliter quando iter peregrinacionis arripuit; Pro filia et exitu alterius filie; Aliter quando filius post natus petit de seisina consanguinei per revercionem; Aliter de dono facto uxori post mortem viri et heredis masculinis etc’; Aliter pro herede.101
385191vForma donacionis in discendr’Aliter de dono facto uxori et her’ de corpore suo procreat’ per donacionem; Aliter quando plures heredes clamant hereditatem; Aliter post mortem et habitum religionis; Aliter quando reversio conceditur post mortem tenentis in dotem; Aliter post vitam tentis ad vitam; Aliter per finem; Aliter.70
386192rAttincta in forma donacionis; Forma donacionisAttincta in brevibus de forma donacionis; Forma donacionis nota formam brevis.22
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387192vForma donacionis in discendr’Aliter de proparte de seisina amite; Anno viio Regis nunc; De proparte ubi soror petit de seissina sororis; Aliter de proparte ubi soror petit de seissina sororis.42
388193rForma donacionis in le reverti?damb’ anno xo; Quando coheredes tenent in communi absque particione; Attincta; Forma donacionis en le reverti.44
389193vAliter; Aliter; quando habitum religio ius assumpsisset; quando filius qui est heres coheredum obiit etc’; Reverti quando revercio conceditur post mortem uxoris que tenuit per feodum talliatum post mortem viri; quando revercio conceditur post mortem tenentis ad vitam in feodo talliato.64
390194rForma donacionis en le remanere; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; remanere quando reversio partis coher’ conceditur in feodo talliato.52
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391194vAliter post mortem tenentis ad vitam; Aliter quando reversio tenentis ad vitam conceditur; Remanere; Nota; Remanere.42
392195rEx gravi querelaAnno ixo; Aliter; de tenementis legatis in Londonia.32
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393195vBreve de quam querelaAliter in burgo; Aliter in burgo remanere; Aliter in feodo talliato.30
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394196rDe testamento probando; Aliter inde.21
395196vtenementis legatis in feodo talliato pro herede apud Londoniam anno xxo; Aliter.21
396197rSi sit ad dampnum etc’ de ten’ dand’ pro cantaria.11
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397197vAliter; Regula; Regula.10
398198rad quod dampnum etc’[R’ principium huius brevis]; Aliter de ten’ dand’ custodi capelle in subvencione sustentacionis sue et duorum capellorum celebrantium pro salubri statu sui datoris et ?animabus etc’; Aliter de redditu dando Abbati et Conventui et Priori et monachis de cella eiusdem Abbatie ad inveniendum duos capellanos in eadem cella celebratur’ Regula; Aliter de redditu remitto relaxando et quiet’ clamand’.30
399198vad quod dampnumAliter de ecclesia danda capellanis divina celebraturis et eadem ecclesia approprianda; Aliter de mesuagio fratrum mansioni contiguo dando; de terra danda Abbati et Conventui in escambium pro alia terra; Quod plures divisuum tenentes possint dare Priori et conventui in partem satisfaccionis et quod alius possit dare eisdem tenentis in escambium pro aliis.42
400199rad quod dampnum etc’de ecclesia approprianda in usus proprios tenenda in partem satisfaccionis; de ecclesia approprianda que est de advocacione propria; Aliter de terra et advocacione ecclesia danda Abbati que de Rege tenentur in capite et quod ipse ecclesiam illam appropriare possit.32
401199vad quod dampnumde ten’ dand’ capellano divina etc’ et de reversione concedenda eidem capellano; In partem satisfaccionis et quod possint ingredi ten’ quod nativis eorum adquisivit anno xiii; de redditu assign’ tribus capellanis in diversis locis celebratur; Aliter de redditu relaxando in escambium de terra assign’ in escambium pro redditu relaxando et de inveniendo quendam monachum.43
402200rad quod dampnumde redditu assign’ pro officio mortuorum in anniversario celebrato; de terra dat’ pro inhabita commune fratrum; de ten’ dat’ ad prebendam faciendam; concluditur in brevi de reversione concedenda una cum ten’ prius datis; de reversione concedenda; Nota forma brevis; quod executores possint dare Capellano tenementa legata per testatorem; de tenementis datis fratribus ad elargacionem mansi sui.77
403200vad quod dampnumRegula; de obligando manerium districcioni; Aliter quando tenentur de Rege in capite de feoffando alios et heredes suos.21
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404201rad quod dampnumAliter quod A possit feoffare E ita quod idem E dare possit et concedere eadem tenementa prefat’ A et M uxori eius et her’ de corpore ipsius A ita quod si idem A sine herede etc’ remaneat H sine her’ remaneat T fratri suo et si idem T etc’ remaneat rectis her’ ipsius predicti A etc’; de feoffando aliquem de ten’ et de concedendo reversionem dotis et ad terminum vite eiusdem etc’ Ita quod habita inde etc’ dare possit et concedere eadem tenementa feoffatori ad terminum vite et recepto attornamento etc’ concedere possit etc’ ita quod post mortem remaneat alii et heredibus suis.21
405201vad quod dampnumde feoffando et reversionem concedendo ita quod habita seisina etc’ dare possit et concedere feoffato ad vitam suam et post mortem remaneat A et I uxori eius ita quod ydem etc’ etc’ sine her’ etc’ remaneant rectis heredibus.11
406202rAd quod dampnumSupplicavit de reversione consultacio de tenementis tentis de Rege in capite licensia non optenta ut etc’ ingredi possit post mortem tenentis ad terminum vite; de perdonacione trans’ de ten’ dat’ W et I et her’ etc’ et post mortem W quia obiit sine her’ relax’ etc’ prefate I et I secundo viro sine licensia Regis; de aqua trahenda et fossato faciendo ad milendinum de aqua Regis.33
407202vAd quod dampnumde antiqua trenchea obstuenda et nova facienda vel habenda; de assisa panis et cervisie habenda et de assaia mensurarum.22
408203rad quod dampnumquod heredes et participes possint feoffare ballivos et communitatem de redditu quem percipiunt de villa de N per manus ballivorum etc’; si Rex con’ ten’ A et heredibus suis que alius tenet ad vitam suam ex dimissione Regine cui R’ illa concessit ad terminum vite habendum post mortem; de ten’ conc’ ad terminum vite de reversione concedenda eidem ad eundem terminum ita quod post mortem etc’ remaneant rectis her’ illius qui concessit.33
409203vad quod dampnumde quadam domo religiosorum fundanda et terris et tenementis eidem domui conferendis; de prato dando Regi ita quod Rex habita inde seisina det illud fratribus de monte Carmeli; de terris et tenementis adquisitis sine licensia Regis post publicacionem statuti rehabendis; Aliter in le retinere de eodem.42
410204rad quod dampnumde libertatibus concedendis; Aliter et fit patens inquisitoribus; de vacua placea R concedenda.32
411204vad quod dampnumde aqueductu; Aliter de conductu aque; de aqua ducenda per fossatum ad stagnum molendini; de venella data fratribus ad elargacionem mansi; de semita includenda.54
412205rad quod dampnumde terra adquisita sine licensia Regis in rehabere; Aliter in le retinere; Aliter ad vitam; Aliter in feodo talliato etc’ in rehabere; Aliter in remanere in feodo talliato rehabere.51
413205vad quod dampnum etc’Aliter; Aliter; Regula; Aliter in retinere; Aliter de serviciis remissis et quiete clamatis.40
414206rAd quod dampnumDe reversione concessa et eam ingressa sine licensia per quod seisina in manum Regis in le rehabere; Aliter; Ad quod dampnum de balliva forestarie que de Rege tenetur in capite etc’.32
415206vAd quod dampnumAliter; Aliter; Aliter; de vasto includendo per certam arrentacionem ad scaccarium reddendo.41
416207rAd quod dampnum etc’Aliter de vasto includendo per certam arentacionem etc’ aliis ad firmam dimittendis; Aliter de vasto includendo per certam arentacionem ad scaccarium etc’ reddendo; Aliter de eodem patens.30
417207vClausum Inde vicecomiti; Aliter.21
418208rde essendo quietus de theoloniode essendo quietum de theolonio per cart’ Regis; Regula; Regula; cum pluries inde; Attachiamentum inde; Regula nota; de attornato inde; de essendo quietum de theolonio per cart’ progenitoris Regis et per cart’ confirmacionis Regis nunc cum clausula licet.55
419208vde essendo quietus deRegula; cum pluries inde; Regula; cum pluries et alterius forme; Regula; Quod mercatores extranei et alienigene non prestent theolonium nec muragium etc’; de essendo quietum de theolonio per cartas progenitoris Regis et confirmacionem Regis nunc.44
420209rtheolonioRegula; Aliter per cart’ H progenitoris R quam E pater confirmavit; Aliter per cart’ progenitoris Regis et confirmacionem R patris; Regula; Quod persone ecclesiastice sint quiete de theolonio.31
421209vde essendo quietus de theolonioRegula; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de eodem; de essendo quietum de theolonio quia de antiquo dominico patens; Quod homines de antiquo dominico sint quieti de theolonio; Attachiamentum super Ballivus etc’.53
422210rde essendo quietus de expensis militumQuod homines de antiquo dominco non contribuant expensis militum; Nota; Quod nativi non contribuant expensis militum; Quod clerici de cancellaria non contribuant expensis procuratorum venientium ad parliamentum.33
423210vde libertatibusde ibertatibus allocandis in genere; Regula; Aliter per cartam progenitoris Regis claus’ proiit in spem etc’; Aliter per cartam H proavi Regis.31
424211rallocandisAliter per cartam confirmacionis cum clausula delicet et concessionis de novo etc’; Aliter per cartam progenitoris Regis et confirmacionis Regis cum clausula licet; Aliter per cartam progenitoris Regis et confirmacionis Regis cum clausula licet et per concessionem ulterius; Aliter per cartam progenitoris Regis proiit etc’.40
425211vde libertatibus allocandisAliter; Aliter pro Baronibus quinque portuum; Aliter; Nota; Aliter cum clausula licet.40
426212rde corrodio etc’Aliter de eodem; de inquirendo de libertatibus allocandis; de corrodio habendo; Aliter.42
427212vde corrodio etc’Aliter; Aliter; Sicut alias; Aliter; cum pluries set non formatur super le sicut alias quod precedit.52
428213rde corrodio etc’ et pensioneAttachiamentum inde; Aliter non obstante excusacione; Aliter de corrodio transferendo de uno ad alium; de annua pensione.42
429213vde pensione et de inquirendo delittere de annua pensione etc’; de primo beneficio ecclesiastico habendo; de pensione concessa ad scaccarium Regis per Regem; de inquirendo de idiota etc’.44
430214ridiota etc’Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; de idiota coram consilio ducendo ad examinandum.51
431214vde leproso ammovendo; et viis inundandisde leproso amovendo; de viis et venellis inundandis.22
432215rde onerando iuxta ratam etc’pro rata porcionis de onerando; Aliter de eodem; Aliter de onerando iuxta ratam porcionis tenure etc’.31
433215vde nominacione etc’Aliter de eodem; de nominacione facta per Regem; de nominacione facta per Regem revocanda.32
434216rde nominacione presentacione etc’de admittendo presentatum per Abbatem ad nominacionem Regis; Aliter de nominacione; de permutacione per nominacionem; Presentacio per Regem; Aliter racione custodie; presentacio causa permutacionis; Aliter ad prebendam.74
435216vde presentacione etc’de assignando stallum in choro; Aliter decano et Capitulo; Aliter sede vacante; Regula; de collacione heremitagii; de ducendo in corporalem possessionem; Aliter ad Cantariam; ista littera patens facta fuit de eadem Cantaria; Aliter ad preposituram in ecclesia Cathedrali; Aliter preposito Beverlaci; presentacio per Abbatissam; Aliter per laicum patronum.115
436217rde presentacione etc’Collo hospitalis per Regem; de inducendo in corporalem possessionem; de intendendo Custodi; de revocacione quia persona superstes est; de revocacione presentacionis quia prius ratificavit; Ratificacio prebende et ecclesie.66
437217vde RatificacioneAliter sic; Aliter inde; Aliter inde.30
438218rde ratificacione et revocacioneRatificacio ecclesie non obstante iudicio pro Rege reddito; Aliter inde; Revocacio presentacionis quia alius presentavit; aliter quia ecclesia plena et consulta etc’; littere patentes ad innotescendum recuperacionem Regis de ecclesia omnibus quorum interest; de presentacione facta super rec’ quando Rex recuperavit etc’.65
439218vde presentacione; et litteris procuratoribuspresentacio pro Regem quando nominatur ei etc’; littere canonici ad excercendum iurisdicionem ordinariam loco suo; littere patens ad conferendum beneficia domino in remotis agente; littera procuratoria etc’.44
440219rde litteris procuratoribuslittera procuratoria ad resignandum.11
441219vforma resignacionisforma resignacionis etc’; protestacio redendi; Manucapcio pro iudicamento de latrocuno coram vicecomite ex officio W I capitulo xvo.33
442220rde manucapcioneRegula; Aliter coram ballivis libertatis; Aliter pro levi suspicione; Quidam addut’ hic nisi de aliis latrociniis; In isto brevi semper ponitur ista clausula si de aliis latrociniis etc’ et non ista dum tamen; Nota.42
443220vDe manucapcioneManucapcio pro appellato vivente appellatore; in isto brevi ponitur ista clausula si bone fame sint per statutum; Aliter post mortem probatoris quia non est notorius latro etc’; Aliter de assensu mortis; de receptamento; de consilio et assensu; de vi et auxilio precepto missione et abecto; In brevibus de recepto vi auxilio et abetto semper ponitur ista clausula dum tamen bone fame etc’ set non continetur in statuto.86
444221rde manucapcione etc’Aliter in conclusione; Manucapcio pro iudicato coram custod’ pacis; Aliter de eodem.31
445221vde manucapcionede mittendo iudicamentum inde coram rege ad deliberandum iudicatum coram custod’ pacis; breve Inde vicecomiti ad mittendum corpus iudicati; Aliter pro notorie suspecto de feloniis et maleficiis manucaptis; Aliter pro forstallariis.42
446222rde manucapcione etc’Aliter ad prosequendum appelum et brevia de falso iudicio; Aliter pro Abbate eo quod maliciose fuit appellatus omittendo nomen dignitatis.20
447222vde manucapcioneAudita querela inde G lestrop’; Aliter pro statuto mercatorio pro eo quod coluit pertem debiti et de parte habet scriptum relaxacionis.21
448223rde manucapcione et supersedendoAliter de transgressionibus feloniam non tangentibus etc; Aliter ad prosequendum; decepcionem et maliciam per statutum mercatorium.31
449223vde manucapcione et supersedendoAliter pro illo qui est captus pro notificacione bulle in cancellaria essendi coram consilio Regis in proximo parliamento; litteris; Supersedeas exigend’ in brevi de ordinacione versus magistros etc’.32
450224rde supersedendoAliter pro serviente; Supersedeas capcioni in brevi de servientibus; de supersedendo exigend’ etc’ in placito debiti; Aliter in placito trans’ competi vel debiti.42
451224vDe supersedendoSupersedeas exig’ pro illo qui manucepit pro quodam arramiato coram Rege in Banco etc’; Aliter supersedeas exigend’ pro arrect’ coram Custodibus pacis etc’; Aliter supers’ in duobus brevibus de diversis placitis etc’; de capto per le capias per manucapcione etc’ deliberando.42
452225rDe supersedendo etc’Aliter supersedeas capcioni corporis etc’; Aliter etc’; [Supersedeas de exigendo in brevi de trans’ si reddidit se prisone et postmodum manuc’ ad emendacionem ad diem etc’].31
453225vAliter; manucapcio pro illo qui est in le cap’ in brevi de trans’; Aliter pro illo qui est in exigendo in brevi de audiendo et terminando.31
454226rde profro faciendo etc’de attornato vicecomitis pro profro faciendo admittendo; Aliter etc’; De respectu compoti vicecomiti habendo; de lanis de crescencia wall’ traducend’ absque custuma iterato solvenda quia semel soluta erat.43
455226vDe bilanceis deferendisde bilanceis deferendis etc’; Aliter; De mensuris et ponderibus ne quis bis puniatur pro uno delicto.32
456227rDe ponderibusvel omittatur clausula; Proviso; Aliter.32
457227vCarte perdonacionis se defendendeDe recordo omittendo per Iustic’ ad gaolam deliberandam etc’ quia se defendendo; Nota; De recordo utlagarie mittendis; Carte perdonacionis.33
458228rCarte perdonacionis et protecciones diversarum formarumProteccio de minis; iste protecciones vac’ hic quia superius inter advocaciones ecclesie.22
459228vProtecciones diversarum formarumAliter; Aliter; Proteccio pro hospitali ad elemosinas colligendas.31
460229rProtecciones diversarum formarumAliter; Proteccio pro clero; Aliter pro mercatoribus lumbard’.31
461229vBreve super statuto North’.11
462230rDe servientibusAttachiementum contra servientes factum super quadam ordinacione Anno xxiiio E iii.11
474236rDe certificacione Cancellarie de idemptitate nominis ?re’; De idemptitate nominis coram Iusticiariis de pace; Aliter coram Iusticiariis ad gaola etc’.32
Note: New hand.
475236vAttincte in diversis placitisAttincta in brevi de ingressu etc’; Attincta quando ille in reversione admittitur per defaltam tendentis ad vitam; Attincta quando discontinuata et postea resummonita; Aliter.43
476237rAttincteAliter inter petente’ et warrant’; Aliter quando uxor admittitur per defaltam viri sui; Breve ad faciendum finem pro imprisonamente bonis et catallis terris et tenementis et pro estrepamento si unus ?convincitur per attinctam etc’; Breve ad liberandum terras et tenementa post finem factum.42
478238rDiem clausit extremumInquis’ retournand’; Aliter ubi ille qui clausit extremum fuit idiota; Aliter quando tenens per legem Anglie diem clausit extremum; Aliter; Aliter quando tenentes in dotem diem clausit extremeum; Aliter; Aliter.71
479238vBreve clausit extremumAliter quando tenens in dotem se maritat sine licensia Regis; Nota vie prerogativa Regis; Liberacio etc’ heredi; Re extent’.32
480239rBreve clausit extremumDedimus potestatem; Liberacio dotis; Aliter.32
481239vCarte perdonacionisCarta perdonacionis pro trans’ foreste; Aliter de homine furore ducto; Aliter pro convicto de falso sacramento; Aliter pro vidua Regis custa; Aliter pro debito; Aliter pro evasione.61
482240rCarte perdonacionisAliter pro vi et auxilio; Aliter de raptu; Aliter se defendendo; Aliter se defendendo; Nota; Aliter pro robberia; Aliter pro Abiuracione.60
483240vQuietur de xma Reg’ quia beneficio non excedit sex marc’ per annum.11
484241rDe licencia eligendi; De regio assensu; Restitucio; Quod tenentes intendant; Breve ad papam etc’.55
485241vBrevia de statutoBreve de inquirendo veritatem super statutum Glouc’ capitulo xv C de collusione ad inferendum terminum a terminario etc’; Quod nullus ingredia’ et terra Alicuius ?imam forti; Breve quod villata que non ?est de antiquo dominico vel burgus non distringatur solvere decima’ etc’.33
486242rBrevia de statutoDe onerando secundum ratam porcionis tenure sue etc’; De ponendo sigillum ad ?examinacionem W ii capitulo xxxi; Nota breve quod pertinet ad coronem.22
487242vBrevia de statutoBreve de vicecomite eligendo.11
489243vDe attornato in brevi de Dote; Dedimus potestatem et attinctade attornato pro Custode; Aliter pro muliere; Aliter; Aliter; Aliter; Dedimus potestatem de attornato recipiendo; Aliter; De custode admisso; Attincta de dote.94
490244rDe convencione; De fine levandoDe terra seisonanda et metenda; Aliter versus executores per apprenticium; De muro granario secta cur’ fructibus ecclesie; De retrahendo de secta per diversis brevia; De corodio; De conservando indempne versus ordinar’; De tannaria per indentura; De acquietando etc’; De feodo militis; De terris excolendis; De terr’ in dotem; De victu et vestitu dum vivit etc’; De fine levando; De omnibus redditis etc’; De con’ pro uxore.1514
491244vCognicione in quid iuris clamat; Cetiorari; MittimusAliter de cognicione in quid iuris clamat; Aliter pro custode; Certiorari capituli iusticiario; Certiorare tempore H Regis; certiorari coram senescallo et marescallis; Mittimus inde; [diamond shape]; Nota; W ii capitulo xxxviii articuli super cartas capitulo ixo; Aliter attachiamentum.96
492245rDe custodiaDe custodia per Regem comissa etc’; Breve di recto parti ad deliberandum heredem; aliter vicecomiti; De forisfactura maritagii concessa.44
493245vRecordari de acquietando; De recordo et processu in Acquietandis mittendisRecordari de acquietando etc’; de recordo et processu in acquietando mittendis; De recognicionibus; Aliter.43
494246rCertiorare de recognicionibus cum non admittas de eodemBreve Thesaurario et Camerario de certiorando de tenore cuiusdem recognicionis facte coram Iusticiariis et tempore alii Regis; Aliter coram Iusticiariis itineri; Aliter pro exec’; Aliter de stapula; ?seissinam; Non omittas propter libertatem de faciendo ?examinacionem etc’.63
495246vCertificacio de recognicione stapule et Recognicione et MittimusCertificacio recognicionis; de recognicione in cancellaria W ii capitulo xlv; Mittimus Canc’ et lant’; de recognicione in cancellaria; Aliter.54
496247rSupersedes de execucione recognicione stapule faciendaSupersedeas inde; Aliter pro executoribus.21
497247vDe minisSupers’ de minis; Aliter; Certiorari de securitate pacis.32
498248rCertiorari de securitate pacisAliter; Aliter; Aliter; Pone de minis.41
499248vAliter istud breve stari in brevibus de minis precedentibus ad t’lem signum O; Quod iuratores non capiant pro veredicto dicendo; istud breve staret in brevibus de statutis supernis ad t’lem signum E.32
500249rDe manutenendo istud breve staret inter brevia de statuto ad ?t’lem signum Z; Aliter.21




The totals are very large. The second total, which roughly corresponds to the way in which Hall numbered the writs in his register ‘R’, is 1591, as opposed to 886. The count is one-third larger than the next largest number of writs that we have encountered so far (MS 23, 1071). The count may even understate the number of writs in the manuscript. Writs were added to the main register that do not have marginalia, and the writs added at the end do not always have marginalia. These facts, however, should be balanced (perhaps overcome) by the fact that a number of hands were at work in the marginalia, and in some cases, more than one marginal note was added to the same writ, not always with ‘nota’ or ‘regula’. Also, there were 85 writs that were added to the original register, some before, some after it. When all of this is added up, it seems likely that the original register contains approximately 1500 writs.

MS 23 dates from around 1430. In the analysis of that register we asked whether the difference in the structure of that register from Hall’s ‘R’ was a product of the 14th century or of the 15th. Our original register dates from the reign of Richard II, at least from after 1384 and perhaps bit later in the reign than that. Its structure is remarkably similar to that of MS 23. The order of the material begins by basically following that of registers since the late 13th century: right, ecclesiastical writs, waste, replevin, a large section on trespass, followed by account and debt, miscellaneous (many concerning rights in land), covenant, and succession. At this point we encounter, as we do in MS 23 the new category of Brevia de statuto. Here, however, the statutes seem mostly quite old. The statute of Labourers does not appear until the end of the register. Novel disseisin and formedeon follow, as they had since the end of the 13th century. There follows a series of categories not found as such in earlier registers and quite similar to those in MS 23: Ad quod dampnum; De essendo quietus (not in MS 23); De libertatibus allocandis; Corrodies, pensions, and miscellaneous ecclesiastical; De manucapcione and de supersedendo. It may be significant that these new categories are found in expanded quires at the end of the manuscript, quires that were inserted between signatures ‘t’ and ‘x’. It is possible that a somewhat older manuscript was expanded to include them, but the former signature ‘x’, if it existed, would have to have been completely redone to do so, because it carries on directly from what precedes it.