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Report No. 06_1759_01

Sherburne v Sherburne

New Hampshire 

Appellant’s case

Case of the appellant (Sherburne)


[Signed] G. Hay; Wm. DeGrey; Paule Feilde

Respondent’s case

Case of the respondent (Sherburne)


[Signed] C. Yorke; Al. Forrester

Other Documents

The New Hampshire Historical Society holds a bound volume of Sherburne family papers that includes the will of Henry Sherburne, Sr., with affidavits, and certified copies documenting the controversy over the estate.



Other Documents

The New Hampshire “Act for the Settlement and Distribution of the Estate of Intestates” of 13 May 1718 that was at issue in this case is printed in New Hampshire, Laws 1718, p. 102–104. It is reproduced here (pdf) from the Early American Imprints, series 1, Evans no. 1985. (The reproduction is not great, and the original, which we have not seen, may not be either. But with a struggle, it can be read.)

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