Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Colonies:
An Annotated Digital Catalogue: Part 2
compiled by: Sharon Hamby O’Connor and Mary Sarah Bilder
with the assistance of: Charles Donahue, Jr.

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This website is the sequel to Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Colonies: An Annotated Digital Catalogue: Part 1. That website contains full reports on all the known appeals to Privy Council from colonial courts in the thirteen British colonies that ultimately became the United States. It also contains preliminary lists of appeals from the British colonies in the Caribbean and Canada prior to 1783. This website contains full reports on the appeals from the Caribbean and Canadian colonies. Links are provided to images of the relevant pages of the APC and of the Privy Council registers (TNA, PC2). References, and in most cases links to images, are given to the loose documents connected with the appeals in the PC1 series in the The National Archives (TNA). Most of these were found in vol. 6 of the APC rather than by a systematic search of the TNA catalogue. A number of libraries were searched for copies of printed cases, and in most cases images of those cases are included. The principal libraries in which such cases were found remain, as they were in Part 1, the British Library, the Law Library of Congress, and the Diamond Law Library at Columbia University.

The reports differ in minor ways from those in Part 1. The ones that are most noticeable are: (1)We did not include those that we marked as ‘Not True Appeal’. Rather than including these in the reports, we have listed them comprehensively by category in the Introduction. (2) We have not searched the ESTC for copies of the printed cases. Very few of them were there for Part 1, and the information given did not prove to be particularly accurate.

The major difference between the two parts is that Part 2 contains a comprehensive index of persons linked to the reports in which the persons appear. The lists of participants in the reports are similarly linked back to the index. Like Part 1, other types of indexing are found on the page called ‘Useful Lists’: Case Names Long (by colony and date), Case Names Short (alphabetical), Vessels (alphabetical), Bibliography, Proceedings That Have Printed Cases (by colony), All Printed Cases (by report number), Counsel (alphabetical by surname), Repositories of Printed Cases (names and addresses), and Conversion Chart (converting the references in the APC to the current TNA reference). For reasons that are explained above, the list of Not True Appeals and the list of references to the ESTC are not included in Part 2. For obvious reasons, the lists of Carribean and Canadian appeals and their then-known printed cases are also not included.

Recommended Citation: Sharon Hamby O’Connor and Mary Sarah Bilder, Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Colonies: An Annotated Digital Catalogue: Part 2 (Ames Foundation, preliminary edition).


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