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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t008

Andreas ab Exea

c. 1500–a. 1575


Alternative Names

Andrés de Exea



Both the French and the Spanish claim A. There seems little doubt that the toponym that modern cataloguers use as his surname is Ejea de los Caballeros (prov. Zargosa, ESP). The issue is whether the university at which he taught, at least later in his life (he seems to begun at Montpellier), is Valence (dép. Drôme, FRA) or Valencia (prov. Valencia, ESP). The former seems more likely, and P. Arabeyre confirms it. One of A.’s works (De pactis) is dedicated to Guillaume Poyet chancellor of France (1538–1545), another (De aerario) to the king of France himself (Francis I), and the biography, found in Justin Brun-Durand, Dictionnaire biographique et biblio-iconographique de la Drôme (Grenoble: Libr. Dauphinoise, 1900), 1.303–304, has a plausibility that the Spanish ones (e.g., Francisco de P. Vilanova y Pizcueta, Historia de la Universidad literaria de Valencia [Valencia: Domenech, 1903] 100) lack. At the end of life A. is said to have served as vice-seneschal in the region of Valence.

Source: P. Arabeyre, in DHJF 412–413; CERL Thesaurus.



No. 01

De pactis.


Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 01

De pactis.

Early Printed Editions

Tractatus universi iuris. F. Ziletti: Venezia 1584, 6.2.1ra