Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Colonies:
An Annotated Digital Catalogue
Image Descriptions


PC 1 Document
PC 1/54/63 (page 2). A note on a committee report admitting the appeal in Jeffries v Donnell, appealed from the Massachusetts Superior Court of Judicature on 24 June 1766. The complete report on the case may be found here.

View of the modern courtroom

The sucessor to the institution that heard our cases, now known as the Judicial Commitee of the Privy Council, still sits. This is an image of its current courtroom, the history of which may be explored here.


A printed case

The first page of the printed case for the appellant in Dunbar v Custis, appealed from the Superior Court of Virginia in 1755. The full report of the case may be found here.